UNM Foundation Annual Report of Giving 2009-2010

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2oo 9- 2o1o A N N U A L R E P O RT o f G I V I NG

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Cover photo by James Steinkamp, courtesy VOA Associates: The Carl C. Anderson, Sr. & Marie Jo Anderson Meditation Garden and Pool at the entrance to the Cancer Treatment and Clinical Research Facility. The Carl C. Anderson, Sr. & Marie Jo Anderson Foundation generously contributed to the construction of the UNM Cancer Center’s award-winning building, designed by local firm RMKM Architecture with VOA Associates. The UNM Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated center in the state and is the Official Cancer Center of the State of New Mexico. Photo spread by Erik Stenbakken: The UNM campus in Albuquerque with Smith Plaza and Zimmerman Library in the foreground and the UNM Hospital Pavilion in the background.

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www.unmfund.org 1

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More than a century ago, UNM pioneers foresaw the change higher education would bring to New Mexico and its citizens. Today, we are inspired by UNM’s diverse and exceptional students, faculty, alumni and friends. We feel the powerful sense of place infused in its culture. You, our most generous alumni and friends, are part of UNM’s legacy. This year you gave more than $75 million, partnering with us in our mission to elevate student success, teaching, research, patient care and community service. This report illustrates our stewardship of your contributions. Outgoing UNM Foundation President John Stropp’s vision and resolve have established a strong framework for Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM. This past summer, Henry Nemcik took the reins as the Foundation president, as we reach for a higher echelon of philanthropic engagement. In this economically challenging time, your contributions are critical to our success. The state legislature has wrestled with less revenue, resulting in a reduction in UNM’s state appropriation of 12.22 percent. As some might not know, this year we received only 16.1 percent of our budget from state sources. Therefore, we depend on the generosity of public-spirited donors to fulfill our challenging mandate in service to the people of New Mexico. We are grateful that so many of you have joined us in our endeavors. UNM remains the only Carnegie Very High Research (VHR) institution in the state and the only VHR flagship in the country with more than 30 percent underrepresented minority enrollment. Spurring the state’s economy, faculty and student research has resulted in the creation of new intellectual property leading to patents, start-ups and spin-offs. In 2009, UNM faculty research resulted in 113 invention disclosures, 84 patent applications, 15 issued patents, 38 license agreements and eight start-up companies. This innovation translates into job creation. During the past three years, as part of Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM, your donations have endowed five new faculty chairs, 13 graduate student fellowships, 89 undergraduate scholarships and 49 other endowments that support schools, colleges, departments, equipment and buildings. Your support has benefited countless UNM students, programs and initiatives. I would like to thank you, our donors. This effort could not succeed without you. I also commend the UNM Foundation Board of Trustees and the outstanding team of fund raisers and staff for their hard work in support of this exceptional university. Let us strive to have the same foresight as the founders of this great institution. I invite you to join us at the forefront of Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM. With appreciation,

David J. Schmidly, President, University of New Mexico


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Credit: Kim Jew

The UNM Foundation (UNMF) Board of Trustees and I sincerely thank you for helping us grow our support of the University of New Mexico. Because of your continued generosity, the Foundation has accomplished yet another successful year. Every dollar represents a celebrated achievement and a step forward in funding even higher levels of support for the University, its students and its many initiatives. I’d like to invite you to join me and the board at the leading edge of our multiyear, comprehensive fund-raising effort— Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM. Now is the time for you, UNM’s most steadfast supporters, to accept this invitation to make leadership gifts to the campaign and to inspire your peers and friends to follow your example. With your help, we can indeed change the worlds of countless UNM students for the better. The campaign will conclude in 2014, in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of UNM. It should be a momentous celebration! This past summer, the UNMF Board of Trustees appointed Henry Nemcik as the Foundation’s new president and CEO. Nemcik successfully led two comprehensive campaigns before coming to the UNM Foundation. Most recently he served as vice president for development and alumni relations, as well as president of the foundation, for the University of Tennessee System since 2005. Just prior to Nemcik’s departure, it reached its $1-billion goal 18 months ahead of schedule. While we welcome Henry on board, we also want to thank our outgoing president, John R. Stropp, for his dedicated service to the Foundation over the past two years. We greatly appreciate John’s many contributions to our success, including his leadership during the Foundation’s transition to a separate 501(c)(3) operation during especially challenging economic times. We wish him all the best during his retirement. Your gifts to UNM benefit student scholarships, the recruitment and retention of exceptional faculty, vital research activities and health care advances. Without your support, both financial and otherwise, the University would not be able to achieve its goals. In spite of the inevitable distractions, which are part of the fabric of any university, each one of us can make a significant difference to UNM and its students. Again, thank you. This annual report honors you—our donors. Sincerely, Anne Yegge, Chair, UNM Foundation Board of Trustees


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Th e Ye a r i n Nu m be r s

Private Giving F Y 2009-2010


During the fiscal year 2009-10, the University of New Mexico received more than $75.1 million in private support. More than 17,000 donors, providing in excess of 38,000 gifts, indicated their belief in UNM by continuing to demonstrate the value of philanthropic investment to members of the UNM community. Private support includes all gifts made or pledged to the UNM Foundation for the benefit of UNM and those gifts made directly to the University’s schools, colleges, departments and programs. Your generosity to help build a greater University of New Mexico is truly appreciated and makes a tangible difference in our community’s life each day. We are grateful for your trust, which allows UNM to make lasting connections to the culture, community and aspirations of New Mexico.

Consolidated Investment Fund

F Y 2009-2010

The University of New Mexico Board of Regents has delegated authority to the UNM Foundation Investment Committee to oversee and manage the endowment assets of the University and the Foundation. The pooled assets are combined for investment purposes and operated as a unitized pool known as the Consolidated Investment Fund (CIF).

$258.9 million a year ago, and a return on investment of 10.4 percent, as compared to -20.5 percent the previous fiscal year. This return compares favorably with those for the overall market and peer institutions. U.S. equities and international equities posted returns of 13.3 percent and 10.7 percent, respectively. Private equity investments returned

The CIF is managed in accordance with the Consolidated Investment Fund Investment Policy, which is approved by both the UNM Foundation Board of Trustees and the UNM Board of Regents. FY 2009-10 was a year of recovery for the capital markets. The CIF finished the year with a market value of approximately $283.2 million, as compared to


























23.3% 4

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Th e Ye a r i n Nu m be r s GIFTS AND PLEDGES BY PURPOSE


(D onor R e s t r ic t ion s)

To t a l $ 7 5 . 1 M i l l i o n
































Performance as of 6/30/2010










$15 . 4

$15 . 2

$1 4 . 1

$1 2 .3


$1 1 . 1







$ 2 83 . 2

$ 25 8 .9

$ 33 0 .5


$ 3 23 . 1






09 10


08 09



07 08



06 07



05 06








an average of 20 trailing quarters to smooth out fluctuations in market values from quarter to quarter. The policy specifies that the distribution rate must fall between 4-6 percent. The current year’s calculation retained last year’s distribution rate of 4.65 percent and will provide approximately $15.4 million in funding for the various schools, colleges and programs that benefit from the endowment program, as compared to $15.2 million the previous fiscal year.

20.8 percent, fixed income investments returned 8.5 percent and marketable alternatives returned 10.6 percent. The real asset markets continue to struggle and posted a -4.8 percent return for the fiscal year. In addition to the customary investment management expenses, a development funding allocation of 1.85 percent of the market value was allocated from each participating fund in the CIF for FY 2009-10 to meet operational expenses. The Foundation recognizes the need to provide a steady and reasonably predictable stream of income while protecting the real value of the principal of the endowment. The CIF’s spending policy is based on




05 06


06 07


07 08


08 09


09 10


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2oo 9- 2o1o BOARD of TRUSTEES Carl Alongi

Gene Gallegos

Ron Schneier «

Assistant Treasurer Albuquerque (2006-2014)

UNM Regent

Wilton, Conn. (2000-2010)

Gary L. Gordon

John Stropp

Laura Hueter Bass Placitas, N.M. (2006-2014)

Stephanie Bennett-Smith, PhD Brielle, N.J. (2005-2013 )

Robert L. Bovinette « Albuquerque (2004-2010)

Board Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Los Ranchos de Albuquerque (2004-2012)

President and CEO of the Foundation (Retired August, 2010)

Peter Johnstone

Louis L. Weller*, FAIA «

Secretary Albuquerque (2007-2012)

Albuquerque (2002-2010)

Yolanda Jones King, PhD

Houston, Texas (2007-2011)

Elizabeth Wiggins

Moriarty, N.M. (1999-2011)

Anne Yegge

Dennis Burns, RPh

Gerald Landgraf

Chair, Board of Trustees Albuquerque (2002-2014)

La Luz, N.M. (2008-2012)

Albuquerque (2004-2012)

Louise W. Campbell

Mark Lesher, MD

Corrales, N.M. (2004-2012)

Albuquerque (2007-2011)

Chris Chant « Albuquerque (2008-2010)

Michelle Coons Albuquerque (2007-2011)

John Cordova Albuquerque (2006-2014)

Steven Durkovich, Esq. «

Raymond Ziler Albuquerque (2000-2012)


John J. Lopez San Diego, Calif. (2003-2011)



James M. Maddox, Esq. Hobbs, N.M. (2008-2012)

Sonnet McKinnon « National Vice-Chair Greenwich, Conn. (2006-2010)

Henry Nemcik

FORMER BOARD CHAIRS Thelma Domenici 2007-2009 Robert L. Bovinette 2005-2007 Robert M. Goodman 2002-2005

President and CEO of the Foundation

Santa Fe (2008-2010)

(2010 - present)

Mary D. Poole 2000-2002

Michael Emerson

Steve Petranovich

Ann Rhoades 1998-2000

Albuquerque (2002-2014)

Orcilia Zuñiga Forbes, PhD

Gallup, N.M. (2007-2011)

Dorothy Rainosek «

Dick Morris 1996-1998

Albuquerque (1998-2010)

Wayne Davenport 1994-1996

Portland, Ore. (2008-2012)

Ruth Schifani

Maralyn Budke 1992-1994

Gus Foster

Maxine Friedman 1988-1992

Taos, N.M. (2007-2011)

President UNM Alumni Association Albuquerque (2008-2009)

George Friberg

David Schmidly, PhD

Albuquerque (1999-2011)

President, UNM

Jerry Geist 1984-1988 Jack Rust 1980-1984


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Credit: Erik Stenbakken

You’ re Invited


By focusing on the following four themes, Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM will strengthen the University’s commitment to students, patients and the community for years to come. We invite you to find your philanthropic passion at UNM— whose world will you change?

t u de n t S u c c e s s a n d Op p or t u n i t y UNM boasts one of the most diverse student populations in the country. Each semester, motivated and gifted students enroll seeking to complete a college degree, but barriers exist.

