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International Master´s Programmes

Welcome aboard! The University of Vaasa leads to the future. What we require }} Bachelor’s degree }} Proficiency in English }} Good motivation }} Work experience }} International experience Our selection is based on the required application documents, and the programmes select the best candidates based on the merits of applicants.


9 good reasons

to choose the University of Vaasa

Hello world! We are not heading out into the world – we are already there. Get to know our international students,study in English, go on exchange, apply for summer internships at international companies...

Close ties with businesses.

You will receive high-quality teaching.

We have close ties with the businesses of the region and use actual case studies in our teaching combining theoretical knowledge with practical examples.

Our students praise the high standard of teaching, good teachers and modern, diverse teaching methods. We work in close collaboration with employers in our teaching activities.

Valued by employers.

Come to a thriving city.

Good people.

Our courses meet the needs of modern working life and society. Our graduates have excellent rates of employment. They find that employers value the degrees issued by the University of Vaasa.

Vaasa enjoys a position at the forefront of flourishing urban regions – and no wonder: we have Finland's largest hub of energy companies and plenty of jobs, six higher education units, the sea, and people who have been proven to be happy and energetic.

Your studies will also bring you a group of friends who can also act as your support network when you enter working life. Or get involved in our active society and student organisation activities and get to know new people!

Become part of a close community.

To us, you are an individual.

Finland's most beautiful campus.

Small size is our greatness: our university is a close community – no-one is left behind. Our students think that our university has a good spirit of togetherness and a great atmosphere.

The university community is here to support you throughout your studies. To us, you are more than just a name on a list. You will be able to chat with teachers and professors without queuing for hours.

You will study on a beautiful campus on the coast, right next to the city centre. We have comfortable spaces for independent study and group work, lecture theatres and student meeting places. The buildings are close together, so journeys are short.


University of Vaasa. The University of Vaasa offers degree programmes on all academic levels, from Bachelor’s to Doctoral degrees. We offer education in business studies, administration, technology and communication. All our Master’s programmes comprise 120 ECTS and can be completed in two years as full-time studies.

Our beautiful maritime campus near the city centre offers a modern study environment for 5 000 students. About 12 % of our students and 18 % of our staff are international.

Our tightly-knit international community is one of our main strenghts.

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The programmes are fully conducted in English. We offer a large variety of opportunities to gain international experience for our students. The small class sizes ensure effective and interactive learning. In addition, we offer individual guidance and support throughout your studies.

Master’s Programmes, tuition fees }} Finance, 12 000 € }} International Business, 12 000 € }} Strategic Business Development, 12 000 € }} Industrial Management, 10 000 € }} Industrial Systems Analytics, 10 000 € }} Industrial Digitalisation, 10 000 €

* Our programmes are free for EU/EEA citizens. Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA citizens are 10 000 or 12 000 euros per academic year. We offer tuition fee waivers for 30% of the non-EU/EEA citizens intake. By completing 55 ECTS on the first year you are automatically qualified for the tuition fee waiver of 50% for the second year.

We educate internationally oriented experts and leaders.


Master’s Degree Programme in

Finance Do you want a challenging career with a competitive salary? Are you talented and motivated? Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or economics? The career prospects of accounting and finance graduates are excellent worldwide. Graduates from the Master’s Degree Programme in Finance have been very successful in their careers in Finland and internationally. The EPAS accredited programme focuses on the theory of finance and financial analysis from an international perspective and provides an overview of corporate finance, investments, and option pricing. Our high-quality teaching staff and scientific research have placed the Department of Accounting and Finance among the top research centres in Europe.


An intensive two-year programme leads to a degree in Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Double Degree Opportunities  Umeå University, Sweden (You have the chance to get a degree from two countries.)

Bryan, USA Though I am still trying to understand things through the prism of the US’ system as far as the grading is concerned, I would say that UVAs Master's Degree Programme in Finance seems to be very competitive and rigorous. The course menu’s layout is what keeps me charged and show up for school regardless the drastic weather. The lectures’ environment is interactive between students and professors creating an ambient learning atmosphere.

The programme equips students with all the necessary tools that are needed for making decisions and solving problems. It also gives understanding for the increasingly complex and globalised financial markets. Students will also learn analytical approaches and methods for financial analysis.

