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Univeity Schl of Naville Annual Report 2011-2012

Vincent W. Durnan, Jr. Director Anne Westfall Director of Development Connie Culpepper Editor/Communications Director Sam Jackson Annual Fund Director

2000 Edgehill Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Tom Bailey ’85 Alumni Director

Britt McCauley, Annual Fund Specialist and Social Media Manager Lorie Hoover, Stewardship and Prospect Management Coordinator Amy Richardson Administrative Assistant

In compiling this report, every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate and complete. Call the Development Office at 615/329-4423 if there are any errors or omissions, and please accept our apologies. Thanks to Kimberly Manz and other contributing photographers.

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University School of Nashville

Annual Repo 2011-2012

From the Director From the Board of Trustees The George Peabody Society The Robert K. Zelle Society

2 4 6 8

Endowment Funds Faculty Endowment Funds Scholarship Endowment Funds Program Endowment Funds

10 12 15

The 2011-2012 Annual Fund Alumni The Edgehill Society Parents Parents of Alumni Grandparents Faculty and Staff

16 18 30 40 44 49

Stories of Teaching and Learning Reading and Traveling Through the South A Student Finds Opportunity at USN How to Reach Every Student Travel Inspires English Teacher to Write USNA’s Volunteers Give Big to USN Flipping in the High School Our Youngest Mathematicians Assessed

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2011-2012 Board of Trustees Gail Carr Williams, President Teri Doochin Kasselberg ’73 Vice President Fiona Prine, Secretary Andrew May, Treasurer Grace Awh Ann Cargile Charlene Dewey Laura Lee Dobie Burgin Dossett Norma Drake Elisabeth Dykens Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 David Fox Eddie Hamilton John Hassenfeld ’75 David Kloeppel Irwin Kuhn ’72 Kevin Lavender Kelly Linton Bert Mathews Richard McCarty Tom Oreck Gerald Risk Jon Shayne ’80 Irwin Venick Linde Wilson Ellen Wright

Ex Officio Members Vincent W. Durnan, Jr. Karyn Bryant, USNA President Lynne Mosby ’66, Faculty Representative Ellie McCarley Keiper ’95, Alumni Board Vice President Honorary Members Gertrude Caldwell Ann Fundis Frank Garrison Mike Shmerling ’73 Emeritus Members Henry Foster Joel Gordon Bernard Werthan Betty Werthan Raymond Zimmerman

From e Director T Vincent W. Durnan, Jr., Director

his Annual Report tells the story of emerging initiatives and confirmed priorities. Our focus on teaching and learning, on applying the lessons of experience in a time of educational reform, on balancing respect for our history with excitement about our future defined this year for USN. Month by month, the accolades accumulated, reflecting the exemplary programs I get to see up close every day. Those highlights point to the breadth of program we embrace and the compatibility of our pursuit of excellence in many directions. In a wonderfully old-school media moment, our high school actors and crew made The Tennessean’s front page for the state premier of a musical about Andrew Jackson. We won high school state championships in three sports, and we sent nine students to Carnegie Hall as Scholastic Arts medalists. And when our city hosted the national junior chess championships, our middle school team finished one portion in the top ten. We sent another Presidential Scholar to the White House reception, our third in three years and our seventh since the honor was established in 1964. To be home to those students and to the teachers who bring out their best remains both an honor and a daunting responsibility for this hardworking school. Our philanthropic outreach raised more than $1,000,000 in unrestricted annual dollars, something we’ve now done four times. In the pages of names included in this report, we see the foundation of support for every good thing that happens here and the promise of possibility for every next great moment at University School. Leading these Annual Fund efforts were Tory and Will Fitzgibbon, Steve and Holly Roche, Stephen and Tanza Farr, Ann and David Kloeppel, David French and Ruth Braun, Sarah Nadler Wolf ’99, Patty Pangle Diehl ’71, and Cheryl Fassler, each with a key constituency and all with the constant support of our Board and its wise president Gail Williams.


The year also brought Edward E. Ford Foundation underwriting for a River Campus solar installation designed in our classrooms. It featured a scholarship named for legendary teacher Ellen Dickinson. Two gifts changed our summer trajectory—a set of summer opportunity grants for middle and high school student advanced study, and a matching program for faculty iPad purchases from USNA, our association of families. We were reminded of the importance of appreciating every day, of every chance to link arms to form this school community. We pulled together with beloved custodian Wendell “Bubba” Brown’s passing last fall, then we rallied behind the medical miracle of coach Zaf Ahmed’s full recovery in the spring, and at Commencement we sent best wishes to High School Head Steve Robins during his recuperation from serious illness. Talk of technology’s potential to transform and improve familiar educational tasks fills the halls. Interest in connecting with partner schools across the globe seems more likely than ever to bear fruit. Commitment to engaging in the broader conversation about educational excellence in our city, including but not limited to Edgehill Avenue, is greater than ever. On the near horizon, the singular opportunity of our Centennial celebration comes into view, now just two years away. That anniversary provides a chance to sharpen our focus, to include everyone who ever called this campus home, and to take the right next steps in our historic educational journey. With great anticipation and gratitude, Vincent W. Durnan, Jr.

photo by Kimberly Manz

2011-2012 USN Operating Budget Endowment 2% Other 1% Annual Fund 5%

Administrative 6% Program Support 7%

Historically, USN’s financial model has been more than 90% tuition driven, and that continues to be the case. Philanthropic support now provides more than 5% of our operating budget.

Financial Aid 10%

Physical Plant 10%

Tuition 92%

Last year, 1,800 donors included USN in their giving. The great majority of this income continues to fund the faculty and staff who provide the program for which the school is so highly regarded.

Payroll & Benefits 67%



2011-2012 Annual Fund Participation: How Does Your Class Stack Up? 1968 51%

K 92%

1 87%





4 85%

5 86%

6 88%

7 84%

8 88%

9 86%

10 85%

USN Parent Participation by Grade

11 87%

12 88% 1952 39%

1989 35% 2011 1991 1977 33% 33% 33% 1985 2002 2007 1995 30% 29% 28% 28%

Top 10 Alumni Classes 3

From e Board A Gail Carr Williams, President

s I begin my third year as President of our board and my last year as a USN parent, I am filled with hope, excitement, and resolve. I am grateful to share with the University School of Nashville community my thoughts about both the successes of last year and the exciting plans for this year.

leader in education. Vince is tireless, committed and engaged in all aspects of our community, complete with knowing every USN student who walks through our doors. He shines with hope, optimism and vision for each of their futures. We are indeed a fortunate community.

Last year we had great philanthropic success; our Annual Fund raised more than a million dollars for the second year in a row, a true testimony to our school’s generosity and a great group of Annual Fund volunteers. In the coming year, we’ve set our goal higher, $1,200,000. We are grateful for the wonderful leadership of the coming year’s Annual Fund parent chairs, Holly and Steve Roche. We are ready for this ambitious challenge.

So many wonderful things happen on this campus daily. I urge you to visit our website, read our weekly newsletter, and come to events on campus. You will be amazed by what you learn about this vibrant school.

We also raised more than $1,300,000 in new commitments to support our people and programs, setting higher goals again for this year. These gifts will give our administrators, faculty, and students an opportunity to grow and reach deeper into the world of possibilities. This philanthropic community allows us to be true to ourselves and to our mantra, “Innovation and Excellence since 1915.”

Gail Carr Williams

Ultimately all of these philanthropic efforts have one aim: to benefit our students. They support continued and enhanced excellence in academics, athletics and the arts in a seamless rhythm. As we begin to think about the 2015 Centennial that will celebrate USN as we know it now and our predecessor Peabody Demonstration School (PDS), we are delighted and grateful that Board member and alumna Teri Doochin Kasselberg ’73 will serve as the chair of this celebration. With her leadership, we know that the Centennial will be exciting and widely successful. Thank you, Teri! It is an honor to be the President of this Board. It is a board with amazing dedication and intellect that surpasses all. I am also grateful to work with our Director Vince Durnan, a nationally recognized and applauded


Thank you for your support of USN. I am looking forward to a wonderful year.

n In fiscal year 2012, July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012, philanthropic support helped USN continue its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. USN raised annual gifts (unrestricted and restricted), endowment, and capital funds to support the school, its faculty and students. Annual gifts provide a critical 5% of USN’s operating budget, as well as funding for specific program and departmental needs. Capital gifts make possible facility renovations and upgrades, and endowment support secures the future, ensuring USN’s continued excellence. We are grateful for the gifts and commitments within these totals: $1,430,488 Annual Giving (unrestricted and restricted) $ 990,725 Capital and Endowment Gifts $2,421,213

Total Philanthropic Support

Laying e Foundation O ur leadership donors, the 51 families who contributed $5,000 or more to USN’s Annual Fund this past year, set an inspiring example. It’s an eclectic group of parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends of USN, who may have no more in common than the strong commitment to USN represented by their gifts. Together these leadership gifts account for 34% of total Annual Fund giving, $365,181. This figure represents many times when University School was able to say “yes” to exciting opportunities for our students. It is the foundation of direct support for the life of the school. If you would like to join this group of families, please email or call Annual Fund Director Sam Jackson at or 277-7496.

Leadership Donors Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Clark Akers Dr. Ronald Arildsen & Dr. Mary Ann Arildsen Dr. & Mrs. Carl Awh Ms. Brenda Bass Mr. Joseph Blackburn & Ms. Karen Weir Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Conner Chip & Heathie Cox Mr. Vincent Durnan Ms. Karen Elson Dr. & Mrs. Steven Eskind Mr. James Fishel ’60 & Mrs. Royce Coleman Fishel ’60 Mr. Will Fitzgibbon & Mrs. Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 Mr. & Mrs. David Fox Frank & Amy Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gordon Dr. & Mrs. Eddie Hamilton Dr. Stephan Heckers & Dr. Christine Konradi Dr. Robert Hodapp & Dr. Elisabeth Dykens Mr. & Mrs. Thad Huguley Mr. Jeffrey Jacobs & Mrs. Gail Gordon Jacobs ’88 Dr. Peter Jelsma & Dr. Julie Pena Mr. & Mrs. William Johnston Dr. A.G. Kasselberg & Mrs. Teri Doochin Kasselberg ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kever Mr. & Mrs. David Kloeppel

Mr. Robert Levy & Ms. Jeanmarie Stalma Dr. & Mrs. MacRae Linton ’74 Dr. Michael Lomis & Dr. Kimberly Lomis Mr. Andrew May & Dr. Nancy Brown Mr. Richard McCarty Dr. David Morgan & Dr. Karen Bloch Mr. & Mrs. Tom Oreck Mr. & Mrs. Matt Powers Mr. & Mrs. Steve Roche Dr. Jacob Schwarz & Dr. Anna Hemnes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shmerling ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spieth Mr. & Mrs. Willy Stern Mr. Stephen Stenhouse & Dr. Liza Weavind Mrs. Leslie Schatten Stillman ’75 & Mr. Barry Stillman Mr. & Mrs. James Usdan Ms. Leigh Walton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waterman Mr. & Mrs. Will Weaver Dr. & Mrs. John Werther Mr. & Mrs. David Williams Mr. & Mrs. Blair Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Wright Ms. Susan Yeagley ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Uzi Yemin


e George Peabody Society N ineteenth century philanthropist George Peabody understood the importance of education despite his own lack of it. When he learned that giving away his wealth for “good and humane purposes” was a “higher pleasure and greater happiness” than accumulating it, most of his philanthropy was directed to founding schools and libraries, particularly in the post-war South, where the greatest need existed. Much of the Peabody Education Fund went to endow the George Peabody College for Teachers, the parent institution of our predecessor, Peabody Demonstration School.

The George Peabody Society Mr. Gentry Barden & Mrs. Rachel Lukens Barden ’80 Mr. Weaver Barksdale Mrs. Priscilla FitzGerald Baumann ’54 Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Burk Dr. Samuel Dillard ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Doochin ’58 Dr. William Dupont & Dr. Susan Dupont Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ebert Mr. & Mrs. John Gillmor Mr. Doug Small & Ms. Bonnie Magid Small ’68 Ms. Martha Trammell

As we approach the Centennial of our founding, it seems appropriate to acknowledge our debt to George Peabody. At the same time, we acknowledge our gratitude to those whose generosity and loyalty to University School of Nashville are demonstrated by their having made gifts to the school for a quarter century or more. For 2011-2012, the George Peabody Society includes the names of eleven families or individuals with a history of giving to USN for at least 25 years. We appreciate the commitment to the school demonstrated by such loyalty, and we look forward to adding more names to the George Peabody Society every year. Two families reach the quarter century mark of giving to USN this year: Ray and Eni Burk, parents of Teresa ’88 and the late Stephen ’89; Doug and Bonnie Magid Small ’68, parents of Ryan ’96 and Adam ‘93. Many of the names on the list belong to parents of alumni, those who came to appreciate the school when their children were students here and have continued to include USN on their list of philanthropic commitments. A few are alumni whose connection to USN is their Peabody Demonstration School education, which they continue to value more than fifty years after they graduated. Priscilla Fitzgerald Baumann ’54, Sam Dillard ’56, and Bob Doochin ’58, we thank you.


© Copyright Christine Matthews and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

20 Yea  Giving O n this page are the names of those who have contributed to the school for two decades or longer—the future members of The George Peabody Society.

Thirty-one of the people listed here are alumni, another group with a profound understanding of USN. Together their gifts total $2,110,079, a number that should make us all proud.

Nineteen are USN teachers or staff members or former teachers or staff. Though most of their gifts have been relatively modest, even modest gifts add up. Those who perhaps best understand the school’s mission have together given USN $315,200 over the years.

Many of those alumni also sent their children to school here, a still more powerful endorsement. But 13 of those 31 alumni are neither USN parents nor parents of USN alumni. These otherwise-unconnected alumni contributed more than $57,000 of that two million plus.

Mr. Gentry Barden & Mrs. Rachel Lukens Barden ’80 Mr. Weaver Barksdale Mrs. Priscilla FitzGerald Baumann ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Berger Mr. Jack Bridges ’44 Dr. Thomas Brittingham ’75 & Ms. Connie Culpepper Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Burk Prof. John Clayton & Dr. Ellen Clayton Dr. & Mrs. Mark Cohen Ms. Deborah Davies Dr. Samuel Dillard ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Doochin ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Doochin Ms. Eileen Harap Drath ’56 Dr. William Dupont & Dr. Susan Dupont Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ebert Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Eisenstein ’66 Mr. Benjamin Ernst ’36 Mr. and Mrs. John Finney

Mr. Brad Fishel & Mrs. Lori Greenbaum Fishel ’81 Ms. Myrna Foster ’80 Dr. Howard Fuchs & Dr. Catherine Fuchs Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ghertner ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ghertner ’82 Mr. & Mrs. John Gillmor Dr. Joel Gluck & Mrs. Linda Small Gluck ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Warner Grubb Mr. Chris Heard ’71 Mr. Edgar Meyer & Ms. Cornelia Heard ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Heflinger Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Hill Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hodges Peter & Janice Honsberger Mr. & Mrs. William Howell Mr. & Mrs. William Hunt Ms. Jean Hutchinson Dr. John Interlandi & Ms. Beth Interlandi Mr. Jeffrey Jacobs & Mrs. Gail Gordon Jacobs ’88

One more group receives special notice: those whose giving averaged less than $100 a year. Perhaps they are not accustomed to being noticed as philanthropists. But USN boasts 19 people with gifts averaging $50 a year, a commitment that adds up to $81,896. We look forward to welcoming all these people into The George Peabody Society soon.

Dr. Ramon Jrade & Dr. Cathy Jrade Dr. A. G. Kasselberg & Ms. Teri Doochin Kasselberg ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Lee Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Gus Kuhn Mr. Lewis Lavine & Dr. Marcia Lavine Mr. Rodney Lister ’69 Mr. Thomas Loventhal Ms. Caroline Russell Marold ’66 Mr. Edward Masuoka ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Miletich Ms. Norma Miller Dr. Robert Miller & Dr. Bonnie Miller Mr. David B. Miller ’68 Dr. Jim Oates ’82 Dr. Carr Payne ’44 Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Pilson Dr. James Powers & Ms. Martha Wetteman Ms. Lisa Preston Mr. & Mrs. Tim Princehorn Mr. & Mrs. Rex Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. William Rosenberg Mr. William Rubino & Ms. Leah Knox Rubino ’77 Mrs. Anita Schmid Ms. Betsy Werthan Schwartz ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shmerling ’73 Mr. Murray Short ’48 Mr. Doug Small & Ms. Bonnie Magid Small ’68 Dr. & Mrs. Steve Snow Mr. & Mrs. William Spitz Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Stasko Mr. Wally Stern & Mrs. Betsy May Stern ’51 Ms. Karen Stratvert ’67 Ms. Martha Trammell Mrs. Alys Venable Mr. Irwin Venick & Dr. Jeanne Ballinger Mr. & Mrs. Dan Warlick Mr. & Mrs. Harry Williams Mr. Nicholas Zeppos & Ms. Lydia Howarth


The Robert K. Zelle Society D

uring their lives, most people look beyond their families to invest their time in the causes they believe in–educational, cultural, religious, environmental, and others. Many people also look for a way to continue this commitment after their deaths. The Robert K. Zelle Society was established to recognize USN’s generous benefactors who leave a legacy to USN through a planned gift.

Your bequest to USN could endow a scholarship, a faculty chair of excellence, or perhaps a fund for professional development or an annual lecture series. The possibilities for building a lasting relationship with the school you trust are endless. We are indebted to those families listed here who have shown such a profound degree of commitment to the mission of University School of Nashville. Their dedication and planning help ensure USN’s continued excellence and make sure that the school can continue to put students first. If you are interested in exploring a planned gift, please contact the USN Development Office at 615/329-4423. We would be happy to share additional information with you.

Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Averbuch Mrs. Pauline Gilbert Bader ’51 Mr. Weaver Barksdale Mr. & Mrs. Reber Boult* Mr. Richard Bovender ’97 Mr. Jack Bridges ’44 Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Bronaugh Mr.* & Mrs. Mike Buhl Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Burk Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Caldwell Ms. Patty Chadwell ’33* Mr. Steve Dansky & Mrs. Ellen Davis-Dansky ’70 Ms. Deborah Davies Mrs. Beth Ginsberg Dreifuss ’74 & Mr. Carl Dreifuss Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elliott Ms. Juliana Ericson Mr. James Fishel ’60 & Mrs. Royce Coleman Fishel ’60


Dr. & Mrs. Henry Foster Mr. & Mrs. James Gallivan Frank & Amy Garrison Mr. & Mrs. John Gillmor Mr. & Mrs. Hans Grasman Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Gray Mrs. Sarah Caldwell Greene ’34* Dr. & Mrs. John Greer Mrs. Dorothy Marshall Hartman ’42* Mr. & Mrs. William Howell Ms. Lane Hymes Humphrey ’57 Ms. Pamela Susan Iannacio ’69 Dr. John Interlandi & Ms. Beth Interlandi Mr. J. Dillard Jacobs ’28* Mr. & Mrs. William Johnston Dr. A. G. Kasselberg & Mrs. Teri Doochin Kasselberg ’73 Mr. Ronald Kidd & Mrs. Yvonne Martin-Kidd Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koban

Mrs. Barbara Kuhn* Dr. & Mrs. Todd LeBleu Ms. Mildred Marcus Lippman* Mr. William Litterer ’51* Dr. Mark Magnuson & Ms. Lucile Houseworth Mrs. Sara Walker Moore ’27* Mrs. Janet McGinnis Noble ’63 Mr. David Owens & Ms. Jennifer Bostwick-Owens Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Regen Mr. Ross Richardson & Mrs. Connie Cathcart Richardson Dr. & Mrs. Russell Ries Mr. & Mrs. William Rosenberg Dr. Louis Rosenfeld ’29* Mr. David Schach ’95 Dr. Vernon Sharp* Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shmerling ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Small ’60 Mr. & Mrs. William Spitz

Ms. Anita Stallworth* Mr. & Mrs. David Steine ’68 Dr. Scott Sudduth ’54 Ms. Jo Ann Tumey Mr. & Mrs. Mark Venrick ’48 Dr. Ethel Walker ’27* Mr. & Mrs. Breck Walker Mr. William Waller ’42* Ms. Leigh Walton Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Werthan Mrs. Leah Rose Werthan* Dr. Ann Wheeler Mrs. Jane Radborg Towery Woolsey ’36* Ms. Eva Jean Wrather ’26* Mr.* & Mrs. Robert K. Zelle

* deceased

Endowment Funds What is the value of USN’s endowment? Our endowment is under conscientious management of the investment committee of USN’s Board of Trustees. At $9,494,920 as of June 30, 2012, USN’s endowment is relatively modest compared to that of our local and national peer schools.

