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August 16, 2013

Unplugged Roulet Report At the end of July, WFEC’s Hugo Plant tested a second procedure that is designed to reduce mercury emissions from the Plant. A test earlier in the spring, while positive, did not reach the required levels. Historically, WFEC has sold the fly ash as a component used in making cement. That has minimized the amount of fly ash stored in ponds on site and provided a small amount of revenue. The process of removing mercury can have an impact on the quality of fly ash and ultimately require ponding and discontinuation of the fly ash sale. The process tests at Hugo are designed to reach required mercury removal levels, and at the same time, maintain the fly ash quality at a level available for resale. In that way, the most economic, effective method is utilized. Ultimately the preferred solution may not work and WFEC would need to move towards a more traditional method. Right now, there is time to test different methods, but there is still a fairly rigid timeline to implement a procedure that reaches required reductions. By 2015, WFEC’s goal is to reach compliant levels of mercury emissions at the facility.

NRECA Directing Efforts of Spreading Cooperative Message NRECA recently released a video that gives a voice to the 900-plus electric cooperatives and their 42 million consumer members that oppose the President’s climate proposal using the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide during a fragile economic recovery.

“Rural communities have a great story to tell about how they are innovating, using new technologies and leading in energy efficiency. It’s our responsibility to communicate the importance of affordable energy to the communities cooperatives serve and tell their story on how we are pursuing our energy future,” said Jo Ann Emerson, CEO of NRECA.

“The next few months are a critical time to unite behind that message and let policymakers know where we stand on the issues, as well as how important affordable energy is to us and the American economy.” The two-minute video is the first action in a coordinated campaign that underscores the dramatic impact new 03270 regulations could have on much of the country’s electric generation and calls on consumers to join the campaign. See the video and campaign announcement at

Geo Validation Survey Begins WFEC Marketing Itern Justin Turner conducts a follow-up survey regarding a geothermal heat pump installation at the residence of Mark Slemp. Slemp, a Gracemont rancher/ farmer. Slemp is also a trustee serving on Caddo Electric’s board. He is one of 22 volunteers participating in the ground source program that will measure geothermal efficiencies and savinigs.

Applications Available for Teachers To Win SKIE Award Oklahoma’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, in partnership with the University of Oklahoma’s K20 Center and the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, are recognizing teachers from across the state who are effectively using technology to transform teaching and learning. “As cooperatives, we have special responsibilities to the communities in our service areas and to education and training,” WFEC’s Manager of Marketing & Communications Mark Faulkenberry said. “We are thrilled to showcase—and reward— Oklahoma educators who are adopting technology in innovative ways and making academic content more engaging, relevant and effective for today’s youth.” The co-ops have donated $90,000 to endow teacher grants. The endowment ensures permanent funding for the Supporting K20 Innovative Teachers (SKIE) Award, which will provide six $500 grants to regional winners in the annual competition. Regional winners become eligible for the statewide award, which 10208 garners an additional $1,500 for the teacher and a $2,500 grant for the school at which the winner teaches. “Teachers have the amazing ability to broaden our world-view, open our eyes and shape our lives,” said Dr. Linda Atkinson, director of the K20 Center. “Unfortunately, we live in an economy where teachers are forced to do more with less. It’s through partnerships like this we can reward outstanding educators and cultivate technology-rich learning communities designed to enhance student success.” Award winners will be recognized at the K20 Innovative Learning Institute (ILI), a one-day professional development and networking conference hosted by the K20 Center. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives and the K20 Center are seeking applications from innovative Oklahoma educators. To be considered for SKIE Award, teachers—or a team of educators working collaboratively and willing to be considered as a team in the application process—must: • Possess a record of outstanding application/integration of the K20 Center IDEALS; • Demonstrate excellence in teaching and the use of technology; and • Demonstrate instruction that is both engaging and effective for students. Applications are due September 30. In addition to the application information form, applicants must include a completed questionnaire and a video or other multimedia artifact (PowerPoint with pictures, etc.) to support the application. Forms are available on the K20 ILI website, For more information, contact Dr. Atkinson, For more information about the K20 Innovative Learning Institute, visit or contact Autumn McMahon at (405) 325-1266 or

Only the GNOME Knows....

The Gnome was on the move recently, showing up in the trophy case in the headquarters lobby, then he hustled on down to Information Services where he tried to be inconspicuous next to his duck buddy. He was then spotted briefly in the 3rd floor hallway and escaped to the restroom, where he paused to catch up on some OU news. He then made a quick run through Accounting before trying to escape out the back door. Where will he wander this week...


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New Arrival Welcome Nathaniel Edward Benedix. Nate was born in Humble, Texas on August 12. He weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. Proud parents are Brian and Tiffany Benedix. Tiffany is the daughter of Hugo’s Maintenance Supervisor Jimmy Blakely, and his wife Connie. Congratulations!

Energy Efficiency Tips Dishwasher Tips:

Always wait until you have a full load before running your dishwasher. Full loads use the same amount of hot water and energy as smaller loads. Use short cycles. Select the shortest cycle that properly cleans your dishes. Shorter cycles use less hot water and less energy. Skip rinsing the dishes. Rinsing dishes before loading them into the dishwasher wastes energy. If you do rinse, use cold water. Clean the filter. If your dishwasher has a filter screen, clean it regularly. A clean appliance runs more efficiently.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all WFEC employees enjoying a birthday. Have a wonderful day!

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Hidden Employee Numbers

Congratulations, Kevin Johnson and Rick Hopkins found their employee numbers in the last issue. You could be the next winner of a $10 Logo Room credit. If you find your employee number in this edition, call Brittany Hicks at Ext. 4335. Please use your credit before the next payday if possible.