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A big warm welcome to our mid-may issue of Comunieco! Somehow it seems that this semester has gone by more quickly than the disappearance of available seats at the Q-Lounge. Perhaps we have ourselves to blame for the procrastination blues, or the hang overs from the parties, or perhaps we could blame our lecturers, for setting us impossibly hard assignments that require at least 75%

sacrifice of our social lives. Maybe it’s somewhere in between. This month’s issue of Comunieco has lined some V. juicy articles, ranging from the most amusing of topics like a detailed investigation into the intriguing behaviours of the commerce male species to a society conscious look into the tabloid obsessed world of size zero. Enjoy.

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The Grapefruit Diet

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Boss-sn is LOLz



Men Are Mars, Women Are From Venus



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Raymond Lee

Publications Team: Katherine Choo

Leslie Wong

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Can you spell P-L-A-Y-B-O-Y?




APRIL IN REVIEW Hey guys, it’s me COMSOC Clock again! We knew you were busy with assignments, exams and procrastination in April, so as always we catered to your desires with the COMSOC Cruise 07, along with the COMSOC Squash Day to allow for non-stop flaunting of your sporting prowess. Here’s the recap!


COMSOC Cruise 07: Oh yes...Full Of Ship Vol:2...the ultimate pirates’ night out was undoubtedly a juggernaut of a success. The popularity and demand of the event was simply unrivalled in the history of mankind, with the perfect testimony being the new record we reached for ticket sales. This was the fastest selling event in COMSOC history and thats definitely something to go home and tell mummy about.



Geez...What a ship load of pirates...



Everybody say Pirates!

The night kickstarted at the Aquarium Wharf with our pirates raring to go. The sheer aggressiveness of our fellow pirates even managed to scare the ship away in the beginning! After learning the fact that we were only after some fun and alcohol, the ship soon arrived back to pickup the endless legions of COMSOC pirates, and from then on it morphed into an exhibition of absolute euphoria. Some decided to practice their pickup lines on the chill-out deck at the top while others executed a more practical approach - flaunting it pirate-style on the dance floor. Either way, the night was simply unforgettable, and on behalf of everyone at COMSOC, we’d like to send a massive thanks to everyone who came along...... and for those who missed out....please aggravate the pain with the photos on the right.







Kudos to Vinson @ for all photos.



On Wednesday, 4th of April 2007, woopin’ass was redefined. With blood, sweat and no tears, our fellow Commerce and Economics students battled it out for the right to claim the ultimate honour of modern Squash - victory at COMSOC’s Squash Afternoon, organised by none other than your favourite COMSOC Sports Committee. Students grasped their chance to escape the torment of assignments and exams, opting to release their fury with lightning fast strikes that even Perkūnas - the god of lightning, would be proud of. Yet, there’s no reason to panic even if you missed it, as the Interfaculty Sports Day is fast upon us, so check out for details!

THE CALENDAR -19th May (Sat) -

COMSOC Interfaculty Sports Day





1. Stockings (for girls)

1. Mini-skirts in winter

2. Gloves

2. Really low pants (on guys)…and girls too for that matter…

3. Layers 4. Scarves


3. Extreme public displays of affection in close proximity of fellow man


COMSOC Squash Afternoon:

4. Greasy hair 5. BO


Answer from Last Issue: WATERMELON.

The mother of a family dies of illness. There are 2 daughters in the family. They both attend the mother’s funeral. At that time, the little sister sees the man of her dreams. She returns home but cannot stop herself from thinking about the man.

Please see back cover or visit for details


Later that night, the little sister kills her big sister. Why? (Answer in next issue...)




No more chocolate éclairs! For those out there who have ever (or never) experienced the dreaded ‘muffin-top’ moment in their denims.

girls), Jessica Alba’s waist and J-Lo’s derriere (I’ll refer to the Spartans from 300 for guys), which both make everything you wear look like high-fashion.

Obesity and body image controversies always seem to surface every couple of months following the newest celebrity crash diet. Sparked from the death of 22 year old Luisel Ramos in Uruguay 2006, there has been an ongoing debate about underweight models. This has led to catwalks in Madrid banning anyone with a BMI of less than 18 and extreme comments by Gaultier, replacing traditional modelesque mannequins with an overweight size 20.

