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Weaving the Tapestry of Love 1

The place in Colombia where the United Nations of the Spirit manifested

CUSTODIAN OF THIS OFFERING Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti EDITORIAL TEAM Heriberto Villaseñor (Mexico) Lwntana Nacoggi (Colombia) Arci Pasanen (Sweden) Rosi Metodieva (Bulgaria) Sienna Arpi (U.S.A.) Thomas Fiedler (Germany)

PROOFREADING Dr. Kamayani, Cheryl Giusti (U.S.A.) Tom Weber (Sweden) PHOTOGRAPHY César David Martínez (Colombia) Diana Zambrano (Colombia) Kavi Karnapurna (Colombia) Adrian Felipe Pera (Colombia) Tor Tuorda (Sweden) Arci Pasanen (Sweden) DESIGN Rosi Metodieva (Bulgaria) CONSULTING AND SUPPORT Sebastián García (Colombia) Stefan Mikaelsson (Sweden) Pedro Pablo Tattay (Colombia) Walter Gómez (Colombia) Dorian Antuna (Mexico) Gonzalo Guzmán Recart (Chile) Eliseo Franco (Peru) Yiva Quintero (Colombia) ORDERS 169 Bhut Gali, Gopesvar Road, Vrindavan, Mathura, UP 281121, India Tel: +91 9927 888 664 | +91 8171 660 403 E-mail: PUBLISHER House of Ancient Wisdom Foundation ISBN 978-619-91020-0-8 2

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United Nations of the Spirit Editorial The United Nations of the Spirit is an outcome of a historic gathering organized by Roots of the Earth in the Eco-Yoga Village in Varsana, Colombia, on the 15th of December, 2015. Representatives from different ancient cultures discussed how to unite our strengths to heal the current situation that modern man has created. Together, in a Kiva temple dug into the earth, symbolizing the heart of Mother Earth, the United Nations of the Spirit was declared. 4

Weaving the Tapestry of Love Varsana Eco-Yoga Village, Colombia, December, 2015

We have a true treasure with all the ancient knowledge of the original nations. It is of great importance when facing the forces that have created difficulties between the people and the planet. From these deep wells of wisdom, we can drink the teachings of Universal Love and the immense strength of unity in diversity. Instead of the separation we see between humanity and nature, and among each other, the UNS believes in the strength and beauty of weaving a tapestry

of love through our joint efforts for Mother Earth, where our relationships to each other and the earth are our great strength. Through inspiring, supporting and trusting each other, we create not just a network, but a tapestry with beautiful patterns of love and compassion. The United Nations of the Spirit is declaring that we are all united under the same Creator, who cares for each and every one of us, and working for

a spiritual unity around the world that promotes love and compassion for the earth, humankind, animals, nature and the cosmos. Our position should be as servants and guardians of the original laws of the cosmos and of nature. We welcome everyone to be a part of this weaving of love, of being a Guardian of Mother Earth.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

The Earth is one family


The Background of the 8000 Drums, 2012

A Call for a Shift in Consciousness

NaturaGente SalvaVida, 2012 Sacred Unions of the Guardians of Mother Earth

World Conscious Pact, 2012

Forming the Loving Defense of Mother Earth

University of Ancient Wisdom, 2013

Ongoing Research and Teaching

Spoon Revolution, 2006 A Sustainable Diet for Mother Earth

United Nations of the Spirit, 2015 Weaving the Tapestry of Universal Love

Roots of the Earth, 1989 Uniting the Elders of All Nations

Kumbha Mela Tigre PĂŠrez, 1968 Pioneers



Sacred Tradition for 1,000s of Years

India’s Millennial Festival of Spiritual Unity

Union of Abya Yala &India A Kiva in the Kumbha Mela, 2019


The Birth of the

The Revealed Prophecy of Our Ancestors

It is a call for all people to come together to experience sacred unity in diversity and learn how to live in peace and harmony with Nature, all its living beings and the whole universe!

It is an invitation to support the rights of Mother Nature, the original nations and the Ancient Wisdom of the world! The United Nations of the Spirit (UNS) is the outcome of a Kiva gathering, organized by Roots of the Earth in the Eco-Yoga Village in Varsana, Colombia, on the 15th of December, 2015. After four years of work for peace and ancestral knowledge, it was decided to bring to life this new tapestry of love. The UNS is the true union in the Spirit of beings, who still remain connected to the original and divine essence of our Mother Earth. The ancestral people gathered were from the Nasa, Panches, Misak, Kogi, Wiwa, U’wa, Yanakuna, Cofan, Embera Chami, Huitoto, Quimbaya, Muisca Chibcha, Wixårikas, Vaisnavas, Maya Chontal, Maya Quinche, Apache, Quechua, and mestizo communities. Finally, a joint declaration was signed inviting all people to also sign and start


making their offerings to the United Nations of the Spirit. The UNS declares that we are all united under the same Creator, who cares for each and every one of us. It works for a spiritual unity around the world that promotes love and compassion for the earth, for humankind, for animals, for nature and for life on earth in many other ways. The UNS affirms that nature is not a resource, it is our family, and therefore it is essential for human beings to become guardians of Mother Earth. The unity in diversity declared by the UNS is based on love and respect. It is focused on our collective needs and it comes to strengthen the tolerance and harmony among all peoples. 9

7 Agreements of the Founders of the UNS


We request you to accept and apply: 1. We are committed to the healing of the individuals who make up the territory,

Let us unite under the following UNS principles: 1. We recognize, as the Law of Origin, the Mother and Father Creators who

as is made possible through the guidance of ancient authorities and original law, which will be shared through the opening of public spaces such as parks, social and cultural venues and public squares around cities, to restore them as Ancient Wisdom Learning Centers, where World Circles and exchanges with our Elders will allow us to heal ourselves and reinstate our position as children of Mother Earth.

manifest and express themselves in the natural order, and that’s why we declare ourselves the United Nations of the Spirit.

2. We are committed to ensuring that rural, ancient and urban territories dedicated to life become sacred territories of origin for the protection of native and organic seeds, and that the production of these crops can be shared through environmental events and eco-friendly, organic markets to allow communities the right to healthy food resulting from the work of local inhabitants of the territory, establishing a fair trade network that benefits farmers, native communities and the general population.

3. We invite those human beings who have forgotten their ancestral memory to come and drink from this fountain of Ancient Wisdom.

3. We are committed to ensuring that the ancient communities have materials and spaces for their own expression of their visionary art and culture, and to creating festivals with conscious artists who promote recognition of the territory and the individual as sacred. We are also committed to establishing collective work in harmony and solidarity with all the living entities of the world.

4. We are committed to making the needs of the population visible through loving and purposeful language, where drums, walks, prayers and offerings are heard and respected by all people in order to strengthen ancient knowledge and solve the territory’s problems at the root. 5. We are committed to strengthening the health of our population with traditional and conscious, ancient medicine, and to offering spaces for the training and education of such doctors, who are directly linked to Ancient Wisdom and who offer everyone an opportunity to experience a healing process free from personal and commercial interests, a process that protects the life of the territory and recognizes Mother Earth as our real benefactor in all aspects of life. 6. We are committed to creating educational systems where our children, the seeds of humanity, grow with useful tools for their development as children of Mother Earth, allowing them to recognize their physical and spiritual natures so that the moral and ethical values of the Law of Origin are cultivated in their hearts, giving rise to a population that lives in harmony with Mother Nature through a relationship of healthy and conscious consumption. 7. We are committed to restoring the constitutional order of the great Mother Earth and her children, the living entities that populate her, such that all peoples consume her resources consciously, according to their own Law of Origin and the nature of their territories, respecting her processes and cycles without obstructing them for exploitative reasons, personal or institutional. Through the present points, we express the agreements of multiple, ancient authorities from different territories on the planet as well as the respective local authorities, and commit to developing these projects in our personal lives and inspiring others, by example, to adopt them as well. 10

9 Principles of Life


2. We propose a path, with several steps, to educate true human beings, based on our WAYS OF LIFE.

4. We recognize that all parts of nature - elements, minerals, animals, plants, jungles, rivers, mountains, humans, planets and stars, as well as the invisible - are not resources. They’re our family, and therefore it is essential to live together in harmony. 5. We state that cultural exchange and dialogue among different bodies of knowledge favor the recognition of our common humanity, regardless of our differences, for the creation of Common Agreements based on the Law of Origin honored by every one of the ancient peoples. 6. We declare that our spirituality is not an exotic form of religion, but that it is a way to live peacefully in accordance with all beings, nature, and the universe. 7. We recognize in women the Universal Divine Mother, who is more magnificent and enduring than a passing beauty standard originating from the idea that we can own and control the world.

