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October 26, 2012

Unplugged Roulet Report In some ways, the summer of 2012 was very similar to last year, and in a couple ways it was worse. I believe there were 32 or 33 days over 100 degrees this summer and over 50 days hotter than 100 degrees in 2011. In both cases, unless you watered your grass a lot, you did not have to mow between the holidays of the 4th of July and Labor Day. I bought a new riding lawn mower at the beginning of 2011, and it still has less than 20 hours of total use for both years in total. On the bad side, I have had to spray for grasshoppers almost every week. While I have had a little success keeping them away from the landscaping near the house, they continue to cover almost everywhere else. As for the crickets in 2012, those numbers speak for themselves too. On the positive side, a lot less vegetation died this year than last year in terms of trees and shrubs. Of course, if they made it through last year, they probably didn’t do so well this year either. As for WFEC, we had a summer peak slightly higher in 2012 than 2011 (8 MW), and sales will end up nearly the same or slightly lower than last year. We can only hope next year will be a little kinder than the last two hot summers, and hopefully we will have a nice normal winter, and if we dont’t get any ice, that would be nice too.

Voting is a matter of values‌ values Americans are still fighting for today. Too many Americans have given too much for you to ignore your responsibility.

In [INSERT STATE], you must register by [INSERT DEADLINE] to be able to vote in the election. Find all the information you need and download a registration form by visiting

T&D Bi-Annual Training Held at Anadarko

T&D employees recently gathered in Anadarko for their bi-annual training sessions. Among the topics discussed were fire training held by Simplex Grinnell, safety attitudes & culture, hosted by Ken Guffey from OAEC, NERC station inspections & requirements, presented by Caleb Muckala and Nikki Dacus, and SEL relay orientation/training, presented by Mark Sage. A Brown Bag Lunch was held for T&D employees on Monday, October 22. Senior Management updated employees on WFEC news and answered questions. During the two day meetings, 10 parking spots at the T&D Building, and one at the Station Maintenance Building were auctioned off to raise money for the Scholarship Committee. Thanks to all who helped make this a successful fundraiser for the Scholarship Committee.

Ron Cunningham updated employees at the recent T&D Brown Bag lunch held last Monday.

Congratulations to T&D Brown Bag Lunch doorprize winners: Terry Rogers, Sammy Stubbs, and Jeramy Hollowell.

Blow the Whistle on Fraud Whistle-Blower Policy. When WFEC has an external financial statement audit each year, one of the auditor’s many focuses is to discuss and plan their audit considering WFEC’s risk factors for fraud. However, you might not be aware that of all the detection methods for fraud, the most successful is through employee tips. That’s why the Board established what the industry calls a “whistle-blower policy” for employees. The policy allows an employee to anonymously submit concerns or complaints without fear of retaliation. What types of items would an employee report under this policy? Issues concerning accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, suspicious, unethical or illegal conduct. What should be included in the report and where should you report it? Give sufficient detail for proper investigation considering who, when, where and any facts or actual documentation that can be provided to substantiate your report. Remember, if sent anonymously, there is no opportunity to ask additional questions. The information should be reported to the CEO. In the event the issue involves the CEO, then it may be reported to the Chair of the Budget, Finance & Audit Committee, the President of the Board or any member of the Board directly. How can I report anonymously to the CEO? Any interoffice or external mail marked “confidential” and addressed to the CEO is honored and left unopened for private processing. Information concerning the report will be held in strict confidence and only other members of management and employees that are required to investigate the problem will be included in discussions of the issue. There will be no attempt to find out who reported the incident. WFEC has a very strict no retaliation policy to ensure no employee’s job can be jeopardized by bringing up a concern of this nature. Summary and related policies. Statistics show that fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year. The Board enlists each of us to carry out the objectives of WFEC in a fair and unethical manner. If you have a concern, let me assure you that the Board takes the whistle-blower policy seriously and the CEO and/or Board will act to investigate each report fully and in good faith. We look forward to a prosperous future for WFEC and its employees and hope you will help keep fraud from being a drain on our success together. For further information on this subject see Board Policy 2-4, 2-5, 3-1 and Administrative Procedures 801 and 803.

