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Anthracitic moths Our project is based in Moscow and has 3 members: Adept (music, vocal), Unbekannter (keyboards) and Sepia -Razumovskaya Natalia(vocals). Once having got together to discuss the name of the project we noticed a large moth flying round the lamp, sparkling black in electric light. We considered it to be a sign and called our project Anthracitic Moths. We have released: «Delicate Devil» album (CD , Gravitator, 2011) and «Zwoelf», remix album (web, Synth-Me, 2012). We are planning the release of a new album in autumn. We also write remixes for our Russian and foreign colleagues. What influenced your music? What music do you usually listen to? Our music preferences are completely different. Sepia likes folk, ethnic and light rock music, Unbekannter prefers black metal and darkwave and I like tecno body music, psy techno, rhythmic noise and experimental electronics. How could you describe your sound? It is not easy to give a definite answer. We find it a mixture of dark electro, ebm, dark trance, techno, tbm. We are working on our original sound. You can download our free web remix release and try our music: What is the next main objective to be reached for your band? Frankly speaking the inner need for self-realization, the desire to give people an opportunity to share our ideas and vision provoked our creativity. We'd like to become one of the leading crews in genre. We want to take part in big gothic festivals in Europe (Amphi, Castle party of Gotic Treffen) I think it could be a very important experience. Do you like to remix and/or being remixed? Yes, exactly! Listen to our spring remix album Zwoelf. Here you can find 10 remixes from different bands from Russia and Europe. Concerning our remixes - we've just finished one for Polish band Unsinn and Italian band WormZ. Now we are working on remix for Russian project Freaky Mind. Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your city/area? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there? We usually play in Moscow but we plan live shows in other Russian regions. We were on one scene with famous bands like Nachtmar, Reaper, Aesthetic Perfection, Allien Vampires in Moscow and took part in big festivals. Dark scene in Russia is developing. New projects arrive; a lot of world "monsters of genre" come to tour it to us. Russian promo groups try to organize good performance. To our mind German and Mexican groups are the dingy origin and example for us. What are the best places to promote a music-project? It is not difficult if your music is of good quality and has deep inner sense. The best places to promote music are magazines, web resources, industrial web radio stations, and interviews for media. And I think it is useful to take part at music compilations, as radio Infraschall.Ru compilations very popular in Russia at the moment. What are your social networks to interact with your audience? Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add? Listen to Anthracitic Moths! We are glad to write our music for you.

Artwork by happykanppy PICTURE By Anthracitic Moths

Traumatic injection My name is Ignacio, I live in the municipality of San Bernardo, Metropolitan Region, Chile and currently work as a soloist. Traumatic Injection is focused musical style Hardcore, Industrial and Darkcore variation. This style is very little worked on this side of the subcontinent, because most local producers are dedicated to Hardstyle, style is a lot slower than I work, but just as tough and powerful. What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to?

Any direct musical influence not think I have, gathering essences of different musical styles (thrash metal, techno, dn'b, EBM, etc. trying to make my sound as original as possible, with the quality it deserves, therefore, I am studying a couple of months what is the 'Circuit Bending' for pure tones and new. I'm no fan of a particular style, my tastes range from the mythical Kraftwerk, even the most violent and dirty Speedcore, also through different types of metal, Rap Reggae and even 100% Chilean, eg Bascour, Claudio Bastard PastaNostra, and many more. How would you describe your sound?

For me it's 'Power and dirt in its most impure state'. My way of working is based on specific situations, for example, one of my tracks is titled "Too Much Coffee ', which I made in a state of caffeine overdose, and snuff. [] Are you working on new material? What are your plans to release it?

Yes, I work on an EP, 2 tracks, plus remixes and collaborations with other artists. Also 3 of my tracks will come out on a compilation by a Russian label, which is free download and also evaluated if I can release my EP for that stamp, as well as a free download. What is the next main objective to be reached for your band?

Independent of future presentations live or DJ set, my main goal is to make a 12'' release format (vinyl), as this style is particularly nice mix on turntables and DJ Hardcore because he likes to keep the culture of Dijing logo intact and as the phrase "Save the vinyl". Do you like to remix and / or being remixed?

I like doing remixes for other artists, because I can modify something already settled and adapt it to my convenience, while keeping the essence of the original track. Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in Chile? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there?

