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New Semester + New Year = A Fresh Start Mix & Mingle with Potential Employers--Bring Your Resume! Industry and Students (details to follow)














歡迎 환영합니다 SELAMAT DATANG வாருங்கள ்


Best wishes for happy

holidays and a prosperous New Year from all of us at the UNLV Singapore campus. As this calendar year draws to a close, we can look back at a year full of significant progress and accomplishment at UNLV Singapore. In addition to modifying our instructional schedule to match that of the main campus, with fall and spring semesters, a winter and three summer sessions, we welcomed six highly qualified full-time faculty-in-residence to our campus in Singapore’s National Library Building. As readers of this magazine will know, we conducted Executive Education for and in association with education and industry leaders: Taylor’s University, Macau Polytechnic Institute, Kangwon Land, and Grand Casino Luzern. Also, we created a gaming management certificate, in conjunction with the University of Macau at G2EAsia. In addition to studying, our students formed a new student club, the Earth Walkers, focused on sustainability and social responsibility. The newly re-organized student government held their first campus-wide poll, electing Alvin Wong ’13 as the UNLV Singapore Student Body President. In 2006, we opened our UNLV Singapore campus to offer B.S. and M.H.A. degrees in Hospitality. This effort was by invitation of the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Economic Development Board to participate with other leading universities in a “Global School House” initiative. By the end of 2015, we will have graduated nearly 900 students and over 25 UNLV faculty members will have had the opportunity to teach in Singapore. We entered into an affiliation agreement with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) in 2010. Our contract with them and our lease on the facility we currently use both expire at the end of 2015. Since the SIT agreement will not be renewed, our last co-enrolled SIT class will be admitted to UNLV Singapore in fall 2013, and we will graduate this

class of approximately 150 students by the end of 2015. At that time, we will have retired the nonrecourse loan from the Singaporean government made to UNLV Singapore Limited. No final decisions regarding future UNLV Singapore activities have been made at this time. However, there is no assurance that UNLV undergraduate classes will be available in Singapore after December 2015. UNLV President Neal Smatresk has indicated that, “We still feel that it is important to stay globally engaged and hope to use this spring and next year as a period of reflection so we will be ready to launch robust high quality programs that enhance our international brand, support the Nevada Governor's plan for making us the global intellectual hub for the hospitality industry, and serve UNLV programs with international interests. We will review lessons learned and new understandings of best practices gleaned from our experiences and the past decade of U.S. experiments in overseas higher education. We invite all to participate in this important discussion as we plan the next phase of our global evolution.” All past and future degrees awarded by UNLV in Singapore remain fully accredited and recognized. Graduates are invited and encouraged to become involved in both the UNLV and UNLV Singapore alumni groups. All official academic records will continue to be maintained at and available from the Office of the Registrar at the main campus in Las Vegas. Also, I want to assure you that the Overseas Immersion Program (OIP) and the annual UNLV graduation ceremony in Singapore will continue to be conducted by UNLV for current and future students through 2015, as scheduled. It will be “business as usual” on campus through 2015. In the meantime, I invite you to contact us here at UNLV Singapore at any time. Once again, best wishes for the season and the year ahead.

RICHARD C. LINSTROM, J.D. Associate Dean & AManaging s s o c i a t e DDirector ean & Managing Director



Executive Education Macau

Photos Coutesy of: Kangwon Land, Inc.


Executive Education Macau

Kangwon Land Inc., a leading four-season integrated family resort in Korea, with a major casino, hotels, condos, golf courses and ski slopes, sent 20 select personnel in mid-October to study gaming management with UNLV Singapore on location in Macau. They covered casino marketing strategies, customer service leadership in the casino industry, and gaming analysis for business with UNLV Singapore Lecturer in Residence Jim Kilby, a twenty-five-year veteran of gaming management, and University of Macau faculty member Dr. Glenn McCartney.