8. We are the results of the dreams of our ancestors. Our ancient peoples have

the silence to know how to listen and the words to know how to speak and propose. Our proposal for an education puts BEING and coexistence in harmony with all visible and invisible beings at the center. It is urgent for humanity to take these educational steps. So, with the basis of ancient tradition, this new, ancient society rises, united in the nine corners of the world.

9. We announce that our government system is a COSMOGEOCRACY, the order

and the government of the cosmos, which is bound to order the government of the earth, where everything is interconnected. To accomplish this, we should extend, share, and prepare territories so that seeds of Universal Love from the human heart can germinate, grow and prosper.

In the present declaration, reference is made to the children of Mother Earth, with the understanding that we refer to both the feminine and masculine genders. We do not discriminate by gender. We love and accept everyone just as our mothers and fathers who teach us with love and by example.


World Union for Protection of the Holy Rivers, 2019 Kumbha Mela Allahabad, 2013

Kumbha Mela at Prayag (Allahabad), India, 2019

To celebrate the unity of Ancient Wisdom, all Elders and members are invited to join the first Kiva in India

Cleaning the Yamuna and Ganga Rivers is a very urgent calling for all sincere Hindus. All the rivers of the world must be crystal clear. That is the urge of the real guardian of Mother Earth.

We will join all the prayers and calls for awareness. Kumbha Mela is a celebration of the nectar of immortality brought to the world by the divine healer, Dhanvantari.

Ganga Action Parivar is inviting everyone to the Kiva celebration at the Kumbha Mela, 2019, together with tribal leaders from many countries. 12

Praying for the world and action for change - those are our intentions for this event. 13

Native Elders from many tribes are joining the Kumbha Mela to pray for Mother Earth’s rights together with the spiritual leaders of India


FROM 14TH FEBRUARY, 2019 ( 5-10 DAYS )

Marakame Alfonso, Mexico

Pat Mccabe, Navajo, USA


Coordinator for South America

THE KIVA CEREMONY CONSISTS OF: Entering the Kiva to visit the five altars by leaders and authorities sharing their prayers and requests Playing a drum beat for world recovery Taking a dip in the holy river Night prayers around the sacred fire Holy river ceremonies such as Ganga Artik Agni Hotra fire ceremony


Loretta Afraid of Bear, USA

Coordinator for India

THE KIVA IS ACCOMPANIED BY 7 PURIFICATION RITES: Sacred chants in various languages Sacred dance to unite our hearts and dance together; circle dances Sacred fire in the Kiva lit by the seniors Temazcal (sweat lodge) with special invocation Lectures on relevant topics Cleaning the holy place to set an example Distribution of sacred food

There will be a Sacred Women’s Empowerment Workshop, Conscious Theater and a Chaski Music Fest to deliver Mother Bhoomi’s call for love, the young generation’s call to the world where selected youngsters sing and speak. 14

Abuela Martina Mamani, Peru

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, USA

Berito Kuwaru’wa, Colombia



The 5-10 day program is part of a one-month journey from the Himalayas to the Ganga confluence at Varanasi, visiting India’s most important places, including:

Rishikesh, Dev Prayag, Haridwar, New Delhi, Vrindavan, Lucknow, Ayodhya, Allahabad and Varanasi Join the Kiva Kumbha Mela or take the full trip!



Visiting the spiritual leaders in India’s most important places

Vrindavan People interested in participation, contact us for cost and details

Missions of the Journey

Varanasi Kiva Ceremony in Kumbha Mela

To remind the whole world that Mother Earth is a living being and that her rights must be defended by all governments and legislatures of the world.

The Journey from the Himalayas to the Ganga confluence & the Kumbha Mela 4th February - 1st March, 2019 RISHIKESH - DEV PRAYAG - HARIDWAR - NEW DELHI VRINDAVAN - LUCKNOW - AYODHYA - PRAYAG / ALLAHABAD VARANASI

Rishikesh 16

To affirm that water is life, like the River Ganges, from which we take her water from the source to the sea. The Ganges symbolically represents all of the rivers of the world and must be protected from perishable wastes and any kind of residues. To allow the Elders of the original nations of Abya Yala (America) join with the sages of India and the rest of the world. To let the united prayer of all stimulate an attitude against ignorance, hypocrisy and corruption in the world so that love and peace may flourish. Contact us for volunteer opportunities and discounts! 17

Weaving the Tapestry of Love


For supporting the rights of Mother Nature & embracing the UNS Declaration

All members of the United Nations of the Spirit shall have this certificate and can also give it to new members

Prominent Supporters of the UNS

Who is it for?

Every individual person or organization that recognizes the 7 Agreements of the Founders of the UNS and the 9 Principles of Life, declared by the UNS, and the urgent need for their practical application and promotion, CAN and MUST have this certificate signed.

Marta Esteban Sokhrates

Natalia Greene GARN

Pella Thiel e Sweden End Ecocid

The certificate is available in several languages and is free to download from

José Mujica Former President of Uruguay

Areas of Activity Protect nature; develop nature consciousness; improve consumption habits Be a representative activist

Noemi Paymal Pedagogia 3000

Act as a cultural ambassador in your locality; promote and organize conscious events, including music, art and yoga festivals

Alejandro Solalinde no Hermanos en el Cami

Be a guardian of territory in the place where you live, on the land you own or in another place that you protect

Mr. Milon Rene Soo Santiesteban Bolivian Ambassador to Sweden

Promote non-violent spiritual nourishment, vegan or vegetarian food free of chemicals, pesticides and transgenics (GMOs) Offer your research contributions and knowledge in any specific area of ​​ investigation of Ancient Wisdom Give solid support to disseminating Ancient Wisdom whatever ways you see as most effective Act as a weaver of the tapestry of love of the UNS; share the certificate with other individuals and groups Direct an establishment and sell goods or provide services with discounts to those identified as members of the UNS 18

David Jaramillo Chaski Fest

Your Name ...... Your Activity ...... Keep weaving the tapestry of Love!

Cormac Cullinan EnAct International 19

For many practical situations, we present to you the activist platform of the UNS



WE SOW CONSCIOUSNESS WITH LOVE The World Conscious Pact (WCP) was formed at the RIO+20 meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 by the world renowned Dr. Vandana Shiva and Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti. The World Conscious Pact is an international network that promotes and strengthens multiple collectives, social groups, organizations and activists that put forth their energy every day in order to practice a healthy consumer culture and to respect and raise awareness about the rights of Mother Nature. It campaigns for conscious consumption, the protection of animals, the rights of nature and everything that guarantees the well-being of humanity in harmony with Ancient Wisdom. Its goal is to multiply the interconnections of a living network, composed of all beings everywhere, so that it can be strengthened. 20



1. RIGHTS OF NATURE Over the past forty years, legislation has allowed us to wipe out 50% of the earth’s biodiversity. We need a paradigm shift: recognizing the Rights of Nature could be our last chance to survive. Human rights and Nature’s rights are two sides of the same coin. 2. SEED PROTECTION Seeds are the womb that gives origin to life, to the very existence of all sentient beings. Since time immemorial, farmers have saved the best of their harvests for the next year. Nevertheless, this age-old practice is being threatened by the use of transgenic (GMO) and suicidal seeds whose fruits don’t produce new seeds. The creation of live seed banks and the interconnection among their guardians brings hope to the world. 3. CARING FOR SACRED WATERS The rivers and water sources are deities worshiped by the ancient cultures of the world, because the life and health of our Mother Nature and all of us depend on them. This divine being is at risk from the damming of rivers for hydroelectric projects, chemical pollution, consumption of meat, monoculture, mining, etc. Protecting the waters is an urgent need and we must take whatever responsibility we can for meeting this challenge. 4. RESCUING ANCIENT WISDOM Ancient Wisdom is the legacy that the Creator and Nature gave to all native cultures of the world. It is their fundamental relationship to life. Many communities from the mystical East to southern Chile are preserving this wisdom. We connect the ones who wish to learn about the knowledge that ancient authorities want to share. 21