“Student success” is the combination of access, affordability and achievement that results in students getting into a university, thriving in academic life and graduating. Compared with those at peer institutions, UNM students are significantly more likely to be from low-income families. UNM has the highest


52* LQGG



rate of low-income students of any public flagship institution in the United States. Many are first generation college students. Though the state’s Lottery Scholarship program assists many to start at UNM, the great need is to keep students enrolled and progressing toward their ultimate academic success — graduation.

ac u lt y S u p p or t a n d R ese a rc h

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

For most students, when asked what makes the biggest difference in their education, the response comes down to the care and attention paid to students by faculty members who go above and beyond. The University’s outstanding faculty includes a Nobel Laureate, a MacArthur Fellow, 35 Fulbright Scholars and two members of the national academies. Yet, UNM’s faculty compensation lags behind our peer institutions’ and jeopardizes our ability to retain the best teachers and researchers. Too often, just as our brightest faculty achieve national recognition, competing universities step forward with higher salaries and more funding for research. Recruitment and retention are our goals. Support for faculty through chairs, professorships and fellowships provides funding to enhance salaries— enabling UNM to retain our best faculty more effectively. Beyond funding for faculty compensation, this private funding is also used to support the scholarly activities of the holder of the chair, professorship or fellowship.

The UNM Foundation receives gifts to increase student success and opportunity at the University every day. A few examples of those received during the past fiscal year include: F UNM’s College of Education received a major estate gift from the late William Castetter to endow scholarships for doctoral education students. F Sue Daulton has provided funding to the College of Nursing for both undergraduate and graduate scholarships for nursing students. Her gifts have also supported faculty development, technology and new endowments as well as a professorship at the college.

The UNM Foundation receives gifts to support faculty and research from individuals, corporations and foundations every year. Recent examples:

F The Brabson Library and Educational Foundation has consistently supported the Ellen McCullough-Brabson Scholarship at the College of Fine Arts for many years. The scholarship supports music education students who work with the UNM Music Prep School, which is housed at the college and provides very low cost music education for young children.

F The Surface Family Trust and Carolyn Surface gave transformational gifts to the UNM Cancer Center to establish endowed chairs and professorships for cancer research at the center and to fund recruiting expenses for new faculty to fill the endowed positions. 8

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F UNM’s School of Law completed a campaign to create a lasting honor and tribute to Pamela B. Minzner, the first woman to serve as chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court. She died in August 2007 after a recurrence of cancer. More than $1.5 million in gifts and pledges, including a significant state legislative contribution at the start of the campaign in 2008, were raised to establish the Pamela B. Minzner Chair in Professionalism at the law school.


The UNM Foundation receives gifts to support campus programs year after year. Two examples of those received during the past fiscal year include: F The UNM Anderson School of Management received a $1.25 million gift from the Daniels Fund to establish an ethics initiative at Credit: Erik Stenbakken

F Through a planned gift, Loren S. Kuehne and Nancy L. Kuehne have expressed their intention to create an endowed fund through a bequest to establish an endowed faculty position at UNM’s Anderson School of Management (ASM) to support outstanding performance by ASM faculty members.

choose to directly support the goals of a program, or may advance experiential endeavors and dream new innovations with private funding to a branch, school, college or unit for non-restricted purposes.

a m p u s P r o gr a m s

UNM enrolls nearly 35,000 students on six campuses—Albuquerque (Main and Health Sciences Center), Gallup (and Zuni Pueblo), Los Alamos, Rio Rancho, Taos and Valencia County. While all comprise the overarching missions of education and health care, each is distinctive in reflecting the needs and nature of their respective communities. Students who become involved in any aspect of campus life at UNM are more likely to thrive and ultimately to succeed. However, UNM only receives about 16 percent of its funding through the State of New Mexico. UNM’s schools, colleges and campuses receive very little public funding beyond classroom instruction for the activities and programs that are essential to building students’ academic abilities, confidence and collaboration. UNM Foundation donors have the opportunity to support a school or branch of UNM that reflects their passions at the University. Many donors find that their passions are expressed in gifts to their area of study or in an area that holds special interest for them. You may 9

52* LQGG


C ou rt e s y: U N M At h l e t ic s

value tremendously our sense of place— location, geography, cultures and climate— so the aesthetics of our physical facilities play an essential role in building community and in leading our peers in promoting sustainable study, work, living and clinical environments. Several capital projects are currently underway with more in the planning stage. Your participation in our comprehensive campaign toward capital projects and facilities will help UNM meet our long-range objectives of maximizing our sense of place to improve interaction with our community. Artist's rendering of renovated UNM Arena (“The Pit”)

The UNM Foundation welcomes much needed gifts in support of capital projects and facilities. Recent examples:

the business school. The Bill Daniels Ethics Initiative is part of a five-year program supported by the grant. UNM will work in conjunction with other universities in the region.

F A longtime UNM philanthropist and former UNM Foundation board chair, the late Maralyn Budke left a transformational estate gift that not only helps fund an administration wing of the planned new UNM Hospital, but also endows a chair in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery at the School of Medicine and initiates the funding of one faculty chair at the UNM Cancer Center.

F Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation made a gift to UNM’s School of Engineering in support of the school’s diversity programs, such as Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), a programmatic initiative to attract and retain women in science, engineering and mathematics majors; the local chapter of the Hispanic Engineering and Science Organization (HESO) and the Society of Women Engineers, in addition to Engineering Student Services.

F A major gift from the Mandelman-Ribak Foundation makes possible a new 1,150 square foot gallery in the expansion to UNM’s Harwood Museum of Art in Taos. The gallery honors the legacy of Beatrice Mandelman and Louis Ribak, two artists who were central to the Taos Moderns and to the abstract expressionist movement. The gallery will enable the museum to exhibit more work from its permanent collection and to present a variety of changing exhibitions to the public.


a p i t a l P r oj e c t s a n d Fac i l i t i e s The UNM campus is known as a place of beauty. The University’s strategic priorities hinge on UNM’s ability to deliver programming in facilities that place priority on the well-being and safety of students and faculty. Ever increasing numbers of students and patients mean that the need for space is on the increase as well. Wellmaintained and planned buildings strategically advance the environment for learning and for superior patient health care. At UNM we

F Danny Granger made a significant five-year gift to the University Arena (“The Pit”) renovation for UNM Athletics. In addition, also with a multiyear gift, Brian Urlacher established the Brian Urlacher Fund for Football to maintain the indoor practice facility and enhance UNM’s football program. 10

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oa l s & Gi f t Op p or t u n i t i e s


Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM will raise unprecedented support for the students, faculty and 1oo% programs of the University of New Mexico. The eight-year 9o% comprehensive campaign, which began in 2006, is planned 8o% to conclude at the end of 2014. The overall goal is to raise 7o% $675 million. Each school, college and program has important 6o% funding opportunities, and this goal includes all gifts, pledges and 5o% qualified estate plans made to any area of the University over 4o% the period of the campaign. The primary focus of The 3o% Campaign for UNM is people. Addressing the challenges 2o% faced by students, faculty and patients is our concern, and private 1o% philanthropy can meet these challenges in profound ways. o%

$323.3 Million July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2010

“It requires a monumental collaborative effort on the part of all members of the UNM community to ensure that the University continues to pioneer new frontiers of educational excellence, opportunity, research and medicine. A very warm thanks goes to our faculty and staff for their amazing accomplishments in all these realms and I likewise honor the friends and alumni who underwrite these vital initiatives. Together, you support the very heart and soul of UNM — our students.” ~ David J. Schmidly, UNM President


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New Endowments | fy 2oo9-2o1o Advance Integrative Medicine Fund, in honor of Dr. Arti Prasad

Lois A. and Howard J. Dittmer Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund for Elementary Education

This fund provides support for the Director of Integrative Medicine’s area Established by bequest from the Dittmer Estate, provides of greatest need such as but not a scholarship for an undergraduate student pursuing limited to providing education a degree in elementary education at the College opportunities for students, Bradbury of Education. residents, fellows, staff and Lois A. and Howard J. Dittmer Stamm faculty, programmatic Memorial Scholarship support, travel Endowed Endowment Fund expenses, Presidential Scholarship recognition, Established by bequest from the research and Dittmer Estate, provides a Established by Bradbury Stamm patient scholarship for an undergraduate Construction to honor their many support. student pursuing a degree in associates and colleagues who biology at the College of Arts George attended UNM. It’s also an and Sciences. Anselevicius acknowledgment of the

Graduate Scholarships

Established by bequest, the fund will create scholarships for graduate students in architecture dealing with housing. At least one award will be a travel scholarship.

company’s belief in the value of keeping talent in the State of New Mexico.

Ferrell Marketing Endowment Initiative

Flintco Endowment Fund Established by Flintco Inc., a Native American-owned contractor with eight offices around the United States, the scholarship will support Native American undergraduate students in civil engineering specializing in construction management or construction engineering.

Patricia Brothwell Guitar Scholarship Established by Richard Brothwell in memory of his wife. One of the founders of the New Mexico Guitar Society, Patricia Brothwell supported classical guitarists throughout the Southwest. This scholarship will benefit students in the Guitar Program at the College of Fine Arts.

A. Maxine Graves Undergraduate Scholarship Established by Dr. Michael W. Graves, UNM Professor of Anthropology, to honor the memory of his mother, A. Maxine Graves, and her support of his pursuit of an education. The scholarship will support undergraduate students majoring in Anthropology.

U.S. Senator Dennis Chavez Endowed Lectureship and Symposium on Law and Civil Rights Established by the Dennis Chavez Foundation to support a lectureship/symposium by local or visiting preeminent scholars in the areas of Law and Civil Rights and/or the life’s work of Senator Dennis Chavez.

The Great Southwestern Chase Alward Memorial Endowment Established by Terry Schurmeier and Harrison Schurmeier, III to honor Chase Alward and the nurses who help each patient fight their fight. The award will assist Adult Oncology nurses at UNM Hospital to continue their professional education in oncology care.

Elsie Fraley Demas and James Demas Fund Established by James N. and Susan Conlon Demas in honor of James’ parents James Demas Sr. and Elsie Demas, and their love of life and learning. The fund supports undergraduate scholarship and research in Honors English.

Frederick M. Hart Chair in Consumer and Clinical Law Established by the Counsel for Class, Old Line Common Fund, to foster excellence in instruction and research in the areas of consumer law, clinical law and consumer advocacy.

Dhillon/Randhawa Resident Recognition in Surgical Excellence Award This award recognizes residents’ academic/surgical excellence. The award alternates annually between a resident completing general surgery and a resident in cardio-thoracic surgery residency programs.

Established by the friends and family of Robert Timothy Elsbrock, provides support to second and third year pharmacy students from northern New Mexico.

Established by UNM Professors Linda and O.C. Ferrell, provides programmatic support for the Marketing Center and Marketing Program at the Anderson School of Management.

George Anselevicius Memorial Lecture Established by bequest, the endowment will be used to bring a distinguished practicing architect to the School of Architecture and Planning for an annual public lecture.

Robert Timothy Elsbrock College of Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship

Huitt-Zollars Endowed Presidential Scholarship To provide endowed Presidential Scholarship support to undergraduate students within the School of Architecture and Planning or the School of Engineering.


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Dean Eleanor King Memorial Scholarship Endowment The College of Nursing’s first graduating class was made of pioneering women who explored a new academic program at UNM in 1955. Fifty years following their graduation, these “golden grads” of the class of 1959 hope to encourage future nursing students through the endowed nursing scholarship established in honor of Eleanor M. King, founding dean of nursing. Realizing the significant role King played in their success, the Class of 1959 created this legacy with their personal gifts.

