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celebrating donor generosity

signature events Each year the University Hospital Foundation transforms the hospital cafeteria to host the Chairman’s Dinner, to recognize and thank donors whose total gifts throughout the previous fiscal year were $1,500 or greater.

W. Guy Scott, Chairman, University Hospital Foundation

“It is your generosity that saves and changes the lives of thousands of patients, right here in our community. Your generous support has ensured that our hospital is able to provide the very best in patient care. In many cases, your support provides specialized services and technology that is unique in our province − and our country.”

Linda Wiebe & Sylvia Nasseri

Pam & David Margolus

Helen Art & Edie Miazga

Shannon Butler

Shari Lucas & Curt Beyer

W. Guy Scott, Chairman University Hospital Foundation

“I went through many tests that could not determine the source of my epilepsy. Then a more powerful MRI [funded by University Hospital Foundation donors for research purposes] revealed the smallest abnormality that doctors had been unable to detect. In May 2003 I had two brain surgeries – and I no longer have seizures. Those MRI images have allowed me to pursue many things I had never imagined possible.” Shannon Butler, grateful neurosurgical patient and long-time University Hospital Foundation donor

Jared & Kai Smyth



University Hospital Foundation Annual Report  

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report

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