Specialists for the international financial markets

The EPAS evaluation process considers programme delivery and design, programme outcomes, and quality assurance. The quality of education, international aspects and corporate interaction are also emphasized in the evaluation process.


Experts in Dynamic Global Business

The EPAS evaluation process considers programme delivery and design, programme outcomes, and quality assurance. The quality of education, international aspects and corporate interaction are also emphasized in the evaluation process.


Master’s Degree Programme in

International Business Do you want to prepare yourself for the challenges of a globalised world? Are you ready to work with constant change, diversity and distance? The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business is your gateway to a global career. The international EPAS accreditation marks the quality of our business programme. People working in international positions need a wide range of competences. We offer you possibility to develop your knowledge in three key areas of international business: international strategic management, international marketing management, and international human resource management. With us you will master both current theory and practice of international business. You will gain insights into business practices through guest lectures, company projects and our mentoring programme. The programme also offers a great opportunity for selected students to strengthen their international competence by completing the second year of their studies in one of our four double degree partner universities in Europe.

Teaching in the programme is based on our high-quality and internationally recognised research groups and professors, who will support your learning in multicultural teams using a variety of the latest learning methods. Upon graduation you are awarded the degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

Alejandra, Mexico Master´s Degree Programme in International Business has fulfilled every expectation I had regarding the educational quality. Teaching and learning methods, combination of theory and practice; multicultural setting, learning environment, academic performance and active role of the students on their education, set excellent basis for our future career goals. The different types of interaction with the Finnish corporate world have been one of the aspects I have liked the most about the programme.

Double Degree Opportunities  Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany  Kedge Business School, France  Università degli studi di Pavia, Italy  University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic (You have the chance to get a degree from two countries.)


Master’s Programme in

Strategic Business


Are you planning to develop a successful business in the future? Do you have genuine interest in business development and strategy? Have you completed a Bachelor’s degree in management and organisation, international business, marketing or does your degree include a minimum of 35 ECTS business studies? The Master’s Programme in Strategic Business Development is your stepping stone to business. The programme offers you in-depth knowledge related to the management of strategic processes, which can be applied in service and manufacturing companies, business consulting and research institutions. The Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development provides knowledge on managing the business development processes by

offering courses focused on three key areas: new business opportunity recognition, business planning, and strategy implementation. Studies in strategic business development offer a holistic view of the strategic operations of a company; they are valuable regardless of the position and career the student is aiming at. Graduates of the programme will possess the skills required at middle and upper management level. The studies foster performance-based thinking and enhance skills in developing and implementing strategy. Studies strengthen students’ know-how in analysing various strategic alternatives. An intensive two-year programme leads to a degree in Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Double Degree Opportunities  Umeå University, Sweden (You have the chance to get a degree from two countries.)


The programme enriched my understanding of business strategy and shifted my thinking from the tactical to the strategic. I am really proud to be able to study at the university which takes its leading role in innovation, connects global minds and educate future leaders.

Valeriia, Russia

Developers for tomorrow´s business 11

High level production developers of industrial processes


Master’s Programme in

Industrial Management Do you wish to combine business with technology? Are you interested in process development in sustainability and energy? Do you have Bachelor’s degree in business administration or in technology with a minimum of 35 ECTS of business studies? Master’s Programme in Industrial Management provides students with skills to work in tasks that require high level business and technology knowledge. It prepares you to work in high-tech companies and businesses with rapidly changing core technologies, in research centres and universities.

The outcome of the programme is a skill set that allows a student to solve problems concerning product development, service development, production, energy production and environmental issues in a networked industry setting. The focus can lie on strategy, productivity, impact or quality. An intensive two-year programme leads to a degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

Vaasa being the centre of growing renewable energy business in the Nordic countries creates great opportunities for close cooperation with energy companies for the programme. Both local business network and international connections are utilized in teaching: students plan and conduct small research projects combining both theoretical framework and empirical study in companies.

The programme is very interesting and informative, and it has a very nice and friendly atmosphere. It provides good knowledge and know-how in the business field, which can be applied to any firm, especially in the field of Industrial management.