How to Establish an Endowed Fund

An endowed fund is a gift that lasts in perpetuity. It will provide support Marie N. King forever to the University in the areas Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship of the donor’s interest. Endowed funds Established by Jim and Ellen King in memory of lifelong may support student scholarships, teacher and musician Marie N. King. faculty, the general needs of the Paul Krebs Endowment Fund Established by friends and colleagues of Paul Krebs, UNM’s Vice University or any school, college or President for Athletics, the scholarship will support fifth year program within the University. student-athletes. Donors may fully fund an Lalitha Iyengar Endowment endowment with a one-time lump-sum Established by Professor Kuppaswamy Iyengar in memory of his wife, gift; fund it over a three-year pledge Lalitha K. Iyengar, to support international students in the Architecture Program within the School of Architecture and Planning. period or through a bequest or other The Deborah K. LaPointe deferred gift. Endowment OLIT Endowed Scholarship Fund minimums vary by purpose, Deborah LaPointe was a much loved student and then so please contact us for more a faculty member in the College of Education’s FrankD. specific information. Organizational Learning and Instructional Gorham, Jr. Technology (OLIT) program. Her love of In addition to cash, distance education and her scholarship and and Marie Kelly endowed funds can be teaching in the field were exceptional. The Gorham Charitable endowment was established by gifts from established through Don Fischer and Deborah’s loving Foundation Endowment for any gift vehicle family and friends. The scholarship recognized by Geoscience Education supports doctoral students in the OLIT program. the UNM Established by the donor to Foundation, support fellowships, scholarships, Beatrice Mandelman field training, quantitative/analytical and Louis Ribak Legacy including training and geoscience education Endowment for the gifts of securities outreach at the department Harwood Museum of Art or real property, of Earth and Planetary Established by the Mandelman-Ribak Sciences within the planned gifts, pooled Foundation, the fund will support scholarship College of Arts into the work of Mandelman and Ribak as well as gifts from a group of and Sciences. provide for the exhibition and care of their works at friends, with memorial the Harwood. contributions or through Masonic Interfraternity Scholarship continuing gifts to endowment Established by the Masonic Grand Lodge of New Mexico to support the academic enhancement of initiated members of the accounts. We work with donors Interfraternity Council fraternities at UNM’s main campus. to develop guidelines for how their Sonnet and Ian McKinnon endowed funds are to be used, Endowed Distinguished CEO Lecture Series ensuring donor intent and University Established by the McKinnons to create opportunity for successful policies are honored. entrepreneurs and innovators to speak about a broad continuum of issues that impact the business community in and out of New Mexico. For information on establishing an endowed fund, please contact any E. Gerald Meyer University of New Mexico Art Museum Endowment for Research and Education college or school development officer Established by E. Gerald Meyer, the endowment will support the (see inside back cover) or the UNM conservation, exhibition and scholarship of the E. Gerald Meyer Foundation office at (505) 277-4503. Family Art Collection at the University Art Museum. cont inued on page 14


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Ne w En d ow m e n t s n e w e n d o w m e n t s , c o n t i n u e d f r o m p a g e 13

Timothy Moy Memorial Teaching Award

William Seymour Piano Pedagogy Scholarship Established by an anonymous donor in honor of Professor Emeritus William Seymour, a distinguished teacher and performer whose career includes 30 years of teaching at the University of New Mexico.

Established by family, friends and colleagues of UNM Associate Professor of History Timothy Moy, this teaching award will be given annually to a graduate student who demonstrates dedication, skill and the potential for excellence in teaching.

Student Success and Leadership Fund Established with gifts from alumni and friends, this fund supports the activities of the chartered student organizations and their leaders at the School of Architecture and Planning.

Edward J. Neff Scholarship to benefit the Anderson School of Management Established by bequest from Francine I. Neff, this endowment supports graduate study in accounting at the Anderson School of Management.

Tir Comin Graduate Fellowship Established by David Henkel, Professor Emeritus at the School of Architecture and Planning, in honor of his father, greatgrandfather and cousin, all design professionals. The fellowship will provide assistance to a Native American master’s degree student in Community and Regional Planning, with a preference for a student from the Four Corners region.

Thomas B. and Dorothy Noble Merson Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship Established by UNM alumni Thomas J. and Jean L. Merson of Los Alamos, N.M., to honor Thomas’s parents. The endowment provides a four-year Presidential Scholarship to one of New Mexico’s most deserving high school graduates.

Ann Ramenofsky Anthropology Honors Students Award Fund

Fred D. Trauger Memorial Endowed Scholarship Funded by bequest, provides scholarships for students majoring in earth sciences, with a preference for graduate students.

Established by Dr. Ann Ramenofsky, UNM-Gallup Associate Professor of Archaeology Entrepreneurial at UNM who strongly believes that the Professorship exemplary scholarship of anthropology New Mexico Established with gifts from students in the Honors Program should Chapter of friends of the UNM Gallup be recognized. The award supports the American Campus and a match from the the research activities of students Concrete Institute State of New Mexico, the endowment pursuing the Honors Program Endowed Scholarship will fund a professorship in the within the Anthropology Entrepreneurial Studies Department. Department at the To support undergraduate College of Arts students in the Department of Pvt. James W. Whalen Memorial and Sciences. Civil Engineering within the School Endowed ROTC Scholarship Fund of Engineering.

Established by Patrick D. Conroy in memory of his cousin, Pvt. James W. Whalen, who was killed in action in World War II. The gift benefits enrolled UNM students who are cadets/midshipmen in any of the three ROTC detachments at UNM: Air Force, Army and Navy, which includes the Marine Corps.

Nurse-Midwifery Education Endowment Established with gifts from Paul and Leigh Ann Albers, Thomas Roberts and Dr. Leah Albers and others, the endowment will support educating nurse midwives to serve rural areas and underserved populations, particularly in New Mexico.

Willia T. Zimmerman Fund Established by Nancy and William Doolittle, the endowment honors the wife of former UNM President James Zimmerman (Nancy’s grandmother). The fund will provide for maintenance of the baroque organ at the UNM Alumni Memorial Chapel and for an annual event celebrating the organ.

Larry and Dorothy Rainosek Endowed Presidential Scholarship Established by the Rainoseks to help keep our best and brightest students in state for their education and help them graduate. An endowed scholarship is their way of saying thank-you to a student who excels and loves New Mexico as the Rainoseks do. Their hope is that all scholars will give forward when they are able and continue the “chain” so other deserving New Mexico high school graduates can receive a UNM Presidential Scholarship.

Dr. Robert E. Anderson Endowment Established by friends and colleagues, honors Dr. Anderson, one of the original faculty members of the School of Medicine. The endowment, benefiting the Department of Pathology, supports two awards for medicine trainees, recognizing excellence in training, research, and an award given to a faculty member chosen by the Department’s trainees for his or her commitment to education.

Raymond Plotkin Fund Established by the family and friends of Raymond Plotkin to honor his life and memory. Plotkin was a UNM freshman who passed away in fall 2009 from complications resulting from the H1N1 virus. The scholarship will benefit freshmen at the School of Engineering who share his interest in nuclear engineering and his wonderful sense of humor.

Paul F. Turner, MD Endowed Chair in Neurosurgery Established by friends and colleagues of Dr. Turner to honor his career in neurosurgery, this endowed chair will enhance and support the neurosurgical department.


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Tom L. Popejoy Society

The Tom L. Popejoy Society

members Anonymous (28) Dr. Karen Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Larry Abraham Lawrence T. Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Aguilar Dr. and Mrs. Harjit Ahluwalia Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ahrens Paul W. and Leigh Ann Albers Janet Kiehle Allen, MD Leslie Amestoy and Pierre Amestoy, Jr. Prof. and Mrs.* Rudolfo Anaya Barbara Anderson Beverly Anderson Albert A. Anella Mary Anella Prof. and Mrs. Garo Antreasian Mr. and Mrs. Adelmo E. Archuleta Dr. and Mrs. Kent Argubright Ms. Lenora Neil Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Jerrell Atkinson Ray B. and Jean M. Auel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Baca Dr. and Mrs. David B. Baddour Rene M. Balagna Prof. and Mrs. James Barbour Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barela Gloria Ybarra and Fernando Barnuevo Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Carl E. Baum Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck Dr. and Mrs. Richard Beidleman Dr. Robert Bell and Dr. Stirling Puck M Stephen Benjamin M Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bennett Martha J. Benton H. Allen Berkheimer Mr. and Mrs. Burt Berman Anthony and Beverly Bernitsky Pierre E. Berry Mrs. Maria Berry and Mayor Richard J. Berry Dr. Troy Best James Bewley Jeff and Anne Bingaman M Dorothy W. and A. Rolfe Black A. Wade Black Mr. and Mrs. Billy Blackburn Michael and Janice Blake Dr. Jane Ann Blumenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bovinette Monica and Michael Bowlin Joan M. Branch and James A. Branch, Jr. Margaret Moses Branch and Turner Branch

Established by the University of New Mexico Foundation, the Tom L. Popejoy Society recognizes the extraordinary support and commitment of a singular group of donors who want the University to realize its full potential for greatness. Popejoy’s 20 years as the first native New Mexican president of UNM, a time fondly known as the Popejoy Era, capped a career that has made him a New Mexico legend. “He wasn’t a saint, but he was very much a human being, and it was in his humanity that he and others found their strength,” wrote James Defibaugh in A New Mexico Legend. The first Tom L. Popejoy Society dinner was May 26, 1982. Now, 28 years later, this prestigious society has grown to more than 500 members who represent all aspects of the University of New Mexico, its programs, and most importantly, its students. The Tom L. Popejoy Society honors individual donors’ lifetime giving to the University of New Mexico. The current threshold for membership is $50,000. For more information concerning the Tom L. Popejoy Society, please contact Rich Grainger at rgrainger@unmfund.org or (505) 277-9077.

