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Vol 1, January 2018

ALUMNI TAKES GREAT ROLE IN DEVELOPING UNPAD A lumni of Universitas Padjadjaran stated that they are ready to synergize with every elements in Universitas Padjadjaran to develop their performance in 2018. Alumni have important role in developing Unpad performance on national or international level.

Nirwandar who had served as chairman of Unpad Alumni Association 2012-2016 said, the work of alumni of Unpad at national and international level is not doubted anymore.

The commitment was stated by a number of Unpad alumni in “Hospitality and Dialogue of Unpad for The Future” at Nursing

Building strong communication and community relationships is one of Sapta’s suggestions. This alumnus of Faculty of Economics and Business said that many achievements of Unpad are good but not many have been announced.

Faculty Hall, Jatinangor, Saturday (13/01). This event was attended by alumni, members of the Board of Trustees, and a number of academicians. At the event, there was also Director General of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Technical Research and Higher Education Prof. Intan Ahmad.

“We must have communication strategy to unify the alumni of Unpad,” said Sapta.

He also considered that Unpad’s potential in particular has not been effectively delivered, both at the national and international levels. In fact, at the international level, many ambassadors of Indonesia are Unpad‟s alumni. Therefore, he encouraged Unpad to be able to map the potential of alumni at the international level.

Deputy VI of Communication and Information of National Intelligence Agency, Sundawan Salya, expressed his consideration to contribute in improving the performance of Unpad. He considered, “Actually, there are a lot of ambassadors who are the alumni should have strong militancy for the Unpad‟s alumni. We can use it for as benefit to almamater. Various important positions held by Unpad, West Java, and national, “said Sapta. alumni today should be utilized to spread the potential Secretary General of the Ministry of Social of of Unpad. Republic of Indonesia, Harry Z. Soeratin also In the event, a number of alumni also gave a boost expressed his understanding. As one of alumnus of related to Unpad development plan ing 2018. Sapta Unpad, at Faculty of Economics and Business, he said UNIVERSITY

Unpad’s alumnus, Sapta Nirwandar gave an opinion regarding the development of Unpad in the future at the event “Silaturahmi dan Dialog Unpad Menuju Masa Depan” in Unpad Faculty of Nursery Hall, Jatinangor, Saturday (13/01). (Picture: Tedi Yusup)*

that Unpad‟s alumni network is quite potential but has not yet been seen as a whole unit. There should be an initiation to communicate with alumni related to what has been and which should be developed by Unpad in the future. Talking about communication pattern and community relationship initiated by Sapta, Harry confirmed that these two strategies are important to be strengthened by Unpad. Former Head of Public Relations Bureau at the Ministry of Finance said that almost all of government institutions in Indonesia have not built a pattern of public relations well. “It can be raised on the international level because it deals with nationality and nationalism.” said Prof. Aidul. The establishment of strong relationship between alumni and alma mater becomes one of the factors to improve the quality of universities. Vice Chairman of the Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center of Republic of Indonesia, Dian Erdiana Rae mentioned that the reputable name of universities in the world is caused by a strong relationship with its alumni. Dian further said that Unpad has to contribute in fostering the character of students. (Continued on page 2) 1


Vol 1, January 2018


The implementation of moral values through the course will encourage the alumni to have character and be able to adhere to the principle. It is expected to eradicate all dirty practices in the country administration. (Continued on page 2)

Hymn Composer said every alumnus has the potential that can be given to Unpad. The statement of several alumni related to the number of Unpad’s alumni who fill important positions convinced Iwan that Unpad has a great power that is still buried.

Chairman of the Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr Abdul Fitriciada Azhari, said that Unpad needs to have the characteristic that became the identity of the institution. Alumnus Faculty of Law said, one of the greatest heritages of Unpad and West Java is the concept of Insight Archipelago presented by Prof. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja. This concept will remain relevant as Indonesia’s territorial foundation.

“We have a debt to Unpad, because Unpad has given us quality. How we give to Unpad, it is our own initiative,” said Iwan.