Endowments make the most powerful and lasting impact on our institution. Held in perpetuity, these funds generate support for scholarships, faculty excellence, educational programs, and facility enhancements and maintenance. Endowments are USN’s permanent “savings account,” prudently invested to grow over time. A small portion of the fund’s balance paid out on an annual basis is used to operate the school. How does a strong endowment help USN? A gift for endowment demonstrates a long-term commitment to USN and links past, current, and future generations. A strong endowment provides resources that enable USN to maintain and enhance the quality of education in perpetuity.

How can a gift be made to USN’s endowment? Named funds can be established for gifts that meet specific thresholds for scholarships, faculty development, programs, or facilities. Such endowments, which may bear your name or your family’s, reflect your interests and serve as an enduring testament to your generosity. Gifts of cash or securities are ideal assets that can be designated to endowment. Testamentary gifts such as bequests, charitable trusts, life insurance policies and other beneficiary designations are also excellent giving arrangements. We are forever grateful to the individuals and families listed in the following pages who, by establishing these named funds, have shown a profound degree of commitment to the mission of University School of Nashville. Their dedication and planning help ensure USN’s continued excellence and help secure the future of Peabody Demonstration School/University School of Nashville.

General Endowment Fund Unrestricted endowment gifts support USN’s general endowment fund. Proceeds from this fund are used to operate the school. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waterman


Faculty Endowment Funds Clayton Family Endowment Fund Established in 2009, the Clayton Family Endowment Fund provides professional development opportunities for USN teachers in grades 9-12. This fund enables teachers to attend conferences and pursue subject-related studies. See page 11 for this year’s award. Prof. Jay Clayton & Dr. Ellen Clayton Jim Clayton ’04 John Clayton ’09 Ellen Dickinson Excellence in Education Fund The USN Board of Directors established this fund at Ellen Dickinson’s retirement after her 30 years as a revered first grade teacher at Peabody Demonstration School and USN. Edward E. Ford Faculty Endowment Endowed as a permanent fund by a grant in 1980 from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, this fund was established to enhance faculty salaries. Edward E. Ford Faculty Development Endowment Established in 1984 as a permanent endowment fund by a grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, this fund provides faculty with professional development opportunities. Forte-Farnette Endowment Fund Established in 2008 in memory of Imogene Forte, the Forte-Farnette Endowment Fund provides professional development opportunities in reading and language arts for USN teach-


ers in grades K-12. This fund enables teachers to attend conferences or seminars off campus, pursue special studies in the summer, and bring experts to USN for professional development. See page 22 for this year’s award. Cherrie Forte Farnette ’63 Friedman Family Faculty Endowment Fund This endowment fund was established by Marvin Friedman in 1991 to provide for enhanced faculty salaries. Mr. Friedman valued the quality of teaching at USN and wished to perpetuate the school’s ability to attract and retain the best teachers. Mr. & Mrs. David Berck Helen Meador Travel Fellowship Established in 2011 by Jon Shayne ’80 and Ann Meador Shayne ’81, this Fellowship is awarded annually to a USN faculty member for summer travel outside North America. The travel is related to professional responsibilities at University School, as the experience is intended to inspire and inform the faculty member’s teaching. See page 25. Mr. Jon Shayne ’80 & Mrs. Ann Meador Shayne ’81 Quaker Hill Summer Professional Development Fund Proceeds from this fund, established in 2001 by the Quaker Hill Foundation, allow one or two USN teachers to attend summer programs or seminars each year. The Quaker Hill Foundation

was begun by Edith and John Peters Stevens, Jr. See page 35 for this year’s award. Lisa & Mike Shmerling Chair for Excellence in Teaching In appreciation for a gift from Lisa and Mike Shmerling, USN created its first endowed chair to honor, on a rotating basis, our most outstanding faculty members. The chair is awarded to a USN teacher whose contributions to the school have inspired students and colleagues, in support of this school’s mission to model the best in educational practices. The second recipient, Bill Rodriguez, was named in 2009.

Stanford Moore Fund In honor of USN’s first Distinguished Alumnus, Nobel laureate Stanford Moore ’31, this award recognizes the graduating senior who “most nearly approaches Dr. Stanford Moore’s academic achievement and dedication. In the century of the common man, the uncommon man and his accomplishments are too often overlooked. A recognition of the uncommon man is needed and an incentive to excellence is highly desirable.” In 2012 the Stanford Moore award went to Mark Arildsen. USN Faculty Endowment Fund A part of the permanent endowment, this fund’s earnings provide financial assistance to enhance faculty salaries. Ms. Terry Breyer Martin ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Small ’60 Mr. Steve Sternheimer ’60 & Mrs. Sue Zager Sternheimer ’60 Kathy Woods Fund for Lower School Faculty Professional Development The Kathy Woods Endowment Fund was established in honor of the Head of the Lower School from 1995 until 2002. Her tenure at University School was marked by a commitment to children that included finding the best teachers possible and helping them keep their ideas fresh through continuing education and professional development. Cartinhour-Woods Foundation Mr. Sam Katz

A Literary Pilgrimage I Sponsored by The Clayton Family Endowment Fund

t troubled high school English teacher Freya Sachs ’00 that, while she has been to Walden Pond, New York City, and many another significant literary sites in the Northeast, she had never visited any of the places she’s read about in the great works of Southern literature.

“It always bothered me that I had never been to Mississippi or Georgia to see what Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor wrote about,” she says. This summer, with the grant from the Clayton Family Endowment Fund, Freya made up for lost time. With her mother along for company, she toured the South’s most hallowed literary sites. In Milledgeville, Georgia, she went to the house where Flannery O’Connor lived and wrote. Unlike Walden Pond, it didn’t seem like a tourist attraction. “I noticed an authenticity about the place, with its pea fowl and her room on the first floor.” It was easy to imagine the writer at work there. Freya went to Montgomery, Alabama to the Fitzgerald museum, of particular interest since she knew she would be teaching The Great Gatsby this fall. In Jackson, Mississippi, she visited Eudora Welty’s house, then it was off to Oxford to see where William Faulkner lived. Though Freya grew up in Nashville, this trip was the first time she had traveled in the deep South. “All the kudzu everywhere seemed to me a metaphor,” she says. The trip, taken in the heat of the summer, helped her understand the region and its literature in a new way. “It made me read the stories differently,” she says.

“While literature brings a place to life, a place can, in turn, do the same for literature; my venture through the Southern landscape offered just that—a chance to see the view from which Flannery O’Connor wrote, to walk through Oxford as Faulkner did, and to see the way Montgomery, Alabama quickly claimed the Fitzgeralds as their own. Seeing all this brought a new energy and layer to the works with which I am familiar, and in turn, has me all the more excited to share these ideas and images with my students in American Literature.”


Scholarship Endowment Funds Stephen M. Burk Memorial Scholarship Fund This scholarship was established in 1988 by Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Burk in memory of their son Stephen Burk. This scholarship is awarded to a student in financial need with diverse interests and talents, thirst for knowledge, and appreciation of the arts. Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Burk Conner Family Endowment Fund Established in 2011, the Conner Family Endowment Fund will provide an annual grant to be awarded to a USN student to pursue global educational interests. Mr. & Mrs. Dan Conner Edward R. Costello Scholarship Fund Former USN Director Ed Costello left University School a visible legacy of his eight years here: the Gordon Wing, the River Campus, and a renovated main building. His energies also brought less tangible results: more competitive teachers’ salaries and long range plans for the future of USN. This Scholarship Fund honors his contributions to University School. Ellen E. Dickinson Endowed Scholarship Established in 2012 by Mike and Pam Koban, this Scholarship will be awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need. Ellen Dickinson was a revered first grade teacher for 30 years at Peabody Demonstration School and University School of Nashville. Mr. & Mrs. Mike Koban


Evening Classes Scholarship Endowment For 19 years USNA’s popular Evening Classes program has been bringing learners of all ages to USN from around the city. The proceeds from this popular program fund an endowed needbased scholarship. USNA Evening Classes Flora Family Foundation Scholarship Program This full-tuition scholarship for high school was endowed in 2003 with a grant from the Flora Family Foundation. It is awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need who shows strong promise of being able to take full advantage of the academic and other opportunities available at USN. Edward E. Ford Lending Library Endowment The Edward E. Ford Foundation Lending Library endowment fund was established in 2006 with a challenge grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation. This fund supports the needs of students receiving tuition assistance by purchasing course texts new to our curriculum. Additionally, all USN families are encouraged to donate their used textbooks. Garrison Family Scholarship Established in 2012, this Scholarship is awarded to a rising ninth grade student enrolled in his current school’s most demanding curriculum, someone who demonstrates intellectual curiosity and character and a willingness to

be a responsible member of USN’s community. Frank & Amy Garrison The Goizueta Foundation Scholars’ Fund This fund was established in 2000 by the Goizueta Foundation to provide annual needbased scholarship assistance at University School. This foundation, established by Roberto C. Goizueta in 1992, assists organizations that empower individuals and families at risk through educational opportunities. Bobby Henderson Scholarship Fund The PDS Class of 1944 established a scholarship in memory of one of their most dynamic classmates, Bobby Henderson. Bobby’s enthusiasm was a big part of the unique character of the Class of 1944. Not only did he enliven their reunions, he drew many alumni into reconnecting with their alma mater after it became University School of Nashville. Orrin H. Ingram Scholarship In order to broaden educational opportunities for especially deserving students from our community, University School of Nashville established The Orrin H. Ingram Scholarship Program in 2004 with an endowment gift from the Orrin H. Ingram Fund. The Ingram Scholarship is awarded to a student of great academic promise, one who demonstrates intellectual curiosity and good character.

Finding Opportunity Malone Scholars Program

When her college counselor asked Carmen Baskauf last year why she wanted to go to college, her answer was clear: “I love learning!’


USN Malone Scholar, Carmen came here in fifth grade. USN was a noticeable change from Pleasant View Elementary School in Cheatham County, where she had received her early schooling. That had been a good start for Carmen, but her parents had other ideas for high school. Since neither had enjoyed high school, her parents wanted to ensure that Carmen found an educational home that would keep her love of learning and school alive.

its original three members to more than twice that many—even a couple of boys—who attended their meetings regularly senior year. One math teacher says, “Carmen is the most energetic, positive learner I’ve taught in a very long time (possibly ever) and is one of the most creative, ‘think outside the box’ students I have ever taught.”

University School accomplished that goal and more for Carmen. Recalling her first week here, she says, “I thought it was as much fun as summer school.” Still fresh in her memory from fifth grade are the Little Rock trip and that whole curriculum preparing the students for that experience and the “Animal Kingdom” project in English, an imaginative and inter-disciplinary project.

“I like writing research papers,” she says. She particularly enjoyed her Western Civs paper on the Prayer Book Rebellion in Cornwall and her American History paper on nineteenth century polygamy and how it was viewed by the outside world. (This paper won the Robert K. Massie Award for Excellence in Historical Research.)

Mr. Hubble’s science class, in his first year of teaching at USN, introduced Carmen to the joys of scientific inquiry, a delight she continues to explore. For Carmen, school at USN was a series of opportunities and introductions to new joys of learning, and she took advantage of many of them. In seventh grade, Mr. Bezaire’s pre-algebra class was a revelation. “I liked math fine before, but it was the first time I’d gotten really excited.” She loved working on math history projects and Fibonacci problems. Her interest in math blossomed in high school, when in her sophomore year she and her friend and classmate Sarah Hanks founded the “Math Girls” club, helped by math teacher Cindy Crenshaw. The club grew from

Carmen isn’t just a “Math Girl,” though. She’s an award-winning artist and a pianist. Her favorite classes in high school include, in addition to the most challenging math class offered (BC Calculus), Western Civilization and AP Biology.

This summer, she was working in a neuroscience lab at Vanderbilt University, helping with work studying vision and biological clocks. “They are looking at mouse retinas to see how vision affects circadian rhythms,” she says. As she began to suspect in Mr. Hubbell’s class in fifth grade, she might be interested in doing something like this as a career. “Working in the lab has been really cool so far,” she says. But she hasn’t made up her mind to become a scientist. Before she goes to Yale University, she is taking a year to go to Morocco with the National Security Language Initiative for Youth to learn Arabic. She’ll live this year with a host family. (By enrolling in this program, Carmen follows in the footsteps of McKenzie Andrews ’11 and Ali Friedman ‘10.) “I found so many opportunities at USN,” says Carmen.


Malone Scholars Program In 2005, the Malone Family Foundation awarded USN a $2 million gift establishing an endowment to support a Malone Scholars Program. The Malone Scholars Program provides scholarships for top 7th through 12th grade students with financial need. Eleven Malone Scholars have graduated from USN, and eight Malone Scholars were named for the 20112012 school year. Lois McMullan Scholarship Fund The Lois McMullan Scholarship was established in 2003 in honor of Miss Lois McMullan, English teacher at Peabody Demonstration School from 1927-1955. This merit scholarship is awarded to two high school students at the end of their junior year for demonstrated leadership and academic excellence. Ms. Frances Hardie Mr. & Mrs. Mark Venrick ’48 Physicians’ Endowed Scholarship Fund This scholarship was established in 1992 by a group of Nashville physicians whose children attended University School and who believe strongly in the school’s mission. The group, initiated by Dr. Raymond Burk, believed that as advocates for physical and emotional well-being, physicians are particularly qualified to apply their professional philosophy to their philanthropic endeavors as well. Reader’s Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund The DeWitt Wallace Fund, Inc. of the Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. established this scholarship fund with a grant in 1986. The annual financial aid award from the fund is used exclusively for partial scholarships awarded to academically qualified students from middle income families who have the ability and intention to pay a portion of their child’s tuition. Heber and Fran Rogers Endowed Scholarship Fund Established in 2012, The Heber and Fran Rogers Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide an annual scholarship to be awarded to a USN student with demonstrated financial need in grades 9-12. This Scholarship will support USN’s mission to educate a student body that represents the cultural and ethnic composition of Nashville. Mr. & Mrs. Heber Rogers


Emanuel Schatten Scholarship The Emanuel Schatten Scholarship was established in honor of Emanuel Schatten, a long-time benefactor, parent, and grandparent at the school. The scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving child who would not otherwise be able to attend University School. Raymond Smith, Jr. Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2001 by Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy to honor her father’s memory and his belief in education. The fund is used to help scholarship students at University School pay for their textbooks. Harvey Sperling Scholarship Fund Harvey Sperling was Director of University School from 1979 until 1990, leading the school through growth in enrollment and building the West Wing and the gym and cafeteria that bear his name. This scholarship endowed by his friends honors his educational leadership and accomplishments Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Sperling USN General Scholarship Fund This fund provides general scholarship assistance to students who can demonstrate financial need and meet entrance requirements. Ms. Jolyn Colley Mr. & Mrs. David Williams Karl Van Devender Scholarship Fund In 1990, the Joe C. Davis Foundation, “in appreciation of Dr. Van Devender’s expert medical care, caring and loyal friendship toward Joe Davis and his family,” gave the seed money for a scholarship at University School to bear his name. Ethel Walker Scholarship Dr. Ethel Walker, PDS Class of ’27, was the PDS/USN Distinguished Alumna in 1980, recognized for being among the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt University Medical School. Henry Zibart Scholarship Fund This prize is awarded each year by the English department to the freshman who has shown the most improvement in writing during the school year. It was established in memory of Henry Zibart ’65.

Program Endowment Funds The Artclectic Endowment Fund for Innovative Teaching Established in 2008 with the proceeds from Artclectic, USNA’s annual art show, this Fund will support K-12 curricular innovation and classroom excellence at USN. Artclectic 2011 Buhl Lecture Series Endowment Established in 2011, this Fund supports an annual lecture program, known as the Buhl Lecture Series, for high school students and faculty at USN. This lecture features a timely academic topic presented by an expert in the field. These events, which began in 2001, honor the intellectual vitality of the late Arthur H. (“Mike”) Buhl, esteemed USN faculty member.

DiSilvestro Endowment Fund for Theater This endowment fund was established in 2007 to enhance opportunities for University School of Nashville’s Theater Program and further the school’s performing arts mission and program. Interlandi-Interlochen Endowment Fund A special fund was established by John and Beth Interlandi in 2008 in memory of their daughter Mary ’01. This endowment makes possible a summer arts opportunity for one USN student to attend the Interlochen Center for the Arts’ Summer Arts Camp Program in Michigan each year. Dr. & Mrs. John Compton Dr. & Mrs. John Interlandi SunTrust Endowment for Art Gallery Exhibits In 2002 SunTrust Banks, Inc. endowed a fund to support a bi-annual art gallery exhibit in the Tibbott Center. SunTrust is committed to strengthening the educational opportunities provided by this facility. Mimsye & Leon May Visiting Artist Endowment Established in 2003, the Mimsye and Leon May Visiting Artist Endowment brings artists to USN each year, an inspiring addition to the visual arts program at USN. Student engagement is heightened by the passion of professional artists who come here to share their work, their technical abilities, and their personal histories.

The 2012 Buhl Lecture featured Dr. Ellen Clayton; (l. to r.) Harvey Sperling, Iris Buhl, Steve Robins, Henry Foster, Vince Durnan, Ellen Clayton, Mike Buhl ’85, Eric Chazen, Bill Doak photo by Kimberly Manz

Christine Slayden Tibbott Visual Arts Endowment This fund was created in 2004 to underwrite community workshops and programs for aspiring artists of all ages in the Tibbott Center. Making this building available to our neighbors and the wider community is something Chris Tibbott has advocated passionately, and we support her legacy in arts education.

Sondra Zendlovitz Reading Room Endowment English teacher and reading specialist Sondra Zendlovitz had a particular interest in helping young people understand the importance of civil rights for all. After her death, her family established the Sondra Zendlovitz Reading Room, the perfect home for the Civil Rights Collection housed there. The endowment fund supports efforts to enhance and maintain the collection for generations of students. Mr. Joseph Zendlovitz


Our Alumni Leade I Liza Beasley Lentz ’73, Alumni Board President

Alumni had a great year. Not only did the alumni participation in the Annual Fund increase, but over forty percent of the alumni donations came from out of state. It really says something that so many alumni who are physically distant continue to support their school and stay connected. Alumni near and far stayed connected to USN in other ways too. They taught Evening Classes, served on the National Alumni Board of Visitors, helped plan Reunion, hosted events, and, like me, served on the Alumni Board. In all 100 alumni helped USN by volunteering in some capacity. PDS/USN Alumni Board 2011-2012 Liza Beazley Lentz ’73 President Ellie McCarley Keiper ’95 Vice-President and President Elect Patrick Gilbert ’76, Secretary Kia Bahner ’83 Keith Belton ’86 Jenny Richter Corts ’95 Patty Pangle Diehl ’71 Julie Eskind ’02 Amin Ferdowsi ’01 Ben Goldberg ’98 Brad Gulmi ’89


Perry Happell ’61 Judy Hopton Lawrence ’68 Jennifer Simmons McGugin ’96 Bill McKee ’61 Derek McLaren ’87 Tim Ozgener ’88 Bobby Perry ’03 Leah Knox Rubino ’77 Sarah Nadler Wolf ’99 Andrea Wolf ’02 Alumni Leadership Committee Sarah Nadler Wolf ’99 Alumni Chair Patty Pangle Diehl ’71 Alumni Chair

Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen ’58 Leah Knox Rubino ’77 Rachel Lukens Barden ’80 Ann Meador Shayne ’81 Kia Bahner ’83 Chris Chamberlain ’85 Max Goldberg ’01 Bobby Perry ’03 Class Agents Perry Happell ’61 William McKee ’61 Shirley Hopton Cudabac ’64 Judy Hopton Lawrence ’68 Shannon Paty ’68 David Steine ’68 Charles Marquis ’78

One in particular I want to mention is Michael Puett ’82, our 2012 Distinguished Alumnus, who spoke to the seniors and their families and the faculty at Convocation. He challenged the students to engage with the vital issues shaping our nation’s future and never to cease questioning the status quo. Alumni attended events in droves as well. Over 350 alumni came to at least one event—dozens came to two or more—and the 5th All Alumni Party was jam-packed with over 130 guests—despite a torrential downpour. Thanks again to the class of 1992’s Darek Bell and Andrew Webber who hosted the event for the second year in a row. And, finally, thank you all—teachers, students, parents, alumni, parents of alumni—who play a role in making USN the wonderful, exciting, innovative, and excellent place that it is.

