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THE FUTURE Based out of the DMV & NYC, Marcellas Hill Productions LLC (MHP) serves as an entertainment resource house & production company. Our mission is to introduce fresh & professional productions & content into mainstream media, advertising, promotion, & the fashion/entertainment industry. Specializing in Creative Direction, MHP serves as your "one-stop shop", everything you need is here. Quality is in our nature.



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Dedicated to Patricia & Mark Hill I would like to acknowledge my parents, whose consistent love and dedication has provided me the best life a son could ask for. I am forever grateful of your unwavering and relentless support of my dreams . Thank you for instilling the love and knowledge of God in me, who is the foundation of my being. Teaching me that all things are possible with God and to always walk by faith has pushed me to always strive for excellence. My hope is that I create a purposeful life that will make you as half as proud of me as I am to be your son. Thank you for your unconditional love and support of my dreams to change the world.

& The Hill Family

Here’s a gift that I pray will begin the start of the Hill family's legacy and the beginning of the MHP Empire. A platform that represents my body of work and affords our family an opportunity to showcase the talents God has blessed us with. Thank you all for always supporting my vision. I pray that this births a new creative realm of content and entertainment that will break barriers, open doors, and change the game.

In lovng memory of Alvin Burrell & Sean Hatton


In my mind I would like to think that I am a “pretty big deal,” but then again so does everyone, right? I’m sure a lot of you may know me personally, heard of me, follow me, or have been following my work for quite some time. I’d like to first express my gratitude to anyone who has supported me up until this point. I honestly wouldn't be here if it weren't for you and your undeniable belief and support in my gifts and talents. It sounds so corny in my head but you truly keep me going! Before I go on a tangent about how grateful I am for my support system… how about I introduce myself to the ones who don’t know me? If you’re just discovering me or my brand, my name is Marcellas Hill. I am a Creative Director, Choreographer, and the CEO of Marcellas Hill Productions LLC (MHP)… amongst other things but if I sit and list them, then we will be here forever. I truly mean that in the most humble way possible, lol. But seriously! I don’t want to waste too much time boring you about all the things that you don't know about me, you can just read my bio for that, there’s a whole spread in here that you can check out later. The fact is, There are far more important matters at hand that need to be discussed, like WTF (my bad, ma…) is UNLIMITED CONTENT and who the hell do I think I am thinking that I can come out with my own publication? If you’re just meeting me through this letter, you shouldknow that I have

half of a million views on YouTube views... That isn't to just drop numbers, but then again… numbers don’t lie. For years I have wondered who these people are. Who are these viewers? Who are the people who I should thank for some of my success? Granted at my productions I get to come face to face with my supporters but not half of million of them!?! There’s always been a great disconnect. Then there’s social media, another disconnect… becaus there’s this misconception that I’ve already made it (which apparently makes me come off pretentious”, “not personal,” or “unrelatable”… so I hear). Regardless of what people perceive, I’m just another creative, grinding relentlessly towards my dreams. There’s also the fact that my #InstagramHandle is in every visual I’ve ever premiered but I only have 6.2k followers. With just less than half of 10k followers, I have tons of foot traffic on my site www.marcellashillproductions. com. It always confuses me because the numbers don’t add up or correlate collectively. Not to mention the countless time’s people have brought things to my attention regarding content that looks scary familiar to past projects of mine. Granted, these are just theories and most theories can’t ever be 100% proven.

Even the thought of someone biting off of my style, I thought, what can you do? Once you upload content to the internet and post it, it no longer belongs to you. It’s basically open season for creative content and social media continues to eradicate individuality and produce carbon copies of what everyone wants to be. I.e. how everyone is a “creative” now, something that I used to get teased and bullied for.

I digress To update you, I haven't rolled out content consistently in almost a year vs. when I would literally have a new project dropping almost every week. Not to mention the obvious, I haven’t put on a production within the last two years. The first for me since I started my production journey more than a decade ago. For everyone inquiring about the next production, just know that great things take time and know that

I’m always working on my next production, project, concept, idea, or whatever ! Please know that I’ve been working but very strategically and methodically,

HASHTAG “RomeWasntBuiltInADay”. In the midst of working on 18 million projects. That’s me, being dramatic., lol... I have been looking for a more interpersonal and interactive experience for my brand. More or less, a better way to connect with my fans, followers, and supporters. I’ve been working on several projects. However, as I begin the next era for my company, I knew I needed a new phresh approach to releasing my content and marketing my brand outside of social media. In other words, something that was entirely my own, that I own. I also asked myself: ·

How can I control/track who sees my content? ·


How can I be more relatable?

How can I create a more connected experience? ·

How can I innovative?

So I came up with a very practical decision, subscription! Now that it is 2018, in order to have access to any of my content moving forward, you must subscribe to my site. With the subscription comes biweekly updates, inspiration, BTS, and content exclusively for you. Content that will eventually make it to social media and some content that won’t. Regardless, you will see it first! Honestly that’s not even the best part…with the subscription you gain access to my new publication, Unlimited Content. If you're reading this, I see you're already apart of the winning team which I like to refer to as my Misses & Misters because for the digital/social media world I am known as


Again, I digress…

"It’s basically open season for creative content and social media continues to eradicate individuality and produce carbon copies."



my new exclusive resource to access any and all MHP content. If you’re not subscribed, you will never be completely plugged in and engaged into the MHP brand. Moving forward, our website will be curated based on each exclusive issue of Unlimited Content. Therefore in order to see our new content you have to be up to date with each issue. I mean, sure… the content will eventually make it to social media but the dopest won't because this content is exclusively for you. It’s an exclusive medium for me to connect to you. This is my platform, this is my voice, and this is the future of my brand. Every issue will be curated by yours truly featuring the latest MHP content, with articles written by your truly… covering topics that resonate with me, bringing light to things important to me, spotlighting people who inspire me, creatives doing amazing things, not mention what inspires me from shapes, to colors, to architecture to fashion and much more. There are things that my mom will probably grill me about and I will probably just “call it art” and pray that she gets over it. This is my creative space. My freedom to be me and express myself. I am taking my power back because I’ve felt like I’ve lost my voice for quite some time. In the words of the artist Future, “I’m at a stage in my life where I feel like I can conquer anything and everything” Starting today, you can expect the first issue of each year of Unlimited Content with three issues to follow ending with a printed Limited Fifth Edition that will be available for purchase released at the end of the year. I've always released work and worked on projects on and around my birthday, it’s kind of incorporated in my growth as an artist and brand. Obviously it made the most sense for the first issue to be presented to the world on my birthday, February 7th. Though there was a delay there was an exclusive preview of the this issue that went out to subscribers. Which I believe is the day the world shifted and an incredible star was born. Oh and of course none of this would be possible without my lord & Savior Jesus Christ. It’s all for his Glory… I’m a part of a bigger purpose. I know I am abundantly blessed to have these gifts to make an impact in the world. I am a world changer. This is me, unapologetically, welcome to Unlimited Content.




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"I always thought the first time I would be writing publicly about my life it would be on the NY times best sellers list"

Well this is weird… I always thought the first time I would be writing pu-blicly about my life it would be on the NY times best sellers list but here I i’m trying to find the words to begin… because I don’t even know where to start… what to cover, what to share… how much to reveal? For me, It’s important that I tell an authentic story… that you get me… you know? I guess I will start off with the basics. I’m one of four Hill brothers. Contrary to what people assume, I’m not an only child lol but I am the youngest one. Now that I’m 27, my brothers don’t seem much older than me but they’re all in their 30’s. Enough about them, let’s talk about the amazing individuals that I get to call parents, Patricia & Mark Hill Sr. who decided to unexpectedly have me. The first thing you should know is that my family loves to dance, we may not be the best singers but catch us at a party and we are the center of attention on the dance floor. Which is why you shouldn't be surprised that I'm captivated by dance but more importantly body movement which I learned from the greatest entertainer on earth, Michael Jackson. Who is honestly the fifth Hill brother because that’s the only thing I remember hearing and playing throughout the house growing up. My middle brother Michael, was actually named after MJ because my oldest brother Mark was a fanatic. Who isn't though? There’s no doubt MJ is the greatest! He immediately had me captivated with his ability to be excellent at everything. The ability to entertain was fluid in his DNA. There was something that I have always seen in him that I feel like is deep down within me. The ability take people’s breath away through entertainment. It is something I aspired to be and something that I am always running towards. I can remember but around the age of seven, I knew I wanted to entertain, evoke emotion, create controversy, and choreograph through iconic content. I just didn't know how or what would be the platform. Dancing has always came naturally but I wouldn't call myself a dancer. I have no formal training and I feel like it’s an insult to individuals who have been training since they were youngsters and have a roster of dance teams and accooaldes to boast about. I do know I can put together some pretty dope moves, so I really stand behind calling myself a Choreographer (self taught).


