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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Hobrecht Plan Extension, Wedding | TXL Kuang Wenjie + Miao Nijin + Ren Zihan + Sie Thung Lau A project site was selected in the neighbourhood of Wedding. Wedding is a multiethnic neighbourhood experiencing challenges in maintaining affordable housing and spaces for creative industries in a gentrifying climate. Currently, 30% of the population is Turkish, and cultural awareness and identity are important in the area. Its easy accessibility to the city centre and adjacency to the Tegel airport site makes it a highly desirable neighbourhood. The airport will be closed in five years and redeveloped into a mixed-use community including residences, a science research park, and industrial/ commercial area. Its projected residential population is 5,500 and employment will be 15,000. The redevelopment impacts will put further pressure on Wedding to absorb an increased population.

Urban design framework


Wedding is expected to face high traffic volumes in the future - both vehicular and pedestrian. As a solution, the urban design framework creates perimeter buildings to create an active street wall, while towers on the edges allow light to pass through. Walkable pathways provide easy access to interior courtyards and exterior public green spaces. The blocks will be subdivided in order to attract a mix of private and public land owners, thus creating building variety and social diversity in the neighbourhood. The project will provide 1000 apartments in addition to increased job opportunities for residents. To preserve Berlin’s identity as a low-rise city with ample open space, the project creates green belts and parks between buildings and at central intersections. The urban design framework will allow Wedding to create affordable housing and a mixed community before the airport redevelopment gentrifies the area. Therefore, it is a forward-thinking solution that prioritises the citizens of Berlin above the profitability of development.

Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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