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In a recent column, I talked about what partnerships mean to this University. This issue, with the annual report and the donor honor roll, illustrates the outcomes of many of these partnerships. The list that begins on page 41 acknowledges the individuals, corporations and foundations that donated to The University of Tampa during the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Once again, the outpouring of support for our University was outstanding. I thank each and every one of you for supporting not only UT, but higher education and the future of our country. Through your gifts — no matter how big or small — you play a vital role in the life of the University. As a reader of the UT Journal, you know how the student experience at UT is vital, exciting and life-changing. Along with new buildings, every year we introduce new programs, new faculty members, new education abroad opportunities, as well as a new class of students who are eager to take advantage of a UT education.


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“Through your gifts — no matter how big or small — you play a vital role in the life of the University.” —dr. ronald l. vaughn In my annual report, I highlight a few aspects of the UT education that we have focused on in the past year. This annual report always gives me a good reason to look at the past while also looking toward the future. As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas about the path of the University. One aspect you’ll read about in my message is our commitment to experiential education, which provides students with unparalleled opportunities that prepare them for future careers and life experiences. The opportunities UT students have — to do marine biology field research, tutoring grade school students in the Spartan Mentor program or studying in China — make the UT experience unique, and it would not be possible without your support. Recently I met the president and staff of Syniverse Technologies, a local firm that provides technology and business solutions around the globe. Syniverse regularly employs UT interns and gives them a rich, unique experience. This kind of support of UT’s experiential education is simply invaluable. I hope that each of you has an opportunity to visit the campus soon to see the projects made possible through your generous contributions, and to meet the faculty and students whose work and study your gifts have helped sustain. A final note: You’ve undoubtedly already noticed that the UT Journal has received a facelift. Our publications staff worked hard to revamp the magazine to a level that reflects the prestige, reputation and sophistication that UT has achieved. The UT Journal is our main communication vehicle to all our audiences, and it is our hope it will help you reconnect, or strengthen your connection, with UT.

Dr. Ronald L. Vaughn President

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news of note Freshmen in London, faculty get involved with children’s museum, record number of players sign to MLB, alumnus wins “The Bachelorette.”

22 alumni report Brothers and sisters reunite, class notes, Flat Sparty photos... and more

features cover story

10 Seahorse Census

Researchers count seahorses in Tampa Bay to assess the health of their habitat. profile

14 Plenty of Fish?

Bob Becker ’66 tries to reassure the fishermen hurt by the Gulf oil spill.

33 brick by brick Why do people give in this economy?

16 Enterprising Minds

As the steam engine powered the industrial revolution, entrepreneurs help launch the new economy.

19 Greek Life

The past, present and future of sorority and fraternity life at UT.

ABOUT THE COVER: A student displays a gelatinous egg case from a tube-dwelling worm found on a marine science research trip. Photograph by Jessica Leigh.

68 minaret moment Check out what’s in store. UTjournal Fall 2010 1

news of note

HappEnings on campus and in tHE community

Freshmen abroad will be able to partake of many London attractions, including the London Eye.

London Calling Top incoming freshmen start their college careers overseas For 32 freshmen entering UT this fall, packing for their first year of college included a passport and a map of the London Underground. An opportunity usually reserved for upperclassmen, study abroad is now available for select first-semester students at UT. The 32 students started their college careers at Roehampton University in London this fall as part of the new UT Freshmen Abroad program.

The students in the program participated in a pre-departure orientation at UT. Now at Roehampton they are carrying a full load of classes, participating in extracurricular activities, living in a single room in an American-style dormitory and participating online in one of UT’s freshman transition programs, Gateways or Pathways to Honors for students enrolled in the Honors Program. Once in London participants received a London Under-

ground pass and an international cell phone, and are eligible for excursions around Britain. Plus, the students will pay approximately the same UT tuition and fees as if they were studying in Tampa. After the fall semester abroad, the students will resume their studies at UT. Kevin Beach, associate dean of the baccalaureate experience, said the program will offer students a unique college experience that will benefit their future classroom experiences at UT. “The program attracts students who are independent, adventurous and who want to do something different than what everyone else is doing,” Beach said. He added that completing study abroad freshman year clears many of the obstacles students struggle with as upperclassmen. Freshmen year abroad programs are distinctive, with only a few universities offering them and less than 4 percent of U.S. college students participating. UT joins such institutions as Arcadia University, Syracuse University, Florida State University, University of Mississippi and New York University in offering such a program. At UT, students were screened for admission to the freshmen abroad program. Only the top 20 percent of the entering class was invited to apply and students were only accepted to the study abroad program after phone or in-person interviews. For more information, go to

Approved! This summer UT’s chemistry program was accredited by the American Chemical Society. 2 utjournal Fall 2010

“I feel like now I’ve learned just so much in college, from my education to my —Carmine Giardina ’10 life experiences to being on my own.”

to the Tampa Tribune on the MLB draft

Child’s Play Faculty members help plan for Tampa’s new children’s museum Unable to resist, several faculty members leaped head-first into the web-like cage of steps that simulate the cycle of water, in this case the path of leaves a raindrop uses to get from cloud to ground. Glazer Children’s Museum President and CEO Al Najjar gave assistant professors Patty O’Grady and Pattie Johnston and Professor Hunter O’Hara a preview tour through the museum, which opened Sept. 25. There are streets and street lights, a kitchen with international play foods and a wind tunnel for testing paper airplanes. There are six reading libraries, a stage for theater productions, a Port of Tampa mockup and an art lab — all for children, from birth to 10. “Everywhere the children go, they’ll be educated without them knowing it,” O’Grady said. “That is key.” O’Grady and O’Hara joined the museum’s education committee at Najjar’s invitation. Najjar said 36 percent of the O’Grady (left) and O’Hara crawl through the “Water’s Journey” exhibit.

museum’s staff is devoted to education. “The most powerful thing you can give a child of any age is relevance,” O’Hara said. “All these exhibits are in their world. It’s very concrete.” Located across the river, the proximity to the University and the opportunities for hands-on learning for its own students make the multimillion dollar children’s museum a rich, creative, educational tool. Taking instruction outside the classroom benefits both children and young adults. It allows for interpretive and improvisational education, encouraging them to be fully engaged in their learning, O’Grady said. This is experiential learning at its fullest definition. O’Grady, O’Hara and Johnston see the opportunities for campus-wide involvement. From nursing students leading health talks to chemistry students demonstrating labs to film students engaging children with video cameras, they see the possibilities as endless.

Howdy Partner This spring UT formed strategic partnerships with ELS Language Centers and the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE). The first allows the University to host a language center on campus that offers English as a Second Language services to international students. These students fulfill all requirements for admission to UT, but need work on their English skills. ELS will also partner with UT admissions staff to expand recruiting into parts of the world that have previously been hard to reach. The partnership with NSEE will make UT a regional center for experiential education and a model for other universities. This fall UT will host two workshops with the NSEE Experiential Education Academy to promote the development and improvement of experiential education programs. These workshops will highlight UT’s varied and numerous programs that employ experiential education, including internships, international education, service learning and undergraduate research. For more information about UT’s experiential components, see

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news of note

Following the leader

tiger sharks are known as the “wastebaskets” of the sea. License plates have been found in their stomachs.

this fall ut started offering a new minor in leadership studies. the 18-20 credit-hour program includes leadership theory courses, courses in leadership studies, and 90 plus hours of approved experiential activities. a cohort of 25 to 28 students is piloting the minor. the Leadership Resource team will also continue to establish or strengthen relationships with local community agencies such as the tampa Housing authority, Boys & girls clubs, child abuse council, the spring and the Lowry park Zoo. “it’s not an easy minor. But depending on what you want to do with your life, this is a great credential to have,” said dr. Joseph sclafani, co-chair of the Leadership Resource team.

Shark Tale National Geographic turns to UT professor for story Sharks are at the top of the food chain and, among them, white, tiger and bull sharks are at the very pinnacle. What keeps them at the top is the focus of a National Geographic show that Assistant Professor Dan Huber helped film this summer. Huber headed to Bimini, in the western Bahamas, on May 14 for five days of filming and research. “The focus of the show is the predatory ability of tiger and bull sharks,” said Huber. “They are among the biggest and baddest sharks in the world.” Huber joined Phil Motta from the

University of South Florida and other Bahamian and U.S. scientists filming the feeding behaviors and bite force measurements of these sharks. Now back in Tampa, Huber is working with National Geographic at USF comparing the bite force measured by the sharks in Bimini with the bite force needed to crush sea turtle shells. He said tiger sharks are the only ones known to consume sea turtles with any regularity. “It feels really good to be working with National Geographic,” Huber said. “It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to work with them in some capacity.”

A foreIGn AffAIr Jenine Rossington ’11 was chosen as one of 15 students nationwide to participate in the Charles B. Rangel International affairs summer enrichment program. a collaborative effort between Howard University and the U.S. Department of State, the program seeks to attract outstanding young people who have an interest in a career with the Foreign Service.

fame President Ronald L. Vaughn was named to the Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame on March 25. David A. Straz Jr., past chairman of the UT Board of Trustees, also joined the Hall of Fame. 4 utjournal Fall 2010

Turning to Professors in Times of Crisis Young victims of sexual assault are often intimidated and don’t know where to turn, so, many times, they look to their professors, according to research by Dr. Kathryn Branch, assistant professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Branch is researching the impact of these disclosures on professors, who are usually unprepared to handle such topics. “I’ve read recently that college students are more likely not to turn to the police for help,” Branch said. Last summer Branch surveyed her colleagues in the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Women in Crime. She found that not only were students disclosing sexual assaults, more than half the time, students were coming to their professors in tears. “It’s happening,” Branch said. “The students are coming in crisis, they

dr. Kathryn Branch, assistant professor of criminology and criminal Justice

are disclosing sexual assault to female professors, and the professors aren’t prepared to deal with it. You don’t leave those stories in the office. They are haunting.” Branch is published in the April 2010 issue of the online journal,

Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences, in a special issue dedicated to teaching sensitive topics. The article shares her findings on the role strain professors deal with after disclosure. This semester, Branch and two colleagues broadened the survey to include 360 faculty members from different fields at three different institutions. Branch, who serves on the Sexual Violence Task Force of Tampa Bay, said that many of the survivors who spoke, male and female, said they told their stories to the first person and then not again until years later because they were blamed for the assault. “How this secondary person responds could shut down the victim’s story,” said Branch. “It’s important to speak out and say we won’t tolerate violence against the women in our lives.”

cHapEL gEts oRgan tRanspLant this summer the crowning glory of

and voicing will continue over the next few months. the chapel looked nearly

the sykes chapel and center for Faith and Values was put in place when the

complete from the outside this summer. inside, the scaffolding in the main

3,184-pipe dobson organ was shipped from iowa and installed. opus 89 was

hall was cleared, revealing stunning detail illuminated by the skylight above.

brought on three tractor trailers and installed over four weeks. the tuning

the building will be surrounded with gardens and walks. utjournal Fall 2010 5

news of note

Art After Dark At dusk on April 15, a UT student covered himself in clay from head to toe, attached multimedia cords to his back, and led a procession from the campus to the new Tampa Museum of Art. The piece by Jeff Gibbons ’10, “Who’s Sorrows,” was part of a new collaboration between UT and the art museum. Arts Nexus featured video installations by faculty members and students, electroacoustic music and improvisational dance. An estimated 500 people came to the event, many of them wandering in from downtown as the music wafted through the streets.