My first dance class was in seventh grade and it was some of the best times of my life. I had an amazing teacher/ coach, Ms. Mimi. Someone who has always pushed me to be great. Subsequently, joining the dance team but that was short-lived because after 8th grade it was time to move on to high school and I couldn’t find a place to continue my passion for dance. At any rate, my earliest knowledge of me dancing is some footage of me killing some MJ moves and sequences from Moonwalker. I think I was around five or six… My parents submitted it to America’s Funniest Videos in the Stone Age where you only had one copy of footage on a VHS unless you made another one. So basically, I’ve never seen it... even though most of my childhood was filmed because my father who’s a retired Marine was serving a term overseas in Japan for a few years. I’ve seen everything but that! Annoying. I started my life on stage at seven when I began participating in church and school plays and musicals. I think I’ve always kept my parents pretty busy. Before I started producing shows I was in at least two to three per year as a cast member. Outside of my extracurricular activities, I wanted to refine my talent. I decided to follow in my oldest brother’s, Mark, footsteps and pursued an acting career. Since I was nurturing my passion already, I didn't have to do much preparation. S/o to my middle school acting coach Mr. James. After my first audition and a call back I was signed to Linda Townsend Management. This was a huge deal for me because she represented Laura Winslow (Kellie Shanygne Williams) from the classic 90’s show, Family Matters. When I began acting, I then was presented with the opportunity to do some print modeling which is what opened the door for modeling. My acting career was actually pretty descent. I’ve been making my own money since the age of nine. It definitely felt great. A lot of my roles were great for me to just be starting out. I did a lot of PSA’s that ran on ABC, I had a few commercials, one that ran on WB which is known as the CW. . I don’t even remember what the commercial was about, I just remember I was drinking milk and pouting because I felt rejected or somthing. I worked with MGM for a small documentary. I was even an extra on the first season of HBO’s The Wire, which was pretty cool even though it wasn't a major role. At the age of eleven, I got a dope opportunity to audition for a show that would be about

the late adolescence and teenage years of Chris Rock’s life. Which we all know as the hit show “Everybody Hates Chris.” I went to a few call backs but then never heard from them because there was talk that he wasn’t able to fund the show. I then began venturing out and exploring my passion for modeling by participating in fashion shows joining modeling troops/organizations within the DMV. At fourteen, you wouldn't believe it but I ended up getting the call back for Everybody Hates Chris. Chris Rock was finally at a better place to bring his vision into fruition. I began going on call backs. I think I went on three. Four hours traveling to say a few lines for five minutes and then the waiting game.If I'm being honest, I was over it. 1. I found it shocking that I made it this far because we all know, I don't look like no damn Chris Rock, not even as a Kid. 2. I started to realize that what I loved about acting was being on set and being able to see behind the scenes of everything that it takes to bring the project together. That is where the passion really was. 3. I was enjoying the little money I was making but I honestly wasn't fulfilled. This is where things really started to shift in my life. I think this is when I begin cultivating and defining my gift and purpose. I informed my agent that I was no longer interested in the role and I slowly started to decline roles as I figured things out. I had an opportunity to even audition for Corbin Blue’s role in High School Musical. At the time, I had no idea what it would be the big hit it was. Initially, it was described as a project for Disney for the opportunity to play a basketball player and you needed to be able to sing. I played basktball once. My parents took me out immediately because during the game I was dribbling at the ball waving at them the whole time LOL nor was I a great singer. Which is why I turned the opportunity to audition for it down... Looking back I still don't regret it That wasnt my journey. When I turned down my last role, the next door opened for me. Since I was always involved in production and still participating in fashion shows my Youth Pastor at my church (Word Alive Christian Center) who was a Director, approached me with the opportunity to direct the first church fashion show. Not just direct, but also have complete creative control under his council. Which was shocking to me because people had so much confidence in me to do something that I never did before, direct.

After nine months of hard work I put on my first produc tion at the age of 15 and this was beginning of what I knew I wanted to be doing forever. After the first production there was a high demand for another, leading to a bi-annual show for the youth ministry every other year. Producing four shows in total with the biggest and most successful production that is still some of my supporter's favorite, The Diary of a Wounded Heart. This being the first production that I introduced and merged more aspects of the performing arts into the show. I began curating a plot through visuals, creating more integrated choreography/ walking segments, along with some acting segments as well. In the midst of my church shows ,I was hired from local businesses to produce fashion shows for their brand working with and directing people twice my age. While still actively participating in fashion shows and assisting with shows I was participating in. By 18 I had produced nine successful sold out productions. However, modeling was still something I really wanted to pursue. So I moved to LA and studied fashion marketing at the Art Institute of Hollywood and started to begin to plan shoots and go to agencies. Three months into my journey, the right side of my face began to break out. Assuming it was stress, I tried my best to force myself to calm down and not stress out about my new living circumstances and take things slow. It went away a week later and then returned two weeks later but on both sides of my face. Eventually bumps/boils started to cover my entire face. This is a little graphic but they began to itch and bleed and started burning my face. I know it sounds insane but this is real life. I still have scars from the exprience because I never had my laser resrufacing surgey. Even though I love flawless skin, I feel like the scares are apart of me and helps with my belieif that I’m not from the word lol. I tend to call myself MARS. I eventually came back to the east to see a dermatologist and they gave me two options. Ointment or Acutane. The ointment was something that they weren’t certain would help. Acutane was a drug that was for severe acne or skin complications. So extreme that they have to monitor your blood and your liver. Meaning… test, monthly. My 3 week trip home turned into a permanent trip where I wouldn’t return to LA until 2017. Back on the East ,I was completely distraught. One of the worst points in my life. I didn’t look like myself and at that time my dreams of modeling were a wrap. I went out a few times and people would just stare at me or come up to me and recommend things for my skin or asked me what happened to my face. After that I eventually just stayed in the house. A very bad time for me. For about three months I pretty much thought my dreams were over. I had no motivation and no desire. I even tried to transfer my credits to an Art Institute in New york however they didn’t have my major.


Eventually I got myself together with the help of God and stumbled across my Alma Mater. I transferred to Marymount University where I studied fashion merchandising and production in which I eventually produced the school’s biggest productions, Voyage to Utopia and the senior showcase Portfolio in Motion which has honored designers like Oscar De La Renta, Christian Siriano, and Tadashi Shoji. God has a plan for everything. Despite my set back, transferring to Marymount advanced my skills by working on productions with such big budgets 50k plus. In the midst of all of this I began developing my brand and preparing for the launch of MHP. After producing 13 productions I felt like it was time to have productions that I could call my own. My rules, my concepts, my way! If you’ve been following my success, you know a huge catalyst to my success is my inspiration to use Beyoncé as one of my muses. As I began formulating the foundation of my company, developing a team, and pre-production on the first show under MHP… I decided to work on building/expanding my audience and building my platform on YouTube. I figured since one of my goals is to become Beyoncé’s creative director, why don’t I create a space that showcases my potential while also building content for my company? Before I had this concept my first initial YouTube video was to End of Time by Beyoncé which is so embarrassing to watch now. That’s on another YouTube account, that I no longer have the password to and is now on private. However, I believe it received like 11k views. That was a year or two before I did a choreography piece to Standing On the Sun which hit 15k views. I then started going to all of Beyoncé’s concerts, dropping bank to get floor seats to finesse a way to get to her team. Around the time of a show in DC, I was able to get one of Beyoncé’s back up dancer’s, Amanda, to see Standing on The Sun on twitter, she thought it was dope and told me to keep up the good work” a few days later I went to the concert and Beyoncé threw a diamond bracelet in the audience during one of her last performances of the night. After the show, I was able to run over to her creative director Frank Gaston when he was looking for the bracelet and asked how I can get on their team and was able to exchange my business card with him.

The fact that I was able to get my card to him…I just knew I needed fresher work out. So I immediately decided I was going to recreate Yonce’. which was hella hot because BEYONCE the visual album just dropped a week before the concert. So I made up the choreography that night of the concert into Friday, filmed Saturday. I believe it was out by Monday or Tuesday. When I used to release my work, I would do extremly heavy marketing on all platforms meaning I was pushing/promoting the link everywhere… from Blogs to twitter to Tumblr. The promo was insane! I believe we hit 10k within the first week and then after that it just kept jumping up. Which is now my most viewed visual on my YouTube and I believe what people have seen from me the most. Now standing at 423k views. Still insane and humbling. I persistently pursued getting my content and information to Beyoncé’s team. I figure it only made the most sense to keep pushing content out. While promoting Yonce’, it was snowing one day and I felt like Haunted/Ghost was such a dope song and it just dawned on me to film because the snow would definitely be a VIBE. So I prepared for the shoot the beginning of the day and shot in the evening for two days and then released it a few days later. Another ONE! (DJ Khaled voice) This coming in as my second most viewed visual at 70k views. This was such an amazing accomplishment and it’s what really set me up for an amazing start for my premiere production which you will learn more

about later on as you dive into the first issue. The last Beyoncé concert I went to, I was able to get these two big posters onto the tour bus that said “Marcellas Hill needs to work for YOU” lol, it had my business cards on it and everything. I also got another card to one of her photographers. After that, I kind of pulled back with trying to get my info to her team. For one, them concerts were getting expensive af and after two years of chasing “Queen Bey” I wanted to invest into myself and the start of MHP. After my last production with my school in May of 2014 honoring Eillen Fisher, I premiered the trailer for my first production solely under my creative direction, curation and creative control, Model Behavior. With a follow up of the introduction to my muses, Marcellas’ Angels: An Social Media Experience, which was a prelude for our second live production Marcellas Angel’s: An Intimate Showcase. In the midst of our internal productions, MHP was externally hired to put on a fashion show for the Operation Renewed Hope Foundation honoring veterans at the Ritz Carlton in DC. Shortly, after I had the opportunity to collaborate with BET on their initial introduction of the fashion aspect of the BET Experience, BET on FASHION which initially was aimed to take place of what we know as RIP The Runway. I had the privilege of directing and editing a sizzle reel for the opening of the show as well as assist with directing the show during NYFW. After a decade of producing successful/sold out productions, I decided that I should take a break and figure out what life with out a production was like. During my production hiatus, I have been refining my vision and doing some self focus. Being a director is a lot and production takes a lot from you. Since starting production, I’ve been taking time to mold and redefine who I am and who I how I want to be interpreted as an artist and what I want my legacy to look like. Even though I’ve been enjoying my hiatus, I have definitely been cultivating MHP’s next production. Ive also been working behind the



scenes with a lot of brands like Model and Influencer: Amiraa Vee, helping develop and market other brands like The Glover Group. One of my biggest clients, housing Fashion Director: Darryl Glover stylist to some of young black hollywoods biggest stars like Lakeith Stanfeild, Caleb McLaughlin, and Miles Brown. Over the summer of 2017, I moved to LA to work on somethings with him and his brand. It started off with just curating content, some creative consulting andour relationship is blossoming into several different avenues of collaboration. I’m looking forward to see what MHP can bring to his brand.

After 16 productions, with over 50 visuals, half a million YouTube views, two publsihed coffee table books, and two years since the launch of our website, I am excited to be at this point in my career. I think this publication has come at the perfect time. We all get to go on a new journey together. #UnlimitedContent now houses all of my content to date and moving forward. Who knows what’s to come and how this brand will expand. Of course I can’t share all that I have planned but I hope you all are ready for the ride!!! Sidebar: Since Unlimited content is now the resource to access all of my work. Just view everything with a grain of salt. I’m super critical of my work and usually don't like the end project a week after it drops. So you can only imagine how I'm cringing right now. However, I want you all to see my growth. Let’s just say this new content “bout to be fire”!











