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ith social media going thru the roof and engaging more and more people by the minute, Hector Reyes sought a way to capture not only information, but behavior, and present a well-rounded publication. After more than a year of careful consideration he found a unique approach for interacting with readers online and in December 2008, Unlimited The Magazine was born. Unlimited The Magazine is able to reach the masses with just one click and provide a complete marketing solution. Unlimited The Magazine is dedicated to bringing full circle marketing to its readers. It focuses on how business entrepreneurs are becoming successful and also how their clients react to their products or services. With a combination of internet radio and video stream, entrepreneurs capture not only a written testimonial but also see a clear picture of their reaction to said services or products. Gleaning real time feedback, and raw footage, Unlimited The Magazine offers 360 degree media coverage under one roof. Its readers will be able to read, hear and see content covering all major events in El Paso, TX with a plan of expansion into major cities nationwide within one year. Unlimited The Magazine promises to change the way entrepreneurs interact with their clients. Event coverage will relate details about not only an artist or show but also offer insight into the people attending them. With an Unlimited reach to the world, Unlimited The Magazine is the first Digital Only Magazine in El Paso, TX. Connections with the World Wide Web have created an Unlimited Potential for both the reader and the business owner. The goal is to create a bridge that will effectively connect business entrepreneurs with their clients on an entirely different level. Expect to see Unlimited The Magazine at your next event, concert, club or show and be sure it will be not only recorded it but will be streaming live, for the world to see. UTM

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Lower Valley Tres is a Chicano rap group made up of tree locos from the

Lower valley Side of El Paso. The first member is Payaso 915 who has been rapping for 5 years. With his idea of recording a song called “Lower Valley Tres” with two other artists he met on line. Payaso inevitably created the group. More songs soon followed and as they say, the rest is history. Payaso is greatly influenced by his love for oldies music, which like many others in El Paso he grew up listening to. His style is more of a laid back approach only raising his voice in rare occasions. He has expressed his love for his children in a song called “Good Times Bad Times”. Growing up in Ysleta he will often proclaim where he is from with much pride.

Problemaz, who has been rapping for 3 years. This

young man’s style of rap is the polar opposite of payaso915. Very loudly expressing himself in his lyrics his voice is hard to miss. He too has a love for oldies and uses them for his songs as often as possible. Growing up in Socorro he too will proudly proclaim where he is from.

The third member is Mr. Crazy. He too raises his voice at times

and has been known to laugh in his songs. This one has only been rapping since the group formed in 2008 and is currently playing catch up with the other two members, but he is part of the Lower Valley Tres. Oldies are a big part of his life as well and he assures us more oldie style songs are in the near future for the group. Growing up in Clint he very proudly proclaims his origin whenever possible. This group has a combination not matched by any other in El Paso. Their ability to rap in the same language they use in their everyday life “Calo”. Makes them an instant favorite. In the short time this group has been around and has already caused a stir in the El Paso rap scene. The future looks bright and unlimited for this trio, keep your eyes and your ears open because the name Lower Valley Tres will be seen and heard in many places, for many years to come.

Who are your biggest influences? Carolyn: My biggest influence is the man above and everything around me. How long have you been singing? Carolyn: I never been trained just been doing it for as long as I can remenber.

“You have to be real” is supposed to be Art!�


half-caucasian, half-Spaniard born bilingual singer and writer, she walked into a little studio in the Dope House Records warehouse with DFO Music Group back in 2001 hoping to record a demo to shop to some record labels. Five years later, she had worked with several Dope House artists in Houston, Texas, and is now recognized for her features on South Park Mexican’s recent billboard-topping release “When Devils Strike”. Carolyn Rodriguez is originally from North Carolina but came to Sam Houston State University in and graduated with an Accounting degree. There was an undeniable force that pulled her to Dope House Records. “I heard SPM’s ‘Mary Go Round’ in a friend’s car and I told everyone in college ‘I’m gonna do a song with this guy. Now we’ve done so many I can’t count! God definitely brought me here for a reason”... and it’s definitely no coincidence that she ended up at the largest and most established independent Latin rap label. DFO Music Group, headed by Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, was the production team that helped get Carolyn to that window of opportunity with SPM. “When Pain said ‘he wants to hear you sing and try you out on a hook’, I was wondering if he would even like my voice. After the first one he told me ‘I want you on ALL my hooks. You got that gangsta soul”. After sealing a strong partnership with SPM and Juan Gotti on numerous songs, DFO was ready to sprinkle Carolyn Rodriguez on everyone’s album. The Latin Urban music scene is about to embrace a new face with a new sound. Carolyn Rodriguez released her first solo album “Castellana” September 24, 2007 through DFO Music Group and it is distributed by Select-O-Hits. Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, its CEO (and Dope House Records’ chief engineer), produced half of the tracks on her album as well as engineer it. His resume also includes Latin Grammy and Billboard nominations, Grammy awards, and a seat on the prestigious Producers and Engineers Committee of the National Grammies. Carolyn’s mixed bilingual roots set the stage for a new genre of Latin Hip-Hop and R&B. Her solo album “Castellana” gave fans what they have been waiting for, a full disc of her own songs to complete their collection. The album is clean, yet street; gangsta, yet pop; it’s filled with Spanish and English club bangers and ballads, as well as pure Hip-Hop and R&B jams that remind you of her street credibility. The album features her fellow Dope House family members such as Juan Gotti, Low-G, Quota, and Shadow Ramirez. Besides the many tracks produced by Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, other producers grace her album such as Mario “Andretti” Ayala (credits include Missy Elliott and Baby Bash), Demon of 24/7 Hustlas, Tiger, Slip, and R.O.B. Spanish and English urban music lovers alike will enjoy “Castellana”, as every song packs a different punch guaranteed to leave fans wanting more. SPM’s “The Last Chair Violinist” is about to be released Sep.16 of this year, which will feature more of her recent work with him. “Man, I’m doin all KINDS of crazy stuff on this album; verses, hooks, singin, rappin, even a skit with different characters I do...I’ve NEVER worked with such an artist as Carlos Coy!” So you know what that means; her 2nd solo album will have much more of him on it as well, which she is currently working on.