Susan Corney Van Allen ’80 Kia Bahner ’83 Sarah Caldwell Hedrick ’83 Robert Frank ’85 David Eshaghpour ’86 Elizabeth Stelling Bills ’86 Robert Laird ’86 Jimmy Sheats ’89 Laurie Palmer Fleming ’89 Judy Moodie Covington ’90 Sarah Shainberg Hornick ’90 Sara Lubow Fried ’91 Dick Nord ’91 Erik Mash ’93 Joseph Horowitz ’93 Julia Adams-Powers ’94 William McLemore ’94

Ellie McCarley Keiper ’95 Jennifer Simmons McGugin ’96 Sarah Cooper Nickoloff ’96 Wil Howard-Downs ’99 Sarah Nadler Wolf ’99 Freya Sachs ’00 Katherine Cypress ’00 Kim Sandler Rhodes ’01 Hal Johnson ’03 Rebecca McElroy ’03

National Alumni Board of Visitors 2011-2012 Richard Bovender ’97 Carol Norris Brown ’70 David Brown ’83 Jim Coddington ’70 Stephanie Riven Goldman ’65 Sarah Gillmor Hymowitz ’88 Luther Harrell ’68 Libby Hirsh Heimark ’72 Harold Jordan ’81 Steve Sternheimer ’60 Whit Martin ’85 Kay George Roberts ’68 Dick Stelzer ’67 Elizabeth Werthan ’56

photo by Chad McClarnon

have to say, I am a little sad writing this. After many years on the Alumni Board—the last two as its president—I am stepping down. I am still going to be part of USN and active, but it won’t be the same. Every year I was on the Board, its energy and enthusiasm grew. I know that it will be in good hands with Ellie McCarley Keiper ’95 as its new President and Derek McLaren ’87 its new Vice-President and President Elect. Even so, I’m going to miss getting to spend time each month with fellow alumni talking about the school and how we can help it and help alumni stay connected to each other and USN.

Reunion Cla Giving I Irwin Kuhn ’72 & Derek McClaren ’87, Reunion Chairs

Reflections on Reunion t sometimes seems as though Reunions happen faster every time. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were gathering to celebrate our tenth Reunion? But, when we see our friends at the events and the class party, it always seems like it has been too long since we were last in each other’s company.

For both of us, Reunion was a chance to rekindle those friendships and revel in the fact that no matter how long it has been, there is always a bit of that high school “senior spirit” alive and well within us. That doesn’t mean we spent our time only rehashing old stories. It means that the spark and joy of our teenage selves came to the fore—alive and well in the present. On behalf of everyone who came to Reunion, we want to thank the volunteers who made such a difference and ensured that we had a great time. Let’s all make a point not to wait until the next five years have passed—no matter how quickly that might happen—to get together again.

1977 33%

Reunion Volunteers 2012 Reunion Chairs: Irwin Kuhn ’72 and Derek McLaren ’87 David Venrick ’53 Mimi Kemp Hall ’62 John Norris ’67 Paula Underwood-Winters ’72 Manuel Zeitlin ’72 Judy Shmerling Given ’77 Leah Knox Rubino ’77 Dana Morris Strupp ’77

Marlene Foyer Yancey ’82 Brad Greenbaum ’87 Nina Turner Harris ’87 Caroline Hagan ’92 Murrey Smith ’92 Andrew Brandon ’97 Katherine Barnes ’02 Julie Eskind ’02 Matt Gillmor ’02 Andrea Wolf ’02 T.J. Ducklo ’07 Marci Levy ’07

Top 10 Reunion Claes

2002 29%

2007 28% 1962 26%

1982 26%

1967 24%

1997 23%

1992 23%

1987 23%

We also want to thank all the Reunion alumni who supported USN with a gift to the Annual Fund—especially the members of the class of ’77, who led the way with 33% participation. Walking the halls during Reunion weekend, we could see why our support matters and what it is accomplishing. Whether it is called PDS or USN, it is, was, and will be an excellent, innovative and amazing place. So: Thank you.

1972 13%


e Edgehi Society Patty Pangle Diehl ’71 & Sarah Nadler Wolf ’99, Chairs


n this page we list the names of those alumni who made gifts of $500 or more to USN this year, the Edgehill Society. These 125 gifts taken together added $175,000 to the Annual Fund, by any measure a significant contribution to USN from those whose knowledge of the school is unmatched. We are especially proud that 36 of these gifts came to us from alumni who increased their donations to the Edgehill Society level, a strong endorsement of USN

Rick Bahner ’89 Tom Bailey ’85 Helen Norris Baker ’72 Rachel Lukens Barden ’80 Shaun Bennett ’61 Richard Bovender ’97 Tommy Brittingham ’75 Carol Norris Brown ’70 Jane Buchanan ’92 Barney Byrd ’70 Fay Osment Carpenter ’49 Thomas Chapman ’89 Will Cheek ’62 Carolyn Clawson ’49 Teri Weinstein Cohen ’64 Ellen Davis Dansky ’70 Michael Davies ’88 Ned Davis ’63 Patty Pangle Diehl ’71 Patrick Drew ’76 Ben Ernst ’36 Julie Eskind ’02


Cherrie Forte Farnette ’63 Royce Coleman Fishel ’60 James Fishel ’60 Lori Greenbaum Fishel ’81 Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 Bill Freeman ’70 Jeff Fuldauer ’00 Steve Ghertner ’82 Scott Ghertner ’85 Frank Ghertner ’59 Linda Small Gluck ’77 Jim Gordon ’58 Frank Gordon ’81 Brad Greenbaum ’87 Lisa Turner Greenbaum ’89 Jeff Greenfield ’84 Herberta Grissom ’63 Brad Gulmi ’89 Perry Happell ’61 John Hassenfeld ’75 Connie Heard ’73 Libby Hirsh Heimark ’72

as it is today as well as a thank you for what the school meant to them when they were students here at 2000 Edgehill. That familiar address reminds us all of our connection to the community we became part of when we were students here. Wherever we are now, as PDS and USN alumni, we remain part of that community. We hope you will find ways to reconnect with the school and with your fellow alumni as the school nears its centennial celebration in 2015. John Hickman ’94 Sarah Gillmor Hymowitz ’88 Mary Schwartz Ivascu ’59 Tommy Jacobs ’81 Billy Jacobs ’85 Gail Gordon Jacobs ’88 Nancy Grossman Jacobs ’82 Margreete Johnston ’70 Mary Loventhal Jones ’67 Ted Jones ’77 Jackie Roth Karr ’76 Marshall Karr ’70 Teri Doochin Kasselberg ’73 Josh King ’91 Josh Kirshner ’92 Jodie Kirshner ’95 Howard Kirshner ’75 David Komisar ’71 Kari Abernathy Kowalski ’80 Alan Krantz ’81 Irwin Kuhn ’72 Rob Laird ’86

Liza Beazley Lentz ’73 Darren Liff ’89 Mac Linton ’74 Caroline Russell Marold ’66 Jack May ’47 Leon May ’39 Greer McCurley ’97 Bill McKee ’61 Jim McLaughlin ’73 Jenna Meyerowitz ’10 Brooke Michael ’98 David Moreau ’97 Camille Walker Morgan ’61 Beverly Nelson ’64 John Nixon ’51 John Norris ’67 Sneha Channabasappa Oakley ’94 Tim Ozgener ’88 Carr Payne ’44 Arthur Perlen ’77 Melissa Cohen Rittenberg ’88

Steve Riven ’56 Kay George Roberts ’68 Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen ’58 Bob Rosenfeld ’68 Ellen Rubin ’85 Diane Esstman Sacks ’81 David Schach ’95 Drew Schneider ’75 Betsy Werthan Schwartz ’75 Jon Shayne ’80 Ann Meador Shayne ’81 Joan Werthan Shayne ’52 David Shayne ’89 Mike Shmerling ’73 Amy Fenichel Simon ’78 Adele Simons ’88 Stephen Small ’60 Bonnie Magid Small ’68 David Spigel ’88 Bruce Sprintz ’79 David Steine ’68 Betsy May Stern ’51

Leslie Schatten Stillman ’75 Dana Morris Strupp ’77 Sam Stumpf ’67 Mark Stumpf ’65 Loretta Murley Sullivan ’51 John TeSelle ’83 Maria May TeSelle ’83 Mark Venrick ’48 James Ward ’57 Heather Campbell Webber ’82 Liz Werthan ’56 Morris Werthan ’55 Anne Wilson ’02 Barrett Witkin ’96 Susan Yeagley ’89 Nick Zeppos ’08 Ben Zeppos ’05 Nicholas Zumbro ’50

e Alumni Campaign 1933 50% participation *Patty Chadwell 5

1941 6% participation James Miser +

1936 7% participation Ben Ernst 0+W

1943 13% participation Sara Roth Kilian Emily Fensterwald Seesel 5

1938 13% participation Laureine Olofsson Hertenstein + Bobby Nellums 0 1939 9% participation Leon May +W

1944 17% participation Jack Bridges e+ Jessie Stumb Burton Elden Gatwood + Carr Payne i+W Sarah Frost Stamps 5+

The Edgehill Society W PDS/USN Alumni Leadership recognition includes all donors who contributed $500 or more to the Annual Fund in 2011-2012.

The McCharen Society + Annual Fund contributors who increase their gift from the prior year are recognized as members of The McCharen Society. This donor distinction is named for Knox McCharen, Director of PDS from 1951-1968 and one of the school’s most beloved leaders. While any increase meets the criterion for recognition, we encourage you to consider 5% as a sustainable commitment that will be significant over time. In its ninth year, 1,055 donors became members of the McCharen Society by increasing their gifts or by giving to USN for the first time. We’re especially pleased to note that 466 of these are PDS or USN alumni.

5 0 e i \ denotes years of consecutive giving

1945 11% participation Barbara Woodard Crawford John Duckworth Stuart Nicholson 5 Ed Wilson + 1946 9% participation Katherine Anderson Terry 0 Harriet Vivion 5 Mai Adair Lovin Williams + 1947 11% participation Elaine Morris Eskind 5+ Jack May Bill Payne 1948 5% participation Murray Short i Mark Venrick +W 1949 13% participation Fay Osment Carpenter 5+W Carolyn Clawson 5W Robert Miller 5 Lon Payne 1950 7% participation William Clemmons 5 Nicholas Zumbro 5W *deceased

1951 26% participation Joan Harap Gould 0+ John Nixon W Rosalyn Newport Olsen 0+ Jimmy Pedigo + Betsy May Stern iW Loretta Murley Sullivan 5+W 1952 39% participation Ann Eskind Bialkin Liz Boyce Chesick 5 David Criley Ed Davis Don Follis 0 Mary Jim Russell Josephs e Joan Werthan Shayne 5W Marie ten Hoor Slate e David Venrick 0 1953 11% participation Jean Sawyer Colley 5 Cary Hunt Johnston + Jane Cary Murrey + 1954 25% participation Priscilla FitzGerald Baumann \+ John Evans 5 Emily Loveman Kisber 5 Scott Sudduth 5 Charlotte Wolfe 5+


1955 26% participation John Beauchamp Patricia Henkel Bell 0 Leslie Moore Morris Werthan 5W Sally Zager Wolfe 5 Peter Yoder 5+ 1956 25% participation Henry Austin 5 Samuel Dillard \+ Eileen Harap Drath i Ben FitzGerald 5 Glickse Oglesby Neidert 5+ David Price + Steve Riven W Liz Werthan 0+W 1957 55th Reunion 9% participation Kay Keegan 0+ James Ward 5W 1958 17% participation Bob Doochin i Jim Gordon +W Dee Holder Hicks Bradshaw 0+ Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen 0+W 1959 22% participation Frances Cone + Katherine Swift Conte + Louis Field + Frank Ghertner +W Mary Schwartz Ivascu 5+W Stella Grobel Miller-Collett Sam Upchurch + Ronnie Wilker +


1960 17% participation Marilla Elder Arg端elles 5+ Bill Darby 5 Royce Coleman Fishel 0W James Fishel 0W Kathy Kallet Rensin + Stephen Small 5 Steve Sternheimer + Sue Zager Sternheimer +

1963 18% participation Ned Davis +W Cherrie Forte Farnette 5 Barbara Schmitt Garrow 5 *Herberta Grissom +W Katherine George Horner e Janet McGinnis Noble 5+ Paul Stumpf 5 Carol Leslie Wilson 5

1961 26% participation Carolyn Powell Anderson 5 Mike Bennett 5+W Bob Collier 5 Louise Orr Comtois + Bess Key Douthitt + Perry Happell 0+W Hank Howerton + Doug Johnson 5 Bill McKee 5W Carroll Miller 5 Camille Walker Morgan 5W Nancy Blum Urbach 5

1964 16% participation Teri Weinstein Cohen 5W Shirley Hopton Cudabac + Suzanne Elson 5+ Joe France 5 Judy Graves + Susan Hammonds-White + Beverly Nelson 5+W William Orr Kay Van Cleeff Robins Nan Eisenstein Speller 5 Larry Whitlock +

1962 50th Reunion 26% participation Sandra Roseblum Averbuch David Boggess + Richard Boutwell 0+ Will Cheek 0W Betty Spry Elder 0+ Mimi Kemp Hall + Gene Horner e Jack Langham + Knox McCharen + Lee Peterson + Harry Ward + Gwen Hale White e

1965 11% participation Tommy Cash Stephanie Riven Goldman 0 Kevin Nicholas 5+ Terry Katzman Rosenblum e Mark Stumpf +W Mike Zibart 5+ 1966 21% participation Doug Darby + Dan Eisenstein i Virginia Patterson Goldberger 0 John Kammerud 5 Barbara York Kammerud 5 Karen Ward Knox 0

Caroline Russell Marold i+W Lynne Mosby e+ Pat Thach Stan Wiggins 5+ 1967 45th Reunion 24% participation Bill Bates + Paul Davis + Clint Grantham + Michael Guthrie + Mary Loventhal Jones 5+W Sandy Liles + Alda Rae Gordon McAdams + Henry Murrey John Norris +W Karen Stratvert i Sam Stumpf W Peggy Gessler Werts + 1968 51% participation David Andrews + Bob Chanin 5+ Charleen McMurray Dowling Merle Edwards-Orr 5 Kiki Hinze Forsythe 5+ Zana Gentle + Kathy Small Hattendorf + Barry Kammerud 5+ Leigh Kelley 5+ Patti Klein 5+ David Kline 5 Judy Hopton Lawrence Trey Lipman + David Miller i Shannon Paty e Raymond Peters + David Pilcher + Kay George Roberts 5+W Bob Rosenfeld 5+W Bonnie Magid Small 0W

Julie Reichman 5+ Bart Rollins Dancey Trabue Sanders + Bill Wade 5+ Leslie Zarker-Morgan 5 1971 12% participation Peter Ansoff e+ Lucinda Cummings 5+ Patty Pangle Diehl 5W Christopher Heard i David Komisar 5W Judy Vise Schaengold + Barry Wilker

David Steine eW Diana Blackwell Wiles 5+ 1969 9% participation Jayne Robertson Andrews + Julie Goldstein Boehm + Martine Collier + Fay Kilgore 5 Rodney Lister 0 Jack Spann + 1970 25% participation Carol Norris Brown 0+W Barney Byrd +W Jim Coddington 5 Ellen Davis Dansky eW Ben Fowler + Bill Freeman 5+W Margreete Johnston 0+W Marshall Karr +W Edward Masuoka i Clyde McCullough +

1972 40th Reunion 13% participation Doug Andrews 5 Helen Norris Baker +W Peggy Parker Cason + Nikki Lasko Goldstein + Libby Hirsh Heimark 0+W Elizabeth Allen Jewell + Irwin Kuhn iW Candy Sullivan Lindsay + Ellen Dury Samford + 1973 25% participation Robert Burko 0+ Louise Burchett Chamberlain + Julie Fullen Davidson William Edwards + Connie Heard iW David Hollender 5+ Teri Doochin Kasselberg iW Elizabeth Knox + Amy Kurland 5+ Liza Beazley Lentz 0+W Susie Schoggen Logan + Richard Lorch

Jim McLaughlin 5+W Mike Shmerling iW Joyce Vise 1974 15% participation Drusie Hall Bishop Terry Burko 5 Fabienne Fleming-Engel + Babs Freeman-Loftis 0 Jane Stearns Hauenstein + Kim Morris Heiman Kenny Katzoff + Mac Linton 0W Tom Loftis 1975 13% participation Tommy Brittingham i+W Kathy Fraser e+ John Hassenfeld eW Susan Handlan Keffer 5 Howard Kirshner eW Dan Lansford Drew Schneider eW Betsy Werthan Schwartz iW Leslie Schatten Stillman e+W Lee Ann Pritchett Young + 1976 15% participation Cynthia Fair Brooks + Patrick Drew +W Don Esstman + Susan Rutherford Gianikas + Patrick Gilbert e Jackie Roth Karr +W Russ Pritchett + Will Ransom 5+

1977 35th Reunion 33% participation Julie Jennette Barnes 5 Judy Shmerling Given 0 Linda Small Gluck i+W Frances Hardman Goldstone + Matt Hills 5 Ted Jones +W Virginia Myers + Wendy Sprintz Neinken + Arthur Perlen eW Leah Knox Rubino i Roger Shepard + Dana Morris Strupp +W Martha Tanner Heather Warren 0+ Sarah Land White + 1978 12% participation Jay Berlin + Ben Doochin 0+ Simone Leblon 5+ Chuck Marquis Mandy Ryden + Amy Fenichel Simon +W David Vise Susan Wynn + Jeff Zeitlin + 1979 14% participation Rob Battle 0 Tricia Saperstein Blumenthal + Alex Ericson + Lee Ann Harrod Merrick e Daniel Moss 0 Debbie Kaplan Rosenwein + Bruce Sprintz 0+W Vicki Swift +


Teaching Every Child E Supported by the Forte-Farnette Endowment Fund very teacher puzzles over the question of how best to reach every student. No matter their age, children learn at different rates and in different ways. A classroom of eighteen students contains eighteen different sets of needs.

At USN, teachers have never been satisfied with shrugging their shoulders over the difficulties presented by this problem. This summer, the first and second grade teams—and one fourth grade teacher, veteran Kim Avington—traveled to Chicago for a conference on differentiating instruction, the term educators use when discussing this issue. The conference included sessions on math, social studies, science, literacy, and technology. First grade teacher Betsy Hoffman calls their time there “chockful of information that ranged from using technology in the classroom to getting boys to love reading.”

Lower School teachers (l. to r.) Kim Avington, Betsy Greenbaum Hoffman ’83, Debbie Roth, Marty Kennedy

Since they had just gotten their iPads thanks to the USNA gift, our teachers were particularly interested how these new tools could help them make their classrooms work best for every child. Betsy Hoffman says, “We learned all about meeting students where they are as opposed to teaching to the whole class.” (She points out that this idea is already an important commitment at USN.) All the teachers harvested lists of useful apps and “resources, digital and human.” They learned how to engage the entire class while one


student works at the Smart board or on the iPad. They brought home many creative ideas for using the iPad in their classrooms. Betsy Hoffman sums up what they learned about using technology in their classrooms. “We learned mostly that if it is not purposeful, no matter how fun and clever it is, it is not worth using.” And USN students are already reaping the rewards of their teachers’ summer endeavors.