Model behavior was inspired by what started my production journey (fashion shows). Who would have thought that training models how to walk and creating walking sequences would birth my desire to pursue a career in Creative Direction and become a Choreographer? We premiered to a sold out audience of over 800. I wanted to take the foundation of a fashion show and enhance it by including content that I wanted to see created. Producing solid content that would serve as benchmark of what to expect from a Marcellas Hill Production. Presented in ten runway/choreography scenes with eight visuals/cut scenes curating the plot of the show. Between the live content and the visuals that premiered within our productions, I also wanted to convey to the audience they were witnessing my evolving visual portfolio. The trailer introduced three characters that represented people who were from different backgrounds that were stepping out of their comfort zone and the box that people, life, and experiences placed them in. The birth of an empire.


I am best known for my opening sequences. I’ve always known that the first scene of any show I am apart of, must immediately captivate the audience because if you don’t open strong you can't finish strong. In my first show I Initially I was going with a custom track that was being developed which was inspired by the Cell Block Tango from Chicago. However, my inspiration shifted when a friend of mine showed me Ryan Leslie creating the beat for a performance of his hit song Addiction. A sensual track that I wanted to use to hypnotize the audience with the choreography that I was putting together.. In the beginning, he also was speaking on his vision for the performance of the song and ended with “they’re trying to put me in a box, it’s impossible.” This confirmed that this was the perfect track for the opening. Most of my career, people have always put me in a box because they could never really understand or define what I do. This was the perfect tone to set the stage for the show. I didn't want to do too much and wanted to stick by something clean that would be the most timeless for the vision I have for my brand. Ultimately, my goal is to always take people on a journey that gets them lost in the art. Each scene would characterize the basic necessities that goes into an MHP production.


MHP HEADQUARTERS After the opening sequence, would follow the premiere of the first visual within the show, MHP Headquarters. It was imperative that this was just as strong as the opening visually. Again, this entire show was supposed to lay a foundation for what is it like to experience how we do it here at MHP Set in a chaotic office which was intended to represent the reality of what’s going on in this crazy brain of mine. Pay close attention and you’ll see content exploded everywhere from previous productions, shoots, and even my acting head shot. I really wanted people to visualize what a typical day looks like while we are in pre-production. This is when I also introduced the initial concept of Marcellas’ Angels. My hand selected muses are my Angels because with out them my art can’t be brought into fruition. My Angels represent my hands and feet and represent what my brain is creating. I think a lot of my inspiration to create comes from my early love of the aesthetic and content of the 90’s and the early 00’s. I constantly kept telling myself to be innovative but classic. I really wanted to create something that showcased the brand well. I really wanted to create something similar to the vibe of an Aaliayh/Missy Elliott visual especially the pressure to create something dope to tracks produced by my mentor by Pharell. I cant wait to worlk with him.


Flashing lights is one of the flyest songs ever! It’s always a mood and one of the theme songs to my life. The beat alone is incredible. I’ve always wanted to create something to it but never wanted to use it for any of the other productions that I had worked on prior to starting MHP. Luckily for me, I held off for all the right reasons, it fell into the show perfectly when it was time to make use of it. This was the second scene of the show and I felt like it had to be even better than the opening just through its simplicity. I really felt like this song is all about hitting the right marks and that’s what I focused on when it came to choreography. I wanted the audience to feel like they were at a concert or a Broadway production in New York. Flashing Lights is a song that I think is the epitome of how you should feel when watching a someone perform.


cts r e p o as maj ve e a v a ha is d le g a l l y n k sti wal an eei stor e I m s hy way roo like the scen y. w a n tly ru ce a ing e of way unw s r e A n th on rk. silen no utsid Ru ight h t o s It’s y w can ere' ry o aigh stra . e m lk n h to tr ll b ll of wa ic? T a s a S ed o i s o w a s t ir ys to the ma eate on t fouc a a r i in alw ed ithin g dr It c nsit the d t a s . an ora ce w bein alk a tr wa k l w s at rp n I wa nco ese am a** wa l th i e r th ow ’s p Or ad 101 isua t b el v u e h s. bo on s eon les th a od ve a a h i all ashi Som eec n w g. M o ha s ’ It a f er. sp ma ellin se t of enc one wo y t sen sil me iful read de so aut al ma be u're nly s. yo it o asic so e b Th

LAST TRAIN TO PARIS Last train to Paris is similar to the MHP Headquarters visual where it represents my state of mind. My senior year of college, I studied abroad in Paris and it’s where I got a lot of my inspiration for the show. Paris is such a beautiful place, there is so much influence and inspiration everywhere. Seeing that I couldn't film there for the show, I wanted to create a visual that gave off a Parisian aesthetic. Basically, The Angels travel to Paris to find me and to collect some of the essentials things needed for the show. Within the visual you will see the Angels find the flyers for the show, the show shoe, and I believe they find a few costumes as well. This scene introduced a more sensual sequence of the show that was also inspired by the minimalism and elegance of Parisian culture.

This visual was the introduction to a very passionate scene. The song that curated the choreography was painting a story of someone madly in love but tainted because she felt resistance from her counterpart. Even though the song choice was focused on heartbreak my inspiration came from love and passion. I want to get married in Greece, it’s breathtaking and filled with beautiful architecture which really inspires me. I wanted to challenge myself to create an environment that felt like you were watching something made in Greece. Granted, my location was super dope and was a huge contribution to the aesthetic, however, I really wanted to create the energy of desire and romance to allude the audience in. The track, No Hush by Wynter Gordon the track to follow after the visual had a beat that took you on a journey. For this reason Athens is one of my favorite pieces of work. It takes you on a journey of curiosity and captivation.



Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Are my desires in conflict with 1 John 2: 15-17? How do I navigate as a follower of Christ staying the course of morality When my dreams and aspirations are associated with worldly things . These are desires of my heart in pursuit of the arts. Contradiction? Hypocrisy? Questions and answers I seek. Will I be opposing my Father? Will I go too deep? Am I straddling the fence? In HIM I live and breathe. He knows my heart, statement made from conditioned religion. I am a artistic Christian, creativityis my oxygen. The balance I seek is evident. Wanting to please God without wavering. How is this obtainable? Keep him first to remain detangled, one foot pressing forward my other one planted. I am a vessel I am righteous I am a child of the most high God I trust he will guide my steps ... Keep me grounded Redirect me when lost Keep closed doors that will lead to my downfall Glorifying him is all I’m after


I am his workmanship

I am an artistic Christian.

I love not the world but he gave me this gift. Seeking how to effectively utilize it.

-Mark Hill Jr.

















NO ONE MAN should have all that POWER

After all these years of creating, there was never a primary source to access all of my content. I guess, I’ve always been creating and never realized that I needed a presence online other than the streams of social media I was going ham on. I went to source a webdesigner who eventually fell through and I was forced into a corner. At that moment, I challenged myself to execute my own site, which I did. With every project I release, I always try my best to have a visual that supports the project and encompasses the body of work. With the anticipation that every visual will go viral, I assumed that my site was really going to change some major things for me and my brand. This was around the time when everyone was speculating when Rihanna was dropping Anti. I may be crazy but I definitely feel like I am on RIhanna’s team and really be knowing all there is to know lol. Anyway, I just had a very strong feeling that what we now know as Anti had to be out by February 7th, 2016, When we currently in November of 2015..


I knew I wanted the visuals that supported the website had to be whatever Rih was putting out. I believe in her that much. I knew she had some dope sounds to curate my energy. With high hopes and intuition, I shot Hollywood Dreams to I miss you by ‘Adele and a curated seductive playlist and shot for a visual that I had no idea what song I would be using or how it would sound. Fast forward to January and I’m freaking out because the website is done and I need it to premiere on my birthday… but yet no Rihanna .. no Anti.. and a timeline/turnaround that was slowly dwindling away. Then this commercial came out of Rihanna on the Super Bowl football field with “FEB 7th” in huge letters that dropped promoting the Super Bowl and the grammys. I was able to take a sigh of relief because I believe God was sending me a sign that it was going to be out in enough time. A few days later, I had a feeling the album was going to come out. I log on to twitter and immediately saw a link to it, clicked it, saw the tracklist, and heard the first track, CONSIDERATION. But that was short lived because tidal shut that down real quick. Subsequently it was released later that day and that same night I started editing even though I was editing to different songs prior to having choices from Anti. Three visuals to create three different stories.




FA woke up




DO NoT FEED THE TROLLS Definition: A person who isn’t inerested in improving you or your work, only provoking you with hateful, aggreessive, or upseeting talk. A.k.a. someone who's coming for you.


The first step in evaluating feedback is sizing up who it came fr want feedback from people who care about you and what you extra wary of feedback from anybody who falls outside of that -Austin Kleon

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SIMPLE AS AF* A chat with Photographer Arantes Stephen as we take time to dissect the creative process behind his minimal approach to capturing a powerful image.

There’s this sad story of how I have no live photos from MHP’s first production, Model Behavior. Not to dwell on the past or be petty, someone just didn't do their job and didn't show up the day of. No need for names. However, God is good because I think the images I got from Marcellas’ Angels: An Intimate Showcase are some of the dopest images of my work. I have Arantes Stephen to thank for that whose work is actually the complete opposite of mine however he always has believed in my vision. He’s given me some of the strongest images to brand MHP. I can't even remember how we met but I initially had the privilege of working on a small project for my personal modeling portfolio with him. Which at the time I was shocked because women are predominantly his muses. It's always difficult to choose a photographer who I feel will capture my vision, however, I figured that we would create some dope work together which is why I sourced him for capturing the photos from Marcellas’ Angels. I've also have been a huge fan of his work especially his retouching. It was important to have him in the premiere issue to bring awareness to his brand, discuss his vision, and style of photography. I have huge plans for how I’ll be presenting these interviews to you in future issues of the publication however with everyone building their empire, calls are the easiest yet hardest way to get all this content to you. Check out our call which ended up being for like an hour in a half. I’m going to throw him under the bus because he left me on hold for like 20 minutes lol. Phone Call Transcript M: I know a lot about you but for the people who don’t, tell me a little about yourself and how you got started. A: My journey in becoming a photographer, I would like to credit my high school English teacher who saw something in me in regards to literature which was one of my earlier passions because I thought I was a going to be a songwriter growing up. She began as the lead for the school newspaper and recruited me for that class. I begin writing and understanding the details of journalism, I realized that I wanted to be behind the camera. That tied into the takeoff of social media which at the time was Black Planet. That was about 2002/2003. There was a burst in the DMV where vixen modeling took off for us. The images that I saw were sexy but I knew I could do better than that. M: With that being your initial inspiration. What do you want to convey with your photos and how do you get that message across? A: The message that I want to share with my images is that black women or black faces can do beauty. Initially, I thought that good images were lacking in my city. Now I feel like photographers have the opportunity to take the forefront and have the power to have an impact on a global scale. Not to say we would be the specific pioneers but the bigger of collections of photographers on any level that start doing something... the higher levels are forcibly impacted by that. M: I agree! when I first started my company I had tons of diversity. Idk when the shift happened but I slowly developed a strong team of mostly African American women. It didn't bother me but of course, I want to be diverse. But what does bother me is that people always look at my work now and say that I need more diversity. But it's funny because when we look at magazines and the media no one really says they need to see more diversity on a broader scale. I want my brand to represent black women/African Americans more than anything. Of course, I want to be more diverse and represent all spectrums but It sucks that people think it has to be less