Get mobile This summer UT launched UT Mobile, a mobile website ebsite that can be accessed from any smartphone. Just go to and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile site. Check the calendar of events, search the faculty/ staff directory or look through photo galleries. 6 utjournal Fall 2010

spartan sports was wrong. Instead of being able to run, the freshman could only limp and had to be assisted back to campus. Months of treatment for the injury seemed to accomplish nothing, and a

“My expectation of having a competitive track season became a dream. The reality was I couldn’t even walk.” —jess butler ’12

Determination Defined All-American track star battles back from injury Determination is a necessary trait for distance runners. But UT cross country runner Jess Butler ’12 found she needed it off the trails as much as she needed it on them. The Coral Springs, FL, native enrolled at UT with high hopes after winning a state championship in the 3,200 meter run at the Florida High School Athletic Association Track

Championships during her senior year at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Butler immediately made a big splash in her first race as a Spartan, placing third at the 2008 Early Bird Classic. Just days after that successful start, Butler went for a training run that would literally stop her in her tracks. She paused about halfway through to stretch and quickly realized something

December meeting with a specialist revealed something far more serious than anyone could have anticipated. Butler had a hip fracture, and two lesions inside the bones of her pelvis and sacral wing had to be removed. “My expectation of having a competitive track season became a dream,” Butler said. “The reality was I couldn’t even walk.” There was no question how Butler would respond. She would fight on, towards her goal of a triumphant career. But would her body allow her to return to the level she exhibited before the injury? All one has to do is look at the results of her sophomore campaign to see that the answer was “yes.” Butler could hardly imagine simply running again, nevermind achieving what she did her second year at UT. “I just never gave up. What helped me most was that I never lost sight of my goals,” she said. “Slowly I got my strength back, and as I felt stronger, it made my confidence grow.” With her confidence increasing, Butler recorded four top-three finishes while garnering all-conference and all-south region accolades. She helped guide her team to a third consecutive Sunshine State Conference championship, and Butler’s time of 21:31.65 was good for second individually. Turning (Continued) UTjournal Fall 2010 7

news of note

(Continued from page 7) in another second place finish, she paced Tampa to a third straight NCAA South Regional championship as well. Having earned a berth in the national meet, thanks to her impressive showing at the regional, she wrapped up the season with a 49th-place finish at the NCAA Championships. While some may have considered that performance disappointing, Butler chose to see it as a learning experience and — as if she needed more, considering the ordeal she had overcome just to be able to run again — drew inspiration from it as well. “I learned some valuable lessons from the cross country nationals,” Butler said. “I was more determined than ever to make it to track nationals in the spring.” Fully recovered and full of motivation, Butler shined at the 2010 NCAA Division II Track and Field Championships. She bested all opponents in her preliminary race in the 1,500 meters while writing her name into the UT record books with a school-best 4:30.11 time in the event. Improving on that time by more than a second, a 4:28.98 performance in the finals earned her seventh place and solidified her place as an All-American. “One of the highlights of the season was winning my prelim and setting the school record,” Butler said of her performance at the national event, “but I have to say the most exciting thing was breaking that record and becoming an All-American.” With her injuries behind her and a long-awaited full season of competition on her résumé, Butler will now aim for loftier heights with the 2010 upcoming cross country season. She hopes to continue her personal victories as well as her team’s triumphs. —Taylor Flatt 8 utjournal Fall 2010

Piniella Retires Lou Piniella ’69 announced this spring he would retire as the Chicago Cubs manager. Piniella is the first Cubs manager in more than 70 years to have three winning seasons in his first three seasons. Piniella was named All-American while playing baseball for UT, and was the rookie of the year for the American League in 1969. He played for the New York Yankees for 11 years and won four AL pennants and two World Series championships. He managed the Yankees, the Cincinnati Reds, the Seattle Mariners, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and finished his career with the Cubs.

BLEd, sWEat and tEaRs the ut volleyball team traveled to Bled, slovenia, as part of a 12-day whirlwind tour of Europe this may. the team played against national and professional volleyball teams and visited the czech Republic, germany, austria, slovenia and italy. the trip included several tours of cultural and historic sites, such as a trip to the concentration camp at dachau. Here they take a break from hiking to pose in front of Bled island. the team also received recognition from the american Volleyball coaches association (aVca) which included ut in its 2009-10 team academic award recipients. the award honors collegiate and high school volleyball teams that maintained at least a 3.30 cumulative team gpa.

mike Blanke

josh Bowman

dylan Brown

austin evans

correy figueroa

carmine giardina

a.j. pinera

mike schwartz

jared simon

john wiedenBauer

Ten Spartans Play Ball A record number of Spartan baseball players were signed by Major League teams this spring The University of Tampa finished off the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft on June 9 with a school record: nine Spartans chosen for their dream jobs. A day later, a tenth Spartan joined them when Correy Figueroa ’10 was signed by the Kansas City Royals. Jared Simon ’11 was chosen in the sixth round by the Colorado Rockies, Josh Bowman ’11 in the 10th by the Oakland Athletics, Mike Blanke ’11 in the 14th by the Chicago White Sox, Carmine Giardina ’10 in the 15th by the

Los Angeles Angels and A.J. Pinera ’10 in the 18th by the New York Mets. The Chicago White Sox chose two more Spartans in the 23rd round: Mike Schwartz ’10 and Austin Evans ’11. Dylan Brown was picked up by the New York Mets in round 37, and John Wiedenbauer ’10 was chosen by the Los Angeles Angels in the final round. The University has had at least one, if not multiple, draft selections in the last eight years. The previous record

was six players chosen following UT’s national championship in 2007. Tampa finished the 2010 draft with more draftees than any other school in the state, and only five other institutions had more draftees. “I am extremely excited for each of the guys who were selected,” said head coach Joe Urso. “This is a result of many hours of hard work and a dedication to the game along with the history and tradition of UT baseball.”

Local bachelor makes Good UT made a cameo on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” this summer, when Roberto Martinez ’05 brought Ali to his hometown. Martinez, who pitched for UT’s baseball team, gave Ali batting lessons. Martinez was chosen by the bachelorette and proposed to her in the show’s finale. She accepted. utjournal Fall 2010 9

By Justin Herndon photographs by Jessica Leigh



Researchers count seahorses in Tampa Bay to assess the health of their habitat

It’s just before 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning when half a dozen marine biology students zip up their wetsuits and load their research gear on a boat in preparation for a day in Tampa Bay. The scene is industrial. The students set out from UT’s Marine Science Center, which shares the Tampa Bayside Marina with boat slips, office suites and a restaurant called Hula Bay Club. On the boat ride out they see dolphins swimming alongside them, and they aim for a narrow strip of land. After a 15-minute ride, the students jump into the water, ready to research. What they’re researching in three underwater sites in Tampa Bay could be vital to seahorses, pipefish and other marine life around the world. And it’s all being done by students studying with Dr. Heather Masonjones, associate professor of biology. Masonjones has been studying dwarf seahorses and pipefish (both part of the Syngnathid family) since 1991. In 2004, she received a grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program to determine where seahorses and pipefish live in Tampa Bay. The Florida Aquarium was also a recipient of the grant, and Masonjones has collaborated on its seahorse exhibit. She has investigated the waters in the Florida Keys, near Fort De Soto Park and the Gandy Bridge, and Cockroach Bay, near Ruskin, FL. One day in 2004, she and her team collected 11 seahorses and 143 pipefish at a site near Fort De Soto. Her work in the last five years has focused on three areas in Tampa Bay and is important for long-term sustainability and management of species that are threatened worldwide. Millions of seahorses every year are trapped for sale as pets or are dried and sold as collectibles or for use in traditional medicines, especially in Asia. 10  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Masonjones (top right) and her students drag nets in search of pipefish and dwarf seahorses, which are usually only 1 to 2 inches in size.

