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Unreal might be a relatively new entrant to the sunless market in the UK, but Managing Director, Liz Hawthorne has more than 10 years in the industry. She decided to formulate her own brand of sunless tanning because she was frustrated at the quality of the solutions on the market. Unreal was designed and formulated to appeal to all age ranges and skin types throughout the year – it’s no longer just for the Summer months. The packaging on our retail range appeals to both males and females and the fragrance used in our products where applicable is citrus essential oil, again appealing to both sexes. Our team of cosmetic scientists and formulators, who are among the best in the world, came up with “Advanced Seasonal Technology” (AST®) which put simply, means our professional solutions adapt to the changing seasons. AST® ensures Unreal sunless solutions are “seasonally adjusted” to cope with the skin’s changing moisture requirements from winter to summer. Our winter solution is packed with rich moisturisers such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil and Panthenol to combat the extra dryness skin experiences during the punishing Winter months. Throughout the Summer months when our skin maintenance routine is better cared for, we adjust the moisture levels and introduce a richer infusion of botanicals and plant extracts to firm and combat signs of aging. Our colour guide also adjusts to the changing seasons, producing a more subtle, natural tan in the winter months and a deeper, more golden radiance during the summer season. We produce a whole range of products which ensure the skin is prepared and nourished, so your clients will have a complete skin treatment in one and enjoy a beautiful, natural looking tan without the aid of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Unreal ensures that all our customers receive excellent customer service, products and technical expertise. We listen to our customers and are constantly looking for innovative solutions to make further advances in the tanning and skincare market. Our brochure offers a brief outline of our products, for a more detailed view visit our website at or call us on 0845 869 1810.

Unreal tan looks natural and leaves my skin really soft. I will definitely wear for my photo shoots. Jessica Jane Clement (Celebrity and Model)

Body Bronze can be used by clients to extend a professional spray tan or used every other day to create a new fresh sunless tan for themselves. This product gradually increases colour intensity with multiple applications, allowing complete control over the depth of colour desired, making this product perfect for first time tanners too! Our unique blend of botanicals and plant extracts helps keep the skin moisturised and gives an anti-oxidant boost. Suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin) and ensures even fade results.


It’s a revelation in the Sunless world.

OU R B EST SEL Body Bronze
 LER Self Tan / Tan Extender


Why Unreal

Team with: Unreal Body Buff

Personal Tanning Mist
 150ml with instant bronzers Available in Medium and Dark For those that want salon results. Unreal Personal Tanning Mist is formulated with naturally sourced ingredients and uses Ecocert Organic DHA. Rich in Aloe Vera for perfect hydration and as with all our products it’s alcohol and fragrance free with no parabens, so it’s even suitable for sensitive skin. Its quick drying formula adapts to the applicants skin tone ensuring a flawless, individual and natural depth of colour every time.

Team with: Unreal Body Silk Moisturiser

Unreal Retail Products SEASONS G IN NG A TO THE CH T P A D A TS ODUC R P N S R O U A E M

Rapid tan skin conditioning bronzer

0845 8691810 Unreal Facial Bronzing Gel

The ultimate in Sunless Tanning. Achieve that desired natural looking tan in record time. No more waiting around wearing your guide colour, it’s time to get things done – rapidly. Utilising our fast penetrating fusion of ingredients Unreal Rapid Tan delivers the perfect colour within 2-4 hours. 2 hours for a light to Medium colour, 3 hours for slightly darker and leave on for the full 4 hours for a more intense deep colour. The end result is a “just off the beach” look that allows the customer to achieve the depth of tan they desire. Perfect for all skin tones.

Team with: Unreal Body Buff

Bronzing Mousse 180ml LIGHT/MEDIUM with instant bronzers Luxurious foaming formula, easy glide-on application and quick drying. Unreal Bronzing Mousse delivers flawless self tanning results for all skin tones. Our Eco-cert Organic DHA produces flawless coverage and depth of colour and the combination of powerful anti-oxidants (Green Tea, Red Rooibose) alongside anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid ensure the user enjoys a nourishing body treatment as well as a beautiful sunless tan. Also suitable for pale skin.

