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Credit: David Benyak

Credit: Bruce Cramer Credit: Bruce Cramer

Message from the UNM President

From e UNM President

Credit: Kim Jew

As an alumnus, I value the education I received at UNM. I am incredibly excited to return to the University of New Mexico as its 21st president. I am deeply grateful to the entire University community, the UNM Foundation, you and our many other supporters for your continuing dedication to our mission and our students. The social and economic health of our state is central to our mission, and as the state’s flagship university, UNM’s campaign priorities are fundamentally connected to and inspired by the many needs of the people in our communities. Even in the best of times, state support provides only a basic foundation for our work. Private giving allows us to strengthen and expand our academic programs, enhance the student Lobo experience and elevate the University’s role and profile within and beyond New Mexico’s borders. Most importantly, with the contributions of supporters and friends like you, UNM can be even more responsive to the rapidly changing needs of our extraordinarily diverse students and the communities we serve. As many of you know, 2006 marked the beginning of a landmark fund-raising effort, Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM. This comprehensive campaign focuses on student success and opportunity; faculty support and research; campus programs; and capital projects and facilities. This past year, the University and its affiliated H Robert G. Frank foundation received almost $84 million in gifts, bringing the campaign total to more than $489 million. These gifts demonstrate that UNM is building a philanthropic community that is innovative, thoughtful and committed to UNM’s students, programs and to our future. We can look to the future with optimism, in large measure because our alumni and friends continue to demonstrate their commitment to sustaining the academic enterprise. As the following report makes evident, we are working hard to deserve such generous support. To stay on this path, we will continue to seek partnerships within our own community, with colleagues in other universities, with friends in the public and private sectors, and with alumni—our fellow Lobos. Thank you for your generous support of UNM and for working with us to achieve our vision of a 21st century flagship university.

Robert G. Frank President, University of New Mexico 1

From e UNM Foundation Leadership

H Gary L. Gordon

Credit goes to you, our donors for investing in our students, faculty and programs, and we join all of the University community in sincerely thanking each and every one of you. Donors connect with meaningful opportunities through UNM people: our administrators, volunteers, deans, grant writers and coaches, as well as the Foundation’s front-line development officers. To all of those partners, we also extend our warmest appreciation. Success has other measures, as well. The total for Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM is $489,220,488 as of the end of this fiscal year—an incredible result. And, we took a close look at current Foundation operations with two external groups this year. We are H Henry Nemcik pleased that they determined that the UNM Foundation’s operations are cost-effective and efficient. We proudly share a great deal of information about the Foundation’s work on our website, There you will find, along with our regular financial audit as performed by an outside audit firm, the Philanthropy Study Report produced this year by a top-level group at the University that convened to discuss the future of the University’s private philanthropy. With continued support from our partners, as well as those who love and support the University, all indicators point to great prospects for steadily growing private support for UNM in the future. All of our donors are truly “Changing Worlds.” Donors are not always ready on our timetable, and some years will be more challenging than others to meet the goals set by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and the University. Yet one thing remains constant: we are privileged to focus on that intersection where generosity meets excellence in education. Gary L. G ordon Chair, UNM Foundation Board of Trustees 2

Henry Nemcik President and CEO, UNM Foundation

Credit: Kim Jew

• More than 4,300 face-to-face visits with donors • More than 13,000 total contacts with donors by phone or e-mail • Reaching out to corporations and foundations with more than 130 proposals • Countless hours of volunteer work by our Trustees, and volunteers at KUNM, KNME, the Lobo Club, the Anderson School of Management Foundation and other friends groups and fund-raising boards throughout the University • And finally, the happy task of receipting, recording and thanking donors for each of 33,128 gifts

Courtesy: Gary Gordon

What does “focus” look like? At the UNM Foundation, more than 80 employees, volunteers and partners from every school, college and unit from throughout UNM focused last year on an ambitious goal of raising $80 million in gifts for the University of New Mexico. As a result of their hard work and donor generosity, $83,915,438 was raised. Here are some measures of what our focus looked like:

UNM Foundation

UNM Foundation Board of Trustees Larry Abraham J

Gary L. Gordon

Anne Yegge

Chair Los Ranchos de Albuquerque



Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

Peter Johnstone



Carl Alongi Board Vice-Chair/ Chair-Elect Albuquerque (2006-2014)

Laura Hueter Bass Placitas, N.M. (2006-2014)

Gary Beal Hobbs, N.M. (2011-2015)

Stephanie Bennett-Smith, PhD National Vice-Chair Brielle, N.J.

Board of Trustees (2002-2014)

Raymond Ziler ∫ Albuquerque (2000-2012)


Gerald Landgraf ∫

∫ End of Service Term



Mark Lesher, MD

June 30, 2012

J Term began July 1, 2012



2012-2013 Officers in Plum

James M. Maddox, Esq. ∫ Hobbs, N.M.

Former Board Chairs


Laurie Moye J Albuquerque (2012-2016)

Anne Yegge

Henry Nemcik


President and CEO, UNM Foundation

Thelma Domenici

La Luz, N.M. (2008-2012)

(2010 - present)

Louise W. Campbell ∫

Kimberly Peña

Corrales, N.M.




Michelle Coons

Steve Petranovich

los ranchos de albuquerque

Gallup, N.M.


Dennis Burns, RPh ∫


John Cordova Albuquerque (2006-2014)


Robert L. Bovinette 2005-2007

Robert M. Goodman 2002-2005

Mary D. Poole 2000-2002


Ann Rhoades

Dorothy Rainosek


secretary Albuquerque

Dick Morris



Kurt L. Roth J

Wayne Davenport

New York, N.Y.



Maralyn Budke

D. F. (Duffy) Swan


Gus Foster

President, UNM Alumni Association

Maxine Friedman

Taos, N.M.



Randy Velarde

Robert G. Frank

assistant treasurer Houston, Texas

Orcilia Zuñiga Forbes, PhD Portland, Ore. (2008-2016)

Jack Fortner UNM Regent

president, University of New Mexico


Jerry Geist 1984-1988

Jack Rust 1980-1984



e Year in Numbers

Private Support Totals



o f







M i l l i o n s

During the fiscal year 2011-2012, the University of New Mexico received more than $83.9 million in private support. More than 13,300 donors, providing in excess of 33,000 gifts, indicated their belief in UNM by continuing to demonstrate the value of philanthropic investment to members of the  UNM community. Private support includes all gifts made or pledged to the UNM Foundation for the benefit of UNM and those gifts made directly to the University’s schools, colleges, departments and programs. Your generosity to help build a greater University of New Mexico is truly appreciated and makes a tangible difference in our community’s life each day. We are grateful for your trust, which allows UNM to make lasting connections to the culture, community and aspirations of New Mexico.

D o l l a r s

PRiVate suPPoRt Fy 2011-2012






07 08


08 09


09 10

10 11

11 12


ConsoLidated inVestMent fund Fy 2011-2012 The UNM board of Regents has delegated authority to the UNM Foundation Investment Committee to oversee and manage the endowment assets of the University and the Foundation. The pooled assets are combined for investment purposes and operated as a unitized pool known as the Consolidated Investment Fund (CIF). The CIF is managed in accordance with the Consolidated

Investment Fund Investment Policy, which is approved by both the UNM Foundation board of Trustees and the UNM board of Regents. Investments in the CIF are guided by the concept of complementary managers who are responsible for specific asset categories and management styles in a diversified portfolio. The adjacent chart illustrates the mix of assets in the portfolio.

CIF Spending Distribution by Donor-Designated Purpose Library faculty support



Program support

Equity holdings are restricted to high-quality, readily marketable securities of corporations that are actively traded on the major exchanges. Marketable alternative investments are a series of absolute return strategies. The CIF finished the year with a market value of approximately $329.5 million, as compared to $336 million a year ago, and a return on investment of 1.05

CIF Asset Allocation


building/ Construction/ equipment

Marketable alternatives


fixed income & Cash



Private equity



international equity





Real assets - Liquid


Real assets - illiquid

4.8% u.s. equity 19.9%

student support



e Year in Numbers

Gifts and Pledges by Purpose

Gifts and Pledges by Source

(Donor Restrictions)

Total $83,915,439





alumni and friends

other organizations


academic divisions





student financial aid



11.66% ($9.7)

Public service

8.4% faculty and staff 1.8%



(Millions of Dollars)

allocated from each participating fund in the CIF for FY2011-2012 to assist with operational expenses. The Foundation recognizes the need to provide a steady and reasonably predictable stream of income while protecting the real value of the principal of the endowment. The CIF’s spending policy is based on an average of 20 trailing quarters to smooth out fluctuations in market values from quarter to quarter. The policy specifies that the distribution rate must fall between 4-6 percent. The current year’s distribution was reduced from the prior year’s rate of 4.65 percent to 4.5 percent in response to a reduction in the expected rate of return from 8.5 percent to 7.6 percent. Approximately $14 million was distributed to various schools, colleges and programs that benefit from the endowment program, as compared to $14.9 million the previous fiscal year.

percent, as compared to 19.0 percent the previous fiscal year. Economic factors, both domestic and international, negatively impacted performance this year. In addition to a “flat” return on investment, new endowment contributions were below expectations. Distributions from the endowment to the University in support of scholarships and programs plus investment management fees exceeded revenues from investment returns and new contributions, resulting in a decrease in market value. In addition to the customary investment management expenses, a development funding allocation of 1.85 percent of the market value was Unm ciF Portfolio benchmark




1.05% -0.72%

9.92% 9.32%

1.29% 0.47%


07 08


08 09


09 10


10 11

D o l l a r s o f






M i l l i o n s


M i l l i o n s

CIF Spending Distribution








o f

D o l l a r s

CIF Market Value 350


11 12






07 08 0


08 09


Performance as of 6/30/2012




Physical Plant


other Restricted











09 10

10 11

11 12

e Year in Numbers c amPaiGn G iFTS

How We Report Your Gifts The UNM Foundation complies with various standards when reporting private gifts, depending on the purpose of the report and the requirements of the organization requesting the report. • The UNM Foundation Annual Report of Giving reports the total effort of the UNM community in engaging private donors in making gifts for students, faculty, programs and facilities. Using Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) counting methods, qualifying bequests, cash and inkind gifts donated directly to UNMaffiliated units, as well as pledges meeting the criteria, are gifts and commitments that are counted and recognized in the annual total. • Gifts we report in our audited financial statements are reported in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Unlike campaign reporting, gifts of bequests, cash and in-kind gifts donated directly to UNM-affiliated units, as well as pledges not meeting the criteria for financial reporting, are not included. • Additionally, we report gifts annually as participants in the Voluntary Support for Education Survey (VSE). only gifts of cash and cash equivalents are reported to VSE. Given their differing objectives, each of these reports will segment and report the gifts received by UNM differently. our campaign reports are distributed monthly and through this Annual Report of Giving. our audits are available on our website,, where you will also find a link to the recent VSE report totals. We welcome your questions at (505) 277-4503.

J ULy 1, 2006 -J Une 30, 2012 by F ocUS a rea student success & opportunity






faculty support & Research

$99.2 (20.29%)

Capital Projects & facilities

Campus Programs





Millions of Dollars

Total raised through June 30, 2012: $489.22 million

Gift commitments by fiscal year

fy 2011-2012

fy 2010-2011





Reported on financial statements (GaaP): Cash/Cash Equivalents Pledges > $5,000 Not reported on financial statements (GaaP): Cash (Reported on UNM Financial Statements)



In-kind (Reported on UNM Financial Statements)



Pledges of In-kind, Endowments and Pledges < $5,000



Testamentary Gifts





totaL 6

î &#x17E;e Campaign for UNM

Why do our alumni and friends give to the university of new Mexico? In these complex times, reasons are as varied as the 13,000 individuals who gave this year. but ask them why, and one theme emerges: donors know that they can change the world. We hear stories of wonderful careers built on the educational framework of a UNM degree, and other donors tell us about the way their experience as a student-athlete or involvement in campus activities shaped their future lives and relationships in positive and remarkable ways. Some share poignant stories of a turning point where a unM hospital visit, or a particular health care professionalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skillful treatment, saved them or their family. There are many expressions of hope for the fruits of research that will ease suffering, address chronic disease, or save the lives of those for whom no treatment currently is available. often, we hear simple expressions of gratitude. It is astounding how many of our donors are paying back kindness provided to them or their children as students, or honoring the formative teaching and mentoring they received from a special professor or others at UNM. our friends use the medium of their gifts to create legacies, large or small. They understand that their gifts can make them part of a studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s success, creators of even more impressive University programs, or partners in vital research. And, over and over, they know that one donation inspires another. Together, UNM donors are creating a strong culture of philanthropy, both at the University and in our community. We applaud them, and thank them for each and every gift.

At the unM foundation, we are fortunate to work at that fascinating place where generosity meets excellence. We work with donors to help them find or renew their philanthropic passions, choose their legacies and tell their stories. Through support for the students, faculty, programs and campus facilities of UNM, create your answer to the fundamental question of the Campaign for unM: Whose world will you change?

