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All meetings will take place at Sveavägen 41, ABF House


The International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers

IFS Stockholm Sweden May 22-26, 2012 

Settlementrörelsen firar 100 år International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, IFS och Fritidsforum bjuder in till konferensen ”Democracy –Inclusion –Youth” - D.I.Y (Do it Yourself). Under intensiva dagar i maj har vi fokus på områdesarbete, fritiden och mötesplatsens betydelse. Hur vi ökar ungas inkludering, empowerment och egen organisering. Utbyter erfarenheter och idéer med det civila samhället, intresseorganisationer, nonprofit-företag och offentliga aktörer från hela världen. Inspireras av aktuell internationell och svensk forskning.

This week we will explore the power of place-based work around the world at the 2012 gathering of the International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers in Stockholm, Sweden. We will add our local knowledge to IFS’ worldwide voice as part of our Consultative Status with the United Nations; exchange ideas, research, and best practices; and celebrate 100 years of the settlement house movement in Sweden.

Welcome to Democracy –Inclusion –Youth - D.I.Y. Utforska styrkan och möjligheten med ett områdesbaserat arbete. Möteplatsen som en stark kraft för integration, civilt engagemang och global utveckling - Settlement. Vi kommer särskilt lyfta fram hur vi främjar ungas förmågor, handlingskraft och vilja, dvs. empowerment (”egenmakt”). Hur vi kan överbrygga allt mer växande klyftor mellan människor och utveckla strategier för hållbar utveckling. Vi firar också att Settlementrörelsen i Sverige fyller 100 år. Neighborhood centers have always been havens of inclusion for youth and other excluded communities, providing a home base for people to participate fully in the civic realm. This week we will explore how the community meeting place plays a central role in supporting grass roots efforts for global change. “DIY” stands for “Do It Yourself,” and neighborhood houses certainly support individual empowerment, skill-building and activism. Our work also brings people together to build bridges across tremendous divides. At no time has this work been more important than now. We will also examine the concept of “DIY” for our own institutions. How can settlement houses continue to adapt through social enterprises, community asset-building, and social media? Are we stronger when we “do it ourselves?”

Tuesday, May 22nd 16.00-18.00 Registration


Common Dinner


Opening Speakers Welcome Michael H. Zisser, Chair, IFS Board of Directors 100 Years of Settlements in Sweden Ulla Bergqvist, Former President of Fritidsforum


Reception/Mingle Party Hosts: Ulla Bergqvist, 1992—2004, Chairwoman, Fritidsforum Board Staffan Lindqvist, Board member of Fritidsforum and IFS

During four intensive days, we will exchange ideas, research and best practices, and connect our work at home to each other and the larger world.

Saturday, May 26th

Welcome to Stockholm!

The IFS General Membership Meeting and Board Meeting  The Citywalk: Stieg Larsson Millennium - tour in the footsteps of Lisbeth Salander 

Michael H. Zisser, Chair, IFS

Donald Forssten, Chair, Fritidsforum

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Wednesday, May 23rd

Thursday, May 24th

Friday, May 25th

Theme: DIY- Do It Yourself

Theme: Community Work in the Future

Theme: Research and Development

Moderator: Hilda Kraft,Watch it, Sweden


Moderator: Hans-Martin Hansen, Project Manager, Knowledge Development in Dialogue

Moderator: Hans-Martin Hansen, Project Manager, Knowledge Development in Dialogue







Do It Yourself - A Tool for Self-Empowerment Hilda Kraft, Process Manager, Watch it Mattias Persson, Youth Worker, Youth Club and Settlement in Lund, Sweden

9.20-10.00 Community Work and Public Health Charli Eriksson, professor, Örebro University

Youth Unemployment – Why We Need to Upgrade Our Social Capital Peter Håkansson, PhD Student, Department of Economic History, University of Lund, Sweden

10.00-10.30 Coffee break 10.30-11.10

10.00-10.30 Coffee break 10.30-11.10

New Social Work in Holland - To Empower Neighborhoods Jan Buijze, Manager DOENJA Dienstverlening, Utrecht, Holland and Board Member, IFS D.I.Y Culture, A Sociological Background Erik Hannerz, PhD student at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University 11.10 – 11.30 Refreshments

Sarang Samal, Director NYSASDRI, India 11.10 – 11.30 Refreshments 11.30-13.00 Workshops A - J

