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You are invited to the Belgian premiere of:

The Forgotten Refugees

BBC Correspondent Amanda Burrell visits seven camps in south east Nepal which house more than 100,000 ethnic Nepalese people - the largest concentration of refugees in the world. Expelled from Bhutan almost twenty years ago, the Nepalese Government refuses to grant them citizenship. Unable to work, they depend on humanitarian aid. The international community is now taking notice of their plight and many are being offered a home in the West. Amanda Burrell reports on the difficult decision they face – trading the dream of one day returning to their old homes in Bhutan for a chance to start a new life as free citizens but – in many cases – separated from family and friends. The screening will be followed by a debate with Ms. Rosella Pagliucchi, Head of Unit Donor Relations, UNHCR; Mr. Bernard Hemingway, Director of IOM; Ms. Maria Ralha, South Asia Team Leader at ECHO; and Mr. Gemmo Lodesani, WFP director, Liaison office EU. (All Brussels-based)

Thursday 28 May at 6:30 pm The Polak Room, Ground Floor Residence Palace, 155 Rue de la Loi Brussels 1040, Nr Schuman Metro

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