Dr. Gary Brooks Brennan and Amy Brennan M Barbara Brenner M Charley Brewer M Dr. Charles Briggs Diane Broadwell M Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks Anne J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. C. Lee Brown Sarah and Douglas Brown Richard G. Brown M Scott and Kay Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buchheit Maralyn S. Budke * Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burnett Robert Bybee Dr. and Mrs. Michael Campana Dr. Quito Osuna Carr Prof. Roy D. Caton, Jr. Peggy Cavett-Walden Regent and Mrs. Don Chalmers Dr. William H. Chambers Mr. Author E. Charette Jean and Clem Charlton M Mr. Peter Chatzky Arturo Chavez M Lois Chess Josina Chimenti Debra Cito and Dr. Stephen Cito Richard and Mary Civerolo Ann Simms Clark Rosamaria Clark Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cobb Edwin Cohen Ms. Van Deren Coke Patrick D. Conroy M Dr. Jean Giddens and Mr. Jay Corazza The Hon. C. B. Cosgrove, III Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cox Elizabeth and Robert Crain Prof. Virginia P. Crenshaw Mr. Robert Cromwell and Ms. Sarit Rozycki Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cruft Ann Cullum Mr. and Mrs. Robert Custer M David Dalgarno Mr. Michael Daly Mr. and Mrs. John Danfelser Ms. Randi McGinn and the Hon. Charles Daniels


M New * Deceased

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t h e t om l . p o p e joy s o c i e t y, c o n t i n u e d f rom pag e 15

Dr. Abraham Franck Jean Rosenthal and W. Nicholas Freygang Sharon (Peach) Daniels George J. and Jimmy Daskalos Mary E. Friberg M Sue Daulton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Friedman A. Wayne Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Henrietta Davies Ronald Friedman Bruce Davis Mr. and Mrs. Greg Frost Vicki and Sam Dazzo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gaddy Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Galindo Nunzio De Santis Felice Gonzales and Pauline DeKraker Regent Gene Gallegos Susan and James Demas M Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Dennis, Jr. M Michael Gallegos Brent and Eileen DePonte Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Gallegos Robert Desiderio Edward T. Garcia Joe and Christine Sheilah Purcell Garcia DiGregorio M Raleigh Gardenhire Gerri Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Brad Gehrke Dorothea B. Donnelly Sharon and Jerry Geist Barbara Doolittle Lanny Ross Gerald Barbara DuBois * Prof. Walter Gerstle Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Monika Ghattas and Donald Duke M Robert Ghattas Betty Jo Dunn and the James R. and Hon. Aubrey Dunn Deborah L. Giannelli Dr. Jacqueline Van H. and Dunnington Sandra V. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Peter Glusker Stephen Durkovich James Gollin Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dushane Benita Gonzales Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Randy Eastburg Marti Goodman Mel and Mary Ann Eaves Terri A. Giron-Gordon and Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Gordon Gregory Edgeington Nedra and Larry Gordon Lori Efroymson The Hon. Ramsay Gorham Miriam Efroymson and Frank Gorham, III Dr. Peter Michael Eller Marie K. Gorham Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Ingrid Gorham M Antony James Ellman Gene and Dell Gosnell Mr. Michael Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gould and Ms. Kathryn Mr. and Mrs. Scott Grady Naassan M Dr. Cheryl Ms. Shaari Ergas Fossum Graham M Dr. and Mrs. Ray Esquibel Mr. and Mrs. Tony Evanko Ray A. Graham, III Mr. Frank Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Ms. Janet Boles Patrick Gratton L. Diane Evans Georgia Greenberg Thelma Famariss * Drs. Gilda and Jean Fielder Norman Greenberg Nancy and Jim Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Greene Thomas A. Fitzgerald Dr. Richard Greenleaf Graham Flint David Griffin M Mr. James H. Foley Nancy and Tim Foley Thomas Growney Mr. Edward A. (Gus) Foster Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gunderson Drs. Kathryn and Elliott Foucar John P. Gutierrez

Connie Hale Patricia and Bruce Hall Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harley Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Harley LaDonna Harris Dr. Payne Harris Joan Hart and Prof. Frederick Hart Mr. and Mrs. John Harvey Dr. H. Michael Hayes Arthur Hayman Catherine Haynes and Dr. Allan Haynes, Jr. Karen Head Mr. Geoffrey S.M. Hedrick Dr. David Henkel, Jr. M Jean Henning Barbara Herzstein James Hesse and Dr. Estelle Rosenblum M Mr. and Mrs. David Hettema Marilyn Hibben Arlene High and Charles High, Jr. Marie Hillerman Ms. Eileen Grevey Hillson and Dr. David Hillson Mrs. Dolores Hines Mr. and Mrs. H. Henry Hirsch Dr. Carol Holland Prof. and Mrs. Richard Hood Van Dorn Hooker Bruce and Teri Hoover I. B. and Marion Hoover C. Ruth Horn Mr. and Mrs. Mark Horwitch Mr. and Mrs. Mark Howard Susan Howard Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hudson Mr. Curtis Huff and Ms. Lori Gallagher M The Hon. Shirley Mount Hufstedler and Mr. Seth M. Hufstedler Suzanne Hawley and James L. Hughes Ms. Helen Hunt M Ross K. Huntingford Mr. and Mrs. James Hutchinson Peggyann Hutchinson Scott Hutton M Ann Hyde and Simeon Hyde, Jr.

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Th e Tom L . Popejoy S oc i e t y

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ingalls Alice P. Irvin Steven Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jehle M Dr. and Mrs. J. Charles Jennett Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Johnson Debbie and Rick* Johnson Dr. Robert A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson M Youn Ja Lucia Johnson Mr. Peter Johnstone Lakin Jones Mr. and Mrs. S. Kent Jones M Ted and Margaret Jorgensen Victor Jury, Jr. Ellen Kaiper Nick and Chris Kapnison Patricia John Keightley Michael and Peggy Keleher Mr. and Mrs. William B. Keleher Floy Anderson Kilian * The Hon. Bruce King * Drs. Gary and Yolanda King M Jim and Ellen King David P. and Linda Hudson Kirby Mrs. Peggy Kirkland and Dr. Douglas Kirkland

Dr. Diane J. Klepper Prof. and Mrs. John Kneen Drs. Richard L.* and Jeanne J. Knight Regent and Mrs. James Koch Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kopp Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kosanovich Dr. Peter Kunstadter Mr. and Mrs. James LaBorde Dr. Louise Lamphere Barbara and Gerald Landgraf Bob Langell Alice and Donald LappĂŠ Paul W. Lashbrooke David Laven M Iona Lee and Family Dr. William Lehmann Anne S. Leonhardt Barbara and Louis Leurig Mr. Richard Levy and Mrs. Dana Asbury Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis Prof. Lester Libo Roy Lindersmith Mr. and Mrs. Jack Little Ruth Lockner * Julia Logan Ann E. Long Rebecca and James Long Gloria Longley


52* LQGG


Th e Tom L . Popejoy S oc i e t y Ann and Hunt Look Eppie Lopez Prof. Catherine Loughlin Dr. and Mrs. Chalmers Loughridge Mahlon and Beverly Love Ms. Karen C. Lovett M Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lujan Drs. Mary Lipscomb and Rick Lyons William B. Macey Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maestas Ed and Joline Mahr Isabel Malloy and Thomas Malloy, Jr. Colleen Maloof Enrico Martignoni Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Martin Mike Minoru Masukawa Betty Sabo and Fred Matteucci Drs. Noemi and Daniel Mattis Judith Hochberg and Michael Mattis C. Herman Mauney Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Mary Joyce May Jim McClintic Priscilla and Sanford McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Tim McElvain Dr. Michael and Jeanelle McGuire Mr. and Mrs. B.B. McInteer Mr. and Mrs. McKernan M Mr. and Mrs. David L. Mc Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ian McKinnon Dr. Dale Melada and Prof. Ivan Melada Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meltsner Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Meng JoAnn S. Mercer Tom and Jean Merson M Mr. Jean Robert Milant Erma Miller Kathleen Jackson and Dr. William Miller Thomas E. and Carolyn J. Minton Richard Minzner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mitchell Judy and J. Howard Mock Claudia and Robert Moraga Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morris Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morrison

Mr. Stanley Mount and Ms. Roxanna Meyers Marion and Karl Mueller Matt Mullican Bob and Betsy Murphy Helen Sturges Nadle Dr. Leonard Napolitano Ruth S. and Charles E. Needham M Carolyn A. and Donald A. Neeper Marron Lee Nelson and Michael Nelson Rolf Nelson Mrs. Thomas J. Nesbitt Vernon Nikkel * Alexander Novak Joe Novak B.C. Nowlin and Carol Estes-Nowlin Dr. Diana Obrinsky Patricia H. Olliges Annie and David Olson Dr. and Mrs. George E. Omer, Jr. Mrs. J. Michael O’Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. William Overstreet Evangeline M. Pacheco Allison Parks and Dr. Robert Parks Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Payne Richard Perl Mr. and Mrs. John Perner Mr. and Mrs. John Perovich Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Peters Silas Peterson, Jr. William Peterson Dean Peyton DO and Jane Peyton Dr. Patricia Armell and Mr. James Phillips Pamela and Eric Pillmore Mr. and Mrs. Mañuel A. Pino Tony and Julie Pisto Kurt and Dianne Plouff Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pompeo Mary D. Poole Suzanne Popejoy and Thomas Popejoy, Jr. Joanne and Will Potter M Constance DeJong and Antoine Predock Dorothy and Larry Rainosek Dr. Mark Rainosek M Roberta Cooper Ramo and Dr. Barry Ramo

Mrs. Lyle Ramsey Mr. Stuart Rappaport and Mrs. Connie Lovelady-Rappaport Dr. Bishnu Rauth M Kenneth and Rebecca Ray M Charles and Charlotte Rayburn Paul Bartlett Ré William Reiquam and Eleanor A. Reiquam M Penny Taylor Rembe and Dr. Armin Rembe Suzanne Reynolds Ann and Russell Rhoades Mary Rich Nancy Anderson Roberts Nancy and Jerrald Roehl Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rogers Maryann Evans and Edwin Roos Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rosenbaum Michael Rosenbaum James Hesse and Dr. Estelle Rosenblum M Mr. Kurt L. Roth Mr. John Rowe M Drs. Danuta and Ludwik Rozycki Ronald Rule M Lissa Russell and Charles Russell, Jr. Gordon Russell Donna and Jack Rust Ruth (Betty) Rutledge The Hon. Murray Ryan Mr. and Mrs. E. Larry Saiers Leonard and Anne Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanchez Bartolomé Gil Santacruz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sarkisian Prof. and Mrs. Edl Schamiloglu Prof. Linda Schappert and G. T. Schappert Roger L. Schluntz, FAIA M Teresa Fitzgibbon and the Hon. Harrison Schmitt Thomas and Susan Schoeman Romona Scholder Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Schultz Mrs. Rudolph (Betty) Schware Eleanor Scoopmire Sam Scott Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Scott Mr. and Mrs. Randy Self

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Seligman Jean Seth Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sheehan Dr. and Mrs. Russell Shelden Mr. and Mrs. William Shepard Scott Sherman Prof. Virginia Shipman Mr. and Mrs. Eric (Rick) Siegel M Dr. and Mrs. Leon Silver Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sivage Paul Skinner Sam L. Slick Mr.* and Mrs. Harrison Smith Dr. Stephanie Bennett-Smith and Orin Smith Georgia Snead and James Snead, III Mr. and Mrs. William E. Snead Anne M. Snider Dr. H. Wayne Springfield M Elmer Sproul Ann St. John Hawley M Dr. Jim Stagnone Mr. Robert Stamm and Ms. Mary Herring Mr. and Mrs. Chester French Stewart Mrs. Virgil Stout Roberta C. Straight Gerda Strauss Carolyn R. Surface Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Swan Barbara Sweet Dr. and Mrs. Masami Takayama Maj. Gen. H. Tom Taylor, Jr. and Ingeborg Taylor John G. Taylor Tish Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William E. Tempel, Jr. Dr. Ignacio Tinoco, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Tippeconnic Rebecca Tobey M LaRue Toney Mr. Bob L. Turner Tobe Turpen, Jr. Dr. Eberhard Uhlenhuth The Ungerleider Family Lisa Unser and Bobby Unser, Jr. Brian Urlacher Alberta Urrea and Francisco Urrea, Jr.