5. PROTECTING SACRED SHRINES AND ROUTES Long before modern transportation and the internet existed, there were routes that allowed villages to communicate and build a network of cooperation in different parts of the world. Examples in India are pilgrimage routes to the primary sanctuaries and the Inca trails that connect much of South America. WCP teaches us to respect these routes and their respective shrines in all possible dimensions. 6. THE IMPORTANCE OF PERENNIAL SPIRITUALITY Ancient nations remind us about the spiritual dimension within everything: in rivers, mountains, animals, and certainly in human beings. There is a universal order, an original law and a purpose for the existence of everything. This law, passed down by the Supreme Creator in many ways, guides our actions and warns us against falling into an exploitative mentality. The careful performance of ceremonies, prayers, spiritual cleanses and various rituals keep this vital connection alive. 7. MINING DESTROYS LIFE Mega mining projects are a cause of mass pollution of water, soil and air. They destroy biodiversity and are a source of disease for humans and animals alike. In addition, they usually generate social issues and degradation, aside from the fact that big mining industries have funded the murder of many innocent people by armed groups or dictatorships in order to remove communities from their territories. Therefore, WCP calls for a peaceful boycott to stop irresponsible mining. 22

8. NATURAL & EMOTIONAL MEDICINE Good health begins with a good diet, avoiding excess, eating in a clean environment and living an anxietyfree life. It includes eating what the earth offers, without agrochemicals or genetically-modified food, maintaining a loving relationship with our environment and being grateful. From the moment we think that we are not indebted to Mother Earth, the imbalance begins. The first step toward healing is paying close attention to our thoughts and our food. 9. LISTEN TO WOMEN, OUR MOTHERS Women are natural representatives of perennial spirituality. Sacred femininity should lead the new paradigm for protection of our Mother Earth. Women in their role as mothers are the ones who best understand the emergency facing our planet. They don’t tolerate seeing their children destroy their own future. Therefore, women should contribute to managing the process of change necessary to live in peace and coexist in harmony with all beings and species on earth, to guard the world they will leave to their children. 10. CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION Conscious consumers satisfy their needs, personal or socially-generated, always considering their impact on nature and other beings. They are aware that some consumer choices lead to the destruction of the planet we need to live. Conscious consumers look to buy healthy and organic products, are careful with the waste they produce, protect animals, build with natural, low-impact materials and do not use products that imply animal suffering and so on. 23

The Founders

Elders, Spiritual Authorities, Representatives of Many Original Nations


Heriberto Villaseñor

Abuela Martina Mamani

Director of Roots of the Earth, Disciple of Tigre Pérez, Mexico

Sitwar Q’Oyllur, Quechua Nation, Temple of Raqchi, Cusco, Peru

Abuela Ana Lucía Yagari Embera Chamí Nation, Antioquia, Colombia

of the UNS

United Under the 9 Principles and Committed to the 7 Agreements

Abuela Nelly Rativa

Taita Eustorgio Payaguaje

Princess of the Muisca Nation, Bakatá Region, Colombia

Icha Kaká Blanca Nieves

Wixárika Nation, Pilgrim of the Desert of Wirikuta, Mexico

Cofan & Siona Nations, Putumayo Region in the Colombian Amazon

Muisca Nation, Cabildo of Suba, Bakatá, Colombia

Swami B.A.P. Mamo Kwibi

Abuela Agustina

Carlos Jesús Castillejos

Daira Quiñones

Jate Antonio Daza Kulchavita

Spiritual Leader of Vrinda Vaisnava Community; with Kogi Mamo

Misak Nation, Cauca Territory, Andean/Pacific Region, Colombia

Mayan Toltec Tradition, Pilgrim of the Desert of Wirikuta, Mexico

Tumako Nation, Afro-Colombian Protector, Colombia

Muisca Nation, Balatá Community, Bakatá, Colombia

Marakame Alfonso Gonzalez

Cacique Berito Kuwaru’wa

María Aracelli Londoño

Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo

Activist and Leader of the U’wa Nation, Northeastern Colombia

Valley of Cauca, Cali, Colombia, Carrier of the Sacred Obsidian Pipe

Arhuaca Nation, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia

Abuela Lourdes Beatriz García Xieguazinsa Ingativa Neusa Muisca Nation from Resguardo de Cota in Bakatá Region, Colombia

Native Governor of Cabildo Muisca Chibcha Boyacá in Tunja, Colombia

Nubia Rodríguez Roots of the Earth, Circle Dance Teopantli Kalpulli, Colombia/Mexico 25

Taita Rodolfo Giagrekudo

Misak Spiritual Leader

Balam Esteban Morales

Nina Curo

Huitoto Nation, Murui-Muinane Community, Colombian Amazon

Misak Nation, Cauca Region, Colombia

Wixárika Nation, Pilgrim of the Wirikuta Desert, Mexico

Mestizo Elder from Muisca Nation, Bakatá Region, Colombia

Hate José Manuel

Pacha K’anchay

Swami B.V. Atulananda

Hate Ignacio Murillo Suaie

Socha-Chia, Muisca Community, Colombia

Chasky Yachak, Yanakuna Nation, Colombian Andean Massif

Spiritual Leader of Vrinda Vaisnava Community, Chile

Muisca Nation from Racida, Bakatá Region, Colombia

Spiritual Leader

Abuela Blanca Andrade

Spiritual Leader

Kogi Mamo

Luis Yonda

Rogelio Rocha

Yanakuna Nation, Colombian Andean Massif

Nasa Nation, Colombia

Nasa Nation, Colombia

Spiritual Leader from the Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Spiritual Guide, Nasa Community in the Cauca Region, Colombia

Traditional Doctor from the Nasa Nation, Colombia

Ana Dharana Sebastián García Collaborators in the Creation of the 7 Agreements of the Founders and the 9 Principles of Life 26

Taita Julio Muñoz Eustorgio

Bahamar Rivera

Cofan Nation, Tucunare Region in the Colombian Amazon

Elder from Eco-Yoga Villages in Colombia

Mamo Senshina

Lwntana Nacoggi

Kogi Nation, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia

Authority from the Wiwa Nation, Magdalena, Colombia

And also:

Deyanira Susa Monroy (Founder of Anthakarana Eco-Yoga Village, Quindío Region, Colombia), Mamá Jacinta Tunubalá (Misak Nation, Guambía, Cauca Region, Colombia), Ana María Hoyos (Co-founder the Atlántida Eco-Yoga Village, Cali, Colombia), Myriam Maria Aranda de Ulluné (Misak Nation), José Antonio Navarro (Roots of the Earth), and other representatives of the Nasa, Panches, Misak, Kogi, Wiwa, U’wa, Yanakuna, Cofan, Embera Chami, Huitoto, Quimbaya, Muisca Chibcha, Wixárikas, Vaisnavas, Maya Chontal, Maya Quinche, Apache, Quechua, and mestizo communities. 27




UNS Collaborators

North America

South America

Become one of us Weave the tapestry of Love

Arci Pasanen, Sweden

Thomas Fiedler, Germany

Guadalupe Cruz, Mexico

Michelle Button, Mexico

Sebastián García, Colombia

Ati Quigua, Colombia

Activist for the Rights of Nature

Activist, UNS Coordinator

WCP Communications

World Music and Healing Arts

UNS, WCP Coordinator & Facilitator

Native Political Leader

Doris Ragettli, Switzerland

Mumta Ito, England

Dorian Antuna, Mexico

Elias Vidaurre Ulloa

Pedro Pablo Tattay, Colombia

Adriana Bernal, Brazil

Co-founder of Rights of Mother Earth

Founder of Nature’s Rights NGO

Founder of Paxamama News

UNS Coordinator, Canada

UNS Coordinator, Film Maker Visiones de PAZ

WCP & UNS Coordinator

Rosi Metodieva, Bulgaria

Alicia Pakareu, Spain

Karla Luévano, Mexico

Eliseo Franco, Peru

Biskungwi, Colombia

Mariana Franco, Paraguay

UNS Coordinator, Web, Social Media

Activist for Mother Earth

Coordinator for Kiva Kumbha Mela, 2019

WCP Coordinator UNS Coordinator

NaturaGente & UOAW Investigator Original Nations’ Representative

Director of the SUNU Group 29

How to Participate in the UNS



UNS is not an organization, but a state of consciousness and you can be the expanding cell of the UNS through your voluntary offering. This is a network of love and respect; remember, keep a high level of transparency and stay free from any kind of violence or abuse.

