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October 2010

Welcome to the first edition of the Bluefin Bulletin for Season 2010/2011. Inside: Now we are finally back home at the Upcoming Events Unley Swimming Centre, there will be Presidents Report heaps happening in the coming weeks. Coach’s Report We have just completed the South AGM Swimmer Profile Australian State Championships, with our Club Awards Open Carnival and Open Water State Championships happening this month. UNLEY AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB PO BOX 730 Unley Business Centre Unley South Australia 5061

Telephone: (08) 8276 2760

UPCOMING EVENTS Broken Hill Open Carnival 20th – 21st November Entries close 2nd November Open Water State Championships 27th – 28th November Entries close 13th November Lefevre Portside Open Carnival 4th December Entries close 4th November Blue Lake Y Open Carnival 4th – 5th December Entries close 12th November Crystal Brook Open Carnival 5th December Entries close 16th November Murray Bridge Open Carnival 12th December Entries close 12th November Waikerie Open Carnival 8th January Entries close 26th November Henley & Grange OWS (West Lakes) 8th January Entries close 28th December

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy birthday to the following members, Everyone involved with the Unley Swimming Club hope you have a great day. October Renee Robb 1st Jackson Pike 22nd William Jack 8th Grace Keelan 9th Anneka Kidd 26th Chris Wigell 16th Dan Staite 29th

Andrew Dillon 16th Jessica Barnes 31st November Annabel Lampard Sascha Czuchwicki 23rd Ben Stark 27th December Larissa Murawsky 23rd Elouise Larkin 31st

Unley Open Carnival Saturday 13th November Warm Up 12pm Race start 12.30pm By now all members should have received a email requesting donations for the Lucky Envelope stall which is to be held at the carnival. As a small swimming community, we trust that all members will assist with this request. Prizes can be left inside the Clubrooms from now until 10th November. Members would also have received a letter requesting both sponsorship and assistance at the carnival. These are integral parts of making our carnival a success so we are imploring all members to assist. All sponsorship money will go toward the purchase of medals as well as the “Dash for Cash� which is a blue riband event held every year and attracts some of the best sprint swimmers in the state. A reminder that it is expected that all swimmers will compete on the day and that all families will make themselves available to assist. A volunteer list is up inside the clubrooms so please put your name against a job – all families will be allocated a job so get in quick

Saturday 13th November Put this important date in your diary

PRESIDENTS REPORT Welcome to everyone at the Unley Amateur Swimming Club. This is my first report as President and I would like to thank Tania for whipping everyone into action to get this edition out. There is always a certain excitement with returning to the Unley Pool after our winter period indoors. Not just for the improvement in the weather and the longer daylight hours but the comfort that the Unley Pool and its facilities have to offer. Nathan & his team have been preparing for a big summer season with several improvements taking place over the winter break including new sunsheltered areas. Can I remind members to ensure they have their SwimmingSA membership cards with them as the pool staff will be checking that the swimmers are club members when buying passes. With winter now behind us we can farewell the short course format of training and competition for a while. Congratulations to all those swimmers who competed in the recent State Short Course Championships. Special recognition is made to those who medalled in these events: Patrick Cobiac, Annabel Lampard, Millie Lewis, Ethan Rump & Justin Carlino. (a full set of results for Unley can be found in this edition of the newsletter) With the return to the Unley Pool, we offer a range of training sessions, hopefully able to accommodate the myriad of commitments a modern family must deal with. I encourage all swimmers to throw themselves into regular attendance at training – a positive performance only comes after persistent practice. But above all, a willing attitude can make it all enjoyable as well as rewarding. Speaking of willing attitudes, it’s not just the swimmers I would like to see around the pool. The Unley Club is quite small and we must rely on a lot of work being put in by parents and friends to continue the growth of the club. The more that people help, the more that gets done and the more we grow. And it’s not just growth in numbers I would like to see but growth in club spirit and ethos.