ProGreSS ToWard $675 miLLion ToTaL GoaL

1OO% 9 O% 8 O% 7O% 6 O% 5 O% 4 O%

$489.22 M ILLION July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2012

3 O% 2 O% 1 O% O%


Chha Peo P Pe eeoop oppee Ch han aanng nggiin ing ing ngW gWo Wor orlrld llds ddss U n m P e o P L e c H a n G i n G W o r L dS

Cindy Grossman

A graduate of the Longy school of Music in Cambridge, Mass., Cindy enrolled at UNM in 1996. She got a teaching assistantship and, to her surprise, found that she loved it. “UNM was completely supportive,” she said. “The professors there are wonderful.” Cindy and Leslie became friends but kept a professional distance. Alumna “As a teacher, you want Endows students to have their own life, their own Scholarship to privacy,” said Leslie. keep opera Their friendship deepened Students after Cindy graduated. “Cindy encouraged Singing me to be a better teacher because of the respect Few talents are as she showed me,” Leslie enviable as a great said. “She inspires me singing voice. According because of her openness to UNM Professor and to the world and how Co-Director of UNM she constantly wants to opera Theater Leslie keep learning.” umphrey, Cindy Cindy now lives, Grossman (’99 MMU) sings and teaches voice has that talent in in Taos. Establishing the spades—but it’s not just scholarship in opera was talent that makes her important to her because great; it’s her spirit. H Leslie umphrey (left) and Cindy Grossman When Cindy was a “when you study the graduate music student classical vocal repertoire, at UNM, Leslie, one of her professors, encouraged you have the opportunity to learn how to use your Cindy to accept a teaching assistantship, changing instrument and develop it to its greatest potential. You Cindy’s world. Now, through the Cindy sadow can learn what your voice is capable Grossman endowed scholarship for opera, of doing and then make educated Cindy offers students financial support while decisions as to how to best use it.” giving herself the chance to change an aspiring Leslie feels pride at seeing her singer’s world. former student nurture her talent and “The scholarship gives students the opportunity teach others to do the same. “I want Go to or scan the qR code to take a step that otherwise might be more to see her keep singing because above with your smart phone to read an challenging,” said Cindy. “I feel very blessed to be I think the world needs to hear her expanded version of this article online. able to do this.” voice,” she said. Credit: Christian horstmann

A Voice the World Needs to Hear


Chha Peo P Pe eeoop oppee Ch han aanng nggiin ing ing ngW gWo Wor orlrld llds ddss

Ron Friedman

accepted. He returned to Pennsylvania, packed, and came back to Albuquerque. For the first time in too long, he had something to look forward to. At first Ron felt overwhelmed, but he soon learned how to cope—and life began to change dramatically. “All of a sudden I was able to discipline myself,” he said. “My GPA was 2.1 the first semester; I was on the Dean’s List the second semester.” After graduation, Ron returned to Pennsylvania, H Ron and susan friedman where he has had a and fred hart (top right) at the long and successful UNM School of Law. career in real estate law. He and his wife have established the Ronald and susan friedman faculty excellence award, partially because Hart, a 37-year faculty member who twice has served as dean, was instrumental in Ron’s ultimate success. “by the 1980s, I recognized how lucky I was that Fred let me go to law school,” Ron said. “by the 1990s, I decided I really admired the faculty and established an endowment with the idea that I’m paying back and giving to the faculty. Fred was among the best of them. It was a wonderful experience.” “Ron has achieved incredible success, both as a lawyer and an author,” said Professor Hart. “We may have given Ron a chance, but what he did with it is a Go to tribute to him alone.” or scan the qR code

Forging a Path Grateful Law School Alumnus Gives back to UNM Ronald (Ron) friedman (’71 JD) does not like to think about what may have happened if he hadn’t gotten into the UNM School of Law. It was 1968 and he was a Vietnam veteran suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. He was rudderless until his uncle suggested that he visit UNM. During that visit, Ron had a chance meeting with Professor frederick (fred) hart. one week later, he became a student. More than 40 years later, Ron clearly remembers how that meeting changed his world. Ron, who had been attending graduate school without much success in Pennsylvania, told Professor Hart he needed something to focus on that would lead to a solid profession. To Ron’s surprise, Hart told him they had a place in the class that started the following week. Ron walked to the Student Union building to think, then returned to Hart’s office and

Q Ron friedman 9

above with your smart phone to read an expanded version of this article online.

Credit: nancy harbert

U n m P e o P L e c H a n G i n G W o r L dS

Ph l  p L d n Ph Unm LeaderS in PHiL anTHroPy

Dorothy & Larry Rainosek

Roman Catholic Studies, naming of the frontier/ Golden Pride foyer at university arena (The Pit), in addition to their longtime sponsorship of Presidential Scholarships and gifts to other programs. The Frontier’s proximity to the unM school of architecture and Planning (SA+P) fostered special relationships over the years; they’ve had coffee with every dean since 1971. This year the Rainoseks were inspired to make their largest commitment yet—the $1 million frontier/Golden Pride endowment for Regional and indigenous design & Planning at the SA+P. “Larry and Dorothy are more than supporters; they are friends of the School of Architecture and Planning, its faculty, students and staff,” said SA+P Dean Geraldine forbes isais. “This endowment positions the school to be a national leader in Regional and Indigenous Design and Planning.” “We’re really excited about this,” Dorothy said. “Initially, students and faculty will be working together with the navajo nation on transportation, tourism and infrastructure. If Navajo youth develop an interest in what’s happening, it can snowball into the future.” The frontier and Golden Pride family intends to continue its leadership legacy. “We are fortunate that the success of our business continues to allow us to give back to the community,” said Larry.

Serving Up Generosity Endowment Funds Regional and Indigenous Architecture and Planning Program “Retire” is not a word you’ll hear from Larry and dorothy Rainosek. “What would we do?” laughed Dorothy. “We enjoy our work. We stay involved with our community and the friends that come to the frontier.” over four decades, the popular restaurant developed from one small location into a veritable UNM annex and the couple’s Golden Pride chain. The University grew; the Rainoseks’ businesses prospered. Their appreciation for the education their children received at UNM moved them to contribute to many programs and scholarships. “Young people represent New Mexico’s future,” Dorothy explained. “We want our good students to stay here.” The couple’s leadership gifts to UNM already include the Larry & dorothy Rainosek family Gallery in George Pearl hall, helping to establish a chair in

Q dorothy and Larry Rainosek 10

Ph l  p L d n Ph Unm LeaderS in PHiL anTHroPy

Peter A. Winograd

Accepting the Unexpected Professor Emeritus Survives Cancer and Lives His Legacy Although young Peter winograd didn’t appreciate it then, being rejected by a prestigious New York law firm was a blessing in disguise. It set his course for a distinguished career, and may have saved his life. In his late-20s, Peter became assistant dean at nyu Law school and, as a board member of the national Law School Admission Council (LSAC), helped set policies for the LSAT and the LSDAS, a new transcript evaluation service. His reputation for solving problems led him to the Educational Testing Service, where he helped deal with rapidly expanding issues in its law school admission services.  At a professional meeting in Florida, he and frederick (fred) hart, then dean of the unM school of Law and president of the LSAC, took a walk on the beach. That walk proved to be Peter’s introduction to life in the high desert.  “Fred made a great pitch,” he recalled. “I had an offer from northwestern, but he really encouraged me to consider UNM. I decided to accept the associate dean position at New Mexico and give it five years. Everyone thought I was crazy,” he chuckled.  It was 1976; Peter was in his mid-30s. And during his very first week at UNM he received a shocking phone call. Doctors back East had dismissed a troublesome skin lesion, and tests were inconclusive—until then. It was melanoma.  “by then it was a very serious situation,” said Peter. “Early on I asked, ‘What are the odds?’ My surgeon responded that odds don’t mean much, that they ultimately are 100 percent or zero, and it would be a good idea for me to focus on being in the 100 percent group.” 

H Peter a. winograd

Fortunately, he was referred to eminent oncologist dr. Jack saiki at the unM Cancer Center.  Aggressive surgery, followed by chemotherapy and experimental immunotherapy, enabled Peter to continue his work, realizing numerous accomplishments, achievements and honors.  by nature philanthropic, and grateful for the exceptional care he received, Peter is one of the Cancer Center’s most loyal donors. He is also a dedicated contributor to the school of Law,  unM hospitals and the Presidential scholarship Program.  As a school of Law professor emeritus, he remains active and a familiar face at the Albuquerque Sunport, still traveling frequently on professional business with an occasional “real” vacation in the mix. 11

Phi Lea Le ead adede de e in in Ph hilila llan aann nr rorroop  Unm LeaderS in PHiL anTHroPy

Virginia Shipman

An Agent of Change Education Professor’s Endowment Reflects a Dedication to Diversity

Credit: Christie Ross

Anyone who doubts that age is a state of mind should have a chat with dr. Virginia shipman. “Humans are always changing,” she declared. “our cells are constantly renewing, and at all ages there are important opportunities.” Indeed, in recent years this octogenarian professor traveled to South Africa and China, studying educational processes and sharing ideas based on her long career as a research psychologist and educator. Virginia’s enthusiasm for promoting cultural and collegial exchange began in childhood, as she was raised in an economically poor but ethnically rich neighborhood in brooklyn, N.Y. “There were few academic opportunities for girls then,” she recalled. “There were no high schools in the district offering college preparation, and I wanted to be a brain surgeon.” A scholarship to a private high school—and an aversion to frog dissection in college—led her to an eventual PhD in clinical psychology. After years of work in family and child development research for the burgeoning federal head start program, Virginia began her UNM tenure in 1986 as chair of the new family studies department at the unM College of education (CoE). “I’m a strong advocate of interdisciplinary cooperation,” she stated. “Family Studies includes psychology, sociology, biology. . . I actually call myself a developmental scientist, because no one discipline can tell you everything about the development of a human being.” Virginia’s philanthropy at UNM reflects some very personal commitments: to Popejoy hall for her love

H Virginia shipman

of live performance; to the unM Libraries in gratitude for the joy reading has given her since childhood; to the unM Cancer Center as a grateful survivor; to Presidential scholars and the Coe dean’s fund to further academic excellence. Her endowment, the Virginia Curran shipman doctoral fellowship in family studies, is awarded to graduate students coming to UNM from out of state, furthering her philosophy that exposure to diverse points of view can open and enrich minds. “We tend to stay with the people we know,” Virginia noted, “and only a small percentage of our local students have traveled very much. This connects them with others who grew up with different ideas and experiences.” Maintaining an active schedule, Virginia still finds the University an exciting place to be. “There is so much we can learn from and teach each other,” she asserted. “I can’t imagine retiring!” 12

Phi Lea Le ead adede de e in in Ph hilila llan aann nr rorroop  Unm LeaderS in PHiL anTHroPy

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Partners in Progress W.k. kellogg Foundation Demonstrates Commitment to building Strong Communities

Donor records at the UNM Foundation begin in 1986, and grants from the w.K. Kellogg foundation appear that long ago. UNM has since received more than $18 million in total grants from the kellogg Foundation, bringing students, professors, nonprofits, community members and leaders together to tackle challenging issues. The kellogg Foundation’s relationship with New Mexico, however, started four decades earlier. “We are one of the largest funders of rural and native communities,” noted kellogg Foundation Program officer Kara Carlisle. “There has always been rich culture to build on here. Statistics demonstrate great need, but there is also great potential.” Founded in 1930 by cereal pioneer will Keith Kellogg, and guided by his concern for the most vulnerable citizens, especially children, the kellogg Foundation funds programs that foster strong, thriving families and communities. Collaborative partnerships among local organizations and long-term generational change are key concepts in the kellogg Foundation’s strategy. “We use an engaged philanthropy model,” Carlisle explained. “It’s not just based in charitable grantmaking. We’re on the ground, building relationships H Louisa and Mateo delight in playing at Albuquerque’s old Town Plaza so that networks form and during the family development Program’s strong starts for Children launch, August 2010. innovations happen.” 13

Courtesy: unM College of education

Recent grants went to three UNM initiatives exemplifying the kellogg Foundation’s priorities in early childhood learning as well as community and civic engagement: • Circles of Support, in the family development Program at the unM College of education, works with schools and parents in underserved areas, focusing on essential early learning skills. • Through the student affairs’ Community Learning and Public service office, UNM students train to become the future leaders of movements for positive change in serviceoriented apprenticeships. • At KunM, the University’s public radio station, three new reporters will develop professional skills and deepen cross-cultural dialogue on poverty and health, on air and online. “There are New Mexicans one paycheck or illness away from poverty,” said KunM General Manager Richard towne. “The kellogg Foundation understands what public radio can do to engage citizens in public policy issues. They know this community well.”

New Endowments Establish an Endowed Fund An endowed fund is a gift that lasts in perpetuity. It continues to provide support to the University in the areas of the donor’s interest. Endowed funds may support student scholarships, faculty, the general needs of the University or any school, college or program within the University.  Donors may fully fund an endowment with a one-time lump-sum gift, fund it over a three-year pledge period, or through a bequest or other deferred gift. Endowment minimums vary by purpose, so please contact us for more specific information.  In addition to cash, endowed funds can be established through any gift vehicle recognized by the UNM Foundation, including gifts of securities or real property, planned gifts, by pooled gifts from a group of friends, with memorial contributions or through continuing gifts to endowment accounts. We work with donors to develop guidelines for how their endowments are to be used, ensuring donor intent and University policies are honored.  For information on establishing an endowed fund, please contact any college or school development officer (see page 36) or Endowment Relations Manager Judith Davenport at Judith.Davenport@unmfund. org or (505) 277-9600.

New Endowments FY 2011-2012 2011 UNM University Chorus Advisory Council Endowed Scholarship Established by the 2011 University Chorus Advisory Council, this meritbased scholarship benefits either graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with special consideration given to those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

Agnes Ripple Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund in Nursing Established by a bequest from William Boyd Adams in memory of his wife, this endowment funds scholarships in the College of Nursing.

Diane Bonnell Scholarship Endowment for the UNM Music Prep School Established by friends, family, colleagues and students of Ms. Bonnell, this endowment honors her 19 years of dedication and hard work on behalf of the UNM Music Prep School. The endowment is dedicated to children and benefits them with tuition assistance per the guidelines of the UNM Music Prep School.

Betsy Carey Memorial Scholarship for the Visual Arts Established by Ms. Carey’s sister, Martha Borgmann Crago, her daughter, Ann Carey Sabbah, and her family and friends, this scholarship fund honors Betsy’s longtime support and promotion of the arts in Taos and benefits UNM Taos students pursuing a degree or certificate in art studio, visual arts, applied arts and crafts, or painting and drawing.

Terri Sperry Carr Endowed Scholarship Established by alumna Terri Carr, this merit scholarship supports Panhellenic sorority members with an interest in math and the sciences.

