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Uno Castillo

Audio Visual Director and Professional Photographer. His photographic work is focused on the portrait of actresses, models, artists and erotic photography. In his work as a portrait artist, he focuses on getting images that tell the stories of those who cross in front of his camera without first being versioned by. In his erotic works, he is looking to exalt the power of the human body sensuality, a place where nudity and space is mixed with the "everyday" to produce the meaning of eroticism. He has had the opportunity to photograph people from anonymity to famous people like the members of the Mexican band Zoe, also to Marky Ramone, Robert McKee, Carmen Maura and others.



Actors / Actresses /Models

Personal Work

Contacto Cel: 317 387 25 19 Tel: (57 -1) 245 77 39


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