If you have some time to give to the running of the club, please come on in and offer or speak to one of our committee members whose contact details can be found on our website at We truly need as much help as we can get. Importantly I note the impending Unley Club carnival on Saturday November 13th. We get a lot of swimmers from other clubs coming to envy our facilities and enjoy a great competition. It is also a very important fundraising event for the club so please heed the requests for help, donations or preferably both. Don’t forget sponsorships are available for business donations – either your own business or the one down the road from home; you just have to ask them. If you need a letter of support, please contact Tania on 8276 2760. Sponsorship of races advertised in the program, on our website and announced over the PB system on the day. Unley Council elections are taking place in the next month. The support of the Unley Council is just as important to the Unley Club as the support of all the members. Why don’t you ask whoever is standing as you local ward councillor or the Mayoral candidates what they are doing for the Unley Pool in general and the Unley Club in particular? Your support for Council representatives who support us will help. Even simply asking the question serves to raise our profile. So everyone can start getting revved up for summer now. I can see a wave of swimmers proudly wearing their Unley jackets, polo tops and bathers; enthusiasm brimming in and out of the pool. There is much to look forward to. Go Unley!!! David Wilkinson President

UNIFORMS We currently have a supply of tracksuit jackets & polo shirts available for sale in various sizes. We also have club caps in stock. For all your uniform requirements please contact Michelle McCormack on 0408840359 or

The Unley Swimming Club would like to thank the Major Sponsors of the 2010 Unley Open Carnival

Meet Results 2010 13-18 State Short Course Championships Rasa Bakutis 14 years Jessica Barnes 13 years

9th 200m Breaststroke 3.10.62 11th 50 Breaststroke 39.93 (pb) 12th 100m Breaststroke 1.28.03 (pb) 11th 50m Freestyle 31.47 (pb) 11th 50m Butterfly 35.61 (pb)

Patrick Cobiac 16 years

4th 100m Freestyle 56.94 (pb) 4th 100m IM 1.06.55 (pb) 2nd 200m Backstroke 2.17.64 (pb) 2nd 1500m Freestyle 16.41.25 (pb) 2nd 200m Freestyle 2.01.01 (pb) 4th 100m Backstroke 1.05.18 (pb) 4th 50m Backstroke 30.68 (pb) 4th 100m Butterfly 1.05.24 (pb) 8th 50m Butterfly 30.68 2nd 400m Freestyle 4.13.68 (pb) 7th 50m Freestyle 26.63 (pb)

Ehlana Hoff 14 years

11th 200m Freestyle 2.22.14 (pb) 7th 400m Freestyle 4.56.93 (pb) 17th 100m Freestyle 1.05.85 (pb) 11th 50m Butterfly 34.60 (pb)

Annabel Lampard 13 years

6th 50m Backstroke 35.26 (pb) 8th 100m Butterfly 1.15.32 (pb) 14th 200m IM 2.47.37 (pb) 5th 200m Breaststroke 3.03.55 (pb) 4th 50m Breaststroke 37.18 (pb)

Meet Results cont Annabel Lampard cont

13th 100m Backstroke 1.18.05 (pb) 3rd 100m Breaststroke 1.21.73 (pb) 5th 50m Butterfly 32.83 (pb) 8th 100m IM 1.16.92 (pb)

Madeleine Larkin 13 years

7th 50m Backstroke 35.29 (pb) 14th 50m Freestyle 32.47 10th 100m Backstroke 1.16.52 (pb) 11th 200m Backstroke 2.44.85 (pb) 17th 100m IM 1.21.28

Ethan Rump 15 years

9th 100m Freestyle 59.35 (pb) 6th 100m IM 1.09.17 (pb) 7th 50m Breaststroke 34.51 6th 200m Freestyle 2.08.38 (pb) 5th 100m Breaststroke 1.14.38 (pb) 4th 400m Freestyle 4.32.27 (pb) 3rd 200m Breaststroke 2.41.96 (pb) 7th 50m Freestyle 26.88 (pb)

Claire Wilkinson 14 years

14th 50m Backstroke 38.20 6th 200m Breaststroke 3.01.34 (pb) 7th 50m Breaststroke 39.27 8th 100m Breaststroke 1.23.84 (pb) 15th 100m IM 1.18.08 (pb)

2010 12/u and Open State Short Course Championships Justin Carlino

7th 50m Backstroke 28.54 (pb) 3rd 50m Butterfly 26.87 (pb)

Sophie Hawkins

9th 50m Butterfly 35.95 (pb)

Patrick Cobiac

18th 100m Freestyle 58.62 3rd 100m Freestyle 16.30.73 4th 400m Freestyle 4.16.62 2nd 800m Freestyle 8.37.21 (pb) 5th 200m Freestyle 2.02.66 18th 100m Freestyle 58.62 3rd 1500m Freestyle 16.30.73 (pb)