UTjournal  Fall 2010  11

But overharvesting isn’t the only thing threatening the seahorses. Locally, their seagrass habitat has dramatically declined over the last 60 years. Seahorses and pipefish are indicators of the health of the ecosystem, so the more seahorses and pipefish there are, the healthier the seagrass habitats are likely to be, and vice versa. Early results show a moderate decrease in three of the more common species of syngnathids since 2007. In a one-year period starting August 2008, Masonjones measured a 4-percent drop in dwarf seahorses, a 6-percent drop in chain pipefish and a 9-percent drop in gulf pipefish. Populations of dusky pipefish increased dramatically, though, as well as those of the fringed pipefish, in the research site she studies. “With this type of short-term data it is difficult to determine the cause of these changes, because they could be natural fluctuations in the ecosystem, reflect changes in the habitat that are better for some species and worse for others, or be caused by human actions,” Masonjones says. In addition, the new study indicates that two species, the gulf pipefish and dusky pipefish, are moving around between sites much more than would be expected, and dwarf seahorses are also moving, although much more slowly, between sites. This means the more mobile species could require larger tracts of habitat than the less mobile species. There are still a lot of unknowns. For instance, it is critical to find out how big a seagrass patch must be before it can support viable populations long term. While Masonjones’ early results seem to show that the size and number 12  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Students sift through the seagrass to find the tiny seahorses and pipefish, like the one here. Masonjones photographs the specimens.

of the seahorses are diminishing, the project is ongoing and more research is needed. If she and her students can figure out the breeding patterns and parenting roles of the different species, they might be able to reproduce viable habitats elsewhere and preserve marine life in different parts of the world. The current research allows students to get their hands dirty dragging nets along the bottom of the bay, picking up sample organisms to study in a lab. They pull out about 75 pipefish and 55 seahorses, writing the number of each type on a clipboard and labeling them male or female. They put them in a bucket and bring them back to the lab where they tag them with a latex dye that helps researchers track how far they’ve traveled. The dye is injected under the bony plates and is black light sensitive. They keep the organisms for less than two hours before releasing them back into the water. The seahorses’ unusual gender roles play a significant factor in this research. The males fertilize and carry the offspring in a pouch, and give birth to them, but they don’t have a strong parental role, releasing the

independent offspring to swim away immediately. It’s important for researchers to learn how syngnathids live, and more importantly, how they reproduce in a particular environment. What causes them to leave a certain area and what attributes do they look for when choosing a new place to live? All of this information will help with repopulation efforts that could be necessary in the Gulf of Mexico (see sidebar). As her hands dig through and toss aside seagrass from one of the net drags in site #2, Samantha Macks ’11 talks about how she manages to pursue a major in marine biology while being a star volleyball player at UT. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, she says, because of opportunities like this one. “I just find it all so fascinating,” Macks says. “Watching the seahorses in the tanks each day, I find new questions and new areas I want to study, so it’s totally worth the effort to go out in the water and learn even more.” The bay provides a unique atmosphere in which to study because of its diversity. Masonjones and her students continue to find new things of interest each time they head out because the landscape can change even within a short distance. In one section, you can move just three meters in a different direction and the environmental components change so much, you can actually feel a tougher, firmer seagrass under your feet. The denser seagrass provides

The males fertilize and carry the offspring in a pouch, but they don’t have a strong parental role. a rich habitat for the species and an ideal spot for additional research. “Oh, I stepped on somebody,” exclaims Lauren Moon ’10 as she walks over the thicker seagrass. She treats the marine life like family because, as she says, “They’re my life.” Moon, who graduated in May with a major in environmental science, is thinking about a career at a national park. “I just love to be out in the field. There’s only so much data gathering you can do without wanting to be in the wild and actually touching the science,” she says. This project does exactly that for the students — both those who are participating now and those who helped in the beginning. Kevin Curtis ’05 — the student who helped start this latest seahorse study with Masonjones — now has his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Miami and credits his success to working on the seahorse project. “The four years I spent working side by side with Heather gave me the confidence and inspiration to continue on to graduate school and pursue a career in the sciences,” he says. “The experience helped develop my skills as a scientist and allowed me to gain experience in developing, planning, and implementing my own research.” Curtis has shifted gears slightly, researching bone marrow and stem cell therapy, but he says working on real research helped prepare him for this path. Danielle Dixson ’05, another one of the original students on this project, is now studying clownfish around the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. “Being a part of a large research experiment as an undergraduate set me apart from others and has been a big key in me getting where I am today,” she says. Recent graduate Emily Rose ’07 was a co-author on the most recent study and is now working on her Ph.D. at Texas A&M, studying molecular ecology. As an undergraduate researcher

with Masonjones, she learned how to come up with a research question, execute a study with data collection, analyze the data, and finish the process with a publication. “During the project I began as an extra pair of hands in the field and by the end of the experience I was coordinating volunteers and even starting my own research with her [Masonjones’] guidance,” she says. “I have learned a lot from my research experiences and gained more confidence in myself as a scientist, which has helped me immensely as an early graduate student this past year.” Rose is looking at the effects of synthetic estrogens, such as the ones found in birth control pills, on

syngnathids. Male fish can become feminized, with both male and female reproductive organs. She is studying what effect that has on mating, genetics and populations in the wild. Masonjones speaks highly of the interaction the seahorse research has provided for both her and her students. “It’s a unique opportunity for them to learn [about syngnathids] and for me to teach it. Projects like this one prepare each of the students to go out and become practicing biologists,” Masonjones says. “There’s so much practical experience you can’t translate in the classroom. We push the limits for students; they have to think on their feet and solve problems. That’s real-world experience.” UT

The Aftermath of the Spill Dr. Heather Masonjones’ work on seahorses is especially vital in the Gulf of

Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As environmental groups began to realize the effect the spill could have on marine life, an international organization called Project Seahorse contacted Masonjones to help draft a press release and determine what the best response would be to help preserve syngnathid fishes. While it could be years before the full extent of the damage is known underwater, Project Seahorse knows how critical the plants on the sefloor are to syngnathids and the potential problem millions of gallons of oil could pose. In essence, the more oil lying on top of the water, the less it lets through sunlight, which the seagrass depends on for growth. As the seagrass dies off, the habitat and food available for seahorses and pipefish shrinks. “The oil spill has been devastating to marine life in the Gulf of Mexico,” Masonjones said in May. “We won’t know the full magnitude for a while, but it’s already a disaster.” The spill, which took months to stop, is the largest marine oil spill in the history of the industry. According to estimates by scientists and engineers, the leak totaled about 200 million gallons of oil. It had a devastating impact on marine life, and waters off the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida were all shut down to fishing at one time. Scientists found evidence in August that the oil could be harming phytoplankton, the bottom of the Gulf’s food chain. The research at UT could help minimize the long-term negative effects of the oil spill because it studies how and when seahorses choose to move from one area to another. If Masonjones and her students can figure that out with any certainty, the information could be used to help repopulate areas affected by the oil spill and around the world where these species are already threatened and even endangered. UTjournal Fall 2010 13

By robin roger photograph by tad denson

While people across the country reeled from the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Bob Becker ’66 was trying to reassure those who stood to be affected the most: fishermen. Becker knows many of them. Some he’s worked with for more than 30 years. First, as an employee of the Food and Drug Administration, and now as a consultant to the seafood industry, he’s worked with multiple generations of the same families, like the Johnsons, who Becker has worked with since 1971. First he helped the parents adapt to new regulations in seafood safety. Today he’s trying to answer the sons’ questions at a panel on the oil spill. “They asked questions no one had the answers to, like how long this would go on, and what would happen next,” said Becker, who lives in Mobile, AL, and works for the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and the Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center. “There’s kind of a hopelessness about the thing.” In Alabama, shrimp season usually starts around June 15. This year, however, state and federal waters were closed, and many shrimpers got work with BP, cleaning up the oil. The city canceled the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo for the first time in 78 years. “I’m scared to death of it,” Becker said of the massive spill in June. “All we need is a half decent storm to come through and that stuff ’s in our marshes. That’s where our fish and shrimp originate from. If it kills the marshes, it kills the potential for future seafood. A lot of people could be out of business pretty quickly around here if it comes the wrong way.” Becker started working for the FDA soon after graduating from UT. A classmate put two applications on his desk a few months before graduation. One was for a job as an FDA inspector; the other was for a job as a microbiologist. He didn’t have the lab time for the latter, so he applied for the FDA job. He met his wife on the first day of work, and together they had two daughters. His oldest, Jennifer Becker ’94, also attended UT. The FDA is a very small agency considering what it does, Becker said. Nearly 25 cents of every dollar spent by consumers go toward products and services regulated by the FDA. The organization is always underfunded and understaffed, he said. Still, the FDA makes the food and drugs sold in the U.S. safe. 14  UTjournal  Fall 2010

In 1997, the FDA came up with new regulations for the seafood industry called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). These regulations provided guidelines on the handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of seafood, which Becker taught to hundreds of industry people. “That changed the industry tremendously,” he said. “Before that came about the seafood industry was way behind in technology and keeping up with good sanitation practices.” Becker said he’s happy to share what he’s learned about seafood safety, and when he retired from the FDA in 2001, he couldn’t just walk away from it. So, when he’s not playing percussion for the Mobile Pops, or fishing for speckled trout, he works about eight hours a week for the Sea Grant program. He also fields e-mails and refers people to specific topic experts. In addition to his Sea Grant work, he has acted as a consultant to the food industry, first through a large consulting firm, EAS Consulting Group in Alexandria, VA, and then on his own as Deep South Consulting. He makes national and international audits and assists many large food manufacturers on a part-time basis. He teaches HACCP on a private basis and has taught Seafood HACCP to the Korean FDA in Seoul and to the West African Trade Hub, a group of seafood processors, in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Through his consulting work he’s helped people like Glen Bryant, president of Bryant Products Inc., in Bayou La Batre, AL, which has been in business since 1987. “It’s simple: all seafood processors must have HACCP programs, and when followed as required, they should have a zero loss of product, which is very important to small seafood plants,” said Bryant in a piece on the Sea Grant website. “However, the program has many uncertainties that come up when trying to implement it. Through Sea Grant’s extension service, we have contacts through Mr. Becker that can step in and help when trying to interpret and implement the various regulations and requirements of the FDA.” UT


Bob Becker ’66 in Bayou La Batre, LA, where he works with shrimpers.

of fish?

Special Feature: entrepreneurs Help launch the New economy



By kyle parks illustration By stephanie dalton cowan

In the University of Tampa’s entrepreneurship program, students learn how to turn big ideas into successful businesses — and the training is paying off. One student is working this summer on a venture to provide electric power for idling tractor-trailers at Connecticut rest stops. Another launched a real estate company that rents to individual tenants, roommatestyle, in Omaha, NE. And a recent graduate is working to get funding to build a major recycling facility in his home country of Haiti. Their ingenuity shows how UT gets students ready for real-world challenges. The University established an entrepreneurship concentration for the MBA in 2002, and the major became available two years later. As of last fall, the entrepreneurship major was one of the most popular majors in the University with 98 undergraduate majors and 20 MBA students with the entrepreneurship concentration. The University also houses the Florida Entrepreneurship Center, founded in 2007. The center holds a business plan competition for students each year and presents the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. The center also helps entrepreneurs in the community

through its Self-Employment in the Arts Conference and the Naimoli Institute, where students strategize with local companies. Entrepreneurship programs are getting more attention at business schools nationwide. More than 2,000 colleges and universities offer entrepreneurship courses, and about 200 institutions have entrepreneurship centers. The growth of these programs reflects the increasing importance of startups and small businesses to the U.S. economy. As corporate jobs continue to be the casualties of a bad economy, the flexible thinking of an entrepreneur is more valuable than ever. More than 60 percent of new jobs are created by small businesses and startups, which represent the majority of U.S. employers. Startups also spark innovation, a main contributor to economic growth. As its students and alumni garner success, the University’s program is gaining in stature under the leadership of Dr. Rebecca White, who has brought a powerful combination of academic achievement and business experience to the role of program chair. White, who was recently named a 2010 BusinessWoman of the Year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, knows firsthand about entrepreneurship, as

she and a colleague started a company in 2006 that helps universities do background checks on potential employees. And at Northern Kentucky University, she built a program that was rated among the nation’s top 25 by the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine. She thinks UT’s program has the ingredients for the same kind of attention and success. “Think about it,” she says. “Our program is part of a fast-growing university with a good reputation and solid financial support. Combine that with our location — Tampa Bay is one of the top areas in the country for startup businesses — and we have what it takes to succeed and get noticed.” The program has a new curriculum, with a focus on both the creative thinking and the nuts-and-bolts skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Some classes help students become problem solvers and think innovatively. Others teach basics such as how to deliver an “elevator pitch” or write a business plan. Among other improvements, the program is bringing more guest speakers (including UT alumni) into classes to relate professional experiences. White started the Main Street Series, which brings successful entrepreneurs UTjournal Fall 2010 17

and advisors to campus to speak to students on topics of interest to “Main Street.” White and Dr. Dean Koutroumanis ’89 MBA ’91, assistant professor of management, have been working on getting a group to come together to volunteer and network. A campus-wide program will help students who are already running their own companies become more successful and help those who wish to enter business plan competitions. “Of course, our focus is on providing academic programs for prospective

