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Now in its third edition, The Student’s Catullus makes Catullus’s famous poems more accessible than ever to students of the Latin language. This book includes an introduction, English commentary, Latin-English Catullan vocabulary, and other aids to help students read and understand the works of this important author. $26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3635-6 · 256 pages

Selections from Herodotus Edited by Amy L. Barbour The writings of Herodotus—historian, observer, and delightful storyteller—have long been favorites among teachers and students of the Greek language. Barbour has included as many of the incidental stories.

Horace Epodes and Odes, A New Annotated Latin Edition By Daniel H. Garrison


University of Oklahoma

The Student’s Catullus Third Edition By Daniel H. Garrison

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This fully annotated Latin edition of Horace’s Epodes, Odes, and Carmen Saeculare is the first comprehensive English commentary on these works since 1903. Garrison offers help with meter, vocabulary, and difficult points of grammar. $26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3057-6 · 398 pages

Cleopatra A Sourcebook By Prudence J. Jones This fascinating sourcebook documents what we know of the historical Cleopatra and also shows how she has evolved through the lens of interpretation. $24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3741-4 · 304 pages

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1427-9 · 402 pages

This superbly illustrated volume traces the evolution of the art of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds between 1600 b.c. and a.d. 800, from the rise of Mycenaean civilization to the fall of Ravenna and the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1846-8 · 160 pages

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2794-1 · 224 pages

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3995-1 · 192 pages

“Unique to this work are the Comments, interspersed at regular intervals, on the names of divinities, the movement of the plot, other versions of the myths. . . .These notes should reduce the frustrations of teaching Hesiod in translation and invite students to appreciate the richness of detail in [Hesiod’s] poetry.”—Classical Outlook

sport in ancient times By Nigel Crowther

Warfare in the Classical World An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons, Warriors and Warfare in the Ancient World By John Warry

$26.95s Paper · 978-0-8061-4025-4 · 240 pages

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1937-3 · 414 pages

plato’s apology of socrates A Commentary By Paul Allen Miller

The Poems of Hesiod By R.M. Frazer

This revised edition adds concise sections on grammar that will help immensely the student who has not learned Latin grammar. With a judicious hand, Wright has removed some extraneous commentary on the Iliad, but the essence of Pharr’s text—which has stood the test of time—has been left untouched.

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-4050-6 · 154 pages

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1430-9 · 456 pages

A Book for Beginners By Clyde Pharr and John Wright

the erotics of domination Male Desire and the Mistress in Latin Love Poetry By Ellen Greene

In the forty years since it was first compiled, Richard John Cunliffe’s A Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect is unmatched wherever English-speaking scholars and students pursue the Homeric epics in the original form.

Homeric Greek, Revised Edition

Coming Spring 2010

A Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect By Richard John Cunliffe

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1347-0 · 522 pages

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3363-5 · 592 pages

In Xenophon’s Anabasis, Joseph William Hewitt and Maurice W. Mather present a clearly written historical and literary introduction to the life of Xenophon.

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First published in 1903, Selections from Homer’s Iliad has become a classic Greek textbook. Benner presents selections from twelve books of the Iliad in both Greek and English, as well as short summaries to aid the student in gaining a comprehensive view of the Iliad as a work of literature and art.

Un iv er si ty of O k laho ma P re ss

Selections from Homer’s Iliad By Allen Rogers Benner

Xenophon’s Anabasis Books I - IV By Maurice W. Mather and Joseph William Hewitt

Classical Studies U n i v e r s i t y o f O k l a h o m a P r e ss

New and Recent Releases Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius An Intermediate Reader and Grammar Review By P. L. Chambers The second year of Latin instruction can be the most difficult for student and teacher alike. These problems have been overcome by P. L. Chambers with the help of one ancient Roman. A classroom-tested book, The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius will motivate second-year students to continue their course of study while providing a much-needed alternative for Latin instructors seeking accessible textbooks for their students $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3993-7 · 128 pages Teacher Answer Key · Free with adoption

daily life in The Roman City Rome, Pompeii, and Ostia By Gregory S. Aldrete In Gregory Aldrete’s exhaustive account, readers can peer into the inner workings of daily life in ancient Rome, Pompeii, and Ostia and examine the history, infrastructure, government, and economy of these cities and their inhabitants—their life and death, dangers and pleasures, entertainment, and religion. This volume is ideal for high school and college students and for others wishing to examine the realities of life in ancient Rome. $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-4027-8 · 296 pages

