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May 24, 2013

Unplugged Roulet Report

Many subtle changes have occurred over the past months around WFEC. Did you notice that most of the inventory north of the HQ building has been moved by the old peanut butter building (SE), and that the Warehouse which was north of the office is now over in the SE building. The Water Teatment Plant utilizes about 1/3 of that building, and the remainder is being used by the Warehouse group. Much of the Anadarko Switch Station project is now complete although some work continues. Rework at the 69 kV, 138 kV and the old SWPA station continues, but should be complete soon. Improvements have been made to the property between WFEC’s south property boundary and the railroad tracks. There are currently no plans for this area, but it can be utilized for future growth or expansion. More changes will occur as the low NOx conversions are completed at the Anadarko Plant. Utilizing fuel oil as an alternative fuel will no longer be possible, and the remaining inventory of fuel oil will be sold with the tanks and piping removed. That should happen later this year. Units 1 and 2 at Anadarko have been under going repairs since the first of 2013 and should be completed before the 2013 summer season. Take a drive around the facilities sometime and take a look at all the changes, quite a lot has been going on around here.

Kill A Vampire Surprise -- your TV uses electricity even when turned off. Same goes for your stereo, coffee maker, garage-door opener, microwave oven, clock radio and other electronics. Yes, even chargers for cell phones and MP3 players siphon energy when plugged in - even if they’re not charging a thing! A “phantom load” is any appliance or electronic gizmo that uses energy even when turned off. Some people call them “vampire appliances” or “energy vampires.” If your home is typical, you live with 20 vampires. They add about $200 to your annual energy bill, according to Cornell University. That’s because the “off” button doesn’t really mean “off” these days; instead, it means “standby.” In fact, your TV with remote control likely uses more energy during the 20 hours a day that it’s turned off and in a “standby power” state than it does during the hours you watch the tube. Here are some clues to identify your energy suckers: They’re appliances with remote controls, such as TVs, VCRs and audio equipment. They feature a continuous digital display -- like those glowing clocks on stoves. They feature rechargeable batteries, such as cordless phones (which use energy even after the battery is charged). And they’re appliances with external power supplies, such as inkjet printers and iPod chargers. How can you combat vampires? Kill vampires by using a power strip sold at hardware stores, home-supply superstores and discount stores. Step 1: Plug all components of a computer or home entertainment system into a power strip. Step 2: Turn off the power strip with a single switch. Anything plugged into the strip now is truly turned off. Unplug “vampires.” Unplug rarely used appliances. Ditto for chargers that aren’t in use. Unplug the TV, toaster 07531 oven and other well-used appliances before you leave on vacation (or more frequently). If it’s not plugged in, it can’t suck energy. Buy energy-efficient appliances bearing the Energy Star label. That way, at least your vampires will suck away less energy. Find a list of products at Source: thedailygreen

New Baby Georgia Vonne DeHart was born on May 6 to John and Camille DeHart. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. Proud grandparents are Lance and Tina Adams. Tina is a customer service and training coordinator in Transmission, Engineering & Operations.

T-Shirts for Sale Proceeds Going to Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Oklahoma Relief Fund Kay Electric Cooperative has designed a shirt representing support for all of the tornado victims and First Responders. Kay Electric is selling the shirts for $15, with all of the proceeds going to Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Oklahoma Relief Fund. Available sizes are Youth: S, M, L, Adult: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL If anyone would like to order a t-shirt, please email Maria Crowder your name, quantity and sizes and $15.00 per t-shirt. Checks can be made out to: Kay Electric. Order will be turned in on June 3.

Touchstone Energy Comes Through in the Aftermath of Recent F5 Tornadoes WFEC has worked together with the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives to create the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Oklahoma Relief Fund, which will assist individuals in electric cooperative service areas who were affected by the May 17-20 tornadoes. The Touchstone Energy group of more than 700 electric cooperatives in 46 states serves more than 42 million members across the country. But most importantly, we are a family who cares enough to come together and we want to make a difference during thr tragedy in Oklahoma which has affected thousands of people. WFEC has donated $25,000 to the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Oklahoma Relief Fund, and will match individual donations to the fund up to $25,000. So, you and your family and friend’s donations will actually be doubled. Please note: This is not a 501(c)(3) account at this time, therefore, donations are not deductible for income tax purposes. You can help by donating cash or check (made out to WFEC noting TE OK Relief Fund on the check) to Melinda Witte before Wednesday, June 5. You can also help by spreading the word and passing this message around to family and friends, and via social media, so we can raise as much money to help as many people as possible during this tragedy. Photos by OEC Lineman Joe Torres and OEC Employee Patti Rogers

WFEC Crews Working on Structures Destroyed by Recent Tornadoes WFEC crews are pictured stripping out and re-building the Pink Switch – Franklin Switch 138 kV line. Seven structures were destroyed on that line during the May 19th tornado. WFEC lost 50 structures system wide during the tornados that struck earlier this week.

