UNO New Faculty Directory | 2022-2023

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HANLI HE/HIM/HIS Ph.D. Biology, Baylor University | B.S. Life Science, Peking University Han Li is an assistant professor of ecology. He uses bats, the second most diverse mammal group, to study the biodiversity crisis in relation to anthropogenic environmental changes (primarily urbanization). Prior to joining UNO, Han developed and directed a statewide bat monitoring network for the state of North Carolina. He has taught various courses in ecology, conservation biology, and scientific reading and writing. He is most proud of his undergraduate student co-authors who published research with him. Han is also an experienced chef, who mostly enjoys cooking vegan dishes for his husband, Brandon.

ALICIAM.RICHSHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Anthropology, Indiana University | M.A. Anthropology, Indiana University | B.A. Biology and Anthropology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Alicia Rich is an assistant professor of environmental studies in the Department of Biology, where she teaches courses on primate health and the environment. Alicia carried out the first studies focusing exclusively on the molecular ecology of chimpanzees in the savanna-mosaic habitat at Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda. Now she directs a long-term project investigating One Health and people-primate interactions at the nearby Itwara Forest. The Rich Lab investigates primate molecular health more broadly, collaborating with several zoos through Alicia?s position on the AZA Animal Health Committee. She is also an avid runner and enjoys competing in the 50-mile trail distance.


MUFRETTINMURATSARI Ph.D. Chemistry, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey | M.S. Chemistry, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey Mufrettin Sari is an instructor in the Department of Chemistry at UNO. Previously, he was a teaching assistant at Hacettepe University, chemistry researcher and lecturer at the Criminal Department Research Center in Turkey, chemistry professor at the Turkish Military Academy, and visiting professor at Texas A&M University, UT Arlington, University of North Texas. He is the author of more than 25 articles in peer-review journals and proceedings with more than 500 citations. He has more than 20 years of research and teaching experience in the fields of chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry at Texas A&M University before joining UNO.


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DENISSVECHKAREV Ph.D. Chemistry, V. Karazin Kharkiv National University | M.S. Chemistry, V. Karazin Kharkiv National University | B.S. Chemistry, V. Karazin Kharkiv National University Denis Svechkarev is an assistant professor. His research interests are rather interdisciplinary and focus on creating new functional materials for biomedical applications. In particular, his work addresses the need for affordable and fast methods of diagnostics of bacterial infections for application in the field or in low-resource environments. He equally enjoys the role of an ambassador of his discipline while teaching foundational courses and engaging in in-depth discussion with upper-level students. He is also an avid science outreach activist. Denis enjoys traveling, running, and spending time outdoors.


KELLYM.DEUERLINGSHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Geology, University of Florida | M.S. Geology, The Ohio State University | B.S. Geology, University of Florida Kelly Deuerling currently serves as an assistant professor. Her research interests concern groundwater-surface water interactions and mineral-water interactions across landscapes and climate zones including anthropogenic influences. Her teaching interests focus on general geology and the role of water in geologic processes. She has taught courses on physical geology, geochemistry, soil genesis, and hydrogeology. She is part of an interdisciplinary group of scientists working to understand the differing role of carbonates and silicates on critical zone development. Kelly enjoys crafting, baking, and adventuring with her partner and children.


MARKBOXELL Ph.D. History, The University of Oklahoma | M.A. History, Colorado State University | B.A. History, University of Evansville Mark Boxell is an assistant professor. He is a historian of the United States whose interests lie in environmental history and the history of the American West. His current research focuses on the history of oil production in the early 20th century, particularly on Native American, African American, and African Indigenous land in Indian Territory, Oklahoma, and Texas. His research has been supported by the Organization of American Historians, the Western History Association, and the Business History Conference. He teaches courses in United States history, the history of the American West, and environmental history.


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SOPHIAH.MARKS M.A. Mathematics, University of Nebraska at Omaha | B.S. Mathematics, Peru State College Sophia Marks initially joined UNO as a graduate teaching assistant. She loved the community so much that she has now grown into the position of instructor. The courses she teaches range from general education algebra courses to non-algebra-focused courses. She has a passion for helping students work through all the struggles and anxieties they may face while taking a math class. When not in the classroom, Sophia enjoys taking care of her numerous house plants, listening to music, and baking.

LOCHANAK. PALAYANGODA Ph.D. Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University | M.S. Statistics, Sam Houston State University Lochana Palayangoda currently serves as an assistant professor. His research and teaching interest emphasize industrial practices and applications in statistics and machine learning. He has more than seven years of experience in industry as an engineer and data scientist. In his previous role, he worked as a senior data scientist at PepsiCo. His work involved statistics and machine learning projects related to grains, sport and fitness, and sustainability. Lochana loves to play guitar especially Pink Floyd. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and son.


BHARATRANGANATHAN Ph.D. Religious Studies, Indiana University | M.T.S. Religion, Ethics, and Politics, Harvard Divinity School Bharat Ranganathan is assistant professor of religious studies and the inaugural Brooks Professor of Religion and Social Justice. His research and teaching interests focus on how religious ethics and moral and political philosophy bear on problems in bioethics and medical humanities in both clinical and public health contexts. He also has substantive interests in the philosophy of religion and theology. He has held fellowships from the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study, the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture, and the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago.


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SARAHE.FRAMPTONSHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Behavior Analysis, Simmons University | M.A. Education (Special Education), California State University-Sacramento Sarah Frampton serves as an assistant professor. She has worked in the field of applied behavior analysis for over 16 years for agencies across the country. She has published research in a variety of behavior analytic journals. Her areas of interest include verbal behavior, problem solving, and dissemination of best practices. She was awarded the Excellence in Behavior Analytic Research Award from Simmons University. Sarah serves on multiple editorial boards for behavior analytic journals. Sarah loves to spend time with her family and friends, preferably playing sports or cuddling on the couch for a movie night.


YUZHOUCHEN Ph.D. Accounting, University of Nebraska Lincoln | M.S. Accounting, Binghamton University Yuzhou Chen is an incoming assistant professor in the School of Accounting, and he is excited to start his career at UNO. His research and teaching focus on auditing and financial accounting, and he has teaching experience in both auditing and financial accounting. In his spare time, Yuzhou enjoys exploring nearby cities, watching documentaries and sports games, cleaning his aquarium, listening to rap and classical music, and reading maps.

LINHLE Ph.D. Accounting, University of North Texas | M.A. Economics, University at Buffalo Linh Le currently serves as the assistant professor of accounting. Her research Interests include corporate governance and accounting systems. In particular, her study investigates corporate executives?behavior and board composition and their impact on firm value. Another of her studies seeks to determine the impact of information technology in financial reporting quality. She has taught courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and accounting information systems. Linh enjoys reading books with a cup of coffee, learning a new programming language, and playing the piano.


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JAMIECHUNG Ph.D. Business Administration, Georgia State University | B.S. Applied Math and Statistics, and Economics, SUNY at Stony Brook Jamie Chung currently serves as an assistant professor in the Finance, Banking, and Real Estate Department. She is also a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Her research focuses on real estate economics and finance associated with technological innovation and demographics. Before Jamie joined UNO, she taught real estate principles and real estate finance at Georgia State University. She currently teaches courses in real estate principles and real estate investment at UNO.


MATTALLEN Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The University of Oklahoma | M.S. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The University of Oklahoma | B.A. Psychology, University of California, Riverside Matt Allen has over 15 years of experience as an industrial and organizational psychology consultant, professor, and manager specializing in applied social and behavioral science research to meet organizations?strategic human capital needs. He is currently an assistant professor of management in the College of Business Administration and head of Business Strategy at the National Counterterrorism, Innovation, Technology, and Education Center at UNO. He is an active researcher with multiple publications and presentations at professional conferences in areas ranging from cybersecurity, insider threat, leadership, individual difference assessment, assessment strategy, and organizational research methods.

JENNYHOANG Ph.D. Supply Chain Management, The University of Tennessee | M.B.A. Supply Chain Management, Texas Christian University | B.S. Business Administration, Troy University Thu Trang (Jenny) Hoang will be joining UNO as an assistant professor. Her research areas include traceability, reverse logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, and last mile logistics. Jenny was an international consultant in supply chain strategy for companies in the US, Denmark, South Korea, China, and Vietnam. Her relationship with giants like Alibaba, Amazon, Ecco Shoes, and a successful start-up experience (Round 1: $30M) continue to inspire and support her current and future research.


