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April 11, 2014

Un plugged Roulet Report

I’m sure you already know that each year WFEC has a Christmas party for employees. Do you know how that comes about? Annually in each budget, the Board of Trustees approves approximately $50 per employee for employee activities. Some activities in the past have included movie nights for employees, activities at amusement parks, fishing and golf tournaments, and of course the Christmas party. All of these events are planned and scheduled by an “Employee Activity Committee�. There are committees at Anadarko, Mooreland and Hugo and the committees are made up of employees at those locations. A portion of the overall budget is allocated to each committee, based on the employee count at those locations, for whatever events that are planned. Being on one of the committees is a difficult and thankless job, and each of those who serve should be congratulated on taking the time and making the effort to provide support to their fellow employees. I am sure each committee would welcome support from additional employee involvement. The Christmas party is probably the only event common to all three employee activity committees, and even then, each is considerably different at each location. From time to time complaints arise, but these events are funded by the graciousness of the Board of Trustees for employees, and are totally planned and organized by employees. Instead of complaining, get involved, and help make the events whatever each of you want.

Did You Go Go Geo? Take the Challenge Today

If you have not taken the short, seven question home energy survey yet, please contact Becky Caldwell, Shay Earthman, Gina Johnson, Brittany Hicks, or Maria Crowder, so you can be entered to have a chance to win a Yukon Cooler (value $350), a $100 Visa Gift Card, and a $50 Visa Gift Card. Drawing will be held on June 16.

Switch Training Held At Anadarko WFEC held 2014 Switch Certification Training Sessions last week, with approximately 45 participants. Caddo, Canadian, Cimarron, Cotton, Kay, Kiamichi, Northfork, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Red River Valley, and Rural Electric Cooperatives were all represented as well as T&D employees and Anadarko and Mooreland Power Plant employees. For the first day of each session, Terry Lisenbery, station technician supervisor made the initial introduction and presented The Tony Crow Video focusing on safety, not only in the work place but outside of work and the impact it has on everyone. Other areas covered for the first day were the OSHA Rules and Safety presented by Kooney Duncan, safety and security coordinator; Personal Protective Equipment and Substations presented by Danny Briscoe, journeyman station technician; Control Area Services, Clearance, Hot Line Orders, and Switching Procedures along with the certification exam presented by Carroll Reddick, chief transmission operator, Clay Carr, transmission operator and Mike Doyal, assistant transmission operator; Switch Station and Relay presented by Joe Thomas, systems technician supervisor; Line Switches presented by Ricky Allen, power line supervisor and Glen Fogle, lead power line technician; and 351R and Beckwith 2001 Equipment presented by Mike Roberson, lead station technician and Terry Lisenbery, station technician supervisor. The second day of each session was held at the Sequoyah Substation, where all participants had the opportunity to experience hands-on training. Staff provided tours of WFEC’s Control Area Services presented by Cory Green, transmission operator; Clay Carr, Michael Hall, transmission operator, Mike Doyal and Carroll Reddick. A guided tour of the T&D building was also given by Danny Briscoe, and Mike Roberson, showed the participants where technicians do testing and maintenance of equipment.

Photos by Glen Fogle

Save the Date! 2014 Retirement Planning Seminars WFEC invites employees who are within 10 years of retirement to attend the 2014 Retirement Planning Seminars. Spouses are encouraged to join in. NRECA will send professional financial advisors to facilitate the programs. 2-Day Seminars – The focus is on understanding NRECA’s retirement plans, distribution options, estimating retirement expenses, investing before and during retirement, how IRAs work, Social Security, health care costs, estate planning and taxation. Two identical sessions will be held at the WFEC Headquarters in Anadarko and at the Hugo plant. The seminar dates:

2014 RETIREMENT PLANNING SEMINARS Location Headquarters Hugo

Date June 24-25 June 26-27

Register by: May 30 May 30

Outpost crews are invited to attend whichever program works best for them. Spouses are encouraged to join in. Employees will sign up for the seminars through PeopleSoft HR. You’ll need to fill in the Course number and the Session number. Here is the path: PeopleSoft HR > Self-Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment > Search by Course number (HR0040) > Pick a Session (Anadarko or Hugo) > Continue > Submit Request. PeopleSoft HR then sends this request to your supervisor. The supervisor will need to log into PeopleSoft HR to approve your request. 

