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HUMANITECTURE [Human + Architecture]

Unjoo An


Humanitecture? Human :

1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people 2. consisting of people 3. of or pertaining to the social aspect of people 4. sympathetic; humane:



1. the profession of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments. 2. the character of style of building 3. the action or process of building; construction 4. result or product of architectural work


Table of Contents

1. Human and Space


2. Human’s Freewill

10 - 12

3. Refuge for unconciousness

13 - 15

4. Playground

16 - 20

5. Distortion of Essense

21 - 26

6. Extra Work

27 - 30


1. Human and Space


Interaction between human and space When we choose place to live, we use visual, auditory, and olfactory. In addition, With considering budget that meets our need, we choose the place by these three senses at the same time. On the other hand, when we love someone, sense of touch is necessary besides visual, auditory, and olfactory senses. Exchange of feeling is also important by touching somebody with affection. Isn’t it hard to continue relationship with someone who I feel uncomfortable when I took his hands? I processed this project to experience of touch sensation between place and human. Generally, since there are enough room in our actual place and life space, it is hard for human to feel sense of space. So, I started a experiment to feel interaction with space by living 95 width x 82 lengths x 127 height house that a big dog can sleep. In addition, it is desired to experience the human’s ability to dominate place physically in the basic situation. In this situation, the imaginary place perception is removed and there is only limited space to live. I lived approximately 1 month by setting up the house in the gallery. I learned how to live with the space by sharing feelings between space and me. Link for Video

Human and Space,2012,wood,95x82x127(cm) 5


Human and Space


physical domination to the actual space

Human and Space

Project Process and Daily memories in Dog House

Daily necessities

On the process of making Dog House

First day of my new place

I drew a painting with pastel.

My families and friend’s pictures.

Letters from my boy friend who is in military service

Reciepts that i spent during living in the dog house.


Human and Spcae


11.16.2012, 14:00

11.16.2012, 15:30


11.20.2012, 19:30







11.18.2012, 18:00

11.19.2012, 08:00

11.19.2012, 08:30


11.23.2012, 18:00

11.23.2012, 20:00












11.20.2012, 20:00


11.19.2012, 09:00

2. Human’s Free Will


Human's Free Will


Human’s free will God created human beings with the intention of giving them free will. With this free will, human’s are essentially in control of their own actions having the power to do what it is that they want to do. Therefore, human beings have the tendency to stray the wrong way and make undesirable choices. However, when committing to an undesirable decision, human beings feel guilt and remorse. They ultimately try to ratify their conduct hoping to make a better decision in the future. In other words, the ability to control one’s own actions is a basic design of human nature and that our though process helps us correct our wrongs and move in trying to make better choices in the end. I believe true freedom comes from control. Here, the Roller skate symbolize human’s free will. The free rolling wheels representing that human beings can go anywhere. This work tries to show the human’s ability to control their own actions, symbolized by making the roller skate run on the rail. This is metaphorically similar to a train in which a train cannot run off its designated track. I wanted to show that these skates also ultimately could not stray off from these tracks. Roller-skates on railroad, 2012, steal, roller skates,12x7x300(cm)


3.Refuges for unconsciousness



Unconsciousness and consciousness, 2012, line tape, and acrylic on canvas 73x91(cm)

Refuge for unconciousness Freud said the mind is like an iceberg, and that only a small part is revealed to conscious awareness, while the bigger, deeper reasons for our actions lie beneath the surface Consciousness is a condition that causes humans to be aware of their surroundings, and it also can be affected by society and environment. But unconsciousness has a more innocent status of human essential, which cannot be reached yet by human. Sometimes, I picture myself as not just belonging to a society or group, but just an innocent human being. Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays. -Friedrich von Schiller The best status of instinct in human is a child. As Friedrich von Schiller said, Man is only completely a man when he plays. A child accepts and enjoys play instinct without refusing.

Refuge for Unconsciousness, 2012, black hangers, yellow masking tape, cable tie, 173x50x150(cm)

This work is a representation of myself recovering from my own conscience by trying to venture into the world of the unconscious. Also, I try to portray an image of a crouching body, which I believe is like an innocent of fetus which is a beginning of life.



Playground Process 12/9


Playground, 2012, White sheet tape 1050 x 800 (cm)

Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays. -Friedrich von Schiller Instinct in a human being is at its prime when a human is an infant. As Friedrich von Schiller said, Man is only completely a man when he plays. A child accepts and enjoys play instinct without refusing. However, most humans lose the play instinct as they grow up.

In this work, I try to show a represent the return to childhood, which are the days of real human instinct at its best. Here, visitors can play in a plethora of different ways following signs, crosswalks and sidewalks, which stick to the floor.

The definition of playing is in the eyes of the beholder. As we walk unconsciously and journey down these sidewalks, instinct kicks in and we think of something playful. I believe that it is possible to not only play and enjoy in an amusement park, and with toys, but I feel that everything connected with our daily lives can be �play�.

hand drawing by pencil



5.Distortion of Essense


Distortion of Essence

“pure and cute mouse” Micky mouse symbolizes the weak. At the same time, he is Disney’s representative icon loved by all around the world as a character whom conquers his nemesis, the cat. (Figaro). However, Disney is a company who earned a lot of money merchandizing children’s innocence of childhood. I wanted to criticize the society in which all values are calculated by money. Therefore, I made Micky Mouse’s mouth represent the character Joker’s mouth from the comic series, Batman, which is big and tore up. Button has an Ambilaterality for example, fastening a button is a button’s role, but in contrary, a button can be utilized to unbutton a button. Therefore, I satirize Disney because I believe that they are a company that is merchandizing children’s innocence.


Joker Mouse, 2012, shirt buttons, wire, thread, 35x32x35(cm)

Distorted Human’s essense Here is the famous masterpiece called “Girl with a Pearl Earring” I altered this work of art by using puzzle pieces to portray a face that is breaking up more and more towards the air, putting an emphasize in the distortion of the Girl’s face. According to Plato, the people in the cave are everyday people who think they are seeing real things when they are only seeing the shadows of things. We have to use our senses to come up with beliefs about the world, and that process is very much like looking at the shadows of things and trying to guess what they are. As said by Plato, interpretation about a human can be contrasting, as certain views of certain situations can be interpreted differently. I believe that these views are like pieces of a puzzle that ultimately come together to complete a picture. By putting the pieces of a puzzle together, we want to get a visual of the whole picture, though we cannot see the complete essentials from a human standpoint.



Girl with a Pearl Earring, 2012, puzzle pieces, acrylic on canvas, 55x45(cm)

City of QR code Every city has their own characters and images. With the picture of New york city from sky view, I drew it at the first. Then, I made New York city›s QR code by categorizing four sections; commercial area(orange), residential area(red), green area(green), and manufacturing area(blue), With the shape of QR code and Color of four sections that I classified, I designed three dimensional artwork.

City of QR code, 2012, OHP Film, PVC, 15 x 15 x 29 (cm)



Object, 2012, charcoal, conte, pastel,colored paper , 306 x 612 (mm)

Portrait, 2012, magazine, acrylic on canvas, 73 x 91(cm)

6.Extra Work


Object, 2012, charcoal, conte, pakage paper, 1,576x2180(mm)

Object drawing, 2012, charcoal, charcoal paper, 306 x 612 (mm)

Centre Georges Pompidou, 2012, ink, pakage paper, 188x1090 (mm)


by Unjoo An University of Michigan