Catron Family Legacy Scholarship Endowment Established by Fletcher, John and Thomas Catron, III to honor their family’s legacy on the legal, civil service and political landscapes of 14

New Mexico, this scholarship supports students at the School of Law who have a well-rounded undergraduate experience, academic proficiency and financial need, with a preference for students from New Mexico.

Centennial Endowed Scholarship for Choral Programs Established by friends of the UNM Choral Programs, this merit-based scholarship benefits either graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with special consideration given to those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

Choral Director’s Endowed Choral Scholarship, in honor of Professor Bradley Ellingboe Established through gifts from many donors, this endowment honors UNM Professor Brad Ellingboe, a choral conductor, soloist, composer, scholar and teacher. This merit-based scholarship benefits graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with special consideration given to those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

Iris Ciesielski Endowed Scholarship for Choral Programs Established by Janet Bowers, this endowment honors Iris Cieselski, the UNM Chorus accompanist from 1990 to 2003. She accompanied

Carl M. and Linda B. Alongi Endowed Student Scholarship Established by the Alongis, this endowment provides scholarships to support students who show academic promise and intend to pursue a degree in business administration and/or a related discipline at the Anderson School of Management.

numerous festival choirs to Europe, which allowed her the rare opportunity to play organs in such places as Chartres and Notre Dame. This merit-based scholarship benefits graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with a special consideration given to those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

René Clausen Endowed Choral Scholarship Established by friends of the UNM Choral Programs, in honor of Dr. René Clausen, conductor of the Concordia Choir and a nationally and internationally renowned premier conductor and composer. This merit-based scholarship benefits graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with a special consideration given to those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

College of Nursing Senior Class Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by the 2010 nursing summer graduates as part of the Senior Class Gift Program, this scholarship supports undergraduate students working successfully on their BSN degree. The College of Nursing thanks its graduating seniors for making a difference in the lives of those nursing students who follow them.

Loren and Alan Dils Tennis Endowment Fund Established by Ian and Sonnet McKinnon to honor the Dils brothers and their contributions to the UNM Tennis Program, this endowment supports the Men’s Tennis Program.

Thomas A. and Elizabeth E. Dodson Endowment for Research Established by Dr. Thomas Dodson, who joined the Department of Music faculty at UNM in 1979 and served as dean of the College of Fine Arts (CFA) from 1989 to his 2001 retirement, this endowment was created to encourage and support junior CFA faculty to engage in meaningful research and creative work that hopefully contributes to successful code-3 and tenure reviews.

Dr. Thomas C. Donnelly and Dorothea Berry Donnelly Perpetual Memorial Fellowship Established by the Dorothea B. Donnelly Trust, this endowment provides fellowships for graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

New Endowments

Lynn Drob Memorial Endowed Choral Scholarship

Established by friends of Lynn Drob, who sang with the choir at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Rio Rancho as well as with the UNM University Chorus, for which she served many years on its Advisory Council, this endowment supports students singing in the Choral Programs and future University Chamber Singers.

Federated Woman’s Club of Albuquerque Scholarship Established by the Federated Woman’s Club of Albuquerque, which was organized in 1903 and federated in 1904, this scholarship supports female students in the Colleges of Nursing and Education and the School of Medicine. A member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an international organization, the

Virginia P. Crenshaw Endowed Chair in Nursing This chair was established by a bequest from Virginia P. Crenshaw, dean and faculty emerita of the UNM College of Nursing, to create the first endowed chair in the College of Nursing and facilitate the improvement of nursing practice, education and research by engaging in inter-professional health care partnerships. Professor Crenshaw was dedicated to improving the quality of nursing with a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to education and practice.

Marvin Duphorne Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by Marvin Duphorne’s wife, Patsy, to honor the value he placed on education and his support of those he worked with in promoting their education, learning and skills, this scholarship benefits undergraduate students enrolled in the UNM School of Engineering Mechanical Engineering and/or the Bio-medical Engineering Programs.

Dr. Gary L. and Elizabeth T. Dwyer Endowed Scholarship for Choral Programs Established by Elizabeth Dwyer to honor Dr. Dwyer’s commitment to the arts in education, this scholarship supports students singing in the Choral Programs and future University Chamber Singers with a preference given to full-time UNM students in good standing who have graduated from or have been a student of the Bernalillo Public Schools system.

Dr. Eph Ehly Endowed Scholarship for Choral Programs Established by friends of the UNM Choral Programs to honor one of America’s most revered choral conductors, Dr. Ehly, professor emeritus at the Conservatory of Music, University of Missouri-Kansas City, this merit-based scholarship benefits graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with special consideration given to those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

club’s motto is “Our mental attitude today determines our success tomorrow,” which has guided its activities for more than 100 years.

Joe Feinsilver Student Assistance Fund Established by a bequest from Joe Feinsilver, a friend and benefactor to UNM and many of its students, this endowment supports students with unexpected, urgent financial needs.

Maggie Ferguson Nursing Scholarship Endowment Established by UNM Hospitals Chief Nursing Officer Sheena Ferguson, along with friends and family, to honor her mother, Maggie Ferguson, this scholarship recognizes the UNM College of Nursing and supports the education of current and future nurses.

Dr. Howard V. Finston Memorial Scholarship Established by Felicia A. Finston and B. Lee Whaley, this scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Howard Finston, dean of the Anderson School of Management from 1962 to 1968. The scholarship supports female graduate students matriculating at the UNM Anderson School of Management.

Frontier/Golden Pride Endowment for Regional and Indigenous Design and Planning Established by Larry and Dorothy Rainosek, who have been neighbors of the University of New Mexico and the School Cont inued on p age 1 6


Cont inued f rom p age 15

New Endowments

Peggyann Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship Established with a gift from the estate of Ms. Hutchinson, alumna and career journalist, this scholarship benefits communication and journalism student interns in the fields of advertising, public relations or journalism.

of Architecture and Planning since 1971, this endowment honors their belief that the School of Architecture and Planning’s Regional and Indigenous Design and Planning Initiative will be a valuable addition to the School and the state of New Mexico for generations to come. The endowment will support scholarly and research activities as well as faculty and graduate assistants for the Regional and Indigenous Design and Planning Initiative.

Suellen Gornall Endowed Scholarship in Music Established by the family and friends of Suellen Gornall to honor her love of choral and classical music, this scholarship supports full-time students in good academic standing enrolled in the College of Fine Arts and majoring in music.

Richard E. Greenleaf Endowment Established by bequest from Dr. Richard E. Greenleaf, a distinguished scholar of colonial Latin America and an alumnus of the University of New Mexico and generous friend of the Latin American & Iberian Institute, this endowment provides funding for the acquisition of materials in the subject areas of Latin American history and culture as well as funding for the processing of archival collections in the same subject areas.

Cindy Sadow Grossman Endowed Scholarship for Opera Established by alumna Cindy Sadow Grossman, and dedicated to the memory of her late husband, Harold K. Sadow, this endowment honors her passion for vocal performance and teaching. The scholarship supports non-traditional students specializing in opera.

Mary Han “Not for the Top” Scholarship Established by an anonymous donor in memory of Mary Han, School of Law alumna, this scholarship supports a second- or third-year law student who has established a pattern of hard work, discipline and interest in all aspects of the

law and who is not ranked academically in the top third of his or her class.

Judith Harris Global Health Endowment in Nursing Established by Judith Harris, a clinical educator at the UNM College of Nursing since 2002, this endowment provides financial support to students who would like to make a difference internationally.

Professor Howard J. Hickey, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Established by friends, family and colleagues, this endowment honors the memory of Howard J. “Ward” Hickey Jr., who in 2000 came to the UNM Anderson School of Management (ASM) where he taught banking courses and was the liaison between the Anderson School and the banking community. The scholarship benefits students at ASM who are pursuing a degree in banking/finance.

Jeanne Logsdon/Washington Campus Scholarship Endowment Established by Profs. Jeanne M. Logsdon and John E. Young, with additional gifts from friends and colleagues, this endowment commemorates Prof. Logsdon’s retirement from UNM and supports Anderson School of Management students interested in attending the Washington Campus Public Policy Education for Executives program.

Stephen F. and Fay Evans Martin Endowment for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry Established by alumnus Stephen Martin, this fund supports undergraduate student research within the Chemistry Department by providing a research award, preferably during the summer, for an outstanding fulltime student.

Audrey A. Martinez and Paul A. Getz Endowed Scholarship Established by Audrey Martinez and Paul Getz, both UNM alumni, this scholarship supports New Mexico students with financial need who are not eligible for the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship. 16

McConnell Fund for Creative Initiatives Established by a bequest from Thomas Ducan McConnell, a man with a wide range of talents and interests, this endowment supports unrestricted needs and emerging opportunities in the School of Architecture and Planning. In addition to his career of more than 30 years at Sandia National Laboratories, where colleagues noted he was one of the best analogue circuit designers, Tom was a very active outdoorsman, a talented adventurer and a lover of folk music.

Peter and Geneva Meerdink Endowment Fund Established by Debby and Rocky Long in memory of Debby’s parents, who were active, healthy elders, this scholarship supports the College of Nursing in addressing the critical need for more nurses, nursing faculty and quality health care for people of all ages.

George D. Montoya Research Scholarship Fund Established jointly by the Montoya Family and the UNM Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Department of Pathology in honor of George’s dedication to education, research and service to UNM, this endowment funds scholarships to UNM students to encourage careers in research.

Harvey C. and Sarah M. Moore Fellowship Established by bequest from the estate of Sarah Moore, a UNM alumna, this fund supports students pursuing a graduate degree in anthropology.

NMPhA Scholarship Fund Established by the New Mexico Pharmacists Association, this fund supports pharmacy students who are interested in working with the community in the area of substance abuse prevention.

John Quinn Pate Endowed Scholarship Established by School of Architecture and Planning alumnus John Quinn Pate, this scholarship supports a graduate student with an undergraduate degree in architecture who has an interest in public architecture and the integration of infrastructure and architecture.

Joseph Powell Anthropology Endowment Fund Established by colleagues, family and friends of Emeritus Associate Professor Joseph Powell, this endowment advances the study and museum of human skeletons.

Rob Rayner Dean’s Scholar Endowment Established by bequest by College of Nursing alumnus Rob Rayner, because his commitment to nursing and his teaching career was such an inspiration to his students and colleagues, this endowment supports nurses pursuing doctorates and post-doctoral work, ultimately strengthening the ranks of nursing faculty.

Marylou Reifsnyder Memorial Exhibition Endowment Fund Established by William Reifsnyder, this fund promotes and protects the Marylou Reifsnyder Collection at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos through the conservation, exhibitions and publications related to the Marylou Reifsnyder Collection of artwork and archival material.

Jerrald Roehl Scholarship Endowment for Student-Athletes in Law Established by Jerrald Roehl, a longtime supporter of UNM Athletics and the Law School, this fund supports former UNM student-athletes and their pursuit of a Juris Doctorate at the University of New Mexico School of Law.

Dale Scott Alumni Lettermen’s Association Fifth Year Scholarship Established by Dale Scott, proud alumnus and former UNM wrestler, this scholarship provides support for student-athletes who have exhausted their NCAA eligibility, with preference to students in the sport of wrestling.

Dr. Michael Spence Endowed Scholarship Established by Dr. Spence, a member of the first graduating class of UNM’s School of Medicine, this scholarship benefits firstyear medical students, with a preference for New Mexico residents who are graduates of a New Mexico high school.

Victor and Ruby Hansen Surface Endowed Chair in Cancer Research Established by the Surface Family Trust, this fund supports a chair in cancer research. The Surface Family Trust was created to sustain cutting-edge cancer research and enables the recruitment to New Mexico of top researchers from around the world.

Victor and Ruby Hansen Surface Endowed Professor in Ovarian Cancer Research Established by the Surface Family Trust, this fund supports a professorship in ovarian cancer research. The Surface

New Endowments

Family Trust was created to sustain cutting-edge cancer research and enables the recruitment to New Mexico of top researchers from around the world.

Ferenc Morton Szasz and Margaret Connell-Szasz, PhD Dissertation Fellowship in History Established by UNM Professor of History Margaret Connell-Szasz and friends and colleagues of Regents Professor of History Ferenc Morton Szasz, this fund supports students pursuing a PhD in social or intellectual history.

Mari and Alex Thornburg Endowment for La Tierra Sagrada Society Established by the Thornburgs in honor of Mari’s commitment to graduate medical education and to improving the health of communities as well as her love of New Mexico, this endowment supports the School of Medicine’s La Tierra Sagrada Society, which is dedicated to medical education, research and healing, and which provides annual grants to School of Medicine faculty.

Betty Sabo Endowment Fund This fund was established by Fred Matteucci and the many friends of Betty Sabo, who throughout her career and life has used her artistic endeavors to benefit the community, and who has been recognized by The Archdiocese of Santa Fe, The City of Albuquerque and Carrie Tingley Hospital, among others. This scholarship provides support to College of Fine Arts students.

University Chorus Endowed Scholarship for Choral Programs Established by friends of the University Chorus, this merit-based scholarship benefits graduate or undergraduate students who sing with the UNM University Chorus and other choral ensembles at UNM, with a special consideration given to 17

those majoring in choral music education or vocal performance.

UNM Alumni Association Black Alumni Chapter Josephus (Joe) Long Scholarship Fund Established by the UNM Alumni Association Black Alumni Chapter, this endowment honors Josephus (Joe) Long, the first black Student Union president at the University of New Mexico and his leadership and commitment to equality in the field of education for black students, and supports qualified high school graduates and college students of African-American descent and assists with the recruitment, retention and graduation of black students at UNM.

UNM Parent Association Scholarship Established by the UNM Parent Association, which encourages families to play a supportive role in higher education, promotes initiatives that increase success and serves as a forum for parent and student networking, this scholarship supports full-time students pursuing an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree.

