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The Teaching with Primary Sources Program at the University of the Arts Funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at the University of the Arts creates professional development opportunities for K-12 educators, librarians and administrators in the greater-Philadelphia area. TPS-UArts workshops and courses introduce educators, librarians and administrators to the digital archives available through the Library of Congress website to identify primary source materials for use in the classroom. Additionally, educators learn to use inquiry-based tactics to guide students through analysis of primary sources resulting in stronger higher-order and critical thinking skills for their students.

Who is this for?

Everyone! All educators — regardless of subject, grade or specialty — will be introduced to the breadth of primary sources, their value in instruction and how quality arts content enriches student learning.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn what, exactly, a primary source is and why it has unique value in teaching. You’ll learn how to use the vast resources of the Library of Congress and their Teacher Tools. You’ll develop hands-on activities and lessons for your students, and we provide materials to help you implement this right away.

About Us

The Professional Institute for Educators at the University of the Arts empowers educators across disciplines to advance their teaching skills to improve learning for all students. Visit for our full list of innovative graduate courses to serve the professional development needs of K-12 teachers in and through the arts.

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TPS-UArts courses encourage participants to become detectives — seeking out images, artifacts, music, playbills and more to bring subjects to life in the classroom. By analyzing primary sources from the Library of Congress, cultural organizations and artists who partner with TPS-UArts, we provide authentic experiences like no other! Graduate credit for these courses is available at a 50% reduced tuition rate.

> NEW! STEM to STEAM: Connecting the Arts to 0STEM and Local Collections STEM education is based four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — taught in an interdisciplinary, applied approach. STEAM education recognizes that ART is an essential part of developing creative and critical thinking skills. In this course, educators will connect with primary source collections and artists who take STEM to STEAM. Teaching with primary sources allows educators to design student-centered learning experiences focused on the development of critical skills and building content knowledge. Educators will examine primary sources from direct access to local collections as well as the digital resources made available by the Library of Congress. Site visits include collections in the Philadelphia region and a studio visit with a contemporary artist. Comfortable attire and footwear is suggested for participants in this course as walking is required between sites. Mon Jul 31 – Fri Aug 4: 9 am – 5:30 pm ED 8138 01 – NON CREDIT – FREE UTPS 507NM – 3 credits REDUCED TUITION $505

> Posters for the People — Using WPA Sources Of the 2,000 Works Progress Administration posters known to exist, the Library of Congress’ collection is the largest. These striking silkscreen, lithograph and woodcut posters were designed to publicize health programs, cultural programs, theatrical and musical performances, travel, educational programs and community activities throughout the United States. The posters were made possible by one of the first U.S. Government programs to support the arts and were added to the Library’s holdings in the 1940s. In this course, learn about the WPA and its mission as well as the connections to history, art, social science and visual literacy that can enrich your teaching. Participants learn about this time period, the power of design to communicate and how to use visual primary sources to engage students. Including hands-on printmaking and design studio exercises, mural tours, museum visits and more. Use the digital archives of the Library of Congress to prepare lessons based on these powerful historic images. Content is appropriate to a range of subject areas as connections to social science, history, material processes and literacy are explored. Mon Aug 7 – Fri Aug 11: 9 am – 5:30 pm ED 8135 01 – NON CREDIT – FREE UTPS 504NM 01 – 3 credits REDUCED TUITION $505

Cover images from the Library of Congress and the University of the Arts. Visit for all image citations. Content featured in partnership with the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program does not indicate an endorsement of all or any additional content provided by the partner organization.

> Who Are We? — Constructing Identity Through Images Virtually anyone can take a photograph, but learning how to read images and understanding what they tell us about ourselves and others is often overlooked. Participants learn how to talk about images in new ways to prepare lessons that incorporate visual literacy. Participants examine how photography influences identity and how it can be used as a teaching tool in grades K-12. Activities include an insider’s look into local archives and hands-on photographic projects that can be done in any classroom. Mon Aug 7 – Fri Aug 11: 9 am – 5:30 pm ED 8133 01 – NON CREDIT – FREE UTPS 503NM 01 – 3 credits REDUCED TUITION $505

> Comics + Graphic Novels as Primary Sources This course provides a general overview of the history of comics and graphic novels, particularly as social commentary in the U.S., using the resources of the Library of Congress. Participants consider visual literacy, basic narrative techniques, the combination of image and text, as well as some graphic design principles to better understand and analyze this art form. Participants in this course will plan classroom activities focusing on this visual resource, exploring the potential impact to engage students in discussions. Projects include researching and evaluating comic resources, hands-on printing and design activities, lesson plan development and more. Mon Aug 7 – Fri Aug 11: 9 am – 5:30 pm ED 8136 01 – NON CREDIT – FREE UTPS 505NM 01 – 3 credits REDUCED TUITION $505

FREE Workshops for K-12 Educators! TPS-UArts offers FREE three-hour and five-hour workshops throughout the region. These workshops are also available to your district for an in-service or departmental training! Call or email to schedule an in-service workshop: 215.717.6092 or Three-Hour Teaching with Primary Sources Workshops for K-12 Educators This workshop provides an introduction for K-12 educators to the digital archives of the Library of Congress. Learn how to navigate and access primary source items from the Library of Congress and discuss ways to lead students through inquiry-based learning strategies in the classroom. Five-Hour Teaching with Primary Sources Workshops for K-12 Educators In this longer, one-day workshop, K-12 educators better understand, identify and use the digital archives of the Library of Congress in their classrooms. Teachers work together in small groups to model learning activities using primary sources and inquiry-based learning theory. This five-hour format includes hands-on activities using both digital and print resources. Lunch is provided. Very limited space. Submit your request by September 30, 2017 for the 2017-18 Academic Year.

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Funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at the University of the Arts creates profes...

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