Spring/Summer Promotion New

Computers - Appliances Furniture - Lawn/Garden Tools - Equipment Sporting Goods - Misc.

100% Purchase Price 6.25% for up to 24 months 6.75% for up to 36 months 7.25% for up to 48 months Thru August 31, 2013

Members having more than 30% debt-to-income ratio or have collections and/or late payments within the past 2 years, bankruptcy and judgements will be assessed 1% higher rate than stated rates above.

Coping with a disaster, together. If you or a friend, co-worker, or family member has been affected by the tornados in Oklahoma or you’re anxious about severe weather in your area, LifeWorks is here 24/7 to help with information and support. Call anytime to talk with a caring, professional consultant who can help you:   

Cope with feelings of anxiety, grief and loss Communicate and connect with family, friends and co-workers Find expert resources to help you handle legal, financial or insurance issues

You can also go to and click on “Crisis” under the Life section to locate state-by-state Emergency Resource Lists or read or download articles including:       

Steps to Take After a Flood, Fire or Other Disaster Coping with Grief and Loss After a Traumatic Event Helping an Older Family Member Cope After a Natural Disaster Creating a Family Emergency Plan Getting Organized After a Natural Disaster Working with Your Insurance Company After a Hurricane, Flood or Other Emergency and many more

Call LifeWorks at 877-234-5151 anytime. En español: 888-732-9020, TTY/TDD: 800-999-3004 You can also visit (user id: wfe; password: 11055).

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?? There is great financial potential in all of us, and whether your goal is to be a millionaire or simply save enough to retire one day, the journey to your dream begins today. Check out these tips to help you get there. Save! No matter your financial situation, there’s always room to save. Every little bit counts, whether it’s simply saving all of your loose change in a jar or automatically transferring $10 from every paycheck to a savings account. The important thing is to do it!

Reflect and review. The start of a new year and tax season are the most common times that

people review their finances, but financial planning should take place year-round. Make a point to sit down and review your finances on a regular basis; once a month is a great target. If going over everything all at once sounds daunting, break it up and tackle one piece at a time instead. It can also help to make it fun, like by rewarding yourself with a movie night with your friends or family once you’re done.

Allow yourself to dream. Having set goals is a great way to keep your finances on track, and letting yourself fantasize about all the things you would do if you reached your goals, or 10156 had a million dollars, can be an added motivator. Maybe you would travel the world, help those in need or enjoy a relaxing early retirement. No matter your dream, if you set your mind to it, you can do anything! Happy saving!

Energy Efficiency Tip

Lighting accounts for about 13 percent of the average household’s electric bill— cut costs by choosing new lightbulbs that have increased output and longevity. Some cost more up front, but prices are dropping as technology advances. Options include color, brightness, and even dimming and multi-way functions. Combining lights with automatic sensors can cut costs further. Source: NRECA’s Cooperative Research Network

Watch The New Touchstone Energy Ad Watch the new Touchstone Energy “A Few Steps” commercial which features linemen through the years. steps1.aspx

To view all the new Touchstone Energy commercials click here: steps1.aspx

Hot Summer, Cool Savings! See How Co-op Connections Will Save You Big Bucks on Your Summer Getaway Kids are getting out of school, the grill is coming out of storage and vacation season is upon us. Co-op Connections boasts a wide range of national discounts that our co-op members can take advantage of all summer long!

Featured Summer Deals

• Lodging discounts from beachfront properties to road trip stop overs can be found from the Wyndham Hotel Group, Best Western, Motel 6 and La Quinta. • The ideal rental car can be found with our Hertz, National and Alamo deals. • Grill up a masterpiece with goodies like custom smokers from Smokin’ Tex. • If heart pounding rides are in your plans, special pricing for all Six Flags Theme Parks is available.