Along with productive hours in the classroom, the two-week program included 10 guided site visits to explore the bustling casinos and hotels in Macau, including the Wynn Macau, the City of Dreams, MGM Macau, the Galaxy Macau and the Venetian Macao. The group also toured the Macau Tower and met with officials from the Macau Government and Tourism Office.

tomized s u c n w o r you To request contact us! , m a r g o r p Exec Ed


Executive Education


In November, a separate group of 20 personnel from Kangwon Land Inc. joined UNLV for a two-week hospitality management program in Singapore. Taught by UNLV Singapore faculty in residence Drs. Kurt Stahura, Natalie Hudson, Jim Dougan, Madeleine Cheah Hevera, Karl B r a n d m e i r a n d le c t u r e r i n r e s i d e n c e G e r r y K o h , t h e g r o u p d o v e i n t o c u s t o m i z e d t o p i c s t h a t i n c l u d e d h o s p i t a li t y m a r k e t i n g , u n d e r s t a n d i n g language cues for effective service, human resources management, enhanced leadership, and F&B cost controls. Both the professors and Executive Education team loved hosting the Kangwon Land executives, who remained engaged and inquisitive participants from their first session through their certificate presentation.

On Program with

Exec Ed

In addition to receiving intensive executive instruction, Kangwon Land Inc. participants visited many Singapore hospitality and gaming properties including C a p e l la S i n g a p o r e , Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Regent Singapore, and Resorts World at Sentosa.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Ho/UNLV Singapore




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UNLV Internship SPOTLIGHT Lydia Tan, Class of 2012

Rebel Receives Academic Excellence Award “ Wor king f or t hree depar tments at once, I got to do a lot t hat t he from Resorts World Sentosa Congratulations to UNLV graduate Lydia Tan for receiving the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Academic Excellence Award! Lydia was recently recognized on campus for her accomplishments by A d e l i n e C h o n g, A s s i s t a n t M a n a g e r f o r Human Resources at RWS.

average inter n wouldnʼt get to do. But I also had to t hink on my f eet and pr ior itize my tasks.

Now, because of t his exper ience, so many oppor tunities are opening up. I f eel so blessed!”

Lydia interned at RWS after graduating in June 2012, working on the Attractions team in addition to doing marketing and special projects, such as arranging photo shoots for Universal Studios Singapore a n d M a r i n e L i f e P a r k . A h i g h li g h t w a s preparing pre-opening marketing m a t e r i a l s f o r M a r i n e L i f e P a r k . W h i le Lydia enjoyed the energetic atmosphere, she admits it was at times chaotic reporting to three departments. Thanks to her RWS internship, Lydia discovered how much she likes working o n e v e n t s , a s w e ll a s d o i n g m a r k e t i n g a n d p u b l i c r e l a t i o n s . S h e lo o k s f o r w a r d to parlaying that experience into full time employment.

We want to cover your work experience in a future issue! To share your story with other Rebels, email us at Ly d i a Ta n ( ’ 1 2 ) , l e f t , r e c e i v e s h e r A c a d e m i c E xce l l e n ce Aw a r d c e r t i f i c a t e f r o m A d e l i n e C h o n g , A s s i s t a n t M a n ag e r fo r H u m a n R e s o u r c e s a t R e s o r t s Wo r l d Se n to sa


NEWS ON CAMPUS Meet Alvin Wong, Rebel Class of 2013 UNLV Singapore’s New Student Body President

What should students expect under your leadership? “Great c hanges!”

