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State Fire School October 4-8, 2012


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Get maximum impact for your training dollars Let us handle the logistics for you State Fire School provides the perfect opportunity to train whole teams and teach individuals new knowledge and skills to take back to their departments.

State Fire School offers: » More than 36 years of training expertise » Focused learning environment, free of workplace distractions » Hands-on field training » 150+ experienced instructors » Peer-to-peer networking » Hybrid/Online instruction for Officer I, Instructor, and Inspector Ann Light, Director, State Fire School Kerry Gonzalez, Assistant Director, State Fire School

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Nationwide Scholarship Information All scholarship applications are due by August 17, 2012. Applications are reviewed by the State Fire School Advisory Board for eligibility based on established criteria. Application forms and criteria can be found at

Training you want, when and where you want it State Fire School will customize any class to fit your schedule and deliver it right to your department or business. For complete details, call Kerry Gonzalez at 419-372-8181

Opening Ceremony Alan Brunacini Thursday, October 4 8 - 8:45 a.m. Olscamp Hall

HAMILTON COUNTY (Cincinnati Area) 2013 STATE FIRE SCHOOL May 6–10, 2013 2


CLASSES — October 4-8, 2012 36-Hour Volunteer Firefighter Certification This is an intense accelerated class for people who want to complete certification in 5 days. This class meets the mandated 36-hour training requirement under Chapter 4765.55 of the Ohio Revised Code. The curriculum includes fire behavior, self-contained breathing apparatuses, forcible entry, ventilation, rescue, safety, ladders, fire hose, nozzles and appliances and fire streams. The State exam will be given on Monday, October 8. Lead Instructors James Verbosky, Chief, Rossford F.D. Ronald Kay, Asst. Chief, Washington Twp. F.D. Fee: $375

Basic and Intermediate Rope Rescue — Level 1 The instruction will include the fundamentals of rope rescue, using only the most up-to-date equipment and techniques with an emphasis on safety. Classroom topics will include terminology, equipment selection, current standards and essential knots. This class meets October 4–7. Lead Instructor Gary Hamilton, Lt., Columbus Division of Fire, FEMA OHTF-1 Rescue Specialist Fee: $445 3

Fire Safety Inspector Hybrid Online/Face-to-Face Format REGISTER BY August 17 This class has been approved by the ODPS/Fire Training Committee to be delivered in this format exclusively by Bowling Green State University. The online section of the class will be taught August 20 – September 24 and the in-class portion is taught at BGSU during the week of October 4 - 8. The State exam will be available in the afternoon of Monday, October 8. Special Requirements Visit Required Textbook You must purchase and bring IFSTA Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement–7th Edition & Study Guide. The books can be purchased through or John D. Pruer & Associates Students will also need a copy of the 2011 Ohio Fire Code & Building Code Lead Instructor Brandon Loboschefski, Fire Prevention Chief, Maumee F.D. Fee: $475

Fire Instructor Certification This class has been approved by the ODPS/Fire Training Committee to be delivered in this format exclusively by Bowling Green State University. The in-class portion is taught at BGSU. The remaining course hours will be completed online. You will then return for teach-backs and live fire training on November 16. This class meets October 4 - 8 (in class). Workbook must be completed by October 8. The online portion of the class runs from October 9 – November 10. Lead Instructors Douglas Ott, District Chief (Retired), Akron, F.D. Bonnie Fink, Director, Center for Teaching & Learning, BGSU Chris Niswander, Chief, Madison Twp. F.D. Fee: $525



Fire Officer 1 This 80-hour class conforms to the NFPA standard for Fire Officer. Forty hours will be spent in class at BGSU. An orientation to the online class site will be conducted during the face-to-face instructional time. The remaining class hours will be completed online. Required Textbook You must purchase and bring Fire Officer Principles and Practices from IAFC and NFPA, Second Edition, published by Jones and Bartlett. (Workbook is optional) This class meets October 4 - 8. The online portion of the class runs from October 9– November 16. Lead Instructors Tim Holman, Chief, German Township Bryce Blair, Captain, Toledo Fire & Rescue Brandon Loboschefski, Fire Prevention Chief, Maumee FD Jeff Klein, Chief, Perrysburg FD Fee: $525