Valencia Rural Student Success Title V STEM Endowment Established by friends of the UNM Valencia Campus, with matching support from a Federal Title V grant, this endowment provides student support.

Valencia Title V Coop2 Innovative Endowment Established by friends of the UNM Valencia Campus, with matching support from a Federal Title V grant, this endowment provides student support.

Lou Weller Endowed Scholarship Established by friends and colleagues of Louis L. Weller (1935-2010), who was a member of the first graduating class at the University of New Mexico with a degree in architecture, this scholarship supports students in either the undergraduate or graduate program in Architecture with proven financial need with a preference to an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe who has graduated from secondary school in New Mexico.

The Elizabeth Wills Endowment for Prints and Photographs in honor of Beaumont Newhall Established by Elizabeth Wills, who graduated from UNM in 1986 with her BFA, this endowment supports the curator of prints and photographs, for exhibitions, education, archiving and all other activities that support the collection.

The Tom L. Popejoy Society

FY 2011-2012 Anonymous (24) Dr. Karen Abraham Larry and Beverly Abraham Esteban Aguilar, Sr. Dr. Harjit Ahluwalia and Manjit Ahluwalia Larry and Susan Ahrens Paul W. and Leigh Ann Albers Janet Kiehle Allen, MD Pierre Amestoy, Jr. and Leslie Amestoy Prof. Rudolfo Anaya Barbara Anderson Beverly Anderson Albert Anella Q Mary Anella* Q Profs. Ronald and Jacqueline Angel Prof. Garo Antreasian Adelmo and Rebecca Archuleta Dr. and Mrs. Kent Argubright Ms. Lenora Neil Atkins Jerrell and Ginger Atkinson Ray B. and Jean M. Auel Ronald and Susan Baca Dr. and Mrs. David B. Baddour Rene Balagna and Jack Baker Prof. James Barbour and Margaret Davidson Frank Barela, Sr. and Evelyn Barela Fernando Barnuevo and Gloria Ybarra Robert and Marjorie Beck Dr. Richard Beidleman and Linda Beidleman Dr. Robert Bell and Dr. Stirling Puck Dr. LeGrand Belnap Stephen Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bennett Leon Bennett* M Martha Benton H. Allen Berkheimer, Jr. Burt and Jean Berman

Anthony and Beverly Bernitsky Pierre Berry Mayor Richard Berry and Maria Berry Dr. Troy Best James Bewley The Hon. Jeff Bingaman and Anne Bingaman Dorothy W. and A. Rolfe Black A. Wade and Renata Black Billy and Shawne Blackburn Michael and Janice Blake Dr. Jane Blumenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bovinette Michael and Monica Bowlin G. Dana Brabson and Shirley Brabson James Branch, Jr. and Joan Branch Turner and Margaret Branch Dr. Gary Brennan and Amy Brennan Barbara Brenner Charley and Patricia Brewer

Brian and Celia Burnett Dr. Michael Campana and Mary Campana Dr. Quito Osuna Carr Marion Castiglia Prof. Roy Caton, Jr. Peggy Cavett-Walden Regent Don Chalmers and Dianne Chalmers Dr. William Chambers Mr. Author E. Charette Clem and Jean Charlton Mr. Peter Chatzky Lois Chess Josina Chimenti Philip Ciofalo Dr. Stephen Cito and Debra Cito Richard Civerolo Ann Clark Rosamaria Clark Frank and Alice Cobb John and Carol Cochran Edwin Cohen

Robert Cromwell and Sarit Rozycki Edgar and Geraldine Cruft Q Ann Cullum Robert and Mary Custer David Dalgarno Mr. Michael Daly John and Betty Danfelser The Hon. Charles Daniels and Randi McGinn Kevin and Leonor Daniels Sharon (Peach) Daniels Demetrios Daskalos Sue Daulton A. Wayne and Karen Davenport Henrietta Davies Bruce Davis Sam Dazzo, Jr. and Vicki Dazzo Nunzio and Teresa De Santis Pauline DeKraker James Demas, Jr. and Susan Demas Joe D. Dennis, Jr.

Dr. Charles Briggs Diane Broadwell John and Suzette Brooks Anne J. Brown C. Lee and Donna Brown Q Dean Douglas Brown and Sarah Brown Richard Brown Scott and Kay Brown Paul and April Buchheit

Ms. Van Deren Coke Patrick Conroy Dr. Jean Giddens and Mr. Jay Corazza Eddie Corley The Hon. C. B. Cosgrove, III Q George and Helen* Cowan Roger and Elizabeth Cox Robert and Elizabeth Crain Scott and Katherine Creagan

Brent and Eileen DePonte Prof. Robert Desiderio and Anne Desiderio Joe and Christine DiGregorio Gerri Doherty Barbara Doolittle Donald and Pamela Duke The Hon. Aubrey Dunn, Sr. and Betty Jo Dunn Q Dr. Jacqueline Dunnington Q

Credit: Bruce Cramer

The Tom L. Popejoy Society


The Tom L. Popejoy Society Stephen and Karen Durkovich Gary and Barbara Dushane Randy and Lisa Eastburg Mel and Mary Ann Eaves Gregory and Dawn Edgeington Lori Efroymson Miriam Efroymson Dr. Peter Eller Mr. and Mrs. Antony James Ellman Mr. Michael Emerson and Ms. Kathryn Naassan James Enyeart and Roxanne Malone Ms. Shaari Ergas Dr. and Mrs. Ray Esquibel Tony Evanko Mr. Frank Evans and Ms. Janet Boles L. Diane Evans Jean Fielder James and Nancy Fisher Thomas Fitzgerald Graham Flint Mr. James H. Foley Q Tim Foley Mr. Edward A. (Gus) Foster Drs. Elliott and Kathryn Foucar Dr. Abraham Franck W. Nicholas Freygang and Jean Rosenthal George J. and Mary E. Friberg Jerald and Maxine Friedman Q Ronald and Susan Friedman Gregory and Devon Frost Philip and Glenna Gaddy Mayo Galindo Regent Jake (Gene) Gallegos and Felice Gonzales Michael and Rhonda Gallegos Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Gallegos Edward Garcia Sheilah Garcia Raleigh Gardenhire Brad and Kathy Gehrke Jerry and Sharon Geist Kevin and Vickie Georges Prof. Walter Gerstle and Irene Gerstle Robert Ghattas and Dr. Monika Ghattas James R. and Deborah L. Giannelli James and Susan Gibbs Van H. and Sandra V. Gilbert Jay Gluck Dr. Peter Glusker B. Thomas Golisano James Gollin

Robert and Marti Goodman Gary Gordon and Terri Giron-Gordon Larry and Nedra Gordon Frank Gorham, III and The Hon. Ramsay Gorham Marie Gorham* Gene and Dell Gosnell Scott and Laura Grady Dr. Cheryl Fossum Graham Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Graham, III Al Grant Patrick and Jean Gratton Q Georgia Greenberg Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Greene Dr. Richard Greenleaf * David Griffin Thomas and Nancy Growney Sophie Guest Barbara Gunderson Connie Hale Bruce and Patricia Hall Paul and Teresa Harbaugh Wayne and Debra Harley LaDonna Harris Dr. Payne Harris Q Dr. Peter and Alexandra Harrison Prof. Frederick Hart and Joan Hart John and Carolyn Harvey Penny Hawks Dr. H. Michael Hayes Arthur Hayman Dr. Allan Haynes, Jr. and Catherine Haynes Karen Head Mr. Geoffrey S.M. Hedrick Dr. David Henkel, Jr. James Hesse and Dr. Estelle Rosenblum David and Susan Hettema Marilyn Hibben Q Arlene High Marie Hillerman Ms. Eileen Grevey Hillson and Dr. David Hillson Mrs. Dolores Hines Hernan and Monica Hirsch Dr. Carol Holland Cont inued on p age 20

Q Charter Member

M New Member

* Deceased


The Tom L. Popejoy Society Founded in 1982, the Tom L. Popejoy Society recognizes philanthropic leaders whose cumulative giving over the course of their lifetimes exceeds $50,000. Thirty years later, this esteemed group of donors has grown to more than 725 members who represent all aspects of the University of New Mexico.  As the first native New Mexican to hold the position of president of the University of New Mexico, Tom L. Popejoy  left a far-reaching legacy. Popejoy’s 20 years as president (1948-1968), a time fondly known as the Popejoy era, capped a career that made him a UNM legend. During his tenure as president, the main campus was greatly expanded to include: the School of Medicine, KNME-TV, Jonson Gallery, the first Bratton Hall, University Arena (The Pit), to name a few, that helped shape the UNM footprint today.  We are grateful to those who impart Popejoy’s passion and commitment to the University and who are changing worlds each and every day. Thanks to Popejoy Society members, the greatest impact on student success and opportunity, faculty support and research, campus programs, and capital projects and facilities can be achieved.  For more information on this prestigious society, please contact Donor Relations Director Jill Slaby at Jill.Slaby@ or (505) 277-9651. Please visit popejoy-society-memorial for Popejoy memorial listings.

The Tom L. Popejoy Society Cont inued f rom p age 1 9

Prof. Richard B.* and Suzanne Hood Van Dorn Hooker Bruce and Teri Hoover I. B. Hoover Scott and Renee Hoover Mark and Barbara Horwitch Mark and Marion Howard Susan Howard Tommy and Karen Hudson Curtis W. Huff and Lori M. Gallagher The Hon. Shirley Mount Hufstedler and Mr. Seth M. Hufstedler James Hughes and Suzanne Hawley Helen Hunt Ross K. Huntingford James and Betty Hutchinson Scott Hutton Simeon Hyde, Jr.* and Ann Hyde Henry and Donna Ingalls Alice Irvin Jerry and Glenda Jackson Steven Jackson Larry and Caroline Jehle Dr. J. Charles Jennett and Linda Jennett Alvin and Louise Johnson Q Debbie Johnson Dr. Robert Johnson Wayne and Kurstin Johnson Youn Ja Johnson Mr. Peter Johnstone Carol Lakin Jones S. Kent and Joanna Jones Ted and Margaret Jorgensen Victor Jury, Jr. Ellen Kaiper Nick Kapnison Patricia Keightley Michael and Peggy Keleher William and Jan Keleher Drs. Gary and Yolanda King Jim and Ellen King David P. and Linda Hudson Kirby Ms. Peggy Kirkland and Dr. Douglas Kirkland Dr. Diane J. Klepper Kevin Kneafsey Prof. John Kneen and Patricia Kneen Dr. Jeanne Knight

Regent James Koch and Nene Koch Marshallene Koff Dr. Robert Kopp and April Kopp Dr. Michael Kosanovich* and Pauline Kosanovich Dr. Peter Kunstadter James and Mary LaBorde Dr. Louise Lamphere Gerald and Barbara Landgraf Bobby Langell* Donald and Alice Lappé Paul Lashbrooke David and Lois Laven Iona Lee and Family Dr. William Lehmann Anne Leonhardt Louis and Barbara Leurig Q Richard Levy and Dana Asbury Edward and Carolyn Lewis Prof. Lester Libo and Mary Libo Roy Lindersmith Jack and Patricia Little Q Julia A. Logan* Q Ann Long James and Rebecca Long Gloria Longley H. Hunter and M. Ann Look Eppie E. Lopez* Dr. Catherine Loughlin Dr. Chalmers Loughridge and Ruth Loughridge Mahlon and Beverly Love Karen Lovett Edward and Virginia Lujan Drs. Mary Lipscomb and Rick Lyons William Macey Q Paul and Denise Maestas Ed and Joline Mahr Thomas Malloy, Jr. and Isabel Malloy Colleen Maloof Q Linda Marshall Enrico Martignoni Gerald and Victoria Martin Dr. Ruben Martinez and Karen Martinez Mike Minoru Masukawa Drs. Daniel and Noemi Mattis Judith Hochberg and Michael Mattis C. Herman Mauney Dr. Gerald and Ms. Mary Joyce May

Mr. and Mrs. David L. McKinney Jim McClintic Sherman and Cathy McCorkle Sanford N.* and Priscilla McDonnell Tim and Anna McElvain Dr. Michael and Jeanelle McGuire Dr. B. B.* and Carlotta McInteer Stephen and Rebecca McKernan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ian McKinnon Dr. Dale Melada and Prof. Ivan Melada Ronald and Wendy Meltsner Ronnie and Tammy Meng JoAnn Mercer Thomas and Jean Merson Mr. Jean Robert Milant Erma Miller Dr. William Miller and Kathleen Jackson Thomas E. and Carolyn J. Minton Richard Minzner Stephen and Cynthia Mitchell J. Howard and Judy Mock Mr. Martin I. Mondlick and Dr. Ruth Shore Mondlick Lorina Montoya Robert and Claudia Moraga Donald and Juarte Moritz Richard S.* and Patricia Morris John and Barbara Morrison Jerry and Lynn Mosher Mr. Stanley Mount and Ms. Roxanna Meyers Karl Mueller, Jr. and Marion Mueller Matt Mullican Vern Munz and Teresa Urrea Bob and Betsy Murphy Helen Nadler Dr. Leonard Napolitano Ruth S. and Charles E. Needham Don and Carolyn Neeper Marron Lee Nelson and Michael Nelson Rolf Nelson Mrs. Thomas J. Nesbitt Brett and Cindy Newberry Alexander Novak Joe Novak