1980 19% participation Rachel Lukens Barden \W Bill Beck + Lisa Bourgeault + Jennifer Braun + Myrna Foster i Gabby Shaff Friedman 5 Jerry Hicks 5+ Kari Abernathy Kowalski 5+W Beth Maynard + Elizabeth Merritt e Jon Shayne 5W Cooper Thornton + Susan Corney Van Allen 5 1981 22% participation Jana Chandler Adesegun 0 Julie Orth Arnold + Lori Greenbaum Fishel iW Wendell Foster Missi Shainberg Friedenberg 0+ Frank Gordon 0W

Tommy Jacobs 5W Elizabeth Johnson + Alan Krantz +W Diane Esstman Sacks 5W Ann Meador Shayne 5W Beth Moskovitz Zeitlin + 1982 30th Reunion 26% participation Julie Barnett Allan + Kirk Barton 0+ Margaret Bean + George Cohn 5 Dan Freeman Steve Ghertner iW Nancy Grossman Jacobs eW Alan Lancaster e Betsy Lukens Mikes + Jim Oates 5 Michael Puett + Mike Rosen 0+ Leah Eskind Sohr Paul Thompson + Heather Campbell Webber 5W

photo by Kimberly Manz

1983 28% participation Kia Bahner David Brown + Rick Ewing + Andrew Gutow 5 Tami Sprintz Hall ++ Betsy Greenbaum Hoffman 5 Andy Johnston + Eric Rosen 0 Bill Schreiber e John TeSelle 0+W Maria May TeSelle 0+W Tony Werthan 0 1984 15% participation Blake Fontenay + Jeff Greenfield 0+W Steve Knight 0+ JoDee Hicks Prichard + Harwell Wells + Jenny Fox Wells + 1985 30% participation Tom Bailey 5+W Lisa Graber Blain + Kieran Branch + Kris Brodersen 0+ Mike Buhl 5+ Chris Chamberlain 0 Marnie Criley 5+ Mia Mihal Faxon 5 Bobby Frank 5+ Scott Ghertner e+W Peter Hodes Billy Jacobs 5W Whit Martin 5+ Pamela Jacobs Newmark + Penney Robinson + Ellen Rubin 5+W Jeff Spigel 5+

1986 22% participation Keith Belton + Elizabeth Stelling Bills David Eshaghpour 0 Tory Sally Fitzgibbon 0W Katrina Harbers 0 Rob Laird 0+W David Plummer 0+ Mike Teppenpaw + 1987 25th Reunion 23% participation Laurie Straus Aronoff + Kasya Taylor Buckley + Brad Greenbaum 0+W Nina Turner Harris Derek McLaren 5 Anna Holovaty Mennerick + Chrissy Havens Spigel 5 1988 22% participation Drew Alexander Michael Davies +W Michael Friedman 5+ Sarah Gillmor Hymowitz eW Gail Gordon Jacobs i+W Tim Ozgener W Melissa Cohen Rittenberg 0W Adele Simons W David Spigel 5+W Wynne Stallings + Robin Lynn Sandler Woo 5 1989 35% participation Rick Bahner 5+W Thomas Chapman 5W Greg Downs 5 Adam Fagen 5 Laurie Palmer Fleming 0


Lisa Turner Greenbaum 0W Brad Gulmi W Darren Liff W Abby Gillmor Luffman eW Printha McCallum 0+ David Shayne +W J. Sheats + Susan Cermak Timmons 5 Susan Yeagley W 1990 10% participation Julie Moodie Covington 0 Louise Lesemann Ericson + Sarah Shainberg Hornick 5+ 1991 33% participation Sam Averbuch + Jeanine O’Nan Brownell 0 Trefor Davies Sue Wasudev Deshmukh Sibley Edwards 0 Susannah Felts + Sara Lubow Fried 5 Susan Gillmor 0 Joshua King W Lora Krizelman-Hernàndez 5 Patti Purdue + Jay Rosenblum + Chad Schmidt 5 Lars Söderkvist Andy Straus 0 Rosa Chen Welton + 1992 20th Reunion 23% participation Darek Bell + Michael Berman + Jane Buchanan 0W Melanie Caldwell Rob Cohen


Jim Frinier 5 Caroline Hagan + Will Johnston 5 Josh Kirshner +W Darla Price-Davidson + Sarah Sperling + 1993 27% participation Howard Calvani Joseph Horowitz Robbie King 0 Josh Kline + Brian Lapidus + Kate Bush Loyco 0+ Lauren MacDonell Erik Mash 5+ Julie Mosow + Marci Pope Simpkins + Tobie Smith + Annelise Werme + Joyce Yu + 1994 21% participation Charlie Bass + Stephanie Cohen + Kelly Cunningham Collier Mindy Minnen Gold 5 John Hickman W Will McLemore 0 Sneha Channabasappa Oakley +W Robert Pinson 5 Lisa Redding 5+ Jim Rodrigues 0+W Jeremy Saks Christina West 0+ Nicole White 5

1995 28% participation Brice Behringer + Nancy Proctor Bieschke 0+ Travis Brandon Chris Cowperthwaite Anne Elisabeth Dillon 0 Ramsey Donnell 0+ Zaz Harris 5+ Julie Schneider Kaufman 5+ Ellie McCarley Keiper 0 Jodie Kirshner +W Casey Middlebrook McCabe + Sujana Reddy + Cary Rosenblum 5 Emily Rutz 5 David Schach 5W Jennie Wolff 0 1996 19% participation Claire Ackerman + Deborah Elbert Bloss 0+ Sarah Cowperthwaite+ Uma Gunasekaran+ Sarah Batey Ice 5 Jennifer Simmons McGugin 0+ Richa Misra + Sarah Cooper Nickoloff + Ryan Small Barrett Witkin 5+W 1997 15th Reunion 23% participation Mazi Abdolrasulnia Eric Appelt McLean Johnston Barbieri Richard Bovender 0W Andrew Brandon 5 Wes Brooks Elizabeth Foy + Christina Heflinger Hage +

photo by Kimberly Manz

Ruth Howell + Courtney King + Greer McCurley 5W David Moreau 5W Sri Reddy 0 + Katy Schmid + Cammy Smith Brooke Wheeler + 1998 15% participation Ben Bredesen 5 Dru Potash Bredesen 5 Michael Farnette + Ben Goldberg 5 Matt Haber 5+ Brooke Michael +W Erin Mosow + Leah Neaderthal + 1999 20% participation Behin Barahimi + Dan Blaser 5+ Jamie Chatman Erin Dittus 5

Contemating e Past S

Fifth grade English teacher Susan Godwin was the 2012 recipient of the Helen Meador Foreign Travel Fellowship. She wrote about the summer travel and study it enabled her to do.

ix summers ago, I was privileged to study and conduct literary research with Professor Peter McCullough, esteemed (and delightful) Sohmer Fellow in English Renaissance Literature at Lincoln College, Oxford University. I was enchanted by the Restoration court of Queen Mary Beatrice of Modena, consort to James II. Before returning to the U.S., I met with Peter to discuss a book idea stemming from that research.

Among the women in Mary’s court and circle were poets and artists, quite unusual for the time. Back home, I eagerly continued my study of the complexity of court culture, working to uncover as much as I could about these women and their unique literary and artistic accomplishments. Resuming research in Nashville, I realized early on that examining manuscripts and primary sources in the United Kingdom would be critical in following this captivating literary trail. I also needed to feel sense of place to create sense of place. Part of the joy of research—and for me it is joyful—is the ability to explore freely. I wanted to sense Stuart spaces: indeed, in the United Kingdom, one can travel by car, train, or bus through areas still astonishingly unchanged for centuries. Magically, the opportunity presented itself through USN’s Helen Meador Foreign Travel Fellowship. For five weeks, I studied Special Collections manuscripts at the Bodleian Library, branching out regularly to manor houses, palaces, villages, and museums relating to my cast of characters. At our faculty meeting last August, I shared the mood of my travels by placing selected photos to Celtic flute and guitar music. The realization of how completely 17th century women were disregarded made my

journey—on many levels— powerful yet poignant. Virginia Woolf famously wrote in A Room of One’s Own: “Shakespeare’s ‘sister’ draw(s) her life from the lives of the unknown who were her forerunners.” Further, wrote Woolf, “By hook or by crook, I hope that you will possess yourselves of money enough to travel and to idle, to contemplate the future or the past of the world, to dream over books and loiter at street corners and let the line of thought dip deep into the stream.”


Gracey Lipman Donahue + Allison Fundis + Paul Gruber David Hewlett Wil Howard-Downs Amanda Saxer 5 Emma Sullivan Garret Westlake Sarah Nadler Wolf 0+ Matthew Wolf 0+ Allison Yazdian 2000 19% participation Lanier Brandau 5+ Taylor Fishburn + Jeff Fuldauer +W Ellen Duke Haber 5+ Rachel Levy Howell 5 Nathalie Lavine 5 Suzanne Foy McNulty 5 Vineet Mishra 5+ Katie Ries + Freya Sachs 5+ Lacie Vincent Thorne + Cary Mastrapasqua Westerheide 2001 22% participation Chowning Johnson Aguilera + Rachel Greer Appelt Emily Brooks Bray + Daniel Bryan 5+ Hitesh Dayal 5+ Tirzah DeCaria + Max Goldberg + Lorene Howell Margaret Lipman + Jonathan Nyquist Kim Sandler Rhodes Mary Schmid + Katherine Spitz +


Julia Sullivan + Ariel Neaderthal Voorhees Seth Yazdian

Joseph Schneider + Elyse Vasquez + Lauren Wolchok 5

2002 10th Reunion 29% participation Andrew Badr + Katherine Barnes + Tobey Beaver + Eric Bilbrey 5 Jamie Hirsch Brook + Julie Eskind 5W Natalie Forsythe + Matthew Gillmor 5+ Jennifer Goldstein Alex Hood + Carolyn Hecklin Hyatt + David Lazarus + Hilson Merrill + Abby Michaud Lindsey Mossman 5 Jackson Murley 5+ Evan Remer + Lauren Martinez Riley + B.J. Stein 5+ Kate Viebranz 5+ Anne Wilson 5W Andrea Wolf + Jennie Shepard Zagnoev

2004 24% participation Cate Adams + Charlie Brittingham+ Yiliu Chen + Jim Clayton Hoyt Hill + Jamie Kever + Alexandra Kinzer + Gina Kuhn Matt Lukach + Patrick McHugh 5 Clare McKenzie Anna Myint 5 Mclaine Richardson 5+ Stephen Rodriguez + Becky Salomon + Carla Sandler Rosie Siman+ Nicole Southwell + Molly Tanner 5 Rachel Yazdian +

2003 17% participation Thomas Atack 5 Dwight Chambers 5+ Kacey Fuldauer 5+ Wells Johnson 5+ Grace Ann Cunningham Lukach + Ben Lundin + Emily McGrew + Bobby Perry 5+ Mollie Shmerling Perry 5+ Colin Pigott +

2005 17% participation David Baum + Hunt Beaty + Kathryn Berk + Margaret Brittingham + Jennifer Cohen 5+ Sophie Feather-Garner 5+ Katie Goldstein 5+ MacRae Linton Eleanor Schneider Frannie Stabile Craig Stewart + Zach Wexler + Ben Zeppos +W

2006 14% participation Sarah Carl + Patrick Donbeck + Alison Douglas + Elisabeth Gillette + Grace Killman Margaret Knowles + Cordelia Landstreet + David Patton + Hillary Price + Michael Snow + Joseph Spradley 5+ Frances Wright 5 2007 5th Reunion 28% participation Newton Allen 5+ Andrew Berger 5 Priya Chaturvedi + T.J. Ducklo + Mallory Easton + Chelsea Gifford + Hannah Gluck + Ben Gold + Beth Green + Nick Hood + Jess Jowers + Marci Levy Daniel May + Katherine Murray + E-beth Ockerman + Florence Page + Elizabeth Reiland 5+ Hunter Claire Rogers + Will Rubino + Emily Salomon + Doug Schatz + Polly Shepard + Emily Strupp + Austen Venick + Anna West +

2008 20% participation Michael Badr + Jane Brittingham Katy Clark + Leah Cobean + Ben Easton Raffi Friedman Julia Garrison + Siffat Hingorani + Adam Kever + Stuart Landstreet + Sam Linton + Charlie Napier + Joseph Steine + Morgan Wexler + George Wright + Nick Zeppos +W 2009 20% participation Lily Alberts Mary Allen + Luke Barden + Joey Capparella + Caroline Clark + John Clayton + Henry Gottfried + Ethan Hassenfeld + Julia Hudnut-Beumler + Charlie Kolarich + Sammy March + Abby Perlman + Morgan Pitt + Laura Lea Rubino Nathan Schine + Robyn Shaffer + Alex Spieth + Hunter Tulipan + Kalpana Vallabhaneni + Joshua Zeitlin +

2010 14% participation Carter Beach + Price Garrison + William Green + Reed Jones + Justin Khim + Ricci May + Jenna Meyerowitz +W Jamie Miller + Kathryn Pedulla + Elliott Roche Beau Rogers + Andrew Tiller Aaron Yazdian + 2011 33% participation Courtney Berck Sarah Berkman + Alex Boone + Maddy Booth + Melissa Carlson + Robby Cobean + Tim Creavin + Hannah Deegan + Manuel Guerrero + Diana Hays + Seth Jacobs Will Johns + Allie Kim + David Kuhn + Jordan Lavender + Eliot Linton + Kelsey Magnuson + Ike May + Miriam Miller + Michael Ng + Charlotte Owens + Andrew Paxton + Kuan Peng + Jean Ratanayanon +

Gd to Know n

19% of our students are from international families, representing 47 countries


30% of our students are people of color


The 85 graduates of the class of 2012 attend 63 colleges


68% of the class of 2012 was offered merit aid to college


More than 75% of high school students engage in voluntary community service


24% of the Class of 2012 was recognized in the National Merit competition


The class of 2012 was awarded $7,938,200 in merit aid to college


90% of seniors took at least one AP exam in 2012


For the last seven years, the most frequent AP score has been 5, the highest possible

Mikeie Reiland + Annie Schatz + Derek Shyr + Mara Steine + Sonal Walia + Nina Weiss + 2012 Senior Pledges George Coogan Sarina Desai Hannah Dobie Malak Doss Will Dossett Sam Douglas Meredith Forrester Daniel Gilani Abby Horrell Takuma Johnson

Lindsey Khim Will Kochtitzky T.J. Lewis Alexander Metzman Daniel Meyerowitz Forest Miller Kai Mote Whitney Perlen Rachel Rochester Aaron Rosen Charlie Rubinowicz Marlee Sacks Christy Slobogin Noah Stafford


Univeity Schl of Naville Aociation Karyn Bryant, 2011-2012 USNA President

University School of Nashville Association, USN’s family, faculty and alumni association, enjoyed another successful year raising funds for USN, providing volunteer support, and building community.


SNA achieved both its principal goals this year: developing a plan for the funds it raises each year and continuing to increase involvement by all its members.

Working with USN’s leadership, USNA adopted a fundraising allocation plan designating program beneficiaries for each of USNA’s fundraisers not previously designated. Now, Drive for the Green golf tournament will fund River Campus improvements, Bonus Bucks will support new initiatives undertaken by each division, Music Night will benefit the performing and visual arts programs and the Lower School Photo Project will provide lower school parent education programs. We are especially pleased about our matching program allowing teachers to purchase iPads or other tablets for summer curriculum development. USNA provided $20,000 to match dollars of all 67 faculty members who wanted to participate. Involvement continues to soar. Approximately 500 parents volunteered their time this year, and when you count multi-event/service volunteers that number approaches 1,500. Parents handed out popcorn and grilled

Fundraising Summary and Gifts to Supported Programs Fall Book Frenzy ∆ Hassenfeld Library $12,534 Drive for the Green ∆ River Campus $ 5,694 Artclectic ∆ Endowment for Innovative Teaching $16,752 Evening Classes ∆ EC Endowment and Financial Aid $36,937 Music Night ∆ Performing and Visual Arts $ 8,858 Lower School Photo Project ∆ LS Parent Education $ 9,060 Bonus Bucks ∆ LS, MS, HS Initiatives $10,465 Tennis Tournament ∆ Reserves $ 890 Edgehill Roast ∆ Reserves $ 500


burgers at Fall Fest, supported our teachers through “helping hands,” and the list goes on. The same is true of our faculty, alumni and parents of alumni. In a not-to-be missed Music Night, teachers worked non-stop; setting up the stage, writing the charts, even accompanying Trigger Hippy, the band that brought everyone in the USN auditorium to their feet. Faculty and staff also came to USNA meetings for their “spotlight,” keeping us educated and impressed with our social media endeavors, what it takes to run USN operationally, the high-yield efforts of our college counselors, and the plans of our Director of Diversity and Community Life. Alumni and parents of alumni earn money for USN by swiping their grocery rewards cards, playing golf at Drive for the Green, and coming in droves to Evening Classes and Artclectic. Thank you for the privilege of serving as USNA President. Our parents, faculty, and alumni work together to make extraordinary things happen every day at USN. Please join me in thanking USNA’s Board, who worked tirelessly to make USN the best place to be.

Additional Funding by USNA Reserved Funds iPad Matching Program Sperling Gymnasium Concession Equipment Faculty Development Directory and Calendar Faculty Appreciation, Parent Gatherings and Caring and Concern Total Support for USN

$ 20,000 $ 9,296 $ 10,000 $ 9,050 $ 6,370 $156,406

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Coordinators Barbara Moutenot Velaire Woolsey Helping Hands Coordinators Kim Huguley (LS) Melissa Flatt (MS) photos by Kimberly


Lower School Photo Project Danielle Gilbert Barbara Ishii

Fundraising Activities USNA 2011-2012 Board Karyn Bryant, President Dawn Becker, President Elect Suann Davis, Susie Rieniets Fundraising Vice Presidents Evelyn Graham, Shelton Clark Marketing Vice Presidents Holly Roche, Eileen Seitz Service Vice Presidents Julie Yalowitz, Secretary Robin Barnes, Caroline Shockley Treasurers Loraine Lippolis Volunteer Coordinator Amy Cooper, Ex-Officio/ Past President Ira Baxter, Hema D’Souza, Angela Hill, Members at Large

Artclectic Lee Ann Harrod Merrick ’79, Coordinator Ursula Norris, Chair Bonus Bucks Kelley Ellis, Accounting Coordinator Kobie Pretorius, Marketing Coordinator Edgehill Roast Erica Chappell Evening Classes Mary Silva Doctor Robin Johnson Fall Book Frenzy Mary Watke Karen Winkelmann Golf Tournament Karin Anderson-Barrett Michael Murdock

Music Night Steve Gorman Lou Anne Wolfson Billie Woodring Tennis Tournament Katrina Dickerson Laura Murak Service Activities Art Department Assistant Coordinators Leigh Jones (LS) Danielle Gilbert (LS) Jane Groos (MS) Robin Zenker (HS) Tanza Farr (HS) Caring and Concern Coordinators Bijal Mehta (LS) Amy Harkness (MS) Ursula Heitz (HS)

Hospitality Coordinators Katherine Haynes (LS) Jennifer Penson (LS) Advisory Parents (MS) Mary Atkins (HS) Sue Grady (HS) Library Volunteer Coordinator Melissa Rittenberg Parent Social Coordinators Stephanie Gilbert (LS) Caroline Farren (MS) Mary Atkins (HS) Room Parent/Advisory Parent Coordinators Gina Brooks (LS) Robin Wierum (MS) Tiger Arts Patrons Judy Yeaworth, Faculty Representative Angel Carter Tiger Club Cassie Elliott Jane Groos Spirit Store Kay Knight

Dads’ Alliance David Briley


e Pants Campaign T Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 & Will Fitzgibbon, Parent Chairs

o every one of you who helped us reach our 2012 Annual Fund goal, thank you. Our school thanks you, our faculty and staff thank you, and most of all, our children thank you. USN relies on your generosity. The Annual Fund fuels every aspect of a remarkable student-centered educational experience. By directly supporting the life of the school each year, it allows us to say yes to exciting opportunities for our students.

