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Aerial perspective of development Newcomers target groups: Immigrants, Young professionals, Students, Young families Immigrants: Population Growth in Berlin (1991-2013) has increased dramatically since 1990s and is steadily increasing. Source: Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office and Senate Department of Economics, Technology & Research

Young professionals: Berlin has the highest number of new businesses started per 10,000 residents (2013) At least 50% open space At least 20% of open space is vegetated

Preserve pedestrian connection routes

Source: Senate Department of Economics, Technology & Research

Build to the lot line

Students: Berlin has the highest net migration of students by state in 2012/2013 winter semester Source: Federal Statistics Office

Young families: Berlin ranks second in the world for 'best living conditions for youth' Source: Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science

Within perimeter blocks, design guidelines set requirements for developers. The aerial view shows a possible realisation of these guidelines.

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Master of Urban Development

Design 2015-2016


Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  
Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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