Prof. Aidul encouraged Unpad to continue to pass on the spirit of Prof. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja’s notion. The development of the study centre related to the concept of the insight of the archipelago should be developed by Unpad. It aims to keep this concept in the hands of both Indonesian and international citizens. Culturalist Iwan R.A Abdulrachman became the finale of various inputs from the alumni. This Unpad

Alumni Have Contribution Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said that various inputs from the alumni play a role in the development of Unpad in the future. The role of alumni, one of which is measured as an indicator of University ranking QS university ranking version. In this ranking, the reputation of alumni in the professional world becomes the determinant of ranking. On this occasion, the Rector conveyed the achievements of Unpad as the State University of Legal Entity in 2017 in academic, research, institutional, strengthening the information centre to

the community. He also invited the audience to return the pattern of Unpad Scientific Principal Patterns. “Bina Mulia’s Law and Environment in National Development”. Rector said Unpad should give a stronger contribution to society. One out of the many contributions is built from the participation of alumni. Prof. Intan Ahmad appreciated the event initiated by the chairman of MWA Unpad Rudiantara, as State University of Legal Entity, Unpad is expected to participate in moving the wheels of the economy. In addition, bearing the status of State Universities Legal Entity means that it needs to prove to the public about what is resulted by the college can be beneficial to the community. “By gathering the stakeholders, this will make the position in Unpad even better, so Unpad and other universities in Indonesia will contribute to the community If Unpad is good, the neighbors will be good again The Scientific Pattern of the Principal must be really lifted so it has the advantage comparative, “Prof.’s message.*

2017 ACHIEVEMENTS, THE NUMBER OF PUBLICATION INTERNATIONAL UNPAD HAS INCREASED Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad explained a number of Unpad achievements achieved in 2017. Outline, achievements from some indicator focus in this year experienced a significant enhancement, in front of university leaders and faculty leaders held in Pantai Indah Resort Hotel, Pangandaran, on Thursday (7/12). (Photo: Arief Maulana)


ector of Universitas Padjadjaran Prof. Tri Hanggono explained a number of Unpad achievements achieved in 2017. Outline, achievements from some indicator focus in this year experienced a significant enhancement.

take their further study abroad. Although, future college students who don’t get a scholarship, Unpad ready to facilitate them. Rector said if lecturers still don’t have a chance to take their further study to abroad, so they should take their further studies in During his speech in front of university leaders and Unpad. faculty leaders held in Pantai Indah Resort Hotel, “Lecturers who advanced their further study in Pangandaran, on Thursday (7/12) at night, the rector Unpad still have to give the same outcomes as said, from several performance indicators, beside lecturers who advanced their study abroad. At least, it, they choose several indicators that have a strong they have three international scientific publications. leverage and derivative. One of the indicators which As a result, human capital enhancement jacks up are highlighted is the capacity of human resources. the performance of academic” he explained. The first thing that rector explained is about the ratio of lecturers and students. In this year, the ratio of lecturers and students in Unpad is on a good level, although they are having disparity ratio between faculties.

On the other side, the promoter of S-3 program will be comprehensive. Unpad will appoint promoter candidate head lecturer lector who has grant research. One of promoter programs should be from abroad.

“If we are not careful, we will not have a good performance,” the rector said.

Unpad targets, in 2019, Unpad is expected to have no lecturer who still holds S-1. And in the next 2020, Unpad is expected to have no lecture not educated as doctor.

The capacity of current lecturers increased their quality. Currently, a number of lecturers with a doctorate degree in every faculty in Unpad still experience disparity. For that, Unpad should encourage their lecturers who don’t have a doctorate degree to take a further study. There is an effort from Unpad to facilitate further study for all lecturers. Human resources development became authorized capital. Rector explains, begin from next semester to encourage all lecturers in Unpad to have a doctoral degree. For taking further studies, encourage lecturers to


Improvement of Scientific Publications In the sector of scientific publications, Unpad has increased the number of publications at the international level. A total of 431 scientific articles were published in the Scopus-indexed journal as of December 6, 2017. Of these, 348 publications are pure articles generated from internal scientific research and writing.