Abbey Jones

12th 100m Freestyle 1.09.31 (pb) 10th 50m Backstroke 37.00 (pb) 13th 100m IM 1.21.51 (pb) 13th 50m Freestyle 31.84 (pb) 10th 200m Freestyle 2.30.14 (pb) 7th 200m Backstroke 2.46.95 (pb)

Mille Lewis

1st 100m Freestyle 1.07.68 (pb) 3rd 50m Backstroke 36.14 (pb) 8th 100m IM 1.23.93 (pb) 17th 100m Breaststroke 1.42.86 (pb) 2nd 50m Freestyle 31.69 (pb) 1st 200m Freestyle 2.25.94 (pb) 4th 200m Backstroke 2.51.70 3rd 100m Backstroke 1.18.89 (pb)

Jackson Pike

11th 100m Breaststroke 1.47.24 (pb) 10th 100m Backstroke 1.27.66 (pb) 16th 50m Freestyle 36.65 (pb) 6th 200m Backstroke 3.01.787(pb) 10th 50m Breaststroke 48.48 (pb) 11th 50m Back 39.87 (pb)

Coaches Report The Swimming Season is divided into a Winter – short course Season and a Summer – long course Season. As we have moved back to the Unley Pool a few weeks ago, so it is a good time to review our performances over the Winter months. The Winter Season is made up of a series of Div 1, Div 2 and 12 & under meets, finishing with State Championships 13-18 year old and more recently the 12 & under plus Open titles. Unley was well represented in the first of the Titles with 8 swimmers, Pat Cobiac, Annabel Lampard, Maddy Larkin, Ethan Rump, Claire Wilkinson, Rasa Bakutis, Ehlana Hoff and Jess Barnes. These swimmers competed in 47 events of which 40 were done in personal best times, collecting 4 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals. As a coach I couldn’t have asked for better results. The final standings are calculated by points gained by swimmers finishing in the top 8 in each event. The results of our team of 8 swimmers allowed Unley to finish 1 place behind Marion, who had 21 swimmers contesting 134 events. I believe we gained more medals but were simply outnumbered. Pat Cobiac 11 events 10 PB’s 4 Silver Medals – 200m B/K, 200m F/S, 400m F/S + 1500m F/S Annabel Lampard 9 events 9 PB’s 1 Bronze Medal – 100m Brst (this was Annabel’s 1st medal at this level) Maddy Larkin 5 events 3 PB’s 7th in the 50m B/K Ethan Rump 8 events 7 PB’s 1 Bronze Medal – 200m Brst

Claire Wilkinson 5 events 3 PB’s 6th – 200m Brst, 7th 50m Brst + 8th 200m Brst Rasa Bakutis 3 events 2 PB’s Ehlana Hoff 4 events 4 PB’s Jess Barnes 2 events 2 PB’s In the recent 12 & under plus Open Titles, Unley was represented by 6 Swimmers, namely Patrick Cobiac, Millie Lewis, Abbey Jones, Sophie Hawkins, Jackson Pike and Justin Carlino. Justin has been out of the water for a few years but it was pleasing to see that with little training, he was still one of the fastest sprinters. Justin Carlino 2 events 1 Bronze Medal – 50m Fly Patrick Cobiac Although only 16, he competed in this meet as a open competitor 4 events 2 PB’s 1 Silver Medal – 800m F/S + 1 Bronze Medal in the 1500m F/S Abbey Jones (competed for the first time at this level) 6 events 6 PB’s Sophie Hawkins 1 event 1 PB

Millie Lewis – had never gained a Medal at State level prior to this meet 7 events 6 PB’s 2 Gold Medals – 100m + 200m F/S 1 Silver Medal – 50m F/S 2 Bronze Medals – 50m + 100m B/K Jackson Pike - Swimming in 11/U events while only 10 7 events 6 PB’s As the results show, overall we had 13 swimmers contesting 67 events, of which 57 per PB’s gaining a total of 2 Gold, 6 Silvers and 7 Bronze Medals.

