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Marrakech Climate Change Conference – 7-18 November 2016 (Twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties - COP 22): Information Hub: Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony – 22 April 2016: General Assembly High-Level Event on Climate Change (New York, 29 June 2015): Climate Summit – September 2014: General Assembly Thematic Debate Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Practical Solutions in the Energy Water Nexus, 16 May 2013: Security Council Meeting, 20 July 2011: Maintenance of international peace and security Impact of climate change:

UN Entities & Related Bodies   

Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): UN Partners on Climate Change:

UN Treaties, Declarations and selected UN documents          

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Kyoto Protocol: Bali Road Map: Cancun Agreements: Durban Outcomes: Doha Climate Gateway: Warsaw Outcomes: Lima Call for Climate Action: Paris Agreement: o FAQs: UN documents on “climate change” – click here


Selected Statements and Speeches of UN Officials                    

Secretary-General welcomes Kigali Amendment to Climate Change Convention’s Montreal Protocol, aimed at limiting near-term warming of planet (SG/SM/18212-ENV/DEV/1741, 15 October 2016): Indigenous Peoples’ rights, contributions must remain priority in action to tackle climate change, Secretary-General tells Arctic Circle Assembly (SG/SM/18188-ENV/DEV/1733, 8 October 2016): Paris Agreement on Climate Change to take effect 4 November, Secretary-General announces, urging all governments to expedite ratification (SG/SM/18179-ENV/DEV/1729, 5 October 2016): Secretary-General urges European Parliament to fast-track ratification of Paris Climate Accord, pushing deal over 55 per cent threshold for entry into force (SG/SM/18175-ENV/DEV/1728, 4 October 2016): Urging leadership group to act swiftly in advancing climate resiliency, Secretary-General welcomes new initiative into United Nations System (SG/SM/18145-ENV/DEV/1723, 23 September 2016): With 60 countries joining, Climate Accord’s ratification ‘inevitable’, leading to safer, more resilient planet, Secretary-General says at New York event (SG/SM/18104-ENV/DEV/1715-L/T/4456, 21 September 2016): Stressing risks of global temperature rise, Secretary-Generals urges Climate Change Agreement’s ratification by year’s end, at event on entry into force (SG/SM/18103-ENV/DEV/1714-L/T/4455, 21 September 2016): Congratulating China, United States on joining Paris Climate Change Agreement, Secretary-General calls for all countries to accelerate ratification efforts (SG/SM/18028-ENV/DEV/1701, 3 September 2016): Secretary-General, at Paris Agreement Ceremony, urges world leaders to follow China, United States in joining historic climate change instrument (SG/SM/18027-ENV/DEV/1700, 3 September 2016): INTERVIEW with Patricia Espinosa (UNFCCC): 'Climate change is really about the wellbeing of people' (17 August 2016): Shifting from climate change reaction to prevention saves lives for healthier, sustainable future, Secretary-General says, in message to global conference (SG/SM/17913-ENV/DEV/1685, 8 July 2016): Commending climate change efforts by India, United States, Secretary-General urges all countries to accelerate processes towards Paris Agreement (SG/SM/17827-ENV/DEV/1681-L/T/4452, 7 June 2016): Amid more frequent, intense disasters, international community must honour climate risk management accords, Secretary-General tells Istanbul Summit (SG/SM/17782-ENV/DEV/1674IHA/1402, 24 May 2016): All sectors of society must collaborate, innovate, invest to fulfil paris agreement goals, SecretaryGeneral tells Climate Action Summit (SG/SM/17733-ENV/DEV/1668, 5 May 2016): Closing signature ceremony for Paris Climate Change Agreement, Secretary-General says ‘governments have made a covenant with the future’ (SG/SM/17700-ENV/DEV/1664-L/T/4451, 22 April 2016): Take climate action to ‘next level’, tackle challenges together, Secretary-General tells world leaders at High-Level Event on Implementing New Development Agendas (SG/SM/17698-ENV/DEV/1663L/T/4450, 22 April 2016): Secretary-General commends 15 states for ratifying freshly signed Paris Agreement, calling on all to ‘work even harder’ for climate agenda’s early entry into force (SG/SM/17697-ENV/DEV/1662L/T/4449, 22 April 2016): States must take next step to swiftly turn Paris Agreement into climate action, Secretary-General says at joint press event with President of France (SG/SM/17696-ENV/DEV/1661-L/T/4448, 22 April 2016): Declaring era of consumption without consequences over, Secretary-General commends Paris Climate Agreement signatories for making historic pledge to protect planet (SG/SM/17695ENV/DEV/1660-L/T/4447, 22 April 2016): Deputy Secretary-General, at High-Level Thematic Debate, stresses vital links connecting climate change with Sustainable Development Goals (DSG/SM/962-GA/11777-ENV/DEV/1657, 21 April 2016):