Rector said the number is dominated by research that is in Quartile (Q) 1 to 4. Quartile itself is a cluster of journal quality. Being at that level exerts a strong influence, especially on the index of citation and upgrading of academic positions. This scientific publication is deemed important when associated with the H-Index, or an index of the productivity measurement of scholarly work of an academic. The Rector said that the publication generated from the proceedings of international seminars has little effect on the H-Index. The higher the standard set, the standard of Doctor Program promoter in Unpad is also more comprehensive. In addition to being required to have research activities, prospective promoters are also encouraged to have an H-Index and experience of international publications. The stricter the standard aims to make students more “safe” in running academic activities in Unpad. The Rector is also optimistic that this standard will be a strong attraction for S-3 applicants.

Target 2018 Rector also conveyed the target and planning of Unpad in 2018. One aspect of planning in the field of student affairs activity, student activity unit (UKM) will be hold by one faculty. The faculty is then responsible for the achievements of SMEs concerned. “For example, SME Futsal is hold by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB). That is, all futsal activities at the university level and faculty must be managed by FIB, “said Rector. With this integration, it is hoped that there will be no student activity unit that works individually. “Hopefully SME governance can be shaded by faculty,” said Rector


FA c U LT y


Vol 1, January 2018



niversitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) improves the intensity of collaboration activity with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Beside organizing a onein-two-years event, the IndonesiaMalaysia Cultural Symposium (SKIM), since 1985, collaboration is also conducted in order to strengthen research and the three main points of higher institution (Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) aspects.

UKM will be here (Unpad) as they will rent rooms in Unpad. Then the certificate of study later will be given from UKM.” Moreover, the Vice Dean of Academic, Student’s Affair, and Cooperation in Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) explained, Unpad may open academic program in UKM campus. This opening will have the same system as offered by UKM.

This improvement of collaboration activitity is marked by the signature in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) from Universitas Padjadjaran and UKM, which was held during the SKIM XV event, took place in Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung on Wednesday, 29 November 2017. The signature comes from Vice Rector of Research, Community Service, Cooperation, and Academic Corporation from Universitas Padjadjaran, Dr. Keri Lestari, M.Si., Apt., and Vice Counselor from UKM, Prof. Dr. Mohd Ekhwan Toriman.

In the other side, this collaboration on students exchange will have UKM attention too. Until this moment, Unpad and UKM are still preparing the mechanism and curriculum adjustment.

Until now, the collaboration that has been done between Unpad and Vice Rector of Research, Community Service, Cooperation, and Academic Corporation UKM was visiting professor program, from Universitas Padjadjaran, Dr. Keri Lestari, M.Si., Apt., representing the signature joint research, and article writing for in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vice Counselor from UKM, Prof. Dr. joint publication. Not only in FISIP, Mohd Ekhwan Toriman during Indonesia-Malaysia Cultural Symposium (SKIM) XV the collaboration with UKM has also in Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Universitas Padjadjaran, Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung, Wednesday, 29 November 2017. (Taken by: Tedi Yusup)* been built by other faculties such as between Faculty of Mathematics and The event organizer of SKIM XV, Dr. Santoso gave details that the beginning step Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Unpad and Dr. Santoso Tri Rahardjo, M.Si., said that there are of this collaboration would be an exchange for Faculty of Science and Technology UKM. 4 main collaboration aspects that will be carried lecturers. UKM itself has offered Unpad to be the “This has been established for so long. We do not out between Unpad and UKM. The 4 aspects are academic learning coordinator for UKM. This means want to feel the smartest,” said Dr. Santoso. including learning, research, community service, and that Unpad’s academic civil (civitas academica) The organization of SKIM itself is a consistent student’s affair. who wants to continue their education will not be implementation of collaboration between Unpad required to present in Malaysia. They may continue “This exchange (collaboration) is important to and UKM during more than 30 years. Dr. Santoso their study in Unpad instead. increase higher education reputation, and also for viewed, SKIM brings many benefits, particularly countries in Asia,” said Dr. Santoso during the first “Student candidate shall not go as far as to UKM. for academician peers. “From publication wise, it is day of SKIM XV, Wednesday, 29 November 2017 They may study in Unpad, but the lecturers from increasing,” he said shortly.*