Prince, Ghana


Master’s Programme in

Industrial Systems


Are you curious about how complex industrial systems work? Are industrial systems design and analytics your passion? Do you want to solve data problems of today’s businesses? The Master's Programme in Industrial Systems Analytics provides content, models and methods to design, develop, implement and operate complex processes and systems in the industry, and elsewhere. The orientation of the programme is complex industrial systems and it is applicable especially in for example energy sector companies, research centres and regional development organisations. The programme includes data science and analytics, quality engineering, systems engineering, decision support, project management and

industrial project work. The programme has close cooperation with hightech companies in the Vaasa region, the biggest energy cluster in the Nordic countries. Applicants are eligible to apply for admission to the Master’s Programme if they have completed an appropriate B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in technology in the fields such as Industrial or Systems engineering. By completing the programme you will be able to produce knowledge and insights from energy system data, develop, design and operate high quality standards for industrial operations and systems. In addition, you will learn how to include quantitative and qualitative input streams for decision making, and plan and manage projects in the energy field. Our programme leads to a Master of Science in Technology degree and it can be completed in two years.


I really like studying at the University of Vaasa. The quality of education and teaching in my programme ISA is very high, the lecturers are experienced professionals and the study facilities at the University are excellent. I love the pleasant and international environment of the city of Vaasa and especially the University of Vaasa.

Alassani, Togo

Miners of complex data for better business


Focus on smart energy systems


Master’s Programme in

Industrial Digitalisation Interested in machine learning or smart and embedded systems? Do you know of the roles of wireless communication in the Internet of Things? We are in the era of life digitalisation. Digitalisation basically means the utilisation of recent advanced information, communication, and computing technologies to enhance the efficiency, performance, usability, and operability of systems as well as creating new useful services. Master’s Programme in Industrial Digitalisation is an application oriented programme, covering topics like telecommunications, embedded systems, intelligent robotics, evolutionary computing, machine learning and automation. All courses and seminars are given by our internationally distinguished and experienced staff. The aim of the programme is to educate qualified Masters of Science with a specialisation mainly in the distributed energy production information systems.

systems such as smart cities, wireless automation, smart grids, e-health systems, e-government, security, and many other applications. Data analysis is another important topic that is essential in industry. Extracting useful and crucial information from huge size of data and maybe taking automatic action based on this information is another major part in industry digitalisation. We wish to provide our students with scientific and technical information required to understand, analyse, and deal with such advanced systems. Our two-year programme leads to Master of Science in Technology degree. Students applying for the programme should have completed their undergraduate studies in an appropriate field.

All main topics in the programme have a great impact on the industrial digitalisation. For example, wireless communication is the backbone of connecting people as well as machines and devices toward the era of the Internet of Things. It is also an essential part of other distributed

I have always been interested in learning about new generation system and its application in different spheres. The programme is all about learning state of the art knowledge and expertise in the area of wireless automation in energy and related production information system. The programme enables students to master complex theoretical underpinnings and practical skills necessary to thrive in the industry.

Waqas, Pakistan


FINLAND Finland is located way up in Northern Europe, by the Arctic Circle. Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia are our neighbours.

Northern lights on campus shore ď ˝


Clean, safe and equal Finland is well known as a secure and clean country. The Finnish society builds upon the equality between men and women. Finland as a stable democracy is a safe choice to live and study.

Nature is everywhere Finland is full of contrasts. Here, the four seasons contrast with each other, nightless nights of the summer interlace with dark winters, untouched forests and modern cityscapes interweave with one another. Nature is an important part of the Finnish way of life for a very simple reason: it is everywhere.

High-quality education for all International students choose Finland because it is an interesting, enjoyable place to live and study. Finland is known as a safe, clean and stable country. We have one of the world’s most advanced education systems, which guarantees equal opportunities for everyone regardless of social or economic background. The Finnish higher education is well-known for providing competitive and top-quality education.

The Finnish state of mind Finland’s nature has shaped the Finnish state of mind. Under the hard rock shell beats a warm and trustworthy heart. Initial silences turn into friendships that last a lifetime. Finnish people appreciate honesty and trustworthiness. To be Finnish is to

have sisu: to be persistent, courageous and undaunted.


University of Vaasa Wolffintie 34, P.O. Box 700 FI-65101 Vaasa, Finland Tel. +358 50 464 5253

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International Master's Programmes 2017-2018  

Welcome aboard! The University of Vaasa leads to the future.

International Master's Programmes 2017-2018  

Welcome aboard! The University of Vaasa leads to the future.