Dr. Rebecca White has brought a powerful combination of academic achievement and business experience to the role of program chair.

entrepreneurs, but we aren’t going to do this in a vacuum,” White says. “We are working to involve the rest of the student body where we can, because

What’s the Big Idea? For Edouard Carrie ’10, finding enthusiasm for his new company is easy. All he has to do is go home to his native country of Haiti. “Things have gotten better in Haiti since the earthquake, but it is still very rough,” he says. “If I can help the economy and people there in my own way, that’s a great reason for going into business.” Carrie’s idea: build and run a recycling plant in Haiti, where tons of materials still lie in the fields and streets, a result of the devastating January earthquake that killed an estimated 250,000 plus people. He has been working for months on his business plan with the help of his father who works in the Haitian textile manufacturing industry. They approached investors this summer, and if all goes well, they plan to raise $1.7 million to acquire land, plan the facility and buy equipment to recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and aluminum. “There is a major shortage of facilities for recycling there,” Carrie says, “and we think it is a tremendous opportunity.” For UT entrepreneurship students, ideas for businesses often revolve around their personal interests and contacts they have from family and friends. Doug Heffner ’10 is marketing a hot sauce for wings working with several Tampa Bay restaurants and planning Internet and trade show strategies. Chris Miller MBA ’11 got his idea for a real estate company that rents properties to roommatestyle tenants after he had problems finding a suitable place to live. Jess English ’10 runs a company called Simply Sitters, a babysitting referral service that serves more than 120 families around Tampa. And Arthur Linares ’11 spent the summer working on two initiatives: placing solar panels on large buildings to collect energy and working with a developer to build electrical stations at Connecticut rest stops for truckers.The latter promises to keep truckers from having to burn gas as they rest, usually idling for hours. For all five entrepreneurs, the training from UT has been invaluable. “I have learned so much,” Linares says. “But it isn’t only about how to start a business. It’s about having the confidence to believe a good idea can lead to success.” 18  UTjournal  Fall 2010

the skills you learn in our program will help anyone in their job. Who wouldn’t want an employee who takes ownership for their performance and shows creative thinking?” UT has partnered with Emerge Tampa Bay, the young professionals group of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, which offers discounts and half-year memberships to seniors. The University is also expanding its involvement with the national College Entrepreneurs Organization, including an April conference that brought budding entrepreneurs to UT. White is involved with two national organizations — Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) and United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) — and one international organization, International Council of Small Business. She is on the executive council of GCEC and is vice president of programming for USASBE. “These are the leading entrepreneurship education organizations in the world. I hope to bring the GCEC to Tampa in a couple of years. As she plans her second year at UT, White wants to build the quality of the 120-student program while thinking of ways to increase its visibility to business leaders and academics around the country. Some possibilities include creation of a national-level business plan competition; more tie-ins with companies both locally and nationally, and publicizing the work of the program and its students. Part of this effort involves thinking of ways to create a “wow” factor by building buzz around the program and its events. “I have been so impressed with the quality of the students here,” she says. “Of course, an entrepreneurship program is going to attract kids with a lot of motivation, but I am constantly amazed at how they won’t let obstacles stand in their way. Being around them is a constant inspiration to me.” UT

By roBin roger

Cathy (Battaglia) Brasier ’65 still remembers the day she got her bid from Alpha Chi Omega. All the girls who rushed that year stood outside the dean of women’s door, waiting anxiously to see if they were picked by the sorority they wanted. One by one, each girl went in to see the dean, who shuffled through the bid cards ... slowly. When she finally got to the girl’s card, she would look at her and (hopefully) say, “You got what you wanted!”

greek life

UTjournal Fall 2010 19

“Being a part of a fraternity or sorority can be a huge part of your college life when it’s done the right way.” —jaclyn carden, coordinator of student organizations

Then the girls would go to where their new sisters were waiting. Brasier remembers walking up the winding stairs by Fletcher Lounge, and when she got to the top, she saw all the Alpha Chis waiting for her. “It was a great feeling of belonging to a group,” she says. Greek Life has been a part of the UT experience since the University was founded. The first social fraternities and sororities began forming in 1933, and new organizations are still being added today. Some have come and gone, and certain elements have changed over the years. Even now, the organizations are working on a strategic plan to enhance fraternity and sorority life at UT. But one thing remains constant: the bonds that are forged in fraternities and sororities continue long after the members graduate. A Place to Belong

All of the original fraternities and sororities were local organizations: Delta Kappa, Beta Chi, Rho Nu Delta, Sigma Kappa Nu. During the ’50s, as the number of students grew — and with it the reputation of the University — there was a push to affiliate with national organizations. The University was working on accreditation at this

point, so aligning itself with national organizations was seen as a sign of progress. UT also started recruiting students from farther and farther away, and students found themselves homesick and in need of a support network. Those who came from the North had limited communication with their families back home, and traveling was difficult and expensive. There were no computers, no cell phones, credit cards, microwave ovens, and many luxuries that are common for today’s students. “We were basically isolated from the rest of the world,” said Dennis Petretti ’65, who joined Sigma Phi Epsilon. “We learned in many ways how to survive, scrimp and get along by helping each other out. The best interest of Sig Phi Epsilon came before our individual best interest, and that is the key to a true brotherhood.” The true bond of a real brotherhood must endure the test of time, he said, and the bond of the Tampa Sig Eps is evident by the camaraderie demonstrated at their reunions some 40 years later (see page 23). Present Day Greeks

Students today report the same reasons for joining a fraternity or sorority.

Did You Know? n The

fraternities basically disappeared from campus in the 1940s, when most collegeaged men were involved with WWII. The four fraternities were reactivated in 1945. n In 1950, one fraternity brother, Ed Bray ’50, came out of class to find his car, a Crosley “Hotshot,” had been carried up the stairs of Plant Hall and into the library (now Fletcher Lounge) by his brothers. n The Pi Kappa Phi house — at 304 Plant Ave. — was sold to a preservation society in 1977 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s now known as the Hutchinson House, and it houses law offices. n In the ‘70s, most of the sororities became inactive, and some of the fraternities became co-ed. There was a resurgence in sorority life in 1980, and three new sororities were formed: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Gamma. n In the library there’s a 1984 fumigation notice for a fraternity house at 806 Fremont Ave., with a roach taped to it. “Take that roach scum,” is written next to it in pen. 20  UTjournal  Fall 2010

That sense of belonging to something greater than oneself, of having an instant bond, is what makes being Greek attractive to them. “For me, being a part of a sorority is having an extended family of around 80 women,” said Mary Beth Hillery ’11, president of the Panhellenic Council. “I joined because it was an easy way to connect in a new place, and I have gotten so much more out of my experience.” Hillery, who interned on Capitol Hill last summer, recently received the Leveraging Leaders scholarship from Delta Gamma to attend the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, a leadership institute that helps Greek leaders learn to live their “ritual” and create positive change within their communities. Daniella Fusari, president of Alpha Chi Omega, said she takes the experiences, resources and values of the group, and applies them to herself as an individual. That’s what being Greek means to her. “As each day passes, you should become stronger and more aware of who you are as a person,” she said. “As a sorority woman, I didn’t just throw on Greek letters and call myself a sister. I took the opportunities that my sorority gave me and made myself stronger and wiser as an individual.” Future

Both Hillery and Fusari are on the Fraternity and Sorority Life Strategic Planning Committee to enhance Greek life on campus. “The overall feeling was that the Greek community was active and doing great things but that they weren’t living up to their potential,” said Jaclyn Carden, coordinator of student organizations. The University hired a consultant in fall 2008 to help determine which areas could be improved. He visited campus, reviewed thousands of documents

(Clockwise from top left) The sisters of Sigma Delta Theta in a tug of war during Greek Week last spring. A group of new Alpha Chi Omega sisters before their leadout dance in 1962. The guys of Theta Chi cheer on their brothers during Greek Week 2010. The brothers of Sig Ep on the porch of their house circa 1968.

and interviewed 88 students, alumni, faculty/staff advisors and non-Greeks (to find out why they hadn’t joined and what might make them want to join in the future). The consultant felt the chapters and councils needed a clear and consistent understanding of their role on campus and a better working relationship with UT. They also needed to integrate their core values into everything they do. If they do this, fraternities and sororities can make themselves more relevant on campus, he said. He made recommendations that became the underpinnings of the strategic plan. The students held a retreat where they discussed their values and came up with a mission and vision. Key administrators, including President Ronald L. Vaughn and Linda Devine, vice president of operations and planning, participated in the event. The students decided to focus on four key areas: academics, community service, leadership and relationships with those outside the community. They came up with task forces for each component and outlined one-, three- and five-year goals. For example, they want sororities and fraternities to

earn higher GPAs than the average for all women and men at UT, they want more Greeks to take on leadership roles across campus, and they want to establish an accreditation process. They’ve already seen results. Grades are higher. The entire community participated in Relay for Life, the major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The Greek councils have even created a specific position to focus on philanthropy and community service, who is active in the PEACE Volunteer Center. The University has taken a hard line on hazing and alcohol violations. There have been few alcohol incidents, and hazing is not tolerated. The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) has administered bystander education, which has proven effective in generating more accountability. Students know they are responsible for one another, and they can’t sit back when they know something is wrong. “I believe the Strategic Plan helps

give our community a renewed sense of direction,” Hillery said. “We do many great things as individual chapters but this effort began to break down the barriers that existed between chapters. It helped members realize that we all have rituals, we all have standards and, as a community, we should exhibit our ritual by living it daily.” Though the percentage of Greeks is close to the national average (10 percent) OSLE would like to increase the Greek presence on campus, both by making Greeks more visible, and by adding organizations. A new sorority got its charter this fall: Kappa Alpha Theta. The University also hired a company to help with a large recruiting event this fall. “Being a part of a fraternity or sorority can be a huge part of your college life when it’s done the right way,” Carden said. “By prioritizing values, academics and community service you can create a lifelong commitment to an organization.” UT UTjournal  Fall 2010  21

22  UTjournal  Fall 2010

alumni report The scoop on your classmates and friends

After a long separation, the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon had a lot to catch up on.