ome doctors from Medical Program Study and Veterinary Program Study, Medical Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) have conducted the Public Service (PKM) at Kecamatan Cimalaka, Kabupaten Sumedang, which the main event has been held in last November. This Public Service is an application of University’s Tri Darma and manifestation of Unpad’s empathy to increase life quality and welfare of dairy goat farmer group on that area. The Public Service entitled “Health Profile of Farmers and Dairy Goat on Farmer Group at SimoayTampomas, Cimalaka, Kab. Sumedang” is a series of events that conducted in several visits. In the first visit, they conducted demographical condition survey and sample taking from dairy goats. The field result showed that some dairy goats experienced general diseases such as diarrhea and scabies. After several weeks, they conducted the second visit to execute health checking to 30 farmers which consisted of nutrition status checking, blood sugar level, and blood profile. In the main event that has been held at Saturday (4/11), the Public Service team conducted farmer health counseling and explained in general about the health test result that has been obtained from the public. At front of the people, the presenters emphasized the explanation of good-farming practice to increase the breeding potential on that area and to avoid the occurrence of loss caused by health decrease of the dairy goats. FA c U L T y

People and farmers that came seemed enthusiast during the events. The counseling was quite interactive because the people are frequently involved in answering some questions that given by the presenters. As a thank receipt, the next event was handoverof the eye sign as symbolic to Prof. drh. Hj. Roostita L. Balia, M.App.Sc., Ph.D. and Prof. dr. Ramdan Panigoro, M.Sc., Ph.D. In this session, the event became more exciting as it was seen from the public enthusiasm, from adults to kids, while they were lining up to take a school bag for children on that area. After this event, the people and the Public Service team did a group photo. In this opportunity also included a consultation session regarding the health checking result from individuals to doctors. The people were permitted to ask various questions regarding health problem, especially related with the checking result that they got.

One of the counseling activities that conducted by academics from Medical and Veterinary Program Studies, Medical Faculty of Unpad at Kecamatan Cimalaka, last November.

In overall, the series of events conducted smoothly and this activity hopefully can give positive impact with synergic for the farmers, environments, and their dairy goats.



P RO F I L e

Vol 1, January 2018


YOGHURT RESEARCHER: FROM MAINTAINING DIGESTION TO OVERCOME AGING Y ogurt is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Having a distinctive sour taste, this fermented milk product is well consumed because it has many benefits to increase the body’s metabolism. In the Indonesian market, yoghurt is generally made using two types of microbes namely, Streptococcus thermopilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, whose main benefits for digestion. Interestingly, the function of eating yoghurt is not only limited to digestion. Yoghurt can have a good impact on other health functions. For the professor of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Padjadjaran Prof. Dr. Lovita Adriani, Ir., M.S., in addition to healthful, yoghurt has benefits to improve the various parameters of blood biochemistry and serves as a natural antibiotic. This is what makes Prof. Lovita is interested in researching yoghurt for nearly 20 years. According to Porf. Lovita, a good and healthy yoghurt will be obtained if the good bacteria content and the balance of the formulation are considered. She paid attention to most of the yoghurt products that circulate in the Indonesian market today generally contain two bacteria. “Two good bacteria in yoghurt actually have produced enough benefits, but not maximal yet.” Lovita when found by Unpad Public Relation in Faculty of Animal Husbandry. The Professor of animal physiology also as biochemistry teacher explained that actually not all microbes are pathogenic (bacteria which causes a disease). There are some microbes that can reduce the population of pathogenic bacteria. Results of several research collaborations in other countries find and conclude that one of pathogenic bacteria’s functions is to prevent colon cancer, reduce symptoms of gastric inflammation (stomach ulcer), enhance immunity and improve metabolism. Based on those facts, she tried to apply the use of non-pathogenic bacteria as a competitor of pathogenic bacteria in her yoghurt product findings.