I stopped going to parties with music Electrodark, EBM and derivatives, because here in Chile has amassed the exitence of neoNazis (I imagine the face of European readers laugh at this news), other than I changed the style of holiday for something more 'hard and fast', that's where I met the Hardcore, a few years ago. But I must admit that music 'Dark Electronics', here in Chile is very popular and I want to go back to those tracks, lol. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene? For any band or solo producer is difficult to present their work, especially in a society that is accustomed to what the tv and radio they sell, not even, in many cases, know what they are watching or listening. No doubt, social networks have been very helpful to spread my work and I got people from all over the world know that here in Chile and South America working something different from what commonly goes in this part of the world. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience? Sure, the attachment in case you want to know my work: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add? UNDERGROUND HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE

PICTURE By traumatic injection


Neurotech is a cyber metal band from Slovenia, where I write & record all the music, accompanied by session musicians for the live shows. Since its inception in 2007 there has been 4 releases, all of them are available for download / purchase at:

Transhuman EP [Januar 2008] Blue Screen Planet EP [December 2011] Antagonist [March 2011] Decipher Vol.1 [April 2012] Neurotech music is always based around a certain atmosphere, creating a sonic landscape, where traditional instruments serve as a background for all the electronics and synthetic textures. Are you working on new material?

I am always working on a new material, the second volume of Decipher series will be released this autumn + some extra mini releases are also planned, working on a new full-length which will be released next year along with Decipher Vol 3. What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to?

In the early days mostly symphonic black & death metal, nowadays more electronic, classical, soundtrack & instrumental new age music. Do you like remix and/or being remixed?

I like remixes, unfortunately I don't have so much time to do them nowadays. There were some ideas of Neurotech being remixed by some other artists but I always have a problem where to put them because I tend to make releases conceptual so a remix at the end could destroy the idea behind the release. Maybe in the future in some kind of a 'single' form. Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in Slovenia? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there?

Clubs yes, but I don't go to so many live shows anymore because there is almost nothing interesting for me to see. I wouldn't say its a popular scene but it isn't really small depending on the overall quantity of people. What is the next main objective to be reached for Neurotech?

Creating and releasing a lot of new music, trying to get the music to as many people as possible. As far as the labels are concerned if a good offer shows up, i'll consider it, until then I will keep releasing it by myself. Don't really believe in labels nowadays, but a good managment could help me in variety of ways, so I am steering more into that direction if I find something I could benefit from. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media? What are the best places to promote a music-project?

As far as the traditional media is concerned it is hard (specially if you are unsigned), so I don't really pay any atention to them anymore. I believe in creating good content so its up to the people to share it & spread it through word-of-mouth. I am fortunate enough to have such cool fans which are doing the dirty work instead of me. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience? Social networks are very important if you are a small unsigned band. So Facebook is my weapon of choice n.01 ( Besides social networks I am also generating a large mailing-list in exchange for free downloads, because we all know social networks come and go (rip Myspace) and it's important to have contact with people who are generally interested in your music. Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add? If you haven't heard about Neurotech check it out at - a lot of free downloads are available there. Thanks to all the fans for their support & spreading the word about Neurotech. Listen to good music & thanx for the interview.

Artwork by dreamdesigns Picture by neurotech

Virtual terrorist

I am the mastermind behind the technoize project Virtual Terrorist, we are from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I (Siborg) write and produce everything, my live members are Gotthavok and Evan Collingwood (of Psykkle). Current releases are: “Demo-Lition”, “Fragments Ep”, “Welcome To Cryodyne Single”, and “Cyber Punks Unite”. The Virtual Terrorist sound varies from song to song, You can hear hardcore, techno, noise, breakcore, industrial. You can listen to all the available tracks for free here: What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to?

The biggest influence would probably have to be Celldweller, if it wasn't for a remix kit i found 11 years ago I probably would't be making music today. The virtual terrorist sound is heavily influenced by 90's techno and rhythmic noise. Sci fi, cyber punk culture and video games also play a large role in the themes surrounding the music. As for the music I listen to it changes every day. the music i tend to listen to the most are noise (Merzbow, Xotox), psytrance (Astrix, Skazi, mangadrive), industrial (Skinny Puppy, Noisuf-X, SAM, Frontline Assembly) dark ambiance (Camanecroszcope), metal (Fear Factory, The Famine, Slayer), I could go on and on. Are you working on new material? What are your plans to release it?