2. Create Seed Banks

Gonzalo Guzman Recart

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati Nandini Tripathi

UOAW & UNS Coordinator in Chile

Paramartha Niketan & Ganga Action Parivar |

Paramartha Niketan & Ganga Action Parivar |

Seeds are the very foundation of life. Unfortunately some companies have started to go against this natural law by genetically modifying, patenting and trying to monopolize the right to use and possess seeds. A seed bank is a great way to resist that and to create a more hopeful future.

3. Organize Chaski Festivals

Organize Chaski music and art festivals to present the UNS and the efforts of the local cell or cells you work in alliance with.

4. Organize Conscious Events

For example: awareness encounters, conscious movie nights, discussions, Ancient Wisdom fairs, protest marches against the abuse of Nature and the original nations, poster campaigns, prayer meetings, Kiva encounters with the help of “Roots of the Earth” Mexico, distribution of healthy, environment-friendly and compassionate food, etc.

5. Start a Campaign for the Rights of Nature

Walter Gómez, Colombia

Ambika Devi

Swami Bhaktivedanta Bon

NaturaGente & UOAW Investigator

Coordinator for Kiva Kumbha Mela, India, 2019

Coordinator for Kiva Kumbha Mela, India, 2019

Start a campaign to get the rights of nature into local law and policy. Report your efforts and results to There are no limits on how to weave the heart-to-heart tapestry of conscious activists.

6. Spread the Ancient Wisdom

Information is the key antidote to ignorance. Spread the message of the ancestors, which is the voice of Mother Earth. Be confident, respectful and honorable because these qualities represent the message of Universal Love.

7. Be a Conscious Consumer

The meat industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change and one of the cruelest industries on the planet. Reduce your meat consumption, or better, choose the vegetarian or vegan diet, which is more peaceful and environmentfriendly. Reduce or eliminate the avoidable use of plastic. Buy local, organic and handmade products.

8. Share Your Work on the UNS Blog

Just email us at It could be a report of your activities or a beautiful artistic offering to the UNS - a poem, a painting, a song, etc.

Melanie Rutz, Switzerland

Diogo Lopez, Brazil

Swami B. Madhusudan

UOAW Secretary for Colombia

UNS Coordinator UOAW Representative

Coordinator for Kiva Kumbha Mela, India, 2019

... and many others 30

9. Join Existing UNS Groups

Get in contact with the local collaborators of your country or contribute virtually with web and social media, graphic design, text translations and editing, video editing, etc. 31

Chaski Fest was founded by David Jaramillo and Hector Buitrago who wanted to contribute to the WCP by motivating musicians and other artists to be ambassadors of Universal Love. Everyone who would like to offer their art in service of Mother Earth can organize Chaski Fests following the recommendations in the manual available on

Many cultural ambassadors have joined this movement, for example:

Chaski Fest


Riccardo Monti

Classical guitar Player, composer and singer from Austria

Italian Chaski Musician, Guitar Player & Composer

Maria Kimdal

The language of ART to reach everyone’s HEART

Also known as Manah Siksa, Swedish Conscious Musician and Artist

Moyenei Valdés

Cultural Ambassadors & Messengers of Love All people who use art to awaken the collective consciousness to become protective of Mother Earth are called to be part of this movement. Musicians, filmmakers, cartoonists, painters, writers and all types of artists join this call. Their works are explosions of consciousness to awaken love. Below we present some samples of their offerings.

Shakti Representatives of Andean music and World Conscious Pact activists

Healing Chants Conscious music platform founded by Bulgarian singer Yana Papazova, who lives in Germany

Rubén Albarrán Vocalist from the Mexican group, Café Tacvba, activist and member of the Jaguar Collective

Mario Muñoz

Alex Sastoque

Vocalist from the group, Dr. Krápula, part of the Jaguar Collective

Artist, known for the spiritual values expressed in his work

Héctor Buitrago GEPE Chilean composer and singer

Ama-zonas (2014)

This album unites wellknown artists from around the world to raise their voices in overwhelming defense of the Amazon, territories, sacred water sources and communities threatened by the exploitative mentality. 32

Voices for Patagonia (2009)

A project that unites artists who use their music to denounce unscrupulous, multinational corporations for their great damage to ecosystems, water sources, and communities of the Patagonia.

Abre Sierra (2009)

A project in support of the native activist Ati Quigua’s movement for the defense of water, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, the ancient communities of Colombia and all natural sanctuaries around the world. Produced by David Jaramillo.

Roco Pachukote Vocalist from the Mexican group “La Maldita Vecindad,” advocate for the Rights of Nature

Member of the band Aterciopelados, founder of Canto al Agua

David Jaramillo Bassist for the group, Dr. Krápula. Founder of Chaski Fest

Qüirio Chucho Merchán Singer and music producer, advocate for animal rights and veganism promoter

Musicians who support restoration, education, and traditional medicine projects with indigenous communities

UNS Alliances

All people who want to correct the mistakes of materialism are invited to become allies of the UNS. Please publish our logo/link on your web sites.


and other organizations Paxamama News

Earth Charter Initiative

The mission of Earth Charter Initiative is to actively participate, in a systemic and integrated way, in the present transition to sustainable ways of living on the planet. It is founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, social and economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace. Sokhrates

Sokhrates is the first social network created to fund humanitarian, animal welfare and environmental projects worldwide. It will allocate 70% of the profits obtained through ethically conscious advertising to fund those humanitarian projects that garner the most support amongst its users. 34


Billions of animals suffer in human hands. AnimaNaturalis exists because these animals need solutions and deserve someone to raise their voice for them. AnimaNaturalis wants to build a more just world for all. Ganga Action Parivar

GAP is a global family of professionals, engineers, scientists, activists, spiritual leaders, environmental specialists and dedicated sevaks (volunteers) dedicated to the preservation of the River Ganga and Her tributaries in their free-flowing and pristine, natural state and to the protection of over 500 million people who are dependent upon Ganga’s clean waters for their lives and livelihoods.

End Ecocide Sweden

PAXAMAMA NEWS is an educational platform promoting environmental awareness through an earth-centred approach to law and governance, that transmits the Ancient Wisdom and facilitates interaction with organizations dedicated to protecting Mother Earth and promoting solutions for humanity to live in harmony with Nature, as part of nature, for generations to come.

End Ecocide Sweden is a Swedish network working to spread the idea of an international law on ecocide and with bringing together activists who can work for this to be realized. We are, among other things, working to bring awareness about ecocide within Swedish trade and industry and the academic world. We cooperate with Polly Higgins (www. and are a part of the global network End Ecocide on Earth (


Lodyn is a network engaged in the healing and deepening of the humannature relationship. We see ourselves as a part of a multifaceted, worldwide movement that works for The Great Turning, a shift from the unsustainable industrial societies of today to life-enhancing and life-sustaining communities of tomorrow.

