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May, 2011 Issue 13, Vol 5

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Love, is a force of nature LIU Siyu and ZHANG Wuhan Homosexuality is romantic and sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender.This word was created by doctor Benkert from Germany at 1869. Homosexuality has been a controversial topic for quite a long time even till nowadays.People hold the stereotype that most male fall in love with female,and then the entire male should love female, so gay is abnormal and can’t be accepted. Furthermore, homosexual orientation is always linked with moral standard, despite the fact which is proved “not” by the World M e d i c a l A s s o c i a t i o n . H o w e v e r, homosexuality has a long history both in China and Western countries. It also appears in films for a lot of times.This article will categorize several classic homosexuality films by the types of romantic acquaintance.

I find my love in the friendship The British film “My Beautiful Launderette” tells a story between two men who grow romance slowly. Omar is a kind, friendly and innocent boy who is from Pakistan. When he move to London gutter and take over his uncle' s laundry which

is almost going bankrupt, he employs his best friend during his childhood named Johnny. They unite in a concerted effort and finally make the laundry recover from difficulties.During that hard phase they fall in love with each other.However, homosexual is not allowed in that era, they have to bury this emotion in heart deeply and identify the boundary between lovers and companions. At the same time, Omar’s sister knows Jonny and is drawn into his special quality.She finds Jonny is suitable to be her husband and pay court to him repeatedly.He finds it is hard to accept a lover except Omar. Under this complex situation, Jonny is buried in depression. During that phase, racial discrimination is spread to all the British.Faced with such a country, the Pakistani boy Omar suffers unequal treatment. His father attempts to persuade Omar to give up this work rather than just serve as a laundryman. In addition, Jonny loses all his friends as a consequence of close relation with Omar. Omar can’t endure his best friend or lover to be looked down upon and make up his mind to follow his father’s decision which is to close the laundry. When Jonny receives this word and realizes that all their effort will be worthless, he find Omar with anger.Faced with each other, from the eyes they know everything and hug tightly which means two loving heart tightly weld together.Ultimately their laundry turns better again. With the support of love, any difficulty can be come through. “Farewell my concubine”, is a Chinese movie which are also classic to tell the love from friendship.Chen ( star by Leslie

Cheung) was abandoned by his mother, then, forced to learn Peking Opera in a troupe.During this time,he meets Duan Xiaolou ( star by Zhang Fengyi)who takes

care of Chen as a brother.In the Opera, they always perform “Yuji” and “Xiang Yu”, which have a sad love story in ancient China.Chen prefers to be “Yuji”, who is behind her husband during the whole life time.He insist this motion even during the hardest time— China’s culture revolution. However, when they prepare for a performance in new China, a joke from Duan finally let him realize, he is a man, not “Yuji”, then he killed himself, using a sword of “Xiang Yu”— Duan. In those days, people always regard homosexual love as the heterosexual one— there needs a “man” and a “woman”, whatever their actual gender is.

sheep keepers, and share a happy time.However, after the summer, they need to go back to real life. They all married and find new jobs, but they can’t stop missing each other. Jack first lettered Ennis and then, causes their second meet. They have to date just twice per year in order to hiding the truth. Jack doesn’t satisfy with it, and find another lover. In the end, because of Jack’s high key, he was killed secretly, similar as what Ennis saw when he was young. Ennis, after finding out the “bloodstained shirt”, knowing what a deep love Jack has to him, but Jack, will never come back. As Jake ( stars Jack in the movie) says,he never thinks of “who is the man or woman” in this love story. They are no need to have disparities. They all man, and simply love each other. This opinion is different with the previous one.To some extent, it makes an improvement. It is a new concept suited for homosexual love, which doesn’t need to be a branch of heterosexual one. To conclude, no matter it are “slow” or “quick”, and “disparities” or no, love is always a force of nature.

At 14:46 JST on Friday, 11th march 2011, and a 9.0-magnitude undersea mega thrust earthquake off the coast of Japan occurred. The hypocenter is at an underwater depth of approximately 32km in the western Pacific Ocean, with the epicenter approximately 72km east of the Oshika Peninsula of Tohoku. What is more, the earthquake triggered tremendously devastating tsunami waves up to 37.9 meters that struck Japan a few minutes after the quake. The short distance between the epicenter and some places makes the tsunami travel up to 10km inland. Estimates of the Tohoku earthquake’s magnitude make it the most powerful known to have hit Japan, and one of the most powerful earthquakes in the world since modern record keeping began in 1900. The Japanese National Police Agency has confirmed 13,439

deaths, 4900 injured and 14,867 people missing across 18 prefectures, as well as over 125,000 buildings damaged or to varied degrees. The earthquake and tsunami cause widespread structural damage in Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways, dam collapse and fires with strong smoking. In addition, the electricity and water has been extensively influenced. However, the extremely serious nuclear crisis is at the top of most concerns of the damages and effect. The explosions of the nuclear power reactors because of the cooling system failure brought the nuclear crisis with the nuclear radiation that can cause the deadly genovariation or healthy problems to people. Just like the scenes from the hot movie 2012 or other movies of catastrophe, this catastrophe has aroused the question about whether this is the end of our world as

