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Data Conversion and Data Entry Services Need of Different types of Outsourcing Data Conversion and Data Entry Services by Businesses Nowadays, need of outsourcing work becomes a necessity for most of the businesses due to its several benefits. With increasing local as well as the global competitions, it becomes essential for businesses to make their services efficient and deliver prompt support to customers to stay competitive. In addition, to focus on core strength of businesses, many organizations prefer outsourcing non-core processes such as data entry, data conversion, software development, web designing and many more based on the need of their organizations. In order to accomplish need of businesses, outsourcing companies have enhanced their capabilities in terms of offering outstanding services by enhancing their work quality, technology, skill and knowledge. Different Types of Data Conversion Services When it comes to different types of data conversion and data entry services, hiring reliable BPO Company can offer one stop solution for all your needs. There are different types of data conversion services for which businesses need to hire outsourcing BPO Company. In many businesses, there is a huge amount of data available in different formats which need to be converted and store in a single format and can be use by their ERP system or other software application or for data analysis. Hence, it requires a data conversion process. There are different types of data conversion services offered by BPO companies such as 

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PDF Conversion Services – It converts files from different sources or format, including hard copies (such as catalogue, forms, books, brochure, reports, etc.) and files (JPG, GIF, TIFF, etc.) into PDF file format and vice-versa Book Conversion Services – Convert books into electronic format as required HTML Conversion Services – It includes conversion of any format into HTML (such as word, paper, print, microfilm, etc.) as well as convert HTML into another format (such as doc, XML, PNG, TIFF, RTF, etc.) as required Word Formatting Services – It includes formatting of heading, body text, captions, and content of tables, images, references and many more File conversion services – It converts files from one format to another format as per requirement XML conversion services – It converts data from any given format (such as word, text, HTML, PDF, etc.) into XML format as well as convert XML files into the required format. EHR (Electronic Health Record) data conversion – Converts, clean, and update data into desired format Spreadsheet Conversion Services – It includes convert file into excel from manual data entry, PDF file, scan, etc. EMR (Electronic Medical Records) data conversion – Convert complete data of the patient into an electronics form need to use in medical application. SGML conversion services – Converts html, image, Text, PDF, etc. into SGML format as well as converts in other formats from SGML

The advantages of data conversion service are, you will get your important data into your desired format which you can access for your business purpose. When you acquire outsourcing services, you need not to worry about accuracy and quality of your data. You also don’t need to worry about lost it once you have digitally stored data. Moreover, digitally stored data can be used easily into your existing application which can reduce duplication work of your company and increase productivity. Different Types of Data Entry Services When it comes to data entry, there are various types of data entry services offer by BPO companies such as                      

Book Data Entry Image Data Entry Data Entry from Enrollment Forms Directory Management Form Processing Data Capture E-Publishing Product detail entry for online stores/ecommerce sites Data Extraction Brochure/Catalog Conversion Survey Form Entry Database Development & Migration Invoice Forms Data Entry Online Data Entry Translingual/Multilingual Data Entry Bulk Data Entry (Image / Handwritten / Printed ) Email address Entry Database Entry Medical/Insurance Claims Open-Ended Research Coding OCR Cleanup Data Analytics and Reporting

Every business needs data entry services in order to store important information of their business. When the information is in bulk and need regularly, it requires entering day-to-day information in order to reduce workload. Data entry services are widely required by online businesses, medical institutes, online directory/portal, educational institutes, healthcare companies, large enterprises/conglomerate, mobile operators and many more. If you have your business and need data conversion or data entry services, hiring a most efficient BPO company is very important which can capable to offer cutting-edge services for any type of data entry project. It helps in reduce unnecessary expenses of your company and increase growth and revenue of your business.

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