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SONAKLUCAROVA Ph.D. Business Administration (Marketing), University of Central Florida | M.B.A. Business Administration, Webster University Vienna | B.S. Business Administration, Webster University Vienna | Certificate in Web Site Design, Webster University Vienna Sona Klucarova is an assistant professor of marketing. Her research interests include conspicuous consumption, prosocial behavior, influencer marketing, and societal issues. She was a fellow at the prestigious AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium in 2019. Sona is a recipient of the 2019 Academic Achievement and Excellence Award and the 2020 College of Business Administration Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching, both of which she received during her time as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Central Florida. Prior to joining UNO, Sona worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Montpellier Business School in France. She is a native of Slovakia.


MUHAMMADBILAWALKHOSOHE/HIM/HIS M.F.A. Graphic Design, Iowa State University | B.S. Media Sciences, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Institute of Science and Technology Muhammad Bilawal Khoso, known as BK to his friends, has years of extensive design, marketing, and branding experience around the world. His research work focuses on social design and aims to make an impact by delivering powerful ideas into thoughtful designs that inspire social change. BK is a two-time TEDx speaker at TEDxFSCJ 2019 and TEDxIowaStateUniversity 2018. The talks were based on GET ? a project designed to counter racist and stereotypical narratives about communities that often find themselves at the receiving end of negative propaganda, hateful rhetoric, and discrimination.

JOSEPHL. PANKOWSKI HE/HIM/HIS M.F.A. Electronic Visualization, University of Nebraska at Omaha | B.F.A. Intermedia, University of Nebraska at Omaha Joseph Pankowski is an instructor of graphic design. Prior to his appointment at UNO, Joe taught a variety of subjects including drawing, 3D design, and new media art. As an artist, his main focus involves illustration, animation, telling stories, DIY, computer graphics, video, and dreams. Recently his animation work for Omaha Magazine received a Great Plains Journalism Award for Multimedia Graphics. Outside of teaching and making art, Joe enjoys doing home improvement projects and raising his two children.


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CHERYLMAIORCASHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Communication, The University of Oklahoma | M.S. Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Arkansas Tech University | B.A. Social and Behavioral Science, Linfield College Cheryl Maiorca is a passionate advocate for listening, in the classroom, in her research, and in her personal life. Her focus on student-led pedagogy earned her the Provost?s Award for Distinction in Teaching while at the University of Oklahoma. Her research focuses on the role of storytelling in communication and identity. She serves in the Public Deliberation and Dialogue division of the National Communication Association, previously as secretary and currently on the nominating committee. She lives with her husband, sons, and more pets than she wants to claim.


ALISABELFLOWER M.M. Music, University of South Carolina | B.M. Music and B.S. French | Furman University Alisa Belflower is a national award-winning stage director and professor. Developing and teaching innovative voice/ acting training programs at Miami University, Towson University (Baltimore), and the University of Nebraska?Lincoln has refined her approach in training healthy voices that allow classically based singing techniques to integrate with innovative acting/ movement techniques. Her former students perform professionally on theatre, opera, and recital stages. Active in several professional organizations, she currently serves as a National Association of Teachers of Singing national vice president.


DOBROMIRDOTOV Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, University of Connecticut | B.A. Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College Dobromir Dotov is an assistant professor in the Department of Biomechanics. His most recent appointment was as a post-doctoral fellow at the LIVELab (Large Interactive Virtual Environment), McMaster University, Ontario. He has worked on motor learning, tool use, gait in Parkinson's disease, and interactions between auditory and motor systems in human and macaque. His fun projects deal with group behavior such as the tradeoffs between individual and collective performance of mid-sized teams. He has taught statistics of kinesiology, cognitive psychology, and computational methods for movement science. @Dobri_Dotov and


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TODDLEUTZINGER Ph.D. Biomechanics, University of Nebraska at Omaha | M.A. Biomechanics, University of Nebraska at Omaha | B.S. Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science, University of Nebraska Lincoln Todd Leutzinger teaches the anatomy and physiology courses in the Biomechanics Department. His research and teaching interests focus on improving biomechanics education for high school and college students. Todd has previously taught the anatomy and physiology courses at UNO as a Ph.D. student along with the undergraduate biomechanics course. Todd has a diverse training background having published papers in a variety of different journals from Clinical Nutrition to Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair among others. Todd enjoys participating in endurance sports and often uses physiological scenarios from endurance events to help teach his classes.