melanin in order to be more marketablesuccessful. So, my question to you is... have people ever told you to step outside of your box and shoot other races? Do people ask you why do you primarily shoot African American women? A: I actually get that all the time. I had a model one time tell me that someone told her I only exclusively shoot black people. I was kind of offended but then I realized that I actually don't care even if I'm bottled into that genre, it's what I chose to do. I've seen photographers who've excelled at shooting black women. I know there's an outlet for what I want to do even if it's not the most popular. They still don't know how to market people of color and they don't have a team behind the scenes that knows how to deal with those features on set. M: Smh, I hate that. It’s a glass ceiling. They think being diverse is the one black model with natural hair or someone of African descent. One individual, that is not representation. Anyway... It’s clear you know how to capture a dope shot and the sex appeal factor is in all of your images. What is your go-to gear for a standard shot? A: My current camera is a Nikon D800. I want to upgrade to the new Nikon that is coming out. As far my favorite lens is the 100 mm. M: What photographers have influenced how you shoot and your thinking? A: @Shamayim would be the first person that comes to mind when it comes to people of color he’s actually featured in the African American Museum in D.C. I want to say, the other photographer is Julia Kuzmenko, she's Russian. She does beauty and makeup and through studying her work and reading her blogs is how I understood what equipment to use and how to properly prepare and just studying their shooting styles. I know I want to be a blend of the too and incorporate my spin on it. M: You have a very clean and minimal look, how do you go about your next shoot? I don't want to say you don't do a lot but it's kind of like just the basics. There's this one thing about all your photos that connect aesthetically. A: No matter what I shoot, my understanding of lighting and how I want to capture a photograph is always going to remain. As far as my preparation prior to the shoot, I’ve learned to make friends and keep in contact with the other creatives on set. The MUA, designers, the hairstylists even the set designers which are far and few. I can focus on lighting but I can't drive those little gears on set. I give everyone their freedom to create. I save a lot of images, I also just like to create from memory. I find a way to do it without replicating the next person. They've already done it they already posted it. you saw it. There's nothing learned or gained from a blind carbon copy that you already know exist. M: I'm always in your DM talking about how clean your work looks, so what kind of tools do you use for post-processing and explain your workflow. A: The two things that I use primarily is my Mac and a wake-up pad with a pen. M: That has to be dope. A: With my pen tablet I use a program called Capture One. Prior to Capture One, I was sole-

much I can change an image. That program adds more control that shooting in raw allows you to do and more. Another photographer that inspired me is a guy name Orinary. His skill set seems to be limitless at this point. I haven’t seen him even blink at a shoot. On one beauty retouching image, he spent 6-8 hours and to even fathom sitting in front of a computer and working on one sole image for that long. My current process is two hours per image. You really get into minute details when you're editing so it actually trains you to look for stuff on set so you don't have to correct it. M: Yeah cause that's the worst, I hate that. A: That whole "you can fix it in photoshop" M: Yeah, I feel like that is so rude, like what? No hell no we are going to fix it now! A: As a retoucher, you have to look at the image completely different. You also have another chance to set the tone of the image from what's already on the platter, how you arrange it the tone of it, how you adjust the elements. It's little elements in retouching that can change the whole dynamic of the image. For my process, I jump through all the images at random and look at each image for about a second and if an image jumps out. That’s an image to consider. M: To go back to what you were saying as far as being on set and focusing on post-production that also comes down to your team. Now every time I shoot I really try to do as much as damage control as possible. Anything that can be avoided to prevent spending more time on at the editing table post-production

M: What are your thoughts on new updates in technology that alter the standard of processes of professional photography? For example, the iPhone and other mobile devices that challenge the quality and performance of the DLSR cameras? A: I definitely welcome the idea of iphonegraphy and mobile photography's definitely a genre I considered. But the basics are still at play, you have to understand lighting. I definitely welcome it because not only does it make photography more accessible, it forces the camera brands to up their quality. Nobody really knows what's the best camera to get. The best camera ever doesn't exist. It definitely is what feels right to you, what's affordable to you and what allows you to learn. The basics of photography don't change because of the camera you have just the quality of the capture. They were capturing amazing images back in 1980 so it's really not the camera quality, you can capture a beautiful image with what you have. M: How do you feel about this new wave of everyone feeling like success is overnight and everyone wants to be creative because that appears to be the easiest way to gain success because everyone's a model, a photographer, a creative director, etc.? A: I used to be one of those people. When I first got my camera, I thought I was going to be the next Nigel Barker, I thought I was meeting Tyra next week. Once I started taking pictures on the said camera, reality starting to set in that “hey you’re not good” there are way too many buttons and you don’t understand near half of them. A lot of people either show up and fail at a task or they learn in that moment that they’re drastically unprepared for what’s required to be on the level that they think or thought they would be on. Us photographers have a running joke on the internet for people who get cameras for Christmas us photographers say every year “I’m not worried about him he just got his camera for Christmas” lol.

M: It definitely takes time and it takes work. People get on the internet and think “oh I can do this too” and now the market is becoming over saturated and competitive in terms of branding yourself. You have to do your research to see who’s really been putting in the work. M: What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started? A: I wish I understood lighting or the type of lights I would have wanted to have. Or I wish I knew the camera I wanted. It’s a lot of things I wish I could change. I wish I knew last thing you binge-watched? M: Even with being a director I don't think people understand the whole team is there to do their part not for you to do their jobs. Anyway, among your work which is your favorite and why? A: My favorite shoot? Let's see? Adding that I lost all my images prior to October 2017 which I feel like my favorite would have been in that group. My favorite since then. I think for right now it would be the shoot I did with the cosmetic brand Rocky Cosmetics with the model with the gold lip, you may know her, her name is Bubbles (one of Marcellas’ Angels). M: Yeah lol I may know her. A: Um I think I'm getting closer to what I like as far as makeup. So that will help me understand more about how to capture. Because what I like and what I want to see, I can start requesting that. I learned a little bit more about makeup. That helps me plan the end result because I know what to ask the MUA to do. I really think I learned that I really like a glossy lip vs a matte. It captures well, it reflects well, and it adds more life to the image. M: Enough about photography for now, lets talk about some random stuff. What's the last thing you binge-watched? A: Um I watch a lot of Anime. A lot, which might be unhealthy at this point. Assassination Classroom. It’s crazy because a lot of people just think it's just watching cartoons. They have way better storylines than a television drama. As far as non-animated, there's a show called Fargo on HULU, Hannibal the TV series, Game of Thrones which I think globally everyone loves that. M: LOL I've never seen it! What is your favorite song out right now? A: Hmm Freudian by Daniel Caesar, mostly the entire album. I would say his album from the top to bottom that might be the best R&B album to come out in the 2017 era. Him, 6lack from Atlanta. M: I love 6lack man, he's so littttt! A: If I could have them on the same tour I would just go to that. Have Daniel Caesar open for 6lack and 6black open for Miguel and then I'm good. M: Yeahhh I went to Miguel’s last concert and he's just an amazing performer. One of the best concerts I've been too.


M: Where do you see yourself with your brand in 5 years? A: I see myself with my brand locked in within a lot of beauty brands. I want to be there go to. I want to build a repour with these people to lock in contracts so I can make my transition from the cooperate world into being a professional photographer and solely live off of that. In about 5 years I do want to see myself back in the DMV with opening my own studio so I can not only work out of it but also teach out of it. I want to help change the aesthetic of what the DMV is known for as far a photography. A lot of people think they have to go to another state to make it. We can set the bar ourselves, a lot of people leave because there are not a lot of opportunities here but that because that's the people who could create the opportunity decided to leave because of the frustrations. I know once one or two people start putting the bricks together the other creatives will return. There's nothing like home and everyone wants to see their home thrive. I do promote leaving your hometown so you can get a different perspective. You need to look at your hometown from the outside into understanding where it's being plopped up and what you can do. From what I see I have a great opportunity to make that change and be the reason why the DMV change. M: I completely agree. I kind of never left I'll be there this weekend. It is very important to get out and explore the world and explore but I really feel like DC is the next NY. I feel like after my next production in NY it is going to bring a lot of attention to the DMV.




After the success of Model Behavior, people were really looking forward to another production. However, I wasn't quite ready to begin marketing my next production or investing in it for that matter. However, I knew I wanted to keep my audience intrigued with consistent content. I thought to myself, why not put on an online production to our online fanbase? This was the chapter of my career where I used my visuals as a Segway to further build my brand. The trailer was inspired by the 007 series and I was the equivalent to James Bond. For obvious reasons, I was inspired by Bond's persona and style with countless other great attributes from the series. However, I wanted to add elements of mystery so it was imperative that I wasn't actually seen. My second source of inspiration was from Charlie’s Angels. Again, my company represents my revolving portfolio. I have big dreams from choreographing from the likes of BeyoncÊ to Rihanna to the next big star. If it weren't for my muses I wouldn't be able to bring my vision to fruition. I wanted to create a more exclusive experience with viewers using my muses. I wanted the audience to feel connected and take them on a journey. The Angels were on a mission to retrieve and protect the projects we were working on because in reality after Model Behavior people were biting off a lot of our concepts from the show. This was also introducing a new realm of the company because I was now focusing more on choreography and less on runway and the fashion show aspect that originally lead me to production.