Upcoming Events I would like to use the A Grade events, 13+under Pentathlons and Club Carnivals for our swimmers to qualify for the Long Course Championships in January 2011. I would like to see all our Surf Swimmers to contest the State Open Water Championships (OWS) in November so that we have as many qualifying for the National Titles in March. November 13th – Entries close for the State OWS Championships – 27-28th November 17th – Entries close for the Murray Bridge Carnival – 12th December December 4th – LeFevre Carnival 12th Murray Bridge Carnival January 4th – Entries close for the State L/C Championships – 20-25th January 8th – Henley + Grange OWS 5km + 10km 20th – 25th – State L/C Championships 31st – Entries close for the Henley to Grange OWS – 2km 31st – Entries close for 13+under Pentathlon – 13th February

February 5th – Entries close for the Brighton Jetty Classic – 6th February 6th – Brighton Jetty Classic – 1.5km 13th – 13+under Pentathlon 14th – Entries close for A Grade – 25+26th February 21st – Entries close for 13+under Pentathlon – 6th March 25th – A Grade 26th – A Grade 28th – Entries close for Henley to Grange – 14th March March 5-6th – National OWS Championships Penrith – 5+10km 6th – 13+under Pentathlon 14th – Henley + Grange OWS

Training The Winter Sessions were well patronised, the move to Unley however has seen a major drop-off in numbers doing the Senior sessions 5.30-7.30 on Monday – Wednesday + Friday nights. We need more swimmers doing these sessions to make it viable to maintain lane space. Junior Swimmers are expected to do at least 3 sessions per week Surf Swimmers are expected to do at least 4 sessions per week Senior Swimmers are expected to do at least 5 sessions per week In all other Swimming Clubs, swimmers would be doing no less than 8 sessions per week, so look at where you can fit in more sessions per week so that you can be competitive. I have been coaching Unley for 11 years now and have had outstanding success at a National Level with Swimmers doing 5 or more sessions per week. I hope to see a much improved attitude to training from here on. Craig Jones

Becoming an Official You arrive at the pool ready to watch your child compete and as the meet begins, you notice all these people dressed in navy and white patrolling the pool deck. Ever wonder who they are? Well they’re our Technical Officials who volunteer their time in order to make the meet possible. Many of them have been officiating for many years and even though their children have long left the sport, they still enjoy the friendship and camaraderie their involvement in the sport offers them. On the 24th October, Swimming SA introduced mandating of officials. What does this mean to you? It means that Unley will now be required to provide not only time keepers but technical officials. For your reference, please find a condensed copy of the policy below:

POLICY MANDATED OFFICALS The purpose of this policy is to ensure adequate officials are present on pool deck.

THE POLICY Each club will be required to provide an allocated number of officials depending upon the number of athletes entered from their club. People who are nominated by their Club as pool deck officials should undertake the Online General Principals Officiating Course The formula used to determine the number required by Clubs shall be as follows. Total Club Athletes divided by the Total Athletes entered, multiplied by the number of officials required then rounded to the nearest whole person. (0.4 or < = 0 and 0.5 or > = 1) e.g. If a Club enters 26 swimmers and the total number of athletes entered by all Clubs is 250, and we require 39 pool deck officials, the maths would be. ((26/250)x36~)=4 Pool deck officials

PENALTIES FOR NON COMPLIANCE SwimmingSA believes that all Clubs will intend to comply with this policy, however, it is evident through past experiences that some Clubs may not comply. As such, the Board have implemented a penalty system to entice Clubs to actively fulfil their responsibilities. st

Clubs will be counselled regarding the breach and no points be attributed to the club for that meet


A $100 fine and no points to be attributed to the Club for that meet


A $200 fine and no points to be attributed to the Club for that meet


A $300 fine and no points attributed to the Club for that meet & exclusion from the next State championship meet.

1 Offence

2 Offence

3 Offence 4 + Offence

As with most sports, the sport of swimming relies heavily on the involvement and support of parents. As a club, we must be seen to be proactive in embracing these new requirements and it is no longer acceptable for parents to just drop their child at a meet and return when it is finished. When entering your child to compete at a meet, you will be reminded of your obligation and it will be up to you to find a suitable replacement should you be unavailable to attend. As mentioned in the policy, the number of officials is calculated on the number of swimmers we enter however with this in mind, you will not be required to officiate at every meet â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a roster system will apply to make it fair for everyone.