JESSICAL. BALDWINSHE/HER/HERS Ed.D. Kinesiology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro | M.A. Fitness and Wellness Management, University of Nebraska at Omaha | B.S. Kinesiology, Kansas State University Jessica Baldwin has been a full-time instructor at UNO for the past nine years but will now move into a new position as an assistant professor. She has taught numerous kinesiology and PEA courses in the School of Health and Kinesiology. Her research interests include remote/ online instruction of physical activity, unified fitness, and PK-12 rhythm/ dance-based instruction. Jessica serves as the program director for the unified fitness program at UNO and an area high school. She also enjoys time with her family by playing board games, watching her daughter play sports, and fostering dogs through a local rescue.

CHRISTOPHERCOLLINSHE/HIM/HIS M.S. Exercise Physiology, University of Nebraska at Omaha | B.S. Exercise Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha Christopher Collins managed the UNO Exercise Physiology Lab for four years and has now moved into a hybrid instructor and lab manager position. His teaching interests are on health, exercise physiology, and laboratory methods for exercise science. His previous research experience includes investigating environmental effect on exercise adaptations, muscle physiology, immune adaptations to post traumatic stress, and redox signaling. He has a passion for coaching youth hockey in the Omaha area. He also enjoys teaching his two sons to work on their land and tractor and how to raise chickens.


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SHANNONGEHRSHE/HER/HERS M.A. Health, Physical Education, and Recreation with a Concentration in Athletic Training, University of Nebraska at Omaha | B.S. Exercise Science, Valparaiso University Shannon Gehr currently serves as an instructor for the School of Health and Kinesiology. For the past 12 years, Shannon served as an athletic trainer and adjunct professor for Iowa Western Community College. Her primary clinical responsibilities were working with the football, women's basketball, and women's wrestling teams. Shannon earned her bachelor's degree in exercise science while also being named an academic all-conference student athlete as a member of the swim team. She was granted the Moe and Irene Mellion Athletic Training Scholarship award while a graduate student at UNO.

AYOOLAGOKESHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Public Health, University of Illinois Chicago | M.S. Public Health, University of Ibadan, Nigeria Ayo Olagoke is an assistant professor in the School of Health and Kinesiology. Her research and teaching interests focus on closing health disparity by creating effective health communication strategies, especially around vaccination. She has taught classes like social determinants of health and research methods. She founded Health Disseminate, a not-for-profit organization focused on knowledge transfer in Africa. So far, they have reached more than 15,000 people with remarkable behavior changes. Ayo's recent efforts have been focused on building the first national misinformation surveillance and response system. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with family and friends.


MADINADJURAEVASHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, World Language Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison | M.A. Applied English Linguistics and TESOL, University of Wisconsin-Madison Madina Djuraeva is an assistant professor of ESL/ bilingual/ biliteracy education. She is the co-editor of the book "Language Policy or the Politics of Language: Re-imagining the Role of Language in a Neoliberal Society". Her research focuses on sociocultural, educational, economic, and politico-historical discourses of becoming and being multilingual, with implications for multilingual learner education and teacher preparation. A former Fulbright recipient and a multilingual speaker of Uzbek, Tajik, Russian, English, Spanish, and Korean, she has taught courses across English, teacher education, and world languages education. Madina enjoys playing ping-pong, swimming, and salsa dancing.


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MICHAELR.FRYDAHE/HIM/HIS M.S.T. Science Education and Assessment, University of Nebraska Lincoln | B.S. Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison Michael Fryda is joining the Teacher Education Department as an instructor of secondary adolescent development. His teaching and research interests focus on maximizing empathy and action to help include and empower learners. He has taught human physiology, general biology, and classroom assessment for teachers. He was a high school science teacher for 19 years. Michael was honored as Nebraska State Teacher of the Year in 2010 and with the Schrager Distinguished Teaching Award in 2013. Michael writes tabletop role-playing scenarios for publication in his spare time. He also enjoys reading and spending time with his wife, dogs, and cats.