Brothers and Sisters for Life This spring I had the opportunity to meet with two groups of alumni from the same decade. In each encounter I met people who felt a great connection to UT and were eager to share memories of their time here. A group of Delta Phi Epsilon alumnae celebrated their bonds over the course of a long weekend in May. Maria “Kuci” Lopez-Manz ’69 attended the reunion and had this to say: “What began as a fun weekend gettogether for three sisters visiting Tampa and their alma mater evolved into a mini-reunion of 22 sisters. Nineteen sisters, pledging from 1965 through 1972, and three charter founding advisors,

some of who had not seen each other in 40 plus years, joined the celebration. Getting together after so long made us appreciate our everlasting membership in DPhiE. It was as though we had just seen each other weeks earlier. As memories were shared, we found UT had provided us with a terrific stepping stone. Though now most are retired, the group included a mix of educators, social workers, entrepreneurs, an attorney, a sports coach, and an interior designer. DPhiE at UT was truly ahead of its time. A group of progressive women decided in 1962, which was prior to the enactment the Civil Rights Act, to

think out-of -the box and form a nonsectarian sorority. At that time sororities were strictly homogenous groups of white Christian women. Women of any religion, race, or creed were now able to join UT Greek life. Coupled with unbridled DPhiE determination, and overcoming many barriers, the Delta Upsilon chapter was chartered in 1965. DPhiE is proud to say it was the first sorority to accept Jews and become integrated with one of the very few black coeds on campus. The first two female business graduates were also Deephers — previously women had just two options for majors: education or social sciences. We now plan to locate the balance of our “lost” sisters and start a Delta Upsilon Chapter Alumni Association. Short-term plans are in the works for another reunion in March 2011. In the meantime you can locate many sisters on Facebook or through the UT alumni website. DPhiE is not presently active but a long-term goal is to recharter the sorority at UT. Anyone interested in joining us should e-mail me at or Marcia Chaflin-Narod at” Brothers

On May 9 I spent the morning at UT’s 128th commencement ceremony watching our newest members of the alumni association graduate. After commencement, I headed out to Clearwater to connect with a group of Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers who all graduated from UT in the 1960s. They (Continued) Do you have news to share? Contact Jay Hardwick, Alumni Director

UTjournal  Fall 2010  23

alumni report

(Continued from page 23) meet every other year at Sand Key to reconnect, share memories, and simply be around each other. Their fraternity house may be gone, but the bond they felt inside those walls on Hyde Park Avenue comes back whenever they gather, turning any location into their new home. The faces may have gotten a little older, and their hair slightly grayer, but the nicknames like Cag, Oobie Doobie, the Hound and Tha Boys have remained the same over the years. Just like the nicknames, the men have not skipped a beat, and it was as if they themselves had just graduated that morning. The stories were entertaining and free flowing, and they provided insight into life at UT in the ’60s. Joe Muklevicv ’65 shared that “The girls at Howell Hall wore white gloves and hats for social functions and that curfew on Saturday night was 12 midnight.” Not only was curfew at midnight, but I also learned there were regular room checks to help make sure there were no males in the “girls dorm,” a clear difference from current living arrangements. One memory that would probably ring true among today’s Sig Ep brothers came from “The Cag” who remembered “Waiting for your care package to come from home only to find out it arrived early, and the boys opened it for you.” I hope the members of our recent graduating class are able to stay connected to one another as they progress through life, the same way the Sig Eps have been able to over the last 40 years. And if we’re lucky, we might get a memory or two from the class of 2010 similar to those shared by Terry Cuccuriello ’68 and Tom Menegus ’67, who each said his most important memory was meeting his wonderful wife at UT.

class acts What’s neW? Stay in touch by sending us your Class Acts. Go to today!


Deloris Carter and her daughter Dee Ann Wilson reunited with many of the majorettes, flag twirlers, and rifle spinners they had taught throughout the years. In more than five decades, Deloris taught baton twirling to more than 3,000 students who have marched in local and national parades including the New York World’s Fair, Citrus Bowl parades, Tampa Bay Buccaneers halftime shows, and events at Walt Disney World. Deloris lives in Eustis, FL. Fred H. Kenfield transferred his extensive library of books and magazines on Rolls Royce and Bentley motorcars to McPherson College in Kansas. His library will be used for the school’s four-year degree in automotive restoration technology. The Kenfields have owned 14 of these motorcars. Fred and his wife reside in St. Petersburg.


John Hanna and Buddy Williams ran into each other at the Norm Ott Tennis Invitational at Hunter’s Green Country Club in Tampa this March. Williams, a retired teacher and football coach in Lakeland, was playing with the Winter Haven Super 70s team.

The sig eps celebrate their brother, the late Don “rocket” Brasier ’65 (center) being named AXo sweetheart for 1965. Joe muklevicz ’65 (second from left) and Bob D’Amico ’66 (in the back) both attended the reunion. 24 UTjournal Fall 2010


Laura (Pullara) Jones retired from the Spar-

tanburg, SC, school system where she was an assistant principal at Paul M. Dorman High School. She worked for 41 years in education, 25 years in the classroom and 16 years in administration. During her career she also received her Master of Arts in teaching from Converse College and went on to get a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of South Carolina. Laura will make Charleston, SC, her home, with her husband, Jerry, at the end of this year. Tom Mosca coached the girls basketball team at Jefferson High School, in Tampa, to their first Florida State Final Four, which was held at the Lakeland Center. Tom has enjoyed a long coaching career; starting in 1976, which included a stint as the head UT women’s coach from 1989-2002.


The governor of Georgia appointed Jerry D. Davis to the Georgia Agricultural Exposition Authority. Jerry is manager of the Heart of Georgia Peanut and Gin Company and is a member of the Georgia Agribusiness Council and the Chickasha of Georgia.


Howard “Howie” Thompson has signed on with Insphere Insurance, and will be affiliated with their Charleston, SC, office. Currently living in Little River, SC, Howie has been enthu-

siastically coaching and building soccer programs for the past five years.


Dr. Donald Marinelli recently had his book, The Comet & the Tornado: Reflections on the Legacy of Randy Pausch, The Last Lecuture & the Creation of Our Carnegie Mellon Dream Fulfillment Factory, published by Sterling Publishing. Donald’s work is about his close friend, Randy Pausch, who became a household name with his YouTube video “The Last Lecture” and who later passed away after a bout with cancer. The book reflects on the friends’ differences and shared experiences fighting cancer and co-founding the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, which Donald heads on his own now and pushes forward on its worldwide expansion. (See page 27.) E-mail:


Faye Bellamy M.Ed. received the 2010 Virginia Snively Award from Girls Inc. of Winter Haven, FL, in May. Faye co-founded Chain of Lakes Achievers (COLA) Inc., a tutoring and leadership program for area youths. She also heads education programs for the Winter Haven branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), an organization that focuses on civil rights. Gerald Gillis MBA completed a new novel titled Shall Never See So Much. He and his wife Deborah live in Marietta, GA. (See page 27.) E-mail:


Connie May Fowler released her seventh book on April 2. Connie is an internationally acclaimed author, and she held a release party for her latest work, titled How Clarissa

spartan spotlight

Elena Cifuentes ’72 The Lost Symbols: A new teaching method demystifies drawing Imagine a calculus problem being placed in front of you. Now imagine you never learned addition or subtraction. That’s what it’s like when students are handed a blank sheet of paper and told to draw, says Elena Cifuentes ’72, who teaches drawing as an adjunct instructor at UT. So Elena created a method that teaches students to draw the same way we teach them math and writing, by starting with the fundamentals. She came up with a set of symbols and numbers to help people who say they can’t even draw a straight line. Every one of her students has shown improvement. “You can’t communicate with an instructor unless you have a symbol system and a method,” she says. “If you don’t have a method, then you’re guessing. I developed an alphabet just like in writing.” The inspiration for the method came during an origami class, when one of the students said a shape looked like a W. She said if you draw a W, you can draw the rest of the figure. Since then,

she’s worked with 6th graders up to adults. Her oldest student was 90. “This is something that could be taught to children when they learn to read and write and learn their numbers and symbols,” she says. “In writing first you learn the alphabet, then you learn to write sentences, then paragraphs, then essays.” Learning to draw this way could also help with reading skills, Cifuentes says, because it helps with visualization skills. It can allow children to see edges and break things down into their basic components. It also helps them learn what’s there and what’s not there. “Drawing is not a talent-based skill, and it’s not ‘magic,’ as some people might think,” says Dr. Catherine Chastain-Elliot, professor of art. “The heart of Elena’s method is linking drawing to writing. She shows people how to employ a symbol system they already know — numbers and letters — in order to ‘write’ a picture. The results are amazing!” UTjournal Fall 2010 25

alumni report

spartan spotlight

Christopher Sullivan ’87 Spartan Makes a Career of Calling the Beautiful Game

“Every player has his moment,” according to a fútbol-inspired adage, loosely translated. Christopher Sullivan ’87, a commentator for the Fox Soccer Channel, has had a few of them. An All-American soccer midfielder at UT, Sullivan played on the U.S. National Team from 1987-1992 and was a member of the 1990 World Cup squad. He went on to a professional soccer career that spanned two continents and seven countries. And since 2003, Sullivan has had what many might consider a dream job as a member of Fox Soccer Channel’s broadcasting team for Major League Soccer, U.S. National Team and European league and international soccer matches. He’s a host of MLS Saturday on FSC and provided expert analysis during this summer’s World Cup. But you ask Sullivan what his “moment” was, and his answer is not a particular goal he scored, the first professional match he played in France, the time he played for the U.S. National Team against Brazil, or his broadcast of a 2009 match between Barcelona and the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Rose Bowl that drew 93,000 fans. 26 UTjournal Fall 2010

