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Founded in 2007, Unleashed Life has truly set a new standard of living for our animal companions. Our products are designed to not only benefit the pets that use them, but also complete the interiors of the homes in which they live. The founders of Unleashed Life have an extensive background in both interior design and home décor development. While designing product lines for some of the most

prominent retailers in the home furnishings industry, their love for animals prompted them to utilize their creative resources to enhance the lives of pets and the people who care for them. Unleashed Life offers a broad style range of product to blend into any décor from contemporary to rustic to traditional. Each piece is crafted by hand from the highest quality materials available to ensure years of service.

Dishes & Canisters..................................................1 Dining Tables & Double Feeders.................9 Bowl Capacities.................................................... 13 Beds.............................................................................. 14 Home Décor........................................................... 16 Apawthikare........................................................... 17

Includes stainless steel bowls.

An eco-friendly product.


dishes & canisters Our exclusively designed feeding dishes and canisters are crafted from a variety of materials and feature hand-applied finishes. This broad spectrum of design ensures the right product for every pet and every living environment. Variations in color, size and texture are inherent qualities of handmade product and add to the uniqueness of each piece.

ACACIA Plantation-grown and renewable acacia wood in its most natural and elegant form. No two pieces are alike. L 12 dia. x 6.50H M 10 dia. x 5H S 8 dia. x 3H

ADOUR Statuary finds function in the Adour Raised Feeder. The feeder is made of cast resin and is embellished with scrollwork detail in an aged stone finish. L 10W x 10D x 12H M 9W x 9D x 9H S 7.25W x 7.25D x 4.50H

ANDERSON Anything but plain, the simple cylindrical Anderson Collection is made of solid acacia wood, highlighting its natural beauty. L 9.25 dia. x 4.25H M 8 dia. x 4H S 6.50 dia. x 3H Canister 6.75 dia. x 9.50H

An eco-friendly product.

Includes stainless steel bowls.

1 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

BAROQUE For the pet-lover with traditional taste, the Baroque Elevated Feeder is adorned with acanthus leaves and rope detailing. The cast resin Baroque Raised Feeder is finished in an Old World oxidized copper. L 9.75 dia. x 12H M 8.75 dia. x 9H S 7.50 dia. x 4.50H

BELMONT Classic and sophisticated, the Belmont Raised Feeder takes your pet’s dining style to the next level. The cast resin dog feeder features fluted edges and a pedestal base in a finely aged bronze finish.

L 9.50 dia. x 10H M 9 dia. x 7H S 7.25 dia. x 4.50H

“My dog winks at me sometimes. I always wink back in case it’s some sort of code.” —Author Unknown


BENJAMIN Your dog is worth more than any amount of money, so show that devotion with the richly detailed Benjamin Dish. Made of high-fired porcelain, it is whimsical yet tasteful. Like a crisp $100, it never goes out of style. M 7.75 dia. x 3H S 7 dia. x 2.50H



BERLIN The rough and tough Berlin Collection, made from nickel-plated porcelain, makes a dramatic statement that blends with any décor from industrial to stark contemporary. L 9.25 dia. x 3.75H M 8.25 dia. x 3.25H S 7 dia. x 2.75H XS 5 dia. x 2.50H Canister 7 dia. x 8.50H

“I would rather be called the Dog Lady, than a people person.” —Savana Frame

BLANCA The porcelain Blanca Dish features a gracefully hand-pierced design that will prove to be as elegant as it is timeless. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.75 dia. x 3H S 7 dia. x 2.50H XS 6 dia. x 2H

Pictured below: Dolce –Cavalier King Charles

BONE APPÉTIT Simplicity and elegance are found in the same form. The Bone Appétit Collection is made of porcelain and is featured in a pure white finish with a pierced bone motif. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.75 dia. x 3H S 7 dia. x 2.50H Canister 5.75 dia. x 8.75H

Includes stainless steel bowls.