One that has been applied is by adding

Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus and other microbes in the right dosage. Therefore, Prof. Lovita’s yoghurt findings have levels of non-pathogenic bacteria with amount exceeding the terms, i.e. more than 109/ml. The increasing number of reliable non-pathogenic bacteria will reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. This will improve the gastrointestinal ecosystem and eventually improve health.

Some researchers explain that yogurt is also a natural antibiotic. The professor born in Pekalongan, July 27th 1954 has used it to prevent sore throat for children. She tried to replace milk consumption with yoghurt to some children. The result shows that children who consume yoghurt regularly more likely to protected from inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Currently, Prof. Lovita and researchers from other several fields of science in Unpad are developing yogurt products that serve as anti-aging. Some researchers explained earlier that the process of aging can be delayed in several ways. One of the safest ways is to consume probiotic yogurt with a right balance. This yoghurt development utilizing fermented milk with a mixture of milk derived from nuts. Nuts are rich in phytoestrogens, or a compound that is structurally similar to estrogen. For women who have reached menopause will have a number of low estrogen content, so that there will be a wide variety of diseases, such as osteoporosis to cell damage that occurs in the cytoplasm and nucleus. The content of phytoestrogens is expected to compensate for the lack of estrogen for women so it will be more fit. Other content in nuts are important in this research is the isoflavones. Lactic acid bacteria have a very important role in improving the digestibility of isoflavones. This increase is due to the activity of enzymes in microbes that can hydrolyze isoflavones into aglycon compounds are easily absorbed by the intestine.

Until now, the research is successful ferment to become aglycon isoflavones. In the next few months, this study will reveal success. Not only for humans, Prof. Lovita also use yogurt to produce chicken meat low in fat and cholesterol. Chickens have been given yogurt with a certain dose was able to reduce cholesterol and fat content of the meat is up to 25%. “When consumed by humans, it means we have to provide healthy food that can be consumed by a group of people who are sensitive to fat and cholesterol,” said Prof. Lovita. Prof. Lovita is also researching the function of yogurt to inhibit the proliferation of Salmonella bacteria in dealing with typhoid. In addition, she is also producing yoghurt in capsule form which useful for people who have sensitive digestion system. Her homemade yoghurt has also been welded by Unpad under the brand “Lovita Unpad”. Prof. Lovita’s interest in yoghurt was started when she was a student at Fapet Unpad in 1973. Its weird and sour taste that time became the initial interest Prof. Lovita towards yoghurt. In 1990s, based on information from the Media, Indonesia was one of the countries which has the fourth highest number of colon cancer sufferer in the world. She began researching about yoghurt. When completing hef doctoral program at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Lovita’ dissertation managed to produce a significant reduction in the number of pathogenic bacteria in the colon. Aside from producing her independent yoghurt products, her various studies have been published and delivered at various seminars at national and international levels. By becoming one of the businessman in the field of yogurt -besides of her main task as a lecturer, Prof. Lovita hopes her yogurt products can be one of the efforts to improve the health of Indonesian people and prevent them from various diseases.

P RO F I L e



Vol 1, January 2018



tudents of communication science faculty (Fikom) Universitas Padjadjaran incised achievement on ASEAN level competition “Impact (Immersion, Appreciation and Tribute) 2017” which was held in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pinang, Malaysia, 13-14 December 2017. In the competition, students of Fikom Unpad won second place in Communication Campaign branch competition and third place in Creative Packaging Branch Competition. The second place was achieved by the team from students of Public Relations study program year 2015, which were, Muhammad Fairuz Satria Ananda, Alfianisa Fitri, Duwy Sartika, and Inayah Zahra Zahirah. While the team’s members that was able to snatch the third place in Creative Packaging branch competition was Arniralina Negoro and Tavia Rana Nadhifa. Revolutionizing Communication was the theme that was lifted in the competition. Revolutionizing Communication referring to the effects and impacts of leading edge technology which reformed communication into greater network, collaboration, and engagement opportunity.