Latin Alive and Well An Introductory Text By P. L. Chambers Latin Alive and Well, ia classroom-tested textbook consisting of 36 units, is designed for both high school and university classes, in two-semester courses and intensive onesemester courses. The textbook is written so simply that students with no previous exposure to a foreign language can understand and learn the grammatical concepts.

Featured Backlist Roman Political Thought and the Modern Theoretical Imagination By Dean Hammer

Roman contributions to political theory have been acknowledged primarily in the province of law and administration. Even with a growing interest among classicists in Roman political thought, most political theorists view it as merely derivative of Greek philosophy. Focusing on the works of key Roman thinkers, Dean Hammer recasts the legacy of their political thought, examining their imaginative vision of a vulnerable political world and the relationship of the individual to this realm.

Vocabulary Flash Cards: $19.95 · 978-0-8061-3881-7

A Concise Guide to Teaching Latin Literature Edited by Ronnie Ancona Catullus, Horace, Ovid, Cicero, and Vergil are the official Advanced Placement Program Latin authors as well as standard reading for college and advanced secondary students of Latin. This book provides accessible information about recent scholarship on these authors to show how an awareness of current academic debates can enhance the teaching of their works. $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3797-1 · 128 pages

The Reign of Cleopatra By Stanley M. Burstein In this engaging and multifaceted account, Stanley M. Burstein displays Cleopatra in the full manifold brilliance of the multiple cultures, countries, and people that surrounded her throughout her compelling life, and in so doing develops a stunning picture of a legendary queen and a deeply historic reign.

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1456-9 540 pages

A Homeric Dictionary for Schools and Colleges By George Autenrieth

A classic of Western literature for three millennia, Homer’s Iliad captivates modern readers—as it did ancient listeners—with its tale of gods and warriors at the siege of Troy. Now Herbert Jordan’s line-for-line translation brilliantly renders the original Greek into English blank verse—the poetic form most closely resembling our spoken language.

$29.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1289-3 318 pages

Women and Monarchy in Macedonia By Elizabeth Donnelley Carney

$39.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3942-5 · 544 pages

$55.00 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3212-9 384 pages

$16.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3974-6 · 544 pages

Propertius Elegies I-IV Edited, with introduction and commentary by L. Richardson, jr.

The Odes of Horace A Critical Study By Steele Commager $24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2729-3 384 pages

The Latin poet Propertius (ca. 50–16 b.c.) is considered by many to be the greatest elegiac poet of Rome. In this authoritative edition of Propertius’s elegies, L. Richardson, jr. makes these challenging poems both intelligible and accessible.

The Trojan War By Carol G. Thomas and Craig Conant $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3874-9 224 pages

$21.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3468-0 · 504 pages

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3871-8 · 224 pages

The Trojan War By Carol G. Thomas and Craig Conant

The Nature of Roman Comedy 2nd Edition A Study in Popular Entertainment By George E. Duckworth

Conceived as an introduction to this critical event in the Western tradition, The Trojan War offers readers and researchers an engaging mixture of descriptive chapters, biographical sketches, and annotated primary documents.

With Notes and Commentary by C. A. E. Luschnig and H. M. Roisman

Cavalry Operations in the Ancient Greek World By Robert E. Gaebel $24.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3365-2 $21.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3444-4 368 pages

Women Poets in Ancient Greece and Rome Edited by Ellen Greene $29.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3663-9 $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3664-6 224 pages

The Iliad as Politics The Performance of Political Thought By Dean Hammer

Clodia A Sourcebook By Julia Dyson Hejduk

Virgil A Study in Civilized Poetry By Brooks Otis

$24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3907-4 288 pages

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2782-8 456 pages

Work, Identity, and Legal Status at Rome A Study of the Occupational Inscriptions By Sandra R. Joshel