MARCELLAS’ ANGELS A DAY IN THE LIFE There's a lot of work that goes into all that I’m creating and people don't even know the half of it. Ironically, up until now, I’m sure most people weren't aware that production has pretty much been my life. I am so blessed to even say that. Regardless, people don't know how much content I really have. That’s really what birthed #UnlimitedContent. Over the course of my production career, I've had everything documented outside of the visuals that premiere. I've taken a step back the last couple of years but I always would have Cinematographers around me 24/7 receding rehearsals, meetings, BTS of photoshoots/video shoots, live shows, client work, and my personal life. So obviously, I wanted to take the viewer into the A Day in the Life of the Angels and all that goes into what people wait for just to press play. In my mind, we are doing big things over here at MHP and I wanted people to see that we are creating movies, you just really have to pay attention. One day it will all make sense, especially for people who have been supporting me from the very beginning.



Pressured by my fan base. I think I was kind of forced into producing “The Lemonade Visual” I think I can blame it on the era when it was all about Beyoncé lol." If you're paying attention, I am never really satisfied. Primarily because I am my toughest critic. I know what I am trying to create and if I don't see it when I’m at the editing table, I’m not satisfied. That being said this definitely did not turn out how I envisioned. Going into this project I felt a little pressured because "Lemonade" had been out for a minute so I felt like people had a lot to compare my work to. I chose "6 inch" because I felt I had a lot of room to move with the beat and with the lyrics. The beat felt really gritty and hard which inspired me to try to create something that felt in your face and like "knuck if you buck". I definitely felt like I wanted it to feel raw and like my muse owned the night.

If I’m being honest, "Get Right" was a glamorized rehearsal. Fun fac:, it was actually shot at our rehearsal studio. A lot of the times people don't know that our locations develop from our natural environment with a little glitz & glam, I.e. lights, and fog. "Get Right" was always a great song. Jennifer Lopez (J Lo) has always been true to her dancing roots from her In loving color era and you can feel that was the core inspiration for the song (at least in my opinion). That sax is also killer on the beat, it always reminds me of a 90’s vibe. With that being said, that was my inspiration. I just thought of the Angels just in their natural element and wanted it to be equivalent to the opening of a show sequence. I just wanted people to feel good when watching it. I really feel like women give off this unspeakable energy when they dance that can captivate any audience. Everything I am creating, I am hoping to be timeless for my brand and have it imprinted upon reference. However, I am always growing which keeps me focused. I am always aware of my growth when I revisit my older work. Regardless the majority of my supporters love everything I do. It’s humbling.



Marcellas’ Angels: An Intimate Showcase was a hit, with two intimate shows in one day premiering to a sold-out audience of 600. Stepping away from my fashion show roots I used this production to highlight and hyper-focus on my love for choreography. Unfortunately, the footage of the show is somewhere in the abyss of the unlimited MHP content because I’ve always had issues with the converted files from the Red Camera. It was too high quality for my editing program and I never had enough downtime to fix the issue and edit a DVD for the show





After the success of Model Behavior people were really looking forward to another production. However I wasn’t quite ready (pun intended) to begin marketing my next production or investing in it for that matter. However, I knew I wanted to keep my audience intrigued with consistent content. I decided why not put on an online production for our online fan base? This was another way I used visuals to further the market and build my brand. Believer Over the summer of 2017, I stumbled across information that adobe, (a computer software company) was having an editing competition entitled “Make the Cut” giving contestants a chance to edit a video for Imagine dragons’ new single, believer. The competition would give me the opportunity to showcase my talent in front of some very esteem judges from Matt Eastin, the Director and Editor of the original video. The Oscar winning editor Kirk Baxter (Gone-Girl/House of Cards), editor Billy Fox (Straight outfit Compton/Hustle & Flow) and Vinnie Hobbs award winning film editor who has worked with various artist such as: Kendrick Lamar, Britney spears, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Drake, Kanye West, Skrillex and not to mention Imagine Dragons. I knew this opportunity was nothing but God so I entered MHP into the competition. Oh and did I mention that the grand prize was for $25,000? You could also place for other categories and win $1000. After entering the competition I was able to receive a link to download the footage. To my surprise they literally gave us all of the raw content categorized and broken up by scenes and characters. I didn’t even think that we would have this much cre-

ative control. Even though I wasn’t on set… it definitely felt like I was. I watched all of the content a few times while listening to the song, which also really resonated with me and my life journey. It was actually a huge healing process for me. Anyway…. I spent two weeks editing and submitted it. I put my all into this project. I literally didn’t leave my computer. Unfortunately I didn’t win… as much as I would love to write that I did. Even more shocking, I didn’t even make the top 25 which blew my mind because I thought I would at least place. Regardless I am so grateful for the experience and the opportunity and at the end of the day, it showcases my talent and is great portfolio content. Sometimes I wonder if they could tell that I used Final Cut instead of Premiere Pro which was the requirement. Maybe I should have followed the rules, but I took a chance. I edited on Premiere years ago and began using Final Cut because in my opinion it is easier to manipulate and not an overwhelming amount of rendering. With my timeline I didn’t feel like I could learn what was needed to edit it on Premiere. I guess I’ll never know.



One of my favorite pieces to date. Rarely, I am able to see my vision executed exactly how I envisioned it. However, "vibrations" is literally the epitome of what I wanted to create. It was the second scene of the show and as I’ve said before, the second sequence is always just as important as your opening sequence. I knew that I wanted to create a moment that took the audience’s breath away. I wanted the body of work to resemble how I feel when I envision passion. This sequence was birthed from the pain that I was experiencing in my life that I wanted to use to express myself creatively. The lyrics really resonated me and I remember it being a song that was connected to a relationship I was in at the time. This is my go-to reference when I am out in the world networking when you watch, "vibrations", you’re looking directly at my brand. Though the song isn't fast-paced and it isn't edited and cut up to the beat, it is just all artistry. Strong, simple, and minimal.

Marcellas' Angels: An Intimate Showcase Muse: Marcellas Hill Styling: Marcellas Hill Photgrapher: Arantes Stephen Creative Director: Marcellas Hil

New Beginnings By Nyah K. Abdala Life is always in motion. We are constantly evolving, from one moment to the next. In order for you to grow, however, you need to choose growth. Choosing growth means no matter what comes your way, you are ready to learn from all your lessons what you need to. This perspective allows you to deem all of your experiences as teachers, because they are. When you choose to grow, you open yourself up to the wisdom, the lessons, the success, and the love that is the reward of you choosing to move with purpose in your life. In other words, choosing to grow. We often wait for permission to do something on our own terms. We often wait for that signal from a specific person, experience or thing to take the leap — whatever that looks like for you. But the truth is, unless you can allow yourself to be your own decision-maker; giving yourself the permission to move with intention and purpose for your higher good — no one’s validation alone, will ever be enough. You have to show up for yourself, first. I know that life can be overwhelming at times, giving us so many reasons to want to hide in a shell. But the real purpose of our life is to live the adventure that life is. Allow it to transform you, allow it to thrill you, allow the energy of life to flow through you. When we become stagnant in our lives, we often feel this discomfort in diverse ways — unique to each individual. When life becomes massively uncomfortable it’s more than likely asking you to overcome the obstacle you’re facing (fear, self-doubt, criticism, etc.) — asking you to be brave enough to



. create the life you truly want, instead of living in the shadow’s of society’s rulebook.

The map that’s given to us by society, our families, etc. can be utilized as a resource, as a tool in the toolkit, but the route that’s carved out for you, isn’t the entire terrain. Life, again, is meant to be an adventure. You have to go out and carve out your own route on the map. Discover a new way and then share that with others so you can bring value to the the world around you. The adventure may come with surprises, some highs and some lows, but that’s exactly the fun part. You get to experience life on your own terms. You truly have to give yourself the permission to go on the adventure because your life belongs to you. No one else. We share our lives with those we love, cherish and value, but in the end, the ultimate decision-maker for your life is always going to be you. Hopefully, you never hand that power over to anyone else, because you have everything you NEED to lead your own life if you allow yourself to be courageous enough. No matter where you are in your life, currently, what this very moment affords you, and all of us, is the choice to make a new move, to make a new decision that can serve your highest good and the next chapter that can be created at any time. You never have to be a victim of your experiences if you stand on them as foundation to propel you forward. For anyone willing to walk hand in hand with life, they’ll be surprised (or not) at how much they are taken care of and how fun the walk is. Also remembering that we are all taken care of. No matter your spiritual beliefs, we can all feel there being something bigger at play in our lives when we open up to those guiding forces that are with us to assist in our growth. Your true nature is luminous, it is perfect, it is infinite. Don’t ever limit yourself, because you weren’t gifted life to live in the confines of a box or anything else for that matter. Become your truth, explore life, and trust your gut, always. Most of all, love yourself throughout the journey of your unfolding. This is a saving grace. I’m rooting for you and your positive transformation.

Stay golden, Divine one.

In 2017, I introduced to our fans and supporters that we would be introducing an annual 1MHP campaign that would premiere at the beginning of each year establish the tone for that year. Each year the campaign will define the brand and hint to the creative journey we are set to embark upon. Our first campaign was called Passion and represented our transitional stage while I am in a production Hiatus. Just remember, everything is connected.

GRACE & DESTINY Throughout the trials & tribulations of life, we often get derailed by our tough experiences. Our vision gets clouded and we forget that our lives are already written. We have to use our experiences to fuel us to grow in order to achieve our aspirations. Don't be afraid of your light & your deepest burning desires. There’s no telling what will happen when you let go, trust God, & embrace your destiny.

ELECTRIC ENERGY Does your darkness scare you? Do the places that make you weak run you away from achieving the impossible? Our inner demons create false realities of who we are. That darkness creates limits & boundaries around our greatness. We have to realize that the darkness is what births the most beautiful things inside of us.




Print Media Is Dead!