“With the theme Revolutionizing Communication, we made communication campaign which was Harmonisia – Harmony between Indonesia and Malaysia,” said Fairuz on the release that was informed by Unpad’s Public Relation.

and ASEAN region to make relationship, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. This win brings a good name to Universitas Padjadjaran in International arena, particularly ASEAN,” said Fairuz.

From Indonesia, Unpad was not the only university which managed to snatch the title of champion, some of other universities that were also able to achieve the title were Universitas Sebelas Maret, Universitas Islam Bandung, Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, and Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi Pembangunan. Besides universities from Indonesia, there were also champions from the home country itself which were Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Multimedia University, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, and Taylor’s University. Not losing to Malaysia who snatched a lot of titles, Siipakorn University from Thailand was also able to snatch two title in the competition.

Students of communication science faculty (Fikom) Universitas Padjadjaran incised achievement on ASEAN level competition “Impact (Immersion, Appreciation and Tribute) 2017” which was held in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pinang, Malaysia, 13-14 December 2017

“Immersion, Appreciation and Tribute 2017 has been a platform to college students on learning and media study from all countries



wo volunteers of PMI Universitas Padjadjaran just participated in Temu Karya Sukarelawan VI PMI Jawa Barat Province in Gajahdepan Waterboom area, Cimalaka, Sumedang, on December 18-21 2017. The two volunteers who joined the contingent received an achievement in that event. They are Asep Solahudin, student of Nursery Facultyof Unpad and also volunteer in Korp Sukarela PMI Unpad, and Yolanda Agustianeta Sembiring,alumni of Animal Husbandry Faculty of Unpad who got chosen to be part of Bandung Contingent. With around 40 other volunteers of PMI volunteers in one contingent, PMI of Bandung City succeeded in receiving first category award as The Best Criteria in the Tema Karya event.

The “Temu Karya Sukarelawan PMI 2017” event is the 6th event since 1990 with not least than 1500 participants from 24 PMI Contingents from all over West Java Province. This event was officially opened by West Java Vice Governor, Deddy Mizwar. In this event, the volunteers who are consist of Korps Sukarela member, Tenaga Sukarela, and Donor Darah Sukarela were exchanging their experiences, observations, to the evaluation process of coaching and volunteers leadership that they already got from the PMI and also to plan the role and activities of the volunteers sustainably. Moreover, this event also has important meaning as the strategy to coach, develop, and as the highest appreciation for the PMI volunteers.

Asep Solahudin and Yolanda Agustianeta Sembiring.*



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Vol 1, January 2018




adjadjaran University provides an opportunity for research lecturers and educational staffs to organize research activities and community service. At the beginning of 2018, Unpad reopened the submission of new proposals and continued activities of the Internal Research Grant and Community Service.

(RKDU), Unpad International Collaboration Research (RKIU), Featured Product Downstream Research (RHPU), and UNPAD Educational Staff Research (RTKU). The details of proposal submission for RDPU, ALG, RFU, RKDU, RKIU and RHPU are: Acceptance of research proposal: 2 - 22 January 2018. Selection of proposals: January 23 - February 16, 2018. Implementation of research and community service: March - November 2018.