11.30-13.00 Workshops A - J 13.15-14.00 Lunch 14.00-17.30

From Settlement to Social Enterprise - Mission-Driven Enterprises to Support Social Change Clare Gilhooly, CEO, Cambridge House, London, UK and Board Member, IFS

Citywide Study Tours with dinner in Stockholm and Uppsala

19.00 The City of Stockholm will host a reception at the City Hall for the conference delegates.

Community Work in the Developing World for Today and Tomorrow

13.15-14.00 Refreshments 14.00-15.00

- Recognizing Our Core While Risking Change Michael Zisser, CEO, University Settlement, New York, US and Chair, IFS - Converting Established Values into Modern Methods Pentti Lemmetyinen, General Secretary, Finnish Federation of Settlements, Helsinki and Board Member, IFS

15.00-18.30 Citywide Study Tours with dinner in Stockholm and Uppsala


9.50-10.30 Development of Political and Social Skills: Personal and Social Benefits Sean R. Lauer, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.40 From Welfare State to Social Investment Society: Social Trust and the Role of Civil Society Lars Trägårdh, Professor, History, Ersta Sköndal University College, Sweden

11.40-12.20 IFS: A World Movement Constructively Engaged with the United Nations Dr. Bobbi Nassar, Board Member IFS and Renate Wilkening, CEO ufaFabrik in Berlin, Germany and Board Member, IFS 12.20-12.45 Conclusions 12.45 Lunch and afternoon on your own 17.o0 Common Dinner


Life is a Party Festival at Berns Salonger

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Workshop A - J

B. Working with All Ages A. Youthful Organizations

How does authentic leadership by young people impact programs, organizations and communities? Söråkers Folkets Hus is a small Swedish Culture House with great opportunities for the village and all ages in Sweden Emelie Öberg, Youth LeaderǤ   Lessons from The Door, a premier youth development “one-stop-shop” in New York, celebrating 40 years 

David Vincent, Director of Special Initiatives The Door, New York, US

C. Building Democracy and Community Capacity Mobilizing and supporting skills to make social and community change  Building democracy and community capacity in a municipal district in Uppsala Gunnar Berggren, Director at Stenhagen and Jonny Hasth, Community Worker   Building democracy in a community center in Venezuela Veronica Rodriguez de Guruceaga, Executive Director Asociación Civil Comunidad Camurí Grande and Board Member, IFS  How it is to be a Romani child and try to find the right way in both the Roma and the Swedish culture? Natasa Cerepovski and Rocky Petrov, Romani Youth Coach, Staffanstorp, Sweden

Creating meaningful life experiences for youth

 ufaFabrik´s successful community work with all generations Renate Wilkening, CEO ufaFabrik in Berlin, Germany and Board Member, IFS  Settlements of Stockholm and a living advent calendar in your neighborhood Natte Högberg, Director, Södergården and Christel Schultz, Director, Mäster Olofsgården, Stockholm, Sweden  Working with all ages at the Vienna neigborhood centers

Marko Iljić, Director Neighborhood Centres, Wiene Hifswerk, Vienna , Austria and Board Member, IFS

D. Practical Democratic Methods Young people experience real democracy based on their interests How to increase desire and commitment among young people for participation and influence The Youth Council in Fisksätra  Introducing new and exciting democratic methods David Nilsson and Viktoria Wisén, Project Managers at Fritidsforum  Self-help groups to share mutual aid Magnus Karlsson, PhD, Ersta Sköndal University College, Stockholm, Sweden 

E. Social Media Increasing capacity and building a democratic community online Working with youth influence online Fredrik Thelander, Youth Leader, Youth Center “Kulan”, Lidingö, Sweden  Social Media for Democratic and Community Space in Vienna and New York Eva Bertalan Director, Wiener Hilfswerk Neighborhood Center 17 - Hernals, Vienna, and Rachel Korenstein, Communications Assistant at University Settlement, The Door and IFS, New York  The Internet as an arena for young people's participation Simon Lindgren, Professor of Sociology, Umeå University, Sweden

H. Youth Exchange Models Building youth networks around the world  How to create sustainable international networks around youth related issues: The BANGOL story! Peter Nilsson, Project Manager Lunds Ungdoms- och Hemgård  European youth projects in the network of social centers Patricia Brenner, Project Manager, Fédération des Centres sociaux et Socioculturels de France  European possibilities: What is all this talk of mobility and intercultural learning really about? Kristoffer Odstam, The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs

F. Mobilizing Local Sustainability and Development Collaboration between sectors Cooperation and collaboration between the public sector and private actors Johan Rådmark, Director, Fisksätra Folkets Hus  Local sustainability and development - Hungarian experiences Péter Giczey, Community Developer, University of Debrecen and ELTE University, Hungary and Board Member, IFS  Pleasure on unequal terms - how child poverty in Sweden today affects children's right to leisure Presenters from Save the Children 

I. Building Bridges in a Divided World

Mobilizing and supporting skills to create inclusion Meeting newly arrived immigrants with relationships and leisure activities Gustaf Sörnmo, Project Manager and Petter Carlsson Söderstrand, President Tamam, Sweden  Romanis in Finland, a cooperative model between Kauhajoki town and Roma homes Kirsi Grönstrand, Finnish Federation of Settlements, Helsinki  Disadvantaged young people's access to employment and education Line K.Sidenius, Director of Development Askovgården, Denmark 

G. New Visions for Community Work Using research and communitybased experience to promote the settlement house movement and create an alternative future  The "Settlement House Advantage," a research project in 37 New York settlement houses

Ken Walters, United Neighborhood Houses and Michele Buono Ivory, Goddard Riverside Community Center  The “New Settlement Way” - making it real at Pillsbury United Communities Tony Wagner and Chanda Smith Baker, Pillsbury United Communities and Board Members, IFS  From users and choosers to makers and shapers Hans Andersson, Executive Manager, CESAM , Sweden

J. Creating an IFS Euro-Group! How can we build stronger regional cooperation to meet the future? In this workshop we will discuss the idea of recreating an IFS Euro-Group. Strategies, organizational structure, activity level and other aspects will be discussed. Staffan Lindqvist, Board Member, Fritidsforum and IFS Pentti Lemmetyinen, General Secretary, Finnish Federation of Settlements, Helsinki and Board Member, IFS Per Hensen, CEO, Askovgården, Denmark and former Board Member, IFS

Guided Tours will be provided with all Study Visits

Citywide Study Tours & Dinner

Stockholm 1. Mäster Olofsgården: In Ingmar Bergman's Footsteps, A Settlement Established in 1931 Today this is a place for all ages with growing activities for disconnected youth, many of which are modeled on The Door in New York City. You will visit an after-school center, open drawing classes, yoga & dance classes, upholstery club and choir club. . Southside: An Extra Living Room For Youth in a Multicultural Suburb How to work with youth, socialize and build supportive relationships. They also conduct field and outreach for preventive purposes. Southside provides an open forum for children and young people aged 10 to 12 during the afternoons, and ages 12 to 18 during the evenings and weekends.


3. Timmermansgården: Meet Our

Young Film Makers Since 1945 Timmermansgården has been a house for all ages full of activities for both children and adults. You will be shown some short films made by the children ages 9 to 13 who are attending the film course. They do everything themselves, from writing to acting.

4. Skeppsholmsgården: See the Sailing

hip m/s Shamrock This site has a maritime profile and offers many different courses and sailing activities for all ages. Get more information about the sailing activities on board the sailing ship Shamrock while you are looking at Stockholm from the water.

5. Birkagården: Sweden's First Settlement

House, Established in 1912 Birkagården will celebrate 100 years in October 2012. Visit the fabulous story room Blomsterfesten and listen to an Elsa Beskow fairytale. We will also show a slide show covering the past 100 years.


. Lava: Stockholm's Center for Youth Culture Lava is a unique space and venture for youth culture, filled with creative activities, in constant change and development. The aim is to inspire everyone between 13 and 25 years old to express themselves and all the ideas they believe in.

7. Fisksätra People's House: A Living

Room in a Global Village In cooperation with the community and a local NGO, this is a place for everyone in the global village of Nacka. A meeting place, in a suburb east of Stockholm, for collaboration between different groups and generations.

8. Midsommargården for Creative

Experience and Fenix Aspudden for Self-Help Groups Midsommargården is Stockholm’s third settlement house for all ages. Learn something new: try the Lindy Hop for beginners or make your own piece of art in our arts and crafts studio! Fenix Aspudden has many self-help groups. They use a special democratic method. It is also a meeting point with refreshments, a flea market / secondhand shop, and art exhibitions.