K. "REN" RENDETHEY/THEM/THEIRS Ph.D. Science Education, North Carolina State University | M.A. Visual Journalism (Science Communication focus), University of Miami | B.S. Plant Biology, North Carolina State University Ren Rende is a former environmental journalist and science museum educator. They are currently a Ph.D. candidate in science education at North Carolina State University and will be joining UNO as an assistant professor of STEM technology education. Ren?s teaching and research agendas are grounded in transformative justice and focus on digital citizenship, equity in educational technology, and LGBTQ-inclusion in K-12 and informal STEM education. In 2021, Ren was a winner of the AERA Division C: Learning and Instruction Equity and Inclusion Dissertation Support Grant. They enjoy cycling, hiking, and volunteering for community organizations.

MELANYJ. SPIEHSSHE/HER/HERS M.S. Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha l B.S. Elementary Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha Melany Spiehs is an instructor in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. She spent eight years as an early childhood educator for the Omaha Public Schools where she led the opening of an outdoor classroom, created a toy lending library for her students, and piloted a family play class. Her professional areas of focus include anti-racism education, play-based learning, and nature exploration. Melany is also a certified Nebraska Master Naturalist and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, three children, and dog.


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ALISONA.ADAMS M.S. Education, University of the Southwest | B.A. Education, Midland University Alison Adams is an instructor in UNO?s Aviation Institute. Alison has over 4,500 flight hours in a variety of aircraft. Alison soloed an airplane for the first time on her 16th birthday and earned her first pilot rating at the age of 17. Alison has special training in spin and upset recovery and completed the training required of regional aerobatic judges. She is active in numerous aviation organizations and serves as an appointed member of the Airport Advisory Board for the city of Fremont. When she is not teaching or flying, Alison enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her children.


CONNIEMARIEMORRIS M.S. Criminal Justice Administration, Ferris State University | B.S. Criminal Justice, Ferris State University Connie Morris is an instructor for the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and is housed on the Lincoln campus. Her research interest is in teaching bias awareness training and education. She has taught various classes, including Race and Ethnicity and Criminal Justice, Police and Society, Human Trafficking, and Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. Connie is currently writing a book on rethinking implicit bias. As a police officer, she received letters of commendation for her service. In addition, she was chosen as Ferris State University's 2019 Outstanding Student Graduate. Connie enjoys cycling, researching, reading, and cooking. Connie can be found on Truth Social and Telegram @ConnieM90


JUNGHWACHOI Ph.D. Political Science, The University of Oklahoma | Master of Public Policy, Oregon State University Junghwa Choi ("Choi") is joining UNO as an assistant professor in the School of Public Administration this fall. Her research primarily focuses on the role of community members in emergency management and public administration to build a safer community against weather-related hazards. She has taught courses in sustainability and hazard resilience, emergency management, and quantitative analysis. She came to the US from South Korea in 2014 for her postgraduate education. She loves spending time with her husband and three cats - Gauss, Plato, and Leo.


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VONE.NEBBITTHE/HIM/HIS Ph.D. Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis | M.S.W Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis | B.A. Sociology and Fine Arts (Studio), Saint Louis University Von E. Nebbitt is a professor and Director of the Grace Abbott School of Social Work at UNO. His research and field experiences are in the areas of health-risk behaviors and mental health symptoms among African American youth who live in urban public housing. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities, The Silberman Foundation, and The MacArthur Foundation. His research has been published in several health, psychology, and social work journals.

HEIDIA.RUEDA Ph.D. Social Work, Arizona State University | M.A. Social Work, Arizona State University | B.A. Spanish and Psychology, University of Nebraska at Omaha Heidi Rueda serves as the John E. Christensen Community Chair in Child Welfare and an associate professor. Her research and teaching interests focus on child and adolescent well-being and relationships, particularly towards the prevention of violence victimization and dating violence victimization and perpetration. She co-authored the book "Disability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health: A Social Work Perspective", and her research has been cited approximately 500 times in peer-reviewed outlets. Heidi enjoys yoga, singing, and spending time with her husband and four pets. She is a proud alumnus of UNO.

LAURELC.SARISCSANYSHE/HER/HERS Ph.D. Social Work, Columbia University | M.S. Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis | B.S. Social Work, University of Nebraska at Omaha Laurel Sariscsany currently serves as an assistant professor. Her research focuses on the financial wellbeing of individuals and families, with special interests in fiscal policy, wealth, and disadvantaged populations. Her research has explored a number of topics including: the gender and racial wealth gap in the US, the Child Tax Credit, child support, the welfare state in the US, and the history of the 1919 lynching and riot in Omaha. Laurel enjoys petting dogs, reading, and her family and friends.