15, 2018. Period II at 1 – 30 June 2018. Guidelines for internal research grants related to further guidance and the Rector’s Decree on the maximum amount of internal research grants can be downloaded at UNPAD website. are seven research schemes offered by ppm-unpad-tahun-2018-bagi-dosen-dan-tenagaUnpad to lecturers and educational staffs: UNPAD kependidikan/ Lecturers Research (RDPU), Academic Leadership Grant Research (ALG), Unpad Fundamental Research As for the RTKU, submission of the proposal will be (RFU), Unpad Lecturer Competence Research held in two periods: Period I at January 2 - February



he Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, has signed the Memorandum of Understating with the Director of Human Resources from PERUM DAMRI, Sadiyo Sardi, at UNPAD’s Executive Lounge located in Dipatiukur St. No.35, Bandung, on Monday (8/01). The cooperation was conducted regarding the recruitment of human resources, education, and transportation. In the agreement, Sadiyo said that DAMRI needs an adequate human resources these days to cope with the ongoing competition of business transportation. Through this cooperation, it is hoped that DAMRI could get plenty of good quality human resources. Besides to increase the quality of human resources, this cooperation between DAMRI and UNPAD also to discuss the issue regarding the free transportation for both employee and students around campus that has been going on until now. All this time, the relationship between UNPAD and DAMRI has been going well especially since the campus firstly opened in Jatinangor. Since then, DAMRI’s buses had become one of many public transportation option for both employee and students. Sadiyo hopes that there will be further development from this cooperation. “With the establishment of this cooperation, hopefully we could make a further development in other sector and not just about human resources in order to increase both UNPAD’s and DAMRI’s work ethic.” said Sadiyo.


Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, has signed the Memorandum of Understating with the Director of Human Resources from PERUM DAMRI, Sadiyo Sardi, at UNPAD’s Executive Lounge located in Dipatiukur St. No.35, Bandung, on Monday (8/01). The cooperation was conducted regarding the recruitment of human resources, education, and transportation. (Picture: Tedi Yusup)*

Meanwhile, the Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran said that, DAMRI is one of UNPAD’s accelerator in Jatinangor. The accessibility of all academic officials, staffs and even society are all helped by the existence of DAMRI’s buses. Through this cooperation signing, the rector himself has encourage DAMRI to optimize and unite both of their potentials together in order to overcome the challenge that they have today. The rector said that UNPAD had the challenge to develop the knowledge in order to solve the problem

that has been going on in the society. The rector believes that one of UNPAD’s strength is it’s study related to social aspects. “We want to push our academic capability in order to optimize it so that together, we can have the answers to all of the problems that our friends are facing in other sectors. Hopefully, with this plan, there will be more contributive things that UNPAD could give and may it be beneficial for others.” said the Rector.




Edisi 1, Sabtu 13 Januari 2018

RECTOR INAUGURATED A NUMBER OF FACULTY LEADERS 3. Dr. Yanti Hermayanti, S.Kp., M.Nm., inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Nursing; 4. Dra. Mudiyati Rahmatunnisa, M.A., Ph.D., inaugurated as Vice Dean of Graduate School; 5. Henny Suzana Mediani, S.Kp., M.Ng., Ph.D., inaugurated as Dean of the Faculty of Nursing; 6. Dr. sc. agr Yudi Nurul Ihsan, S.Pi., M.Si., inaugurated as Dean of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science;

Rector Prof Tri Hanggono Achmad inaugurated some Dean and Deputy Dean of the Faculties in UNPAD, All-purpose room, Bulding 2, 4th floor, Dipati Ukur street No.35, Bandung, on Tuesday (9/01). (Photo: Tedi Yusup)*


adjadjaran University Rector Prof Tri Hanggono Achmad inaugurated some Dean and Deputy Dean of the Faculties in UNPAD, All-purpose room, Bulding 2, 4th floor, Dipati Ukur street No.35, Bandung, on Tuesday (9/01). The inauguration is based on Rector’s Directive No. 106-149 / UN6.RKT / KP / 2018. On the occasion, the Rector revealed that one of the concepts in bureaucracy reform that was built by UNPAD was related to strengthening the position of faculty leader. One important role is to build coordination and cooperation among faculties. “This asset is important because of the challenges ahead, the complexity that exists can only be solved by increase our synergizes the various capacities that we have,” said Rector. The Rector also encourages to continue to benefit the community through solid academic strength. In addition, it is also important to continue to work