“I’ve had so many moments, so many great goals,” Sullivan said. “But it’s not about my playing. My best moments came having my children see what I do for a living. I feel very happy doing what I love.” Sullivan, who lives in Redwood City, CA, met his wife — “a gift from God” — when he was playing professionally in Hungary. They have two children. His daughter Monika is a pre-med major at Johns Hopkins University, and his son, Michael, is in high school. While Sullivan admits his first loves are coaching and training — both of which he does as time permits — there are some advantages to broadcasting, despite the frequent travel and long hours of preparation. “Coaching is 24/7. But in broadcasting, no matter who wins or loses, if you did a good job, then you can come home and get some sleep,” he said. Sullivan undoubtedly was a little short of sleep last summer as an FSC commentator for the World Cup. Every day for a month Sullivan energetically commented on past and upcoming matches on the FSC show Ticket to South Africa. He was satisfied with the high level of play of Latin American teams, which typically play with a lot of “flair and sugar.” “The successful teams placed an emphasis on technique, fluidity and rhythm, and were playing the game the way it should be played…the way you want your children to watch,” Sullivan said. The play of the eventual winner, Spain, certainly attested to that. One of Sullivan’s strengths as a soccer broadcaster — a byproduct of his international playing experience — is that he is fluent in Spanish, French and Hungarian. In his pre-production research, Sullivan frequently calls coaches, reporters and fans in countries around the world to get the inside scoop on players and strategies. “Because you have the language, they speak more freely,” Sullivan said. “It’s a huge advantage. If I could do it all again, I would have majored in languages.”

Burden Learned to Fly, at Mise En Place in downtown Tampa, where she grew up. She and her husband now live in north Florida with their four dogs. (See page 27.)


Camille Burgess Jowanna MAT ’07 was appointed principal of the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a leader of Catholic schools. She joined the school after 14 years at Tampa Catholic, where she served in various roles. Rob Weisbord MBA ’87 was promoted to vice president of new media at the Sinclair Broadcast Group, a company that owns and operates, programs or provides sales services to 58 television stations in 35 markets.


Judy Nolasco was named academic dean of the South Shore campus of Hillsborough Community College in Tampa. Judy is also finishing up her doctorate in higher education administration and leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Robert “Terry” Rupp is now the athletic director of Jesuit High School in Tampa. Terry was instrumental in paving the way for a $2 million baseball stadium for the school. Prior to becoming the athletic director, Terry coached baseball at the University of Maryland and here at UT.


David Hanson started a new job as the CFO/ COO of Sechelles Holding LLC, a new venture company. He also relocated to Austin, TX. E-mail:


Patrick Allman III MBA is being considered for appointment by Governor Crist to the Tampa Port Authority Board.

Patrick is general manager of Odyssey Manufacturing Co. He is a U.S. Navy Captain and commanding officer at the Tampa Naval Reserve Center.


Iana Quesnell presented her work at an art show in compactspace Los Angeles, a gallery in L.A. Her show, “Anything to Declare?” featured new works on paper.

Chris Palazzola started his own law practice. He had practiced for several years at a medium-sized Atlanta law firm. Chris believes in working hard for clients while maintaining civility. He resides in Atlanta.


Dianne Scott married Carlos Farjallah on Feb. 27 on the Island of Grand Cayman, the paradise they call home. E-mail:


Stephanie Caron joined Bank of America and accepted a position as a vice president in the Global Banking and Wealth Management Quality and Change Delivery team. She resides in Wareham, MA.

megan michele Bailey


Kyle and Michele (Cardin) Bailey welcomed a new addition to their family, daughter Megan Michele Bailey. Megan was born Jan. 11 at 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and 19 ½ inches. The happy family lives in Tampa. Maj. Roger Keen is on his third deployment to Iraq, with the Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division. He is stationed at Forward Operating Base Falcon near Baghad. Roger is in charge of coordinating logistics, including supply, maintenance, transportation and field services.

Dianne scott ’96 and carlos farjallah


David Virgilio MBA ’00 was promoted to senior vice president and associate director at Macquarie Energy LLC, a large regional energy trading company that offers hedging, storage, transportation, and asset managing services for energy products. David lives in Houston, TX. E-mail:


Cheri Morales MSN ’00 joined Armstrong Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, in Seminole, FL. She is board certified by the American

Adriana lampart

Three alumni recently published books: The Comet & the Tornado: Reflections on the Legacy of Randy Pausch, The Last Lecuture & the Creation of Our Carnegie Mellon Dream Fulfillment Factory by Dr. Don marinelli ’75 Shall Never See So Much by Gerald Gillis mBA ’77 How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly by connie may fowler ‘82

Nurses Credentialing Center, and has many years of experience in both cardiovascular disease and medical research.


Ty Botsford is engaged to Jennifer Scriven of St. Petersburg. Ty is the logistics and safety manager for All Star Transportation, based in Clearwater, FL. He is working on his MBA. E-mail: Jeanna (Murphy) Lampart and her family welcomed their daughter, Adriana, on March 31, 2009. The family resides in Spring Hill, FL. E-mail: Karen (Bresocnik) Penkoski earned an M.Ed. in educational leadership and instruction from The College of New Jersey. She

Karen ’00 and michael Penkoski

is also married and expecting a son this fall. She and her husband reside in Parsippany, NJ.


Milly (Figuereo) Hix was featured in an issue of vue, downtown Tampa’s urban lifestyle magazine. She is an office manager at Liberty Trading Group and a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Richard Langton received the Professional Bowlers Association’s Pat Peterson award, and he was the sixth on the PBA points list from 2008 to 2009. Richard is an assessor for the state of Florida and lives in Tallahassee. E-mail:


Melissa (Cote) Dixon and her family welcomed twin boys, Levi and Malachi, on Oct. 16, 2009. Melissa and her family live in Wesley Chapel, FL. E-mail:

The Dixon twins UTjournal Fall 2010 27

alumni report

roTc alumni from ’02, ’04 and ’05 gathered at fort Bragg in north carolina (see below for note).

Erik Hambrecht, Richard Wood Jr., Nicholas Vanstratten ’04, James Mulrine ’05, Brianna Holmes ’04, and Assad Raza ’04 got together at Fort Bragg, NC, in between their deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. They all are alumni of UT’s Army ROTC. Lisa Behrend Ith and her husband Jonathan welcomed their son Brendan Lucas Ith to the world Oct. 24, 2009. Lisa and her family live in Bradenton, FL. E-mail:

Brendan lucas ith

Teresa Jimenez started her own company, Ad Litem Paralegal Services Inc., in 2009. Previously, Teresa worked for Harry M. Hobbs, P.A. for 13 years. She is a certified

paralegal with experience in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, bankruptcy, real estate, probate and estate matters. Her company is a freelance paralegal firm, and serves to aid attorneys who are sole practitioners. She and her husband of three years, Samuel, live in Tampa. E-mail: Angela Roberts is teaching at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain. E-mail: Christine Whims earned a Master of Science in Historic Preservation degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Randi (Baughman) Williams joined Barrow Regional Medical Center in Winder Georgia in May as the Medical/Surgical Unit director following six years in disease management and high risk health behavior change coaching. She is also active in the U.S. Air Force Reserves as an Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Nurse, with more

Who’s Who on the naa Board? Visit for a full list of members. 28 UTjournal Fall 2010

than 300 clinical flight hours. She most recently deployed last year, to Joint Base Balad, Iraq where she was awarded the Air Force Aerial Achievement Medal. Randi lives in Lawrenceville with her husband Kevin and children Erin, Tyler, Daniel and Olivia. Richard Wood Jr., HHC Commander and chief of Supply Operations for the Division of Logistics at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and excellence in military medical logistics.


David Bradford Jr. MS ’07 asked for Kate Egelston’s hand in marriage. They plan to get married Oct. 8. David is a senior financial analyst with H&R Block in St. Petersburg. Gregory L. Cooper accepted a position in the Jacksonville, FL, office of Merrill Lynch as an investment advisor. He and his family relocated from Baltimore, MD. E-mail: Joshua Logan is engaged to Erica Hassink, a recruiter. Josh works as an account executive for Bullhorn, a staffing and recruiting software company in Boston. The couple is planning an October wedding. Melissa Shephard is engaged and planning a wedding for July 2011. Melissa lives in Port Orange, FL. E-mail:

the Hancock, MI, university this spring with a perfect 4.0 GPA and a bachelor of science in nursing. Becky Kagan married David Schott in Philadelphia on Sept. 12, 2009. They are living in Aston, PA. E-mail:


Kate Bradshaw landed a full-time job as a reporter at WMNF radio in Tampa. Kate had previously volunteered for the station and had worked for Tampa’s new online publication 83 degrees. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of South Florida - St. Petersburg. Christopher Joseph Clones got engaged to Cac Vuong Nguyen, a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Navy. Christopher is a captain in the United States Army assigned to Special Operations Command, MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. Allison Dingivan of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was featured in a St. Petersburg Times article chronicling her work as a child protective investigator. Allison finds her work both tough and infinitely rewarding. She lives in Brandon, FL. E-mail: Thamer Al-Tassan was awarded “Travel Digital Photographer of the Year” in 2009 by Digital Photographer Magazine. He has


Travis Abercrombie M.S. ’09 took a position as the public information coordinator for the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office. He hopes to get the community involved on a number of outreach programs. Meisha Bray was named valedictorian of the Finlandia University Class of 2010. She graduated from

David schott and Becky Kagan ’04

Marty Teller is manager of corporate partnerships for the Trenton Thunder in Trenton, NJ. He previously worked for the Baltimore Ravens and recently wrote a guest column for CNBC’s Sports Biz blog. E-mail:


Kim ’06 and Joel Barbosa

traveled all around the world taking photos as a self-taught amateur photographer. His photographs have been featured in numerous publications in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Thamer works as an IT business analyst in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Matt Gary was featured in Nashville Lifestyles’ annual “Single in The City” feature in February. Matt is a recording artist with his own independent label, 17 Music Entertainment, and he released his debut single titled “The Days You Live for” in April 2009. Kimberly (Marusak) Gramm MBA was promoted to executive director of the Adams Center for Entrepreneurship and community relations director at Florida Atlantic University, College of Business. She lives in Boca Raton, FL. E-mail: Matt Perkins is a video producer and owner of RAOS Productions. As of February, he began working and editing for New England Title and he has gained an ever growing freelance client base throughout Massachusetts. E-mail: raosinfo@ Tommie Rimes has been accepted to a Ph.D. in nursing program at the University of Texas at Arlington. He began the program in August.