There's nothing more refreshing than when you see the reveal of your favorite Artist on the cover of a magazine. It represents a moment in time, a moment within the era of their artistry, a moment within a chapter in your ife, it presents beauty trends, style trends, social trends, address controversy, forecasts, and so much more. I have way too many magazines. I don't know if you noticed, eventually you will, I use a lot of magazines in my work. Which may seem a little redundant, however, I consider it a time stamp. It’s how I define a lot of my content. Using publications from all different walks of my life, I have implanted them into my wok to curate a new meaning within what I'm creating and also represents chapters of my creative life. It’s sad to say, but print media is slowly dying due to the increasing presence and integration of social media into the fashion and entertainment industry and if we are being honest, society. Everything is instant now which creates a constant needs for consistent visual gratification. Not to mention anyone can produce descent content theses days because you can never really determine someones source and by that I mean that there are too many carbon copies out here which shifting every market. People are looking for a place to fit in and It seems like being a creative is the easiest to fit in because we are “free” and it can be easily mimicked. As time moves forward and as statistics shows, print media is dying and digital is growing. As we grow digitally everyone is trying to make a presence online aka be “public figure.” I swear now everyone is a Creative Director or a Stylist or a Model…”Artreprenuer,” etc. in other words, the market is oversaturated. It’s hard to see the real! As I type this, new content is being released right now, @TheShadeRoom just posted something, someone just DM’d me a meme, and I just got a gif in a group text all #AtTheSameDamnTime.

Ohhh and now everyone wants to be the next CARDIIII B. Which is why I'm super excited that God gave me this amazing idea to create Unlimted Content because I'm choosing to continue to breathe life into what I love which is print media while bending with the times. In a sense, I am creating my own social media. I am taking thr power back and want to encourage you to as well. Define something that is completely your own. For me, I ‘ve felt discouraged these past few years… I know I am working towards something much bigger than me but at some point I felt like I was doing all of this hard work just for get likes on social media. I view social media as a great paltform but too much of anything can be bad. I hate that it consumes us because it is just an app. However, an excellent tool and the reality is that it's the future. Just dont forget yourself while you're giving poeple a preview into your life. It's important to have a balance. What I am really am trying to say is PUT IN THE WORK but ENJOY LIFE be present and enjoy all the beautfil life that surrounds you. Always remember there was life before social media. We have to stay more connected in life than our phones. It takes work though, we all get sucked in! There's a whole world out here that is waiting to be changed but we cant do it if we are so in tuned to our phones. . As #UnlimitedContent continues to grow, I know it will eventually become a digital resource and platform that brands will source to elevate and highlight their brand. It also will create a on going conversation and relationship with those who are following my brand. Now all of MHP's content will exclusively premiere within the four exclusive issues of #UnlimitedContent each year along with our the MHP newsletter. Exclusive premiere dates, bts content, and collaborations with exclusive collectors editions for purchase. Its exhilarating to not have the pressure of appeasing to social media. If you ask me social media takes the fun out of everthing despite how great it can be. Nothing is exclusive… where there is the anticipation? where is the excitement? It's just not the same for me. I miss thngs like "Making The Video" and all the speculation and hype around music videos dropping and major performances. But all of that will change. Why define myself through an app when I can just create something that really defines who I and embodieds my brand? Who’s trying to go on this journey with me? The only way you're in is if you're on the list. Subscribe or get left behind




I'm not sure how Kenneth and I exactly met but I know it was a little bit before he started DJ’ing even if it was a day or two before. When we met, I met Kenneth Kyrell the “influencer.” A familiar face on my popular page who I could easily narrow down as one of the rising upcoming men of color making a name and impact in the fashion industry. I was aware of him also through my best friend, Amiraa, his now Co-Host of their podcast, “The Art of Finesse.” I can’t remember how they met but he would at times come up in conversations. Over time we finally met in person at an event during NYFW. Eventually, we followed each other on the gram and I was able to really get into his brand. He’s been grinding and doing his thing in various avenues and then I remembered that I saw him a few years before. You know when you go through someone’s whole feed and see if they “glow’d up” lol??.. Well, this guy has always been glowing. I stumbled across apicture I saw of him when he did a collaboration with Calvin Klein for his for blog/brand The No Names along with Blogger/Influencer Jovel Roystan and this was at least three to four years ago. When putting together the first issues of people to feature, he immediately came to mind. His DJ career has been advancing at Cardi B speed. I knew that it was imperative to have a chance to chat with him before he blows up. We found time in our crazy schedules to pencil in a call so I could chat with the DJ that has everyone's ears open with his dynamic mixes like "DRESSED". A personal favorite of mine which I use to warm up during rehearsal all the time. Check out our convo below... Phone Call Transcript K: Hello? M: Yoooo, what’s poppin'? K: Nothing much, trying to get in the house… recovering from this crazy weekend M: I feel that man, my day was crazy…. you had a good day?

K: Yeah man I just took the day to sit back and take it all in. M: That’s what’s up, I just sent you a few images so you kind of have a visual guide so you can see my vision in terms of this publication. K: Okay M: So, the first issue comes out on February 7th which is my birthday (I then went on a tangent about why I was starting the publication, the purpose, my inspiration, why I’m on a production hiatus, yeah I was rambling) enough about me, today is about you and um, you're the first person I'm interviewing and I'm super excited about. The interview is probably going to be all over the place because I don't have a flow, so that's why you're first so you won't judge me, bare with me. So, if you're ready, I’m ready. K: Let's Do this M: Let me start off with, you’ve always inspired me from how you curate your IG to how you engage people into your brand. I feel like there are tons of things that we could talk about that makeup Kenneth Kyrell and your brand which is multifaceted. But it’s obvious that DJ 'in is your niche. Even though you have all these other avenues yoΩ already hip that you’re going to be Killing the DJ game… how did you even start DJing? Who were your influences?

K: It’s a funny story. If you would have asked me if I saw myself as a DJ, I would say absolutely not. I’ve always loved music and I have my parents to thank for that just remembering everyone from Mary J. Blige to Aretha Franklin, to DMX, to Mya. They just love and listen to so many different types of music. When it comes to DJ’ing it came down to working in the fashion industry, there’s always a party, there’s always an event but I would go out and here the same sh*t over and over again. There were so many sounds old and new that I wanted to hear and as I complained to my friend he asked me “why don’t you start DJing’. I laughed it off. The next day I was on Amazon and I was ordering this controller and I started playing with it on Snapchat. My friend Leon hits me up and hits me up to DJ this happy hour he just started. So here I am DJing for a week and I was like “I don't know what the f*ck I'm doing but I'm going to do it anyway” and that night, after I went home I fell in love with something new and I wanted to further explore it. Just being able to connect with people and see them escape… I felt like it was something I had to be doing and then a year and a half later… it’s picking up even more. I’m excited anxious all of that! M: It’s crazy you’ve only been doing this just for a year. K. Um yeah… It’s kind of surreal. I thought it would be a hobby and now I'm transitioning this to making this my full-time every day all day thing. It’s just amazing how God works! M: Yeah, it’s the things that drive you crazy that birth a beast within you. That’s what inspired me I’m not satisfied with the content I see that’s out in the world. I don’t feel like there is an experience when it comes to content, music, and music videos, like back in the day. Speaking of experience, you definitely create an experience for your audience. I’ve been to a few of

your sets and it’s always a vibe. Tell me about your process? K: It really just depends on the client or how I’m feeling. I have so much music, so a lot of times I’ll put together a playlist of songs I haven’t used but other than that it’s really not a formula. It’s about vibe and formula.

M: Energy is the new wave of anything and everything we do. Hip-hop is a huge genre right now, how do you know the right vibe to play these hot records out like Migos and Future? I mean we go out all the time to these fashion weeks and

and usually our crew is the few slim to none black melanin colors in the room but the music is ours it’s our vibe, our shit. K: I think that’s what has got me where I am today. If you’re expecting me to play Top 40 then I'm not the DJ for you. Of course, I'm going to incorporate songs people are familiar with but have a different twist on it. M: How relative is it for it to have a flow when it comes to transitions? K: I think it’s really about telling a story. That’s what I like to do, so I’m a huge fan of R&B especially the late 90s early 00s and no matter what you will hear these songs in my sets. The moments I’m trying to create are those feelings that evoke yo “I turnt up to this in high school” to “Yo, I celebrated my promotion to this last month!” I feel like a DJ’s job is to take people down memory lane and put people on to new music. For me, it’s a story, one of the biggest compliments someone can give me is after a set and say “you played some songs I forgot all about that I love” M: That’s my favorite. When you're like “yo, how could I forget this song?” when its connected to memories. That's what I love about music, it is a journey it's the soundtrack to our life because it's not like we don't affiliate music with life experiences. What is your opinion, regarding old-school DJing’ vs the new school which it’s driven by technology? Where do you think the scene is heading as the world is advancing including the integration of social media? K: The art of DJing’ is a craft within itself. The more I DJ, the more research I do. From watching old documentaries of the first DJ's whoever scratched. I think it is very key and fundamental to know the basics. When I first started I was using a controller to DJ which is all digital. Now I'm at the point where it's like “I love this art form so much” I'm about to take classes to learn how to scratch and DJ on vinyl. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn't know how to DJ on vinyl and take it back to the original days. I'm all for the evolution but it's all about understanding where it comes from.

M: I feel you on that. That's inspiring that you even doing your research to become a better DJ and learn the basics. With social media, everyone thinks that's the come up. People skip over the process. I'm sure other DJ's who are just starting out are taking the time to really research and learn the craft. You’re giving me “the get down” vibes. M: I edit all the music for my work and I’m definitely not a pro but I definitely want to get into producing tracks as well. Like back in the day performers like MJ, Janet, Aaliyah would have these amazing breakdowns in their tracks which you

don’t really hear anymore. That’s what I love and the sound I want to recreate. Hopefully, we can collaborate. Okay I know you know I was going to ask about this major moment. DJ’ing a private Dolce & Gabbana event in 2017 and correct me if I’m wrong you rocked a 19-thousand-dollar denim jacket? K: Well 18 thousand, give or take.