I am always working on new material! I am involved in numerous other music projects such as iVardensphere and a few other side projects that are launching this year. Expect new songs and remixes to start leaking online in the next few months. There is no set date for the next release yet. Cyber Punks Unite launched late June 2012, so expect something next summer. What is the next main objective to be reached for Virtual Terrorist?

The next big step is to get a small tour set up in Canada and USA, that should be ready for spring 2013. I am currently in the talks with James Church (Lucidstatic) about signing onto his label CRL studios. They are a small label and more of a brotherhood of electronic musician than a music label. I'm more interested in networking with other people than signing my project away for some suit to decide what I do. There's lots of smaller labels out there that will support smaller bands much better than the big labels. A tip for smaller acts, focus on connections instead of a contract, you'll be happier trust me. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media? What are the best places to promote a music-project?

It's not hard to get attention in the scene, but it is hard to to gain attention that means anything. Anyone can throw distorted vocals over a trance track dress in spooky clothes and liquid latex, but not everyone can go out there write something interesting and unique and not look like stereotypes. The scene wants something new and interesting, not a rehash of the same bands we have been listening to for 10 years. I personally had it a bit easier with getting some media coverage due to friends I made while on tour with iVardensphere. If you really want to promote your music using social media is almost essential these days. Using sites like Bandcamp,, Reverbnation, and other similar sites is key. It gives the people a chance to listen to your music for free, share it with friends and the people will do the promoting for you. I personally love a site called Bandcamp, its free and super easy to use when it comes to unsigned bands who do all their own mail outs and promotion. You can sell shirts, cds and any other kinds of merch directly on the site as well as have digital releases and physical copies available. When you give people options like that it almost takes the need for signing to major label away. Because you are doing the work for yourself and you are in complete control of everything. Lets not forget Facebook, everyone has it so why doesn't every band?! If you are a band get a facebook, even if you don't have a personal page. Its so easy to connect and get the word out to everyone. Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your city/area? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there?

I am very active in the local industrial scene, I currently run an industrial night every Friday at a well known venue here in Edmonton. I (Dj Siborg), Gotthavok and Able Nightroad spin everything from metal to industrial to synth pop. The scene here is very strong, and from personal experience I would say the best in the country. There's countless dark electronic shows and events going on, and a strong handful of local musicians. We are working as hard as we can to keep this scene alive because everyone has been on the organizing side of it knows its not an easy task and the goth/industrial scene has been going through problems and how finicky the people can be. Do you like remix and/or being remixed?

I love being remixed, i like to see another artists interpretation of my work. I have kits for every song, so anyone can remix anything I have. As for me remixing, i believe its important for an artist to try new things and use sounds and ideas they wouldn't normally use. It pushes you as an artist to grow and develop. I spent almost all of 2010 just remixing bands, and because of it I learned things i wouldn't never have even thought to try. I try to remix as much as possible when the project is idle. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience? Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add? picture by virtual terrorist Artwork by happykanppy And paul

Any time! And thanks for the interest in my project. I like what you guys are doing, so keep it up!