B.C. Nowlin and Carol Estes-Nowlin Dr. Diana Obrinsky Patricia Olliges David and Annie Olson Dr. George Omer, Jr. and Wanda Omer Marianne O’Shaughnessy William and Elizabeth Overstreet Evangeline M. Pacheco Dr. Brian Papworth and Mardi Papworth Dr. Robert Parks and Allison Parks Ronald and Delores Payne Richard Perl Mr. and Mrs. John Perner John and June Perovich Q Gerald and Kathleen Peters Silas Peterson, Jr. and Katherine Peterson William Peterson Dean Peyton, DO and Jane Peyton Dr. Patricia Armell and Mr. James Phillips Eric and Pamela Pillmore Mañuel and Verna Pino Tony and Julie Pisto Bob Pitre Kurt and Dianne Plouff Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pompeo Mary Poole Thomas Popejoy, Jr. and Suzanne Popejoy Will and Joanne Potter Antoine Predock and Constance DeJong Frank Purcell, Jr. and Joy Purcell Alan Paine Radebaugh and Karen Rae Olson M Larry and Dorothy Rainosek Dr. Mark Rainosek Dr. Barry Ramo and Roberta Ramo Mrs. Lyle Ramsey Mr. Stuart Rappaport and Ms. Connie Lovelady-Rappaport Dr. Bishnu Rauth Kenneth and Rebecca Ray Charles Rayburn Paul Bartlett Ré William and Eleanor Reiquam Dr. Armin Rembe and Penny Rembe

Credit: Bruce Cramer

The Tom L. Popejoy Society

Suzanne Reynolds Russell and Ann Rhoades Mary Rich Dr. David Robbins and Ruthie Robbins Nancy Roberts Jerrald and Nancy Roehl James and Beverly Rogers Edwin Roos and Maryann Evans Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I. Rosenbaum Michael Rosenbaum Lanny Ross Gerald Mr. Kurt L. Roth Paul and Lucille Roth John Rowe Randall Royster and Maria Griego-Raby Drs. Ludwik and Danuta Rozycki Martin and Craig Rubenstein Ronald and Kate Rule Charles Russell, Jr. and Lissa Russell Gordon Russell John (Jack) L.* and Donna Rust Q Ann Rutledge Ruth (Betty) Rutledge The Hon. Murray Ryan Betty Sabo and Fred Matteucci E. Larry and Nancy Saiers Q Leonard and Anne Sanchez Robert and Dina Sanchez Q

BartolomĂŠ Santacruz Paul and Carol Sarkisian Prof. and Mrs. Edl Schamiloglu G. T. Schappert and Prof. Linda Schappert Prof. Roger Schluntz The Hon. Harrison Schmitt and Teresa Fitzgibbon Q Thomas and Susan Schoeman Romona Scholder Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Schultz Betty Schware Eleanor Scoopmire* Sam Scott Sherman and Joyce Scott Randy and Jennifer Self Bruce and Sandra Seligman Jean Seth Tim and Scottie Sheehan Mary Shelden* William and Linda Shepard Q Scott Sherman Prof. Virginia Shipman Eric and Nancy Siegel Dr. Leon Silver Michael and Jill Sivage Paul Skinner Sam Slick Billy Smith Orin Smith and Dr. Stephanie Bennett-Smith Phyllis Smith James Snead, III and Georgia Snead William and Patricia Snead

Trey Urrea Jeff and Deborah Van Dyke Douglas Vaughan Georg and Margaret Vedeler Roger and Sheril Vergara Benita Villanueva Q Yvon Villeneuve and Janet Lashbrooke Jeffrey and Karen Vinyard Dr. Howard Wadstrom Dr. Peter Walch and Linda Tyler Dr. Byron Wall and Cindy Hernandez-Wall Milton* and Adele Ward Jim and Joan Warne Profs. William P. and Heather W.* Weber William Weihofen Ronald Weiner Chuck and JD Wellborn James and Diane Wemple Anne Snider J. Gordon and Dorothy Sparks Jerry Wertheim and Mary Carole Wertheim Dr. H. Wayne Springfield Robert and Elizabeth Elmer C. Sproul* Wertheim Q Dr. Jim Stagnone Jeanne Wertheimer Robert Stamm and Prof. Geoffrey West Mary Herring-Stamm Q Dr. Jim Wetherbe and Mr. and Mrs. Brynn Wetherbe Chester French Stewart Florence K. White* Marilyn Stout Larry Willard Roberta C. Straight Dr. John Williams Gerda Strauss Luane Williams Carolyn R. Surface Brian and Stephanie Wimbish Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Swan Prof. Peter Winograd Barbara Sweet * Q Ms. Nancy Meem Wirth Dr. Masami Takayama and Chisako Takayama Charlotte Wood Maj. Gen. H. Tom Taylor, Jr. Clifton E.* and and Ingeborg Taylor Dixie* Woodcock Q John Taylor Marion Woodham Q Tish Taylor Q Catherine Woodward Mr. and Mrs. William Tempel, Jr. Ken and Johnna Yarbrough Alex and MarieAnn Thornburg Estelle Yates Dr. Ignacio Tinoco, Jr. Peyton Yates, Jr. and David and Lynda Tippeconnic Linda Yates Rebecca Tobey Vince and Anne Yegge LaRue Toney Kenneth and Kathy Zangara Mr. Bob L. Turner Pauline Zemke Tobe Turpen, Jr. Catherine and Ray Ziler Dr. Eberhard Uhlenhuth Ray and Barbara Zimmer Q The Ungerleider Family Martha Zollinger Q Lisa Unser and Bobby Unser, Jr. Q Charter Member Brian Urlacher M New Member Francisco Urrea, Jr. and * Deceased Alberta Urrea Q 21

The New Horizons Society Credit: Bruce Cramer

New Horizons Society FY 2011-2012 Anonymous Fay P. Abrams Raymond Ament Roy and Geneva* Anderson Ellen and Evan Ashcraft Harry and Kristina Asmussen Rene Balagna Stephen and Laura Bass Margaret Bell Martha Benton H. Allen Berkheimer, Jr. Pierre Berry Mayor Richard Berry and Maria Berry Roy and Tana Bidwell Dr. Samuel Bluefarb Paul and Susan Bombardt Jim and Diane Bonnell Stephen Borbas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bovinette Dr. Raymond Bowen and Joan Bowen Jim and Jeanette Boyer Vivian Boyle* Frances Bratton James and Elizabeth Brown Shannan Carter and Janet Yates Edward and Patricia* Cassidy Maria Catanach Prof. Roy Caton, Jr. Thomas Cavanaugh Peggy Cavett-Walden Dr. William Chambers F. P. Pete Clements Charles and Gwen Clouthier Joan Gilberry Coke Patrick Conroy Kenneth Corazza Bruce and Diane Creel i Ronald Darr * i Katharine Daub Russ and Revathi Davidson Prof. Ruth A. Luckasson and Dr. Larry E. Davis Dr. Darrell Dawson

Bradley and Kathy Day Kathryn Day Dr. William Degenhardt Sheila Delaney James Demas, Jr. and Susan Demas John and Glenna Denton Clinton and Debra Dodge Rae Domenico Yolanda R. Dominguez Thomas and Judith Donahue Mary L. Taylor DosĂŠ and Daniel C. DosĂŠ Drexel and Carmen Douglas i Georgia Duncan Dr. Nader Ebrahimi Ralph* and Lois * Elsner Mr. Frank Evans and Ms. Janet Boles Dr. Walter Dickinson and Dr. Judith Fabian Thomas Farrar John and Jo Margaret Farris Ella Fenoglio William and Alice Fienning William M. and Heidi Fietz i William T. Fietz David and Jennifer Finlayson i James and Nancy Fisher i Rona Fisher Martin Fleck, Jr. and Lois Fleck

Prof. Marilyn Fletcher James Ford, Jr. and Maureen Ford Mr. Edward A. (Gus) Foster Dr. Abraham Franck Kenneth Fridline Drs. Theodore and Charlotte Frisbie Sheilah Garcia Raleigh Gardenhire i Charles and Patsy Gassaway Dr. Ann Gateley Dennis and Bonnie Geer Joan Gentry and Don Kirby Robert and Harriet Gerding Hugh Gibson Susanna Gilbert Dr. Leon Goldman and Angela Goldman Gary Gordon and Terri Giron-Gordon Larry and Nedra Gordon William Grasse Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg Richard * and Nancy Gregory Dr. Brian Hansen and Linda Williams Sheila Hard Dr. Bruce Hayward* Raymond Heller 22

Lisa Hendrix Marian Henry* James and Eleonore Hessler Robert Hilgendorf and Tian-Ling Tong M. Anne Hill Kenneth Tinklepaugh* and Marilyn Hill Mrs. Dolores Hines The Hon. Norman Hodges* Jesse Holmes, Jr. and Connie Holmes Van Dorn Hooker Bruce and Teri Hoover i Dr. Mark Hoover and Martha Hoover Simeon Hyde, Jr.* and Ann Hyde Alice Irvin Prof. Kuppaswamy Iyengar Terry Jackson Dr. George Jelinek Howard Jenkins Roy and Frances Johns William Johnson and Luanna Hughes Johnson Dr. William Junor and Susan Wider Julia Kalmus Doctor Bill Kelley David P. and Linda Hudson Kirby Armando Garcia, Sr. and Dr. Linda Kirk-Garcia Stephanie Klecotka Walter and Allene Kleweno Gary Kloppenburg Dr. Jeanne Knight Dr. Kathryn Kolankiewicz i Loren and Nancy Kuehne Donald and Margaret Kuehnert D. L. Laidlaw * Gerry Laidlaw i Anthony Landry Jeanette and James Larson Yvon Villeneuve and Janet Lashbrooke Kenneth Leach and Hazel Tull-Leach i Dr. Mark Lesher and Donna Lesher i Michele Lesher Dr. Stephen Littlejohn and Dr. Karen Foss Prof. Robert Loftfield

Frank Logan, III and Patricia Logan Julia Logan* H. Hunter and M. Ann Look i Dr. Bill Lovejoy Dr. Raymond Lutz, Jr. and Dr. Nancy Lutz William Macey Paul and Denise Maestas i Robert Mallory and Dr. Gloria Mallory Charles and Margery Marshall Felipe and Phyllis Martinez Ted and Dolores Martinez Dr. Valerie Mathes Stephen and Janice Matthews C. Herman Mauney Karin May Sharelle Mayer i Drs. Marguerite and Liam* McCurry Michael and Barbara McDonnell Jeannette Mckee William Langdon and S. Patricia McSherry Dr. Dale Melada and Prof. Ivan Melada JoAnn Mercer Patricia Merlo Dr. E. Gerald Meyer Lee and Jan Miller Dr. William Miller and kathleen Jackson J. Douglas Mistler, USA (Ret.) and Carol Mistler John H. and Barbara B. Morrison Gerald and Helen Moser William and Laurie Moye Karl Mueller, Jr. and Marion Mueller Dr. Michael Muldawer and Judith Muldawer i Dr. Catherine Mulqueen Dr. Marilee Nason Don and Carolyn Neeper Rolf Nelson David and Annie Olson Dr. George Omer, Jr. and Wanda Omer Edith Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rourke * James Parnell

The New Horizons Society

Jennifer Pedneau Mari Penshurst Calla Ann Pepmueller Mr. and Mrs. John Perner i MaĂąuel and Verna Pino Susan Poet Mary Poole Thomas Popejoy, Jr. and Suzanne Popejoy i Dr. J. T. (Skip) Prichard Larry Nichols and Dr. Polly Primm Larry and Dorothy Rainosek Greg and Patricia Remington i Buck and Isa Rhodes Mary Rich Dr. Adrian Richards and Efrosine Richards John Robb, Jr. and Margaret Robb Michael Roberts i Dr. John Robertson Edwin Roos and Maryann Evans Ingrid Roosild Dr. Estelle Rosenblum Mr. Kurt L. Roth Martin and Craig Rubenstein Dr. Isidro Rubi, Jr. and Janice Rubi Lenny Ruggiero and Janice Branch-Ruggiero Theda Rushing Ro Saavedra Sonia Sabath John Salazar Dan Salter, DDS and Dr. Susan Weaver i Leonard and Anne Sanchez i Dr. Alex Sanchez and Elaine Sanchez Sandra Sanchez Mildred Sanders Prof. Don Schlegel Prof. Roger Schluntz Dale Scott i Harlan and Georganne Seeley Danielle Sengel Alan Shaffer Art and Colleen Sheinberg Dr. Roger Simms Steven Simms and L. Gail Lemons Garrett Smith Prof. Rod Snead

Elsie Charlese Spencer Todd R. Staats Robert Stamm and Mary Herring-Stamm Drs. David and Cynthia Stuart Carolyn R. Surface Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Swan Kyla and Roger Thompson Dr. Steven Tolber and Louise Campbell-Tolber Coleman Travelstead and Brookes McIntyre Joe Trujillo and Dr. Valerie Trujillo Dr. Robert Turner and Karen Turner Tobe Turpen, Jr. i Richard and Diane Vande Noord Cherie Vaughn i Roy and Cynde Vestal Dr. Howard Wadstrom Mr. Jerry Walker and Dr. Randi Walker

Profs. William P. and Heather W.* Weber Dr. Marta Weigle William Weihofen John Wheeler Florence White* Dr. David Whitten and Jo Whitten Lynnie Wienecke Carol Wilder Dr. Walter Willis and Joan Willis Prof. Peter A. Winograd Phillip and Mary Woodard Dr. Elias Yudkowsky* Thomas Zanotti Martha Zollinger Dorothy Zopf i Lobo Legacy or

Forever Lobo Society member * Deceased

Join the New Horizons Society The University of New Mexico Foundation would like to recognize all donors who have included the University in their estate plans or who have made other types of planned gifts. New Horizons Society (NHS) members are invited to an annual luncheon event. A planned gift may take the form of a bequest intention in a will or living trust, an IRA or retirement account beneficiary designation, a life insurance or other beneficiary designation, a gift annuity, a charitable trust or other arrangements. Members of Lobo Legacy or Forever Lobo Society, a planned giving program for UNM Athletics, are indicated by a i in the NHS member listing. For more information about making a planned gift or joining the New Horizons Society, please contact Director of Gift Planning Sheila Hard, at Sheila.Hard@ or (505) 277-9604.