Transition Town Gothenburg

Transition Town Gothenburg works to create a resilient city on many levels. Together with Transition Town Gothenburg there is a plan to promote the Local Transition Plan, where rights of Nature are included, to the city’s politicians. 35

Nature’s Rights is a non-profit organization with an international network on a mission to establish legal personality and rights for ecosystems and species in law and to transform our inner and outer relationship with Nature.

Other events promoting the ideas of the United Nations of the Spirit


Nature’s Rights, based in Scotland, was initiated by the lawyer Mumta Ito, and it aims to make Nature’s Rights into EU law. A draft EU directive is worked out, which can be found on:

Mexico City, Mexico, 1st-5th June, 2016

The Tlatelolco University Cultural Center, where the foundation of an ancient native temple, destroyed by colonists, can still be seen, was the site of this historic event.

It brought together international scientists, philosophers, ecologists, artists, legislators, representatives, activists and keepers of ancient traditions, as well as social and spiritual leaders who shared strategic and legal ideas about the fight for the rights of Mother Earth.


The forum included a great festival where ideas and people were woven together in the tapestry of love for Mother Earth. Workshops, lectures, concerts and an inauguration ceremony filled the five days between 1st-5th June where also a ritual planting of a tree took place in order to show gratitude to the earth and “a spiritual return of those who have disappeared physically but now encourage our spirits.” 36

EU Parliament, Brussels, 29th March, 2017

The Nature’s Rights NGO, together with the Socialists & Democrats and the Greens of the EU Parliament, organized the first-of-its-kind seminar in Brussels, aimed at proposing a systematic change where Nature would be considered a legal personality. Activists from the United Nations of the Spirit, together with the UNS cofounder Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti, came to take part in the conference and to share the declaration of the UNS. Mumta Ito from the Nature’s Rights NGO was one of the key speakers. She pointed out,

“The Earth is an interdependent community of life and the well-being of each member is dependent on the well-being of the whole.” 37


INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON THE RIGHTS OF NATURE Objectif Sciences International (OSI) is a non-profit organization, recognized as an international NGO and dedicated to science education. OSI has Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. From left to right: Martin Hultman, Åsa Simma, Cormac Cullinan, Niklas Högberg, Patricia Gualinga, Alf Linderman, Marie Persson Njajta


NATIONAL NETWORK FOR RON Sigtuna, Sweden, 21st-22nd April, 2017 Held in the oldest city of Sweden, Sigtuna, the conference was organized by the Lodyn Think Tank, End Ecocide Sweden, WWF Sweden and others.

Ceremony for Mother Earth, opened by Milon Rene Soo Santiesteban from the Bolivian Embassy and Carmen Blanco Valer of Quechua origin, a defender of Mother Earth based in Sweden

Keynote speakers were Cormac Culinan, lawyer and author of Wild Law, Patricia Gualinga from Sarayaku, Mari Margill from CELDF and Femke Wijdekop from End Ecocide Europe. Representatives from the Sámi Parliament were present, and much space was given to the Sámi struggle to protect their land from ongoing colonization by mining companies and the Swedish state. In August, a national network for the Rights of Nature (RON) was founded. Organizations and groups working on the issue met to discuss the forthcoming efforts such as a seminal project called Earth Rights Conversations which will invite national and international guests to give talks.

RoN seminar in the University of Gothenburg, October, 2017 38

Organizations working for the Rights of Nature in Sweden are Lodyn, End Ecocide Sweden, Solidarity SwedenLatin America and the Swedish Earth Rights Lawyers.

Every year the OSI organizes an event at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland - the Geneva Forum. Since 2012, Rights of Nature have been part of the program, and on the 11th and 12th of December, 2017, the conference for the “Rights of Nature for Peace and SDGs” was held for the sixth time. The United Nations of the Spirit was presented in a public talk to the participants and a greeting video from five Colombian original nations was shown. The presentations of the UNS were very well received and an invitation to next year’s conference has been issued already.

Harmony with Nature is the UN department working as a platform for global, sustainable development.

Thomas Fiedler, coordinator of the UNS, delivers the Certificate of Recognition to Thomas Egli, the organizer of the OSI conference

Earth Day, and the member states affirmed that the earth and its ecosystems are our common home.

We recognize that planet Earth and its ecosystems are our home and that “Mother Earth” is a common expression in a number of countries and regions.

They expressed the necessity of promoting Harmony with Nature to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations. The same year, the General Assembly adopted its first resolution on Harmony with Nature.

In 2009, the UN General Assembly proclaimed April 22nd as International 39

Raymundo Tigre Pérez (1946 - 1995)

The history of the Kivas

Raymundo Tigre Pérez, a medicine man of the “Red Road,” was raised in Texas and was involved with the spiritual way of life of the Navajo Dine Nation, located in the Native American reservation of Big Mountain and the Lakota Sioux Nation from South Dakota.

Kiva The Temple of the Heart of Mother Earth The Kiva is a sacred, circular excavation within the earth. It has four main altars to honor the elements and directions of creation and a fire burns continuously in the center during fourday ceremonies held in it. The Kiva is used as a sacred instrument to receive prayers from representatives of different ancient cultures that generate a vibration of healing on many dimensions. The Kiva comes from the ancient Anasazi, an Amerindian culture of the territory known as Oasis America, which is today part of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and northern 40

colors, coming together to pray and transform Mother Earth´s sadness into joy by beating drums and emanating vibrations of peace, healing and prosperity.

It was during a ceremony in 1968 that Raymundo Tigre Pérez had his first visions that the Earth was sad.

Raymundo Tigre Pérez has dedicated his life to teaching the essence and importance of Native American spirituality and to being a unifying link between the original nations and the mestizo people.

He saw how a Kiva was born with a fire inside. He saw beings of different languages ​​ and sounds, wearing garments of many different

He fought passionately for the rights of the native peoples and of LatinAmerican immigrants in the United States of America.

The Vision

Chihuahua. The Anasazi are part of the ancestry of several original nations, among which are the Hopi people. In their territory, there are Kivas more than 1,000. years old, which serve to accept and connect the prayers, songs and offerings of different, native peoples for the well-being of our ancestral cultures and the balance of our Mother Earth. As a consequence of the meeting of indigenous culture with the more recent cultures of Europe and America, the Kiva sadly fell into disuse for 70-80 years.


ROOTS OF THE EARTH The Dream and Vision of Raymundo Tigre Pérez Thanks to the legacy of Tigre Pérez, for more than 45 years in North and South America and since 2009 in Europe, Roots of the Earth has fulfilled a great duty by serving as a bridge to establish a global inter-tribal alliance between the native cultures and modern society around the world.


Director of Roots of the Earth, Mexico, Chile, Austria and Colombia, disciple of Raymundo Tigre Pérez NUBIA RODRIGUEZ

Director of Roots of the Earth, from Colombia, based in Mexico, trainer in Circle Dance on Teopantli Kalpulli 42

According to the perception of Tigre Pérez, this work has opened a new window to the universal conscience of humankind. It has also reinforced the geomagnetic net of planet Earth, which facilitates the generation of sustainable and conscious life and the integration of the mineral, vegetable and animal realms with the four basic elements of Mother Earth: fire, water, wind and earth. This state has come about thanks to the Elders, who have worked together as one spirit, mind and heart, holding a ceremony of healing for Mother Earth and humanity during four days and three nights. Roots of the Earth has managed to bring together in love people of the four races on the five continents, creating bonds of unity and peace among various tribes and nations, even ones that were against each other historically.

The Kiva Ceremony The heart of the Roots of the Earth ceremony takes place inside a Kiva temple, a circular excavation, an altar in the earth, where the Elders gather to pray and to raise their invocations of healing and gratitude to Mother Earth around the holy fire, which is kept burning during the four days of prayer.

The Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) The sweat lodge (inipi) is the oldest ceremony known on the American continent. In ancient times, it was a common purification practice for keeping a healthy body, a still mind and a strong spirit. In North American Ancient Wisdom, the inipi represents the womb of Mother Earth. We enter the inipi to let go of what we don’t need in our lives - our fears, anger, depression, etc. We go out reborn as brand new people, as brothers and sisters from our same mother... We are all one family.