A Super-Size me take on the much desired size-0 has seen a new television series, the Truth about Size Zero, air on Australian television where Louise Redknapp is given just 30 days on a 5 mile a day commando regime to get down to a size 0.

From green tea, grapefruit, tomato, potato, Atkins and Zone diets, people around the globe are aiming to be that perfect size. That perfect elusive size, with Scarlett Johansson’s cleavage (for


Obviously such drastic measures result in numerous health problems for both sides, but before you start gorging yourself out on high-carbohydrate foods like bread, you’re also hit with comments calling Tyra Banks fat! So what messages are all these things sending to us? Is it that being skinny is bad? Is it that being fat is bad? Is it always one or the other?

Mostly aimed at teenagers and young women, these messages can sometimes still be seen as glamorising and celebret-ising the diet-trend. Everything we see is just so extreme, you have to wonder, do we not see or respond to subtlety anymore? In fact, with subtle messages of normality, we’re often faced with the question ‘what is ‘normal’?’ Why is ‘normal’ so often omitted from any form of media whatsoever? Let me get to the point, subtlety is boring. Nobody likes to hear about everyday Joe, with his everyday haircut and his everyday shoes and weight, people want to hear

Its either ‘Joe’s gotten fat and is having trouble bending over tying his shoes’ or ‘Joe has recently lost so much weight he collapsed buying his weekly grocery supply of lettuce.’ People forgot to mention that poor old Joe is getting tired of keeping up these extremes, and both are causing him extreme amounts of frustration and for those of us a bit slow on the uptake today, poor Joe is not real.


The Grapefruit Diet



controversy and gossip. Sure obesity and starving yourself is bad and can cause some serious health risks, and I suppose needing a boomerang to put your belt on every morning would start- or SHOULD start some form of re-thinking, and I guess what they’re getting at has something to do with finding that balance, that inescapable turf labelled ‘normality’, but why is this message so hard to read?

The truth of the matter is that sex sells. People want to see rail thin celebrities and bad outfits on larger ones. It’s a vicious cycle where Prada and the extreme seem to reign supreme. So before you go filling out that Biggest Loser application and before you go eating that Big Mac and protesting against the latest body image issue with another extreme comment, take a moment and contemplate getting the in-between and defining what normal really is.

Tiffany’s cool. She knows it. Tell her you know it too.



Managing msn contacts and your boss are so similar. On msn, a fake conversation with your contacts is similar to bosses pretending to like you when they want you to clean up their mess (try to refrain from cleaning after their meeting with their secretary). Msn is also a chance for people to enhance their social life for those who do not have a social life. It is also for learning how to ignore the people that matter most, just like in the workforce.

the more experienced MSNers, their deepest desires and urges of emoing oozes into their MSN name. Soon you will realize to just ignore the open attempt in showing how their lives revolve in trying to pick up on MSN through their computer illiterate and English illiterate msn names. Like msn, as a great employee that you are, you have to read through the bull they spin towards you. In this pretence, “You are doing a really good job today” means “You really suck, no really – you really do suck!” and “please talk to me more about your idea” means “ooohh….. Not him/her again… I-just-want-the-chocolatebar-that-is-melted-onto-mysuit…” These quotations and fair assumptions give clear indications of how much more you can deter them from playing sit downs at your desk.

“…people who place a

status, do this to provide them the chance of talking to the hot girls/ guys that don’t normally talk to…

Msn used to be a tool that allowed specimen A to interact with another stoned individual specimen. A common thread of contact would be first the ongoing LoLzZ*~~ and rOfLZz~~* while faking other laughs such as keke, wakaka or haha and hehe’s. For


It seems to not matter what status

would be too buggered to talk to you and you could then later discuss about the pay rise you negotiated on the phone. I will leave the reason why we go on and why bosses manage rather than be part of the floor.


Msn for the geeks, Msn for the player, Msn for the like-omg girls and Msn to the bum on the street…


Boss-sn is LOLz

you occupy anymore. People still message you, even if you are away or busy. If you are on away, it seems they believe that through meditation, the person who is

away will respond. As a benefit, people who place a status, do this to provide them the chance of talking to the hot girls/guys that don’t normally talk to them unless they want tutorial answers. Lose your naivety. This is the time to wake up. The boss hates each of you equally, unless you are thick enough to get on their finding-agood-reason-to-fire-them list. The boss wants to use and screw (not literal) with each of you as much as he can before you quit. You are similar to used condoms full of the crap which was created from the job. A solution to recover from these dilemmas is to phone your boss and leave crude messages of your dedication at the office at absurd hours in the morning. They

Leslie needs a shave. Remind him.



As title of a famed guide by John Gray on understanding the opposite sex, it seems to me quite foolish that one would spend money to buy such a book when one can obtain the same knowledge by observing animal interactions between the sexes at university. Don’t believe me? Let me introduce you to ‘Men are from Uranus, Women are not’, your free one step guide to understanding the opposite sex on campus.

Games Room on campus, which shall be referred to as G-males, are most difficult to decipher as they appear to be totally consumed by surrounding games. However, on observation, it becomes apparent that if a female should step into this territory, the entrant senses an aura of unwelcoming possessiveness as the G-males switch their focus onto the entering female, if only for a split second. Though intimidating, the females must understand that this is not a negative reaction from the G-males, for their habitat is so dry of female existence that when any oestrogen driven organism even treads upon this environment, the G-males instantly redirects their attention as a result of their animal instincts to mate. On the other hand, G-males may succumb to low self esteem, doubting their performance in

Let me introduce you to ‘Men are from Uranus, Women are not’, your free one step guide to understanding the opposite sex on campus.

In the jungle that is the university campus, diverse habitats give offspring to different species of males and females. A specific subset of males that dwell within the



… but for some bizarre reason, be it planetary forces or some weird stargate phenomenon, both men and women ended up on Earth…


Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

the campus jungle due to the female’s awkward reluctance to venture into such an atmosphere and their hasty retreat. However, the G-males must understand that most females may become overwhelmed and often stressed if within the presence of a collective mass of testosterone, as ovulation subliminally demands them to find a suitable mate. Hence, in any habitat, the one step guide to understanding the opposite sex on campus lies in mingling. Instead of secluding yourself to your clan of mass testosterone or oestrogen, mix and mingle with fellow sexes and you’ll find that not only will your understanding increase, relationships will grow longer and stronger. It doesn’t matter if Men are from Uranus and Women are not, because after all, we’re all from the same universe.

Shirley prefers Woolies over Coles. Do you?


RECOMMENDS By: Katherine Choo Title: One Hundred Years of Solitude Author: Gabriel García Márquez “The first of the line is tied to a tree and the last is being eaten by ants.” When the book was translated into English in 1970, it was hailed by The New York Times as the first piece of literature since the Book of Genesis that should be required reading for the entire human race.

Many critics have categorised ‘100 years of solitude’ as a book of “magical realism” – a popular style among Latin American authors - which combines elements of fantasy with a very matter-of-fact writing style. It is difficult to define what genre ‘100 years of solitude’ belongs, as it is many things. It encapsulates drama, comedy, satire, history, and love story with a writing style that is poetic and incredibly dense. Fortunately the book still reads beautifully thanks to a fantastic translator (compare with García Márquez’s book ‘Love in the time of Cholera’, which completely lacks charm and rhythm thanks to a dud translator). “The world must be all f**ked up when men travel first class and literature goes as freight.” The book has one of the most memorable last sentences and I tell you the book is worth reading just for that. Did I mention that Oprah also loves this book? So it is our duty as Oprah fans to read it…oh come on, we know we’re all Oprah’s minions here.




Nobel Price winning Columbian author Gabriel García Márquez wrote ‘One hundred years of solitude’ in 18 months, and is his most commercially successful book.

“They felt that they had been the victims of some new and showy gypsy business and they decided not to return to the movies, considering that they already had too many troubles of their own to weep over the acted-out misfortunes of imaginary beings.” Chronicling several generations of the Buendía family in Macondo, a fictional town somewhere in South America, García Márquez weaves an enchanting world of magic carpets, insomnia plagues, an iguana in a woman’s womb, a death that defies the laws of physics and so much more. The first 20 or so pages may be unpleasant, as the characters are numerous and it is difficult to keep track of the relationships when many of them share the same name (thank god for the family tree chart). But as the story unfolds there is more to reply on for memory as their life stories unfold. At the heart of this brood is Ursula, the matriarch who lives her life struggling to hold the family together in the midst of the Civil war, dictatorship, massacre, deaths and 5 years of relentless rain.



BSOC Comunieco Issue 2 2007  

A UNSW Business Society publication. For students, by students. Issue 2, 2007.

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