Groupe t Groupe-t is a French so-called «Electro-Industrial» project, which began in 2002 when our first demo/album was released, self produced. Other albums followed, at a rate of something like one a year. People interested in can download our full discography at (and it's free!). On stage there's actually two of us, Laurent/Popman who's backing me is also the guy responsible of the Electraumatism webradio show : What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to? Need I to mention that the early 242 are for me the unsurpassed achievement of the electronic music? Beside that, I confess I'm not a great connaisseur of the old-school EBM revival movement. On stage many bands are great, but it more and more sounds like electronic rock and leave poor room for experimentation and research. So Groupe-t is maybe more influenced by the industrial (noise) movement, but when it comes to stage, live shows, we need the energy and the influence of the EBM. How would you describe your sound? I've always been more attracted by the rough/live sound (organic some say) than by the clean/neat german style, I think that this makes the difference with most of the other bands and is the reason why people can immediately say I like / I don't like Groupe-t. What are the future plans for Groupe-t? Making the Revolution of course! But if you mean on an artistical point of view... having some live shows would be great as we've new tracks to sing now! The Internet is a good and efficient label: free of charge, world wide, with a lot of cool people ready to help you like Unsigned Europa magazine! A remix album of Electronic Sequels is being prepared, (with a lot of other unsigned bands!), that's all that I'm sure about! Future plans of Groupe-t includes a «back to the roots» turning back, or maybe a electro-martial album.. .nothing for sure except that we still intend to release all by ourself on a free basis. Do you like remix and/or being remixed? That's an interesting way to learn how other bands are working, or to use sounds/ideas that doesn't fit in an album. Being remixed is the best mark of friendship other bands can send you. Best regards all of you! Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your area? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there? In France, we've a hard time making people go out to «dark» gigs, especially if you want to play specialised/extreme music. Thanksfully in Lyon we still have some courageous people who organize live shows! Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media? What are the best places to promote a music-project? I don't know. My prime concern is music, promotion is of secondary importance. Though that attitude has been criticized, today, without any promotion, we have more than a hundred download the first day we release a new album, Electronic Warfare reached 1300+ official download before we left myspace. I think our friends and listeners are the best promoters we'd ever have! One more reason to keep our music free. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience? We started with myspace, but everybody knows how it ended. So now we're on Facebook... Thanks for the interview. Thanks to you of course, you know that without you, without all the people sharing their passion for electronic music, we wouldn't exist. So the last word is just that: thank you!

Picture by groupe t Artwork by Danilo Rizzuti

reiz Hello! I am Alexander Verzicht, founder and mastermind of the project Reiz. Max Mindfreak, our guitarist, is here with us too. Our project is relatively young, we started our musical career a year ago. However, during this time we managed to do much. We have released EP "So spring comes ...", the single "Hakenkreuz". We have recorded a huge amount of remixes also. At this moment our work on the first full-length album "Snow on the sun" comes to an end. You will hear it if you'll wait for a couple of months. What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to?

Every band i'm listening to puts it's mark. I listen to a lot of interesting and diverse music at my spare time, and I try to learn something good and interesting from each song. I can identify such projects as a source of my inspiration - :Wumpscut:, Faderhead, Two Steps From Hell, Noisuf-X, Grendel, E Nomine, Laibach, Mindless Faith. It could be strange, but russian rap artists also had an impact on my tracks - Loc-Dog, Vis Vitalis, Dolphin. As I said, I listen most kinds of music. In addition to the above commands, I often listen psy and dark trance, hardstyle, breakbeat. Also i prefer some interesting power-metal like Sabaton, Powerwolf and Sonata Arctica (yes, it's a corrupting influence of my second band Witchcraft). If we talk about the Russian dark scene, I would recommend to listen Sleetgrout, Nitemare Machine, Xorbox, Id Molotov, Necro Stellar, Purple Fog Side, Alan Waters. I am a big fan of all these projects, many of them are my good friends. How would you describe your sound?

Are you working on new material? What are your plans to release it?

picture by reiz

At some point I came to the conclusion that there is no sense to describe our sound or to hang a label of some style on it. Everyone would listen and draw a conclusions about my sound. I can describe it this way: too evil and dirty to be trance, too broken to be industrial, too distorted to be hip-hop, too atmospheric to be techno. I spent a lot of time to form in my head how I want to sound. I can say that it is a symbiosis of all that I heard. However, the main core is the dark post-industrial.

Recording of the new album is on the very last stage. The album will include two CDs. 10 completely new original tracks wil enter the first CD, and for a second my friends from all over the world have prepared about 12 remixes. Among the projects that had a hand on creating remixes are Nitemare Machine (RUS), Vhelena Project (ITA), Advent Resilience (NL), Code: Red Core (BR) and so on. In addition, you could find our version of the legendary Russian industrial-hardcore project Id Molotov track "Psalm Zero" in the first CD. Album will be released on the Russian net-label SYNTH-ME.RU this autumn, and we will print about 500 discs with a beautiful design. It could be downloaded for free, I strongly recommend to do it for all of you. Subscribe to our page in Facebook, and you would not miss the release: What is the next main objective to be reached for Reiz? All that we want for now is to make our sound better, more professional and more diverse. Currently, I practice in the art of mixing and mastering. Constantly i come up with all sorts of new ideas that will be used in the future. I learn several musical instruments such as drums, guitar and violin. Among other things, I always thought that my vocal skills is not enough for serious work, so i'm practice with a wonderful teacher, Russian power-metal diva Juliana Savchenko from "Andem" band". After the release of the album, you could also find us on the set of collections and compilations. For example, we participate in the russian tribute to Die Krupps, for which we record a song "Bloodsuckers" in conjunction with the project of Alan Waters. We have no plans about the live shows. The fact that I do not want to deceive the audience. I mean some plywood keyboardists on the stage; music, which is come from a laptop; jumping around the stage and screaming into the microphone. I have left it in the past. I think that live performance must be LIVE, so I'm in search of a new musicians, who would really play an instruments. I hope to involve live violin and cello in REIZ gigs. Tell us about your remixes‌

I became one of the winners of the Wumpscut remix contest in the beginning of this year. For me, Wumpscut is one of the favorite bands, so you can imagine, what this victory meant to me. It was a turning point in the history of REIZ project, identifying my further career. I really like remixes. Each musician can see the same song completely differently, and sometimes it is very interesting to listen the song through the prism of someone else's perception.

Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your city? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there?

I am the one of the most successful club promoters in Moscow, also i'm the director of the "Bloody Hollywood" fetish show. So I regularly hang out in the clubs, listening to a variety of projects and bands. By communicating with musicians from different countries, I concluded that our scene has no difference from those around the world. The only dissapointing thing is the quality of the bands here. We have no strong industrial artists, most of them are the copy of the european stars. If we talk about the bands, which are very cool onstage, I prefer C_File, Sexy Kill Device, DBS, Purple Fog Side, Roman Rain and Biopsihoz. This guys make great professional shows ready for European finest stadiums. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media?

I have never had any desire to force someone to listen my music. I do not care if anybody would hear my music or not. I write songs just because i can't not to write them. Let me just say one thing - a lot of worthy and promising projects have ruined by the criticism of the audience. Many good musicians simply give up, following the assessment of the web critics. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience?

Of course our project can be found in almost every social network: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Many thanks goes to the Unsigned Europa zine for their work. You find some really interesting projects and ask them questions comprehensible. This is a great work, guys! For our listeners - listen to your favorite music, spend a lot of money, fuck your partners. Otherwise, you would waste your life. Thank you all, it was nice chatting with you.


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Europa.dark @ Artwork by dreamdesigns and happykanppy

tekhnotron Metalmaester: We are Tekhnotron – Electro-Industrial band from Calgary, AB in Canada. Tekhnotron is Metalmaester (music production/programming/vocals) and Rissy (live keys/vocals). I have been the founder the main member of Tekhnotron since its conception in 2007. Right now, I write most of our music and lyrics. On stage, Rissy and I perform together. She has also written some lyrics and does our graphic design for website, promos and covers. We have played with other live members before but now, it is two of us for the project line-up. We have released the EP "Essence of Machines" this spring. Rissy: I joined up with Slava in 2011. We are a Canadian industrial band from Calgary, AB. Slava and I have been making electronic music with the aid of software synths and keyboards. I have been playing keyboards/piano since I was 6 years old and been singing for about 7 years. We are currently producing a full-lengh album and our EP is available for streaming at What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to?

Metalmaester: Our influences come from oldschool EBM, 1990s electro-industrial, synth- and futurepop. Bands that have shaped sound of Tekhnotron are Front Line Assembly, yelworC, Evil's Toy, Decoded Feedback, Hocico, Haujobb, Die Sektor, Leaether Strip, Nitzer Ebb as well as Zeromancer, NIN, KMFDM, Imperative Reaction, Depeche Mode, The Sure and Sisters of Mercy. Personally I listen to all of the subgenres in goth and post-industrial scene and have a favorite band or a few in each. That is harsh noise, power noise, dark ambient, EBM, experimental, post punk, New Wave, goth rock, industrial metal, death industrial. Too long to list all of them! Also, I enjoy metal, new wave and britpop. :) Rissy: My musical influences for Tekhnotron come from many different genres. Mostly they are from German dark scene. Some of the bands that have influenced Tekhntronton in my opinion are [:SITD:], Agonoize, Combichrist, etc. Also for our melodies I took some inspiration from Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. Personally, I listen to many different styles and each of them has its own little influence on our music. For example the harsh dancy beats of Agonoize and Hocico and the smooth melodies found in symphonic metal like Nightwish.

How would you describe your sound?

Metalmaester: Dark, yet melodic. Cold and machine-like, but well-presented live. Dystopian and resonating with Fallout, Deux Ex, Neuromancer and Blade Runner. Please check out our website: and follow us on for constant updates, work in progress and new songs. Rissy: Agreed, our sound is dark yet melodic. Harsh drum beats mixed with the smooth dark wave motifs and hooks. Are you working on new material? What are your plans to release it?

Metalmaester: Absolutely. We just played at a Terminus festival with a bunch of new songs. Also there may be another EP coming in early autumn with the full length album release closer to the end of 2012. What is the next main objective to be reached for your Tekhnotron?

Metalmaester: Right now - it is general exposure increase in popularity and bigger live shows. We are also trying to play at Festival Kinetik next year and gain some attention from the labels. So a little bit of everything. Rissy: I would say a full-length professional quality album recording. As well as more live shows and getting singed to a label. Do you like remix and/or being remixed?

Metalmaester: Yes, that is for sure. I have remixed bands like iVardensphere, Clozed Loop, Xorbox and just entered in a contest for Celldweller remix. Also, we would like to get our material remixed by other artists in the scene for upcoming releases. Rissy: Yes, remixing is an interesting idea. We have done a few remixes as Metalmaester just mentioned. In addition to remix work, we covered Icon of Coil and Zeromancer live. It would be great to get remixes from the other bands on our releases, but maybe after signing to a label for these releases. Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your city/area? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there?

Metalmaester: Yes, that is the only way to find interesting and gothy people in a small town like Calgary. Unfortunately the scene is very small and we rarely have a decent number of people at the goth parties. However, if a well-known band comes to play in our town – we usually get better turnout. The regular nights include Chimera and Hydra ( Rissy: Oh yes! We are considered regulars! Metalmaester and I have both been DJing on many occasions at our local events. In addition, I have been to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany twice so far, as well as the M’era Luna and the Summer Breeze. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media? What are the best options for an unsigned band to promote their music?

Metalmaester: Locally, it is quite difficult. There is lack of the industrial and dark music in Calgary. Not enough buzz and interest in that kind of music. Generally, I find the online marketing and networking to be the most affordable and effective way to get our music out there to people. Rissy: Calgary is pretty hard for anything alternative. We promote as much as possible! We do so mostly via social networking on Facebook and word of mouth among the local followers. I have worked with many of the event organizers to design posters and promos for media, but the conservative and homogenous nature of Calgary sometimes defies our best efforts. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience?

Metalmaester: Of course! Please follow us on Facebook at We are also on twitter: Soundcloud for new sounds: BandCamp for downloads and purchases: And a brief official page here: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Metalmaester: Likewise, thanks! Keep the scene and the innovative music in the scene together! Whether you are a band, music producer, any kind of artist – get your art known! Connect to like-minded people everywhere! It’s all about the people, fans and listeners who make your work and efforts worthwhile. Finally, my personal big thanks go to Alexey Mad (Xorbox, Zombie FM, Diezel Xzaust) for our referral to Unsigned Europa! Spasibo, Lesha! Rissy: Yes! Thanks again for the interview! It is very much appreciated! Keep the alternative and dark scene alive! Hopefully we can chit chat more soon!

Artwork by happykanppy Pictures by tekhnotron

Spider lilies

The Spider Lilies is a darkwave/dark rock project led by me, Stacey Campbell. The band was first started in Florida, USA, and then I moved to Washington, DC. Current members include myself, and Chad VanPelt. We have two full-length CDs, "In the Light" and "Cyclogenesis," as well as a remix CD "Eyes of the Storm." You were member of The Cruxshadows. Why did you decide to leave The Cruxshadows and start with Spider Lilies?

I had inspiration to create music of my own. I wanted to sing, and write for more instruments than just guitar. What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to?