M: Lol give or take, what was it like accomplishing such a huge milestone so early in your career: K: That honestly was crazzzzzzzzy. I still look at the photos and get chills. You know I started out in the fashion industry. Fashion is where my heart is. To be able to combine my love for fashion and my for DJing and music. For it to just come together it was amazing. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I got the gig I think 3 days before the actual event. The day of I went into the Dolce and Gabbana showroom and I pretty much picked out anything I wanted to wear. And I saw this denim jacket and I was like yo this shit is sick with all these different types of appliqués on it. Then this guy who did PR for them was like “Yo that is one of one!” First of all, everything was catered to me, anything I needed, I got. Which was so humbling and inspiring but on the flip side after the event so many came up to me just asking for my card. A lot of people from Dolce came up to me telling me how they always have a DJ but the feedback we have gotten back tonight has never been like this. I went from super intimidated not knowing what to expect and left out feeling like a muthaF’n king. M: #BlackBoyMagic K: Yeah! It’s crazy how things happen because a week after, Bad Boy/P. Diddy because Cassie was doing her premiere in NY and they reached out to me like “yo we need you to DJ this event. M: What single night has been the most memorable as a DJ and as an attendee? K: Dolce and Cassie were amazing don’t get me wrong but one of my most rewarding nights was the launch of my party series Studio 225. I just wanted to create a space where my friends and artist I looked up to can come out and vibe. I didn’t know what to expect but it was just a carefree space and you know because we go to a lot of NY events and you know how it can be pretentious and cliquish. The more I DJ I keep getting invited to more and more dope shit. Once upon a time I couldn’t even see myself in these rooms. My homeboy Corey hit me up to go Kaytranada; private B-day party at SOHO house. Who is one of my biggest influences, it was very intimate all his friends and family were there. He performed. It was him Sango and Vashtie who were the DJ’s and the entire night I was pretty much his shadow . And for me to watch every interview of his and listen to him every day it was one of the biggest moments. I can’t even put it into words because he was so welcoming.

M: Where do you see yourself in a year, actually a month lol? K: A year from now I definitely see myself doing this fulltime. A lot of people don’t know that I have a corporate job. It first started out as a weekend thing and a few times a month. Now I’m turning down gigs like every day. I definitely see myself traveling more through the eyes of music. One of my goals is to go on tour with a big or small artist. More red-carpet work, correspondence, I just really need to be able to connect with people whether it’s through music, conversation, just good vibes. you know?

M: Sick. I definitely get it as a creative. I understand the process and the journey. I feel like the people I affiliate myself with now we all have the same goals we all have the same dreams they just change off of our talents and gifts. K: Exactly, exactly! M: For the people who aren't brushing shoulders with the people we used to just dream about what advice would you give to aspiring DJ’s and creatives? K: Honestly just be consistent and don't be afraid to do things your own way. With the popularity of social media, it's easy to get lost in what other people are doing. I always tell myself, never lose your own voice. There’s no reason you look at these people and you want to be them. Use it as inspiration but always do things in your own way. There will be times when you doubt yourself but it's really about finding who you are. I mean I've been in New York for 6 years now and I'm just not finding my own lane. M: If you could be stuck in one decade for the music which would it be. K: Ugh this is so hardddddd, but I would say the 90s. That’s one of my favorite times for music and its all my favorite era aesthetically and overall. M: Hipppp. Back in the day music and visuals and just content were able to take you to another place. its mind boggling that now we have some much technology in the world, you have all this money, then you think about the artist like Total, Aaliayh, Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Micahel Jackson and the things they were doing within their visuals and it's like what's the disconnect? K: It’s just like now it’s just a green screen, an expensive car, a whole bunch diamonds, and clothes. It’s just like what else? Give me a story, take me on a journey of the song. Let me know what you were feeling when you were writing the song. I miss that. M: Me too, and hopefully I can contribute to bringing that back. I’m not pleased with what I see yet so I know there are things that I can change. I feel like social media has hoodwinked everybody because now there’s just this unspoken thought “okay we gotta get this out!”


The Evolution



a Vee

Model Behavior Trailer Shoot Set Photgrapher: Gary Master Williams Creative Director: Marcellas Hill


\\\ LiViNG

MHP has been doing a lot creative consulting behind the scenes. A lot of the work that we render for our other clients I usually don't post to my personal instagram nor do we post it on our company's account. The most you will see is the company/brand’s logo under our press tab on our site. I honestly feel like that information can be lost in translation. I always want what comes from MHP to be clear. Now that I have Unlimited Content, I will be able to use this platform to highlight everything that I have my hand on and collaborative projects. For quite some time MHP has been working with Fashion Director, Darryl Glover better known as #GoDarryGo. Over the summer of 2017, I moved to LA to assist him with things that weren't exactly related to fashion. I had the pleasure in assisting with some foundational work for a new project that will be rolling out later this year. I’m pretty excited to be apart of it even though I can’t say much. Just know that MHP will be playing a creative role. Stay Tuned. For now I have been doing creative consulting for his overall brand. You can check out his website curated by your truly. If I’m being honest, it needs to be updated it but I’m spearheading a lot for him when I find the time in my schedule too down to how he's

been curating his Instagram, some creative input on some red carpet looks, and handling marketing and logistics within his brand. …



This is only the beginning as we plan to partner up for an MHP project later on this year. In other words, you all need to get familiar with #TheGloverGroup. I had time to chat with Darryl about a few things that will spotlight how he’s silently killing the game right now and hopefully help you get to know him better. This coming after we bumped into each other at a Black Panther event during NYFW. Sometimes we both go off the radar because our schedules are insane. It’s my pleasure and honor to present him within the first issue of Unlimited Content, blessed to work with him and even more blessed to even call this guy a friend. I was worried that our schedules wouldn't align to get this in the publication. Cant believe this call was 20 minutes

M: February has been a crazy month. D: Oh, I’m sure, I know… same here. Things are moving and shaking, things are really coming together over here. M: Seeing that we are working on a growing relationship I figured that it would be best to just introduce your brand in the first issue. That way people can see the growth of your brand each issue. Solely with what you’re working on and our collaborative efforts. D: Dope makes sense. M: For those who don’t know You… I’m sure they would be surprised to know that you’re actually a teacher at heart and this whole styling thing is just your side job even though it definitely is your fulltime job. How does a teacher become one of the dopest stylist in the game dressing some of the biggest names of young black Hollywood? D: Passion. It’s all about passion. I was lead to teaching because of my passion for dance and it was like “I teach during the day and dance at night” and I’ll leave

Teach during the day, dance class at night. I didn’t realize I would have enough time to. So just being an artist I started to tap into other forms of art. I remember taking a costume design class in London which opened me up the world of styling and costume design and using clothing to tell stories. So, I transitioned out of teaching into styling by going to FIT learning about styling/costume design and how to make it a business. I just took a leap of faith after doing teaching and styling for two years I decided to do styling full time. M: I don’t think you intentionally fly under the radar but you’re the epitome of what it really means to be grinding. It’s clear that social media hasn’t done much for your success. Which a lot of people can’t say these days. When we first met during BET Awards week I heard a little bit about who you were but prior to meeting you, I wasn’t quite familiar. Come to find out you have been killing the game from shadowing Lysa Cooper (Beyoncé’s former stylist) to being a part of Beyoncé’s epic GQ cover, Christina Milian’ personal stylist, to working with Black Chyna during all of her Kardashian madness even making headlines as her mystery man. What’s your secret? D: Lol, hustle, grinding… when I hear that it makes me “like dang I did all of that?” I don’t really t do it for the accolades. I do it because I really love using clothing to make a difference. I believe all of the people that I’ve worked with they can leave saying this guy is passionate about his work. At the end of the day no one could takethat away, no one can say he doesn’t love this and I think that’s what catapulted me. That’s what helped me walking into everything as a learner, trying to learn everyday, humbling myself to assist and intern if I needed to and even now I still walk into everything asa learning opportunity.

I really think that’s the future.

"People might not remember what you said or what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel."

Just knowing there's always something new to learn no one knows everything. M: What was your experience like working with Lysa Cooper? How did working with her set the stage for your ever-evolving and thriving career? D: Ahh Lysa is very cut throat. That was one of my first experiences with her. I walked onto the set and she starting yelling. She didn’t give a damn what the artist wanted, it was more or less about her team her people. From Lysa I learned the importance of how to be a leader. She did a lot of stuff that she didn't necessarily get paid for but it kept her team working. I learned from her the benefit of keeping your team happy. That's first, second what I took from her the most is being an individual in this industry, having morals and values and how that will catapult you. She's another one before social media or anything like that people… knew her to be a beast because of who she was and her passion behind it. M: When did you notice a shift between you styling women to primarily styling men. D: In the last year or two… I think it started it with Lakeith Stanfield. You know most of my clients have come from again just passion and drive, during editorials doing my fashion direction, we would be knocking it out the box on set and then their management or publicist is like “hey what else are you doing, can you do this can you do this event.” One of the main experiences was with Lakeith Stanfied, he’s just someone I believe in and want to see continue to grow in Hollywood and so the exposure I got with him lead to other kids, other black males other males saying “hey I want to look like that, I want to work with you because of what you’re doing that guy.” M: I see you have some of your most fun when styling Lakieth, especially during the Sundance film festival, what’s that process like? D : Well he’s a character actor and I really like that because I style from a character’s perspective. I’m always s a y - ing “what character are we creating, what story do we want to tell?” Luckily getting an artist like Lakeith who stays in character while he’s promoting films the process for him is more like “what do you want, what are you looking for?” Then I start to style and pull in the wardrobe according to that.