9. Södergården's Open Recreational Activities and Fenix South Shares Self-Help Groups and Design Started in 1916 the settlement house Södergården offers courses for all ages. They have open recreational activities for senior citizens as well as an open youth club. We will then walk to the drop-in center Fenix South where they use a special, democratic “self-help method” and offer design workshops using different recycled materials. Fenix’s goal is to create meetings and possibilities between individuals and groups of all ages, to promote psychosocial health and democracy.

Time for Study Tours: Wednesday, May 23rd, 14.00-17.30 and Thursday, May 24th, 15.00-18.30. Choose one per day.

Guided Tours will be provided with all Study Visits

Citywide Study Tours & Dinner

Uppsala 10. Fyrisgården - a house for all ages Fyrisgården is a Neighborhood Center in Uppsala, about 70 kilometers from Stockholm. During this visit you will see and experience their activities for young people (13-25 years old) with disabilities. This house for all ages organizes rock shows, dance groups, creative and artistic activities, workshops, after-school activities, weekend sleep-overs and more.

11. Sävja Youth Center - on the road to

13. Grand in Uppsala - Concerts, Disco,

a neigborhood center Savja Youth Center is one of the 20 youth centers in Uppsala working actively for youth 10 to 18 years old to give them the opportunity to realize their dreams, ideas and interests through influence and participation. Activities include music, dance, theatre, creative activities, sports and a café.

Theatre, Art, Dance & Café If you are young and want to perform or create your own event, Grand is the place to go. One night every week, the house is open exclusively for young people with functional disabilities.

12. Stenhagens building and culture

a public environment Through social services and cultural activities, this center provides the following activities: pre-school, a meeting place for seniors, Swedish classes for immigrants, a police office and facilities for distance education, counseling for families and young people in crisis and recreational activities for youth.

center A meeting place for learning, informal education, culture and local community. Opened in 2008, this neighborhood center contributes to security, influence, participation and fellowship for all ages.

14. Treklangen – A meeting place in

Time for Study Tours: Wednesday, May 23rd, 14.00-17.30 and Thursday, May 24th, 15.00-18.30. Choose one per day.

Welcome to the festival

“Life is a Party” Berns Salonger Friday, May 25th! 18:00-21:00 Fritidsforum's annual youth festival of democracy, this year in cooperation with the Lidingö local government, will gather with IFS on Friday evening. Over 600 Swedish youth will participate together with the IFS conference delegates. Enjoy a spectacular show with youth from settlement houses and youth clubs. The exciting Berns Salonger venue known as “one of the best concert venues in town” – will ensure a fabulous night for the anticipated 1,000 guests. Berns Salonger, Berzeli Park,

Saturday, May 26th 8:30-11:00

IFS Board Meeting Location: Södergården, Götgatan 37 Metro: Medborgarplatsen


Coffee break


General Membership Meeting


Lunch on your own and time to join a city tour



Stieg Larsson Millennium-Tour In the footsteps of Lisbeth Salander Meeting point at Bellmansgatan 1 Fee 10 Euro Reservations for tour required!

Photos from Life is a Party 2010,Växjö

Practical information Conference Location: Sveavägen 41, ABF - House Information och anmälan för svenska deltagare: Kostnad: Hela konferensen vid anmälan före 30 mars 2012 - 3 500 kr, därefter 3 700 kr (lunch, middag och fika samt eventet på Berns och studiebesök ingår) Endagarsbiljett 2 000 kr Sista anmälningsdagen 30 april International delegates information and registration: Early Bird Rates (March 30) Members: $515, 390 Euro, Non-Members $550, 420 Euro Regular Rates Members $550, 420 Euro, Non-Members $590, 450 Euro Conference Registration closes April 25, 2012 Hotel Oden Karlbergsvägen 24 One subway stop away IFS group price Reference number is G:305 136 Book rooms before April 2, 2012 for group rates Hotel Best Western Kom Hotel Döbelnsgatan 17 In walking distance IFS group price Reference number is 455711

Hostel and hotel Fridhemsplan S:t Eriksgatan 20 Three subway stops away Breakfast buffet is extra $11 per day Discounts for groups of 10 or more with a purchase of international membership

IFS Workshop Brochure  
IFS Workshop Brochure  

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