The Sanctuaries around the World that Invited the Kiva Ceremony Mexico Chile Peru Colombia Brazil

Italy Netherlands Spain/Portugal Austria India 43

This offering to the United Nations of the Spirit is to research and teach Ancient Wisdom


University of Ancient Wisdom The Main Center of the UOAW in Colombia

The prophecy of the condor and the eagle says, “When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South meet in the nest of the colibri, only then will we experience the insights that can teach us how to face the difficulties of the world.�

The curriculum of the university ranges from the most basic education for children on how to be guardians of Mother Earth to more advanced courses in the healing sciences and in the Ancient Wisdom traditions we have inherited from our ancestors.

To bring about this shift, the University of Ancient Wisdom (UOAW) was founded to provide a space for this kind of education to be made available through online and classroom courses.

While the university is still under development, we encourage all cultural ambassadors, researchers and guardians of the treasures of Ancient Wisdom to participate spontaneously. We invite you to unite with other wellwishers to share the responsibility for creating awareness of and protecting these sacred treasures, especially Mother Earth herself.

This pivotal project started with a sacred meeting held with native and spiritual leaders from all over the world, where the local native chiefs gave their blessings. A piece of land was donated for establishing the university near the original university of the Tayronas. A branch campus has been built in Peru at Eco-Truly Park. There is a lot of enthusiasm about the project developing in Chile, Peru and India. Many other places have offered their facilities for local meetings.

Over sixty Mamos, or wise Elders, have joined this project, offering their support and blessings. With contributions from different ancient cultures and their wisdom, the university intends to expand in the future and to focus on the healing arts and cultural education.

Faculties Sacred Art teaches various ancestral techniques for expressing the soul, using the arts as a multi-purpose tool. Verbal and body language are examples of these manifestations. Mother Earth

brings together the ancestral knowledge necessary for people to recognize our great Mother and to understand our close relationship of exchange and dependence on her generous and abundant nature.

Original People brings together knowledge about administration: the relationship between communities and people for loving exchange and living in harmony. Ancestral Healing collects the knowledge available to rebuild our own knowledge and relationship with the Great Spirit, so that we heal relationships in all fields and become guides capable of inspiring others.

How to Participate? Visit the UOAW centers in Colombia, Peru, Chile or India and take the live courses offered. Take advantage of the virtual courses available on the website. Join the volunteer programs to dive into the daily activities of the UOAW and its departments. Share ancestral knowledge collected from your locality and culture. Become a permanent Patron of the UOAW - support financially, or with services or goods in the area of activity that inspires you the most. Contribute to our crowdfunding programs. university.of.ancient.wisdom



A course in Ancient Wisdom of the Sierra Nevada opens to the world

The History of the

Union of the Guardians of Mother Earth One year after the participation of the revolutionary monk, Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti, in Rio+20, Brazil, 2012, and after the revelation of the abuses of ancestral communities and of the environment on the part of the multinationals and consumerist philosophies, he was invited to a new, transcendental, international meeting of spiritual leaders and activists from all over the world. This meeting was held in the Sagthe Territory of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. At this meeting, Lwntana Nacoggi and his father, Mamo Palia, natives and messengers of Ancient Wisdom and of the rights of Mother Nature, delivered a humble message full of transcendence to the western world for the guidance and education of humanity. It was about NaturaGente SalvaVida. From the knowledge provided by NaturaGente, Spiritual Authorities for the universe itself had sent a message, and now was the time to make it public. NaturaGente is a call for respect and the development of consciousness so that humanity may come to recognize the right to Life as well as order and balance in general. NaturaGente is a Universal Entity of the Universal Being so that man may develop awareness of what it really means to be human and for this awareness to be integrated into the general consciousness. 46

NaturaGente SalvaVida

Lwntana Nacoggi and Mamo Palia

In agreement with the above, NaturaGente SalvaVida brings us a supremely profound message, which lovingly invites us to abandon the competitive lifestyle that we have adopted as a result of certain ideologies, which have permeated our mind, reason, intellect and imagination. Therefore, the first thing we must do is to accept and recognize how we have incorporated all these competitive and anti-natural elements into our lives in order to start down a new road of regeneration and natural reconstruction. In other words, we are talking about reprogramming in which NaturaGente SalvaVida allow us to stop being cancerous cells in nature and to become healthy and healing cells. Lwntana Nacoggi has the service of representing and serving the Assistant Spiritual Lawyer of the body of the universe, Ikwatwndwna, in order that

humans may pay attention to the call that NaturaGente SalvaVida are making. And also to invite humanity to understand its mission to be of service to the Spirit of Nature, that is to say, to NaturaGente. It should be understood that to be at peace with the totality of life, humanity must recognize the rights of NaturaGente. The University of Ancient Wisdom, situated in Bonda, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, has offered its facilities to the teaching of the courses of NaturaGente both live and on line. This is a complementary service to the purpose of NaturaGente SalvaVida, to promote the practical and active raising of consciousness in people in order to bring about the coherent development of human behavior in service to the rights of Nature. It is in the best, universal interest of every generation to remain united and to protect the seeds of creation. Lwntana Nacoggi travels to different communities to demonstrate the necessity of understanding our relationship with NaturaGente SalvaVida, the Living Entity. It is our duty to protect it.

NaturaGente SalvaVida in alliance with the UOAW offers a transition process called Children of Mother Earth

Objectives of the Course To establish a clear and coherent commitment to life, through a process of self-training or selfrecognition, in which one learns with Nature.

1. To educate and train people to understand and protect Nature and its vital processes in the designated Ancestral Territory. 2. To start a process of personal

Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, 2013

healing, which is interrelated with the processes and vital cycles of Mother Earth.

3. To recover the value and respect towards the temples and sacred places that are in the particular Ancestral Territory; through the Four Principles of Harmonization. 47

Most Important Goals of the United Nations of the Spirit

Tribunals Against Injustice

WHEN THE GOVERNMENTS DO NOT PROTECT US, THE NATURE’S TRIBUNAL PUTS REALITY IN SIGHT Imagine if there were an international tribunal that concerned itself with the fundamental rights of all beings, including humans, and decided matters on the basis of what would be best for the Earth community as a whole, respected the laws of nature and was not beholden to governments or corporations. The International Rights of Nature Tribunal, established by members of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN), intends to make this dream a reality. Its purpose is to serve as an example of the legal application of the rights of nature, establishing them in law. At every tribunal, different cases of severe violations against the rights of nature as well as human rights are presented to the panel of judges. The

topics of these cases ranged from causes for climate change, financial exploitation of nature, industrial mining, violations against native people and their protected areas, water deprivation and threats against the Amazon to the negative impact of trade agreements on the protection of nature. The judges and prosecutors are prominent activists from different environmental organizations leading the way of Rights of Nature. The tribunals provide a systematic alternative to environmental protection laws by acknowledging that ecosystems have the inherent right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate their vital cycles by virtue of their own legal standing in a court of law.

Uniting for the Rights of Mother Earth NATURE’S RIGHTS ARE OUR RIGHTS

In recent years, we have seen how the movement to recognize Mother Earth as a legal entity has grown on an international level. It is simply an idea whose time has come. The tribunals and conferences together with bigger and smaller seminars, gatherings and ceremonies 48

are all contributing to raising the level of consciousness globally. The United Nations of the Spirit wants to recognize and thank all of you who are working with love and devotion to protect and honor our common Mother. Together we keep weaving the tapestry of love. 49

2nd Rights of Nature Tribunal

4th Rights of Nature Tribunal

The second tribunal was held in December, 2014, in Lima, Peru, parallel to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. During the second tribunal, 12 cases were presented where the enormous violations to the Rights of Nature and repeated violations to defenders of the Earth were heard. The Lima Tribunal was dedicated to Jose Tendetza, a Shuar leader from Ecuador, who was found murdered just a few days before he was scheduled to present the Condor Mine Case to the tribunal.

In the fourth international tribunal, native representatives from the Sámi people, Sweden, were present for the first time. Stefan Mikaelsson, former president of the Sámi Parliament in Sweden, shared a historic overview of Swedish colonialism, a history shared with other original nations around the world. It is important to paint the true picture of Sweden, which has the international image of a righteous and sustainable country.