Our Annual Fund leaders are a focused and accomplished group. You know the saying, when you want to make sure something gets done, ask a busy person to do it. Well, that strategy played out successfully with the Annual Fund. A few people deserve special acknowledgement: Holly & Steve Roche, Leadership Gifts Dave French & Ruth Braun, Lower School David & Ann Kloeppel, Middle School Steve & Tanza Farr, High School Our numbers played out like this: 100% Board of Trustees and faculty/staff participation 85% parent participation 20% alumni participation 1,803 total donors The Annual Fund is a well-oiled machine, thanks to everyone’s pitching in and working hard. Your participation is fundamental. You have given the

Leadership Gifts Committee Holly and Steve Roche, Leadership Chairs Heathie & Chip Cox Laura & Brad Currie Suann & Ralph Davis Bob Davidson


Lori Greenbaum Fishel ’81 & Brad Fishel Kim & Thad Huguley Andy May & Nancy Brown David Morgan & Karen Bloch Patsy & Matt Powers

ultimate vote of confidence by entrusting USN with your child’s education. Not only are we an independent school, we are very independent and individual as families. Our resources are different, our backgrounds, our educations. But what we have in common is the education of our children and the thrill of watching them understand, interpret and excel, soaring past our own boundaries. Please make your pledges as early in the school year as you are able, in order to make life easier for the volunteers. Thank you for all you do for USN—for all of it—USNA work, classroom help, chaperoning, volunteering, attending events. It is you who make our community unique, and we hope you have the pride in USN that USN does in its families. Have a great year. Tory & Will Fitzgibbon Liam ’19, Henry ’21, Harrison ’23

Fiona & John Prine Kerri & Michael Rabb Bob Levy & Jeanmarie Stalma Lisa & Jim Usdan Stephen Stenhouse & Liza Weavind Beth Werther

Cheryl Fassler, New Parent Chair Laura Lee Dobie, 13 Year Club Chair

Lower School David French & Ruth Braun, Division Chairs Amy and Eric Bergesen Bari Bettan Katie and David Cour Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 & Will Fitzgibbon Stephanie Gilbert Kim and Thad Huguley Paige Kisber Christie & Rob Laird ’86 Don Mabry Julie Pena Michelle & J.J. Rosen ’88

Ivanetta Davis Samuels ’86 Katherine Taylor Haynes

Executive $25,000+ Dr. Stephan Heckers & Dr. Christine Konradi 5+

Patron $5,000-$7,499 Dr. Ronald Arildsen & Dr. Mary Ann Arildsen 0+ Mr. Joseph Blackburn & Ms. Karen Weir 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Conner Mr. Will Fitzgibbon & Mrs. Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 0 Mr. & Mrs. David Fox Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Thad Huguley 5 Mr. Jeffrey Jacobs & Mrs. Gail Gordon Jacobs ’88i Dr. & Mrs. A. G. Kasselberg ’73i Mr. Robert Levy & Ms. Jeanmarie Stalma 0 Dr. Michael Lomis & Dr. Kimberly Lomis 5+ Dr. David Morgan & Dr. Karen Bloch 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Matt Powers + Mr. & Mrs. Steve Roche 5+

Director $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous Dr. Robert Hodapp & Dr. Elisabeth Dykens 5+ Dr. Peter Jelsma & Dr. Julie Pena 0+ Mr. & Mrs. David Kloeppel 5+ Mr. Andrew May & Dr. Nancy Brown e+ Mr. & Mrs. Willy Stern 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waterman 0 Benefactor $7,500-$9,999 Dr. & Mrs. Carl Awh e+ Dr. & Mrs. Donald Cox, III Ms. Karen Elson +

Middle School Ann and David Kloeppel, Division Chairs Susan Foxman & Scott Aiken, Captains Dawn Becker, Captain Bari Bettan Jennifer Bostwick-Owens Kathryn & Mark Brandon Jean Byassee Angelia Cameron Joe Chickey

Tish Doochin, Captain Ruby Doss Jane Groos Paige Kisber Kim Lomis Suzanne Ochoa Kathy Pennington Phoebe Reilly Monica Urness Kristen Weaver, Captain High School Tanza & Stephen Farr, Division Chairs Kathryn & Mark Brandon Dr. Jacob Schwarz & Dr. Anna Hemnes + Mr. Stephen Stenhouse & Dr. Liza Weavind Mr. & Mrs. James Usdan +

Susan Creavin Laura Lee Dobie Cheri Ferrari Elizabeth Fox Leslie Freedman Alizah Greenberg Wendy Hafner Smith, Captain Gail Gordon Jacobs ’88 Diane Kuhn Brooks Mathews Kelly Milam Anna Noser Eileen Seitz, Captain Virginia Tanner, Captain

Mr. & Mrs. Will Weaver 5+ Dr. & Mrs. John Werther + Mr. & Mrs. David Williams 0 Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Wright 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Uzi Yemin +

The McCharen Society + Annual Fund contributors who increase their gift from the prior year are recognized as members of The McCharen Society. This donor distinction is named for Knox McCharen, Director of PDS from 19511968 and one of the school’s most beloved leaders. While any increase meets the criterion for recognition, we encourage you to consider 5% as a sustainable commitment that will be significant over time. In its ninth year, 1,055 donors became members of the McCharen Society by increasing their gifts or by giving to USN for the first time. We’re especially pleased to note that 466 of these are PDS or USN alumni.

5 0 e i \ denotes years of consecutive giving


Associate Gold $2,500-$4,999 Dr. Mark Aaron & Mrs. Jennifer Aaron 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Brett Babat + Mr. & Mrs. Scott Becker 5+ Mr. Mac Bennett & Ms. Maura O’Connell + Mr. & Mrs. David Bridgers + Mr. & Mrs. John Bryant 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Sykes Cargile 0 Dr. George Kenyon Carpenter & Dr. Lavenia Carpenter 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Chappell + Mr. & Mrs. Donald Compton 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Damien Creavin 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Brad Currie 5 Mr. & Mrs. Roy Dano 5 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Davis Jr. Dr. Habib Doss 0+ Dr. Martin Egli & Dr. Sohee Park + Mr. & Mrs. David Fox + Dr. Eric Green & Dr. Shari Green + Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Greenberg 0+ Dr. & Mrs. Erich Groos, Jr. 0 Dr. & Mrs. James Growdon 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Brad Gulmi ’89 + Mr. & Mrs. Ulf Hahnemann Dr. & Mrs. Graves Scott Hall Mr. & Mrs. William Jacobs ’85 + Dr. Jyotheen Karam & Ms. Nishitha Reddy Dr. & Mrs. Seth Karp + Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keenan 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Khim 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Greg Lanigan + Mr. & Mrs. David Lewis + Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Lewis 0+ Dr. Chris Ng 0 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nichols + Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Hara + Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ollila +


Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Ozenne + Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ozgener ’88 + Dr. & Mrs. David Penson Mr. & Mrs. John Prine 5 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rayson Dr. & Mrs. Jason Robbins 5+ Dr. Paul Seitz & Dr. Eileen Seitz Mr. Jonathan Shayne ’80 & Mrs. Ann Meador Shayne ’81 5 Dr. & Mrs. Ira Stein 0+ Dr. & Mrs. Volker Striepe + Mr. & Mrs. Brett Sweet W Dr. & Mrs. Simpson Tanner, IV 0+ Dr. Reid Thompson & Dr. Lorraine Ware 5 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Vaughn, Jr. + Mr. Robert Webb & Ms. Gail Plucker 5+ Dr. Laura Williams & Mr. Mark Walker 5 Associate Silver $1,000-$2,499 Mr. Scott Aikin & Ms. Susan Foxman 5+ Ms. Karin Anderson-Barrett + Dr. & Mrs. Mark Awh 0 Dr. Sarah Aylor 0+ Dr. Michael Baker & Dr. Wendy Baker 0 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Barry + Mr. Manuel Benegas & Dr. Nancy Benegas Dr. & Mrs. John Block Dr. Alan Brash & Dr. Bih-Hwa Shieh 5 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bressman 5+ Mr. David Briley & Ms. Jodie Bell + Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Kim Brown e Dr. & Mrs. Steven Brown Ms. Jean Byassee 5

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Caldwell + Dr. Jeffrey Canter & Dr. Asha Kallianpur 0+ Mr. Donald Capparella & Mrs. Amy Dorfman e+ Dr. & Mrs. Gilberto Carrero 5+ Dr. Don Chomsky & Dr. Amy Chomsky + Dr. Keith Churchwell & Dr. Leslie Douglas-Churchwell + Dr. & Mrs. Peter Clark + Mr. & Mrs. William Cochran Jr. + Dr. & Mrs. William Cooper 0 Mr. James Edgar Cozart + Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Cramer + Dr. & Mrs. Dawood Darbar Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Dobie 0 Mrs. Mary Silva Doctor + Mr. & Mrs. Larry Doochin 0

Mr. & Mrs. Burgin Dossett 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Douglas 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elliott 0 Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Emeson Mr. & Mrs. William Eskind e Dr. & Mrs. Saeed Fakhruddin + Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Farr 5 Dr. Cheryl Fassler 5+ Mr. Brad Fishel & Mrs. Lori Greenbaum Fishel ’81i Mr. James Fisher 5+ Dr. Ricardo Fonseca & Dr. Ingrid Mayer + Mr. & Mrs. Tom Forrester Mr. David French & Ms. Ruth Braun 5 Dr. David Friedman & Dr. Katherine Friedman 0+ Dr. Richard Friedman & Dr. Debra Friedman

Dr. William Gabella & + Dr. Marcy Singer-Gabella Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ghertner ’85 e+ Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ghertner ’82i Dr. Jonathan Gilligan & Dr. Victoria Greene Mr. & Mrs. John Grady 5 Dr. Brad Greenbaum ’87 & Ms. Lisa Turner Greenbaum ’89 0 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Greenfield ’84 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Grindon 5 Dr. Subir Guha & Dr. Noridia Mauras + Mr. Lawrence Harrington & Ms. Lisa Quigley Mr. & Mrs. John Harwood 5 Dr. Stephen Hays & Mrs. Deborah Hays 0+ Dr. & Mrs. Julian Heitz 0

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hill e+ Mr. James Hunter & Dr. Dineo Khabele 5 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jacobs ’815 Dr. Madan Jagasia & Dr. Shubhada Jagasia 0 Dr. & Mrs. Brian Jefferson 5+ Mr. & Mrs. David Joffe 5 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Jones + Mr. & Mrs. Henry Juszkiewicz Dr. & Mrs. Adetola Kassim + Mr. Ronald Kidd & Mrs. Yvonne Martin-Kidd 0 Dr. Frederick Kirchner 0 Mr. & Mrs. David Komisar ’71 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Kuhn ’72 i Mr. Paul Laibinis & Dr. Rebecca Hung 5 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Laird ’86 +

Dr. Ethan Lee & Dr. Laura Lee 5+ Mr. Eb LeMaster, III + Dr. & Mrs. Jun Li + Mr. & Mrs. Darren Liff ’89 Mr. Alex Lima & Mrs. Ana Paula Lima + Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Lippolis 5 Mr. Adam List & Ms. Sandra Rosenthal + Mr. William Little & Ms. Kirsten Deitelhoff + Mr. T.J. Luschen & Dr. Michelle Luschen + Dr. Michael Lutz & Dr. Michele Lutz 0 Mr. & Mrs. Don Mabry + Dr. & Mrs. Steven Manoukian Mr. Jerry Martin & Ms. Cynthia Ragan Martin + Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mathews 0 Dr. & Mrs. Nipun Merchant Ms. Kelly Milam 5 Dr. Claudio Mosse & Ms. Kristine LaLonde + Mr. Gregory Motycka + Ms. Angela Murphy & Mr. John Spence 0 Mr. & Mrs. Darin Murphy + Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Neely 0+ Mr. David Owens & Ms. Jennifer Bostwick-Owens 0+ Dr. Jürgen Pannock & Ms. Linda Pannock 0 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pennington 5 Mr. Greg Perfetto & Ms. Suzanne Ochoa 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Perlen e Andrew & Heidi Pflaum Ms. Jennifer Pietenpol + Mrs. Miranda Pontes + Dr. & Mrs. Mias Pretorius +

Mr. Michael Rabb & Dr. Kerri Woodberry Rabb 5+ Dr. Bhaskar Reddy & + Dr. Tanuja Reddy e Dr. Wayne Riley & Dr. Charlene Dewey 5+ Mr. Edward Rittenberg & Mrs. Melissa Cohen Rittenberg ’88 0 Mr. Mark Robin & Dr. Deborah Robin 5+ Ms. Tracey Robinson + Dr. Russell Rothman & Dr. Alice Rothman + Mr. J. B. Ruhl & Ms. Lisa LeMaster + Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Shepard + Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shockley Dr. Shelley Sigur 5+ Amy Fenichel Simon ’78 + Michael Simon + Dr. Pradumna Singh & Dr. Sudha Singh 5+ Mr. & Ms. Christopher Slobogin + Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Walser Smith Dr. Jeffrey Sosman & Dr. Dana Ziebel + Dr. Bennett Spetalnick & Dr. Terrie Spetalnick 5+ Dr. & Mrs. David Spigel ’88 + Mr. & Mrs. Nick Spiva 0 Mr. & *Mrs. Bruce Sprintz ’79 0+ Mr. Kevin Stack & Ms. Josephine Robins 5+ Mr. David Steed & Dr. Maria Steed 5+ Dr. Megan Strother 5 Dr. & Mrs. Rich Tyson + Mr. Michael Vandenbergh & Ms. Linda Breggin 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Randall Warren Mr. Angus Webber & Ms. Heather Campbell Webber ’82 Mr. Bahr Weiss *deceased


Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Weitzman 0+ Dr. John Wheelock & + Dr. Margee Brennan 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Craig Wierum 5+ Dr. Carl Wingo & Dr. Barbara Nylander-Wingo 0+ Mr. Tim Wise & Ms. Kristy Cason 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfson + Dr. Clara Womack 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Volney Tucker Woodring, Jr. 5 Mr. Paul Worley & Ms. Karen Winkelmann 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Jay Yalowitz Mr. & Mrs. Abe Yazdian e Dr. Wei Zheng & Dr. Xiao-Ou Shu Supporter $500-$999 Mr. John Allen & Ms. Kelly Motley + Mr. & Mrs. Ben Austen + Dr. Roderick Bahner ’89 & Dr. Susan Hobbs Bahner 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Deepinder Bal + Mr. Dwayne Barrett & Ms. Mimi Bliss 5+ Mr. William Bendell & Dr. Johanna Bendell Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Bishop 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Nick Bollen 5 Dr. Bogdan Borza & Dr. Corina Borza Mr. & Mrs. John Bradford Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brandon 5 Mr. & Mrs. Cabot Cameron 0+ Mr. Todd Campbell & Ms. Margaret Akers Mrs. Angel Carter & Mr. Brian Carter 0 Mr. William Cheek & Ms. Kathryn Barnett + Mr. William Christianson & Dr. Lucina Galina +

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Clark + Mr. & Mrs. Shelton Clark + Mr. & Mrs. Josh Clinton + Mr. Mike Poole & Ms. Alison Cohen + Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cohen + Dr. & Mrs. Roger Cone + Dr. Philip Coogan & Dr. Alice Coogan 0 Mr. Ed Bazel & Dr. Blythe Corbett + Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Corzine + Mr. & Mrs. Chad Custer Mr. Richard Dennison & Ms. Corrine Dennison + Mr. Jason Dinger & Ms. Kristen Keely-Dinger + Ms. Ruby Doss 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dundon 5+ Mr. Jonathan Elliot & Dr. Loren Elliot 5 Dr. Marcel Eluhu Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Escalas 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Andy Garmezy 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Harris Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gorman 5 Mr. & Mrs. David Guest 5 Dr. Paul Hain & Dr. Anne-Marie Hain 5+ Mr. Rogers Hall & Mrs. Karen Wieckert + Dr. Steven Hanks & Dr. Kathleen Gould 5 Dr. Chris Hardy & Dr. Susan Wente-Hardy 0+ Dr. Michael Higgins W Mr. & Mrs. Skip Hindman, III + Mr. James Hoffman 5 Mr. Ned Horton & Dr. Juli Horton 5 Mr. Raymond Jacobs & Mrs. Nancy Grossman Jacobs ’82 e Dr. and Mrs. Louis Johnson Dr. Margreete Johnston ’70 & Dr. William Doak 0+ Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Johnston 5

Mr. & Mrs. William Kampine + Dr. & Mrs. Ira Landsman 5+ Mr. René Marois & Ms. Isabel Gauthier + Mr. Josh May & Ms. Katherine Greenebaum 0 Dr. & Mrs. John McPherson + Mr. & Mrs. Yagnesh Mehta 5 Dr. & Mrs. Colin Meyerowitz e+ Mr. Andrea Moro & Ms. Cristina Monfardini + Mr. & Mrs. Ben Mosley 5 Mr. Mark Munson & Ms. Laura Murak 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murdock Dr. Richard Navarre & Dr. Melissa McPheeters + Mr. & Mrs. Digvijay Nikam Traci & Peter Nordberg +

photo by Kimberly Manz


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Noser + Mr. Danyvid Olivares-Villagomez &+ Ms. Darien Mejia-Olivares 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Chris Orem Mr. Jonathan Petty & Ms. Marjorie George 5 Mr. Christopher Phillips & Ms. Stephanie Gilbert + Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pierce 5 Mr. Ron Powers & Ms. Joanne Slike 5+ Mr. Casey Reed 5 Mr. & Mrs. Arne Roaldsand Dr. & Mrs. Richard Rubinowicz Dr. & Mrs. William Russell + Mr. Andrew Sacks & Mrs. Diane Esstman Sacks ’815 Mr. & Mrs. Luke Sands +

High Schl Teache Flip H

Sponsored by the Quaker Hill Professional Development Fund ave you heard of the “flipped classroom”? It’s an approach some teachers are exploring in order to offer students more help during class and reach students of varying abilities. In the flipped classroom model, teachers create videos of their lessons, which students watch outside of class instead of doing traditional homework. Then the students do their “homework” in class, where they can ask questions.

The 2012 Quaker Hill Summer Professional Development Fund allowed high school teachers George Flatau (science), Matthew Haber (history), Adnan Rubai (math), and Freya Sachs (English), with help from high school technology coordinator Penny Phillips, to explore the possibilities. Their new iPads, purchased with matching funds from USNA, were just what the teachers needed to put the Quaker Hill grant to use this past summer. Matthew Haber had identified four goals he wanted to accomplish by flipping in his Western Civs class, a good candidate for this experiment since so much time is devoted to content delivery.

To paraphrase Matthew: n It removes some of the most passive “sage on the stage” learning experiences from the classroom, allowing more class time to be spent on the most active ones—writing, discussion, and source analysis. n Learning more actively in class, students will have more opportunities to get guidance from their teacher or their peers. n Students can set their own pace when they “attend” a lecture on their own time, pausing and rewinding the video as needed. n Learning differences can be better accommodated, and students needing extra help can get more one-on-one time.

As Mr. Haber explains, “The more time I devote in class to simply making sure the students understand what happened, the less instructional time I am afforded to provide what are really the essential experiences of Western Civ—thinking about why the course of history unfolded as it did, analyzing primary sources, and practicing the methodology of historical interpretation and writing.” All of these teachers are now experimenting with this method. They used their time this summer to “figure out how it will affect our students’ learning,” as Freya Sachs says. Matthew Haber went “day-by-day through the Western Civ curriculum to adjust the flow of the ‘normal’ classes to accommodate the flipped ones.” They also began making videos. George Flatau says, “I’ve created about a dozen so far, with many more already ‘story-boarded’ or earlier in the planning stages. I’ve used about five or six so far, and reports are positive.” It’s too soon to declare success, but all of the teachers are excited about the possibilities. As Matthew says, “A relatively modest shift—say, flipping 1-2 lectures per unit—will translate to, over the course of a year, 10-20% more classroom time featuring my direct engagement with students or their interaction with one another. That’s exciting.”