3 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

BOWERY The new chic. The recycled aluminum Bowery Dish is finished in aged nickel, giving it the essence of hard industrial and urban design. L 10.50 dia. x 3.75H M 9.50 dia. x 3.50H S 8 dia. x 3H

BRIGGS Made from reclaimed steel drums, the Briggs Dish gives a nod to industrial design while being environmentally friendly. Each piece is truly unique in color, texture and finish to maintain beauty for years of dining enjoyment. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 8 dia. x 3.25H S 6.50 dia. x 3H

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” —Author Unknown

BRUNO Symbolic of brute strength, the Bruno Dish has a dramatic physique that is made from cast aluminum with a polished nickel finish. Designed with intimidating spikes and a sleek finish, this bowl will give your beta just the right amount of alpha.

L 10.50 dia. x 4H M 10 dia. x 3.50H S 8.50 dia. x 2.75H


CANIDAE Man’s best friend goes by many names. Whether of regal bloodline or a sweet rescued soul, every dog deserves to dine in style. The porcelain Canidae Dish features an array of breeds and terms for your adopted pup as well. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.75 dia. x 3H S 7 dia. x 2.50H

CASTRO Influenced by Mid-Century Modern design, the Castro Dish blends beautifully into any modern décor. Constructed of steel wire, the orange powder-coated finish makes it perfect for indoor or protected outdoor living spaces. L 11.25 dia. x 3.75H M 10 dia. x 3.25H S 8.50 dia. x 2.75H

CHARTRES Inspired by the rich history of New Orleans, an embossed fleur de lis adorns this charcoal resin dog bowl with antique gold trim. L 9.50 dia. x 3.50H M 8.50 dia. x 3.50H S 7 dia. x 2.75H XS 6 dia. x 2.50H

HIGH-RISE NICKEL Design in its purest form, this contemporary porcelain raised feeder features a shiny nickel-plated finish. L 10 dia. x 12H M 9 dia. x 9H S 8 dia. x 4H

“Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right into your ear.” —Dave Barry

An eco-friendly product.

Includes stainless steel bowls.

5 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

HIGH-RISE WHITE Simple yet practical, this contemporary porcelain raised feeder showcases a pure white high-gloss finish.

L 10 dia. x 12H M 9 dia. x 9H S 8 dia. x 4H

“I once decided not to date a guy because he wasn't excited to meet my dog. I mean, this was like not wanting to meet my mother.” —Bonnie Schacter Top

KOI GARDEN The Japanese have a way of seamlessly integrating nature and beauty into most everything they do. The Koi Garden Dish is our tribute to the beauty of their prints, precision and uncomplicated genius. S 7 dia x 2.50H


Back Pictured below: Alice–Boxer

MONTE CARLO High stakes design takes the gamble out of your best friend’s dining experience. The intricately detailed design of our porcelain Monte Carlo Collection is a winning addition to any home. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.75 dia. x 3H S 7 dia. x 2.50H Canister 6W x 6D x 9.75H


NEWPORT Once given to nobility as gifts, blue and white porcelain has always been a luxury afforded by few. With a modern spin on a timeless classic, the porcelain Newport Collection will make your dog feel royally privileged. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.75 dia. x 3H S 7 dia. x 2.50H Canister 6W x 6D x 9.75H

Pictured above: Zooey–Shepherd mix

PAGODA Inspired by the ancient temples of Asia, the Pagoda Raised Feeder features a rubbed black finish and provides a sleek and cultural eating experience for your pet. L 10W x 10D x 11.75H M 9W x 9D x 9H S 7W x 7D x 4.25H

“I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.” —Author Unknown

PHORM As a tribute to Mid-Century Modern design, the Phorm Dish is groovy and functional. Finished in three hip colors, this cast resin classic adds simple style to your pet’s dining area. L 10.50W x 9.50D x 4H (orange only) M 9.75W x 8.50D x 4H (green only) S 8W x 7D x 3H (cream only)

Includes stainless steel bowls.