Lima, Peru, 5 -6 December, 2014 th

1st Rights of Nature Tribunal

Quito, Ecuador, 13 -17 January, 2014 th


“We the people assume the authority to conduct an International Tribunal for the Rights of Nature. We will investigate cases of environmental destruction, which violate the Rights of Nature.” Prosecutor for the Earth, Ramiro Avila during the opening of the world’s 1st Tribunal on the Rights of Nature & Mother Earth. In conjunction with the tribunal, there was a summit with over sixty experts from different fields that examined the existing implementation of Rights of Nature legal systems in different parts of the world. The overarching intent was to identify the most fundamental principles of a governance system based on the Rights of Nature and define a framework for action to expand the global acceptance, implementation and integration of it. 50

Bonn, Germany, 7th-8th November, 2017


During the press conference following the tribunal, Osprey Orielle Lake of the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network concluded, “We need to change the DNA of legal systems in order to recognize the Rights of Nature ~ the Rights of Mother Earth.”

3rd Rights of Nature Tribunal Paris, France, 4th-5th December, 2015

During the COP21 in Paris, the Global Alliance for the Rights for Nature organized together with End Ecocide on Earth, Nature’s Rights and Attac France, the third tribunal for the first time in Europe.

It was also the first time that the United Nations of the Spirit was present at the tribunal, and on the second day the judges received the Feather of Honor from the UNS. Later, the UNS was presented as the spiritual foundation for working together with “Unity in Diversity” as the basis for cooperation among all peoples of this planet.

It was formally established as a permanent peoples’ tribunal, with a huge amount of support from the native representatives and civil, society organizations from around the globe. Cormac Cullinan, president of the Tribunal, invited Chief Raoni and all native leaders present to join in signing the agreement to establish the Tribunal. Chief Raoni invited all parties to sign the Defenders of Mother Earth Alliance agreement. Judge Tom Goldtooth characterised the mutual signing as representing “an alliance for the sacredness of nature”. 51

6th ICCS

International Conference & Gathering of the Elders


Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam India holds meetings of the Elders and Mohan Bhagavat, leader of India’s Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), welcomes the delegates of Adivasis from around the world in Mysore. Protecting Mother Earth is the main priority and native territories have to be protected. The people from the oldest cultures confirm the Indian, Vedic wisdom of seeing the whole world as one family. “The International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS) is a non-profit organization with a mission to facilitate the revitalization of diverse ancient traditions and cultures of the world by fostering a forum for learning, understanding, and networking.” Since 2002, ICCS has organized more than 27 conferences around the world. The aim of the organization is to function as a platform to bring likeminded people together and to support projects and community gatherings, so that native and local communities can 52

The World is One Family empower themselves and preserve their cultures and traditions. ICCS works to network on a global level with leaders who share the vision of Universal Well-Being. By different kinds of publications, the ICCS works to preserve knowledge and empower the creation of new knowledge for future generations.

ICCS is inviting everyone to participate in the 6th gathering on the topic “Exploring Divinity through the Feminine in Ancient Cultures.” The conference aims to explore the depiction and expression of the feminine in relation to the Divine. While it is understood that the nature of divinity as depicted in many ancient traditions includes both masculine and feminine, the feminine will be the central focus of discussion during this conference. The purpose of the conference is to provide a safe and warm environment of celebration and a platform for networking, learning and sharing.

1st-4th Feb, 2018, Mumbai, India

Elders and other participants from all around the globe will gather. People from over 40 different countries and various tribes are coming together to cherish life, cultures and traditions where diverse perspectives and world views are valued and celebrated.

The conference aims to: • Explore the ancient cultures • Facilitate relationships • Cross-pollinate ideas and experiences • Inspire and encourage the delegates to spread their influence across their native lands

ICCS has organized International gatherings of Elders since 2003 with a sincere prayer to the Divine to: 1. Bestow on us a life of peace, prosperity, freedom and amicable living. 2. Let the crookedness, hate and anger in the minds of fellow human beings vanish. 3. Give us the strength of mind and body to work for making our Mother Earth Your abode of peace, divinity and sublime love. 53

The People of the Sun and Wind

All Original Nations and Their Territories Must Be Protected

In the northernmost part of Europe, stretching from central Norway past Sweden, Finland and all the way to the Kola Peninsula of Russia, is the land of the Sámi, - Sápmi.

Historically, the Sámi have been struggling with colonialism for several centuries, ever since the first Christian missionaries and priests, as well as the Swedish state, came to steal their lands and culture and replace their beliefs. Colonialism is not only a question of physical land and to whom it belongs, but it is also - and maybe more so - a question of the loss of an existential sense of belonging.

Due to years of OPPRESSION by the prohibition of the practice of their own culture and spirituality, much of the ancient culture fell into oblivion. Most historical records are written by the oppressors from their point of view, but it is clear that the Sámi had and to some extent still have a profound relationship to the spiritual and natural worlds. The Sámi cosmo-vision was not at all a patriarchal one.


According to their creation story, the Sámi descended from the Sun Goddess and the God of Wind and are one of the very few, remaining original nations of Europe. Their culture and lifestyle are under constant threat from the continuing colonialism of today as is the case globally with most ancestral people.

Our Last Original Nation of Europe

Gállok resistance, 2013 54

The history of colonialism in northern Europe is not as well known as the colonialism in the rest of the world. Still it is something that the Sámi people live with on a daily basis in the form of racism, loss of language and an ongoing battle for their rights to their land.

Like many other ancient cultures, they believe in the sacredness of Nature and originally not only in one male god. They saw divine personalities within the sun, the earth, the wind, etc. Interestingly, one can find similarities even with the Vedic world view, where the highest authorities are not, as mentioned, looked upon as one lone male, but as two - the divine God and Goddess. The names Rádienáhttje and Rádienáhkká are also very similar to the Vedic names of the divine couple: Radhanath and Radhika.

Important traditional Sámi practices are the DRUMMING and the YOIK (singing), which were strongly despised by the church. 55

To possess a drum or to perform a yoik, as was the custom of the Noaidi (shaman), the Sámi spiritual leader, was against the law. Drums were collected and burned. The Noaidi was the main target of persecution by the church, because he or she personified the cosmo-vision of the Sámi.

As we are standing as witnesses to the continuing ETHNOCIDE of ancestral cultures worldwide, at the same time we see a courageous UPRISING RESISTANCE within these same communities.

The yoik today, as well as the drum, are being used again, and in many ways it has been an instrument of expression against the neo-colonial culture of capitalism.

In Sápmi, the fight for rights to the lands that still carry names in the Sámi language, remnants of history, is as alive as the fights going on in North Dakota, in Brazil and in other parts of the world. One event that gained a lot of attention and spawned the network Gruvfritt Jokkmokk (mine-free Jokkmokk) was the arrogant statement of the CEO of Beowulf Mining. During an international mining conference in Stockholm, he showed a picture of a clear-cut area and said that his answer to the common question about what the local people think about the mining plans, is, “What local people?”

Today, the response to this question is that we know WHO these LOCAL people Sofia Jannok, Sámi artist and activist are. We know who the WATER DEFENDERS are, the WISDOM Artists, poets and activists like Nils-Aslak KEEPERS and the SAGES of Valkeapää and Mari Boine paved the today. way in the last century for the cultural revival we are seeing today within the Sámi community. Sofia Jannok, Anders Sunna, Åsa Simma and Amanda Kernell are just some of the names of the people who, through their art and their activism, have become important figures raising awareness of the historical and current situation of Sápmi and the Sámi culture. 56

This callous response itself mirrors for us the majority culture, demanding that we look at our part in this history. Colonialism is not only the history of Sámi or other Original Nation communities, it is our story today involving all of us to an equal degree. It asks us to reflect upon the structures of mainstream society and culture, the mindset we were brought up with.

Gállok resistance, summer, 2013

Colonialism has not had an end date. It is still going on, and we urgently need to recognize the effect it has had on us and on our sense of identity. Simply put, we have a duty to decolonize ourselves.