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Unlimited The Magazine is holding a Modeling Contest for 2009. The winner will be able to model in our dresses and appear on our web site for 2009.These photos may also be used in Unlimited The Magazine 2009. Unlimited’s Top Model Prizes: • Cover of 1St Anniversay for Unlimited The Magazine. • A Trip for 2 to Las Vegas. • Professional Photo shoot w/portfolio. To Enter Contest send us your picture and bio to:


ith most of us feeling the pinch, Valentine’s Day could easily take a back seat. But it doesn’t have to be a washout. Here are 14 lighthearted ways to have a fantastic February 14 even with a tight budget. (1)Picture this.. Make a photo album of your relationship together. Dig out tickets or receipts from dates to go alongside the pictures. (2)Forget cards, make a Valentine’s poster Big cards in the shops can cost $5 or more but if you use your imagination you could create a gift to really treasure – pictures of places you’ve been, mementos from days out or just things your loved one likes. (3)In your own words.. If buying a book is out of your price range but your loved one is into all things literary, why not try writing your own love letter or poem? Even if it’s just a few lines, it’ll be unique. (4)Music to their ears Remember the days of making someone a compilation tape? If you still have a stereo with a cassette deck you can do it – or you could burn them a music CD from your computer. Make it the music you loved when you got together – or they loved when they were younger. (5)On a promise Make a book of pledges. They can choose the next five films you go to see, or that you will do their chores. (6)Get green fingers Grow your own or plant seeds for them. While other women’s flowers will be wilting along with their boyfriends’ bank balances, yours will just be starting to grow! (7) Become a MasterChef A fancy meal out might be beyond your budget but a homecooked, romantic meal needn’t cost the earth. And leave the dishes till Feb 15! (8)All wrapped up – who needs flowers? Make a pass-the-parcel with promises for “later on” that evening in between each layer of wrapping. As they unwrap a layer each hour at work, they’re working towards the final gift of your love letter or a promise for dinner cooked by you. (9)Memories are made of this.. If you’ve been going out for a while, why not put all your memories in one place? Decorate an old shoe box with pretty paper and write out your favourite memories of your man on to nice pieces of card. From the outfit they wore on your first date to when you first kissed – each one will get you talking and laughing – and cost you nothing! (10)Make your own movie Most mobiles have a video function so why not put it to good use? Go to the first place you met, or where you had your first date or kiss. Film the places you like to go, or you singing their favourite

song as the ending. It’s your very own rom-com. (11)Try to make a Valentine’s quiz You write the questions based on your memories of your time together – for each one they get right, they get a treat, from a glass of bubbly to a chocolate, leading up to a massage or whatever you decide. You can be quizmaster, or make a quiz book that they fill in. It’s something they can keep to remind them of all your times together. (12)Let them live their dream! You can bring them a slice of the high life on a budget – and the personal touch will make it so much more genuine. You could see if a friend or colleague has a sports car they’d let you use for the day (make sure you’re both insured to drive, obviously). Alternatively, you could visit Mercedes Benz World in Surrey – admission is free and the attractions change regularly. That should let him know you care about his love of cars. If he has dreamed of a mini-break but you just can’t afford it, bring the mini-break to him! See if your travel agent has spare posters of your chosen destination – or cut out pictures from brochures. Investigate the local cuisine, make dinner and even learn a little of the language. Dress up Hawaiian-style, or make your own sushi and you’ll have a fun night – without the jet lag. (13)Walk this way (or run) If your partner is a fitness freak, why not plan a Valentine’s run for them? Plan the route you can both run. But this has a twist... Along the way there are treats you’ve put there earlier in the day (for example, a heart-shaped balloon on a tree, or a flower hidden by a signpost). (14) And this one’s for your fella.. There is absolutely no excuse not to spend a small fortune on ensuring your wife/girlfriend/ lover has a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget! Most of these tips would work from men to women – especially No.5, the pledges book… clean the bathroom, put the toilet seat down, hang up your clothes, no more wet towels on the bed… you get the picture!