I grew up in the 80's, in a town without a goth scene, so my early influences were new wave, rock and metal. I tended to prefer music with a "darker" sound, even if it came from a pop artist like Madonna or the band Blondie. Stevie Nicks was a big influence. Later on, it was metal like Metallica and Slayer. Then The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails. Now, I listen to EBM, dark rock, and some alternative music. Interestingly, many of the bands I listen to now are friends of mine, or people I've been fortunate to play with. For example, Ego Likeness, Bella Morte, and Ayria. You released two studio albums albums and a remix CD. Are you working on new material? What are your plans to release it?

Yes, I am working on new material. It is going slowly. We have one song almost ready to release, for streaming, at least. I would like to get more songs out, and hopefully an album within the next year. What is the best part of being remixed? Do you also like to remix?

I love to hear artists I love apply their style to our tracks! I have not done a remix as of yet, but it would be an interesting thing to try. You toured Europe with The Cruxshadows. Is there anything planned with Spider Lilies when new album is out?

I would absolutely love to bring the Spider Lilies to Europe! I miss touring over there. When the new album is out, we will play anywhere we can, I'm sure. We're on the east coast of the US, so I'm pretty sure we will play in DC, New York, and other cities on this side of the country when the next album comes out. Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your city/area? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there?

I do go out to clubs and live shows here in DC when I can. The dark-electronic scene here has been around for a long time, but it is still going. I'd like to see it stronger and more united someday. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media if you're not on a "big" label? What are the best options for an unsigned band to promote their music?

I think it is a little difficult to get your music heard if you're not on a "big" label. Some DJs shop particular labels for music, but if you're not signed, you can still promote your music through the internet and live shows. Social networking sites like Facebook, and music-centered sites like Soundcloud and Reverbnation are wonderful for self promotion. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience?

Yes, I am! I really need to get a SoundCloud page up, but you can also check and for media. Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you too! Hang in there for upcoming songs and hopefully soon an album!

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synapse Mark: We are Synapse from Denver, CO, USA. Mark Sousa (Vocals and Programming) Patrick Hogan (Synths and Programming) and Sarah Chenoweth (Vocals and Synths). We are a fairly new act, we began working together in 2010 and are currently wrapping production on our debut full length release, which is entitled “Audio/Visceral” and will be released this winter on Glory & Honour records. Patrick: I grew up in Detroit and came to Colorado 7 years ago. I’ve been in several bands here and in Detroit as well. As Mark said we started this in 2010 and we were both looking to do something decidedly more electronic then our previous projects. Sarah: We're really excited about this project. It envelops a lot of different influences, both from other bands we admire, and from different projects we've all worked on in the past. What are your music influences? What music do you usually listen to? Mark: Personally I listen to wide range of music (as I think we all do in the band) As far as influences go, the love that Patrick and I share for Neuroticfish is one of the things that inspired us to start working on music together, I feel that Neuroticfish as well as many of the other fantastic futurepop acts have had a great deal of influence on what we do. We are also heavily influenced by the more electro side of pop music I think. Patrick: I’m in to allot of different things, I grew up with allot of 80’s pop, New Wave , Metal and Punk. As I hit my 20’s I started getting into EBM, industrial and Synthpop. Lately my ipod has been playing allot of the new Covenant album (Modern Ruin), Skinny Puppy, Neurotic Fish, Lady Gaga, Iron Maiden and Seabound. I’m also a news and public radio junkie. Sarah: Mark is correct. I listen to a zillion different things. I love Colorado Public Radio with their classical music, and I have a very special place in my heart for Jazz. With electronic music, my rule is, if it makes me want to dance, it makes the grade. I think my favorite artist right now is Covenant, but really it's hard to narrow it down to just one I could name many others. How would you describe your sound? Mark: I hate answering this question:) We are a very pop influenced band, driving electronics that people can dance to with relatable vocals. Patrick:Electronic, Dark with a pop flare. Big and at times very intimate vocals. I think we ride a line somewhere between Synthpop , EBM and Dance. You tell us? Are you working on new material? What are your plans to release it? Mark: We are currently finishing our debut full length release. We have recently signed with Glory & Honour records and they will be releasing the album this winter worldwide. In truth, we have already started the writing process for what will be our second album, we are hoping to have it ready roughly a year after we release this first disc. Patrick: Yes, Im actually mixing the album this week. As Mark said we are finishing up out first release. We are also working on some remixes and covers. Im sure some of that stuff will see the light of day sometime after the album comes out. Sarah: We are in fact working on some new material that I'm really excited about, but we just finished recording the remaining tracks for our current album (really, about a half hour ago) and after performing those songs live a zillion times, I still love them. They still get me excited and jumping around. Even during practice.

