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April 12, 2013

Unplugged Roulet Report

Recently each of you received an email or other communication regarding the changes for “banked sick leave”. These changes did not originate at WFEC, but came from NRECA. Administering these changes is just WFEC employees doing their jobs. NRECA is WFEC’s retirement plan provider and as federal laws change NRECA provides guidance on how to remain compliant with those laws and associated IRS requirements. In addition to WFEC, many cooperatives were impacted with the IRS use interpretation of “banked sick leave”. Not following NRECA recommendations could cause the 401(k) and RS plans to become “disqualified” and lose their tax advantaged status. Change is always disappointing to employees when it impacts benefit programs, however ,WFEC tried to keep the monetary value of “banked sick leave” constant so employees would not be impacted financially. As usual, always ask questions about any plan changes. Learn as much about the changes as possible. I am sure there will be other changes coming in the future due to federal legislation and law enacted over the past couple years. These type of changes are regrettable, but necessary to keep all our retirement plans in compliance with the law.

Sparkman Honored at Luncheon Oklahoma State Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Sparkman was honored at the 44th Annual Highway Recognition Luncheon on March 28. Trooper Sparkman and Trooper Michael Patnode were recognized as Trooper of the Year for outstanding devotion of duty for their performance of acts of heroism. Sparkman has been protecting the Oklahoma citizens on our highways for 13 years.

Kevin is the son of Anadarko Plant Manager Tommy Sparkman and wife, Shelly.

Spring Has Sprung ?

This beautiful symbol of Spring was taken BEFORE the freezing temperatures and sleet came barreling through Oklahoma earlier this week. You just never know about the weather in Oklahoma.

Switch Certification Training Held at Anadarko Electrical workers from more than a dozen member distribution cooperatives attended the recent WFEC Switch Certification Training held recently in Anadarko. WFEC personnel were on hand to teach the sessions, and many T&D and plant personnel also attended the classes to familiarize them with our system, along with various safety & switching procedures. Switch certification is also part of this training. Instruction included subjects ranging from OSHA Rules and Safety to hands-on field training at the Sequoyah Substation, just southeast of WFEC’s headquarters buildings.

Photo by: Glen Fogle

Contest Finalists to Compete for Valuable Scholarship Dollars ANADARKO, OKLA. - Five finalists have been named in the Go Go Geo Scholarship Video Challenge during the regional round of judging. Entries consisted of unique videos, created by high school juniors and seniors from across Oklahoma and southeastern New Mexico, with over 50 videos submitted. The finalists, listed with their school, include: Austin Branch, Norman High School North; Kailey Kelley, Hinton High School; Casee Cole, Pond Creek-Hunter JuniorSenior High School; Ean Bonjour, Stillwater High School; and Haley Madden, Portales (NM) High School. These five finalists will be recognized during an awards banquet on April 22 in Oklahoma City, with the winners to be announced at that time, following interviews with a panel of judges. The videos of these five students are posted at for the final round of online voting, with total votes received counting for 20 percent of their overall final score. Online voting ends at midnight April 19. In addition to points earned from online voting totals and interviews by judges, points will be given for message delivery, creativity, content accuracy, and videography. In the regional round of judging, first, second and third place winners in the contest’s five regions 10219 were awarded scholarships of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000, respectively, with the first place winner of each region advancing. In the statewide competition, scholarship dollars of $7,000, $3,500 and $2,000 will be granted to the top three finishers. In both rounds of competition, the school of each first place finisher will be presented with a $2,500 grant. “The Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are excited to be partnering on this exciting project for high school juniors and seniors,” commented Mark Faulkenberry, WFEC’s manager, marketing and communication. “This contest could not come at a better time, due to potential pressures of rising utility costs in the near future. The advancement of geothermal technology is quickly making this option very viable for many homeowners, who may be interested in making a change before rates do increase,” he added.

AT&T is offering WFEC’s employees who use AT&T wireless services a 12% discount from their current rates. This applies to both existing AT&T customers and those starting a new service. To determine 05505 if you are currently getting the discount, check the foundation account that appears on your next bill. If this number is FAN 2418436 you are already getting the discount. If it is not, you are eligible for an additional 12% off your bill each month. Contact Howard Fleshman at extension 4379 for more details.

Steve Coon’s retirement luncheon was held on March 28 in OKC at Cattleman’s Steak House. Looks like he’s ready for retirement!

Energy Efficiency Tip Visit Energy.Gov and go to My Trip Calculator at: to plan ahead for a road trip. You can also calculate and track your fuel economy, receive trip directions, find the estimated mpg of your specific vehicle and estimate fuel cost for your journey.

