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Organisations fair 14:00 > 19:00

understand, discuss and act ... Settlements / Refugees / Nakbah / Diaspora / Jerusalem / Political prisoners / Workers and unions / Land Expropriations / Blockade of Gaza / Women in resistance / Made in illegality…


Music with 15:00 > les Fanfoireux 16:15 > Chicos Y Mendez 18:00 > HK et les Déserteurs

16:00 > Arrival

For the little ones > Making kites, make-up, fairy tales…

& the adults > Games and quizzes, tags on the solidarity wall,… Photo exhibition / Bar / Snacks

Association belgo-palestinienne WB, Amis du Monde Diplomatique Be, Artistes contre le Mur, AWSA-Be, CADTM, CNAPD, CNCD-11.11.11, CPJPO Lux, Communauté palestinienne de Belgique et du Luxembourg, FGTB-ABVV, FOS, Javva, Intal, MOC, Mouvement Chrétien pour la Paix, PAC, Palestina Solidariteit, PJPO coordination BW, Service Civil International, Solidarité Socialiste, Solidarity With Bedouins, UNRWA, UPJB, ViaVelo Palestina, Vredeactie, Vrede vzw …

éditeur responsable : Pierre Galand, 115 rue Stévin, 1000 Bruxelles. / Please dispose of responsibly. / Design :

2014 was proclaimed by the United Nations as the «International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People ». On this occasion ABP together with many other organisations, NGOs, unions and UNRWA, are organising a major solidarity event to highlight the important challenges and issues of Palestine. We look forward to welcoming you in large numbers !

Abp yallapalestina flyer en 24 may 2014

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