What do you hope to accom plish . a s pre side nt? Tell us about what you’ l l d o fir st in your new position. I rea lly li k e o u r s ch o ol , b u t th ere’ s a lw a y s ro om fo r I wan t t o re- t h in k t h e wa y we i mp ro v emen t. I wan t t o creat e u se ou r facil it ies. S o me tim es, mo re i n tera c ti o n b et ween d u rin g exams, t h e S t u dent s tu den ts o f di f f eren t Un ion is very crowd ed . T here ba c k g ro u n ds . I ’ d al so l ike t o are u n d eru sed cl assroom s tha t c rea te mo re i n teract ion wit h t h e co u l d b e good fo r st u d ying. At s c h o o ls th a t s u rrou n d ou r o t h er t imes, I’d l ike st udents to c a mp u s . u se cl assro oms for cl u b meet in gs an d so cial izing. If we talk to you a year fro m now, what do you expect wi l l b e your m ost am bitious accom plishm ent? Righ t n o w I h ave d irect conta ct wit h t h e Jap an ese emb a ssy a nd I will b e wo rkin g wit h them to b rin g u n iversit y - l evel students in mixed majo rs t o ou r ca m pus fo r 2 - 3 d ay st u d y t ou rs. T hey’ ll p art icip at e in ou r cl u b a ctivities an d it ’s a go od o p p ort unity for u s t o work wit h in t ern a tiona l st u d en t s. I’m also workin g wit h the In t ern at ion al C l u b at S inga pore M an agemen t Un iversit y b ecau se t h ey are in t erested in t eamin g u p for even t s tha t m ix l o cal an d in t ern at ion al st u d en t s.

A lv in Wo n g , ‘ 1 3 , S tu d e n t Bo d y Presi dent

I t h in k b ot h of t h ese p r ojects wil l b e win - win fo r everyone.


Welcome on Board NEW STAFF Registration & Advising Manager

Joey Tong Joined in November

External Affairs & Admissions Assistant Manager

Shivani Bhasin Joined in September

I’ve worked in the education industry since I graduated from the University of HertfordI worked in education for 6 years in shire in the U.K. My experience in college India after graduating from the Univermade me want to pursue a career in this sity of Delhi with a degree in Comindustry. I worked in Admissions and Promerce. Now at UNLV, I’m overseeing grams at another university before coming the domestic and international student to UNLV. I am happy to have this opporturecruitment and admissions process, as nity to advise students on their study plan so well as developing and managing our that they make the best of their time here partner relationships. and graduate on time. External Affairs & Admissions Assistant Manager

Lindsey DeFraites

Joined in December Prior to joining UNLV Singapore, I worked in public affairs and marketing. I was also an independent college counselor and tutor for international and domestic students in the U.S. and U.K. I joined UNLV after completing my MA at the University of Southampton in the U.K. I earned my BA from Fordham University. My position at UNLV is focused on the communications design and program development of the External Relations and Executive Education departments.



with Faculty in Residence Assistant Professor of English Publishes Book on Gesture Tell us a little bit about the content, but remember we’re not all PhDs!

in a language course for more than one class period.

In plain English, relatively few studies of gesture have been done in relation to language learning. As I explain in the beginning of the book, this is partially due to the availability of technology and partially due to the fact that it is a lot of work to manage video data. I videotaped five weeks of a course with three video cameras. I had a large amount of video data that had to be analyzed. So much fun! Before this study, no one had ever looked at gesture

What did you discover? One major finding was what I term "teacher foreigner talk." I'm sure you are familiar with "teacher talk" (used primarily with younger school children) and "foreigner talk" (talking loudly as if that is going to help, omitting certain grammatical elements, etc.). My argument is that the way an English language instructor speaks to students does not fall into either of these categories, so I propose a new term and category. How is this work significant?

This research was important to me because I have taught English language courses for so long and gesture is a significant element of classroom teaching. It is also important because, depending on the conversation, gesture conveys 60-80% of meaning.

NATALIE HUDSON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Residence


Wal ke r s U N LV E ar th P ho to C re di t:

Photo Credit: UNLV Ear th Walker s

Earth Walkers is a new student club raising awareness about environmental issues. The group recently distributed the first issue of its publication, Footprints, a newsletter covering sustainability stories in Singapore and global green living. To raise funds for their publication and their selected environmental causes, the Earth Walkers baked, wrapped, and sold “Chunky Chocolate Blocks,� which sold out within days due to nonstop demand!

Visit Earth Walkers on Facebook or send them an email to get involved and find out more about the causes they care about.


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UNLV in Asia Magazine Winter 2012 Issue 5  

News and updates from the Singapore campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

UNLV in Asia Magazine Winter 2012 Issue 5  

News and updates from the Singapore campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas