Issue 16

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Lauren Little BY LUBNA


Well, I’m Lauren Little. I’m originally from London and I come from a big Jamaican-British family. I lived in Alberta Canada for well over 10 years – there, I got my degree in visual arts and another in education. I’m back living and working in London now, where I founded the arts platform Dark Yellow Dot. I also make and teach art from time to time.

what draws you to art? It’s hard to say what draws me to art, It’s something intuitive. Like an itch. Everyone knows what to do to relieve an itch. You gotta scratch it. I’ve always had creative interests. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t actively doing something artsy. As a kid I used to rush home after school to watch Art Attack and recreate all the crafts they made. I was always in dance classes back in the day, and loved to dabble in anything crafty. Later I went on to study art at the University of Calgary, Canada, and that’s where I started to experiment more with collage and paint.

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