Kim (Kopac) Barbosa married Joel Barbosa on June 27, 2009. She is a second grade teacher at Just Elementary. E-mail: Jamal Wilburg, an Army Reserve 1st lieutenant, recently returned home from deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. While he was deployed, Jamal was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service. Jamal lives in Brandon, FL. E-mail: jamal.


Justin Santa Cruz graduated with an MBA in finance in February from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College of Business, where he founded the Graduate Business Club. He is working in mergers and acquisitions at Crosstree Capital Partners, a boutique life sciences and healthcare IT investment bank in Tampa. He is also a member of the Coast Guard auxiliary in Sand Key, Clearwater, FL. Lauren Detlefsen earned a Master’s in Veterinary Science from the University of Kentucky. She resides in Lexington. Victor O’Brien has taken a job reporting for the Community Impact Newspaper in Austin, TX. Anthony Scuotto MS ’09 has been promoted from tax staff to tax senior at Gregory, Sharer, & Stuart. He lives in St. Petersburg. E-mail: Colin Wensel was featured in an issue of vue, downtown Tampa’s urban lifestyle magazine. He is a

sports broadcaster for F&F Productions in Clearwater. Michele Williams MBA has been hired by Dole Fresh Vegetables, a subsidiary of Dole Food Company Inc., as the Winn Dixie/Publix Team Director for the Dole Fresh Vegetables Value Added Sales team. Michele has more than 15 years of experience in both sales and marketing, with eight years being at Fresh Express/ Chiquita Brands in numerous roles. Michele lives in St. Petersburg. Heather Christine Zito became engaged to Air Force 1st Lt. Patrick Ryan Griffin. Zito is a buyer for AAI Corporation in Charleston, SC, and her fiancé is a pilot stationed at the Charleston Air Force Base.


Ben Earman directed his first full-length play at the Vero Beach Theatre Guild this summer. He directed a production of “The Glass Mendacity” a spoof on Tennessee Williams’ famous plays. Ben teaches drama at Treasure Coast High School in Port St. Lucie.

Kaitlin Monte co-hosted the international webcast of New Year’s Eve in Times Square. She tours with the USO Liberty Bells and recently starred as Mimi in a production of “RENT” at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre. Joshua A. Murphy began working with the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) in Washington, D.C., in May. Joshua provides project and administrative support with the National Security Preparedness Group. The BPC is a nonprofit organization established in 2007 by former Senate Majority Leaders to develop and promote solutions that can attract public support and political momentum to achieve real progress. E-mail:jmurphy.08@ Kristin Pfeffer was commissioned at Hope Lutheran Church in Plant City, FL, where her father is pastor, for a short-term mission trip to Macau, China. Her mission, under the direction of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod - World Missions, will be as an English teacher, Bible study leader and

Singing Standout (from left) Jack Jenkins ’61 was named the outstanding music Alumnus of the year in April, at a concert by oPUs, attended by family friend lynne Deless, daughter letitia rossi-Doyle and Tony Garcia Jr., whose father introduced Jack and his late wife sally.

UTjournal Fall 2010 29

alumni report

Distinguished Alumni (from left) Dr. ronald l. Vaughn congratulates April Gillespie Jones ’04, recipient of the young Alumnus Award, and Thomas A. meachum ’81, mBA ’93, recipient of the esse Quam Videri Award, after commencement on may 8.

relationship builder between the community and the church program in Macau. Matthew E. Simmons was promoted to relationship manager and shareholder at Peddock Capital Advisors. He lives in South Dartmouth, MA. E-mail: msimmons@


Shannon Aitken was hired as the boys tennis coach for Land O’ Lakes High School in Land O’ Lakes, FL, in the spring and took the team to its first state tournament. The team completed a perfect regular season and won the District 6 championship. Shannon was named Coach of the Year for Pasco County boys tennis. Kelley Bumstead graduated from Boston University’s Sports

Institute program and is now teaching English in Seoul, Korea. Nicholas “Nick” Colarusso was named the “Outstanding Graduate in Accounting” at UT at the Dean’s Academic Award Ceremony. Nick received a scholarship to continue his professional education and work toward the CPA designation. Nick works at Kirkland, Russ, Murphy & Tapp, P.A., which is a professional services firm providing assurance, tax, business valuation, litigation/forensic services, financial advisory and consulting services to private and publicly traded business, and notfor-profit and government entities. Brendan M. Linnane recently completed U.S. Navy basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL. Brendan completed various training courses,

which included classroom study and practical instruction on naval customs, first aid, firefighting, water safety and survival, and shipboard and aircraft safety. Garrett Maines signed a minorleague deal with the Chicago Cubs. Ellery McCardle is now working at KAAL Television in Rochester, MN, as a news reporter. She has wanted to be a reporter since she was 10 years old. Amanda Moffett was married to Curtis Isele in June 2009 in Tampa. They were expecting their first child, a baby girl, in July of this year. Laura Olds joined the Peace Corps and is stationed in Panama, working on eco-tourism and waste management. A large part of what she does is educating people about environmental conservation. Chris Persuad graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC. While there, Chris earned distinction as an honor graduate. Amber Rehman is living in Tampa and working as a student finance planner for Everest University. She also cheered on the Tampa Bay Lightning as a Lightning Girl during the 2009-10 season. Nicole Sicignano is engaged to Michael McMinn, a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. The couple is planning their wedding for Dec. 31 of this year. Nicole is also working on her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Central Connecticut

nicole sicignano and michael mcminn

State University. E-mail: Averia Wright’s collaborative work with painter Toby Lunn has been featured in the Bahamas by Doongalik Studios Art Gallery’s Transforming Spaces Art Tour. Averia studied fine art with a concentration in ceramics at UT. Much of her inspiration to become a ceramicist was born from her studies in the discipline with Kendra Frorup ’92, assistant professor of art.


Lisa Barton is attending New York University’s graduate school in theater education for college and communities. Hanna Duprey worked this summer for the National Park Service at Grand Tetons National Park. Charlie Hambos enrolled this fall in the four-year Master of Divinity program at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theology Seminary in Boston. Nicolas David Pazmiño is working in Ecuador for a nonprofit called Asylum Access. He is coordinator of mobile clinics, in charge of programming and coordinating refugee programs around the country with the Ecuadorian Gov-

swinging for Ut Fifty golfers supported UT by participating in the 19th Annual Brian Claar Golf Classic on April 16, held by the Tampa Bay Alumni Chapter. The group raised just under $3,000, which was donated to the Chapter’s Endowed Scholarship fund, as well as to the University’s Annual Fund. 30 UTjournal Fall 2010

ernment and the United Nations. Ecuador has the largest number of refugees in Latin America. The country has around 300,000 refugees from Colombia, Africa, Haiti and Cuba. Randy Tarnowski started work with Americorps this fall, working in Apopka, FL, at schools with a large migrant population. Arturo Uzcategui is working for SIRIUS|XM Satellite Radio in Washington, D.C. Tricia Jo Wadleigh was hired to work for the Centers for Disease Control in Caricopa County, AZ. Cindy Williams MBA was named the new marketing manager for the National Wild Turkey Federation, a nonprofit conservation organization that aims to conserve the wild turkey and preserve the hunting heritage. Aurora Yates started a job at the Cayman Net News, where she interned last summer.







in memoriAm Valerie Kathryn Stubbs Mecutchen ’35 Braulio Alonso ’39 (See page 34) Juanita Guerra Kolka ’41 David Lawrance Webb ’42 Everett Bray ’50 Michael S. Rubio ’50 John Marshall Gibson ’51 William J. “Skinny” Antonini ’52 Peter Leonard Martino ’52 William Hall “Salty” Burns ’53 Harry W. Walston ’53 William Newell ’53 Raymond E. Hamilton ’57 Douglas E. Smith ’59 Joe M. Ciccarello ’62 Dorothy A. Pfeiffer ’62 Major Fred Musgrave ’63 John Gallagher Sr. ’67 Vivien Lee Harrison Shuttleworth ’76 Toni L. Iacovelli ’82 Jeffrey Smith Pratt ’94 Nicole Murphy ’08

Flat Sparty Trots the Globe Alumni add to mascot’s frequent flyer miles

Say He llo


to Fla t Spar tan

t is with inspired great pleas ure about by a fun lamin that i intro over the ated pape duce to you name holid abou Flat r and visits t a boy who ays. He’s base character name spartan. Flat spar stanley friends by is flattened d on the chara d Flat stan tan was being proje cter from ley, who mailed in his sleep laminated ct, www the book i learned in an enve but make .flats versions of the intere of Flat tanleyproject. lope. The s the best of sting same book spaw stanley his situa him walk places. As to peop com, wher tion ing e stude ned the the Freed i took stanl le who way to photograph nts send Flat enco om Trail, ey around interestin urage UT Boston alumni i thought this and photo him in with form g places, do to send woul d inter in photo be a greatgraphed er class s mates. esting thing i enco s or get when they visit urage graph you to together him with fellow with you whencut out Flat ever you spartan and alumni, house get phototrave or be displ do anything married, have l, get toget exciting. ayed on her a baby, online our alum Flat buy alum ni Face spartan photo a the Journ ni comm book page unity, s will and , al. You can e-mail a few may and on our and make even make the photo else is sure in the picture you let us knows to alumni@ with Flat spartan. who

Last spring we introduced readers to our newest ambassador, Flat Sparty. We UT Six th in d irecto rs’our cup asked alumni to take photos with the cutout and send them in. You answered call. If you missed it, you can access the spring issue at, print page 23 and start snapping photos. 1. Ricardo Villarreal MBA ’02 in Auckland, New Zealand. 2. Diana (Dellose) Jones ’06, M.Ed.’09 with husband Jonathan Jones, a current graduate student, with Flat Sparty at the Temple of Zeus in Athens, Greece. 3. Lamar Edwards ’09 (left) and Joshua Long ’10 at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in France where they both showed short films. 4. Chris St. Thomas (left) and Mike Floyd ’98, ’07 MBA with Flat Sparty at the Brian Claar Golf Classic. 5. Lisa Levar ’01 in front of the Sydney Opera House. 6. Alumni get acquainted with Flat Sparty at a recent New York event.

