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Office Water Cooler, Filtered Water cooler

FILTERED WATER COOLERS FOR A BETTER AND GREENER OFFICE ENVIRONMENT Office water coolers that can be integrated to existing water pipes, have multi-stage water filters, and can be easily installed.


f you chart the time employees divide their time in the office starting from when they enter the company gates to the time they leave, you might be surprised to find one statistical entry that is almost constant among different offices; time spent using or socializing near office water coolers. It might not be that significant chunk of company time for you to take notice but factor in different scenarios involving the unremarkable office equipment and you might be surprised. Moments spent on ordering, having to wait for delivery, signing delivery receipts, lugging the bottles in and out, storing used bottles somewhere, having them cleaned, refilled and installed are times that might have been used on more high-impact output. That’s still not much if you want to downplay it but add all the wasted seconds that revolve around your usage of bottled water dispenser and you’d get a couple of days in a year that you might have been more productive. That’s precious company potential earnings down the drain. You might say it’s still a trickle compared to other weightier stuff that requires your attention and you just might be right. However, what if you find out that there is a better way to provide water to your employees? One that doesn’t require you to sweat out the tedious logistics involving all the things about bottled water that was previously mentioned? Introducing the filtered water cooler. A new method of water dispensing that virtually eliminates all the minor hassles that usually revolve around bottled water dispensers. It is a system that can be integrated with already existing main water pipes and can be installed unobtrusively. What’s better about it is that aside from having unlimited water to drink anytime without having to worry if the next delivery will come on time before you deplete all your reserves, it also retains the refreshingly natural taste of untreated water. Something that only Mother Nature can give. As bonus, you can avail of value added services like regular maintenance and sanitation. Filters will be replaced regularly and any additional maintenance that you should require.

All of these result in lots of money saved and a gesture towards global responsibility. With the elimination of bottles, you are helping reduce the usage of plastic all over the world. Imagine all the energy expended in making these bottles and then the additional energy and effort expended in cleaning them, recycling them or even throwing them away. In your reckoning, it might not amount to much but it does mean a lot. It shows you care about your environment and the future of the next generation. You’ve encountered its resource saving aspect and its contribution to green policies. Here’s the clincher: it is also quite a looker. Aesthetics wise, you can choose between futuristic-looking and elegant free standing chillers, bench top, filtered water cooler and integral under-the-sink office water coolers. Hot and cold water system can also be installed if you so choose. Office water coolers never looked so (pardon the pun) cool. Easily install filtered water coolers and water dispensers with multistage filtration systems. A complete hi-tech office water cooler with low and high temperature function system compact offered by Unlimited Water Coolers

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Filtered Water Coolers for a Better and Greener Office Environment  

Office water coolers that can be integrated to existing water pipes, have multi-stage water filters, and can be easily installed.

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