Journey to Wellness 3rd Quarter Drawing With 427 points, Marletta Cassmeyer won the $3,000 “Journey to Wellness” drawing held on October 16 at the Hugo Plant. Marletta is the wife of Clem Cassmeyer, generation compliance specialist in Anadarko. She has been a participant in the WFEC wellness program since its inception in January 2006. Marletta takes part in a number of different activities to earn her monthly points. She walks; she runs; she bikes and she uses the elliptical trainer. The most challenging workout in Marletta’s fitness regimen is the P90X, which is considered to be one of the most strenuous home exercise programs on the market. Congratulations Marletta!! Additional Winners: $100 prize to Mandi Howell, senior systems analyst; Jacyn Brooks, apprentice III, T&D station maintenance mechanic; Charlie Mitchell, Hugo operations superintendent and Wayne Morris, Mooreland relief shift supervisor). If you or your spouse are interested in learning more about the Journey to Wellness program, please contact Marsha Baker at 405-247-4450 or e-mail Program details and applications may be found on the 10229 WFEC Intranet http://intra, below the large “Benefits” heading in the center column of the home page, under “Journey to Wellness Program.”

Jimmy Blakely pulls the winning names from the Journey to Wellness hat in the quarterly drawing at Hugo. Looking on are Willy Hubbard, Billy Richard.

WFEC Wins Environmental Stewardship Award WFEC recently won runner up for the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma’s Frank Condon Award. This award is given annually for environmental stewardship. The project that was awarded the runner up prize was initiated in 2008 in collaboration with the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts and Oklahoma State University. The pilot program was initiated in the N. Canadian River Watershed and then expanded with additional funding through an U.S. Department of Agriculture, Conservation Innovation Grant award. The project helped to develop a framework for a carbon sequestration program in Oklahoma and developed a scientific basis for the sequestration rates used for the creation of carbon offsets through establishment of conservation practices on agricultural lands in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Carbon Pilot Program represents an innovative collaboration between a State Agency, a University and an Industry leader. Due to this project, the Oklahoma Carbon Program is now internationally recognized as a participant in the carbon offset market. If regulatory action requires reductions in CO2 emissions, the Oklahoma Carbon Program is now prepared to address needs of participates in a carbon market. The lessons learned in the pilot project will also serve to strengthen offset markets throughout the U.S. thereby having an impact on all industries subject to CO2 emissions reductions. The project resulted in 55,387 acres of cropland being contracted for carbon offsets resulting in the sequestration of 22,000 metric tons of CO2. Additional, the conservation practices implemented prevented 7,500 tons of sediment, and 189,000 lbs. of nitrogen and phosphorus from entering Oklahoma streams. The pilot project created the framework for a system in which the establishment and maintenance of conservation practices that create carbon offsets could be verified. Previous agricultural carbon offset market systems did not provide annual verification of landowner/farmer compliance. This combined with research efforts to evaluate the accuracy of soil carbon sequestrations estimates will create a system that ensures that net CO2 emissions reductions are actually realized.

Mooreland Plant Holds Annual Fire Training

Kooney Duncan, Tom Christensen and Nathan Chesney work to put out a fire during training sessions held at the Mooreland Plant.

Energy Efficiency Tip Did you know a computer can draw as much electricity as a new refrigerator? Turn it off when not in use or switch on its energy-saving mode. Also, cell phone and mp3 player chargers as well as plasma TVs and entertainment centers pull power even when they’re off. Unplug these and other appliances to save on your electric bill. Find more ways to save at Source: Touchstone EnergyŽ Cooperatives

Cooperative Employees Credit Union

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Happy Birthday, Willie Wiredhand! “He’s small, but wirey.” Who? Willie. Willie Wiredhand. The beloved mascot of electric cooperatives turns 62 this month It’s a fitting birth date—National Cooperative Month—for the stalwart yellow figure, who became the embodiment of the fighting cooperative spirit and the symbol of dependable, local, consumerowned electricity all over the world. (In Latin America, for example, he is known as “Electro Pepe.”) Willie came to life in 1950, created by the late Andrew “Drew” McLay, a freelance artist working for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), in collaboration with then-RE Magazine Editor William Roberts. Since then, Willie has appeared on scores of promotional items—signage for buildings and substations, T-shirts, ball caps, golf balls, Christmas ornaments, beach towels, fly swatters, aprons, night lights, marbles and other toys, and much more. But Willie had to fight for his right to stand for electric cooperatives. In l957, Willie and electric cooperatives won a heated battle with Reddy Kilowatt, “spokescharacter” for the investor-owned power companies. Reddy’s lawyers argued that Willie would confuse the public because he so closely resembled Reddy. “Not so,” said a federal judge. But Reddy and his posse appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. They lost. Out of the victory, Willie Wiredhand came to symbolize more than cooperative friendliness—he was now the true embodiment of cooperative spunk, willing to stand up for consumers in the face of impossible odds against the entrenched might of huge investor-owned utilities. The phrase “He’s small, but wirey” became part of the trademark Willie was granted by the U.S. Patent Office in 1957. Willie’s role has continued to evolve over the decades. For example, when the 1970s ushered in an energy crisis, he donned a sweater and hopped on a bicycle, caulked windows, and weather stripped doors in new ads pushing energy conservation and efficiency tips. Later, he became more of a pop-art celebrity, appearing on novelty items like coffee mugs and watches. But no matter his persona, Willie Wiredhand has been a recognizable and dedicated friend to millions of electric cooperative consumers, faithful and enduring for decades. Happy birthday, Willie. Source: StraightTalk.

Open Enrollment for 2013 Benefits Deadline: November 5 By the time you read this Unplugged issue, you will have had the chance to attend one of the 11 Employee Benefit Meetings that have been held at Mooreland, Hugo and Headquarters. At the meetings, you should have picked up both a small white envelope with dependent information and a large yellow packet with benefits information. If you haven’t gotten both of these, please contact Human Resources (HR) at extension 4450 or 4365. Small White Envelope: This envelope is marked ‘Confidential’ because it contains your dependents’ birth dates and social security numbers. Please confirm these numbers and correct any errors. Mark ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to show if you want that dependent to have medical and dental insurance. In the example on the form, Elvis Dependent is signed up to have Medical insurance, but he doesn’t need Dental insurance. Please sign this form and return it to HR. Large Yellow Envelope: this envelope contains your instructions for going on-line to PeopleSoft HR’s Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment. Please follow all the instructions to see your current benefits and make any changes. When you are finished, print out the enrollment summary and send it to HR. Before you leave Benefits Enrollment, click the ‘Submit’ button and then click ‘Submit Confirmation.’ That last step finalizes your 2013 enrollment choices. Payroll Withholding: Flexible Spending Accounts – PeopleSoft will automatically drop any 2012 withholding to zero in the new year. If you would like to begin or continue having dollars withheld, or if you would like to change amounts being withheld, this is done only once per year, on-line at Open Enrollment. Health Savings Accounts – PeopleSoft will automatically drop any 2012 withholding to zero in the new year, unless you send in a new withholding form. There is a paper form in your yellow envelope to complete if you would like pre-tax dollars withheld in 2013. Changes may be made throughout the year will the form that is available on the WFEC Intranet, just below the ‘Benefits’ heading, under ‘Health Savings Accounts.’ 401(k) Traditional and Roth after-tax contributions – Unless you make changes, the same amounts will be withheld from your pay in 2013. Changes may be made online at open enrollment or by 10095 paper form through the year at any time. The form is available on the WFEC Intranet. Click on the ‘Benefits’ heading.

Upcoming Brown Bag Lunch Schedule Wednesday, Nov. 28 - Hugo - 11:30 a.m. - Breakroom Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Anadarko Plant - 11:30 a.m. - Breakroom Wednesday, Dec. 12 - Mooreland - 11:30 a.m. - Breakroom Friday, Dec. 13 - Headquarters - 11:30 a.m. - Employee Meeting Room

REMINDER: Update Your Information PeopleSoft HR – As long as you’re in Self-Service to enroll for 2013 Benefits, please check your Emergency Contact information and update if applicable.

Emergency Contacts: To make any changes or to see the current information you have on record, go into Human Resources PeopleSoft>Self Service>Personal Information>Emergency Contacts. • To update an existing emergency contact choose the edit button. • Click add an emergency contact for a new person. • Please have a minimum of 2 emergency contacts in PeopleSoft at all times. (One must be the primary) • This information is only used to contact someone in the case of an emergency and has no bearing on benefits beneficiaries.

Q: What do ghosts eat for breakfast on Halloween? A: Shrouded wheat, ghost toasties, scream of wheat, terr-ifried eggs and rice creepies.

Send your Halloween pictures to Maria Crowder for display in the next issue.

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OctOber 2012

2012 State QueStiOnS - Summary and analySiS On November 6, 2012, Oklahoma voters will decide six state questions to amend the State Constitution. OK Policy’s summary and analysis of each question is listed below.

SQ 758 What it would do: Reduce the cap on the maximum annual tax valuation increase for homestead properties and agricultural land from 5 percent to 3 percent. Our analysis: Lowering the allowable increase in property valuations helps only those whose property values are increasing quickly enough to exceed the cap. Oklahomans living in poor communities, rural areas, and small towns would get little to no benefit, since their homes values will not increase nearly as much as homes in wealthy, suburban communities. Meanwhile, everyone could end up paying higher rates to meet fixed expenses that are funded with property taxes, such as school bond payments.

SQ 759 What it would do: Ban affirmative action in state employment, education, and contracting. Our analysis: Supporters of SQ 759 oppose practices that are already illegal in Oklahoma or never existed in the first place. Public hiring quotas and contract preferences have been illegal in Oklahoma since the early 1980s. SQ 759 would make illegal in the public sector practices that are voluntarily and widely adopted by the private sector by companies that understand the value of inclusion and diversity for any successful organization.