Mother Earth Defenders The Sámi community is an important voice defending Mother Earth or Máttaráhkká in Sámi. Through its activism and organizations such as those in Gállok, it has acted politically by introducing a motion regarding Rights of Nature in the Sámi Parliament.

Gállok Resistance In the summer of 2013, both native and Swedish activists gathered in Gállok, in the Swedish Sápmi region, to protest against the mining prospecting done by Beowulf Mining. The protesters wanted to raise awareness about the fact that the ancestral lands of the Sámis are still under colonial attack. Due to the resistance, the county of Norrbotten said “NO” to more mining in the area. It was overruled by the Swedish government’s geological decision-making body. It is now up to the Swedish government to make the final decision. 57

Political and Cultural Organization


In the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland), the Sámi have their own parliaments, organized differently in each country and with different potential, political influence.

Yoik is said to be the oldest form of music in Europe and an important part of traditional, Sámi culture. It is their way of connecting emotionally to the natural world.

The countries are also working together through SPR (Samiskt Parlamentariskt Råd - Sámi Parliamentary Council) with members of the different parliaments and with Russian Sámi as observers. This council works to strengthen the cooperation among Sámi parliaments in the various countries and to publicize the common cause internationally. The SPR worked hard to get the UN to approve the Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People in the general assembly.

A part of the tradition has been that everyone has one or more yoiks, and it is a cusom to yoik the yoiks of ancestors, places and memories to keep them alive.

In 1953, the Northern Saami Council was established to work for the Sámi to be recognized as a people, to strengthen the communities and ‘to ensure that the Sámi economic, social and cultural rights are established in the individual countries’ legislation. In 1992, during the Helsinki Sámi conference, the Sámi organization from the Kola Peninsula was accepted as a member organization in the council and thus the whole Sámi family was reunited. The council renamed it the Sámi Council in honor of that unity.

Mother Earth ceremony in Sigtuna, Sweden, 22nd April, 2017

The yoik has been illegal, persecuted and considered sinful. It was once even punishable by death.

There is also a youth organization, Sáminuorra, and one organization, Sámi Ätnam, that work for the development and conservation of traditional handicrafts.

ILO 169 and The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Neither Sweden, Finland nor Russia has ratified the ILO 169, as has Norway, where the largest population of Sámis live. The Sámis are working to convince the different governments to agree on a Truth and Reconciliation Commission whose mission would be to “compile and describe the abuse and wrongdoing that took place as well as to provide recommendations and suggestions for actions that make an impact.” (

Young Sámis in Gállok

Gállok resistance, 2013 58



THE WORLD CITIZEN’S PASSPORT It is surprising that many organizations that claim to work for the welfare of Mother Earth and the sustainability of humanity do not touch on the subject of the meat industry and the harm it causes to the planet and to human health.

only a vegetarian lifestyle can save our world from the many dangers approaching us, for example the scarcity of drinking water and the widespread contamination that is a result of raising animals for slaughter and meat-eating.

The United Nations of the Spirit recommends a vegetarian lifestyle to thus help the animals who are suffering due to the thoughtlessness, brutality and greed of human beings.

(c. 460 – c. 370 BC) The Father of Western Medicine

As part of the work of Guardians of the Earth, the UNS is now actively proposing better eating and healthier living for the benefit of all humanity and of the environment.


“The soul is the same in all living beings, though the bodies are different.”

The World Citizen’s Passport project was adopted by the World Conscious Pact and the United Nations of the Spirit so that we would have a passport, a unique ID that connects us all as members who support environmental projects for the protection of our Mother Earth. This can connect us all, and we hope to inspire all environmentalists to reassess their attitudes about eating a sustainable, compassionate diet for the sake of our world.

The World Citizen’s Passport is now also available in digital format through the Woco App in Google Playstore. The Woco Passport and ID can be used by all participants to get various discounts in different projects affiliated with other members, including restaurants, stores, yoga centers, eco farms and so on.

Many of our allies have been cooking and providing sumptuous, vegetarian meals to the Kivas and to many gatherings of those who belong to the UNS and the World Conscious Pact. It is now so well accepted that even the United Nations has predicted that 60


Protect the Sanctuaries and Sacred Routes We all feel peace and joy when we visit places where Nature shows its special beauty and abundance. Often these are places where our original ancestors held their prayers and made offerings to Mother Earth. Many are lost to concrete. Others are in danger. Water ways are sacred routes. Nobody should touch them or deforest the area. We need to open our eyes and be bold enough to defend our sources of life and our values.

- Adivasis - will meet with leaders of Vedic culture. The United Nations of the Spirit can open the hearts of all to strengthen the voices and actions of love. Be part of it. Do not lose this or any opportunity to be part of the change. Seeking immortality brings us together in this quest, and selfless service is the method to get there.


The places inhabited by original tribes are the first that should get our unanimous support when under attack. If we remain silent, we approve the aggression against our own wellbeing as a great Earth family.

Kumbha Mela

Fortunately, the famous Kumbha Mela festival was declared a World Heritage Event. Association and vows mark the events when spiritual seekers meet. For many, it is the beginning of their soul’s commitment to the eternal realms. Small or huge, such spiritual “get togethers� must be protected. Weaving the tapestry of love is the main focus. The 2019 Kumbha Mela in Prayag is the unique moment where leaders of the original nations 62

Vrindavan and Varsana in Uttar Pradesh have been declared places of pilgrimage, and this gives new hope to the lovers of these sanctuaries. Utterly neglected by previous governments, they were in great need. The Braj Mandal Parikrama is a 30-45 day journey to the land of Krishna, which attracts many thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. These visits are a great help for finding peace and motivation to live a good life in service to God and humanity. Braj Mandal has thousands of temples, lakes, mountains and plenty of lectures for the seekers. It is very easy to lose your heart in Vrindavan.

Inca Trail The Sacred route of the Andes, the Inca Trail, takes us to temples of the past as well as new sanctuaries for spiritual searching. On the other hand,

world. The activists trying to protect them face dangers in many countries. Thus it is necessary that we become so many that our defense of Mother Nature cannot be stopped by killing a few activists.

Trulys along the coast of South America, we can find many spectacular, lost civilizations such as Pachakamac and the Nasca lines, Chancay culture and even a modern, Vedic sanctuary called the Yoga Planetarium, located at Eco Truly Park. Billboards, junk food, agrochemical poisoning and lack of education put all sanctuaries in danger. Therefore, we need unity to help protect each other, especially when the guardians of a sanctuary are a minority. The annual Inti Raymi festival in Cusco has become a unifying, spiritual mela with participants in the Vedic Ratha Yatra, performed yearly in Jaganath Puri as well as in many places around the world.


The holy Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia is the biggest lake at such a high elevation. It is connected with the Inca trail, we can visit the sacred Sun, Moon and Peace islands. However, the water is increasingly contaminated just like most water bodies around the

The outstanding Aymara sacred mountain, Uschu Machi, in Coroico and the Sahama on the way to Chile mark the importance of a unique heritage, which is connected by sacred routes.

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada on the Caribbean coast, with snowy peaks rising to 5,700 meters, is generally considered the heart of the world. The local Mamos are famous spiritual leaders. It was here in Tejumake that the union of the guardians of Mother Earth manifested. With its beautiful rivers threatened with being dammed for more hydroelectric power, it is a constant struggle to protect the ancient cultures. This sanctuary is also the site of the Tayrona University. There, native leaders gave their blessing to start the University of Ancient Wisdom. Regular courses about the protection of native sanctuaries are given. We MUST unite and use existing laws to defend our sanctuaries, water sources and sacred routes. That is our main duty, if we want to save whatever is left of them. 63

The Future Is in Our Hands

Š Adrian Felipe Pera

ISBN 978-619-91020-0-8

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Weaving the Tapestry of love  

This magazine is an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit. It is about the original nations of the world, the Ancient Wisdom they hol...

Weaving the Tapestry of love  

This magazine is an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit. It is about the original nations of the world, the Ancient Wisdom they hol...