M: Do you feel like you are a part of history styling Caleb since Stranger things is this huge hit and growing sensation especially since he was the only Actor who won an award for his role on the show this award season? D: Yeah, I do. These questions help me to realize that. The huge thing for me is the part that nobody would know about, right? I don't put a lot of energy into getting best dressed or getting accolades on red carpets. Most of the looks that he's got best dressed and all these awards for they start in my living room and it's like before I even fit it on him I'm like “oh this is the look, people are going to crazy” like the AMAs. Most of these carpets that I'm doing now I'm just now doing them for the first time and I'm not just putting someone on it I'm getting best dressed you know I'm getting Cosmo, Vogue and all these people saying hey this is the best look on the carpet and I was just happy to be part of the moment. M: What was it like dressing Caleb for the Oscars? Being at the Oscars? D: That was pretty magical. I know Caleb personally and he's so humble so it's really exciting to see people respond to him as a star. He doesn't really get it. For me, that's exciting because I feel just like him as stylist. M: Young Hollywood seems to be your thing; how did you know Yara Shahiddi was the new IT girl. D: You know I actually was just into her as an artist. at the time I was paying attention to her to who she was as an artist. The way she wore clothes. The thought process that went into deciding what she would wear also how she was willing to change her hair and do different things and how intelligent she was and you know I started to look for other girls like that because at the time I thought I wanted to work with one of the young girls. When I came across Yara, immediately I already knew there was something special about that girl. Offset, before we even got to the photoshoot I was challenging the magazine I was working with to put her on the cover and they didn't understand or see why. It was something special and honestly with a lot of my work I'm saying I can navigate the world by my gut. I'm gifted and talented enough to realize that I have a special gift and a lot of it starts within. M: Speaking of IT girls it seems like you love working with them. How was working with Zendaya? D: Working with Z, it was great, it was really cool. She has a great team. She knows exactly what she wants. She knows who she's is and she's willing to take risks. I think with any artist being a risk taker is how you move forward and I think she's a great example of that. M: Ryan Destiny? D: Another girl that I thought was super cool. I started using social media to discover who she was. I kind of put it out into the universe “Hey I would like to work with this girl one day” unbeknown to me I ran into a photographer who I did another project with who was actually her cousin or grew up with her. Without even knowing he was connected to her turned into “hey,

why don’t we shoot, or let me connect you with her” and that’s what we did. She’s was another one who’s still young in her career and so she’s very conscious of her moves and knows what she wants, how she dresses before she breaks into her music career. She doesn’t want to do anything too fast and I really appreciated that in her and her team, knowing like “hey, this an amazing look but not yet.” We can’t do this yet because we have other projects and want to save this look for that. She doesn’t want to do anything too fast. I really appreciate it. M: Speaking of music…You’ve worked with Rih before for her VMA Vanguard performance. If you had a chance to style Rihanna for this year’s MET (the Catholic church) what designer would you have to have her in or what direction would you take? D: For Rih for the MET gala… I would go with the smaller brand, hmmm I’ll probably do something custom from a new younger designer, well a new younger designer of color.


“We are getting to the point where the younger creatives influence mainstream fashion.�

I feel like this is the time to really tap into the artist of color. I think Rihanna is the perfect person to do that. We know she can do Gucci, Fendi, Prada and all the luxury labels… so I would really love to see her become a muse for some new exciting brand of color. M: Lol we have that in writing. What do you believe is always going to be a trend? D: Denim, basic trainers, and leather. I feel like, maybe because I'm an east coast guy but those are always going to be staples in the industry ways and won't go anywhere because there so many ways you can do it and speaks to so many artists and so many different people. Whether its children in denim, grownups, men, women and now things are more fluid I think people are starting to tap back into the all-American look. Like Gucci doing a line of denim bomber jackets or Prada doing a basic white sneaker and adding their Prada touch to it. Everyone is just borrowing from street style. M: Where do you see the future of fashion and the entertainment industry? D: It’s going to definitely come from the creatives. I still feel like they're people, the higher ups that are making decisions, setting trends, and deciding what's going to be next but we are getting to the point where the younger creatives influence mainstream fashion. That's why we have designers like Philippe lplien who continuously targets pop culture for his collections we have people like Gucci doing a collaboration with Dapper Dan and Harlem. You know after the uproar from people of color and the younger kids who knew exactly where that stuff came from and honestly young Hollywood. Which I use to think were like the Zendaya's and Ryan Destiny’s when I first moved to LA it was the

18, 19-year old’s but I’m realizing it’s the 12-15year old’s, they are becoming the tastemakers. M: What’s the best advice would give someone trying to follow in your footsteps as a fashion director?. Work. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what Ive been going through as far getting to understanding what it means to work in purpose. You have to figure out what makes your gift special and unique and then push it and work harder than the next man and longer. Its not about competition but just always work in excellence. people might not remember what you said or what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel M: What exactly is the Glover Group? D: So The Glover Group is a collective of artists who have different talents mostly around styling fashion etc… that I'm kind of filtering though my contacts and leads to share. You know i feel like one person can make it to the top or a group of people can make it to the top . I think the glover group is setting the tone for collaboration within our culture you know i keep saying people of color but i think its just really important to come together as people and America is definitely a melting a pot. So in the glover group I want to start to move away from competition closer and to collaboration and if I have to be the leader to to set the tone with that then I'm cool with it



OLUTION In 2017 1MHP had the opportunity in assisting Amiraa Vee with her premiere gallery, The Evolution of AV (and partnership with Peerspace). A bold statement that documented her journey and creative growth as an emerging supermodel. The gallery also served as the introduction to her platform she is using to say “YES” to her career as a model despite the “NO’s” she’s received from the industry. Whether it’s because they already “have a black girl” or “she’s just not quite tall enough. As one of the faces of the MHP brand, we were excited to be a part of this journey. MHP contributed and exclusively worked on two collaborative shoots for the gallery. In addition, developed a BTS visual that played throughout the gallery. We assisted with the curation of the gallery and handled the logistics and flow of the gallery the day of the event. Enjoy a look behind our contribution to the growth of the AV brand and reflection on her growth and what she had a chance to pick her brain.

"The evolution of Amiraa Vee was inspired by me just creating a lane for myself. It was my way of saying yes to all the industry rejections, to not booking jobs, sometimes even not feeling good enough. At the end of the day the evolution of AV, kind of saved me in 2017. It enlightened me. I’ve never had my own event before. I’ve never put on a showcase, I’ve never had anything where people would actually come out and support besides a birthday dinner or something small. So, it was the first event that I planned and it was mostly inspired by all of the beautiful content that I do have yet I still get rejected for my talent and my craft. It was just a way for me strategically to put together how I’ve grown as a young woman in my craft and I wanted to tell a story with it as well."

SAVAGE My story of trying to "make it" in the industry yet still "making it" while "trying to make it" if that makes sense? I’ve never thought I would have a gallery showcase and now that I’ve done it once, I want to do it again. But to be honest this is exclusive for the publication. I want to go on tour with the gallery showcase. I want to do these showcases in different places. The New York show which was the foundation, I’m selling my work there. However, I don’t want to do that anymore because the price I’m putting on these pieces to sell is less than the value of their worth. I’m just realizing that it’s art, and you can’t really put a price tag on that. Unless it’s for the right collector or whatever the case may be. I just realized I’m not going to make quick change off of these images. It means a lot more than just 300 or 400 dollars. I’m starting to look at my work as art and I’m going to treat it as such. @AMIRAAVEE WWW.AMIRAAVEEE.COM






“My limit would be if I’m compromising m I just don’t want to do anything I’m not okay w

myself, my values, my morals, what I believe in. with. I want to always be comfortable in my skin. “

#THEJOURNEY "I have been blessed to have quite a lot of satisfying moments, to be honest, but if I had to narrow it down, I would have to say being on that stage at Madison Square Garden for Yeezy SZN 3. I was alongside models like Naomi Campbell, who is my biggest inspiration, aspiring to leave an imprint and a legacy as she continues to do. "One: To be able to one be a part of that without an agency and just attending an open casting. Two: being selected 1 out of 30 models. Three: being on that stage. Four: getting a good amount of camera time and being able to go back and watch that. Five: the number of people who witnessed that amazing moment with me being a part of it. Six: It was such a defining moment in Hip Hop and to be a part of that moment. Overall, I have had a lot of amazing shoots but by far being in that show was one of my greatest accomplishments."

#BEHINDTHESCENES Working with Cardi. B

“That was a dope experience. Leading up to it was dope, from seeing the dress at first sight to knowing that was it, to going to pick it up. Deciding with the team on what the hair would be like, and like you know picking out the Jewelry with Kollin, actually getting her dress that day, carrying the dress to fit in the car, to actually laying it out on the carpet and literally being right there with cameras flashing left and right even being caught in some shots. It was just an amazing and humbling experience. Just being there and being able to assist, and make sure that someone else’s vision or all our visions came to life, with her look. Just being behind the scenes, because I’m not a behind the scenes kind of girl but I can definitely humble myself.” ‘Working with people like that and being in situations like that I can humble myself to being in a place of just learning. Not being the one that’s the main attraction. Because when it’s my time that time will come. And it hasn’t come yet because it’s not time. So even then I just had a lot of fun just being able to see that all come to life and celebrate life, and celebrate after, and even be around my peers or even celebrities like Rihanna, Future, Young Thug, it was just wow. Whatever I want is closer than I think, it is. It’s just really right there and when the time is right it’s just going to be right. And just being inspired by Cardi’s journey, I wasn’t really listening to Cardi or even into her before working with Kollin and her. And now it’s just, I’m hooked. I was a part of that at some point. I know what it’s like to work with her and be on the team. I know the process and to see more and more things come to life, and to see her be recognized more and more. To see her just continuing to win. It just feels close to home. So that experience will always be special to me.”


“My mind is just running because there are so many things I want to be but if I had to consolidate it, I want to be a woman of power, with power. I want to be a mogul, I want to be a businesswoman. Modeling for me is a passion of mine, it’s something that I’ve always felt would break me through in the industry but to be honest I want so much more than modeling. Whatever I end up doing I’m going to end up modeling because I’m going to be on covers and billboards just based off what I do period. Overall, I want to have multiple businesses I want to be a woman with power. I want to have my name on buildings, my chain of restaurants, my clothing, just a mogul businesswoman. Like a female Diddy ya dig? But I want to also be known”


for being wise, and being a woman of integrity, and being the light in the room. I just really want God’s light to shine through me. I want people when they see me, they see God. Whatever that interpretation is. A woman of power, with integrity, a woman of God.”


“I believe that means fulfilling your soul’s purpose, whatever that means to you at any given moment For example, your soul’s purpose, the purpose of this call right now, you interviewing me for Marcellas Hill Productions Publication. Being able to answer all your questions with confidence knowing that I’ve given it my all is already a success. It can be as simple as saying I’m going to wake up and go to the gym for an hour and actually doing that, that’s success. Or even being on stage with Naomi Campbell and fulfilling and doing that Yeezy season 3 that’s success. I don’t think success is fulfilled by the amount or accolades, it really is like I said before fulfilling your purpose at the time.”

#ASPIRATION “To be honest I don’t even have all the answers, I feel like accomplished like I’ve done great things but there is still so much I’m trying to do. I’m not even signed for real if that makes sense ya know? I would tell models that consistency is key. I would tell them to be consistent with their work, always shoot, always look for new ideas and concepts. Try to work with new people and try to have a team that you can create with so that you are constantly creating. Just stay creative with it and try to inspire or create something new. If it’s something you are inspired by just remix it on your own, but always try to stay current, relevant, and ahead of the game.”





























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