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Duties of clinical nurse specialists! Recently, it has been revealed that percentage of elderly patients are increasing day by day and thus for their long term care, the need of health care professionals called clinical nurse specialists has also increased. Be it hospitals, home care or residential care facilities, demand of nurses have immensely increased. Patients stay in hospitals they too need nurses and those who cannot afford the expenses of hospitals they opt for home care or residential care facilities called home nurse specialist. However, in order to search for a reliable nurse whom you can rely upon for the treatment of elderly, you need to search well and then make a decision of hiring a nurse. In regard to this, you must go with people’s word of mouth, ask friends or look online for physicians group who deal in providing health care professionals. Following are duties of healthcare professionals called nurse specialist in Staten Island which surely must be adhered by them: General duties A clinical nurse specialist works under the guidance of physicians at hospitals. Basically, they have to manage individual patient care, evaluate changes in a patient's overall health status and in accordance to that perform care regimes for them. When working at home of patient, they are all alone thus they need to be more cautious while performing duties so that suitable care plan can be made for the patient. Duties of patient care As discussed above primary care is taken under by the nurses which includes perform physical exams of patient, managing the visits of patient to doctor, provide prescribed medications, clean wounds, meet out their daily needs like bathing, feeding, dressing and more. Team duties of nurse Team work is essentially important in order to have smooth work flow and to improve patient care. Likewise, nurses are cooperative with patients and their family members; they also need to be cooperative with team of health care professionals, as well. As a part of the medical team, nurses have to not just provide medical care to patients they also have to track and record observations, maintain hospitals logs, keep record of treatment and medications provided. Besides this, patient details are also need to be discussed with other medical team professionals like doctors, so that further changes can be made in the treatment of patient. Requirements to perform duties To excel in all these duties, a nurse needs to be well educated, have enough knowledge about the duties, good communication skills, written and verbal skills and certification for the profile.

Duties of clinical nurse specialists  

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