7 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

“Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.” —Author Unknown

PHUKET Named for the coastal paradise of Thailand, this temple box inspired raised feeder is finished in three hand-painted colors. L 9 dia. x 12H (black only) M 8 dia. x 9H (red only) S 7.75 dia. x 4.50H (green only)

ROWLEY The true beauty of the natural acacia wood is shown in the Rowley Dish. The renewable plantation wood is hand-turned for a truly unique dish. L 9.50 dia. x 4H M 8.75 dia. x 3.50H S 7 dia. x 2.50H

SAVANNAH You and your pet deserve a beautiful living environment, and the Savannah Dish delivers the detail you desire. Reclaimed steel is hand-hammered and then nickelplated to create the look of fine silver. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.50 dia. x 3.50H S 6 dia. x 3H

WESTWOOD Classic fretwork detailing, laser cut from reclaimed steel and finished in vibrant red; the Westwood Dish adds a splash of style to any interior. L 8.75 dia. x 3.75H M 7.50 dia. x 3.25H S 6.25 dia. x 3H


dining tables &

double feeders Dinnertime for your pet has never been so elegant. Our broad collection of dining tables and double feeders were designed to complement your home décor while elevating your pet’s food and water to a culinary experience. Fine materials such as natural granite, solid wood and handfinished metals are joined with exquisite design in a full range of styles from contemporary to traditional. Each design is available in multiple sizes to be enjoyed by most any size pet.

AUSTIN STRAP TABLE Straightforward yet stylish, the Austin Strap Table brings architectural lines to life. The handcrafted aluminum table, in a polished nickel finish, draws attention to dinnertime unlike any other dining table.

“Outside of a dog, a book is probably man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.”

M 19W x 9.75D x 9.25H S 14.50W x 8D x 5H

CARLISLE TABLE The scroll of this dreamy table is elegant and ready to serve. The Carlisle Table is made of steel and is a graceful addition to traditional décor.

L 17.25W x 8.25D x 4.75H M 15.25W x 7.50D x 4.50H S 12.50W x 6D x 4H

—Groucho Marx

An eco-friendly product.

Includes stainless steel bowls.

9 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” —Author Unknown

HUDSON TABLE Steeped in traditional design, this classic collection works great in many lifestyles. The elevated feeding table features a rich mahogany stain and a luxurious black granite top. L 21W x 11D x 11.50H M 19W x 10D x 8.50H S 15W x 8D x 4H

“If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either.” —Author Unknown

MAKATI TABLE Designed for lasting beauty, the Makati Table was inspired by Old World ethnic charm. Handcrafted with embellished scrollwork detail and finished in a rich distressed walnut stain, the table features delicate carved legs and a durable solid marble top. The heirloom quality construction will ensure years of fine dining. L 21W x 11D x 11.50H M 19W x 10D x 8.50H S 17W x 10D x 4H

MILOS TABLE The always-chic Greek key motif has been around for thousands of years and isn’t going anywhere. The Milos Table is crafted from mild steel and will have you shouting, “OPA!” L 19W x 9.75D x 4.50H M 17W x 8.75D x 4.50H S 13.75W x 7.25D x 4H


NELSON TABLE Architectural appeal and good taste characterize the Nelson Table. The table is handcrafted in mild steel and delicately pierced with a Mid-Century Modern print.

L 19W x 10.25D x 12.50H M 17.25W x 9D x 9H S 14W x 7.50D x 4.25H

Pictured above: Ozlow–Beagle mix

SIMON DOUBLE FEEDER A pierced bone pattern adorns this dining table made from mild steel. An urban finish and traditional pattern make this table a perfect fit for all décors. Simon says sit… stay…eat! L 17.25W x 9D x 4H M 15.75W x 8D x 4H S 12.50W x 8.50D x 4H

SONOMA DOUBLE FEEDER The rustic yet elegant Sonoma Double Feeder will bring the charm of the wine country into your home. Handmade from hammered steel in an aged copper finish, it will complement any traditional décor and provide your pet with a wonderful dining experience.

L 19.50W x 10D x 4.75H M 16.75W x 8.75D x 4.50H S 14.50W x 7.50D x 4H

“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.” —Author Unknown

Includes stainless steel bowls.

