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Social Housing

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Source: Wohnungsmarktbericht IBB 2015

Social housing production has been in decline since land privatisation, and the trend is expected to continue. Policies prioritising affordability

Source: mietspiegel/de/wohnlagenkarte.shtml

The Rent Index System which highlights high, medium, and low market rental areas throughout Berlin. It is used to set limits to ensure rental prices do not exceed comparable prices by more than 10%.

Social cohesion To ensure housing affordability, Berlin has several policies on affordability including: • Rent Index System which regulates rental prices • Rent control: 192M euros per year (for 2016 & 2017) will be contributed (Lütke Daldrup 2015) • Rent increases are limited to 15% in three years • Minimum 25% social housing is required • 2012 creation of the Alliance for Social Housing Policy and Affordable Rent • Berlin plans to increase social housing stock through 2025

Source: Neighbourhood Management in Berlin

To combat social segregation, the city of Berlin has initiatives/programs that seek to involve citizens in the improvement of their neighbourhood, empower them to participate in development and create small improvement projects.

Source: Geist-Kürvers 1984, in Bodenschatz 2013

The Hobrecht Plan was produced during a period of industrialisation and fast urbanisation. At the start of the 19th century, Berlin had a population of 170,000 and at the end had 1.8 million. Key task was to regulate city expansion and was mostly implemented by private stakeholders. Only detailed the street area and boundary lines for housing construction; resulted in the rise of private speculation and thus, highly dense blocks. Regulations were focused on fire access to the building, which determined dimensions of the courtyards.

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