If you have questions about the Co-op Connection Card Program, please contact Brittany Hicks at ext. 4335

2013 NRECA Financial Planning Workshops – Managing Your Money Your retirement is the single largest investment you will ever make. What kinds of choices should you be making in these times of roller coaster economics? How can you put time on your side? WFEC will sponsor financial workshops at Anadarko Headquarters (July 9-10) and Hugo (July 11-12). The workshops will be led by members of NRECA’s Personal Investing & Retirement Consulting (PIRC) team. A full-day workshop will be presented at each location. The morning after each course will be devoted to one-on-one sessions with the PIRC counselor. You do not need to attend the workshop to attend a counseling session, but you must sign up.* The Investment Workshop focuses on early career investment education, including retirement planning and a review of WFEC’s retirement benefits. This course is geared to employees who are at the beginning and middle stages of their work years. WFEC plans to present this beginning/intermediate level of retirement education every other year. In the years between, the financial education will be directed to folks who are within five years of retirement. If you are new to WFEC, or if you’ve been here a while and never taken the opportunity to attend one of the NRECA financial education sessions, this one’s for you! Talk to your supervisor to let him or her know that you’re interested. WFEC pays for the workshop, for lunch on the day of the workshop, and if you must travel from out-of-town, a per diem amount. Spouses are encouraged to attend both the workshop and the counseling sessions. Registration directions: Registration:

PeopleSoft HR > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment > Search by Course Number > Course Number is HR0007; click ‘Search’ > Click ‘View Available Sessions’ > Click on desired session, either 0008 (Anadarko Headquarters) or 0009 (Hugo Plant). (Missing PIN number? Call Jackie Johnson at extension 4512 to have it reset.)

How PeopleSoft Registration Works: After you follow the registration directions above, you will receive two e-mails from ‘PSoft’ (PeopleSoft HR). The subject of the first e-mail is, “Request submitted for approval” – if you do not receive this e-mail within a few minutes, your registration did not go through. Call Jackie Johnson at 4512. The subject of the second e-mail is, “Request processed by approver” – PeopleSoft needs approval from your supervisor to complete your registration. If you do not receive this second e-mail within a few days, your supervisor has not yet approved your request – supervisors sometimes miss PeopleSoft messages…just ask your supervisor to respond to the PeopleSoft message. Tell the supervisor the date that you registered – the supervisor’s message was sent to her/him on that same day. Not until you receive the second e-mail are you officially registered for the training.

*One-on-One Sign Up

Marsha Baker (405) 247-4450,

God Made Oklahomans And on the 9th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need someone to live where the red dirt is settled.” So God made Oklahomans.

He said “I need someone who can handle the blistering summers and the freezing winters.” So God made Oklahomans.

“I need someone who can... wake up in the morning, drink black coffee, head out to the fields, cut the wheat, bale the hay, and stay in those fields till long after dark” So God made Oklahomans.

“I need people tough enough to stand the heat as they work day in and out on drilling rigs and pumping units.” So God made Oklahomans.

“I need people to wear Orange & Black, Crimson & Cream and though those schools are rivals, all can rise together to support the Orange & Blue.” So God made Oklahoman

“I need people who believe in me and the power of goodness. People who aren’t afraid to say ‘Hello!’ to one another and welcome in visitors to their land with open arms.” So God made Oklahomans.

“I need people who are strong enough to stand through the strongest storms and the most devastating heartbreaks” So God made Oklahomans.

“And amidst the destruction, turn to me for comfort and come together as a state and rise above it all.” So God, made Oklahomans

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all WFEC employees enjoying a birthday. Have a wonderful day!

Travis Goucher 5/25 Arthur Head 5/27 Josh Kirby 5/28 Jana Jones 5/28 Quintin Rogers 5/30 Jeremy McElroy 6/01 Todd Stoll 6/01 Goldie Kaulaity 6/01 Sarah Shenold 6/01 Wendy Knight 6/01 Mark Sage 6/01 Tadd Holcomb 6/04 Scott Grass 6/04 Mike Quigley 6/05 Kenneth Daniel 6/05

“If you think Americans have lost love and compassion for their fellow man, you haven’t been to Oklahoma.” -Frank Keating, 1995

Hidden Employee Numbers

Congratulations to Priscilla Haywood for finding her employee number. Sorry, Toni Frazier did not find her employee number in the last issue. You could be the next winner of a $10 Logo Room credit. If you find your employee number in this edition, call Brittany Hicks at Ext. 4335. Please use your credit before the next payday if possible.

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