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Gifts to the University of New Mexico* FY 2011-2012


Cororations & Foundations $1,000,000 +

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Friends of KNME-TV Friends of KUNM Estate of Thomas D. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ian McKinnon Pfizer, Inc. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sandia Foundation, a Hugh and Helen Woodward Charity Tom and Jane Hanna Revocable Trust W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Richard and Elena Pollack Estate of Linda J. Robinson United Way of Central New Mexico i



Cororations & Foundations

Cororations & Foundations

$100,000- 499,999

$500,000-999,999 American Cancer Society, Inc. Estate of Maralyn Budke Jory and Claudia Cafferky Children’s Miracle Network Genentech, Inc. Lovelace Health System i The Mandelman-Ribak Foundation

Anonymous (4) Alexion Pharmaceuticals American Economic Association American Heart Association Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Fernando Barnuevo and Gloria Ybarra

Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Alexandra Benjamin Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Blood Systems i Bristol-Myers Squibb Carnegie Institution of Washington Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Clear Channel Radio and New Media i Comcast i Consulado de México Johnny and Marty Cope Costco Wholesale Cowboys for Cancer Research, Inc. Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

*The UNM Foundation has made every effort to list our donors accurately and in the manner requested. We regret any errors that may have been made in this publication and would appreciate any corrections, name or title changes or comments regarding your listing via email at


Gifts to UNM Yearout Mechanical, Inc. i Kevin and Cheryl Yearout i Youth Development, Inc.


Cororations & Foundations $50,000-99,999

Anonymous i Estate of William Boyd Adams Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation Albuquerque The Magazine i American General Media i American Thoracic Society, Inc. Anderson Schools of Management Foundation Dale Armstrong i AstraZeneca Foundation Bank of Albuquerque i Bank of America i Bank of the West P i The Bernard Osher Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico i Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Turner and Margaret Branch i Doris Bry Prof. Roy Caton, Jr. Commonwealth Fund Eddie Corley i Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Cystic Fibrosis Services, Inc. Estate of Harold Davis Dorothy M. Carlson Trust Eugene L. Garcia Charitable Trust Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making Friends of UNM Men’s Basketball 6th Man Friends of UNM Popejoy Hall Friends of UNM Spirit Squad Garcia Automotive Group i Edward Garcia i Sheilah Garcia i General Mills i GlaxoSmithKline

Arnold Glimcher John Kennedy Family Jim and Ellen King Kohl’s Department Store La Vida Llena Lannan Foundation Edward and Virginia Lujan i Lumina Foundation for Education, Inc. Manuel Lujan Agencies i National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Oxnard Foundation Pace Gallery PNM Resources i Carol Raymond Paul and Lucille Roth Estate of Emma R. Showman Gregg and Deborah Solove St. Baldrick’s Foundation Surdna Foundation Surface Family Trust Talaria, Inc. TLC Plumbing & Utility, Inc. i Univision Radio i Brian Urlacher WateReuse Foundation Prof. Peter Winograd


Cororations & Foundations $25,000- 49,999

Anonymous (3) 30 Second Street i Active Network, Inc. Adobe Systems, Inc. Albuquerque Lincoln Mercury Volvo i Carl and Linda Alongi i Arby’s Restaurant i Tony Baca and Kira Sowanick i Pierre Berry Patrick Bowen Brindle Foundation Brown Foundation Dean Douglas Brown and Sarah Brown P i cont inued on p age 26

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Daniels Fund Sue Daulton Donald W. Reynolds Foundation Eli Lilly and Company Estate of Jack Ennis Frank C. Hibben Charitable Trust Frederick Hammersley Foundation Frontier/Golden Pride P i Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research The George and Lena Valente Foundation Estate of Richard E. Greenleaf Estate of Dr. Bruce Hayward Heffter Research Institute Estate of Peggyann Hutchinson Incyte Corporation The Karakin Foundation P Kinesio U.S.A. LLC i Dr. Peter Kunstadter Law School Admission Council The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America Lilly Research Labs Los Alamos National Security, LLC Joesph Matthews P MDRC Medtronic, Inc. Merck Company Foundation Estate of Sarah M. Moore Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc. The Navajo Nation NetApp New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OSIsoft, LLC PCS Health Systems, Inc. Frank Purcell, Jr. and Joy Purcell Larry and Dorothy Rainosek P i Estate of Rob E. Rayner Mary Ann Sweeney and Edward Ricco i Estate of Celia D. Rumsey Sandia Corporation/ Lockheed Martin Sanofi-Aventis U.S., Inc. Service League of UNM Hospitals Shire Development Smith’s Food & Drug Centers Stripe’s Convenience Stores CMN National Sponsor Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Walgreens Walmart Wells Fargo P i Estate of Josephine M. Wilcox


P i *

Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor President’s Club/ 1889 Society member Lobo Club member Deceased

Gifts of $5,000+ and pledge payments received in FY2011-2012 are listed under “Gifts to UNM.”

Gifts to UNM Indi v idual s , Corpora t ions & F ounda t ions , $25,0 0 0 -$ 49,999, cont inued

Friends Groups Rock Through the years, more than 350 friends groups of all sizes, interest areas and differing goals have been established throughout the University of New Mexico. Some are more active than others, but all find ways to have a positive impact on the University community and raise funds for the subjects they love. For instance, Friends of KUNM, a group that raises nearly $1 million annually from individuals, brings together volunteers who are related by their love for the public radio station. Since the mid-1980s, KUNM has received contributions from 40,000 homes, according to Richard Towne, KUNM’s general manager. Currently, the efforts of Friends of KUNM provide half of the station’s operating budget. “We do receive large gifts and we have had people make gifts to our endowment, but we also have kids that listen to the Children’s Hour on Saturday mornings who are contributing a dollar or two from their piggy banks, so it’s a real mix, and we’re honored by every gift, big or small,” Towne explained. In addition to KUNM, friends groups that support KNME-TV, Popejoy Hall and Tamarind Institute account for some of the largest friends group donations. In addition, academic friends groups, such as Friends of the Schools of Medicine and Law, raise significant funds for their schools, as do groups that support various Lobo sports. Groups such as Lobo Club and Harwood Alliance also support specific colleges, activities and institutions. Friends of Music and Friends of Dance, two of the active groups in the College of Fine Arts, are dedicated to raising money for scholarships. “The College would greatly miss this funding were it not available,” said Belinda Jentzen, senior development officer for the College of Fine Arts. “The money from the friends groups makes a significant contribution to scholarships, and we count on being able to award those scholarships every year.”

Caswell Silver Foundation Regent Don Chalmers and Dianne Chalmers i Clear Channel Outdoor Clifton, Larson, Allen, LLP i ConocoPhillips Estate of Elizabeth T. Cooper Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America, Inc. Robert Crow, Jr. i Crystal Springs Bottled Water, Inc. i Daniels Family Funeral Services i Kevin and Leonor Daniels i Dave Thurston Fund David and Lynda Tippeconnic Family Foundation Ronald and Barbara Davis Sam Dazzo, Jr. and Vicki Dazzo P i Dr. Walter Dean, Jr. and Beverly Dean Delta Dental Plan of New Mexico i Jeffrey and Evy Diamond Don Chalmers Ford, Inc. i Estate of Dorothea B. Donnelly Dorothea B. Donnelly Trust Eight Grady Family, LLC i Eisai, Inc. John and Julie Ellis i EMCORE Corporation ESPN Sports Radio 101.7 i Estate of Thelma W. Evans ExxonMobil Foundation Sheena Ferguson First Security of New Mexico Mr. Edward A. (Gus) Foster Franklin’s Earth Moving, Inc. Friends of Children’s Miracle Network Friends of the Tamarind Institute Friends of UNM Ski Team Friends of UNM Track and Field Friends of UNM Women’s Volleyball G and G Advertising i Jay Gluck i John and Carolyn Harvey The Harwood Museum Alliance, Inc. Hayduk-King Advertising, Inc. i Dr. H. Michael Hayes Gary Hines i Houston Fine Art Press IGW Pediatric Cancer Foundation Institute of International Education Integrated Control Systems, Inc. i J & J Technical Services i


Jersey Jacks i The Joe Feinsilver Trust Estate of Otis Johnson Wayne and Kurstin Johnson i KANW-FM (89.1 FM) i KOB-TV Albuquerque i KRQE/KBIM/KREZ/KASA i Lobo Sports Properties, LLC i Rocky Long, Jr. and Debra Long Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation Paul and Denise Maestas i Robert Martinez i Max Kade Foundation, Inc. Sherman and Cathy McCorkle i MedImmune, Inc. Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Co. Robert and Claudia Moraga Mosher Enterprises, Inc. i Jerry and Lynn Mosher i Moving Solutions, Inc. i New Mexico Community Foundation Dr. Brian Papworth and Mardi Papworth i Pepsico - SW Regional i The Potomac Foundation R. D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation REDW, LLC i Rio Grande Credit Union Rio Grande Neurosciences, Inc. SCHOTT Solar Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Schultz Sharp Laboratories of America Dr. Hyun-Koock Shin Orin Smith and Dr. Stephanie Bennett-Smith P Southwest Glass & Glazing, Inc. i Southwest Productions, Inc. i Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Michael and Judith Spence STC.UNM Mr. and Mrs. Chester French Stewart i Sunquest Advertising i Sysco Food Services of New Mexico, LLC i Richard Tanuz i Taos Community Foundation, Inc. Kenny Thomas i Alex and MarieAnn Thornburg Tides Foundation David and Lynda Tippeconnic Estate of Daniel C. Trigg UCB Pharma US Bank i Valero Energy Corporation Veteto Foundation

Gifts to UNM Mark and Patti Veteto ViiV Healthcare Jeffrey and Karen Vinyard i Vista Media Productions, Inc. i Weil Foundation Dr. David Whitten and Jo Whitten i William E. and Mary S. Reed Trust Brian and Stephanie Wimbish Woman’s Club of Albuquerque Yellow Book USA i


Anonymous Adelmo and Rebecca Archuleta i Jerry and Carla Arnold i Steven and Pauline Becerra i Dorothy W. and A. Rolfe Black i Dale and Caroline Blankenship James and Lynna Blea i Tate and Kandi Branch i Diane Broadwell i Anne J. Brown P Brian and Celia Burnett i Leroy and Elena Candelaria Jack and Marilyn Carlson Tony Casale i Bill and Karla Cates i John Catron and Laurie Archer Thomas Catron, III and June Catron Steve Chavez i Joseph and Susan Chiado i Dr. Stephen Cito and Debra Cito i Dr. David Colton and Mary Colton Scott and Katherine Creagan i Bernaldo Dancel Demetrios Daskalos i Danny Deaver i Richard Dekker and Dr. Diane Dekker i Joe D. Dennis, Jr. i Brent and Eileen DePonte i Lee Dirks and Judy Putman i William and Nancy Doolittle Estate of Dorothy D. Douglas Robert Downey and Elizabeth Wills Elizabeth Dwyer Wolfgang Elston Estate of Seymour Feldman Drs. O.C. and Linda Ferrell Doris Fisher James and Nancy Fisher i Thomas Fitzgerald Dr. Orcilia Zuñiga Forbes Regent Jack Fortner and Terri Fortner i

Credit: Erik Stenbakken


Barbara Foshay Gregory and Devon Frost i Paul and Patricia Gaeto Regent Jake Gallegos and Felice Gonzales Frank and Christina Galles i Raleigh Gardenhire i Jerry and Sharon Geist i Van H. and Sandra V. Gilbert i Dr. Ned Godshall and Ellen Torgrimson Marie Gorham* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Greene i David Griffin i Executive Vice President David Harris and Linda Harris i Peter and Tracy Henderson Kerry Heubeck Mrs. Dolores Hines Bruce and Teri Hoover i I. B. Hoover Curtis W. Huff and Lori M. Gallagher

James and Mary Lois Hulsman Scott Hutton i Lowell and Norberta Irby Mr. Peter Johnstone i Nick Kapnison i Estate of Jean Klein Dr. Diane J. Klepper Roger and Karen Koerner Estate of Renee B. Lameka Peter Lewis Estate of Mary Jane Linder Dr. Richard Lovato i Phillip Maloof Dara Mark Linda Marshall P Stephen Martin and Fay Evans-Martin Ed Mason and Dr. Nancy Ridenour Don May i Lyle and Gail McDaniels i James McNamara and Dr. Loretta McNamara i


Robert McNeill David and Adalaida Melton i Thomas and Jean Merson Margo McCormick and Ranne Miller i J. Howard and Judy Mock i Ryan and Brandi Mummert i Bob and Betsy Murphy i Don and Carolyn Neeper Gregory Nelson Estate of Mavis W. Nicholson Edward and Patricia Olliges cont inued on p age 28

P i *

Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor President’s Club/ 1889 Society member Lobo Club member Deceased

Gifts of $5,000+ and pledge payments received in FY2011-2012 are listed under “Gifts to UNM.”