What is the next main objective to be reached for your band? Mark: So much has happened for the band in the last year. We have gotten signed, been remixed by Imperative Reaction and played several large scale shows both here at home and out on the road in the US. We love to perform live, so there will be a lot more of that after the album is released. The next major goal I think is to get out on a larger scale US tour and then try and make it over to the UK and Europe. Like I said, we love playing out and the response of the live audiences, especially in the last year has been amazing, people have really shown us a great deal of support and we cannot thank them enough! Patrick: As Mark said Europe and a full US tour our the next logical steps. We are also talking about doing a video and expanding the merchandise line we have. The audiences we have had have been unbelievable. We really weren’t expecting some of the overwhelming reactions and support we have gotten. Its really been amazing. We have been playing quite a bit this year and expect that to continue in to the winter. Sarah: Europe, europe, europe! But our local fans, they're phenomenal. THEY are rockstars. Do you like remix and/or being remixed? Mark: Yes! Though Patrick does most of the remix work. I do really enjoy hearing how others re-imagine our tracks, it's always interesting to see where they go with it. Patrick: Yes. I do most of the remix work in for the band and I enjoy it allot. Its quite a bit of fun to be able to work with other peoples music and create something new. I love doing dance remixes. I got a chance to remix The Twilight Garden (Todd Loomis A former member of VAC) Which was a fabulous experience. The track should be out this year. Sarah: It's so fun to hear things in a different way. I LOVE the Imperative Reaction remix of Memory, and it's so entertaining to hear what Patrick mixes around. He's also remixed a pop song that I'm dying to cover. We'll see what happens... Do you usually go to clubs or live shows in your city/area? Is the dark-electronic scene popular there? Mark: I usually go out at least once a week, sometimes more. We are very lucky in Denver to have several club nights to choose from. Live gigs are a bit less frequent but when they happen I try and make it out as much as schedule allows, I think that support for live gigs is very important to seeing the scene grow. Patrick: I’m out quite a bit for shows and clubbing when im not traveling. I also work with some other local projects helping with production and live support when I can. Sarah: If you're got the opportunity, you can go out to a scene night almost every day of the week here. I have a blast on Saturday nights at the Milk Bar, our regular bartenders there are amazing. After touring around, I'm really thankful that we have the scene we do here. I feel that it's one of the biggest scenes in this part of the U.S. I get out as much as I can. We have such great people here. Is it difficult to get some attention in this scene media? What are the best places to promote a music-project? Sarah: The people in our scene are great. There's a lot of word mouth. We've also been on a radio show out of Austin – Synthetic Rage, and we've gotten some press from Brutal Resonance out of the U.K., which we are really grateful for. Patrick: To piggy back on Sarah’s comment Coma music magazine has also been very good to us. Things like Facebook help allot as well. Mark is very active in promoting the band online we have been very lucky to have played with some great bands along the way and have gotton some great word of mouth from them as well. I think it can be very difficult to get attention at first but its persistence that really pays off in the end. You really have to just get out there and start making a name for yourself. Are you using social networks to interact with your audience? Sarah: We definitely utilize the Facepage. I would say that's our main outlet. Almost everyone has an account. I don't get Twitter. I refuse to sign up. I just don't need to let everyone know I'm in the bathroom. It seems like that's what it's for. Patrick: We use Facebook, ReverbNation and BandCamp. And we have our own website as well which is being recoded for the album release. Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sarah: Of course! We really appreciate your time. And... Per your suggestion, I'd like to give shouts out to PASSMORE (we wouldn't be where or who we are without you – fourth member of synapse-), Adam, Ivan, Arthur, Alex, Katy, Evita, and Jake. And the Peej. And everybody else that puts up with our crap! Much love!!! Patrick: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Id like to thank are technical director Mark Passmore. And most of all of the people that have been supporting us. We really cant do this with out you all.

synapse Artwork by dreamdesigns PICTURE By synapse

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