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The Little Madeleine Employee handbook

Contents Our Mission, Vison, and Value


Everything About Us


Working with Us






General Standards and Codes of Conduct


NO Harassment or Discrimination Policy


Health, Safety and Security


Protecting Company Interests


Leaving the Company


Mission To deliver the quality beverages and daily baked pastry to our valued customers. We want to create a new cafe experience with the simplest way by continuously improving our products by listening to what our customers want.

Vision To create the new café experience, to make customers’ day better, and to gain our brand recognition Good coffee deserves good pastries

Value Quality of our beverage food is something we will not compromise, and we act with integrity. We value customers’ feedbacks and are willing to accommodate their needs. We are not just baristas and customers but more like friends. 2

Our coffee Quality is our priority. We partner with excellent local roasters and cafes to choose the best beans for our beverages.

Our Pastry We proudly offer daily baked fresh pastries that are made with high quality ingredients. Our pastries are designed to pair with our beverages

Our People We are more than a bunch of people working in a coffee shop; we are more like friends. We care about you and always want to put a smile on your face.


Our Environment Our store is like our second home. We want to take care of it and give it a comfy and calm ambiance, just like how you can relax at home.

Our Customers We are located in a neighborhood area, and we want to treat our customers as our neighbors and friends. We listen to the up and downs in their lives and see if we can make it better. Just like how we treat each other, we want to put a smile on their faces and make their day better.


Our Story Have you had the experience of having a great coffee at café, but their food was so bad that ruined the coffee? I found it is hard to find a café that offers great coffee also provides equivalent quality of pastries. There are some really fancy authentic pastry shops in the city, but their coffee upset me. In Toronto, such a diverse city, it’s frustrating to get a good cup of coffee with delicious pastry at the same spot. It should not be this hard. That’s why I came up with this idea to elevate the pastry experience. We offer the high quality beverages, just like all other cafes do. Furthermore, we offer daily freshly baked pastries! We will never compromise our quality


Working with Us A new employee will go through the training on the first day. You will be provided the general store information, such as where everything is located, how to use all kinds of equipment and devices that you need to know, what our store policies are, and etc. You will be introduced to our beverages and food items to experience and understand the company’s mission. A 15 minute break will be given every 2.5 hours, and you will have a 30 minute unpaid break if your shift is longer than 5 hours. It is ok if you are nervous on your firs day. We are here to help! Please do not hesitate to ask questions when you are not sure. It is important to create a friendly and comfortable working environment to work in. Only the happy employees can put smiles on customers’ faces!


Pay The payroll is processed every two weeks, and the employees will get paid every other Monday. Your pay cheque will include all the hours you work, including training, overtime, and vacation hours when applicable, minus payroll taxes and other authorized deductions (Employee Insurance and Canadian Pension Plan). Employees are responsible to ensure recording (punch in and out) work hours accurately.

Overtime pay Employees who work over 44 hours a week would be entitled to overtime pay for the amount of time exceeds 44 hours. The overtime pay is 1.5 times the employee’s regular hourly pay.


Holiday pay The Little Madeleine opens on some statutory holidays, and the employees who work on these days will receive overtime pay for the hours they work on the holidays. Either you work or not, all employees will receive holiday pay according to Ontario legislation. Please check out the Public Holiday on Ontario Ministry of Labor website for more information

Pay raise Employees are eligible for pay raise. A pay raise is for rewarding the employees’ performance. An employee might receive a pay raise when he/she performs achieved or higher than expectations.

Tips Tips will be shared by the employees weekly, depending on the hours worked. A tip for tips, treat the customer better!


Compensation Employees are allowed to have one beverage and one food item for free before they start working, during each break, and after they finish their shift. To ensure our food quality, there might be not-for-sell food items from the kitchen and leftover. Employees are allowed to take a reasonable amount of them; however, please do not take extra free food items for granted. You know, leave some for your coworker!

The store constantly holds internal tasting events to invent new pastries to pair with our beverages. Employees are welcomed to join to

learn how to make pastries, try out the new products, and participate in discussion. We want your honest opinions!