Fire Officer 2 This 40-hour class conforms to the NFPA Standard for Fire Officer 2 and will give you the knowledge and skills you need to meet the challenges of being a great officer in the ever-increasingly complex world of the fire service. Required Textbook You must purchase and bring Fire Officer Principles and Practices from IAFC and NFPA, Second Edition, published by Jones and Bartlett. (Workbook is optional) This class meets October 4 - 8. Lead Instructors Scott Highley, Chief, Worthington F.D. Jeff Klein, Chief, Perrysburg F.D. Fee: $425

Fire Officer 3 You will learn what it takes to advance into the upper management of your department. This course has an emphasis on management and will include community relations, resource management, budgets, safety programs, communication requirements and risk management for the Chief Officer. This course will consist of interactive group projects to support lecture materials. Thursday-Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Required Textbook You must purchase and bring Chief Officer: Principles and Practices from IAFC and NFPA, published by Jones and Bartlett. Lead Instructors Mike Wolever, Chief (retired), Toledo Fire & Rescue Karen Marquardt, Battalion Chief, Toledo Fire & Rescue Fee: $425


Advanced Fire Investigation This course will pick up where Basic Fire Investigation left off. You will learn to interview witnesses and suspects with actual arson interrogations. Arson as a crime, fatal fires, case preparation / presentation and courtroom procedures and testimonies will be taught with real life scenarios and a simulated trial. This is a hands-on investigation class. Special Requirements You must submit a background check from your County Sheriff’s Office at least 30 days prior to class. Additional special requirements on our website ~ Required Textbook NFPA 921 (2011 edition) is recommended. Class meets October 4 – 7 Lead Instructor Doug Wehmeyer, Battalion Chief, Deerfield Twp. F.D. Fee: $425

Basic Fire Investigation This is a tested course that will cover: fire behavior, building construction, fire scene documentation, fire cause determination, basic interviewing, legal aspects of fire investigation, evidence collection and report preparation. This is a hands-on investigation class. Special Requirements Visit Required Textbook NFPA 921 (2011 edition) is recommended. Class meets October 4 – 7 Lead Instructor Steve Agenbroad, Captain, Clearcreek F.D. Fee: $425



Can You Take the Heat? This course, is open to anyone (18 years and up) interested in experiencing a hands-on day in the fire service. You will learn about and use common tools used in search and rescue, ladder work, incident, command, hose lines / water movement, and experience a live burn in a safe / controlled setting. Curriculum was developed by the State Fire Marshal, Ohio Fire Academy. Sunday, October 7 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Special Requirements You must be 18 years old. If possible, please bring complete NFPA approved turnout gear and SCBA with one spare tank (this may be acquired from your local fire department.) Lead Instructors Sally Glombowski, Battalion Chief, Toledo Fire & Rescue Trish Brooks, Chief (retired), Forest Park F.D. Fee: $49 includes lunch ** Additional fee may apply to rent SCBA and turnout gear, if needed. Grant provided by The Redden Group

SERF – Single Engine Residential Fires The first 10 minutes on the fireground will determine the outcome. How you perform during the critical 10 minutes is directly related to prior training and preparation. Instead of focusing independently on hose selection, search, forcible entry, ground ladders and ventilation, this course will combine all of those pieces together in a realistic, live-fire training in an acquired structure. You will make the fire ground decisions. We will incorporate apparatus placement, building size-up, proper line selection and deployment, primary search, extinguishment, and overhaul in every evolution. You will direct single company tactics, bearing in mind how they would affect next-arriving companies. These evolutions will challenge your engine company skills and decision-making abilities. Special Requirements Visit Lead Instructors Joe Daniels, Lt., Marysville Division of Fire Kevin McFarland, Lt., Violet Township Fire Department Class meets October 4 – 7 Fee: $525


Chief Alan Brunacini’s Leadership Seminar Imagine having a personal conversation with one of the most esteemed leaders the fire service has ever known. This two-day seminar will give you and other fire service leaders the opportunity to discuss, in frank and open format, the challenges facing today’s fire service. Chief Brunacini and his team of instructors will guide you through two days of case studies and eye opening discussions that will provide an opportunity for you to present real challenges and learn from years of experience. Topics include, “How are You Leading Forward?” and Bruno’s “What I Wish I Knew”. Each registrant will receive a copy of The Anatomy and Physiology of Leadership and a free subscription to the 50-hour online Blue Card Command Program ($395 value). Class meets October 4 & 5 Lead Instructor Chief Alan Brunacini Fee: $699