Team with: Unreal Body Silk


Rapid Tan 2-4 hour wash off
150ml – with instant bronzers

8% DHA Instant Bronzing Gel

 Specially formulated for delicate facial skin. This gel delivers a beautiful instant bronze colour whilst the underlying tan develops and delivers an anti-oxidant boost with its plant extract formulation. It is free from oil, alcohol and fragrance, intensely hydrating and skin firming. The gel glides smoothly onto the skin and dries almost instantly. Use in-between salon appointments for those ever so important touch ups or a self applied tan at home.

Team with: Unreal body buff

Body Buff
 PH Balanced, pre tan exfoliator 
 Pre tan exfoliation is the key to a flawless fake tan. It ensures the even application and fading of professional and home application tan. Its unique formulation gently exfoliates the skin using micro poly beads that remove dry, dead skin without roughly scratching the skin. Rich ingredients including Mango, Shea and Coconut butter are combined with botanical extracts and amino acids that gently remove all oils and dead surface skin cells without drying or stripping the skin. Its unique PH balance formula allows for use on the day of your tanning session because it washes off without leaving any residue on the skin.

Team with: Unreal Exfoliating Towel

Unreal Retail Products

0845 8691810

Team with: Unreal Mousse

Team with: Facial Bronzing Gel

Team with: Unreal Exfoliating Towel

Team with: Unreal Rapid Tan




Exfoliating Towel The ideal product for everyday skin buffing. Improves general appearance of the skin by sloughing off dead cells, essential preparation before the application of professional or home applied sunless tan. Make your skin look brighter and smoother by incorporating its use in your everyday skin routine. Its design allows you to easily exfoliate those hard to reach places such as your back! Hand wash and air dry.


Frequent tanners often find they develop a fake tan build up on their skin, particularly if they do not properly maintain their tan. Unreal Tan Eraser is specifically developed to tackle this problem. It can also be used on a freshly applied tan to lighten the colour. Using nourishing ingredients to hydrate, this industry first product is non-irritating whilst gently and effectively removing unsightly build up, without the use of harmful alcohols or bleaches.

Team with: Unreal Body Buff and Unreal Tan Eraser






DHA enhancing and moisture locking, this blend of moisturising and rehydrating ingredients ensures your sunless tan remains intact for longer. Ideal if you’re a keen swimmer as this will help to keep your sunless tan longer. Less rub off on clothes, so perfect for brides.


118ml Removes Tan Build Up

150ml Mist on


Tan Eraser



Use our Unreal Tanning Mitt for self application of self tan products. Assists in the ultimate streak free application, ensuring a natural looking tan with no mess. Water resistant lining ensures hands remain stain free. Wash through and air dry for re-use.

Moisture Lock Post Tan Mist


Natural based, luxurious moisturiser 

Environmental factors coupled with the naturally drying effects of DHA can leave skin dehydrated and rough, and can damage the surface of the skin and deteriorate a tan. This naturally inspired, paraben free daily moisturiser cream uses a combination of plant extracts and amino acids to combat these negative daily effects and can maintain the quality of your tan and improve fade off. Moisturising also helps in repairing the skin barrier and helps retain and increase water content. Nurture and indulge your skin with our rich, non-greasy, fast absorbing cream for soft supple skin leaving it silky smooth.

Tanning Mitt


Body Silk


Unreal Professional Products

0845 8691810


Perfect Skin Base

Professional Solution

Pre Tan Prep Spray 500ml Trigger Spray

Not just a spray tan. Natural sunless tanning and skin treatment, all in one!

6%, 8%, 10%, 12% & 16% Spray Tanning Solution with 
Advanced Seasonal Technology
Available In US Gallon, Litre, and 500ml


Unreal’s Perfect Skin Base has been specially designed with the modern ‘tanning-girl or guy-on-the-go’ in mind. These clients just don’t have the time to spend buffing and preening skin before a spray tan or a DIY application. It’s the quick and easy pre-tan prep that will remove any unwanted oils and fragrances from the skin that can affect the outcome of any sunless tan. Helps boost DHA development. Also rehydrates the skin and re-balances the skin’s PH ready for tanning application, ensuring perfect results every time.


Containing Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Witch Hazel and White Tea extract this ensures your skin still remains hydrated.