Mr. John Shemancik & 0 Dr. Ellen Shemancik 0 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smith + Mr. John Stafford & Dr. Melanie Swift 0 Mr. John TeSelle ’83 & Ms. Maria May TeSelle ’83 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Thompson + Dr. & Mrs. Roghu Upender + Mr. & Mrs. Thor Urness 0 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Washko + Ms. Aviva Wasserman 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Chris Watke 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Ray Watt + Dr. & Mrs. Howard Weil 0 Dr. Quan Wen & Dr. Yanqin Fan Mr. Garry West & Ms. Alison Brown 5 Dr. & Mrs. Herman Williams Dr. Michael Wood & Dr. Annette Kim Mr. & Mrs. Kristopher Woolsey 5+ Dr. Qiang Wu & Dr. Fang Yan + Mr. & Mrs. Julian Wuerth + Mr. Robert Yemm & Ms. Lynn Winans 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zenker + Dr. Mark Zenker & Dr. Jill De Bona 5+ Mr. William Zinke & Ms. Brooke Ackerly 5+ Participant Up to $499 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Abelson 5 Ms. Judith Ablon 0+ Dr. Bassel Abou-Khalil & Ms. Rima Khallouf e Mr. Hemant Agarwal & Ms. Sunjta Dwivedi + Mr. & Mrs. Kent Agee 5+ Ms. Debra Alberts 0+


Mr. Kim Allan 5 Ms. Felice Apolinsky Ms. Cassandra Ardoin 5 Ms. Mary Atkins 0+ Mr. & Ms. Samuel Averbuch + Dr. Jayant Bagai & Dr. Kanika Bagai + Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bailey 0 Ms. Robin Barnes 5 Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Barocas Dr. Kirk Barton ’82 & Dr. Nancy Lipsitz 0+ Dr. Steve Baskauf & Dr. Carol Baskauf 5+ Dr. Christopher Bauer & Ms. Carol Whaling The Rt. Rev. Dr. & Mrs. John Bauerschmidt 5 Mr. Kevin Baynham & Ms. Sandra Baynham 0 Mr. & Mrs. Arch Beasley, III + Mr. John Beiter 5 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Bergesen + Ms. Amy Perry Blackman 5 Mr. Eric Blumenthal & Ms. Patricia Saperstein Blumenthal ’79 + Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Bowles + Mr. & Mrs. Trent Boysen 5 Mr. & Mrs. James Brackett + Ms. Kay Brandt Mr. & Mrs. Doug Brown 0 Ms. Camille Calloway + Ms. Collette Calmelet + Mr. Patrick Campbell & Ms. Debra Horstman + Mr. Walter Campbell & Ms. Emily Osborn + Ms. Joyce Carmichael + Dr. & Mrs. Terrence Cason + Dr. Sheng-song Chen & Dr. Yufen Wang

Mr. James Ross Cheshire 0 Mr. Chin Chiang & + Mrs. Ying Litingtung 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chickey 0 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Chittester + Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Clancy + Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Clark Ms. Karissa Cliff 5 Dr. Anthony Cmelak 5 Mr. Marc Cohen & Ms. Lauren Koch Mr. & Mrs. George Cohn ’82 Ms. Catherine Coke & Mr. R.W. Shick 5 Mr. & Mrs. John Condon + Ms. Mindy Congleton 0 Mrs. Diane Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Cook Jr. + Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cour 5 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Coverstone + Mr. & Mrs. David Crenshaw 0 Mr. David Cropp + Mr. & Mrs. Shachar Crouvi Ms. Luci Crow & Mr. Kenneth Kraft + Dr. Qi Dai & Ms. Liang Xue 5 Dr. Ram Dasari & Dr. Varalaxmi Dasari 5 Mr. Kevin Davis & Ms. Anne Zuberer Dr. Robert Deegan & Dr. Patricia Deegan 5 Dr. Chand Desai & Ms. Sylvia Hurdle + Ms. Roxanna Devlin + Dr. Steven Dickerson & Dr. Katrina Dickerson 0 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Doochin ’78 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Oniel J. D’souza Ms. Nicole Dunigan + Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eidam 0 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ellis + Mr. & Mrs. David Esquivel 5 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ewing ’83 +

Mr. & Mrs. Ross Falzone 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Glen Fassinger 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Gary Faulcon 0 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Feaster + Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Fink + Mr. & Mrs. Martin Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Flatt 5 Mr. & Mrs. James Floyd 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Frank 5 Mr. Joseph Freedman 0+ Ms. Leslie Freedman 0+ Mr. Todd Friedenberg & Mrs. Missi Shainberg Friedenberg ’81+ Mr. & Mrs. Justin Giles Mr. & Mrs. Lee Gilliam + Mr. & Mrs. Gil Given 0 Judy Shmerling Given ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gordon 5 Mr. & Mrs. Brent Graham

Mr. & Mrs. David Green 5 Ms. Gloria Gregory + Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Griffin + Mr. & Mrs. Kent Grizzell 0 Ms. Caroline Hagan ’92 Mr. Curt Hahn & Ms. Amy Harkness Mr. Bret Haines 5 Ms. Leslie Haines 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hall ’83 +

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Halper e Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hardin, Jr. + Ms. Ali Harnell 5 Mr. Jim Harris Ms. Nina Turner Harris ’87 0 Mr. & Dr. Anthony Haynes + Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hein + Ms. Ellen Hicks 5+ Mr. Gerald Thomas Hicks ’80 5+

Dr. & Mrs. Eric Hilgendorf + Mr. Kenneth Hinman, Sr. + Ms. Tara Hinman Mr. Seth Hoffman & Ms. Betsy Greenbaum Hoffman ’83 5 Peter & Janice Honsbergeri+ Mr. Chad Hornick & Mrs. Sarah Shainberg Hornick ’90 + Mr. John Horrell Mr. Zion Huang & Mrs. Josephine Huang-Yeh e Ms. Elisabeth Hudson + Mr. LaDoverick Huggins & Dr. Janá Huggins + Mr. Marcus Hummon & Ms. Becca Stevens 5 Dr. & Mrs. Ed Hunt + Dr. Rosemary Hunter 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Walker Igleheart 0+ Mr. & Mrs. William Inman, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ishii + Ms. Deirdre Jenkins Mr. Stephen Jobe + Dr. Carl Johnson & Mrs. Mine Yoshizawa 5 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Jones 5 Mr. Byron Jones & Ms. Lynn Linebaugh Jones 0 Dr. Timothy Jones & Dr. Jill Jones 5 Dr. & Mrs. Mathew Joseph + Dr. Daniel Kalb & Ms. Katharine Donato 5 Ms. Susan Handlan Keffer ’75 5 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Kennedy Mr. Richard Keuler & Dr. Kyla Terhune + Mr. & Mrs. Harsh Khetarpal Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kibble + Mr. Bakari King & Ms. Brandy Turner-King 5 Dr. Lloyd King

Mr. Robert King ’93 0 Ms. Douglas Kirkpatrick + Mr. Michael Kirshner & Ms. Bari Bettan 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kisber 5+ Mr. & Mrs. John Kleiner 0+ Mr. & Mrs. David Klements + Mr. & Mrs. William Kline + Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Knight ’84 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Jay Knowle 5 Reverend Rodney Kochtitzky & Ms. Jane Hardy 0 Mr. & Mrs. Sanjay Koli + Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Kozak + Dr. Matthew Kressin & Dr. Megan Kressin Mr. & Mrs. Fred LaBour 5 Mr. & Mrs. Bronson Lankford Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lapidus ’93 5+ Ms. Jennifer LeBlanc W Mr. John Lee & Dr. Carla Lee 5+ Mr. & Mrs. John Lee Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Leeper Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Levine Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Levy 0+ Mr. & Mrs. David Lewis + Mr. & Mrs. Chun Li 5+ Mr. James Mauries & Ms. Jennifer Lightsey + Mr. & Mrs. Mackey Luffman ’89 e+ Dr. & Mrs. Garvin Maffett Mr. & Mrs. Josh Malkofsky-Berger + Ms. Kimberly Manz 5 Mr. & Ms. Steve Markland 5 Mr. & Mrs. Heinrich Matthies + Mr. & Mrs. Andy May + Ms. Janet McDonald 5 Dr. Matthew McGirt & Dr. Laura McGirt Ms. Elizabeth McGowin + Mr. & Mrs. Robert McKay 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Richard McLaurin

Ms. Evy McPherson Dr. & Mrs. Deepak Mehrotra 5 Ms. Grace Melchiore & Ms. Donna Weimerskirch 0 Dr. & Mrs. Michael Metzman 0 Mr. Bruce Miller & Ms. Patricia Albrecht 5+ Mrs. Carrie Mills + Mr. Clay Mills + Mrs. Martha Moore + Mr. Graham Mote Mr. & Mrs. Roger Moutenot 0 Mrs. Caroline Mullaney + Mr. Mike Myers & Ms. Cindy Funk 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Pal Narayanan Ms. Berni Nash + Ms. Elizabeth Nebel 5 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Niarhos 5 Ms. Marsh Nichols 0 Ms. Anne Nilsson 5 Ms. Ursula Norris 5 Dr. & Mrs. William Norris + Mr. Phil Oliver & Ms. Sharon Roth + Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Page-McCaw + Dr. Thomas Palmeri & Dr. Amy Palmeri 5 Mr. & Mrs. Dipak Patel + Dr. & Mrs. Vikram Patel Mr. Philip Patey & Ms. Debbie Van Slyke 5 Mr. & Mrs. Tillman Payne, III Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Peglow + Mr. Douglas Perkins & Ms. Jo Ann Lippe 5 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phillips + Mr. & Mrs. David Plummer ’86 0+ Mr. Gibson Prichard & Mrs. JoDee Hicks Prichard ’84 + Ms. Christy Pruitt-Haynes Ms. Elizabeth Redding ’94 5+ Dr. Stephanie Reed 5


Mr. & Mrs. Keith Reilly W Mr. & Mrs. James Rieniets, Jr. 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Riley + Mr. & Mrs. Rob Robinson + Dr. & Mrs. Rick Rochester Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Rork 5 Dr. Michael Rose & Ms. Joanna Brichetto 0 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosen ’82 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Jay Rosenblum + Mr. & Mrs. William Roth 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rowland + Ms. Abby Rubenfeld 5 Dr. Irv Rubenstein 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Russell 5 Dr. Csaba Rusznak & Dr. Marta Papp 0 Mr. Kyle Rybczyk 5 Mr. & Mrs. Kamal Saggi + Dr. Adrian Samuels & Ms. Ivanetta Davis Samuels ’86 + Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Sanders + Dr. Nilanjan Sarkar & Dr. Medha Sarkar 5+ Dr. John Schnelle & Dr. Sandra Simmons + Mr. & Mrs. William Schreiber ’83 e Mr. & Mrs. Andy Schwarcz + Dr. & Mrs. J. Sheats ’89 + Mr. & Ms. Joe Shepherd + Mr. & Mrs. Mototsugu Shintani Dr. Edward Siew & Dr. Adriana Hung + Mr. & Mrs. David Simmons 5 Ms. Teri Simon Ms. Jennifer Skarda + Mr. Michael Skarda + Mr. Stephen Smail & Ms. Jessica Young 0+

Mr. Justin Smith & + Ms. Wendy Hafner Smith 5+ Mr. Paul Speer & Ms. Bettie Kirkland 5 Ms. Molly Spessard & Mr. Mike Upchurch + Mr. & Mrs. John Stallings + Ms. Teresa Standard 0+ Dr. Gregg Stanwood & Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Steinhilber 5 Dr. & Mrs. Mike Stephanides + Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stevens + Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Tanner 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Eric Tarleton 0 Mr. & Mrs. David Taron 5 Mr. & Mrs. George Tattersfield Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Tepper 5 Mr. Clark Thomas & Ms. Mary Beth Thomas 0 Mr. Randall Thomas & Ms. Cheri Ferrari Mr. William Thomas & Dr. Jane Thomas e Ms. Michelle Thompson 5 Mr. & Mrs. Barry Towles + Dr. David Twillie & Dr. Joy Twillie + Ms. Beth Urbanczyk Mr. Stephen Vann & Ms. Sylvie Bigar 0 Dr. Rhonda Venable & Dr. Jeri Fitzpatrick + Mr. & Mrs. David Wasserman + Ms. Marica Webster + Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Weinger 5 Ms. Janet Weinstein + Mr. & Mrs. Roderick White + Mr. Stephen White & Mrs. Sue Fort White 0

photo by Ron Watts Photography

Ms. Katherine Wieczerza & Ms. Joanna Wright 0+ Ms. Loni Wilhelms 5 Mr. & Mrs. David Wilkerson + Dr. & Mrs. Scott Williams 0+ Ms. Theresa Wilson Mr. Mark Wollaeger 0+ Ms. Robin Lynn Woo ’88 5 Mr. Steve Woodard & Ms. Susan Sanders +

Ms. Jennifer Woods Mr. & Mrs. Afshin Yazdian 5 Mr. Willie Young & Mrs. Lee Ann Pritchett Young ’75 + Mr. Guoliang Yu & Ms. Jenny Zhen 5 Mr. Jeffrey Zeitlin + Dr. David Zhao & Dr. Yenya Hu 0+

38 photo by Aerial Innovation of Tennessee, Inc.



After Jordan Lavender ’11 graduated from USN and headed to the University of Virginia on a track and field scholarship, her grateful parents May and Kevin Lavender wanted to express their gratitude to the school. A gift from the Lavenders made possible this new scoreboard at the River Campus. Beyond its practical purpose, it also serves as a thank you to Jordan's coach, Zaf Ahmed.


Our New Green Space The new outdoor classroom at the end of the 19th Avenue parking lot has become a magnet for classes of all ages. Lower school naturalists and middle school scientists study pond life, birds, and insects. It has been discovered to be a pleasant place to hold class discussion or just sit and read.


e Pants  Alumni Campaign Ms. Ligia Achuri + Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ackerman 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 5+ Dr. Newton Allen & Mrs. Burkley Allen 5 Mr. Douglass Andrews ’72 5 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Armitage 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Atack 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Larry Averbuch ’62 Ms. Kim Avington 0 Mr. Timothy Babb & Mrs. Nancy King + Mr. Clay Bailey 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ballow + Mr. Gentry Barden & Mrs. Rachel Lukens Barden ’80 \ Mr. & Mrs. Joe Barker + Mr. Weaver Barksdale \ Dr. & Mrs. David Barton 5 Mr. & Mrs. Cal Bean + Mr. & Mrs. Gary Beaty 5+ Mr. & Mrs. James Beaver Mr. & Mrs. Elwyn Bembry Ms. Barbara Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Michael Berger 5 Dr. Richard Berkman & Dr. Stacey Goodman + Ms. Eve Bilbrey 0 Ms. Marty Bishop 5+ Dr. & Mrs. George Bolian Mr. James Booth & Dr. Jane Easdown + Jack & Barbara Bovender + Mr. Alex Brandau + Dr. Jan Lewis Brandes +


Mr. Philip Bredesen & + Ms. Andrea Conte 5 Dr. Thomas Brittingham ’75 & Ms. Connie Culpepper i+ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brodie 5 Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Bronaugh + Mrs. Cindy Fair Brooks ’76 + Mr. & Mrs. Walter Brostrom Mrs. Iris Buhl + Mr. & Mrs. Barney Byrd ’70 + Mr. Mark Cannon 5 Dr. & Mrs. Michael Carlson + Dr. Cleo Carter 5 Dr. Walter Chazin & Ms. Christiane Martel-Chazin 0 Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Chilton 5+

Mr. Kevin Clark 5 Mr. Charles Cobean & Ms. Susan Pearlman + Dr. Alan Cohen & Mrs. Teri Weinstein Cohen ’64 5 Dr. & Mrs. Mark Cohen 5 Ms. Katherine Swift Conte ’59 + Dr. & Mrs. Seth Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Tom Corcoran 5 Mr. Dan Cornfield & Ms. Hedy Weinberg Reverend Robert Cowperthwaite & Mrs. Susan Cowperthwaite 0 Mr. & Mrs. David Cypress Mr. Steve Dansky & Mrs. Ellen Davis Dansky ’70 5

The McCharen Society + Annual Fund contributors who increase their gift from the prior year are recognized as members of The McCharen Society. This donor distinction is named for Knox McCharen, Director of PDS from 19511968 and one of the school’s most beloved leaders. While any increase meets the criterion for recognition, we encourage you to consider 5% as a sustainable commitment that will be significant over time. In its ninth year, 1,055 donors became members of the McCharen Society by increasing their gifts or by giving to USN for the first time. We’re especially pleased to note that 466 of these are PDS or USN alumni.

5 0 e i \ denotes years of consecutive giving

Dr. & Mrs. Wade Davidson ’73 + Mr. Jeffrey Davidson & Ms. Mariagabriella Giro Ms. Deborah Davies e Mrs. Ellen Dickinson 5 Mr. & Mrs. Matt Diehl + Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Donnell + Mr. William Donnell & Dr. Yollette Jones Ms. Amy Dortch & Mr. Monty Lamb e+ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Douglas 5 Dr. & Mrs. Tommy Ducklo + Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dugmore Dr. William Dupont & Dr. Susan Dupont 5 Mr. Vincent Durnan 0+ Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ebert e Dr. Paul Edelman & Dr. Suzanna Sherry 5 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Eisenstein ’66 i Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Entrekin 5 Dr. & Mrs. Steven Eskind 5 Mr. Edward Eskind & Mrs. Elaine Morris Eskind ’47 5+ Mr. Alan Fagen 5 Ms. Cherrie Forte Farnette ’63 5 Mr. & Mrs. John Finney 5+ Dr. Frank Fish & Dr. Wendy Fish Dr. & Mrs. Henry Foster e Mr. & Mrs. Quick Foy 5+ Dr. & Mrs. Luke Froeb Dr. Howard Fuchs & Dr. Catherine Fuchs 5 Mr. Lawrence Fuldauer

Mr. & Mrs. Garth Fundis + Frank & Amy Garrison e Mr. Gary Gerstle & Ms. Elizabeth Lunbeck + Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ghertner ’59 0+ Mr. Harris Gilbert 0 Mr. & Mrs. Gus Gillette 0 Mr. & Mrs. John Gillmor \ Dr. Joel Gluck & Mrs. Linda Small Gluck ’77 i+ Ms. Susan Jacqueline Godwin + Dr. & Mrs. Michael Gold + Mr. Larry Goldberg 5 Dr. Mark Goldfarb + Mr. & Mrs. Joel Gordon 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Riney Green + Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Greenbaum 5+ Dr. & Mrs. John Greer 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gregg

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harbers 5 Mr. & Mrs. John Hassenfeld ’75 i Mr. Barry Havens + Ms. Cornelia Heard ’73 & Mr. Edgar Meyer i+ Mr. & Mrs. Scott Heflinger i Dr. & Mrs. Harold Helderman 5 Ms. Dee Holder Hicks Bradshaw ’58 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Hill, Jr. i+ Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hodges e Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hooper + Ms. Tammy Wolcott Howell + Mr. & Mrs. William Howell i Mr. & Mrs. William Hunt 0+ Mr. Amro Ibrahim & Ms. Ayesha Ibrahim + Dr. & Mrs. Alp Ikizler + Mr. & Mrs. Toshinari Ishii +