SQ 762 What it would do: Remove the governor from the parole process for less serious, non-violent offenses. Our analysis: Oklahoma is the only state in the nation where the governor must personally approve every parole, and Oklahoma’s parole rates have tended to be far lower than most other states. Well-managed probation and parole systems have been shown to reduce crime and recidivism. Parole offers those released from prison an intermediate period to rebuild their lives, where they can be monitored and assisted to find a job, obtain a degree, and stay out of trouble, at a fraction of the cost of incarceration. OK Policy is a non-profit organization that provides information, analysis and ideas on state policy issues. Oklahoma Policy Institute | P.O. Box 14347 | Tulsa, OK 74159-1347 | (918) 794-3944 |

What it would do:

Our analysis:

What it would do:

Our analysis:

What it would do: Our analysis:

For more information on all of these state questions, go to

SAVE BIG TO WIN BIG... IN THE CO-OP CONNECTIONS CARD CONTEST Enter WFEC’s new Co-op Connections Card Contest – Save Big to Win Big. How much have you saved using your Co-op Connections Card? We want to know. Send in a list of all the savings you have received on all local, regional, prescription, Healthy Savings Discounts and the VIP Savings program and you could win CASH. We have heard of several WFEC employees saving hundreds of dollars on prescriptions, Healthy Savings discounts and various other discounts in the Co-op Connections program. Now you can not only save on purchases and services through these programs, but you could win CASH. You might even be featured in upcoming Connections Card articles. This new contest will run quarterly, with the first one ending on Dec.31, 2012. Entries can be sent in anytime after Sept. 1. The first drawing will be held on Jan. 4, 2013. Fill out the attached form each time you save money using your Co-op Connection Card and send to Maria Crowder before Jan. 4, 2013. Anyone sending in 1 to 4 entries will have their name entered in the drawing once. Five or more entries will earn two submissions for the prize drawing. One lucky winner will be drawn from all eligible submissions. This quarter’s prize will be $100. The contest will run through August 31, 2013. We are always looking for more businesses to join the Co-op Connections Card program. If you have any suggestions for local, regional and national businesses that you would like to see enrolled in the Connections Card program, please fill out the bottom of the the attached form and we will follow up. For more information on the connection card program, visit: For more information on the new healthy savings discounts visit: For more information, or to sign up for the new VIP savings: If you would like a new card, or additional cards for family and/or friends, please contact Maria Crowder at Ext. 4371 or Brittany Hicks at Ext. 4335.

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Paying Off High-Interest Debt Americans spend over $75 billion a year on credit card interest and fees. That means these families who carry regular credit card balances pay an average of $1,500 a year in interest and fees. If they saved that $1,500 in an account with a five percent yield, in 40 years they would have nearly $200,000! Taking on too much debt also lowers your credit score. That means you will end up paying higher interest rates on all your consumer and mortgage loans. A low credit score can also make it harder to rent an apartment, get utility services and even get a job. The following comes from America Saves, a non-profit campaign of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA). Acknowledge your situation. If you answer “yes� to any of the following questions, then you probably need to get your spending and debts under control. Can you only afford to make minimum payments on your credit cards? Do you worry about finding the money to make monthly car payments? Do you borrow money to pay off old debts? Have you used a home equity loan to refinance credit card debts, then run up new revolving balances on your cards? Here are a few steps you can take to help you get out of debt: Reduce your debts. The first step in getting out of debt is to stop borrowing. To do that, you have to stop spending more than you earn. So, make a budget and cut out any expenses you can. It may help to cut up your credit cards or lock them away in a safe place. Set a goal and make a plan. Setting a goal is key for staying on track to get out of debt. For example, maybe make the commitment to pay down $5,000 in debt in one year. Figure out the most you can afford to pay each month to reduce your debts, then make those payments without fail. See if you can automatically pay your bills online each month to ensure you make your payments on time. Source:

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all WFEC employees enjoying a birthday. Have a wonderful day! Charlie Mitchell 10/26 Bryce Davis 10/27

Gary Roulet 10/29 Rodney Wren 10/29 Wendi Bragg 10/30 Nancy Hedrick 10/31 David Koetter 11/03 Troy Currier 11/03 Jess Morris 11/08

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.� ~Author Unknown

Hidden Employee Numbers

Congratulations to Lacey Owen for finding her employee number in the last issue of the Unplugged. Sorry, Joe Cheatham did not find his employee number. You could be the next winner of a $10 Logo Room credit. If you find your employee number in this edition, call Brittany Hicks at Ext. 4335. Please use your credit before the next payday if possible.

Unplugged October 26  

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