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Issue 13, Volume 5

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Secret Story Behind the Black Parade SUN Dongbai Proof-reading:Neville McNally In UNNC, there is a group of people playing music, rocking the world. They have an identical dream:they are on the way realizing their corporate ideal. They created many miracles together including selling 394 tickets in 6 hours, holding so many concerts in UNNC every year, having more singers than any other band,and singers in the band took the first and second prizes of two years'Top 10 singers' competitions. They are life-long friends. They are called Skyline! On April 22 nd,Black Parade,the farewell performance of Skyline was held in the Robin Hood. Next you will see secret stories behind the Black Parade…… Let me tell you the differences between Kong Shuaibo, Zhao Pan, the former singers of Skyline as well as Ding Gan who is an allrounder in music and the captain of Skyline .

I love you since the first meet The Brokeback Mountain is a classic love story in American West from 1962to 1983.The two cowboys — Jack and Ennis rubbed the love spark when they first meet. Later,they both get the job of

Catastrophe and Panic: From Japan earthquake to prediction of 2012 WANG Zhe and LI Siyu

The Students’ Newspaper for the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

predicted in the Mayan calendar. Back to the events happened r e c e n t l y, e a r t h q u a k e s i n N e w Zealand, Chile and China have caused many deaths, as well as caused widespread panic. More and more people talk about the end of our world as predicted in Mayan calendar. When people watch or listen to some news about earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados or floods, we pay more attention to them in order to know whether it could be the end of our world. Maybe it is very stupid but many people consider it now. Why are we fearful of the prediction of Mayan? Why are there widespread panics? Most people should remember the panic of salt in our country after Japan earthquake. Some psychologists indicate that people who buy salt crazily are instinctive respond of living. When people heard the tremendously devastating earthquake causing the nuclear

radiation, they are afraid of the nuclear radiation influence their health. Therefore, the merchants of salt cornered the salt and organized people spread the function of salt protecting people from nuclear radiation. Using the behavior of blindly conforming the most of people causing the panic of salt to get benefits from it, the merchant is the root of panic and the interests is the reason hidden the prediction by the people of vested interest. The panic of 2012 or prediction of Mayan reflects the lack of love and trust in modern society. When people are busy in working or getting interests, they often ignore the love and trust, especially ignore the dependence of spirit. So we should spend more our time to stay with our families and friends, enjoying our wonderful life. Even if the catastrophe is coming, we could face it calmly because of the love in our mind.

Set List: My chemical romance-welcome to the black parade Sum41-still waiting The Placebo-the bitter end My chemical romance-teenagers My chemical romance-mama The pretty reckless-just tonight Nightwish-amaranth The pretty reckless-make me wanna die XIE Tianxiao - Come Again Radiohead-last flowers CUI Jian - Hua Fang Girl Hua’ er Band: Flowers and other 5 songs Nightwish-Phantom of the opera The pretty reckless-Zombies Nightwish-Kinslayer Nightwish-Last of the wilds Fall out boy-beat it Katy Perry-If you can afford me Beyonce-If I were a boy blandness XIAO Jingteng- Princess Tian Mi Lu XingStory Poker face Encore: Pieces Welcome to my life Hot N cold Only in front of you


composed by Ding Gan himself. Maybe it is the song written for some girl? Before the conversation, I thought it quite the same with you. However, Ding said that the title has no meaning and there is no secret love story as you expected. “I have been single since twenty one years’ of age”, Ding smiled shyly. The original song was composed in his junior high school, which convinced Ding to enter Skyline in his Year One.Last year, Ding was playing the original piece he wrote when he was fifteen years old in Skating Square.Two inflexions in the song grabbed the attention of another guitarist in the band, Maestro Chen.Ding turned this song into a great piece in a week under Chen' s instruction and joined Skyline as well. The piece he played is exactly <Love in memory>.

The secret story behind<Love in memory> “Thanks for my great mum” You may be curious about the last song at the Black Parade which is

You may not forget that the words

he said before singing the most important piece <Blandness>.” To begin with, I’d like to thank my great mum who fostered my talent in music. I would not achieved the success you have seen today without her…” When talking about his mum,Ding was full of pride and gratitude.Similar to most children, Ding also had a hard time during suffering when learning the piano. Faced with boring practice, Ding’s mum encouraged him in another way.For instance, she told Ding that she couldn’t fall asleep without listening to his piano. “Actually, the music I played at that time was really unpleasant to hear” he said. Thanks for mother Ding’s special encouragement and wisdom guidance. In addition, perhaps you were not aware of that Ding’s mum was sitting at the back of the hall. We believe that watching her son’s perfect performance, she must be the happiest woman in the world.

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