Dr. James Johns & Dr. Karla Johns 0+ Mr. & Mrs. William Johnston 5 Mr. Herbert Jones & Ms. Hollis Hampton-Jones 5+ Mr. & Mrs. Walter Jowers 0+ Dr. Ramon Jrade & Dr. Cathy Jrade i Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kelly Mr. & Mrs. David Kennedy e+ Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kever Ms. Thelma Kidd 5 Dr. & Mrs. Howard Kirshner ’75 5+ Mr. & Ms. Thomas Knox ’66 0 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koban Mr. & Mrs. Lee Kraft i Mr. & Mrs. Kip Krones 5 Dr. & Mrs. John Kuhn + Mr. & Mrs. Gus Kuhn i Mr. & Mrs. Bill LaBounty + Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lapidus Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lavender 5+ Mr. Lewis Lavine & Dr. Marcia Lavine i+ Mr. Allen Lentz & Ms. Liza Beazley Lentz ’73 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Levine 0 Mr. & Mrs. Irving Levy 5 Dr. & Mrs. Mac Linton ’74 0+ Mr. Robert Lipman e Mr. Tom Loftis ’74 & Mrs. Babs Freeman Loftis ’74 0 Ms. Rosemary Lombardy Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Loring 5 Mr. Thomas Loventhal e Mr. Keith Lundin & Ms. Kathleen Ayres + Dr. Mark Magnuson & Ms. Lucile Houseworth 0+ Mr. Harold Maier 5 Ms. Janice Maier + Dr. David Maron + Dr. & Mrs. William Martin 5 Mr. & Mrs. Leon May ’39 +

Dr. Jonathan May & + Ms. Yolanda Ricci 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Hill McAlister Mr. & Mrs. Michael McBride 5 Chancellor Carol McCoy Ms. Lynn McKay 0 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel McSeveney 0+ Mr. Scott Merrick & Mrs. Lee Ann Harrod Merrick ’79 e Dr. & Mrs. Walter Merrill 5 Ms. Alice Merritt 5 Mr. & Mrs. James Michaud + Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Miletich i+ Dr. Robert Miller & Dr. Bonnie Miller i Mr. William Miller 5 Dr. Calvin Miller & Dr. Molly Miller + Ms. Sue Miller + Mr. Lane Miller 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Murley 5 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nadler Mr. & Mrs. Donald Napier, III Dr. & Mrs. Robert Neaderthal 5 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Noel 0 Mr. & Mrs. John Norris + Dr. Laura Novick + Mr. Stephen Nunn + Dr. Paula Nunn 5 Ms. Ann Olsen + Mr. & Mrs. Cano Ozgener + Mr. & Mrs. David Palmer 5+ Mrs. Mary Ann Pangle 5 Mr. Theodore Pedulla & Ms. Debra Crane + Mr. & Mrs. Joe Peel + Mr. DunFa Peng & Mrs. Tian Ling Hu Mr. & Mrs. Richard Penuel 5 Mr. & Mrs. Clay Petrey Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Pilson e+ Mr. & Mrs. John Plummer + Dr. James Powers & Ms. Martha Wetteman i


Mr. & Mrs. Tim Princehorn i Dr. & Mrs. Robert Quinn + Dr. & Mrs. Harry Ransom 5 Mr. & Mrs. David Raybin e Mr. David Reiland & Ms. Diane Honda + Mr. Ross Richardson & Mrs. Connie Cathcart Richardson + Dr. & Mrs. Michael Richardson + Dr. & Mrs. Russell Ries Mr. & Mrs. Rex Roberts e+ Mr. Bruce Robins & Mrs. Kay Van Cleeff Robins ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rodriguez i Dr. Howard Rosen & Mrs. Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen ’58 0 Mr. & Mrs. William Rosenberg i+ Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Rosenblum 0 Ms. Victoria Ross + Mr. William Rubino & Mrs. Leah Knox Rubino ’77 i Mr. Jim Russell & Ms. Nancy Hyer e Dr. & Mrs. Howard Sandler 5+ Dr. Martin Sandler & Dr. Glynis Sandler + Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Saperstein + Mrs. Linda Sauer 0+ Dr. William Schaffner & Ms. Lois Knight + Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schatz 0+ Jim & Livvy Schleicher 0+ Mrs. Anita Schmid i+ Mr. & Mrs. Chester Schmidt 5 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Schneider ’75 e Dr. David Shaffer & Dr. Susan Kroop 0 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shmerling ’73 Mrs. Fran Shmerling 5


Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sir + Ms. Pamela Sixfin 5 Ms. Kathy Skinner + Mr. Doug Small & Ms. Bonnie Magid Small ’68 0 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Small ’60 5 Dr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Smallwood Mr. Gregory Smith & Ms. Jan Read + Dr. & Mrs. Steve Snow 5 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Snow + Mr. & Mrs. John Spann + Ms. Nan Eisenstein Speller ’64 5 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spieth 5+ Dr. Jeremy Spinrad & Dr. Barbara Tsakirgis 5 Mr. & Mrs. William Spitz i+ Mr. & Mrs. Ken Spradley + Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sprintz + Dr. Roland Stein & Ms. Jennifer Louis 5 Mr. & Mrs. David Steine ’68 e Mr. Barry Stillman & Mrs. Leslie Schatten Stillman ’75 e+ Ms. Dana Morris Strupp ’77 + Dr. & Mrs. Craig Sussman + Mr. Frank Sutherland & Mrs. Natilee Duning + Ms. Barbara Swanson + Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Swor + Dr. & Mrs. John Tarpley e Dr. Joseph Taylor Mr. Mark Meadors & Ms. Beth Thornburg e Mr. & Mrs. Joe Torrence Ms. Martha Trammell 0 Mr. Michael Trupin & Mrs. Christine Trupin 5

photo by Kimberly Manz

Ms. Jo Ann Tumey 5 Mrs. Alys Venable 0+ Mr. Irwin Venick & Dr. Jeanne Ballinger i+ Mr. & Mrs. Scott Viebranz 0 The Reverend Ann Walling 5+ Ms. Leigh Walton e Mr. & Mrs. Dan Warlick 5+ Dr. Alix Weiss-Sharp 0+ Mrs. Ann Harwell Wells Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Werthan 0 Mr. & Mrs. Marty Wexler 0 Dr. Erskine White 0+ Mr. & Mrs. Blair Wilson 0+

Mr. & Mrs. James Wolchok + Dr. & Mrs. Steven Wolff + Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Wood + Ms. Kathleen Woods 5 Dr. George Wright & Dr. Ellen Wright e Dr. & Mrs. Peter Wright e Dr. Aida Yared + Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Yeaworth + Mrs. Shirley Zeitlin + Mr. Nicholas Zeppos & Ms. Lydia Howarth i

How Do We Ae Ma Skills? W Sponsored by the Kathy Woods Fund for Lower School Faculty Professional Development

hat’s the best way to introduce young children to mathematics? Thanks to the Kathy Woods Fund for Lower School Faculty Professional Development, one kindergarten teacher was able to spend part of her summer trying to answer that question. In particular, she explored the best way to assess what children are learning about math.

The background is what Christy Plummer describes as the kindergarten team’s quest “to provide a joyful and appropriately challenging learning environment that meets our students’ academic and social needs across disciplines. Central to this effort is the quest for assessment tools to inform our instruction.” It’s not easy, she says, “because powerful, classroom-friendly assessment tools are not as readily available in the field of early mathematics as they are in the field of early literacy.” Christy explains what she did. “This summer, I was fortunate to be able to attend a professional development course offered by the U.S. Math Recovery Council, an organization dedicated to helping teachers become more skillful in providing targeted math instruction and intervention. The 4-day ‘Add+VantageMR’ course introduced a developmental continuum of children’s learning of numbers, and then provided training in assessments that are designed to pinpoint children’s level of understanding along the continuum. The specificity of the assessments supports strategic instructional decisions in the short-term and charting student progress along the continuum provides a record of student growth over time.” She came back to USN to share her new ideas with her colleagues. “The kindergarten team began incorporating the new assessments in August in our work with USN’s youngest mathematicians. Already, we are aware of ways in which this model affords new insight into the diverse mathematical understandings of our learners. As we look toward the coming

months, we are excited about the ways in which the new assessments will inform our efforts to identify mathematical challenges for our students that are neither too easy nor too hard, but ‘just right.’”


e Grandpants Campaign Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Abelson + Madi Abelson 2012 Mr. & Mrs. William Akers 5 William Akers 2006 Caldwell Akers 2008 MacRae Linton 2005 Edward Linton 2007 Samuel Linton 2008 Eliot Linton 2011 Acadia LeQuire 2022 Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 5+ Taylor Irwin 2023 Dr. Joseph Allen + Daniel Allen 2010 Bonnie Allen 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Austen + Lusia Austen 2023 Dr. & Mrs. Larry Averbuch Dustin Averbuch 2022 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Averbuch 5+ Margo Ghertner 2016 Jonathan Ghertner 2019 Drew Brackett 2024 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Barker + Abby Liff 2020 Jackson Liff 2022


Dr. & Mrs. David Barton 5 Talia Barton 2018 Aden Barton 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bergesen 5 Pelham Bergesen 2020

Mr. & Mrs. John Butler 0 Jackson Bryant 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Stu Basore + Margaret Milam 2015

Mrs. Joyce Beumler 5 Julia Hudnut-Beumler 2009 Adam Hudnut-Beumler 2013

Ms. Dot Byassee 5 Elizabeth Saum 2018

Ms. Brenda Bass + Foster Cook 2018 Kylie Cook 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Bostwick 0 Charlotte Owens 2011 Adelaide Owens 2016

Ms. Anne Bell Andrew Bridgers 2013

Dr. & Mrs. Herb Bressman 5+ Zachary Bressman 2017 Jacob Bressman 2019 Zoe Bressman 2022

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bellar 5+ Sophia Simmons 2020 Tristan Simmons 2024

The McCharen Society + Annual Fund contributors who increase their gift from the prior year are recognized as members of The McCharen Society. This donor distinction is named for Knox McCharen, Director of PDS from 19511968 and one of the school’s most beloved leaders. While any increase meets the criterion for recognition, we encourage you to consider 5% as a sustainable commitment that will be significant over time. In its ninth year, 1,055 donors became members of the McCharen Society by increasing their gifts or by giving to USN for the first time. We’re especially pleased to note that 466 of these are PDS or USN alumni.

5 0 e i \ denotes years of consecutive giving

Mrs. Marnette Calloway 5 JC Swope 2015 Ryane Swope 2020 Mrs. Shirley Cameron Skye Cameron 2015 Ella Cameron 2017 Mrs. Fay Osment Carpenter ’49 5+ Kenyon Carpenter 2014 Kate Carpenter 2016 Mr. William Cheek ’62 0 Christopher Cheek 2021 Ella Cheek 2024 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chickey 5 Thomas Chickey 2014 Patrick Chickey 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Boon Chock Arianna Bendell 2022 Mr. & Mrs. William Cochran + Ivy Cochran 2023

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dobie 5 Hannah Dobie 2012 Rob Dobie 2014 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Doe Ella Steinhilber 2019 Lily Steinhilber 2022

Dr. & Mrs. David Foxman 5+ Madeleine Aikin 2019 Iris Aikin 2023

Dr. Burgin Dossett & Mrs. Valerie Dossett 5 Bo Dossett 2011 Will Dossett 2012 Elizabeth Dossett 2014 Olivia Dossett 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Frank 5+ Isaiah Frank 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Crase 5 William Cooper 2012 Elizabeth Anne Cooper 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dugmore 0 Dan Dugmore 2010 Adam Lindsey 2018

Dr. & Mrs. Dale Compton + Harry Compton 2016

Mr. & Mrs. William Crenshaw Simpson Tanner 2015 Kate Tanner 2016

Mrs. Robert Eidam 5 Grant Eidam 2014 Hope Eidam 2015 Beth Eidam 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cour 5 Henry Cour 2020 Romy Cour 2022 Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Coyle Coco Coyle 2013 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cramer + Caroline Cramer 2022 Lucy Cramer 2024

Ms. Geraldine Crouch 5 Lucy Kloeppel 2017 Cam Kloeppel 2019 Tate Kloeppel 2019 Mr. & Mrs. Raj Desai + Anya Desai 2004 Danika Desai 2007 Miro Hurdle 2013 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dinger + Luke Dinger 2023

Ms. Alice Fitzgibbon 5+ Liam Fitzgibbon 2019 Henry Fitzgibbon 2021 Harrison Fitzgibbon 2023

Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Doochin Matthew Wolf 1999 Andrea Wolf 2002 Sarah Doochin 2009 David Doochin 2014 Megan Kasselberg 2016

Dr. Alan Cohen & + Mrs. Teri Weinstein Cohen ’62 + Lia Cohen-Poole 2024

Mrs. Bobbie Congleton 0 Lydia Rubenstein 2011 Sophia Rubenstein 2012

Max Fishel 2021 Jordan Fishel 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Elliott 5+ Sarah Elliott 2014 Tate Elliott 2016 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Eskind 0 Madeline Eskind 2010 Alec Eskind 2014 Isaac Eskind 2017 Mr. James Fishel ’60 & + Mrs. Royce Coleman Fishel ’60 0 Scott Fishel 2009

Mrs. Robert Frane 0+ Harry Compton 2016

Mr. & Mrs. George Friedman 5 Lena Friedman 2015 Louisa Friedman 2016 Geofrey Friedman 2023 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ghertner ’59 0+ Ben Ghertner 2013 Margo Ghertner 2016 Ryan Ghertner 2018 Jonathan Ghertner 2019 Mr. Harris Gilbert 5 Joshua Gilbert 2022 Sophia Gilbert 2023 Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Gilbert 5+ Arden Gilbert 2016 Bennett Gilbert 2018 Pearson Phillips 2021 Henry Phillips 2023 Mr. & Mrs. John Gillmor \ Margaret Luffman 2018 David Luffman 2020


Mrs. Mickey Goorman 5+ Abby Liff 2020 Jackson Liff 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gordon 0+ Zach Gordon 2011 Brian Gordon 2013 Michael Gordon 2021 Matthew Jacobs 2015 Tyler Jacobs 2018 Morgan Jacobs 2021 Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Greenbaum 5+ Scott Fishel 2009 Max Fishel 2011 Jordan Fishel 2016 Gracie Hoffman 2015 Jonah Hoffman 2017 Halle Greenbaum 2021 Mrs. Shirley Greenberg + Marcie Cohen 1998 Alec Greenberg 2009 Talia Greenberg 2014 Isabelle Greenberg 2016 Mia Greenberg 2018 Mr. & Mrs. Andy Grimes 0 Mary Frances Noser 2014 Joseph Noser 2016 Ted Noser 2018 Ms. Fran Groseclose 5 Henry Rieniets 2017 Grace Rieniets 2019 Ella Clare Rieniets 2024 Mrs. Dottie Haber + Ingrid Komisar 2016 Max Komisar 2018


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hamilton + Ben Tattersfield 2014 Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Harnell 5 Eli Murphy 2019 Mr. & Mrs. Ron Harris + Mae Rowland 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Harris + Sydney Davis 2013 Mrs. Beverly Hays Matthew Hays 2014 Timothy Hays 2020 Ms. Dee Holder Hicks Bradshaw ’58 5+ Addison Prichard 2016 Leah Hicks 2017 Mrs. Anna Hood 5 Alexis Hood 2013 Ashton Hood 2013 Mr. & Mrs. Cass Hough + Lily Alberts 2009 Sarah Alberts 2013 Mr. & Mrs. Everett House 5+ Ensley Mason 2017 Piers Mason 2022 Mrs. Hilda Hunter + Hannah Aaron 2015 Will Aaron 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Toshinari Ishii + Taiyou Ishii 2023 Ms. Betty Jones + Benton Laird 2023

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kassay 5 Ellie Yemm 2020 Theo Yemm 2022 Dr. & Mrs. Paseka Khabele 5 Lebo Hunter 2017 Mr. & Mrs. OnJa Kim Sam Wood 2022 Dr. & Mrs. Anton Kleiner + Max Kleiner 2020 Jack Kleiner 2019 Dr. William Schaffner & Ms. Lois Knight + Sarah Knight 2018 Sam Knight 2021 Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kolodziej + Colin Kolodziej 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Landsman 5 Michael Landsman 2008 Daniel Landsman 2011 Ali Landsman 2014 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lapidus Max Lapidus 2024 Mr. & Mrs. Irving Levy 5 Seth Jacobs 2011 Ian Jacobs 2016 Alli Jacobs 2021 Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Lindsey Adam Lindsey 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Mack Linebaugh + Reed Jones 2010 Taylor Jones 2012 Dylan Groos 2015 Savannah Groos 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lipworth 5 Shayna Elliot 2017 Graham Elliot 2020 Max Elliot 2023 Ms. Carole Lowe 5 Harrison Kisber 2019 Kate Kisber 2023 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Martin Maggie Kidd 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Sy Mauskopf + Jacob Rothman 2023

Mrs. Marge Maxwell + Emily Davis 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Jack May ’47 0 Dan May 2007 Ike May 2011 Nora May 2013 Sam May 2015 Alice May 2017 Natalie TeSelle 2016 Evelyn TeSelle 2018 Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Mayes 5 Caroline Knowles 2018 Col. & Mrs. Colin McArthur Jack Capizzi 2018 Mr. & Mrs. Woody McKay 5+ Laurel McKay 2020 Frances McKay 2023 Ms. Mary Meyer Woods Spessard 2021 Julia Spessard 2023 Mr. & Mrs. William Miller Isaac Gabella 2014 Joshua Gabella 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Wills Morgan 5 Arden Gilbert 2016 Bennett Gilbert 2018 Mrs. Chitra Mukherji 5 Anjali Mukherji 2015 Evan Mukherji 2018 Serena Mukherji 2021 Aaron Mukherji 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Murphy 5+ Ben Ghertner 2013 Ryan Ghertner 2018 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nilsson + Olivia Bishop 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norris + Rachel Weaver 2016 Megan Weaver 2018 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Ochoa + Sophie Perfetto 2019

Mr. & Mrs. John Plummer + Max Plummer 2014 George Plummer 2015

Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan + Sydney Robbins 2016 Ben Robbins 2019

Mr. James Powell & Ms. Victoria Johnson Kensi Juszkiewicz 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Sales + Sam Bollen 2014 Hannah Bollen 2015 Nathan Bollen 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Poteet Roxanne Haines 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Cano Ozgener + Evan Ozgener 2024

Ms. Margaret Pritchett + Dylan Young 2014 Maggie Young 2016 Sarah Young 2016

Ms. Jennifer Page & Mr. Joe Mayer + Sarah Page-McCaw 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Robbins 5 Sydney Robbins 2016 Ben Robbins 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Reg Pattey 5+ Kellon Patey 2015 Curtis Patey 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Roche + Elliott Roche 2010 Hayden Roche 2013

Mr. and Mrs. David Pearce 5 William Bauerschmidt 2009 Henry Bauerschmidt 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rork 5 Conor Rork 2017 Evan Rork 2019

Mrs. Rosalie Pembridge Anna Linn Currie 2009 Nate Currie 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rose 5+ Lena Friedman 2015 Louisa Friedman 2017 Geofrey Friedman 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Petty 5+ Nathan Petty 2019 Russell Petty 2022 Mr. Gerald Phillips Pearson Phillips 2021 Henry Phillips 2023

Mrs. Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen ’58 & Dr. Howard Rosen 0 Lindsey Rosen 2009 Aaron Rosen 2012

Dr. & Mrs. Howard Sandler 5+ Lilly Woo 2020 Mr. & Mrs. Winton Sandler + Zach Gordon 2011 Brian Gordon 2013 Michael Gordon 2021 Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Saperstein + Stephanie Blumenthal 2017 Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Schultz 0+ Zachary Bressman 2017 Jacob Bressman 2019 Zoe Bressman 2022 Ms. Sandy Schwarcz 5 Matthew Schwarcz 2018 Anna Schwarcz 2020 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Segers + Connor Shockley 2017 Graham Shockley 2019 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Seloff Jeremy Seloff 2016 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shepard + Eleanor Shepard 2023

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Rosenblum 0 Zoe Rosenblum 2021 Simon Rosenblum 2023


Mrs. William Wemyss Walter Blackman 2007 Ella Mathews 2012 Hop Mathews 2015

Mrs. Fran Shmerling 5 Andy Shmerling 1999 Mollie Shmerling 2003 Katie Shmerling 2005 Erin Shmerling 2006 Grant Given 2014