Spring into Savings with your Co-op Connection Card! Sam’s Club Offer Sign up as a Plus Member to receive $25 gift card You’re invited to enjoy simplified shopping. Join or renew as a Sam’s Club Plus® Member and receive the best in savings and conveniences, starting with a $25 gift card. Or, join or renew as an Advantage Member and receive a $10 gift card at sign-up. You must print and bring this form to your local Sam's to receive your gift card. Additional Info Good thru: 11/30/2013

Brown Bag Lunch Schedule Lunch will be Provided at all Locations Thursday, April 18 – 11:30 a.m. Anadarko HQ Employee Meeting Rooms REVISED: Friday, April 19 – 11:30 a.m. Hugo Break Room

2013 NRECA Financial Planning Workshops – Managing Your Money Your retirement is the single largest investment you will ever make. What kinds of choices should you be making in these times of roller coaster economics? How can you put time on your side? WFEC will sponsor financial workshops at Anadarko Headquarters (July 9-10) and Hugo (July 11-12). The workshops will be led by members of NRECA’s Personal Investing & Retirement Consulting (PIRC) team. A full-day workshop will be presented at each location. The morning after each course will be devoted to one-on-one sessions with the PIRC counselor. You do not need to attend the workshop to attend a counseling session, but you must sign up.* The Investment Workshop focuses on early career investment education, including retirement planning and a review of WFEC’s retirement benefits. This course is geared to employees who are at the beginning and middle stages of their work years. WFEC plans to present this beginning/intermediate level of retirement education every other year. In the years between, the financial education will be directed to folks who are within five years of retirement. If you are new to WFEC, or if you’ve been here a while and never taken the opportunity to attend one of the NRECA financial education sessions, this one’s for you! Talk to your supervisor to let him or her know that you’re interested. WFEC pays for the workshop, for lunch on the day of the workshop, and if you must travel from out-of-town, a per diem amount. Spouses are encouraged to attend both the workshop and the counseling sessions. Registration directions: Registration:

PeopleSoft HR > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment > Search by Course Number > Course Number is HR0007; click ‘Search’ > Click ‘View Available Sessions’ > Click on desired session, either 0008 (Anadarko Headquarters) or 0009 (Hugo Plant). (Missing PIN number? Call Jackie Johnson at extension 4512 to have it reset.)

How PeopleSoft Registration Works: After you follow the registration directions above, you will receive two e-mails from ‘PSoft’ (PeopleSoft HR). The subject of the first e-mail is, “Request submitted for approval” – if you do not receive this e-mail within a few minutes, your registration did not go through. Call Jackie Johnson at 4512. The subject of the second e-mail is, “Request processed by approver” – PeopleSoft needs approval from your supervisor to complete your registration. If you do not receive this second e-mail within a few days, your supervisor has not yet approved your request – supervisors sometimes miss PeopleSoft messages…just ask your supervisor to respond to the PeopleSoft message. Tell the supervisor the date that you registered – the supervisor’s message was sent to her/him on that same day. Not until you receive the second e-mail are you officially registered for the training.

*One-on-One Sign Up

Marsha Baker (405) 247-4450,

Send in Your Graduate’s Pictures By April 24 It’s time once again to honor our graduates in the upcoming edition of the EnerCom, If you have a son or daughter graduating from high school, college or technical school, please fill out the information below, attach the student’s photo and send to Sondra Boykin or Maria Crowder by April 24. Or, if you have a high quality digital photo, you can e-mail that, plus the below information to s_boykin@ or

Please note the April 24 deadline, as we will not be able to accept submissions after that week. Thanks.

Name of Student:

Parents & Employee’s Title:

Name of School:

If College – Degree Earned:

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all WFEC employees enjoying a birthday. Have a wonderful day! Susie White 4/12 Tyler Brisco 4/14

Doug Doan 4/16 Robin Yarnell 4/16 Terry Wilkins 4/17 Brett Moser 4/18 Curtis Price 4/22 Bobby Cody 4/23 Bobby Hendricks 4/23 Sammy Stubbs 4/23 Eric Ladyman 4/25

“Weather is a great metaphor for life — sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it... but carry an umbrella.” S.D. Gordon Hidden Employee Numbers

Congratulations to Steve Feltman for finding his employee number. Sorry, Shelly Trammell did not find her employee number in the last issue. You could be the next winner of a $10 Logo Room credit. If you find your employee number in this edition, call Brittany Hicks at Ext. 4335. Please use your credit before the next payday if possible.


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