Put simply, Unreal professional solutions adapt to the changing seasons. Our revolutionary “Advanced Seasonal Technology ®” (AST)ensures Unreal sunless solutions are “seasonally adjusted” to cope with the skin’s changing moisture requirements from winter to summer. Our winter solution is packed with rich moisturisers such as Aloe vera, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Panthenol to combat the extra dryness skin experiences during the punishing Winter months. Throughout the Summer months when our skin maintenance routine is better cared for, we adjust the moisture levels and introduce a richer infusion of botanicals and plant extracts to firm and combat signs of aging. Our colour guide also adjusts to the changing seasons, producing a more subtle, natural tan in the winter months and a deeper, more golden radiance during the summer season. Unreal is specifically formulated to work with all skin tones; ensuring year round,natural colour for all. All our solutions (ex Rapid Tan) can also be customised by mixing different percentages of DHA to create a bespoke colour for your clients. Quick drying and non sticky.

Team with: Body Silk Moisturiser

Rapid Tan


Professional Solution, wash off in 2-4 hours
Available in US Gallon and Litres

L L I N ON E !

“Since changing to Unreal we’ve found that we can spray any skin type with amazing results, it lasts longer and our clients love it. Their customer service is second to none with orders received on most occasions the next day” Tina Smith Salon Owner, Sense HSB, Wells

This is a high performance solution with a 2-4 hour wash and wear formula which utilises Advanced Seasonal Technology® in delivering the rapid development of DHA along with powerful antioxidants. With Unreal Rapid Tan clients can wash off between 2-4 hours in order to achieve the depth of colour they desire. This is because unlike other tans, the colour continues to develop after the colour guide has been removed. This formula is perfect for those “time poor” situations, perhaps a client wants a tan for an event the same day or they don’t wish to develop a tan overnight. This is the ultimate in tanning technology due to its swift drying, no smell and superior fade formulation.

Aftercare/ Team with: Body Silk Moisturiser

Unreal Professional Products Bronzing Drops

In The Press HVLP Tanning Machine

Solution Additive 30ml

Increase cosmetic bronzer levels with this highly concentrated unscented solution additive. Safe for use in all our Unreal Solution formualtions. Use to adjust the cosmetic bronzer level of your sunless solutions producing a darker instant result. Contains bronzers only – NO DHA. Add just a few drops to your cup solution.

Lightweight, compact system suitable for salon and mobile use. Weighs less than 3 kgs, comes complete with spares kit and additional cups with lids. Flexi hose and lightweight gun ensure this is a powerful but practical unit to cope with daily usage. Needle size in the gun ensures no excessive overspray and solution waste. Suitable for spraying around 10-15 sprays a day. Available in Black, made in UK.

Post Spray Moisture Lock

Tanning Tent

1ltre Lock in the moisture and help protect your clients’ tan. Use this top up moisture spray to provide additional moisture and help maintain the tan longer especially when swimming. It also “locks” in the potential for rub off.

I love Unreal and use it on my celebrity clients. It’s very natural looking and lovely ingredients. Nathalie Eleni (Celebrity Make Up Artist)

Standing at approx. 2.5 metres tall and 1.2 metres square this is the perfect environment to spray your clients and contain the overspray. Easy to set up and take down. 3 clear vinyl windows allow light in to make spraying easier for the therapist. Built in waterproof floor and detachable clear vinyl ceiling should you wish to use it. Comes in Bronze colour to ensure your tent doesn’t look dirty after each spray. Fold up extraction fan flap with velcro ties. Comes with it’s own bag with carry handles.

“The sunless tanning industry is moving at a fast pace so it’s important for Salon owners to make sure their salon stands out from the crowd and challenging the idea that fake = orange with their clients. I’m proud of the innovative products Unreal has introduced to the sunless world and we will continue to develop new products using only the highest quality, natural ingredients possible. We are equally dedicated to customer service and believe that this alongside our product range will give our salon partners the commercial edge they need to be successful.” Liz Hawthorne

Managing Director and Founder Unreal Products

Unreal Fake Tanning Brochure  

Unreal are the newest fake tanning company. We produced the tanning products for the new Ridley Scott blockbuster starring Cameron Diaz and...

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