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No time to delay implementation of Paris Climate Agreement, Secretary-General says at briefing to member states on upcoming signing ceremony (SG/SM/17547-ENV/DEV/1635, 17 February 2016): Converting national climate plans into bankable investment strategies urgent, Secretary-General tells World Economic Forum (SG/SM/17496-ECO/264-ENV/DEV/1628, 27 January 2016): Addressing Summit on Climate Risk, Secretary-General challenges investors to double clean energy investments by 2020 (SG/SM/17493-ENV/DEV/1627, 27 January 2016): 2030 Agenda, Paris Climate Accord ‘twin plans for transformative progress’, Secretary-General says at opening of Abu Dhabi Action Day (SG/SM/17472, 18 January 2016): Secretary-General, at Abu Dhabi Summit, calls clean energy ‘golden thread’ in resolving economic growth, social equity, climate change challenges (SG/SM/17471-EN/313, 18 January 2016): Clean, renewable energy central to agreements on Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Secretary-General says at debate event (SG/SM/17470-EN/312, 17 January 2016): Paris Climate Change Agreement ‘a triumph for people, planet’, Secretary-General tells General Assembly (SG/SM/17417-GA/11743-ENV/DEV/1623, 15 December 2015): Secretary-General says ‘ambitious, flexible and durable’ climate accord signals markets to unleash full force of human ingenuity for resilient growth (SG/SM/17412-ENV/DEV/1622, 12 December 201): Secretary-General, at Paris Conference, says governments should continue spirit of compromise to protect planet from climate change (SG/SM/17410-ENV/DEV/1621, 12 December 2015): Climate efforts in Paris must reflect rights, aspirations of poor, marginalized, most vulnerable, Secretary-General says at ‘Momentum for Change’ Event (SG/SM/17407-ENV/DEV/1620, 10 December 2015): Cross-sector partnerships key to driving climate action, Secretary-General says in message to HighLevel Climate Assembly (SG/SM/17406-ENV/DEV/1619, 9 December 2015): Secretary-General, at Climate-Change Art Exhibit Opening, underlines importance of working towards low-carbon, sustainable future (SG/SM/17403-ENV/DEV/1618, 8 December 2015): Business must be more transparent, not impede climate policy, Secretary-General tells United Nations Global Compact Forum (SG/SM/17401-ECO/260-ENV/DEV/1617, 8 December 2015): Calling for further climate action, Secretary-General, at World Business Council, applauds companies demonstrating that green growth means good business (SG/SM/17398-ENV/DEV/1615, 7 December 2015): Clock ‘ticking towards climate catastrophe’, more than half-measures expected, says SecretaryGeneral, urging transformative agreement in Paris (SG/SM/17396-ENV/DEV/1614, 7 December 2015): Without properly addressing climate change, Sustainable Development Goals cannot be fully implemented, Secretary-General says at African Ministerial Event (SG/SM/17395-ENV/DEV/1613AFR/3287, 6 December 2015): Secretary-General, at closing of Climate Action Day, stresses need for faster, further action, in line with science, to limit temperature rise (SG/SM/17393-ENV/DEV/1612, 5 December 2015): Secretary-General, at Paris Conference, urges parliamentary leadership in every country to implement global climate change accord (SG/SM/17392-ENV/DEV/1611, 5 December 2015): Commending local leaders for spearheading climate actions, Secretary-General, at Paris Meeting, says their commitments even more important in 2016 (SG/SM/17389-ENV/DEV/1610, 4 December 2015): Secretary-General calls new report of Climate Finance Leadership Alliance ‘launch pad’ for future cities’ ‘true transformation’ (SG/SM/17388-ENV/DEV/1609, 4 December 2015): Chance to stop irreversible climate impacts ‘is right here, right now’, Secretary-General tells HighLevel Meeting on Africa at Paris Summit (SG/SM/17378-AFR/3284-ENV/DEV/1606, 1 December 2015):

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Investment in climate resilience can save 23,000 lives a year, Secretary-General tells High-Level Meeting (SG/SM/17372-ENV/DEV/1605, 30 November 2015): Your direct guidance essential for removing roadblocks to universal agreement on climate change, Secretary-General tells leaders at Paris Summit (SG/SM/17371-ENV/DEV/1604, 30 November 2015): Secretary-General spells out criteria for successful climate accord, stressing that it must be credible, durable, dynamic (SG/SM/17370-ENV/DEV/1603, 30 November 2015): What I expect from the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris / Op-ed by Ban Ki-moon in Le Monde (France), 25 November 2015: “If we take action now, we can address climate change and build a sustainable future” – Janos Pasztor (UN News Centre, 25 November 2015): Http:// Development must be reshaped by integrating climate risks, climate-proofing infrastructure into process, says Secretary-General in message (SG/SM/17360-ENV/DEV/1600, 25 November 2015): Paris Climate Summit must balance leadership role of developed countries, responsibility of developing ones, says Secretary-General at G20 Meeting (SG/SM/17327-ENV/DEV/1597, 15 November 2015): Secretary-General, optimistic over prospects for meaningful climate accord, urges compromise, consensus-building between developed, developing countries (SG/SM/17295-ENV/DEV/1596, 4 November 2015):

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Sustainable Development Goal 13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts: Global Issues on the UN Agenda: Climate Change: Audiovisual Library of International Law o o

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Climate Change and Population Movement / by Mr. Walter Kälin: Climate Change: Protection of the Atmosphere and Codification and Progressive Development of International Law / by Mr. Shinya Murase:

UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library Research Guides - Climate Change - A Global Issue: Joint World Bank - IMF Library Research Guide – Climate Change: INTERVIEW: "Climate change is in everybody's backyard" – Robert Redford (UN News Centre, 1 July 2015):

Selection of Publications available online    

UNEP Publications on Climate Change: UNFCCC Publications: IPCC Publications (including IPCC Assessment Reports): Climate Change Action for Sustainable Development (DESA, October 2015):

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The Emissions Gap Report 2015 (UNEP, November 2015): Turn Down the Heat Reports (World Bank): Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate Change: Normative Gaps and Possible Approaches (UNHCR, February 2012):

Selected Articles in UN journals     

UNFCCC News: Global Climate Action: Innovations and Best Practices (Our Planet, December 2015): Climate for life (Our Planet, November 2014): The Future is priceless (Our Planet, December 2013): UN Chronicle, Volume XLVI, Number 3&4, 2009, Special Climate Change Issue “To protect succeeding generations...”:

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