Blue Card Train the Trainer This program will provide you with the information and materials, including the comprehensive instructor package, necessary to teach and certify members of your department in the Blue Card program. In addition, you will receive a full year of access to the Blue Card on-line training program Instructors’ Support site. This site provides certified instructors with additional media and teaching resources and a monthly newsletter that highlights updates to the program. Special Requirements Enrollment is limited to individuals who have completed the Certified Blue Card IC course. Blue Card Instructor candidates must have at least 5 years of fire service experience. The ideal Blue Card instructor is a Department Training Officer, Response Chief or Ranking Operations Chief such as Shift Commander or District Chief. Class meets October 4 - 9 Fee: $4,000 Register at

Blue Card Check-offs This course is for students who have successfully completed the 50 hour online portion. You must successfully complete this hands-on simulation based evaluation session to become a fully certified Local - Type 4 and 5 Incident Commander. This evaluation consists of running 15-20 fire simulations a day with brief incident reviews conducted between each simulation. Evaluation benchmarks are based on the eight standard functions of command as well as the proper utilization of local resources, tactical guidelines and SOPs. To pass, you must successfully complete two command- and tactical-level positions for each of five simulations and will also be evaluated on the Incident Command positions for all five building-type simulations. Lead Instructors Nick Brunacini Josh Blum, Deputy Chief, Loveland-Symmes FD Class meets October 4 – 6 Fee: $475



Advanced Engine Company Operations – 3 days This 3-day intensive hands on class will take your Engine Company Skills to the next level. Being an effective Engine Company requires knowledge, skills, and a variety of options to handle any number of fire situations. This course will cover all aspects of Engine operations/ Engine Company positions, size up, and tactical responsibilities. We will cover fires in a variety of building types; including one and two story dwellings, apartments, commercial buildings, and horizontal standpipe operations for those all too common big box stores. Lead Instructors JJ Cassetta, F.F., Orlando Fire Dept Steve Robertson, Lt., Columbus Fire Division Class meets October 4 - 6 Fee: $475

TEMS: Tactical Emergency Medicine – 5 days Think you have what it takes to work with a SWAT team and provide out-of-hospital care in a tactical environment? This course is an intense classroom and physically challenging training program designed to provide the medical provider with valuable advanced combat medical skills combined with intense tactical training and the ability to use them both in extreme environments. Topics include the role of the tactical medicine provider, medical threat assessment and barricade medicine, wound management, distraction devices and less lethal weapons, management of blast injuries, dynamic clearing techniques and team movement, operational casualty care / tactical casualty care, wound ballistics, medical aspects of clandestine drug labs, crush injury and compartment syndrome, gear selection / improvised gear, firearms use for a medic, advanced airway management in the tactical environment, and advanced airway labs. Prerequisites: EMT, EMT-P, nurse, physician, military, or law enforcement Lead Instructors Shane Baumgartner, Whitehouse Fire Andre Antoine, Toledo Police Class meets October 4 - 8 Fee: $999


Ready to Lead. Bowling Green State University’s Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration (FIAD) program prepares graduates to handle the challenges facing chief officers today and in the future. From strategic planning to leadership, public finance, technology and project management, our FIAD program develops a platform of skills that will allow you to achieve your goals. This degree is 100% online and allows you to take your courses when and where it is convenient for you, while still giving you the opportunity to interact with BGSU faculty and other professionals in your field. If you are ready to advance your career and take the next step, please call Ann Light at 419-372-8181 or email

“Memorization from textbooks, oral interviews and assessment exercises are no longer sufficient to prepare chief officers to manage in today’s environment. Today’s chief officers deal with urban planning and development, labor law, contract negotiations and compliance, state and federal grant applications, the administration of fire departments in a shrinking and changing economy, and many other issues. With your leadership, faculty and staff at Bowling Green State University, I believe a bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration is the direction fire department administrators must go. Thank you for developing a program of study that will better prepare candidates to handle the challenges facing chief officers today.”


Michael W. Wolever, Chief (Retired) Toledo Fire and Rescue Department


Easy ways to register: Phone: 419-372-8181 Web: Email: Ann Light at or Kerry Gonzalez at



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