General Standards and Codes of Conduct Attendance and Punctuality Being on time is critical to our operation for supporting the team and providing good customer service. Think about how frustrating it will be when it’s super busy but your coworker is late. It is important for you to notify your coworker or the owner as early as possible if you might be late or cannot come to work. It’s your responsibility to find somebody to cover your shift if you are not able to come to work, except the event of emergency or illness happens. Employees who failed to follow the policy might receive corrective action, written warning, and at the end, termination. Examples of failing to follow the policy could be constantly late and/or no-show or not notifying the others in advance. The owner might ask for doctor’s notes for medical condition caused irregular attendance.


Use of Cellphones/Social Media We love you to tweet, check in, post photos on Instagram! Actually it’s part of your job to talk about us on social media, so you are allowed to use your cellphones at work. However, please put customers and your tasks as your priority.

Corrective Action When an employee’s performance is under the acceptance, we want to communicate with the employee to ensure his/her perform according our store standard. The form of corrective action might be communication, verbal warning, and written warning, depending on the level of severity and the frequency of occurrence. Failed to improve after corrective actions might result in termination. Serious misconduct, such as theft, violation of safe and security, harassment and discrimination, violence, and etc. might cause immediate termination.


Serving Customers with Disabilities We want to make sure we provide quality customer service. Please assist customers who need extra help when handing out their drinks and whenever they might need help.

Till Operation and transactions While all employees are responsible to handle transactions, employees must handle cash with honesty and integrity. Please follow the till operation rules for all situations. 

Ring every transaction into cash register and provide all customers their receipt.

Handle the cash carefully, and do not leave the till unattended.

Only open the till when you must to.


NO Harassment or Discrimination Policy We strictly prohibited harassment and discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, family status, and sexual orientation. No is NO! According to the Ontario Human Rights Code, sexual harassment is “engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought to be known to be unwelcome.” Examples of sexual harassment: 

Exchanging sex with any kinds of benefits

Unwelcomed touch

Using inappropriate words to comment on one’s physical appearance

Examples of other prohibited actions: threats, offensive language, degrading comments, bullying, and etc. Employees should treat each other with respect; act professionally, sincerely, and friendly. If there’s any


concerns, please contact the management immediately. Please check out Workplace Harassment on Ontario Ministry of Labor website for more information.


Health, Safety, and Security To ensure employees’ health and safety, please make sure you follow the policies carefully. 

Maintain a safe environment: It’s our responsibility to keep our store safe, for both our customers and ourselves. Be aware of any possible hazards existing on premise, such as wet floor, sharp or loose object. We must report and fix the unsafe situation as soon as possible.

Prevent injuries: Injuries might simply happen when you lift a heavy box or when you clean with chemicals. Please make sure to assess the situation and ask for help if you need.

Report incidents: All incidents (employees and/or customers) must be reported to the owner as soon as possible.


Do not share the store alarm code with anyone

If robbery occurs, to your own safety, remain calm and cooperate, and try to take mental notes of how the criminals look like to assist police afterwards.

Stay alert, if you see anything suspicious, notify whoever you work with. If any emergency happens, call 911.

For any further information, please check out OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT on Ontario Ministry of Labor website.


Protecting the Company Interests Our ideas and inventions are valuable to us. Employees should not share such information, including beverages and pastries recipes to others. Information of the business and other coworkers are confidential as well.

Leaving the Company Resign Notice Please provide two weeks’ notice to the owner if you decide to resign.


Vacation Pay Employees will receive vacation pay, which is 4% of your gross wages. You can use your vacation time after working for us for a year; please enjoy your vacation time within one year period. When you decide to leave the company, you will receive the vacation pay that has not been paid out. Termination There are times we have to let you go… 

Employees who could not meet the expectation in the first 3 months probationary period.

Employees who commit serious misconducts (such as theft or violence) could result in immediate termination.


Good coffee deserves good pastries

The Little Madeleine 100 Eglinton E. Toronto. ON M4P 1A6


The Little Madeleine Employee Handbook  
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