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If your Blackberry 9500 Storm has a SIM lock on it, then it will prevent you from using the mobile phone with any other cellular carriers. Now there is no need to send your phone abroad or give it to some repair/unlock shop to have it unlocked. You can do the unlock job yourself from your home, office or wherever you like! Unlocking your phone by unlock code is 100% safe and absolutely no technical knowledge required. Once you have your unlock code, you can begin the unlocking steps below. These instructions must be carried out with a SIM card in the phone. Can be from any network and be active/inactive. 1. Enter the Main Menu by pressing the Blackberry Logo button. 2. Click 'Manage Connections' - you may have to scroll using your finger to find the icon. 3. Click 'Turn All Connections Off'. 4. Return to the Main Menu by pressing the Back button. 5. Click 'Options' - again, you may have to scroll using your finger to find the icon. 6. Click 'Advanced Options'. 7. Click 'SIM Card'. 8. Press the BlackBerry Logo button and click Show Keyboard. 9. Tilt the handset onto it's side - you should see a larger full QWERTY keyboard. 10. Type M E P D - The letters will not appear on the screen when typing. (This is the tricky part due to the touch screen, we recommend you hover over the letter to make sure you are pressing the right one and then click the screen. The letter will light up blue when hovering. If you are successful in entering M E P D then you should now see the Personalisation menu or a change of text on the screen - proceed to Step 11. If nothing has happened you should press Back and go back to Step 7).

11.Type M E P 2 - Again, The letters will not appear on the screen when typing. To bring up the number 2, click the !?123 button. If nothing happens click back, click 'SIM Card' and start this step (11) again. 12. A box should appear asking you to enter the Network MEP Code - this is your unlock code. You can tilt the phone back for a bigger keypad at this stage. Enter the unlock code in the box and press the Return key (down and left arrow on the right of the keypad). 13. If you received 'Code Accepted' proceed to Step 14. 14. Turn the handset OFF then ON again and the handset will be permanently unlocked and can be used on any compatible GSM network, worldwide - remember to turn the Wireless connections back on in 'Manage Connections' so the phone will connect to the carrier. Where to get an Unlock Code? The unlock code for your Blackberry can sometimes be obtained from your carrier however some of them will flatly refuse, others will make you wait for a very long time and some others will charge very high fees. Sometimes the unlock codes they supply doesn't always work. We sell unlock codes for your phone at very reasonable prices with a very much reduced waiting time. All our codes are 100% guaranteed. Please have a look here for the Blackberry 9500 Storm. We sell codes for other Blackberry models from here. You can contact us on shall you need further guidance.

Blackberry 9500 Storm Unlock Instructions  

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