Teresa Urrea Trey Urrea Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Van Dyke Douglas Fyfe Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Georg Vedeler Roger Vergara Janet Lashbrooke and Yvon Villeneuve Jeffrey and Karen Vinyard Dr. Howard Wadstrom Linda Tyler and Dr. Peter Walch Mrs. Agnes M. Walker Dr. Byron Wall and Mrs. Cindy Hernandez-Wall Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ward Jim and Joan Warne Profs. William P. and Heather W. Weber William Weihofen Ronald Weiner Chuck and JD Wellborn Mr. and Mrs. James Wemple Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wertheim Liz and Bob Wertheim Jeanne Wertheimer Prof. Geoffrey West Florence White Larry D. Willard Dr. John Williams Luane Williams Brian and Stephanie Wimbish Ms. Nancy Meem Wirth Mrs. Edward (Charlotte) Wood Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Woodcock Mrs. Ray Woodham Mrs. Valin R. Woodward Johnna and Ken Yarbrough Mrs. S.P. Yates M Linda Yates and Peyton Yates, Jr. Vince and Anne Yegge Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zangara Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zemke Catherine and Ray Ziler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zimmer Mrs. John K. Zollinger


M New

* Deceased


52* LQGG


Dr. Brian Hansen and Linda Williams Raymond Heller Marian Henry James and Eleonore Hessler Robert Hilgendorf and Tian-Ling Tong M M. Anne Hill The Hon. Norman Hodges Van Dorn Hooker Bruce and Teri Hoover 2 Peggyann Hutchinson Simeon Hyde, Jr. and Ann Hyde Alice Irvin Prof. Kuppaswamy Iyengar Terry Jackson Dr. George Jelinek Howard Jenkins Roy and Frances Johns William Johnson and Luanna Hughes Johnson Alaire Johnston * William Junor and Susan Wider Doctor Bill Kelley David P. and Linda Hudson Kirby Don Kirby and Joan Gentry Stephanie Klecotka Walter and Allene Kleweno Gary Kloppenburg Dr. Jeanne Jensen Knight Dr. Kathryn Kolankiewicz 2 Loren and Nancy Kuehne Donald and Margaret Kuehnert D. L. Laidlaw Anthony Landry William Langdon and S. Patricia McSherry Jeanette and James Larson Kenneth Leach and Hazel Tull-Leach 2 Dr. Mark Lesher and Donna Lesher 2 Michele Lesher Dr. Stephen Littlejohn and Dr. Karen Foss Prof. Robert Loftfield Frank Logan, III and Patricia Logan M Julia Logan

H. Hunter and M. Ann Look 2 Dr. Bill Lovejoy Leon J. Luey Dr. Raymond Lutz, Jr. and Dr. Nancy Lutz William Macey Paul and Denise Maestas 2 Charles and Margery Marshall Ted and Dolores Martinez C. Herman Mauney Karin May Drs. Liam and Marguerite McCurry Michael and Barbara McDonnell Jeannette McKee JoAnn Mercer Patricia Merlo Dr. E. Gerald Meyer Lee and Jan Miller Dr. William Miller and Kathleen Jackson J. Douglas and Carol Mistler Sarah Moore Karl Mueller, Jr. and Marion Mueller Dr. Michael Muldawer and Judith Muldawer Dr. Catherine Mulqueen Dr. Marilee Nason Don and Carolyn Neeper Francine I. Neff * Rolf Nelson M Larry Nichols and Dr. Polly Primm David and Annie Olson Dr. George Omer, Jr. and Wanda Omer Edith O’Rourke James and Teresa Parnell Jennifer Pedneau Mari Penshurst Calla Pepmueller Mr. and Mrs. John Perner 2 Maùuel and Verna Pino Mary Poole Thomas Popejoy, Jr. and Suzanne Popejoy 2 Dr. J. T. (Skip) Prichard Larry and Dorothy Rainosek Rob Rayner

Greg and Patricia Remington Buck and Isa Rhodes Mary Rich Dr. Adrian Richards and Efrosine Richards Dr. Jacki Pieracci Riggs and Joseph N. Riggs, III Michael Roberts 2 Dr. John Robertson Edwin Roos and Maryann Evans Ingrid Roosild Dr. Estelle Rosenblum Martin and Craig Rubenstein Dr. Isidro Rubi, Jr. and Janice Rubi Lenny Ruggiero and Janice Branch-Ruggiero Theda Rushing Ro Saavedra John Salazar Dr. Dan Salter 2 Dr. Alex Sanchez and Elaine Sanchez Sandra Sanchez Mildred Sanders Prof. Don Schlegel Harlan and Georganne Seeley Danielle Sengel Alan Shaffer Art & Colleen Sheinberg Dr. Roger Simms M Steven Simms and L. Gail Lemons Prof. Rod Snead Elsie Charlese Spencer Dr. H. Wayne Springfield Todd R. Staats Robert Stamm and Mary Herring Drs. David and Cynthia Stuart Carolyn R. Surface Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Swan Richard* and Carolyn Sweetland Dr. Oscar Syme Kenneth Tinklepaugh and Marilyn Hill Coleman Travelstead and Brookes McIntyre Joe Trujillo and Dr. Valerie Trujillo Tobe Turpen, Jr. 2

Richard and Diane Vande Noord Cherie Vaughn 2 LeRoy and Cynthia Vestal Yvon Villeneuve and Janet Lashbrooke Barbara Vliet Dr. Howard Wadstrom Mrs. Agnes M. Walker Mr. Jerry Walker and Dr. Randi Walker Profs. William P. and Heather W. Weber Dr. Marta Weigle M William Weihofen John Wheeler

Florence White Lynnie Wienecke Carol Wilder Dr. Walter Willis and Joan Willis Phillip and Mary Woodard Janet Yates Dr. Elias Yudkowsky Thomas Zanotti Martha Zollinger Dorothy Zopf 2 Lobo Club

M New * Deceased

Credit: Erik Stenbakken


52* LQGG


Gifts to the U niversity of New M exico July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

I n di v i du a l s, C or p or at ions & Fou n dat ions IJ RRR RRR Anonymous (3) AstraZeneca Foundation Class Counsel Old Line Common Fund Corporation For Public Broadcasting Friends of KNME-TV Friends of KUNM Robert Hanson The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America The Navajo Nation Pfizer Surface Family Trust

Clear Channel Radio and New Media Albuquerque 2 Costco Wholesale Cowboys for Cancer Research, Inc. Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America, Inc. Cystic Fibrosis Services, Inc. Daniels Fund Sue Daulton 2 Estate of Howard J. and Lois A. Dittmer

The Bernard Osher Foundation PCS Health Systems, Inc. Pew Charitable Trusts PNM Resources 2 Will and Joanne Potter Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Service League of UNM Hospitals Ann St. John Hawley

Estate of Frances C. Essig Friends of UNM Arena Renovation Fund Helene Fuld Health Trust Goodrich Corporation Jane J. Hanna * William Randolph Hearst Foundation Frank C. Hibben Charitable Trust Human Frontier Science Program W.K. Kellogg Foundation The Mandelman-Ribak Foundation Frances J. McCord * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ian McKinnon New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union Optical Science Purpose Trust

John Templeton Foundation The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Thrasher Research Fund Fred Trauger * Frederick D. Trauger Trust Wal-Mart Wells Fargo 2 Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals Estelle Yates

American Cancer Society, Inc. Carl C. Anderson, Sr. and Marie Jo Anderson Arthur Bell Youth Foundation Dr. Robert Bell and Dr. Stirling Puck Estate of William B. Castetter Tom and Jane Hanna Revocable Trust Hershey Foods Corporation Estate of Floy A. Kilian MDRC Francine I. Neff * New Mexico Community Foundation Sandia Foundation, as established by Hugh and Helen Woodward United Way of Central New Mexico 2

IJ RR RRRļIJ Anonymous (3) American Chemical Society American Diabetes Association American Heart Association AMO Wavefront Sciences, LLC Estate of George Anselevicius Adelmo and Rebecca Archuleta 2 Stephen Benjamin Estate of Cathryn G. Berninger Bristol-Myers Squibb Estate of Eva L. Britain Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation Mr. Peter Chatzky Dennis Chavez Foundation Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Children’s Miracle Network

Credit: Erik Stenbakken


IJ R RRRļIJ Anonymous (2) Paul J. Aicher Foundation American General Media 2 Anderson Schools of Management Foundation

Archdiocese of Santa Fe Bank of America 2 Bank of the West 2 Blood Systems Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico 2 Barbara Brenner Family Caswell Silver Foundation Dr. William Chambers Children’s Cancer Fund of NM City of Albuquerque Mayor’s Charity Ball Comcast Cable Communications Group 2 Con Alma Health Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth Tallant Cooper * Elizabeth T. Cooper Rev. Trust Credit Union Association of New Mexico Mr. Frank Evans and Ms. Janet Boles Fidelity 2 ABMRF The Foundation for Alcohol Research Friends of UNM Ski Team Friends of UNM Spirit Squad Friends of UNM Track and Field Frontier /Golden Pride 2 Fundacion Amparo Eugene L. Garcia Charitable Trust James R. and Deborah L. Giannelli 2 Health Care Service Corporation Dr. David Henkel, Jr. James Hesse Estate of Molly L. Hogan Huitt-Zollars, Inc. Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. Jaynes Corporation 2 Jim and Ellen King Dr. Peter Kunstadter Lockheed Martin Corporation 2 Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation Los Alamos National Security, LLC Karen Lovett March of Dimes Sanford and Priscilla McDonnell Judy and J. Howard Mock 2 Molzen-Corbin & Associates Moving Solutions, Inc. 2 National Board of Medical Examiners Oxnard Foundation 2 Dorothy and Larry Rainosek Dr. Bishnu Rauth William and Eleanor Reiquam Retirement Strategies, LLC Ronald Rule Sandia Corporation/Lockheed Martin Senior Scientific

The UNM Foundation has made every effort to list our donors accurately and in the manner requested. We regret any errors that may have been made in this publication and would appreciate any corrections, name or title changes or comments regarding your listing via email at marcom@unmfund.org.


52* LQGG


Estate of Emma R. Showman Dr. Leon Silver and Arlana Silver Mr. Robert Stamm and 2 Ms. Mary Herring Stranahan Foundation Summa Foundation Brian Urlacher The George and Lena Valente Foundation Walgreens WateReuse Foundation Weil Foundation

IJ RRRļIJ Anonymous (1) 30 Second Street 2 Academy of Applied Science ACR Research and Education Foundation Albuquerque Community Foundation Albuquerque The Magazine 2 Alzheimer’ s Association American Foundation for AIDS Research American Psychiatric Association Prof. Rudolfo Anaya Irving Auerbach * Bernard and Barbro Foundation The Biological Society of New Mexico Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Brabson Library & Educational Foundation Bradbury Stamm Construction 2 Richard Brothwell Sarah and Douglas Brown 2 Citi ConocoPhillips Patrick Conroy 2 Peter de Lory and Kay Kirkpatrick

Delta Dental Plan of New Mexico 2 Brent and Eileen DePonte 2 Dr. Jatinder Dhillon and Dr. Gurinder Randhawa Joseph and Christine DiGregorio Dr. Perry Domiani William and Nancy Doolittle Estate of Dorothy D. Douglas Eli Lilly and Company James Enyeart and Roxanne Malone Estate of Thelma W. Evans ExxonMobil First Community Bank 2 Flintco, Inc. FM Sports Radio 101.7 The Team 2 Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making Friends of the Tamarind Institute Friends of UNM Men’s Golf Friends of UNM Popejoy Hall G and G Advertising 2 Garcia Automotive Group 2 Edward Garcia 2 Sheilah Garcia 2 General Mills Gilead Sciences, Inc. Susan Graham Dr. Richard Greenleaf Estate of Vickie Griego Alice G. Hanson Family Foundation, Inc. Hayduk-King Advertising, Inc. 2 Dr. H. Michael Hayes Mrs. Dolores Hines Marilyn Horne Hyundai Hope on Wheels Estate of Lalitha K. Iyengar Wayne and Kurstin Johnson 2 Theodore R. & Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship Foundation Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Max Kade Foundation, Inc.

Kohl’s Department Store Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Law School Admission Council Leakey Foundation Brian and Rieka Long H. Hunter and M. Ann Look 2 Medtronic Foundation Merck Company Foundation Thomas and Jean Merson Morningstar Minerals Corporation Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc. NAIOP - NM New Mexico Business Roundtable Dr. Diana Obrinsky Thomas and Barbara Peckenpaugh QS/1 Raytheon Company Rett Syndrome Research Foundation Charles and Mara Robinson Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, PA Rohde, May, Keller, McNamara Architecture, PC 2 Santa Fe Institute Brian Scanlan Dr. Stephanie Bennett-Smith and Orin Smith J. Gordon and Dorothy Sparks Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sunquest/ Premium Shop Guide 2 2 Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Swan John Trestrail, III and Mary Trestrail Estate of Daniel C. Trigg USA Gymnastics Vista Media Productions, Inc. 2 The Dorothy Woodward Memorial Yellow Book USA 2 Zia Credit Union 2

I n di v i du a l s IJ R RRRļIJ

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Anonymous (5) Herman and Donna Ahlers Paul W. and Leigh Ann Albers Beverly Anderson Ronald and Jacqueline Angel Ray B. and Jean M. Auel Tony Baca and Kira Sowanick 2 Charles Benns James Bewley 2 Dr. Jane Blumenfeld William Bodnar Turner and Margaret Branch 2 Dr. Gary Brooks Brennan and Amy Brennan Charley Brewer 2 Anne J. Brown Richard Brown 2 Maralyn S. Budke * Brian and Celia Burnett Robert Bybee * Estate of Lillian F. Candelaria Regent Don Chalmers and Dianne Chalmers 2

Dr. Stephen Cito and Debra Cito 2 F. Pete Clements Dr. David Colton and Mary Colton Eddie Corley 2 Jimmy Daskalos 2 Vicki and Sam Dazzo, Jr. 2 Estate of Predicanda A. De Geer James Demas, Jr. and Susan Demas Jeffrey and Evy Diamond Thomas Dickey Lee Dirks and Judy Putman 2 John and Ruth Duffy 2 Randy and Lisa Eastburg 2 Wolfgang Elston Shane and Monica Evangelist David and Caroll Farmer Drs. O.C. and Linda Ferrell 2 Dr. Donald Fischer, Jr. James and Nancy Fisher 2 Thomas Fitzgerald Dr. Allen Fuhs Regent Gene Gallegos and Felice Gonzales 2 Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Gallegos 2 Dennis and Bonnie Geer 2 Estate of Rosalyn Keeshin Gethner L. F. and Annette Gorenz 2 Scott and Laura Grady 2 Al Grant 2 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Greene 2 Carla Greenleaf David Griffin 2 Thomas and Nancy Growney 2 Robert and Marjorie Hanna 2 Dr. Brian Hansen and Linda Williams 2 Executive Vice President David Harris and Linda Harris 2 Dennis Hopper * C. Ruth Horn Curtis Huff and Lori Gallagher Ross K. Huntingford 2 Patrick and Nannette Hurley Scott Hutton 2 Roger Jones Ted and Margaret Jorgensen 2 Colette Jury 2 Nick and Chris Kapnison 2 Joe and Claudia Keith Drs. Gary and Yolanda King 2 Kevin Kneafsey Berta Langston David and Lois Laven Estate of Mary Jane Linder



Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor

President’s Club member

2 LOBO Club member

This report lists individual and corporate gifts of $5,000+ received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

c on t i n u e d on page 22


52* LQGG


Frank Logan, III and Patricia Logan James and Rebecca Long 2 Mahlon and Beverly Love 2 Paul and Denise Maestas 2 Tony Magar Dara Mark Linda Marshall Stephen and Janice Matthews Don May Charles McClain 2 Sherman and Cathy McCorkle 2 Lyle and Gail McDaniels 2 Estate of James T. McFarlan 2 James McNamara and Dr. Loretta McNamara Mr. Jean Robert Milant Stephen and Cynthia Mitchell Family of Seth D. Montgomery Ronald Morgan Joan Myers Dr. Brian Papworth 2 Estate of Robert Pelegrin Mr. and Mrs. John Perner 2 Dean Peyton, DO and Jane Peyton Rick Pimentel Ronnie, Elaine, Jason and Aliza Plotkin Mary D. Poole Mrs. Lyle Ramsey Mr. Stuart Rappaport and Mrs. Connie Lovelady-Rappaport 2 Charles and Charlotte Rayburn Mary Ann Sweeney and Edward Ricco 2 Mark Rohde and Karen Talbot Rohde Dr. Walter Rosett and Louise Rosett Mr. Kurt L. Roth 2 John Rowe Leonard and Anne Sanchez 2 Dr. Mark Savage 2 Carla Scaletti Daniel and April Serrano 2 Marilyn Shapiro Tim and Scottie Sheehan Prof. Virginia Shipman Eric and Nancy Siegel 2 Dr. Ian Silverman Michael and Jill Sivage 2 Bram Sorgman Edward Thornburg and MarieAnn North Rebecca Tobey Mr. Bob L. Turner 2 Jeff and Deborah Van Dyke Randy and Victoria Velarde Roger Vergara 2 Robert and Ann Von Pentz Mrs. Agnes M. Walker * Dr. Byron Wall and Cindy Hernandez-Wall 2 Robert Warning, Jr. and Linda Warning Larry Willard 2 Richard Williams

Joan Willson Keith Wilson 2 Brian and Stephanie Wimbish Thomas and Ann Wood Matthew Worth John and Nira Wright

Brewer Oil Company 2 Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers, Inc. 2 Cabot Superior MicroPowders Cardinal Health Carlsbad Community Foundation, Inc. Centocor, Inc. Chase Foundation Cisco Systems, Inc. Clear Channel Outdoor Compass Bank 2 Concilio Campesino del Sudoeste Creamland Dairies, Inc. 2 Cross Country Auto Sales, LLC 2 CU Cooperative Systems, Inc. CVS Corporation Daniels Family Funeral Services 2 DePonte Investments, Inc. 2 Dialysis Clinic, Inc. Don Chalmers Ford, Inc. 2 EC Enterprises, LLP Educational Broadcasting Corporation El Mezquite Market, LLC Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. Envirological Services The Fine Law Firm Fire Safety Industries Fireproofing Products, Inc. Forest Laboratories, Inc. Friends of Music, Inc. Friends of University Art Museum

C or p or at ions, Fou n dat ions & Orga n i z at ions IJ R RRRļIJ 610 The Sports Animal 2 770 KKOB AM 2 AccuMed Innovative Technologies Albertsons Albuquerque Asphalt 2 Albuquerque Lincoln Mercury Volvo 2 Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation American Concrete Institute– NM Chapter American Urogyencologic Society Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Aventis/CareMark Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation Bank of Albuquerque 2 Bob Turner’s Ford Country 2 Bohannan-Huston, Inc.

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Individuals, $1 o , o o o - $ 2 4 , 9 9 9 c o n t i n u e d

Friends of UNM Baseball Friends of UNM Children’s Hospital Friends of UNM College of Fine Arts Friends of UNM Men’s Basketball 6th Man Friends of UNM Men’s Tennis Friends of Women’s Soccer Frost Foundation Gallegos Law Firm, PC 2 Galles Chevrolet 2 GE Foundation 2 Genentech, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Golden Corral Grant & Associates Mechanical, Inc. 2 Greater Washington Educational Telecommunication Association Tom Growney Equipment, Inc. 2 Guhl Charitable Trust HarperCollins Publishers The Harwood Museum Alliance, Inc. Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation Heritage Hotels & Resorts Inc. Humane Society of the United States Hutton Broadcasting 2 Illinois Tool Works Foundation Intel 2 J & J Technical Services 2 J3 Systems, LLC 2 J-H Supply Company 2 Jobing.com 2 Jones, Snead, Wertheim & Wentworth, PA Journal Publishing Company KANW-FM Radio Station 2 King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. KKOB-FM 2 KMGA FM/KQEO AM 2 KMIN Radio Station 2 Knowledgeworks Foundation KOB-TV Albuquerque KRQE/KBIM /KREZ 2 KRST-FM Radio Station 2 KSSR AM 2 Laguna Development Corporation 2 Lakeshore Media KMXQ 2 Lovelace Biomedical & Environmental Research Inst. M88 Radio 2 Manuel Lujan Agencies 2 Masonic Charity Foundation of NM, Inc. The McClain Company 2 Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation McLane Company, Inc. Millennium Media, Inc. 2 Larry Miller Hyundai 2 Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, Inc. Montgomery & Andrews, PA Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 2 Mountain States Insurance Group 2 National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


52* LQGG


National Kidney Foundation of New Mexico NCAA–National Collegiate Athletic Association New Mexico 4-H Youth Development Foundation New Mexico Building Branch, AGC New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Awards New Mexico Market Place 2 New Mexico Student Loans New Mexico Technology Council Ortho Biotech, Inc. Pepsico 2 Perfection Honda 2 Pharmacare Heath Services 2 Pimentel & Sons Pit Bull Racing Posada Consulting, Inc. Precast Manholes, Inc. 2 Premier Distributing Company 2 Public Broadcasting Service QForma, Inc. Reliable Chevrolet 2 RH Power & Associates, Inc. 2 Rich Ford Sales 2 Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Schwab Charitable Fund Security’s Lending Hand Foundation Serrano & Sons Constructors, LLC 2 Sheehan, Sheehan & Stelzner, PA Shrine of the Testaments Sivage Community Development, LLC 2 Smith & Nephew, PLC Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists The Society of Nuclear Medicine, Inc. Society of Urology Chairpersons and Program Directors Southern Wine & Spirits 2 Southwest Glass & Glazing, Inc. 2 Southwest Productions, Inc. 2 Southwest Promotions Star of the High Desert, Inc. State Bar of New Mexico State Employees Credit Union Stryker Leibinger, Inc. Sysco Food Services of NM, LLC 2 T3 Scientific, LLC Tanoan Country Club 2 Technology Ventures Corporation 2 Thomas A. Plein Foundation Tides Foundation Univision Radio 2 UNM Alumni Association UNM Bookstore Main Campus 2 UPN 50 (KASY TV-50) 2 US Auto Parts Network, Inc. Van Dyke Technologies, Inc.



Presidential Scholarship Program

full sponsor or endowment donor

President’s Club member

2 LOBO Club member

This report lists individual and corporate gifts of $5,000+ received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

Presidential Scholarship Program Many of New Mexico’s brightest and most involved high school graduates study at the University of New Mexico each year because of the UNM Presidential Scholarship. The goal of the Presidential Scholarship Program (PSP) is to attract and retain these students at the University of New Mexico for their college education. Presidential Scholarships are awarded to New Mexico high school seniors based on a minimum 3.5 grade point average, class rank, college board scores, personal essays, peer leadership and community involvement. Each year nearly 125 incoming UNM freshmen receive Presidential Scholarships. More than 450 UNM students benefit from the scholarship at any given time. Scholars come from a wide range of economic and social backgrounds and represent every ethnic group and geographic region in New Mexico. With an annual gift of $2,600, individuals and corporations become full sponsors of a Presidential Scholar. UNM matches the gift and increases it to a $6,900 award, which covers a student’s tuition, fees and books. There are currently more than 140 individual and corporate full sponsors in the program. Almost 20 percent of PSP annual full sponsors are former Presidential Scholars or their parents. Beginning 2011, endowing a Presidential Scholarship requires a $50,000 one-time gift. There are currently 68 endowed Presidential Scholarships for a total of a $5.5 million Presidential Scholarship Endowment Fund. Donors may also give to the PSP through the “Share-ascholar” program by making a gift of any size. A PSP designation ( )in this report identifies individual and corporate full sponsors or endowment sponsors during FY 2009-2010. For more information, please contact Willie Romero at wromero@unmfund.org or (505) 277-2951.

cont inued on page 24


52* LQGG


Corpor ations, foundations & organizations, $1 o , o o o - $ 2 4 , 9 9 9 , c o n t i n u e d

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program The Veritas Foundation Wenner-Gren Foundation Western Conservation Foundation Western Refining 2 Westwind Landscape Construction, Inc. 2 White Sands Federal Credit Union Ian G. Wimbish Pediatric Cancer Foundation Peyton Wright Gallery, Inc. Yanni’s, Inc. 2 Zia Auto 2

Martha Crago Alfred Creecy The Hon. Charles Daniels and Randi McGinn Kevin and Leonor Daniels 2 Benjamin and Kathryn Darwin 2 James Davis, Jr. and Paula Davis Danny Deaver 2 Richard Dekker and Dr. Diane Dekker 2 Joe D. Dennis, Jr. Patricia Dickinson Peter and Erin Doles Jeffrey Doll Thomas and Joanne Dowler Donald and Pamela Duke 2 Drs. R. Philip and Olga Eaton

Sharon and Jerry Geist 2 Dr. Monika Ghattas and Robert Ghattas Hugh Gibson Paul Gibson 2 Van H. and Sandra V. Gilbert 2 Jay Gluck 2 Dr. Ned Godshall and Ellen Torgrimson Gary L. Gordon and Terri A. Giron-Gordon Dr. Cheryl Fossum Graham Brian and Lisa Gribble Mark Haas 2 Dawn Hall Wesley Handy and Dianne Delayo Irwin and Debbie Harms 2

Mel and Mary Ann Eaves 2 Michael and Cheryl Eckart 2 Gregory and Dawn Edgeington 2 James and Terry Edgeington 2 Mr. Michael Emerson and Ms. Kathryn Naassan Drs. Heinrich and Joyce Falk Glenn Fellows and Patricia Hancock Gary and Glenda Fichtner 2 Jeffrey Fornaciari Alyce Frank George J. and Mary E. Friberg Gregory and Devon Frost 2 Frank and Christina Galles Tracy Garcia

Mollie E. Hayes * Steven Hermele * Arlene High and Charles High, Jr. 2 Lynn Villella Holaday * and Bart Holaday Dr. Steven Holbrook and Judith Ferrell-Holbrook 2 Steven Hooper and Dr. Jolynn Galvin Janet Howe Dr. James Howse, IV and Sarah Howse Lowell and Norberta Irby Larry and Caroline Jehle 2 Debbie and Rick* Johnson 2 2 Mr. Peter Johnstone S. Kent and Joanna Jones

Anonymous (2) Doug and Sonya Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery H. Albright Dr. Joseph Alcorn and Dr. Sylvia Wittels 2 Carl and Linda Alongi 2 Donald Anderson and Dr. Sally Anderson The Estate of Henry Kent Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Kent Argubright 2 Joe and Debbie Arnett 2 Estate of Audrey Baldwin Estate of Adele E. Balz Louise Bass Sandra Bass Sandy and Gina Beauchamp 2 Pierre Berry The Hon. Jeff Bingaman and Anne Bingaman Michael and Janice Blake 2 Dale and Caroline Blankenship James and Lynna Blea 2 John and Betsy Bloch Prof. Bruce Boling George and Janara Bornstein John Boyd and Roberta Price Diane Broadwell John and Suzette Brooks 2 Prof. Michael Browde and Ruth Singer Irby Brown Scott and Kay Brown 2 Linda Buffett Jack and Marilyn Carlson Dr. Mark Chavez and Raewyn Chavez Matthew Chavez Gregory Cheshire 2 Lois Chess 2 Joseph and Susan Chiado 2 Philip Ciofalo Chance Coats T. A. Cole, III and Anna Cole 2 Robert and Tricia Cooper 2 Dr. Jean Giddens and Mr. Jay Corazza

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

I n di v i du a l s IJ RRRļIJ

Michael and Peggy Keleher 2 Thomas and Gretchen Keleher 2 Dr. Donald King and Mary King Judith Kingsley Bart Kinney, III 2 David P. and Linda Hudson Kirby 2 Dr. Diane J. Klepper Walter and Allene Kleweno Regent and Mrs. James Kock 2 Roger and Karen Koerner Ashley Kreamer Dr. Louise Lamphere Gerald and Barbara Landgraf Zachary Lardy Iona Lee and Family 2 Peter and Carol LeSage Dr. Mark Lesher and Donna Lesher 2 John and Kay Leslie 2 Ted and Juliana Lowe 2 Dr. Donnie Lujan 2 Fred Mady, Jr. and Amy Mady 2 Leo Maestas Dr. Michael Malizzo and Cheryl Malizzo 2 Karl and Kay Malone 2 Kent Mathis 2 C. Herman Mauney William Mayhew 2 Stephen and Rebecca McKernan Thomas McMahon Dr. Dale Melada and Prof. Ivan Melada JoAnn Mercer Ben and Robin Miller 2 Erma Miller 2 Jerry and Lynn Mosher 2 Mark Mosher 2 Mr. Stanley Mount and Ms. Roxanna Meyers Rolf Nelson Jerid Ortiz Kenneth and Tina Otteni 2 Judge James Parker James and Jean Payne 2 Steven and Debbie Perich 2 Dale Peterson 2 Steve and Marilee Petranovich Phillip Pino 2 Tony and Julie Pisto 2 Bob and Mandy Pitre 2 Tom and Theresa Plunkett 2 Suzanne Poole Curtis Porter and Nancy Cooper 2



Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor

President’s Club member

2 LOBO Club member

This report lists individual and corporate gifts of $5,000+ received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.


52* LQGG


Donald and Victoria Power Arvind Raichur 2 2 Dr. Mark Rainosek Kenneth Ray 2 Steven and Tracy Rea 2 John Reilly, Jr. and Dawn Reilly 2 Rosemary Reyes Ann and Russell Rhoades 2 Dr. Nancy Ridenour Carter Rila * Nancy Roberts Laura Romacciotti Jeffrey Romero 2 Leandra Romero Lorenzo Romero 2 Edwin Roos and Maryann Evans Allan Rosenfield Lanny Ross Gerald 2 Wes and Jane Rousser Randall Royster and Maria Griego-Raby 2

Martin and Craig Rubenstein Mark and Barbara Rudolph 2 William and Carol Sabatini 2 Ann Sabbah Glenn Salsman 2 Bernie and Juanita Sanchez 2 Prof. Don Schlegel Dean Roger Schluntz President David Schmidly and 2 Janet Schmidly Thomas and Susan Schoeman Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Schultz Terry Schurmeier Robert and Pauline Seay 2 Estate of Francis Seebee Bruce and Sandra Seligman 2 Rick Siegel Prof. Larry Sklar and Alison Franks Harrison* and Phyllis Smith 2 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Snead Chuck and Patricia Spinello 2

Gary Spratt Dr. H. Wayne Springfield Gary and Julie Stepic 2 Mr. and Mrs. Chester French Stewart 2 Andrew and Katie Stone Darton Stradling Robin and Nancy Strother Dave and Helen Takach Norman Thayer, Jr. and Martha Thayer Mary Utton Victor and Barbara Valdez 2 Darlene Velasquez 2 Dr. J. Thomas Vigil and Dorothy Vigil 2 Rick and Leslie Wadley 2 Dr. Howard Wadstrom 2 Janet Webb 2 Liz and Bob Wertheim Estate of Ada V. Wester

President’s Club

James and Elizabeth Wiggins C. E. and Dixie Woodcock 2 Estate of Valin Woodward 2 Leshek and Toni Zavistovski Catherine and Ray Ziler

C or p or at ions, Fou n dat ions & Orga n i z at ions IJ RRRļIJ The Abaris Group Abbott Laboratories Ace Metals, Inc. 2 Acoma Business Enterprises Advanced Presentation Systems Airport Fast Park 2 Albuquerque Baseball Softball Hall of Fame con t i n u e d on page 26

assist students in continuing their studies toward completion of a UNM degree. Applications are reviewed on a case-bycase basis and awarded accordingly based upon certain criteria such as academic performance and progress. Members of the President’s Club currently contribute a minimum annual gift of $5,000 to UNM with at least $2,500 of the gift allocated to the President’s Fund for Undergraduate Student Success that supports programs like Stay A Lobo. Donors may designate the remainder to any University school, college, program, student scholarship or other activity. President’s Club members receive quarterly reports and special event invitations from the President’s Office to keep them informed of what is occurring at UNM and how their donation is making a difference for students. For more information regarding the President’s Club and its current initiatives, please contact Rich Grainger at rgrainger@ unmfund.org or (505) 277-9077.

Gifts to the President’s Club invigorate new and unique undergraduate student success programs at UNM with initial funding. We hope that these programs will follow in the steps of the Freshman Learning Communities and the Fred Harris Washington D.C. Congressional Internship program by becoming self-sufficient. Last fall, UNM President David Schmidly began supporting a new initiative that provides students in need with emergency financial assistance. Now, through the combined efforts of the President’s Office, the Dean of Students and the Division of Enrollment Management, UNM has a new program: Stay A Lobo. The Stay A Lobo Grant is an emergency fund available to main campus students who are experiencing an immediate, unforeseen financial situation that is beyond their control and could prevent them from continuing their education. It is intended to 25

52* LQGG


The Albuquerque Partnership Albuquerque Range Rover 2 All Sports Trophies, Inc. 2 Allen, Shepherd, Lewis, Syra and Chapman, PA Alpha II, Inc. 2 The American Academy of Pediatrics American Airlines, Inc. 2 American Institute of Architects Santa Fe Chapter American Toyota, Inc. 2 Americans for Native Americans AmeriSourceBergen Services Corporation Anchorbuilt, Inc. Applebee’s 2 Arby’s Restaurant 2 Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Aztec Grading, Inc. 2 Bank of Oklahoma, NA Brindle Foundation Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck, PC 2 Buildology, Inc. Butt, Thornton & Baehr, PC Camp Rising Sun, Inc. Car Shop Dealership 2 Century Bank 2 Chaparral Materials, Inc. 2 Cherry Picker Foundation Childhood Apraxia of Speech Assoc. of North America Citadel Southwest Communications Corporation Crescent Custom Homes 2 Pete Daskalos Properties 2 Defined Fitness 2 Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Ltd. 2 Dino Land 2 DKD Electric Company, Inc. Domino’s Pizza 2 DPS Architectural Consulting El Alamo Checks Cashed, Inc. Alamo #1 El Bruno’s Restaurant 2 Elekta Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Fernandez Company, Ltd. 2 Fidel, Perner and Michnovicz, LLC 2 Fifth Street Law 2 First Financial Credit Union Frank’s Collection Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg & Ives Friends of UNM Athletics 2 Friends of UNM Football First Team Friends of UNM International Medical Delegation Friends of UNM Soccer Friends of UNM Valencia Campus Friends of Women’s Volleyball Frost Mortgage Group 2 Gatorade Sports Science Institute General Distributors, Inc. 2

The Goldman Sachs Foundation Graphic Industries, Inc. 2 H B Construction 2 The Holaday Family Trust Innovative Educational Resources, LLC John Wagner Productions 2 Rick Johnson & Company, Inc. Just Sprinklers 2 Karl Malone Toyota 2 Keleher & McLeod, PA Kinney Agency, Inc. 2 Kokopelli Body Works 2 KPMG Lineberry Foundation Lobo Nation for Paul Krebs Lovelace Health System 2

National Painting Company, Inc. 2 NCA Architects, PA New Mexico Children’s Foundation New Mexico Council on Photography New Mexico Dream Wedding Giveaway New Mexico Fraternal Order of Eagles New Mexico Humanities Council New Mexico Oil and Gas Association 2 New Mexico Pharmaceutical Care Foundation Olivet Nazarene University Pace Iron Works 2 Pacific Office Automation 2 Paradise Fire Protection 2

Media Designs 2 Melloy Dodge Albuquerque 2 Melloy Nissan 2 Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc. 2 Miller Financial 2 Miller, Stratvert, PA 2 Minuteman Refinishing 2 Abraham Lincoln Mitchell Memorial Fund Loan Trust Montaño Acura 2 Morrow, Reardon, Wilkinson, Miller, Ltd. Mosher Enterprises, Inc. 2 National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare National Foundation for Philanthropy 2

Peifer, Hanson & Mullins, PA 2 Phi Gamma Delta The Pillmore Family Foundation Pitre Buick-GMC 2 Post Tension Reinforcing Services, Inc. 2 Quality Jeep-Chrysler-Plymouth 2 Quality Pontiac 2 Ray’s Flooring Specialists, Inc. 2 Raysteel, Inc. 2 Red Rose of New Mexico, Inc. Regent Drugs of New Mexico, Inc. Stanley M. Reinhaus Family Foundation Resolution Graphics 2 Rio Grande Credit Union RMCI, Inc. 2

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Corpor ations, foundations & organizations, $5,o o o -$9,9 9 9, c o n t i n u e d

Allen and Leone Rollie Charitable Fund 2 Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q 2 Samaritan Counseling Center Sam’s Club Foundation San Cristobal Ranch Academy Sandia Area Federal Credit Union Sandia Office Supply, Inc. 2 Sandia Oil Co Sangre de Cristo Broadcasting 2 Sanofi-Aventis U.S., Inc. Santa Fe New Mexican 2 Science Applications International Corporation Frances V.R. Seebe Trust Sennheiser New Mexico, LLC Serious Grippage and Light Co. 2 Shapiro, Bettinger, Chase, LLP Shell Oil Company Foundation Silicon Heights Computers, Inc. 2 SMPC Architects Sombra Cosmetics, Inc. 2 Southwest Financial Services 2 Southwest Gastroenterology Associates, PC 2 Southwest Reinsure, Inc. 2 Stripe’s Convenience Stores CNM National Sponsor Strother Family Trust Summit Madison Medical Group 2 Summit Medical, Inc. 2 Summit Trade Bindery, Inc. 2 Sutin, Thayer & Browne, PC Taos Community Foundation, Inc. Tate Branch Dodge Chrysler Jeep 2 Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust Tillery Chevrolet 2 UCB Pharma Unirac, Inc. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Universities Research Association, Inc. University Motors 2 Utility Block Company 2 Verizon 2 vSpring Capital, LLC The Walter Henry Freygang Foundation Western National Parks Association



Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor

President’s Club member

2 LOBO Club member

This report lists individual and corporate gifts of $5,000+ received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.


52* LQGG


You may give to the UNM Foundation through unrestricted gifts which are used for the University’s greatest needs or with gifts to a multitude of initiatives within the University’s schools, colleges and programs, including scholarships, dean’s funds, and annual giving campaigns. You also may support events or endow programs, professorships and chairs. Gifts may be offered in a variety of forms including, but not limited to, cash, securities or real property. We encourage you to contact the appropriate staff member, listed on the inside back cover, to learn more about how you can advance the achievements of UNM students and faculty.


Director of Marketing & Communications

Jill Zack


Todd R. Staats


Cyd Riley, Firefly Studios

Contributing Writers

Wendy Antonio, Christopher David Elliott, Van Hoang

Front cover photo

James Steinkamp

Back cover photo

Erik Stenbakken

Produced by the University of New Mexico Foundation

All gifts made to the UNM Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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Memorials and Honoraria

To support UNM and our work with students, faculty and patients, please contact the UNM Foundation office: • (505) 277-4503 • 1-800-UNM-FUND (866-3863) • www.unmfund.org

See page 23. Contact Willie Romero at wromero@unmfund.org or (505) 277-2951.

For more specific giving opportunities, please see the list of programs and contacts below or refer to the inside back cover.

Giving Societies and Dean’s Circles

Annual Giving The Annual Giving program solicits gifts from alumni and friends by letter, phone and online. Annual Giving donors may designate their gifts to any area, college, school, department or program within the University or give unrestricted gifts, which are used for the University’s greatest needs. Contact Willie Romero at wromero@unmfund.org or (505) 277-2951.

Endowments Donors establish endowed funds to support a specific purpose in perpetuity. The UNM Foundation invests the funds and uses a portion of the income generated from the principal to provide annual funding. Endowments may include support for scholarships, faculty or programming, and may be funded over a period of years. See page 12. Contact Judith Davenport at jdavenport@unmfund.org or (505) 277-9600.

Presidential Scholarship Program The Presidential Scholarship Program (PSP) receives gifts as partial or full sponsorship for Presidential Scholars. Currently, a $2,600 gift grants a donor full sponsorship in the PSP.

Giving societies and dean’s circles receive gifts in support of specific programs or initiatives within the University. Membership and gift thresholds vary by school, college or program. Universitywide giving societies include:

• The President’s Club Established in 2000, this group supports presidential initiatives for enhanced academic excellence and student enrichment through unrestricted gifts to the President’s Fund for Undergraduate Student Success. Gifts to the President’s Club can be divided to include a college or school program. See page 25. Contact Rich Grainger at rgrainger@unmfund.org or (505) 277-9077. • Cherry & Silver Society Recognizing alumni who give within 24 months of graduation and then at least once every calendar year thereafter. Contact Margaret Ortega at mortega@ unmfund.org or (505) 277-0689. • New Horizons Society Recognizing donors who have included the University in their estate plans. See page 18. Contact Terry Balko at tbalko@ unmfund.org or (505) 277-9604. • Tom L. Popejoy Society Recognizing cumulative giving to the University. See page 15. Contact Rich Grainger at rgrainger@unmfund.org or (505) 277-9077.

Memorials and honoraria honor family and friends. Contact Jill Slaby at jslaby@ unmfund.org or (505) 277-9651.

Planned Giving The Planned Giving Program provides donors with information and helps establish gifts through bequests, charitable trusts, gift annuities, retirement accounts and life insurance policies. The Foundation’s planned giving experts work closely with the donor’s own advisers to ensure the needs of the University and wishes of the donor are fulfilled. Contact Terry Balko at tbalko@unmfund.org or (505) 277-9604.

Gifts of Real Property The Gift Acceptance Committee of the UNM Foundation reviews gifts of real property, including real estate, works of art, equipment and other in-kind gifts. Contact John Welty at jwelty@unmfund.org or (505) 277-2847.

Matching Gifts Program The Matching Gifts Program includes both national and local corporations that match their employees’ gifts to the UNM Foundation, thus enabling donors to double or even triple their gifts. Contact Kirsten Williams at kwillliams@unmfund.org or (505) 277-1655.

Giving Online Online giving through the Foundation’s secure website at www.unmfund.org.

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Th e U NM Fou n dat ion The following professional staff can answer questions or help craft a gift that matches your wishes and UNM’s needs as a provider of superb education, research, health care and community service. President, UNM Foundation Henry Nemcik, (505) 277-1586 Vice President for University Development and Administration John W. Welty, (505) 277-2847 Vice President for Health Sciences Center Development William (Bill) Uher, (505) 450-6889 SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND PROGRAMS

Anderson School of Management Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz (505) 277-7114 S c hool of A rc h i t ec t u r e & P l a n n i ng Jan Bandrofchak (505) 277-6442 College of Arts & Sciences Jeff MacNutt (505) 277-0817 Yolanda Domínguez (505) 277-3194 College of Education Christie Ross (505) 277-2915

School of Engineering Pam Hurd-Knief (505) 277-0230

School of Law Hannah Farrington (505) 277-1038

College of Fine Arts Belinda Jentzen (505) 277-7320

Popejoy Hall Maryellen Missik-Tow (505) 277-2159

Harwood Museum–Taos Juniper Manley (575) 758-9826 KNME-TV (Public Television)

Polly Anderson (505) 277-2121 KUNM (Public Radio) Mary Oishi (505) 277-8006

University College/ School of Public Administr ation Mary Wolford (505) 277-1088 University Libr aries Niña Johnson (505) 277-5632


Lobo Leap to Excellence Campaign Larry Ryan (505) 925-5919

Lobo Club David Sabolcik (505) 925-5900

Major Gifts David Spafford (505) 925-5607


Cancer Center Kenneth Thompson (505) 925-0471

UNM Foundation Inc. Two Woodward Center 700 Lomas Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 277-4503 1-800-UNM FUND (8 6 6 -38 63)


52* LQGG

College of Nursing Rosemary Reichert Gregory (505) 272-0200

School of Medicine Sherry Wilson (505) 272-4129

College of Pharmacy Harriet Bull (505) 272-3657

UNM Hospitals Hazel Tull-Leach (505) 277-5689 Children’s Mir acle Network Willie Romero (505) 277-2951


UNM Gallup | UNM Valencia | UNM Los Alamos | UNM Taos John W. Welty (505) 277-2847 CENTRAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICE

Annual Giving Willie Romero (505) 277-2951 Corpor ate and Foundation Relations Betsy Till (505) 277-1589 Development and Campaign Services Annette Hazen (505) 277-9628

Donor Relations Jill Slaby (505) 277-9651

Matching Gifts Kirsten Williams (505) 277-1655

Endowment Management Judith Davenport (505) 277-9600

Memorial Gifts Jill Slaby (505) 277-9651

Major Gifts Mary Wolford (505) 277-1088

Popejoy Society & President’s Club Rich Grainger (505) 277-9077 Presidential Scholarship Progr am Willie Romero (505) 277-2951

Planned Gifts Terry Balko (505) 277-9604


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage



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