11 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

SYDNEY DOUBLE FEEDER The Sydney Double Feeder pays homage to the great city of Sydney, Australia for its colonies of architecturally stunning honeycombs. Handcrafted in steel with a matte nickel finish, dinnertime has never been so sweet and highly styled. L 17.25W x 9D x 4H M 15.75W x 8D x 4H S 12.50W x 8.50D x 4H

“A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.” —O.A. Battista

TRIPOLI TABLE A large rustic dining table is always a precursor to a hearty meal. The Tripoli Table does not disappoint with its threebowl benefit, allotting for more dogs and more food. Made of weathered iron, three is never a crowd. L 26.50W x 8.50D x 12H M 23.25W x 7.50D x 9H S 19.25W x 6.25D x 4H

WESCOTT TABLE The Wescott Table features a metal grillwork base in an aged copper finish. A natural slate top completes the table while creating the perfect combination of clean lines and a touch of rustic charm. L 22.50W x 12.50D x 12H M 20.50W x 11.50D x 9H S 15.25W x 8.50D x 4H

ZHAO TABLE Inspired by Chinese antiques, the Zhao Table is updated in cast resin and finished in Ming Red lacquer. The simple design looks great in any décor. M 17W x 8.75D x 3.25H S 14.25W x 7.50D x 2.75H


Bowl Capacity Chart Ounces fluids

Cups dry food

Anderson Canister

108 oz

12 cups

Benjamin–M Benjamin–S

24 oz 16 oz

3 cups 2 cups

Berlin–L Berlin–M Berlin–S Berlin–XS Berlin Canister

56 oz 40 oz 16 oz 12 oz 88 oz

8 cups 5 cups 2 cups 1½ cups 11 cups

Blanca–L Blanca–M Blanca–S Blanca–XS

40 oz 24 oz 16 oz 12 oz

5 cups 3 cups 2 cups 1½ cups

Bone Appétit–L Bone Appétit–M Bone Appétit–S Bone Appétit Canister

40 oz 24 oz 16 oz 76 oz

5 cups 3 cups 2 cups 8 cups

Canidae–L Canidae–M Canidae–S

40 oz 24 oz 16 oz

5 cups 3 cups 2 cups

Koi Garden–S

16 oz

2 cups

Monte Carlo–L Monte Carlo–M Monte Carlo–S Monte Carlo Canister

40 oz 24 oz 16 oz 152 oz

5 cups 3 cups 2 cups 16 cups

Newport–L Newport–M Newport–S Newport Canister

40 oz 24 oz 16 oz 152 oz

5 cups 3 cups 2 cups 16 cups

Stainless Steel Insert Bowls

Large Medium Small Extra Small

Ounces fluids

Cups dry food

44 oz 36 oz 16 oz 12 oz

5½ cups 4½ cups 2 cups 1¾ cups

All of the following items use the stainless steel insert bowls: Acacia Adour Anderson Austin Strap Table Baroque Belmont Bowery Briggs Bruno Carlisle Table

Castro Chartres High-Rise Nickel High-Rise White Hudson Table Makati Table Milos Table Nelson Table Pagoda Phorm

Phuket Rowley Savannah Simon Feeder Sonoma Feeder Sydney Feeder Tripoli Table Wescott Table Westwood Zhao Table


beds Comfort and style come together in our collection of pet beds. Machine-washable fabrics are carefully tailored with impeccable detail to provide years of restful enjoyment while complementing your living environment. Each removable cushion is made from post-consumer plastic bottles which is not only comfortable but environmentally friendly and odor-resistant.


M 25.50W x 20D x 5H

S 20.50W x 16D x 4H

FOREST PARK Let your dog dream of chasing squirrels with the Forest Park Bed. The machine-washable cover has a hand-appliquéd pattern set against cotton seersucker. The filling of the bed is made from recycled soft drink bottles and is odor-resistant.

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” —Bern Williams

JEFFERSON Show your patriotism and your love for your pet with the Jefferson Bed. Named for America’s most style conscious founding father, the bed is assembled by hand just like Betsy Ross would do it. Made with a machine-washable cotton cover and recycled fiber filling for years of glory.

LOUIS Rich gold velvet, combined with harlequin quilting, makes the Louis Bed a perfect complement to any décor and provides unparalleled luxury for your pet. The opulent cover is machine-washable and the plush cushion is good for the environment.



“Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.”

Watch your pooch fold himself into a myriad of artful positions of slumber with this fun, quirky bed. Made with a machine-washable cotton cover and recycled fiber filling for cozy repose. Available in large and medium sizes only.