Technical officials have the opportunity of officiating at many different meets including Open Water, National and even International meets. The announcer at the 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens & 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, Peter Graham, started his officiating right here in Adelaide and his accreditations have taken him all over the world. So what now? In the next 4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 weeks we will be hosting a general principles course in the Unley clubrooms. Shortly, you will be advised of the exact date and time and instructions on how to register so keep a look out. Once you have undertaken the course, the next step is to decide which accreditation you wish to complete. These include: Announcer Inspector of Turn Check Starter Recorder - to name a few These can be done on line and once you have completed the work book, it will need to be returned to SwimmingSA for marking. A few meets on pool deck and a quick on the job assessment and you will be on your way to a becoming a fully fledged Technical Official.

CLUB AWARDS Congratulations to all the Unley Swimming Club members on a great year. Plus a special mention to the following swimmers for winning these awards: Dr Barden Trophy Patrick Cobiac (winner of the 50M handicap race at club championships) Forrestville Cup Millie Lewis (coaches award for the best female swimmer) Gill Langley Trophy Patrick Cobiac (best performance at state L/C championships â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Age) Goodwood Cup Ethan Rump (coaches award for best male swimmer) Leane Trophy Ethan Rump (best performance at state L/C championship â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Open) Jones Trophy Patrick Cobiac (most points gained in open water swims) Mashford Trophy Patrick Cobiac (best performance at state S/C championships) Peter Nelson Trophy (most outstanding performance)

Patrick Cobiac

Stocker Vaux Trophy Madeleine Larkin (most points gained by a female swimmer at open carnivals) Vosatek Trophy Max Glonek (most points gained by a male swimmer at open carnivals)

Winter Division 1 Series (most points gained)

Ethan Rump

Winter Division 2 Series (most points gained)

Claire Wilkinson

Winter 12 & Under Series (most points gained)

Jack Rahill

Lord Mayorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trophy Heather Brown (Most outstanding Club Person of the Year)


Ehlana Hoff – Club Captain 2010/2011 Nickname: EJ DOB: August 24th, 1995. School: Walford Started swimming: When I was 6 months old at State Swim Favourite Stroke: Freestyle. Favourite Food: Strawberries Favourite Music: Pop Favourite Band: Thirsty Merc Likes: Summer and the beach Dislikes: Cold weather, Brussel Sprouts & wet hair Achievements: First in 2km beach run, Iron Woman, Champion Lifesaver, Second in swim Goals (swimming): Always wanting to improve on my pb’s at each meet Goals (outside of swimming): I would like to win a national medal at Aussi’s for 2km beach run and win medals in boards. Also achieve a high standard in my school work Most famous person you have met: Ky Hurst Favourite pastime: Trampolining Favourite holiday destination: The Whitsundays One thing I want to do before I die: Skydiving

*Next edition of the Bluefin Bulletin we will profile our Coach –Craig Jones

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thankyou for everyone who came along to the AGM in May, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure all who attended had a great time and that we would all like to thank Tania, Meredith, Eleni, Grant, Andrew, Nicola, Cathy, Sonya and Mandy for all the great work they did on the night. The Office Bearers For 2010/2011 are: President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Club Coach:

Committee Members: Karen Pike Cathy Clancy Martin Lewis Michele McCormack Vince Cobiac

David Wilkinson Gary Glonek Heather Brown Sandy Jones Craig Jones

Event Coordinator Event Coordinator Registrar Uniforms

Club Captains: Patrick Cobiac and Elhana Hoff

SPONSORS OF THE UNLEY SWIMMING CLUB The Unley Swimming Club gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following businesses: Major Sponsors

PARTNERS Harvey Norman Electrical – Marion Bakers Delight – Goodwood Spargo’s Marion Black Hair Blonde Lew Toop Adelaide United FC Adelaide Football Club AMF Bowling Seacliff Beach Hotel Sharon Hall Beauty Bocelli Restaurant Eyre Tuna Steph Key

Hungry Jacks Everard Park AH Trophies Chemplus – Malvern Village Smallacombe Real Estate Simes Australia Keelan Landscape Capri Cinema Kings Park Motors 1st Choice liquor Dariwill Farm State Swim Unley Chemart Highgate Big Screen Advertising

And the parents and friends of the Unley Amateur Swimming Club

October 2010  

Bluefin Bulletin 2010

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