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Stressed? Read these 5 tips to release all your worries!

There are situations in our life that generate anxiety, stress or nervousness, and this negatively affects our intellectual capacity, decreasing performance. There are relaxation techniques that will help us reduce this anxiety and that will help us better deal with this situation. The main thing is to enter a relaxed exam both physically and mentally, how can we do it? Progressive relaxation technique: It was proposed by Jacobson and he wanted to tighten the muscles to the maximum, maintaining this tension for at least 5 seconds. After this tension, the intention is to relax the muscles for at least 10 seconds. An upright sitting posture should be achieved, with the back straight, the legs not bent and both resting on the floor and hands on the thighs. Breathing exercises Knowing how to control breathing is very important in times of anxiety and stress. The sequence that could be followed to carry out breathing exercises would be: inhaling air through the nose, keeping the mouth closed and pressing the abdomen a little, holding the air for a while and slowly exhaling the air through the nose, or through the mouth. Coping technique What is pursued with this technique is to make a mental representation of a real situation that may cause anxiety. Work on it first in an imaginary way, controlling that anxiety, and then be able to extrapolate it to situations of daily life that would actually produce this same anxiety. The coping technique is widely used in the army , in the elite forces when they have to face, for example, the parachute launch. This last technique is a mixture of the two techniques that we have seen previously: progressive relaxation mixed with breathing exercises.

What is the sequence to follow? What we will do first will be progressive relaxation and breathing exercises to achieve a state of relaxation of the body. Once we are relaxed we will think about the situation that generates anxiety , holding this image for at least 20 or 30 seconds. Once these images generate anxiety, we will apply relaxation and breathing exercises again. Conclusion These tips will help in daily life to improve the level of stress and anxiety that stress situations can generate in our day to day , but one of the best tips is to face life with positivity : eliminate phrases like “I cannot "," I am not going to get it "," this is very difficult ", etc and modify them by:" I can "," I am going to get it "," I have done this before and I have overcome it ". Always thinking positively will help you cope with everyday anxiety situations. Reference Link : http://www.apsense.com/article/stressed-read-these-5-tips-to-release-all-yourworries.html

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Stressed? Read these 5 tips to release all your Worries! | Unschooling