The Course number is: HR0040

The Session numbers are: - Headquarters (Anadarko) – 0011 - Hugo – 0012

(for both locations)

If you have questions, please contact Marsha Baker in Human Resources at 405-2474450, or Did we mention that spouses are encouraged to join in?

WFEC Crews Set New Transformer WFEC crews recently set a transformer at the new Maysville Sub. The substation crew includes: Benny Smith, Kenny Flood, Truckie Ice Bost, Jeramy Lange, Monty Maxwell, Charlie McLemore, Meter & Relay Techs Jason Brooks, John Collins and Steve Fairbanks. Photos by: Bennie Smith

Fleshman Retires Howard Fleshman celebrated his retirement on March 21. Howard worked at WFEC for over 29 years , with over 24 years spent as department manager of Information Services. Howard also volunteered to fill various roles at the Cooperative Employees Credit Union. He was joined by friends and family to enjoy a golf-themed cake and punch at his farewell reception. The 10292 Information Services department provided Howard with numerous golfing certificates redeemable at nearby state parks. Howard intends to remain in the Anadarko area to enjoy the nearby hunting, fishing and golfing. Howard is an avid coffee drinker so don’t be surprised to see him in his usual chair in the breakroom on occasion.

Doyal Passes NERC Certification Exam Congratulations to Mike Doyal, assistant transmission operator, on becoming NERC certified and passing his NERC Certification Exam on March 18. Passing this test demonstrates that Mike has successfully attained the knowledge relating to the NERC reliability standards and basic principles of the Bulk Electric System. The certificate is valid for three years. Mike came to Operations from Station Services as a Heavy Equipment Operator on September 23, 2013. Please join us in congratulating him in this new achievement.

Spring Time... Annual Meeting Time...

It is spring co-op annual meeting time, and several of WFEC’s distribution cooperatives are holding their annual meetings. Several members of WFEC’s staff recently attended Harmon Electric’s annual meeting in Hollis, which is located in the far southwestern part of the state. WFEC CEO Gary Roulet was the main speaker at the meeting, and CFO Jane Lafferty was also in attendance. Manager of Marketing &

Communications Mark Faulkenberry signed up participants in the GoGoGEO Challenge. Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperative’s (OAEC) Legislative Liasion Stacy Howeth was also there. OAEC was letting people know 10248 about, a website to address the EPA’s “all-but-one” proposal that could hike rural electric rates. Other annual meetings also being held this month are at Alfalfa, Northwestern, Kay, Roosevelt, Lea County, and Farmers Electric Cooperatives.

Left: Stacy Howeth, from OAEC, works the booth.

Right: Mark Faulkenberrry signs up member of Harmon Electric Cooperative for the GoGoGeo challenge.

GIVE BLOOD? Since there is no substitute for human blood and supplies must be constantly renewed, the need for donations is great. About three gallons of blood is required to support the entire nation’s blood need for just one minute. One in seven people entering a hospital will need blood. Although an estimated 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood at any given time, less than 10 percent do so annually. Patients need blood 365 days-a-year, whether it’s for scheduled treatments or for emergencies. The Oklahoma Blood Institute provides every drop of blood needed by patients in some 140 medical facilities across the state. Although all blood types are needed, people with O-negative type blood are especially encouraged to donate. Only 9 percent of the national population has O-negative blood; however, O-negative blood can be used in an emergency need when a patient’s blood type has not yet been identified. All healthy adults, ages 16 and older, who meet weight requirements, are encouraged to give blood. Volunteer blood donors give more than a quarter-of-a-million units of blood annually with Oklahoma Blood Institute to provide a safe and adequate blood supply. Once tested and processed by Oklahoma Blood Institute’s medical professionals, blood and its components are transported to patients across our state. Oklahoma Blood Institute is the ninth largest, independent nonprofit blood center in the United States .

The next WFEC Blood Drive is scheduled for Friday, May 16. Each donor will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Visa gift card. If you have any questions about donating, please contact Brittany Hicks at ext. 4335.

Brown Bag Lunch Held at Anadarko Plant The Anadarko Plant Brown Bag Lunch was held on March 28. A meal was provided and Senior Management staff were there to update employees and answer any questions. Below: Door Prize winners were: L to R: Ryan Price, Warren Brown, Danny Smith.