Jorge Almaraz Max Credit Express

Do You believe in Ghosts?

address and have taken new pictures with a new camera phone, more Have you ever had that crazy pictures that I feeling when someone is just can’t explain... watching you and you think is paraJesus L. (actual words from noia and you think you are Jesus) just tripping, these are pictures that I took when I got that feeling, I was living on the east side of El Paso Texas by George Next Month we will Dieter and Montana. feature the latest picBe your own judge and tures and audio takjust know that these en by Jesus with an pictures were taken by exclusive only on my camera phone, I Unlimited The now live at a different


Consideraciones antes de subir su pequeña empresa al tren de la nueva tecnología Por: Nazareno Monti, en colaboración con Gary Barzel Con la aparición de la computación de avanzada, junto con el software como servicio (SaaS), Web 2.0, y la proliferación de las avanzadas tecnologías inalámbricas y dispositivos móviles, las pequeñas empresas hoy en día son capaces de acceder a una gran variedad de soluciones brindadas por la tecnología de avanzada como nunca antes había sido posible. Por otra parte, las pequeñas empresas que están dispuestas y listas a implementar esta tecnología para el funcionamiento de su compañía, están empezando a darse cuenta de que pueden volverse aún más astutos que sus grandes competidores comerciales. Pero con todo esto, a la vez, puede ser difícil para los propietarios de pequeñas empresas comprender exactamente qué tipo de equipos y aplicaciones son necesarias, y qué es lo que, al menos al principio, no les servirá. Saber cómo y cuándo utilizar las nuevas tecnologías es esencial para la salud de su negocio y su impacto en el mundo comercial. A continuación, ofrecemos algunas cosas a considerar antes de adquirir un nuevo equipo o programa informático para su empresa. ¿Por qué está buscando esta tecnología? En primer lugar es necesario definir lo que usted desea cambiar o mejorar en su negocio. Dependiendo de sus necesidades, usted puede decidir qué es lo que le beneficiará tras la adquisición de nueva tecnología, así como, dentro de la misma, si existe una alternativa más barata. Por ejemplo, existen muchas aplicaciones de software más económicas equivalentes a otras más caras que puedan adaptarse a las necesidades de su empresa. ¿Cuáles son los riesgos económicos por no ponerse al día con las nuevas tecnologías? Conocer esta información es importante al decidir el momento adecuado para llevar las nuevas tecnologías a su pequeña empresa. Cuando los costos de no mejorar el negocio, tales como una disminución de la productividad o la pérdida de ventas potenciales, son mayores que los costo de los nuevos equipos o aplicaciones, entonces es hora de cambiar su sistema. Factor en todos los costos asociados con la reestructuración de sus operaciones. Considerar todos los costos que están indirectamente relacionados con la adquisición de nueva tecnología. ¿Debe usted actualizarse y educarse en nuevas tecnologías? ¿Es necesario hacer reformas para apoyar el nuevo equipo? ¿El equipo que usted necesita adquirir, requiere de avanzadas aplicaciones de software? ¿Cuáles son sus necesidades previstas para el futuro? ¿Cómo prever la utilización de la tecnología en el futuro? ¿Está su negocio creciendo actualmente o debe usted cambiar el rumbo de alguna manera? Antes de comprar cualquier equipo, asegúrese de que será capaz

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de manejar cualquier crecimiento que enfrente su empresa, así como los cambios operacionales. ¿Cuál es su presupuesto disponible? Obviamente, adquirir tecnología de vanguardia no le representará nada si la compra le deja en quiebra. Si su flujo de efectivo está limitado, usted debe examinar sus opciones. Cualquiera puede comprometer la calidad del equipo y buscar cómo obtener completamente las nuevas tecnologías en favor de la mejora del sistema actual de su empresa. Alternativamente, usted podría considerar la posibilidad de arrendamiento de su equipo en lugar de comprar directamente. Si el arrendamiento no es posible entonces considerar un préstamo es la opción más adecuada. En resumen, muchos factores deben ser considerados antes de la introducción de nueva tecnología que cambiará la forma en que su pequeña empresa opera. Haga su investigación con el fin de obtener lo que es más adecuado para su negocio.

Group of independent hotels do their part to help the environment Heritage Hotels & Resorts rolls out Going Green program

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Winner will receive: • Cover of 1St Anniversay for Unlimited The Magazine. • A Trip for 2 to Las Vegas. • Professional Photo shoot w/portfolio. To Enter Contest send us your picture and bio to:

Unlimited The Magazine-February 2009  

Featuring Carolyn Rodriguez from DFO Records in conjunction with Dope House Records a beautiful and amazing voice, local El Pasoan captures...

Unlimited The Magazine-February 2009  

Featuring Carolyn Rodriguez from DFO Records in conjunction with Dope House Records a beautiful and amazing voice, local El Pasoan captures...