Gifts to UNM

Cororations, Foundations & Organizations

Baillio’s, Inc.i Ball Corporation Baxter Healthcare Corporation Board of Regents of University of Texas Bob Turner’s Ford Country i Bohannan-Huston, Inc. Brabson Library & Educational Foundation Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers, Inc. Burrage & Johnson, CPA, LLC i Century Bank i Chartwells Compass Group i Citgo Citi


29 Lime i 610 The Sports Animal i 770 KKOB AM i Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters IAFF Local 244 Ace Hardware i Admiral Beverage Corporation Affirmative Solutions, LLC Ahern Rentals i Airport Fast Park i Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau Albuquerque Range Rover i Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation Allen and Leone Rollie Charitable Fund i Alzheimer’s Association American Concrete Institute-NM Chapter American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc. American Toyota, Inc. i Americans for Native Americans Apjet, Inc. Applied Defense Solutions, Inc. AYSO Challenge Football Club

CO-OP Financial Services Corley Automotive Group i Creamland Dairies, Inc. i CVS Corporation Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Ltd. i DePonte Investments, Inc. i Dex One i DKD Electric Company, Inc. i Dondlinger Foundation, Inc. The Dorothy Woodward Memorial Fund The Edlow Family Fund, Inc. Endorphin Power Co. Enterprise Rent-A-Car i First Financial Credit Union i Frank’s Supply Company, Inc. i Friends of UNM Cancer Center Friends of UNM College of Pharmacy Friends of UNM Football First Team Friends of UNM International Medical Delegation Friends of UNM Maxwell Museum Friends of UNM Men’s Golf Friends of UNM Women’s Basketball Gallegos Law Firm, PC General Electric i Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Golden Corral Corp. National CMN Sponsor Frank Gorham, Jr. and Marie K. Gorham* Charitable Foundation Graphic Connection, Ltd. i Human Genome Sciences Hutton Broadcasting i Dairy Queen Corporation Institute for Higher Education Policy Intel Corporation i International Neuropsychological Society Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Linda Osborne Dr. Charles Paine and Susan Paine Grace Parr John Pate i Steven and Debbie Perich i Dean Peyton, DO and Jane Peyton Gifford and Joann Phillips Bob and Mandy Pitre i Donald and Victoria Power Ken* and Harriet Price Alan Paine Radebaugh and Karen Rae Olson Mr. Stuart Rappaport and Mrs. Connie LoveladyRappaport i John Reilly, Jr. and Dawn Reilly i Jerrald and Nancy Roehl i Mark Rohde and Karen Talbot Rohde i Mr. Kurt L. Roth i Randall Royster and Maria Griego-Raby i William Sabatini i Dr. Chester Sakura Todd Sandoval and Dr. Cristine Sandoval i Kurt Hebel and Carla Scaletti Robert Scaletti Thomas and Susan Schoeman Prof. Virginia Shipman Bram Sorgman Robert Stamm and Mary Herring-Stamm P i Dr. Brian Starr and Leslie Starr Eric Stehlman Gary and Julie Stepic i Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Swan P i Donald and Mary Swayngim Garrett Thornburg and Catherine Oppenheimer William Tryon Mr. Bob L. Turner i Mary Utton Jeff and Deborah Van Dyke Randy and Vicki Velarde Roger and Sheril Vergara i Thomas Wade Estate of George A. Waldriff Mildred Weller i James and Elizabeth Wiggins P Dr. Richard Williams Keith and Deborah Wilson i Vince and Anne Yegge P i Dr. John Young and Dr. Jeanne Logsdon Estate of Frances Zenor

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Indi v idual s , $1 0,0 0 0 -$24,999, cont inued


Gifts to UNM Montano Acura i Morgan Stanley Smith barney Mountain States Insurance Group NAIoP - New Mexico National Conference of bankruptcy Judges The National Speleological Society New Mexico building branch, A.G.C. New Mexico Dream Wedding Giveaway Nick & Jimmy’s i New Mexico Pharmaceutical Care Foundation

Larry H. Miller Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep i Larry H. Miller Hyundai i Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai i Larry H. Miller Toyota i Leakey Foundation Legacy Hospitality i Link2Health Solutions, Inc. Lone Mountain Contracting, Inc. i Lovelace biomedical & Environmental Research Institution M88 Radio i Mark’s Casa Group i Martin Foundation for the Creative Arts MAS New Mexico i McLane Company, Inc. Melloy Dodge Albuquerque i Melloy Nissan i The Meredith Foundation Miller, Stratvert Law Firm i Minuteman Refinishing i Molina Healthcare

New Mexico Society of Hazardous Materials Managers Northwestern Mutual Novartis oncology Nursing Society Foundation ortho biotech, Inc. orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Paradise Fire Protection i Perfection Honda i Pitre buick-GMC i Precast Manholes, Inc. i Premier Distributing Company

Support the Presidential Scholarship Program

Credit: bruce Cramer

International Association of Fire Fighter burn Foundation Italian Festivals of New Mexico J3 Systems, LLC i Jaynes Corporation i John Templeton Foundation kkob-FM i kLJH FM i kMGA FM/kQEo AM i kMIN i kRST-FM i krumland Auto Group, LLC kYVA i Laguna Development Corporation i

cont inued on p age 3 0

Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor P President’s Club/ 1889 Society member i Lobo Club member * Deceased Gifts of $5,000+ and pledge payments received in FY2011-2012 are listed under “Gifts to UNM.”


Many of New Mexico’s brightest and most involved high school graduates study at the University of New Mexico each year because of the UNM Presidential Scholarship. The goal of the Presidential Scholarship Program (PSP) is to attract and retain these students at the University of New Mexico for their college education. Presidential Scholarships are awarded to New Mexico high school seniors based on a minimum 3.75 grade point average, class rank, college board scores, personal essays, peer leadership and community involvement. Each year nearly 125 incoming UNM freshmen receive Presidential Scholarships. More than 400 UNM students benefit from the scholarship at any given time. Scholars come from a wide range of economic and social backgrounds and represent every ethnic group and geographic region in New Mexico. With an annual gift of $2,600, individuals and corporations become full sponsors of a Presidential Scholar. UNM matches the gift and increases it to a $7,600 award, which covers a student’s tuition, fees and books. There are currently more than 115 individual and corporate full sponsors in the program. Almost 28 percent of PSP sponsors are former Presidential Scholars or their parents. Donors may give to the PSP through the “Share-A-Scholar” program by making a gift of any size. There are currently 71 endowed Presidential Scholarships in the nearly $6 million Presidential Scholarship Endowment Fund. Endowing a Presidential Scholarship requires a $50,000 gift. A PSP designation in this report identifies individual and corporate full sponsors or endowment sponsors during FY 2011-2012. For more information, please contact Associate Director of Presidential Scholarship Program Cathy Bunch at Cathy.bunch@ or (505) 277-5688.

Credit: Eric Stenbakken

Gifts to UNM

Corpora t ions , F ounda t ions & O rganiza t ions , $1 0,0 0 0 -$24,999, cont inued

Public Broadcasting Service Quail Roost Foundation Quality GMC Buick i Quality Mazda i Rett Syndrome Research Foundation RH Power & Associates, Inc. i Rich Ford Sales i Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation Rohde, May, Keller, McNamara Architecture, PC i Sacred Power Corporation, Inc. i Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Santa Fe Institute Scaletti Survivors Trust Security’s Lending Hand Foundation Seven Bar Enterprises, Inc. i Smith & Nephew, PLC

Smithhisler Family Trust Smithsonian Institution Southern Wine & Spirits of New Mexico, Inc. i State Employees Credit Union Stryker Leibinger, Inc. Synthes, Inc. USA Tanoan Country Club i Tate Branch Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep i Technology Ventures Corporation i Theodore R. & Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship Foundation Thomas A. Plein Foundation Thornburg Charitable Foundation Tillery Chevrolet i Tillery Pontiac Buick-GMC i Tinker Foundation University Motors i UPN 50 (KASY TV-50) i Van Dyke Technologies, Inc. The Veritas Foundation

Vintage Albuquerque Walgreens Infusion and Respiratory Services Western Refining i Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Zia Auto i Zia Credit Union i

Individuals $5,000-9,999

Anonymous Larry and Beverly Abraham i Louis and Stacy Abruzzo i Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery H. Albright Prof. Rudolfo Anaya Donald Anderson and Dr. Sally Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Kent Argubright i Waleed and Debra Ashoo i Ray B. and Jean M. Auel John and Kathleen Avila i


Estate of Audrey Baldwin Christopher and Karen Bard Cynthia Barker Dr. Robert Bell and Dr. Stirling Puck Frank Beserra i James Bewley i Dr. Cheryl Fossum Graham P Steve Blair Robert Blount * i George and Sibilla Boerigter Paul and Susan Bombardt Kenneth and Victoria Bower i Robert* and Janet Bowers Jeanne Boyle Estate of Dennis N. Branstiter Sam and Jacqueline Bregman Charley and Patricia Brewer i John and Suzette Brooks i Gig and Jeanne Brummell i Linda Buffett Robert Burpo i Robert and Christine Butler i Dr. Karen Carr Terri Carr Elinor Carucci Frank Casale i Michele Casale i Nick Casale i Marion Castiglia i Fletcher and Diane Catron Paul Cauwels i Timothy and Tina Chavez i Richard and Joyce Chess i Patricia Christian i Donna Contractor Mark Cordova i Alfred Creecy Randall and Donna Cygan Dr. Joseph D’Amico Mark Danemann Noel DeGaetano* James Demas, Jr. and Susan Demas Joseph and Christine DiGregorio Jim Dine and Diana Michener Peter and Erin Doles Jeffrey Doll and Linda Novy-Doll Tom Domme Kelly Donahue-Wallace, PhD Dante Duphorne Stephen and Karen Durkovich Dr. Paul Echols and Marsha Echols i Robert Ellis Mr. Michael Emerson and Ms. Kathryn Naassan Joyce Duncan Falk and Henrich R. Falk Gregg Fallick i David and Caroll Farmer

Gifts to UNM Dr. Jeffrey Griffith and Barbara Griffith Mark Haas i Robert* and Marjorie Hanna i Robert Hanson Karen Head P Arlene High P i Dennis and Marianne Hill Dale Hoekstra i Dr. Steven Holbrook and Judith Ferrell-Holbrook i Terry Holmes Scott and Renee Hoover C. Ruth Horn John and Jeanne Hughes David Jaramillo i Dr. Tammy Jasionowski

Credit: Eric Stenbakken

Join the President’s Club/1889 Society

cont inued on p age 32

P i *

Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor President’s Club/ 1889 Society member Lobo Club member Deceased

Gifts of $5,000+ and pledge payments received in FY2011-2012 are listed under “Gifts to UNM.”

Credit: Bruce Cramer

Karen-Lynn Fiato William and Heidi Fietz i Dr. Neil Finnen and Nancy Finnen Melissa Forest Rod Forsythe Drs. Elliott and Kathryn Foucar George J. and Mary E. Friberg Mark and Shastyn Friedman i Ronald and Susan Friedman Thomas and Patricia Fritts Dennis and Bonnie Geer i Kenneth Genco and Jacqueline Baca i Kevin and Vickie Georges i Paul Getz and Audrey Martinez Paul Gibson i Kurt Gilbert and A. Elicia Montoya Sandy Gold i Natalie Goldberg Robert and Marti Goodman i Gary Gordon and Terri Giron-Gordon P L. F. and Annette Gorenz i Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Graham, III Al Grant i Lucile Grieder J.J. Griego i


Started with 31 charter members in the year 2000, and chaired at its inception by Doug and Sarah Brown, the President's Club/1889 Society is an influential group that makes a real difference at the University of New Mexico. Together, its members provide funds to support important University initiatives. The Stay-A-Lobo program, which provides emergency grants to keep students enrolled at UNM, is a perfect example of the responsive and flexible funding provided through this group. Now in its second decade of providing a dependable source of annual support to the UNM president, this group’s additional unrestricted giving provides funds for a broad selection of areas across campus that are vital for the core priorities of the University: Student Success, Systemic Excellence, Healthy Communities, and Economic and Community Development. As UNM fulfills its role as a leader in education and economic development in New Mexico, additional new opportunities will emerge, and the members of the President’s Club/ 1889 Society are vital to that process. They are part of a prominent community that truly changes worlds. The designation P in this report identifies members during FY20112012. For more information, please contact Director of Annual Giving Willie Romero at Willie.Romero@ or (505) 277-2951.

Credit: David Benyak

Gifts to UNM

Larry and Caroline Jehle i Kim Jew and Karen Sipe-Jew i Robert and Patricia Johnson Roger Jones Ted and Margaret Jorgensen i Victor Jury, Jr. i Burton* and Anne Kaplan F. Chet and Mary Ellen Karnas Michael and Peggy Keleher i Thomas and Gretchen Keleher William and Jan Keleher i James Kelly Charles and Filomena Kiger Lisa Kilbreth i Gregory Parkhurst and Dr. Darra Kingsley Bart Kinney, III i David P. and Linda Hudson Kirby Kevin Kneafsey Regent James Koch and Nene Koch i Estate of Mildred R. Kolb Estate of David L. Laidlaw Rocklan and Kelly Lawrence i Cody and Erica Lee Iona Lee and Family i Knute Lee, Jr. and Anne Lee i Ted and Lynn Leonsis Dr. Mark Lesher and Donna Lesher i

Spencer Levin Jeffrey and Barbara Lewis Stephen Lister i Frank Logan, III and Patricia Logan Richard and Virginia Loman H. Hunter and M. Ann Look Dr. D. Greg LoPour and Paige LoPour i Wayne and Ruth* Lovelady Larry and Arlene Lujan Dr. Michael Malizzo and Cheryl Malizzo i Gerald and Victoria Martin i Daniel Martinez i David and Kimberley Martinez Kent Mathis i C. Herman Mauney P Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Mary Joyce May James McCullough, III i Sanford* and Priscilla McDonnell Stephen and Rebecca McKernan Ronnie and Tammy Meng Bernard and Mary Metzgar i Ben and Robin Miller i Emma Miller i Lorina Montoya Barbara Moy Cerianne Mullins and James Braun Margo Neal Marron Lee Nelson and Michael Nelson

Rolf Nelson Brett and Cindy Newberry i Paul Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor Jeffrey Oliveira i David Ortiz Dan Otero

Steve Paternoster i James and Jean Payne i Calla Ann Pepmueller Dale Peterson i Tony and Julie Pisto i Tom and Theresa Plunkett i Credit: Christian Horstmann

Indi v idual s , $5,0 0 0 -$9,999, cont inued


Gifts to UNM Robert and Noreen Scott i John and Cindy Seay i Robert Seay i Randy and Jennifer Self i Bruce and Sandra Seligman Nathan and Chris Serrano Wes and Jerri Shields Eric and Nancy Siegel i Richard Siegel * Jim and Sarah Sleeper Billy Smith i Robert Smith David Smoak and Charity Townsend i Dr. H. Wayne Springfield George and Jenean Stanfield P i Kurt and Rebecca Steffen Patrick and Cori Sullivan Dave and Helen Takach Arthur Tatum