—Mordecai Siegal

ROYAL POST Inspired by the British mail service, the Royal Post Bed delivers a clear message to save unwanted animals and end dog pounds. Every pet deserves to be treated like royalty, and yours certainly will in this tasteful and comfortable bed. The hand-appliquéd cotton cover is machine-washable and the recycled filling is environmentally conscious.

UNION JACK The iconic Union Jack Bed adds an eclectic touch to any room and provides a comfortable place for your favorite ally to relax. The machine-washable cotton cover is assembled by hand, and the recycled fiber filling is odor-resistant.

Pictured below: Buoy & Yogie–Dachshund

WILLIAM The William Bed is sure to make your pet feel like royalty. The machine-washable poly-wool blend fabric in heather grey and the regal crown appliqué are tailored to Seville Row standards.

An eco-friendly product.

15 Specifications may vary due to the uniqueness of each piece. See page 13 for bowl capacity of individual styles.

home decor By incorporating hand-painted dog portraits, unique figurines and ornaments into your home, loving your dog has never been so chic.

OIL PAINTINGS All oil paintings are individually hand-painted on canvas to guarantee one-of-a-kind authenticity and paired with a simple black wood frame for a classic finish. Highlight your favorite breed individually or hang a collection for a dramatic statement. All paintings measure 13W x 1.50D x 13H 1. Labrador 2. Beagle 3. Golden Lab 4. Boston Terrier 5. Yorkie 6. English Bulldog 7. Pug 8. Schnauzer 9. Westie

FIGURES Add a touch of fun to your home with stylized ceramic dogs, glazed in a unique gunmetal finish.

ORNAMENTS Shepherd 15.40W x 6.75D x 14.60H Boxer 13.60W x 4.25D x 7.50H Beagle 13.75W x 5.10D x 9.60H

Ceramic dog ornaments finished in a unique gunmetal glaze bring a touch of charm to any holiday celebration.

Shepherd 5.25W x 1.75D x 3.50H Boxer 3.25W x 2D x 4.25H Beagle 3.75W x 2D x 3.75H


Premium pet wellness comes home. Unleashed Life is proud to introduce Apawthikare. Through a strategic partnership with Mercy Medical Research Institute, Apawthikare has been developed with the support and expertise of one of the top clinical research communities in the country. This innovative line was designed by nationally recognized trauma and burn surgeon, Dr. Roger Huckfeldt and PhD Biologist, Dr. Phillip Finley who have spent their careers studying the physiology behind skin care and wound healing.

• Developed to FDA standards • Backed by medical research • Non-toxic and alcohol-free • Perfect for dogs and cats






Sanitize has been formulated to disinfect your pet's paws after walks and outdoor activity. The patented formula removes harmful contaminants while moisturizing the paws.

Detox is a lightweight hydrating formula that neutralizes and eliminates odors while promoting healthy skin and fur. This one-step treatment can also be used as a rinse-free bath.




Kills 99.9% of harmful germs from a pet’s paws.

Neutralizes odor rather than masking it with irritating fragrance.

Antimicrobials kill harmful bacteria and prevent infection.

Alcohol-free, so there is no sting.

Antioxidants and Aloe Vera moisturize and protect skin and fur.

Quickly provides relief to skin infections, minor cuts and scratches.

Contains Antimicrobials to kill harmful bacteria.

Alcohol free.

Contains Aloe Vera to hydrate and protect paws. Non-toxic spray application is easy to use after every walk. Perfect for cats after the litter box.

Does not remove topical flea and tick preventatives.

Stops the spread of dirt and odors.

Please visit

Relieve is an effective way to aid in the treatment of skin infections, minor cuts and scratches. The combination of antiseptic and skin protectant provides a unique benefit to pets.

Promotes relief of hot spots.

Stops the itch to help with healing. Easy spray application can be used every 6–8 hours.

for more information and ingredient lists.

UNLEASHEDLIFE.COM 214 W. Phelps, Suite 205, Springfield, Mo. 65806 P 417. 869. 8181 F 417. 869. 9091


loving memory of S cout , P oydras & Z eppelin

Their lives inspired the creation of Unleashed Life and their spirits move us to better the lives of all animals.

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