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March 1, 2013

Unplugged Roulet Report

Climate change, and/or global warming,are on the news almost every single day. I don’t believe there is a lot of argument that the Earth’s climate is warming up. The question is whether it is occurring naturally, or whether the change is caused by people. Personally, I suspect it is some of both. Almost anything that uses oxygen expels carbon dioxide. That includes coal and natural gas plants, automobiles and trucks, even people and livestock. The current trend is to blame the problem on coal generation and create a battle to close generation plants and replace them with a cleaner type generation. The error of this argument is that the environment is world-wide, not a condition directly involving individual countries. For instance, if the U.S. closed all 300 coal plants tomorrow, the countries of China and India are currently building more new coal units than we would shut down. The net result for the atmosphere/climate would be zero. The solution to any climate change issues must be done world-wide and not individually by a single country to have any impact. If we just trade one emission source in the U.S. for another somewhere else it really has no impact at all. Because coal is such a cheap source of energy, as we use less in the U.S., the export of U.S. coal to foreign companies increases each year. I certainly do not know the answer on how to make an impact on carbon in the atmosphere, but I do know it is a far more difficult problem than most people would like to think.

Happy America Saves Week! Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically. This

Once you know how much you can save, make saving

is more than just a theme for America Saves Week;


it's the foundation of a sound approach to savings.

You can divide your paycheck into different accounts

Knowing what you want to save for, how to achieve

through direct deposit. Take advantage by putting

it and making the process automatic will help you

part of your pay into a savings account. Cooperative

reach your savings goal.

Employees Credit Union (CECU) accepts both direct

Set a Goal. You can save more by having a goal in

deposit and payroll deductions.

mind. Visualizing what you want to save for gives your savings a purpose. You may be tempted to withdraw from your savings if it has no purpose. Once you have a goal in place, you know that taking money out of your savings is taking away from that ultimate goal. So what are you saving for? An emergency fund, a home, retirement, a car?

Make a Plan. Once you have your goal in place, make a plan for how you are going to save. To start, work to cut down on your spending and reduce high-cost debt. Next, keep track of what you spend and make a budget. Once you know where your money is going each month, you can weed out unneeded spending and save the difference.

Save Automatically. It can be difficult to remember to put aside money for savings, but there is an easy way to save money without ever missing it.

Snowstorm Hits Mooreland and Western Oklahoma A blizzard hit Western Oklahoma this week dropping approximately 24 inches of snow at our Mooreland Plant. Wind gusts caused 6 foot snow drifts in some areas.

Photo at Left taken by: Danny Thomas

Keep indoor air as clean as possible We spend about 90 percent of our time indoors— at home, at work and elsewhere—estimates the Environmental Protection Agency. How much time do you spend making sure the air in your home is clean? Here are five ways you can clean your home’s indoor air—and prevent it from getting dirty—so your family can breathe easier: 1. Change or clean the air conditioner filter every month or so during warm weather. The filter’s job is to trap dust, pollutants and airborne allergens so they don’t make their way into your home’s ductwork and recirculate through the cool air that your a/c pushes out. A clogged filter can’t “breathe,” and will prevent clean air from getting through to the air conditioning system. That’s not only bad for your air quality, it’s bad for your air conditioner, which has to work harder to do its job, and for your energy bill, which will reflect the cost of an overworked system. 2. Control the humidity in your home. Too much can

create mold and mildew, while too little can dry out air so much it irritates eyes, noses and throats. A poorly sized heating and air conditioning system can create humidity problems. So can leaks 10182 in the roof, foundation, basement and crawlspace. 3. Ventilate your home. Running bathroom exhaust fans while showering and for a few minutes afterward to rid the room of steam will help control the humidity in your home. Using a kitchen exhaust fan expels odors and dirty air after cooking. A tip: Run the fans only until the steam or odor clears. Otherwise, you’ll exhaust clean, heated or air-conditioned air to the outdoors. 4. Invest in a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Pet hair and dead skin cells can cause allergies to flare up. Clean floors and furniture at least twice a week with a vacuum cleaner that has been proven to remove allergens like pet dander and dust without spewing them back into the air as it operates.

Energy Efficiency Tip Drive Sensibly: Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Sensible driving is also safer for you and others, so you may save more than gas money.

Work Continues on Sandy Corner Sub The Anadarko, Hennessey and Mooreland Line crews work to remove a 69 kV temporary shoefly feed and tie in a 138 kV permanent feed. The line feeds the Sandy Corner Substation for SandRidge Energy.

Photo by: Glen Fogle

Brown Bag Lunch Schedule Tuesday, March 12 – 11:30 a.m. Hugo Plant Break Room Thursday, March 21 – 11:30 a.m. Anadarko Plant Break Room Monday, March 25 –11:30 a.m. T&D Building Wednesday, March 27 – 11:30 a.m. Mooreland Plant Break Room Thursday, April 11 – 11:30 a.m. Anadarko HQ Emp. Meeting Room

GO GO Geo Scholarship Video Challenge Regional Online Voting Begins March 1

More than 50 students from Oklahoma and New Mexico are competing to win $10,000 in the GO GO GEO Scholarship Video challenge. Students have submitted their awesome videos, now it’s up to YOU to decide which deserving student will move on to the final round of the competition & win $10,000 in college scholarships. Head over to to cast YOUR vote for your favorite videos. Remember, you can vote for as many videos as you like once per day from March 1-21. Your vote will determine the five regional winners who will advance to the final round of the competition. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the challenge:

Diet for Cholesterol Control After being informed of having high cholesterol level, of the bad kind, there really is a need for diet, exercise, and weight loss in order to bring the levels down and in control. There is a specific diet which reduces saturated fats and cholesterol through weight control and physical control. The first step is to limit the amount of total fat that you may take daily to nearly 30% of the total daily calories. 7%, or less, of those daily calories should be coming from saturated fats. Unsaturated fats help lower blood cholesterol if it is used as a substitute to saturated fats. There are two main types of unsaturated fat and consist of olive, canola, fish, safflower, sunflower, corn, and soybean oils. A person trying dieting to control cholesterol must also make sure to lower the intake of cholesterol by at least 200mg daily. It is important to lose weight and to increase fiber into the diet. The best way to lose weight is to increase physical activity as well. There are also certain foods which are rich and helpful in lowering cholesterol. You must increase your fiber, so you may look into oatmeal, whole grains, fruits and other types of those food items. Switching to whole grains is a very effective way of lowering cholesterol. Eating legumes, beans, and peas 10255 frequently through out the week is also effective. Soy foods such as soymilk, tofu, and soy protein are very good. Eating a full serving of fruits and vegetables daily is another great technique to control cholesterol through diet. Eating cooked or raw garlic lowers the production of cholesterol from the liver in the body. Other foods that lower the production of cholesterol are salmon, almonds, and olive oil. Foods which contain vitamins C & E and contain natural antioxidants are important. Fruits such as broccoli, wheat germ, oranges, peanuts, strawberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds, melons, and Brussels sprout. It has been proven that eating such items have lowered cholesterol over a period of time. The main concept is to be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits, whole grains, dry beans, and vegetables. A great way to combine it is to make certain juices with combined fruits and vegetables. Source:

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all WFEC employees enjoying a birthday. Have a wonderful day! Angie

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“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” Desmond Tutu Hidden Employee Numbers

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