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ALFREDOJ. PEREZHE/HIM/HIS Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa | B.S. Systems Engineering, Universidad del Norte - Barranquilla, Colombia Alfredo J. Perez is an associate professor. His research and teaching interests include ubiquitous computing, privacy, and computer science in K-12 teacher education. He has taught courses in the areas of programming, mobile computing, machine learning/ artificial intelligence, and computer science for teachers. Alfredo holds three US patents related to location-based systems. He is a co-author of the book "Location-based Information Systems ? Developing Real-time Tracking Applications", and has served as the primary investigator and co-primary investigator in projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Departments of Defense and Education, and Google related to his research interests. He enjoys playing saxophone and flute and doing activities with his wife and two school-aged children.


LORIN.SCHWARTZSHE/HER/HERS M.A. Public History, University of South Carolina | M.L.I.S. Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina Lori Schwartz currently serves as the Hagel and Technical Services Archivist and assistant professor in Archives and Special Collections. She manages the US Senator Chuck Hagel Archives and directs arrangement and description activities for the department. Prior to UNO, she was tenured faculty at the University of South Carolina. She serves in leadership for the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress and the Society of American Archivists' public policy initiatives and is a former member of the Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress.


ERICSCHMIDTHE/HIM/HIS M.A. Transportation and Logistics Management, American Military University | B.S. Operations Management, California State University, Sacramento Captain Eric Schmidt serves as associate professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC, Detachment 470 at UNO. He is a career logistics officer with nine years experience at both the tactical and operational levels. His areas of experience include tactical logistics and supply chain management as well as peer and near peer conflict support planning, and he most recently served in the 55th Mission Support Group at Offutt AFB, NE before coming to UNO. Eric enjoys all things outdoors and spending time with his wife and two children.


We are independent thinkers. Explorers. Risk Takers. We are willing to go against the grain; ask the hard questions; and look at challenges in a different way. We collaborate. We serve. We represent. We grow. We are doing things that people said would never happen. We are loud. We are proud.


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M ?O

Adams, Alison A.; Aviation

Maiorca, Cheryl; Communication

Allen, Matt; Management

Marks, Sophia H.; Mathematics

Baldwin, Jessica; Health and Kinesiology

Morris, Connie Marie; Criminology and Criminal Justice

Belflower, Alisa; Music

Nebbitt, Von E.; Social Work

Bilawal Khoso, Muhammad; Art

Olagoke, Ayo; Health and Kinesiology

Boxell, Mark; History


Chen, Yuzhou; Accounting Choi, Junghwa; Emergency Management

Palayangoda, Lochana K.; Mathematics

Chung, Jamie; Finance, Banking and Real Estate

Pankowski, Joseph L.; Art

Collins, Christopher; Health and Kinesiology

Perez, Alfredo J.; Computer Science Ranganathan, Bharat; Philosophy and Religion

D?F Deuerling, Kelly; Geology Djuraeva, Madina; Teacher Education

Rende, K. Ren; Teacher Education Rich, Alicia M.; Biology Rueda, Heidi; Social Work

Dobromir, Dotov; Biomechanics Frampton, Sarah E.; Psychology Fryda, Michael R.; Teacher Education

S?Z Sari, Mulfettin Murat; Chemistry Sariscsany, Laurel C.; Social Work

G?I Gehr, Shannon; Health and Kinesiology

Schmidt, Eric; ROTC Schwartz, Lori N.; UNO Libraries Spiehs, Melany; Teacher Education


Svechkarev, Denis; Chemistry

Hoang, Jenny; Management Klucarova, Sona; Marketing and Entrepreneurship Le, Linh; Accounting Leutzinger, Todd; Biomechanics Li, Han; Biology


On this occasion, it is appropriate to acknowledge that UNO occupies the traditional treaty lands of the Omaha (UmoHhoN) and Otoe-Missouria Tribal Nations. We would also like to express our respect to the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska, and the 170 plus other tribes represented within the Omaha area today.

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The University of Nebraska does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its education programs or activities, including admissions and employment. The University prohibits any form of retaliation being taken against anyone for reporting discrimination, harassment, or retaliation for otherwise engaging in protected activity. UCTEMP2022