The Student’s Ovid Selections from the Metamorphoses Introduction and Commentary by Margaret Worsham Musgrove

$24.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-2475-9 280 pages

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3643-1 224 pages

Canaanites By Jonathan N. Tubb

$24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1560-3 222 pages

Homeric Vocabularies Greek and English Word-Lists for the Study of Homer By William Bishop Owen and Edgar Johnson Goodspeed

Athens in the Age of Pericles

The Making of the Roman Army From Republic to Empire By Lawrence Keppie

The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries a.d. Third Edition By Graham Webster

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3014-9 272 pages

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-0828-5 96 pages

Hannibal’s War A Military History of the Second Punic War By J. F. Lazenby

The Latin Language By L. R. Palmer

The Great Goddesses of Egypt By Barbara S. Lesko

$24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3539-7 304 pages

By Eugen Strouhal

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3220-4 224 pages

$29.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2444-5 256 pages

The Athenian Democracy in the Age of Demosthenes Structure, Principles, and Ideology By Mogens Herman Hansen

Gender and Aging in Mesopotamia The Gilgamesh Epic and Other Ancient Literature By Rivkah Harris

Life of the Ancient Egyptians

$21.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3108-5 160 pages

$29.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3004-0 368 pages

$24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3143-6 496 pages

Propertius The Poems Translated with notes by W. G. Shepherd

Tibullus A Commentary By Michael C. J. Putnam

$34.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3366-9 304 pages

$24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3202-0 336 pages

Ancient Egyptian Medicine By John F. Nunn $32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3504-5 240 pages

In the Shadow of the Pyramids Egypt during the Old Kingdom By Jaromir Malek

By Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr. $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-0935-0 180 pages

Rome in the Augustan Age By Henry Thompson Rowell $26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-0956-5 256 pages

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2136-9 382 pages

Tragedy and Civilization An Interpretation of Sophocles By Charles Segal

Reading Vergil’s Aeneid An Interpretive Guide By Christine G. Perkell

$24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3136-8 528 pages

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3139-9 352 pages

A Student’s Seneca

Women Writers of Ancient Greece and Rome An Anthology Edited by I. M. Plant

Edited by M. D. Usher

Ten Letters and Selections from De Providentia and De Vita Beata $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3744-5 192 pages

$29.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3000-2 400 pages

Greece, Rome, and the Bill of Rights By Susan Ford Wiltshire $24.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-2464-3 256 pages

Roman Law An Historical Introduction By Hans Julius Wolff $24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1296-1 272 pages

Ancient Rome An Introductory History By Paul A. Zoch $24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3287-7 320 pages

O Tempora! O Mores! Cicero’s Catilinarian Orations A Student Edition with Historical Essays By Susan O. Shapiro

$49.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3621-9 $26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3622-6 304 pages

Selections from Plato Introduction and notes by Lewis Leaming Forman

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2027-0 130 pages

$34.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2620-3 526 pages

$19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3874-9 · 224 pages

$21.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3992-0 · 264 pages

$49.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3458-1 $26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3574-8 304 pages

Ovid’s Metamorphoses Books 6-10 Edited by William S. Anderson

The Iliad By Homer Translated by Herbert Jordan

Daughters of Gaia explores women’s lives in four ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. Looking at this era with a women-centered perspective, Bella Vivante highlights women’s agency and explains the social, political, and cultural factors that fostered female empowerment.

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-1396-8 406 pages

$32.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-2894-8 584 pages

$39.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3927-2 · 360 pages

Daughters of Gaia Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World By Bella Vivante

Euripides’ Alcestis

Ovid’s Metamorphoses Books 1-5 By William S. Anderson

Textbook: $24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3816-9 · 370 pages Teacher’s Answer Key: $19.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3880-0

Lysias Selected Speeches Edited by Charles Darwin Adams

$26.95 Cloth · 978-0-8061-3661-5 $24.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3662-2 304 pages

$26.95 Paper · 978-0-8061-3776-6 576 pages

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Classical Studies FINAL  
Classical Studies FINAL  

UnivERsity oF okL AHoMA PREss First published in 1903, Selections from Homer’s Iliad has become a classic greek textbook. Benner presents se...