Bernie and Juanita Sanchez i Sen. John Sapien and Veronica Sapien i Prof. and Mrs. Edl Schamiloglu Dr. Robert Schenck, Jr. and Patricia Schenck i Edward Schieffelin Prof. Don Schlegel Prof. Roger Schluntz Steve and Christine Scholl Prof. Howard Schreyer and Marian Schreyer Estate of Hannelore B. Schulhof William and Karen Schumacher

Dwayne and Donna Taylor Howard and Mara Taylor Scott and Susan Throckmorton Jason Tomberlin i Eugene Tomlinson Dr. Gehron Treme and Michelle Treme i Imesh and Bhavna Vaidya i Dr. J. Thomas Vigil and Dorothy Vigil i Dr. Howard Wadstrom i Bruce Walkowski i Dr. Daniel Wascher i Dr. Robert Weiler and Patricia Weiler


Dr. Arthur Weinstein and Ann Weinstein i Robert and Elizabeth Wertheim i Robert Wheeler Calvin Williams Paul and Pamm Wynn i

Cororations, Foundations & Organizations $5,000-9,999

Anonymous Abbott Laboratories ABQ Sports i Academia / El Norte Publications AccuStripe Inc. i Ace Metals, Inc. i AHS Engineering Services, Ltd. Albuquerque Baseball

Credit: Erik Stenbakken

Arvind Raichur i Dr. Mark Rainosek i Dr. Barry Ramo and Roberta Ramo i Kenneth and Rebecca Ray i Steven and Tracy Rea i William and Eleanor Reiquam Lt. Col. Clifford Richardson, III and Sandra Richardson Jeffrey and Peggy Roberts i Nancy Roberts Edwin Roos and Maryann Evans Estate of Eleanor F. Rosenberg John Rowe Mark and Barbara Rudolph i Dr. John Russell and Ms. Susan Walsh Russell Ann Rutledge Rep. Henry “Kiki” Saavedra Jesus and Pia Salazar Leonard and Anne Sanchez i

Softball Hall of Fame Albuquerque Tents All Sports Trophies, Inc. i The ALS Association of New Mexico American Campus Communities OP, LP i American Institute of Architects Santa Fe Chapter American Nuclear Society American Society of Health System Pharmacists AmeriSourceBergen Services Corporation Amgen, Inc.


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Anesthesia Associates of New Mexico, PC Automated Election Services Aztec Grading, Inc. i Bert and Jess Clothiers i Branch Law Firm Bregman & Loman, PC Brewer Oil Company i Brunacini Development i Bueno Foods i Business Resource Guide of Greater Albuquerque i Butt, Thornton & Baehr, PC i Cabot Superior MicroPowders Casa Esperanza, Inc. Cathedral Rock, LLC Cave Conservancy Foundation Chaparral Materials, Inc. i Chavez Lath & Plaster, Inc. i Con Alma Health Foundation, Inc. Consensus Medical Communications, Inc. Contract Associates, Inc. Credit Union Association of New Mexico Credit Unions for Kids Crescent Custom Homes i CVI Melles Griot Dixon, Scholl & Bailey, PA Domino’s Pizza i Employees of PNM General Counsel Group i Ethicon Endo-Surgery Fairway, Inc. i FBT Architects Ferguson’s Showroom Fernandez Company, Ltd. i Fidelity Investments i The Fine Law Firm Firestone Family Foundation, Inc. Flow Inc. Forrest Tires, Inc. Fort Wayne Retina, PC French Funerals and Cremations i Friends of Music, Inc. Friends of UNM Baseball Friends of UNM Children’s Hospital Friends of UNM Men’s Tennis cont inued on p age 3 4

P i *

Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor President’s Club/ 1889 Society member Lobo Club member Deceased

Gifts of $5,000+ and pledge payments received in FY2011-2012 are listed under “Gifts to UNM.”

Credit: David Benyak

Gifts to UNM

Corpora t ions , F ounda t ions & O rganiza t ions , $5,0 0 0 -$9,999, cont inued

Friends of UNM School of Medicine Friends of UNM Women’s Tennis Friends of UNM Women’s Soccer Frost Mortgage Group i Fuller Homes, Inc. Fundacion Educativa Mexicana De Nuevo Mexico Gerald A. Martin, Ltd. Global Analytic IT Services Golden Equipment i Grant & Associates Mechanical, Inc. i Holly Asphalt i IBM Corporation Jackson Lewis, LLP James Kelly Contemporary, Inc. John E. & Jeanne T. Hughes Charitable Foundation Keleher & McLeod, PA Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, Inc. Kevin Georges & Associates, PA i Kim Jew Photography Studio i KPMG, LLP Learfield Communications, Inc. Legacy Church, Inc. i Lineberry Foundation

Peifer, Hanson & Mullins, PA Pete Daskalos Properties i Peyton Wright Gallery, Inc. PG Enterprises i Plaza Inn i Presbyterian Healthcare i QForma, Inc. Ray’s Flooring Specialists, Inc. i Raysteel, Inc. i The Red Rock Foundation Richard B. Siegel Foundation Robert P. McNeill, Attorney at Law Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Rocky Mountain Stone Company Sadie’s Cocinita i Saggio’s Pizza i Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski Samaritan Counseling Center Sandia Office Supply, Inc. i Sandia Peak Ski Company i Sangre de Cristo Broadcasting i Scalo Northern Italian Grill i Schroeder Sales, Inc. i Serious Grippage and Light Co. i Service Electric i Shamrock Foods Company i Simons Foundation Siriusware

Lithexcel Communication Service Provider i Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon Lone Sun Builders, Inc. Los Alamos National Bank Lucky Services, Inc. Marriott Pyramid i Miller Financial i Mirror Image, Inc. i Mr. and Mrs. Sanford N. McDonnell Foundation MSI Helicopters, Inc. i Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality National Geographic Society Educational Foundation National Material, LP New Mexico Humanities Council Oklahoma City Community Foundation Pacific Office Automation i Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. Partnership for Community Action Patterson Companies, Inc. Paul and Virginia Cabot Charitable Trust


Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Sombra Cosmetics, Inc. i Stanley M. Reinhaus Family Foundation State Bar of New Mexico State Farm Companies i Subway i Summit Electric Supply Co., Inc. THIRTEEN Tome Art Gallery, LLC Truist -United e-way UNM Bookstore Main Campus i UNM Lobo Sports Properties i V-Me, Media, Inc. W & W Capital, LLC The Walter Henry Freygang Foundation Wilson & Company, Inc. i YMCA P i *

Presidential Scholarship Program full sponsor or endowment donor President’s Club/ 1889 Society member Lobo Club member Deceased

Gifts of $5,000+ and pledge payments received in FY2011-2012 are listed under “Gifts to UNM.”

Ways to Give to UNM Ways to Give To support UNM and our work with students, faculty and patients, please contact the UNM Foundation office: • (505) 277-4503 • 1-800-UNM-FUND (866-3863) • For more specific giving opportunities, please see the list of programs and contacts below or refer to page 36.

Annual Giving The Annual Giving Program solicits gifts from alumni and friends by letter, phone and e-mail. Annual Giving donors may designate their gifts to any area, college, school, department or program within the University or give unrestricted gifts, which are used for the University’s greatest needs. Contact Willie Romero at or (505) 277-2951.

Endowments Donors establish endowed funds to support a specific purpose in perpetuity. The UNM Foundation invests the funds and uses a portion of the income generated from the principal to provide annual funding. Endowments may include support for scholarships, faculty or programming, and may be funded over a period of years. See page 14. Contact Judith Davenport at or (505) 277-9600.

Gifts of Real Property The Gift Acceptance Committee of the UNM Foundation reviews gifts of real property, including real estate, works of art, equipment and other in-kind gifts. Contact Larry Ryan at or (505) 277-2847.

Giving Online Give online through the Foundation’s secure website at

Matching Gifts Program The Matching Gifts Program includes both national and local corporations that match their employees’ gifts to the UNM Foundation, enabling donors to double or even triple their gifts. Contact Suzanne Woodling at Suzanne. or (505) 277-1747.

Memorials and Honoraria Memorials and honoraria honor family and friends. Contact Jill Slaby at or (505) 277-9651.

Planned Giving The Planned Giving Program provides donors with information and helps establish gifts through bequests, charitable trusts, gift annuities, retirement accounts and life insurance policies. The Foundation’s planned giving experts work closely with the donor’s own advisers to ensure the needs of the University and wishes of the donor are fulfilled. Contact Sheila Hard at or (505) 277-9604.

Presidential Scholarship Program The Presidential Scholarship Program receives gifts for Presidential Scholars. Currently, a $2,600 gift grants a donor full sponsorship. See page 29. Contact Cathy Bunch at or (505) 277-5688.

Giving Societies and Dean’s Circles Giving societies and dean’s circles receive gifts in support of specific programs or initiatives within the University. Membership and gift thresholds vary by school, college or program.

Universitywide giving societies include:

• President’s Club/1889 Society Originally established in 2000 as the President’s Club, this group supports presidential initiatives for enhanced academic excellence and student enrichment through unrestricted gifts. See page 31. Contact Willie Romero at or (505) 277-2951.

• Cherry & Silver Society Recognizing alumni who give within 24 months of graduation and then at least once every calendar year thereafter. Contact Margaret Ortega at Margaret.Ortega@ or (505) 277-0689.

• New Horizons Society Recognizing donors who have included the University in their estate plans. See page 23. Contact Sheila Hard at Sheila.Hard@unmfund. org or (505) 277-9604.

• Tom L. Popejoy Society Recognizing cumulative giving to the University. See page 19. Contact Jill Slaby at or (505) 277-9651. 35



The UNM Foundation The following professional staff can answer questions or help craft a gift that matches your wishes with the needs of the students and UNM people who provide superb education, research, health care and community service. President and CEO Henry Nemcik | (505) 277-1586 Vice President for University Development Larry Ryan | (505) 277-2847 Vice President for Health Sciences Center Development Bill Uher | (505) 277-4078

Schools, Colleges and Programs Anderson School of Management

Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz (505) 277-7114 School of Architecture and Planning

Jan Bandrofchak (505) 277-6442 Yolanda Domínguez (505) 277-3194

College of Education

Christie Ross (505) 277-2915 School of Engineering

Pam Hurd-Knief (505) 277-0230 College of Fine Arts

Belinda Jentzen (505) 277-7320 Harwood Museum of Art

Juniper Manley (575) 758-9826 KNME-TV (Public Television)

John Burch (505) 277-9018 KUNM (Public Radio)

Mary Oishi (505) 277-8006 School of Law

Anndee Wright Brown (505) 277-0554 Popejoy Hall

Maryellen Missik-Tow (505) 277-2159 honors program/ School of Public Administration/ scholarships

Mary Wolford (505) 277-1088

UNM Branch Campuses

Niña Johnson (505) 277-5632

UNM Gallup / UNM Valencia / UNM Los Alamos / UNM Taos


Larry Ryan (505) 277-2847

Lobo Leap to Excellence Campaign

Lee De León (505) 925-5919 Suite & Club Seats

College of Arts and Sciences

Jeff MacNutt (505) 277-0817

University Libraries

Reggie Garrett (505) 925-5900

Central Development Office Annual Giving / president’s club / 1889 Society

Willie Romero (505) 277-2951

Major & Planned Gifts

Rob Clark, PhD (505) 925-5607

Corporate & Foundation Relations

Betsy Till (505) 277-1589

Annual Giving

Alicia Marcell (505) 925-5600

Development Services

Health Sciences Center

Donor Relations & Tom L. Popejoy Society

Annette Hazen (505) 277-9628

Cancer Center

Jill Slaby (505) 277-9651

Bill Uher (505) 277-4078 School of Medicine

Sherry Wilson (505) 272-4129 Ken Thompson (505) 362-3310

Wendy Stires (505) 272-5700 Trent Dimas (505) 277-2009

Endowment Relations

Judith Davenport (505) 277-9600 Major Gifts

Mary Wolford (505) 277-1088

College of Nursing

Matching Gifts

Rosemary Reichert Gregory (505) 272-0200

Suzanne Woodling (505) 277-1747

College of Pharmacy

Memorial Gifts

Harriet Bull (505) 272-3657

Jill Slaby (505) 277-9651 Planned Gifts

UNM Hospitals

Sheila Hard, JD (505) 277-9604

Hazel Tull-Leach (505) 277-5689 Children’s Miracle Network

Presidential Scholarship Program

Rich Grainger (505) 277-9077

Cathy Bunch (505) 277-5688

Daniel Jaecks (505) 277-5684

UNM Foundation, Inc. Two Woodward Center, 700 Lomas Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102 | (505) 277-4503 | 1-800-UNM-FUND (866-3863) |


Whose World Will You Change? Student Success & opportunity Faculty Support & Research Campus Programs Capital Projects & Facilities P u b L i C at i o n C R e d i t s diReCtoR of CoMMuniCations

Wendy Antonio editoR

Todd R. Staats desiG n

Cyd Riley, Firefly Studios web & eLeCtRoniC deVeLoPMent

Christian Horstmann ContRibutinG wRiteRs

Wendy Antonio, Cathy bunch, Judith Davenport, Willie Romero, Alexandra (Alex) Swanberg UNM People Changing Worlds Series: Michelle McRuiz Leaders in Philanthropy Series: Hilary Mayall Jetty

Credit: eric stenbakken

fRont CoVeR Photos

All Erik Stenbakken except upper left: bruce Cramer and bottom middle: David benyak baCK CoVeR Photo

bruce Cramer PRoduCed by the uniVeRsit y of new MexiCo foundation

All gifts made to the UNM Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

Paid CPC Mail

UNM Foundation Two Woodward Center 700 Lomas Blvd. NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Profile for The University of New Mexico Foundation

UNM Foundation 2011-2012 Annual Report of Giving  

The UNM Foundation's Annual Report of Giving.

UNM Foundation 2011-2012 Annual Report of Giving  

The UNM Foundation's Annual Report of Giving.

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