hard to build innovations. “I hope we all have more and more open ourselves. The academic position is not merely what we always face on campus on a regular basis. We must increasingly have sensitivity to the things that happen in our surrounding, “said Rector. In overcoming the challenges and changes in the surrounding very quickly, universities are expected not only to be responsive, but to be the front guard for creating a direction of development. “That’s the academic role, with the strength of the research. Because we believe, the development is essentially the power of research, “said Rector. The names of the officials who are inaugurated are: 1. Mohamad Fahmi, S.E, M.T., Ph.D., inaugurated as Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business; 2. Prof. Dr. Achmad S.Y. Mukawi, drg., Inaugurated as Vice Dean of Faculty of Dentistry;

7. Yudi Azis, S.Si., S.E., S.Sos. , M.T., Ph.D., inaugurated as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business; 8. Setiawan, dr., Inaugurated as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; 9. Raden Achmad Gusman Catur Siswandi, SH., LL.M., Ph.D., inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law; 10. Irvan Afriandi, dr., Grad.Dipl.OEH, MPH, Dr.PH., inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; 11. Dr. Iman Rahayu, S.Si., M.Si., inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; 12. Prof. Dr. Ir. Denny Kurniadie, M.Sc., inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture; 13. Dr. Wahju Gunawan, Drs., M.Si., inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; 14. Dr. Ir. Iman Hernaman, M.Si., was appointed Vice Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry; 15. Dr. Isni Nurruhwati, S.Pi., M.Si., inaugurated as Vice Dean of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science; 16. Dr. Dwi Purnomo, STP., M.T., inaugurated as Vice Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Technology; 17. Prof. Muchtaridi, S.Si., Apt., M.Si., PhD., Inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. *



adjadjaran University ranked fifth in the Public Information Disclosure ranking in 2017 category of State Universities held by the Central Information Commission (KIP). The ranking is done to find out how far the implementation of public information disclosure to Public Agency according to Law no.14 Year 2008. Rector of Public Governance and Public Communication of Padjadjaran University Aulia Iskandarsyah, M.Psi., PhD, upon receiving the certificate of conferment of Public Information Disclosure from the Chairman of the Central Information Commission Tulus Subardjono in Building II of the Vice President Palace Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (21/12). In this ranking, Unpad get a rating of 5 for the category of State Universities. * The conferment of certificate was done by Chairman of KIP Tulus Subardjono to Director of Public Governance and Communication UNPAD Aulia Iskandarsyah, M.Psi., PhD, in Building II of Vice President Palace Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (21/12). The occasion is attended by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, and Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto.

UNPAD was ranked 5th with a score of 76.12 and earned the qualification “Simply Informative”. This review process was conducted during the period of June to December 2017. Assessment was made to 400 Public Bodies divided into seven categories: Ministry, Provincial Government, State Institution & Non Ministerial Government Institution, State University, Non Structural Institution, State, and Political Parties. There are four points assessed, namely, announcing public information, providing public information, public information requesting services, and managing information and documentation. Public bodies are also required to follow the flow of assessment activities established by the KIP. By achieving this rank, Aulia explained that UNPAD will continue to push the improvement of information management system and standard for the society. Some of the efforts to be undertaken include the preparation of blueprints and strategic plans, the implementation of good practices, personnel capacity building, and monitoring of the implementation of information management.

“The achievement of the 5th rank shows the Overall, the top 10 State Universities who entered seriousness of UNPAD in the management and the Public Information Disclosure Act of 2017 are: openness of public information which is good for the 1. Universitas Brawjaya, community,” said Aulia when contacted by UNPAD Public Relation. 2. University of Indonesia, RAGA M

3. Bogor Agricultural University, 4. State University of Malang, 5. Universitas Padjadjaran, 6. Universitas Gadjah Mada 7. Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, 8. State University of Yogyakarta, 9. Bandung Institute of Technology, and 10. Sriwijaya University. *




Vol 1, January 2018


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Gentra vol 1, january 2018 eng  
Gentra vol 1, january 2018 eng