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Press Release November 2013

a double-edged berlin store




MON: 12:00-19:00 TUE-THU: 11:00-20:00 FRI: 11:00-21:00 SAT: 14:00-21:00






Perhaps more than any other European metropole, Berlin is a city of contrasts. A hotch potch landscape

Everyone knows the old adage that two heads are better than one. Through collaboration, the whole ends up as way more than the sum of its parts. It was

of Gründerzeit, Bauhaus, Plattenbau and avantgarde architecture, where old sits next to new, just as

in this vein that BCR / DBR was founded: A twoin-one store where music and fashion can interact. A

East sits next to West, and Döner shops next to organic supermarkets.

place that not only sells exceptional goods, but also acts as a platform for the cross-pollination of ideas

In such a helter-skelter locale, with change firmly

and interaction of scenes.

rooted in its DNA, different areas and streets come to define a city at particular times. Think of David

By combining two favorite Berlin pastimes – vintage fashion and electronic music – they represent

Bowie’s Schöneberg and Nürnbergerstraße in the ‘80s or the raw-edge of Mitte and Auguststraße in

contemporary sensibilities unlike any other store in the city. It is a buzzing boutique that refuses to be

the ‘90s.

labelled as a record or clothes shop. Rather than a damp and dusty trawl through hundreds of old

For the past few years, however, it’s Neukölln – a district set apart by its cosmopolitan mix and varied

clothes lines and record crates, here, you get one tightly curated selection of absolute must-haves. Not

cultural possibilities – that has been the place on everybody’s lips. In particular the long, hockey stick-

to mention the many special events and soirées held here (more about this later...).

shaped strip Weserstraße. Since opening in 2013, Bass Cadet Records / Down By Retro has gained notoriety as one of the standout locations on the much-hyped street.


Meet The Founders

BCR / DBR was founded by two distinct individuals, each an expert in their respective

On the opposite side of the store, Laura Le Marchand is the fashion connoisseur. An avid

field. Both hailing from France, the two friends now call Berlin home.

collector of fine vintage, she used to organize pop-up markets at music events in Paris before

Etienne Dauta is the music pro. Having worked

joining forces with Etienne to create BCR / DBR. Commenting on the benefits of their

in the business for six years and being the son of record store owner, it was an obvious next

dual space, she says:

step for the self-confessed vinyl addict. The store also operates as HQ for his eponymous

L: “We create a diverse experience for customers; one that you’d never be able to offer through a

record label, Bass Cadet Records. Here, Etienne describes their handpicked stock:

singular shop. There’s a tangible ‘meeting point’ vibe. People gather, chat, drink, discover new and

E: “Regarding how we curate our selections, I like

awesome records and get excited about fashion. Records and clothes are a great match. On top of

to think that we are being open minded. It’s not our intention to hone in on specific genres or eras. On

that, there are no rules in the store either – it’s a free-for-all kind of environment.”

my side, you can find old tunes sitting side-by-side with fresh releases, but whether it’s house, techno, soul, funk, or even punk, the focus is always on quality. Actually, I purposefully avoid buying records purely based on sellability.”





Marrying classic stylings with a modern vibe, the rails are a veritable

Down By Retro

treasure trove for the casual sartorialist. For the gents, there are items such as Dr. Martens boots, Pendleton plaid shirts, Essl bags and

FINE VINTAGE Just like the the ever-changing surrounds of Berlin, the uniqueness of vintage wear is its history, with each and every item having been on a different journey since its creation. Locked into the warm touch of well-worn leather or the faded-out look of an old pair of

Harrington trench coats. And women are equally spoilt with a

“I love bringing vintage clothes back into contemporary focus.”

501s, is a unique story – one that’s not heard, but felt. A far cry from

range of accessories, tartan trousers, colorful onesies, Levi’s shirts and the latest pieces from cutting-edge, London-based brand: The White Pepper. Laura tips her hat in the direction of a variety of influences: “I love bringing vintage clothes back into contemporary focus. I’m really inspired by English fashion at the

the fresh out of the packet, massproduced spirit of consumerism,

moment, Vivienne Westwood in particular. I also love classically chic

vintage clothes offer timeless quality, which in this case, comes

French brands like APC and YSL, as well as U.S. fashion designers such as

cherry-picked by the individual behind the whole operation.

Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs. And Jil Sander from Germany, of course.“

Scouring the breadth of France, Italy and America, Down By Retro is a fine selection of garments and accessories. Laura’s keen eye for quality has a distinctly French influence, after all it was honed during her years in Paris where she utilized all of her spare time indulging her passion for seeking out rare pieces of stylish clothing.




Bass Cadet Record Store



Operating as a pocket-sized hub for vinyl aficionados, Bass Cadet Records is the perfect place

In protest against the growing hordes of Ebay entrepreneurs who buy limited release records only

to discover new music. BCR’s tight and unique collection of hard wax simply oozes class. with the

to resell them later for profit, BCR gets ahead of the game by purchasing and holding back selected vinyls

emphasis here being placed firmly on quality rather than quantity.

to be resold at original price once they’re sold-out. This power-to-the-people mentality is a unique

Here, you can expect a mix of new releases, rarities

offering in Berlin, which helped win over both local and international DJs alike (namechecks include

and second-hands – all spanning the outer limits of electronic music staples like techno and house,

Jus'Ed, Aybee, Fred P, Christopher Rau, The Mole and Daniel Wang).

alongside soul, funk and disco. Current scene darlings including the likes of Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S

Having said that, if entertaining friends on your

and insurgent Berlin-based label PAN share crate space with established stalwarts like Sound

home-studio setup is the limit of your DJing aspirations, BCR is the perfect place to seek

Signature and Basic Channel.

guidance for your first steps into the world of vinyl. And just like the long-lasting satisfaction of owning

The store’s founder, Etienne, hand-picks all the vinyl himself and is always happy to enter into a dialogue

a unique piece of vintage clothing, in our compressed format MP3-plagued age, vinyl offers

on current dancefloor trends in Berlin and beyond. Listening stations are also on-hand for unlimited

the ideal analogue alternative – a crackling protest at the homogenization of the pop music charts.

use to road-test that perfect new record for your collection. BCR’s welcoming, open-door policy and expertly-curated selection has quickly established it as an important player in the elite ranks of Berlin’s must-visit record stores.



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Moodhut Mule Musiq

Motown Mute / Novamute

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Salsoul Records Shelter

Sound Signature Strength Music Records

Slip’ N Slide Strictly Rhythm

SUED Tape Records Amsterdam

Trax UMM

The Trilogy Tapes Underground Quality

Underground Construction Warp

Vanguard Sound Versatile Wild Oats Workshop






A Local Hangout



Consumers are increasingly concerned with where and how they spend their money. No longer content

At any time of the day, punters are encouraged to take time to hangout and grab a cold drink – no

with filling the coffers of global chains, people are searching for more authentic, local alternatives –

purchase necessary. In addition, through a range of successful events, Weserstraße 189 has established

where a familiar face rather than a flashing logo awaits.

itself as a bona fide Kiez favorite. DJs regularly come to spin into the evening while friends, customers and neighbors congregate.

In the face of a ballooning online marketplace, shopping local has become a lifestyle choice for many. Not only does it offer a more tailored

As well as the regular electronic music soirées, where the people spill out the door and onto the pavement,

experience but it helps support the vibrancy of Neukölln. In this regards, BCR / DBR is a proudly

there has been a photography exhibition and also a new boutique shopping series in collaboration with a

independent store, playing its part in uniting the local community.

handful of like-minded independent stores in the surrounding area. On these special evenings, BCR / DBR keeps its doors open later than usual so that shoppers can discover the store during post-office hours whilst enjoying special discounts on all goods.



THE BOTTOM LINE BCR / DBR is a double-edged neighborhood hangout, a place to discover and be inspired by an expertly curated selection of vinyl and vintage fashion – the very best of two worlds in one space.

Laura Le Marchand Founder of Down By Retro

Etienne Dauta Founder of Bass Cadet Records


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Bass Cadet Records / Down By Retro  

A double-edged Berlin store that combines two of the city's favorite pastimes: vintage fashion and vinyl records. Here's a magazine-style in...

Bass Cadet Records / Down By Retro  

A double-edged Berlin store that combines two of the city's favorite pastimes: vintage fashion and vinyl records. Here's a magazine-style in...