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Climate Change UN Events       

Warsaw Climate Change Conference - November 2013 (COP 19): General Assembly Thematic Debate Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Practical Solutions in the Energy Water Nexus, 16 May 2013: Security Council Meeting, 20 July 2011: Maintenance of international peace and security Impact of climate change: High-level Event on Climate Change, 22 September 2009, UN Headquarters: High-level thematic debate on climate change - Addressing climate change, the United Nations and the world at work (11-12 February 2008): High-level Event on Climate Change, UN Headquarters, New York, 24 September 2007: Thematic Debate of the General Assembly - "Climate Change As a Global Challenge", 31 July – 2 August 2007:

UN Entities   

Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Gateway to the UN System's Work on Climate Change (UN Climate Change Portal): This website provides easy access to climate change information, such as fact sheets, news, calendar of events, and links to the pages describing the work on climate change issues by various UN System organizations and specialized agencies.

UN Treaties, Declarations and selected UN documents       

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Kyoto Protocol: Bali Road Map: Cancun Agreements: Durban Outcomes: Doha Climate Gateway: Climate change and its possible security implications: report of the Secretary-General (A/64/350, 11 September 2009):


Selected Statements and Speeches of UN Officials   

       

Secretary-General tells finance meeting ‘climate clock is ticking’, urges more public, private capital, better investment mechanisms (SG/SM/15413-ENV/DEV/1394, 23 October 2013): Financial sectors at ‘the heart’ of tackling climate change, forging solutions, says SecretaryGeneral at annual meeting (SG/SM/15394-ENV/DEV/1392, 13 October 2013): Secretary-General, in message, says he will add momentum to Intergovernmental Panel’s Report on Climate Change by convening summit in September 2014 (SG/SM/15346ENV/DEV/1386, 27 September 2013): Secretary-General welcomes findings of Climate Change Panel Report, urges sustained reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (SG/SM/15356-ENV/DEV/1387, 27 September 2013): Role of women central in ‘race to combat climate change’ says Secretary-General, in message to Environmental Summit (SG/SM/15301-ENV/DEV/1378-WOM/1965, 20 September 2013): Secretary-General, in online discussion, says youth has moral responsibility to help strengthen ‘climate resilience’ (SG/SM/15106-ENV/DEV/1364, 13 June 2013): Secretary-General to Energy Finance Summit: ‘We need to scale up our efforts and our ambition; the climate clock is ticking’ (SG/SM/14975-EN/281, 24 April 2013): Secretary-General urges ministers to deliver on climate change financing commitments, saying ‘investment’ in future must not be constrained by times of austerity (SG/SM/14959, 19 April 2013): ‘We face a race against time’, Secretary-General tells Council on Foreign Relations, urging collective action to address crisis in Syria, threat of climate catastrophe (SG/SM/14808, 12 February 2013): Secretary-General welcomes Doha Climate Change Conference Outcome, but stresses need for accelerated action to limit rise in global temperature (SG/SM/14708-ENV/DEV/1333, 10 December 2012): At Informal Round Table, Secretary-General tells Ministers Climate Change not just environment issue; ‘abandon silos’, work together to meet challenges (SG/SM/14700ENV/DEV/1332, 5 December 2012): Doha Conference must send ‘clear message’ on 2015 Climate Deal, Secretary-General says, telling executive heads of United Nations system to ‘prove doubters wrong’ (SG/SM/14698ENV/DEV/1331, 4 December 2012): Secretary-General tells Climate Change Conference ‘We are in a race against time’, urges governments to abandon apathy, embrace ambition, act on Five Key Points (SG/SM/14696ENV/DEV/1329, 4 December 2012):

Further information    

Climate Community (UNDP): Global Issues on the UN Agenda: Climate Change: Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change (UN WomenWatch): UN Documentation on the Environment: Research Guide prepared by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library:


Selection of Publications available online             

The Emissions Gap Report 2012 (UNEP, November 2012): Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C warmer world must be avoided (World Bank, November 2012): _the_heat_Why_a_4_degree_centrigrade_warmer_world_must_be_avoided.pdf Climate change vulnerability and the identification of least developed countries (CDP Background Paper No. 15, June 2012): desa/policy/cdp/cdp_background_papers/bp2012_15.pdf Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate Change: Normative Gaps and Possible Approaches (UNHCR, February 2012): Women at the Frontline of Climate Change: Gender Risks and Hopes (UNEP, 2012): YouthXchange Guidebook on Climate Change and Lifestyles (UNESCO / UNEP, 2011): Climate Change Starter’s Guidebook (UNESCO / UNEP / WHO, 2011): Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (IPCC SRREN, 2011): Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change Handbook (UNDP/UNFCCC, December 2010): UNEP Publications on Climate Change: UNFCCC Publications: IPCC Publications (including IPCC Assessment Reports) Vital Climate Change Graphics (UNEP/GRID-Arendal, 2005)

Selected Articles in UN journals           

UNFCCC News: “Climate Change & Trade” (International Trade Forum, Issue 1, 2010): UN Chronicle, Volume XLVI, Number 3&4, 2009, Special Climate Change Issue “To protect succeeding generations...”: Powering Climate Solutions (Our Planet, December 2011): Copenhagen: Seal the Deal (Our Planet, Our Planet, December 2009): The road to COPENHAGEN (TUNZA, Vol. 7 No.2, 2009): Your Planet needs you (TUNZA, Vol. 7, Number 1, 2009): UNite to combat CLIMATE CHANGE – Paint for the Planet (TUNZA, Vol. 6, No.4, 2009): Kick the Habit - Towards a low carbon economy (Our Planet, May 2008): Kick the habit (TUNZA, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2008): Maintaining momentum - Financing action on climate (Our Planet, February 2008): 23 October 2012 not an official document - for information only

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