Ms. Diane Strom + Rachel Brandon 2014 Evan Brandon 2018

Mr. Rich Signor + Greta Matthies 2022

Mr. & Mrs. Al Thomas Anna Dennison 2023

Mr. Samuel Whitman 5 Trey Leeper 2011 Mallory Leeper 2013 Jon Leeper 2015

Mr. & Mrs. William Single 5 Matthew Hays 2014 Timothy Hays 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thomas T.J. Lewis 2012 Matthew Lewis 2017

Mrs. Lucinda Wise + Ashton Wise 2020 Rachel Wise 2022

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Singleton 5 Rebecca Ashworth 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Torrence Skylar King 2017 Georgia King 2019 Lucy King 2021

Mr. & Mrs. Buster Wolfe + Ivy Cochran 2023

Mr. & Mrs. Max Slankard + Sophia Ollila 2024 Mr.* & Mrs. Gary Slone 5 Ella Steinhilber 2019 Lily Steinhilber 2023 Mr. & Mrs. Attilio Speranza + Nicholas Grizzell 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sprintz + Scott Sprintz 2008 Jake Sprintz 2013 Daley Hall 2019

Ms. Carole Tabor + Landon Whitcomb 2021

Mrs. Barbara Turner + Benjamin Harris 2018 Carly Harris 2021 Emma Harris 2021 Halle Greenbaum 2021

Ms. Nancy Yalowitz Lillie Yalowitz 2017 Eric Yalowitz 2019

Dr. Carl Tyler 5 Connor Crenshaw 2015 Carolyn Crenshaw 2018

Ms. Carroll Young & Mr. Frank Neiswender 5+ Whitley Cargile 2014 Sykes Cargile 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Don Waggener 5 Will Allen 2016 Alex Allen 2022

Mr. Wally Stern & Mrs. Betsy May Stern ’51 i Zack Stern 2014 Phoebe Stern 2020

The Reverend Ann Walling 5+ Ensley Mason 2017 Piers Mason 2022

Mr. Q. E. Stratman + Nilan Hodge 2012

Mrs. Nicky Weaver Will Weaver 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Straughan + Laurel McKay 2020 Frances McKay 2023

Mrs. Elsie Weiss 5 Nina Weiss 2011 Lila Weiss 2015


Mr. & Mrs. Cooper Wright Eli Murphy 2019

Mrs. Shirley Zeitlin + Nate Zeitlin 2007 Joshua Zeitlin 2009 David Zeitlin 2012 Mr. Joseph Zendlovitz Sydney Emeson 2022

*deceased photos by Kimberly Manz

e Faculty & Staff Campaign

Kyron Baidy, Sarah Cooper Nickoloff ’96, Kenya Stevens, Dean Masullo, Matt Lukach ’04 Faculty & Staff Co-Chairs Gail Ackerman 0+ Mary Agee 5+ Zaf Ahmed 5+ Debra Alberts 0+ Begashaw Asfaw Kim Avington 0 Kia Bahner ’83 Kyron Baidy + Tom Bailey ’85 5+ Jill Bauer + Kevin Baynham 0 Marte Beaty 0+ Tobey Beaver ’02 + Tamara Berthel-Auman 5+ Joel Bezaire 0 Marty Bishop 5+ Trent Boysen 5 Marion Bradford + Bubba Brown Don Brown 5 Doug Brown 0 Glyn Burton 0+ Gil Chilton 5+ Kyle Clarke + Catherine Coke 5 Mindy Congleton 0 Maura Courtney 5+ Kelicia Cox Mei-Yen Cracraft + Cindy Crenshaw 0 Bobby Crutcher 5+ Lourdes Cuellar 5+ Connie Culpepper i+

Dee Davis Trisha Deegan 5 Emily Deichmann + Amy Dortch e+ Juliet Douglas 0+ Stephen Douglas 0+ Vincent Durnan 0+ Michael Eatman + Sibley Edwards 0 Richard Espenant 5 Connie Fink + Justin Fitzpatrick + George Flatau + James Fosten 5+ Debbie Fulcher + Joe Getsi + Gus Gillette 0 Susy Gillette 0 Susan Godwin + Jeff Goold 0 Daniel Gordon 5 Katie Greenebaum 0 Jeff Greenfield ’84 0+ Bobbie Grubb e+ Matthew Haber ’98 5+ Ed Haggard + William Haight + Mittie Hale 0 Ellen Hicks + Amy Hilgendorf 5+ Betsy Greenbaum Hoffman ’83 John Hoilman + Wendy Holleman

Emily Holt Jan Honsberger i+ Josephine Huang-Yeh e Wilson Hubbell 5+ Nikki Hunt 0+ Jean Hutchinson 0+ Sarah Batey Ice ’96 5 Sam Jackson + Kari Jansen + Dennis Johnson + Rachel Jones + Brenda Jowers 0+ Nicole Jules 5+ Justin Karpinos 5+ Marty Kennedy e+ Bakari King 5 John Kleiner 0+ Karen Ward Knox ’66 0 Marc Lavine i+ Cynthia Lee 0+ Jennifer Lightsey + Beckie Loftis-Stokes 5+ Peter Lowen + Mackey Luffman e+ Matt Lukach ’04 + David Maclean 0+ Dawn Maharaj Krista Malloy 5 Jim Manning + Kimberly Manz 5 Karen Marler 0 James Mash Erik Mash ’93 5 +

Bret Mash 5+ Elizabeth Mask 5+ Dean Masullo Dawn Matthies + Sharon McBroom 5 Brittany McCauley + Thorunn McCoy 0+ Jennifer McFall 5 Anna Claire McKay 0+ Lynn McKay 0+ Robbie McKay 0+ Grace Melchiore 0 Lee Ann Harrod Merrick ’79 e Pat Miletich i+ Norma Miller e+ Nancy Mitchell 5 Martha Moore + Lynne Mosby ’66 e+ Marci Murphree 5 Adell Neal 5 Marshall Neely 0+ Sarah Cooper Nickoloff ’96 + Lynn Noel + Thom O’Rourke 5 Janki Patel + Lesley Patterson-Marx 5+ Penny Phillips 5 Christy Plummer 0+ Rhonda Prater 0 Lisa Preston 0+ Lisa Prewitt + Doni Princehorn i Jody Reynolds +

Amy Richardson + Karen Roberts e+ Josie Robins + Steve Robins 0+ Victoria Roca + Bill Rodriguez i Laura Rodriguez i Debbie Roth 0+ Adnan Rubai 5+ Katye Russell 5 Tim Russell 5 Freya Sachs ’00 5+ Lilly Sagar Linda Sauer 0+ Anita Schmid i+ Brad Schmittou 5+ Linda Schneider + Janet Schneider e Bobbie Schultz 0+ Josh Scouten 5+ Delia Seigenthaler 5 Melissa Sherman + Tal Sherron Jason Shuster 5+ Stephen Smail 5+ Adam Sonn 5 Diane Sorrel + Teresa Standard 0+ Kenya Stevens + Majken Stimson 5+ Genie Tanner 0+ Helen Tarleton 0 Beth Thornburg e

Susan Touchstone 0+ Michael Turange 5+ Arcelia Vàzquez 5 Cristin Viebranz 0 Aviva Wasserman 5+ Anne Westfall 0+ Ann Wheeler e+ Erskine White 0+ Betty White 0+ Kathy Wieczerza 5+ Marvin Williams Peg Williams i Robin Lynn Woo ’88 5 Helen Yeargin + Judy Yeaworth e+


Friends Mr. & Mrs. Clark Akers Ms. Anita Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Martin Brown Jr. Ms. Tracey Doering Ms. Jean Finnie Casson Dr. Leon Cunningham Ms. Amy Germuth Mrs. Claudia Hazelwood Senator & Mrs. Douglas Henry Ms. Marlene Key Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maumus Mr. Richard McCarty Dr. John Morris & Ms. Julia Morris Mr. & Mrs. Tom Oreck Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Risk Mrs. Margaret Sanders Dr. Steven Stain & Ms. Hyacinth Mason Ms. Candace Sullivan Mr. Roy Wunsch & Ms. Mary Ann McCready Mrs. Anne Zelle Corporate & Matching Gifts AIG Matching Gifts Program Aintree Capital LLC American Eagle Lifecare Corporation American Paper & Twine Co. Bank of America CGM Focus Fund Chipotle Ecolab Foundation Electronic Express Eli Lilly and Company EvalWorks, LLC Gap Foundation Gap Giving Program Gaylord Entertainment Foundation General Re Corporation Gives Back Company, LLC HCA—Caring for the Community Lipman Bros. Inc. McConnell, White & Terry


Microsoft Najeals Hair Studio Nelnet Matching Gift Program Nissan Gift Matching Program Paradigm Group Pearson/Penguin Group Pfizer Foundation Pizza Perfect ProLogis Foundation Rados Family Trust Rubenfeld Law Office Stitch-It Alterations SunTrust Banks, Inc. The Renaissance Group Vanderbilt University Medical Center Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wells Fargo Foundations AMJ Foundation Andrew Allen Charitable Foundation Anne Potter Wilson Foundation Betty & Bernard Werthan Foundation Boult Family Foundtion Cartinhour-Woods Foundation Chapin Foundation Community Foundation of Collier County Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Crittenden Foundation Doochin Family Charitable Foundation Eden Foundation Edward E. Ford Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund HCA Foundation Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Hymowitz Family Foundation Jewish Federation Foundation of Nashville Joel C. and Bernice W. Gordon Family Foundation

Joseph and Lynn May Foundation The Karlson Family Foundation Kim & Gary Heiman Family Foundation Lester Family Foundation M. Stratton Foster Foundation Oz Foundation Trust Robbins Family Foundation Robinson Family Foundation, Inc. Roger L. Goldman Rev. Living Trust Schooner Foundation The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The Blum Family Foundation The Cano and Esen Foundation The Dana Strupp Philanthropic Fund The Milton Pollack Family Foundation The Shayne Foundation The Steven and Laurie Eskind Family Foundation Torrence Family Fund Walter P. Stern & Elizabeth Stern Foundation, Inc.

In Memory  Anne Baldwin ’73 Mr. Allen Lentz & Mrs. Liza Beazley Lentz ’73 James Barton ’57 Sue Bockmon William Edwards ’73 Jim Gordon ’58 David Price ’56 Earl Bishop ’61 Shaun Bennett ’61 Stuart Blankstein Ms. Norma Miller

Edna Blanton Ms. Norma Miller Mike Buhl Mr. Ralph Cadenhead Mr. & Mrs. James McElroy Mr. & Mrs. David Rados Stephen Burk ’89 Mr. John Wengraf & Ms. Adele Simons ’88 Beulah Carney Dr. Thomas Brittingham ’75 & Ms. Connie Culpepper Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Chilton Ms. Deborah Davies Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Paul Garavalia Ms. Jane Haggard Ms. Helen Hamilton Mrs. Claudia Hazelwood Ms. Ruth Hessey Ms. Denice Johnson Ms. Cynthia Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Levine Mr. & Mrs. Samuel McSeveney Ms. Norma Miller Mr. & Mrs. Joe Proctor Ms. Bonnie Reagan Ms. Jill Reagan Mr. & Mrs. Rex Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Heber Rogers Dr. Howard Rosen & Mrs. Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen ’58 Mrs. Barrett Sutton Mr. & Mrs. Warren Tillman Mr. Irwin Venick & Dr. Jeanne Ballinger Ms. Anne Westfall Mary Chambers & Kay McCoy Mr. Dwight Chambers ’03

Jessie Cox Mr. Andrew May & Ms. Nancy Brown Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morse Ms. Candace Sullivan CB&S Bank Reverend Robert & Ms. Susan Cowperthwaite Mr. & Mrs. Burgin Dossett, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ghertner Ms. Tara Hinman Kraft CPA’s Ms. Norma Miller Paradigm Group Marilyn Devine Allan Rotto Consultants Ms. Jan Bell & Ms. Melinda Clark Mr. Joseph Blackburn & Ms. Karen Rae Weir Ms. Jean Byassee Dr. & Mrs. Gilberto Carrero Companion Animal Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Kent Grizzell Mr. & Mrs. Scott Heflinger Mr. & Mrs. Mark High Mr. David Krantz & Ms. Marybeth Shinn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Innes Ms. Janice Lotterer Nikolay Mihaylov Mr. Douglas Perkins & Ms. Jo Ann Lippe Ms. Faye Silva Dr. & Mrs. Simpson Tanner IV Clara Womack John Dobrin ’59 Ms. Stephanie FitzGerald ’59 Mr. Frank Ghertner ’59 Frances Elliott ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Clay Bailey

David Fox Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mulgrew

John McGinnis ’56 Mrs. Janet McGinnis Noble ’63

In Honor 

Marcus Harton Mr. & Mrs. Heber Rogers

Cheryl Paty ’63 Ms. Shannon Paty ’68

2012 Thirteen Year Club Mr. Jeffrey Zeitlin ’78

Alice Henderson ’36 Ms. Annelise Werme ’93

Chris Saindon ’68 Ms. Shannon Paty ’68

Zaf Ahmed Andrew Berger ’07

Bruce Henderson ’32 Ms. Annelise Werme ’93

Virginia Scott ’65 Dr. Susan Hammonds-White ’64

Mark Awh Mr. & Mrs. Willy Stern

Glenn “Dick” Henderson ’35 Ms. Annelise Werme ’93

Frances Selph ’50 Mrs. Janet McGinnis Noble ’63

Kia Bahner ’83 Ms. Barbara Gregg Phillips

Robert Henderson ’44 Ms. Annelise Werme ’93

Ginger Shirey ’77 Mr. Ted Jones ’77

Tobey Beaver ’02 Mr. & Mrs. James Beaver

Audrey Henry Mr. Dwayne Barrett & Ms. Mimi Bliss Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Emeson Dr. Sheng-song Chen & Dr. Yufen Wang Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Walker, Jr. Mr. Joseph Zendlovitz

Theodore Short ’72 Ms. Amy Kurland ’73

Meredith Powers Bruner ’97 Dr. James Powers & Ms. Martha Wetteman

Dan Hoffman Ms. Norma Miller

Owen Stratvert ’61 Dr. Shaun Bennett ’61 John Strupp ’77 Dr. Mark Goldfarb Mr. Ted Jones ’77 Mr. Roger Shepard ’77 Ms. Emily Strupp ’07

William Hunt ’59 Ms. Stephanie FitzGerald ’59 Mr. Frank Ghertner ’59

Howard Stubblefield Mrs. Janet McGinnis Noble ’63

Willa Majors Ms. Jean Hutchinson

Wassim Tabharah ’61 Dr. Shaun Bennett ’61

Larry Matthews Ms. Louise Lesemann Ericson ’90

William West Mrs. Peggy Parker Cason ’72

Lewis McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mulgrew

Avon Williams ’77 Mr. Ted Jones ’77 Mr. Roger Shepard ’77

Lewis Burton ’48 Frances Hardie Elizabeth Coble Craig Stewart ’05 Deborah Davies Michael Davies ’88 Trefor Davies ’91 Vineet Mishra ’00 Lars Söderkvist ’91 Dr. & Mrs. David Spigel ’88 Juliet Douglas Ms. Barbara Gregg Phillips Vincent Durnan Max Goldberg ’01 Aida Yared Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ghertner ’82


Jeff Goold Mr. & Mrs. James Usdan

Dana Morris Strupp ’77 Ms. Emily Strupp ’07

Jan Honsberger Ms. Jennifer Pietenpol

USN Ultimate Frisbee Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geracioti Mr. Garret Westlake

Connie Koenig Ms. Fay Kilgore ’69 Ruth Land Ms. Sarah Land White ’77 Marc Lavine Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Barry Elizabeth Mask Ms. Martha Wright ’06 Robert McKay Ms. Francesca Stabile ’05 Grace Melchiore Dr. Jan Lewis Brandes Martha Nord Mr. & Mrs. Chester Schmidt Alan Powers ’01 Dr. James Powers & Ms. Martha Wetteman Howard Rosen & Betty Lee Weinstein Rosen ’58 Ms. Beth Moskovitz Zeitlin ’81 Janet Schneider Ms. Sara Lubow Fried ’91 Jon Shayne ’80 & Ann Meador Shayne ’81 Ms. Joan Werthan Shayne ’52


USN Chess Club Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Morphett Sarah Nadler Wolf ’99 Ms. Emma Sullivan ’99 Kathleen Woods Ms. Tracey E. Doering Gifts to the Library Fund in honor of Zaf Ahmed Jill Bauer Stephen Douglas Marty Kennedy Cynthia Lee Lisa Preston Doni Princehorn Arcelia Vazquez Mr. Jay Kelley & Mrs. Jane Kelley ’91 Gifts to the Art Fund in honor of Diane Capp Christiane Martel Chazin Teri Cohen Suzanne Cooper Carole Krones Mr. & Mrs. Gus Kuhn Gifts in Kind Dr. Ronald Arildsen & Dr. Mary Ann Arildsen Dr. & Mrs. Carl Awh Mr. Marc Cohen & Ms. Lauren Koch

Mr. & Mrs. George Cohn ’82 (The Nashville Toffee Company) Mr. & Mrs. Damien Creavin Mr. Richard Dennison & Ms. Corrine Dennison Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Donnell Ms. Bethany Ezell Mr. & Mrs. James Floyd Dr. Jonathan Gilligan & Dr. Senta Victoria Greene Mr. Benjamin Goldberg ’98 Ms. Terre Grable Mrs. Tami Sprintz Hall (Escape Day Spa) Mr. & Mrs. Corwyn Hodge Dr. & Mrs. A. G. Kasselberg ’73 Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Khim Mr. & Mrs. David Lewis Ms. Claire Meneely ’00 (Dozen Bakery) Mr. Greg Motycka Dr. Richard Navarre & Dr. Melissa McPheeters Dr. Jürgen Pannock & Ms. Linda Pannock Mr. & Mrs. Joe Perlen Dr. & Mrs. Stewart Perlman Mr. Adrien Minh Saporiti ’06 Mr. Jim Schleicher Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Shepard Mr. John Stafford & Dr. Melanie Swift Mr. & Mrs. Willy Stern Mr. & Mrs. Brett Sweet Restricted Gifts Mr. & Mrs. Ken Alphin Dr. & Mrs. Carl Awh Mr. & Mrs. Sykes Cargile Dr. Keith Churchwell & Dr. Leslie Douglas-Churchwell Dr. & Mrs. Donald Cox, III

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Dano Ms. Patricia Pangle Diehl ’71 Dr. & Mrs. A. G. Kasselberg ’73 Mr. & Mrs. William Dortch Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elliott Mr. Will Fitzgibbon & Mrs. Tory Sally Fitzgibbon ’86 Frank and Amy Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Michael Geracioti Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Greenberg Dr. & Mrs. Eddie Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. John Hassenfeld ’75 Mr. Carroll Hughes & Ms. Barbara Owens Mr. & Mrs. William Jacobs ’85 Mr. & Mrs. David Kloeppel Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Kuhn ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lavender Mr. Allen Lentz & Ms. Liza Beazley Lentz ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Morphett Mr. Greg Motycka Dr. & Mrs. David Penson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Risk Mr. & Mrs. Steve Roche Mr. Jim Russell & Ms. Nancy Hyer Mr. Jonathan Shayne ’80 & Mrs. Ann Meador Shayne ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shockley Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Stasko Mr. Stephen Stenhouse & Dr. Liza Weavind Mr. & Mrs. James Usdan Dr. & Mrs. Rao Velaga Mr. & Mrs. Mark Venrick ’48 Mr. & Mrs. David Williams Mr. & Mrs. Blair Wilson

Pavers Ms. Cherrie Forte Farnette ’63 Mr. Tom Forrester & Ms. Cindy Sellars Forrester Debbie & Michael Fulcher Dr. Joyce Johnson Dr. Frederick Kirchner Mr. Andy Pate ’75

Innovation and Excellence since 1915 University School of Nashville models the best educational practices. In an environment that represents the cultural and ethnic composition of metropolitan Nashville, USN fosters each student’s intellectual, artistic, and athletic potential, valuing and inspiring integrity, creative expression, a love of learning, and the pursuit of excellence.

USN's Annual Fund  

USN's 2011-2012 Annual Fund

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