Kelley Speaks to National Audience on Geothermal Heat Pump Program WFEC’s Manager of Commercial & Industrial Marketing Kalun Kelley was a speaker on the topic of geothermal heat pump programs and savings to a group of more 50 guests at the Midwest Residential Energy Conference, which was held in Kentucky in late March. This nationwide conference promotes energy efficient home performance through the education of Building Science principals. Representatives from Touchstone Energy were also on hand to present information on the topic.

Come See Us at the LOGO ROOM! 2nd Floor, HQ Building NEW ITEMS! Performance T-shirts Hats, Hoodies, and more! Contact: Brittany Hicks ext. 4335

There’s an app for that…

With storm season on the horizon, it’s important to stay weather aware wherever you are. The Touchstone Energy Weather Connection App acts as a weather radio that will alert you when severe weather is in your area or any area that you specify that you want notifications for (up to 5 locations). The app is available for any iOS or Android device. WFEC previously distributed an app download card to every employee. If you would like additional cards for yourself, family or friends please contact Brittany Hicks at ext. 4335. One card can be used on multiple devices.

Ready. Set. Goal! 4-Week Financial Fitness Challenge Did you know that the main reason why most people don’t achieve their goals is lack of proper planning? April is: National Financial Capability Month, and we invite you to commit to Ready. Set. Goal! A 4-Week Financial Fitness Challenge. Week 1 Challenge: Set Your Goals. Daydreaming about your goals can be exciting. It can also be daunting if you aren’t sure how you’ll achieve them. That’s where planning comes in. Most financial worries stem from lack of planning, not money. It’s easy to understand the importance of financial planning when you think of bigger goals, like buying a new car. But it’s also important to recognize that nearly every life goal requires some financing. For example, what if your goal is running your first 5K? Even that can add up—new sneakers, a training program, entry fees for a race, can easily cost you a couple hundred dollars. Here are a few steps to get you started. Write down your goals. Include every goal you can think of; every practicality, creature comfort and fantasy you can imagine. Note: Be specific. For example, instead of listing “travel,” write down where you want to go. Giving your goals a clear picture will make them easier to plan for, and ultimately help you feel motivated to achieve. Divide your goals into three lists.

Immediate (within 3 years): Such as buying a car, beginning a hobby, or saving $1,000.

Intermediate (in the next 3-7 years): Such as having a child, taking a vacation or getting married.

Long-term (in 7+ years): Saving for a child’s college education, retirement or support for parents.

Prioritize your goals. For this challenge, focus on your #1 goal in each category. Tackling all your goals at once may feel overwhelming, and may be unrealistic. Selecting and achieving one goal can keep you motivated and focused on achieving the others. Research and reflect. Start to think more specifically about what you want, what’s available and what you think you can afford. For example, if your goal is to buy a car, think about what type you want, what type you need, do you want to buy new or used, etc. Where possible, identify and price out all associated costs with your goal so that you can accurately plan and save.

WE NEED YOUR HELP Send a Message Today

The comment period has been extended to May 9. Help us spread the message. So far, EPA has received more than 326,887 comments from concerned citizens. Please go to to learn more. Please take a minute and send a message if you have not already, and feel free to pass this important information on to your family and friends and ask for their help.

Energy Efficiency Tips

Get home ready with summer a/c check

Even if your air conditioning system ran perfectly last summer, it’s a good idea to

call an HVAC professional to give it a once-over before it gets hot outside. Like any machine with moving parts, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance. Before the weather heats up, find out if yours will survive another summer. A pre-season tune-up won’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong once the temperatures start to soar, but it will reveal any obvious problems; normal wear and tear; or the need for maintenance and replacement parts. Don’t let your a/c surprise you by conking out on the hottest day of the summer. Make that phone call. Source: OAEC

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all WFEC employees enjoying a birthday. Have a wonderful day!

Susie White 4/12 Doug Doan 4/16 Robin Yarnell 4/16 Terry Wilkins 4/17 Brett Moser 4/18 Curtis Price 4/22 Bobby Cody 4/23 Bobby Hendricks 4/23 Sammy Stubbs 4/23

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” ~S.D. Gordon

Hidden Employee Numbers Sorry, Lance McCutchan and Chance Turpin did not find their employee numbers in the last issue. You could be the next winner of a $10 Logo Room credit. If you find your employee number in this edition, call Brittany Hicks at Ext. 4335. Please use your credit before the next payday if possible.

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