Get Spar Flat the tan in Jo

urna If you l to appe want your photo there ar in the Journ are a Make few guide al, digita sure you have lines. l highe camera set your st to the taking quality settin g when taken the photo. Photo with a won’t s work. camera phon to print The decis e photo will be base ion numb quality and d on er the Pleas of submission e s. every remember one to ident include in the photo ify and E-mail their class JPEG your photo years. or s alumni@uTIFF forma in a t to 23

UTjournal Fall 2010 31

alumni report

Homecoming and Reunions 2010 – Oct. 14-16 6–9 p.m. Hall of Fame Banquet

5–7 p.m. President’s Reception

10:30 a.m. social, 11:30 a.m.lunch Decade of the ’60s Open House

9th Floor, Vaughn Center Celebrate with Spartan athletes from past decades. RSVP required. $75 per person Contact

East Verandah, Plant Hall Join President Vaughn and fellow Spartans on the verandah for complimentary appetizers and cocktails. RSVP required. Free

Lobby and Crescent Club Vaughn Center Join graduates from the 1960s for a social and reunion luncheon. RSVP required. $20 per person

7–9 p.m. Young Alumni Happy Hour MacDinton’s Irish Pub 405 S. Howard Ave. Join graduates from the last 10 years to kick off homecoming weekend. Free

8 p.m. Student Play – Die Mommie Die! Falk Theatre

11 p.m. Midnight Madness

ThroUGhoUT homecominG WeeKenD Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Information Table Plant Hall Lobby Stop by to look through UT memorabilia and to pick up your homecoming welcome package.

ThUrsDAy, ocT. 14 4:30 p.m. Spartan Games Vaughn Center Courtyard Compete in a variety of games against current students or just stop by to enjoy the entertainment.

Martinez Sports Center Join the UT student body as they celebrate the start of the basketball season with a midnight celebration.

friDAy, ocT. 15 1–2 p.m. Walking Campus Tour Plant Hall Lobby

3–4:30 p.m. National Alumni Association Annual Meeting Brevard Community Room Brevard Hall All alumni are invited to the NAA’s Annual Meeting. Come hear what’s going on in YOUR alumni community.

5:30 p.m. Men’s Soccer Game

10:30 a.m.–3 p.m. ELITE Reunion

Pepin Rood Stadium Spartans vs. Florida Tech

Contact Adam Jones ’04 at or Katelyn Chapman ’09 at

7–10 p.m. A Night in the Rat

11 a.m. Art Brunch

Rathskeller, Plant Hall Enjoy drinks and snacks during a one night re-opening of UT’s very own watering hole. $5 per person

R.K. Bailey Art Studios Dine with the artsy crowd. RSVP required. $8 per person. Contact

8 p.m. Women’s Soccer Game Pepin Stadium Spartans vs. Palm Beach Atlantic

sATUrDAy, ocT. 16 8 a.m. Spartan Challenge 5K Pepin Stadium $25 per person/$20 for alumni Contact

10:30 a.m. social, 11:30 a.m. lunch Decade of the ’50s Open House Board Room and Crescent Club, Vaughn Center Join graduates from the 1950s for a social and reunion luncheon. RSVP required. $20 per person

Noon All Alumni BBQ Lunch Lawn in front of the Sykes College of Business Look for your class table to find fellow classmates. Join graduates from 1970-2010 for a BBQ lunch. Complimentary beer. $15 per person

1–3 p.m. Minaret Climb 4th Floor – Plant Hall

2–3 p.m. Walking Campus Tour Plant Hall Lobby

7–11 p.m. Oktoberfest Music Room and Grand Salon Join us as we continue this UT homecoming tradition. New entertainment and menu $25 per person in advance, $30 at the door

Get it all online at Go to the alumni site for updates and more detailed Homecoming information. You can also register and pay online. For those who cannot make it to Homecoming, be sure to check the event listing on the site to see if UT is coming to you this year. 32 UTjournal Fall 2010

brick by brick HoW SUPPorTerS iMProve THe UT exPerienCe

common good

Why I GIve: April Gillespie Jones ’04 — full of the history and character that originally helped draw me to UT. I also love Plant Park. That’s where I got engaged to my husband, Adam Jones ’04.

April Gillespie Jones ’04 and Adam Jones ’04 on the same bench where he proposed in Plant Park.

Q: How did UT prepare you for life after college? A: UT provided a solid foundation that

has allowed me to succeed in my chosen profession. The extra-curricular opportunities developed my character and led to lasting friendships — and a husband. Q: What were you involved in at UT? A: I was involved in the Residence Hall

April Gillespie Jones ’04 and Adam Jones ’04 on the same bench where he proposed in Plant Park.

always knew I wanted to stay close to home for school; however, I also wanted to have the “college” experience. UT offered exactly what I was looking for: great location, a fantastic blend of modern and historic facilities, the perfect-sized student body and a diverse list of extracurricular activities.

style contributed to my success in accounting. He also taught several other classes I took while at UT, including a personal finance class during my senior year that provided “real world” knowledge that continues to stick with me today. I also enjoyed working with Stephanie Russell Holz, associate dean of students. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Stephanie from day one through UT’s ELITE program. Her energy was infectious and her desire for student success was genuine.

Q: Most memorable professor? A: Dr. Steven Platau was my first ac-

Q: Favorite Campus Spot? A: I think Fletcher Lounge is one of

counting professor at UT. His teaching

the most beautiful rooms on campus

Major: Accounting, minor in economics Current Profession: Senior accountant

for Ernst & Young Q: Why did you choose to attend UT? A: I grew up in Plant City, FL, and

PhotogrAPh bY mElAniE mungEr ’10

Association, Student Government, ELITE, Sigma Delta Tau, Beta Alpha Psi, the Investment Club, the Diplomats, and community service projects. After graduation, it was important to me to stay involved with UT. I have served on the National Alumni Association Board of Directors for six years and was also a member of the 75th Anniversary Committee in 2006-2007. Q: Why do you support UT? A: Both Adam and I stay involved to

remain connected and to contribute to a community that has positively benefited and enriched our lives. Adam and I strongly believe in the value of the UT experience and desire to see the University continue to enhance its stature within academia. We know we benefited from alumni support. And now it is our turn to give back to make sure 20, 50, 100 years from now UT is still providing a strong, memorable educational experience for its students.

UTjournal FAll 2010 33

brick by brick

saying that our world could be better — no, that it WILL be better. Some of today’s college graduates face the double penalty of student loans and no job. But the 91 percent of UT students who receive financial aid also receive a vote of confidence from the alumni and friends who made those scholarships possible through their contributions. Now is not the time to be pessimistic and cut back on giving. Let’s continue to send a message to the Class of 2011 that they have a whole world of optimism to look forward to. A LeGACy oF LeArninG

leaving a legacy

Optimistic Giving in Pessimistic Times Hundreds of people donated to UT last year, and they could have had just as many reasons compelling them to do so. But all the donors had one thing in common: optimism. Giving USA recently reported that last year’s charitable donations were down 3.9 percent over the previous year. While all the numbers are not in yet, it appears that UT donors have maintained their giving at previousyear levels. Does this make us an optimistic bunch? You bet. All philanthropists believe in hope despite the circumstances. Even if they send money to a charity that fights huge, intractable problems like hunger, poverty or disease, they still believe that their money is doing at least some good, right? Otherwise, why bother? This year’s commencement speaker, 34 UTjournal FAll 2010

Rashid Skaf ’92, implored the Class of 2010 to “live fearlessly.” Good advice, since optimism would seem to be in short supply among graduates as they leave campus to face the worst job market in generations. But optimistic they are — even though some of their family members and friends have lost jobs while they were in college. Why is the Class of 2010, like our UT donors, still optimistic? Perhaps it is because they follow in the footsteps of others who have proudly received their diplomas. No one would disagree that these are tough times. But earlier UT graduates have gone off to war, seen political unrest, lost money and jobs, and faced many of life’s catastrophes. Despite these challenges, or maybe because of them, giving is a way of

This June, the Tampa community lost a lifelong supporter of education, Braulio Alonso ’39. He saw Tampa grow from a handful of schools to what is now the 11th largest school district in the United States. Throughout his career as a teacher, principal and president of the Hillsborough, Florida and National Education Associations, Alonso was best known for his unwavering passion for improving education. You could say that Alonso and The University of Tampa grew up together. In 1935, the young Hillsborough High School valedictorian showed up for classes at the “new” university. It was only two years earlier that UT’s founder, Frederic Spaulding, had made the same journey from Hillsborough High to the old Tampa Bay Hotel to open the doors for UT’s first day of classes. Incredibly, it was the middle of the Great Depression when Alonso and UT both began their missions to serve students. Both followed the same path from obscurity to national prominence and both have left an indelible mark on the community. Need more information? Contact Bill Roth Director of Planned Giving

What word best describes your

UT experience?

unforgettable t r e a sur ed eng aging insp ir at ion a l p i vo ta l

There is only one word that UT can use to describe you:


Without support from alumni, parents and friends, UT would not be able to make dreams a reality. More than 90 percent of UT students depend on scholarship support and 100 percent of students benefit from academic programs, campus improvements and teaching innovations that are supported by donations to the Annual Fund. Your support is vital. Make your gift to the Annual Fund today at, with the enclosed envelope, or by calling (813) 253-6220. Your support, no matter the size, is helping to change lives at The University of Tampa. UTjournal  Fall 2010  35

36  UTjournal  Fall 2010

president’s annual report


a great university

A M E S S A G E F R O M P R E S I D E N T R O N A L D L . VA U G H N

Often I am asked how the challenging national and global economy has impacted The University of Tampa. Fortunately, I have good news to relay. Admissions numbers are up, we’re still hiring faculty and staff, we’re adding new programs and financial support remains solid. The bottom line is, we continue to change lives and build the next generation of leaders. But, it’s not as easy as it might sound. Due to the weak economy, continuing family financial pressures and increased competition, we are forced to be especially creative, thoughtful, strategic and nimble. Just like any business, we have to respond to market changes, and fortunately, we have administration, faculty and staff, as well as supporters, who are helpful and committed to our goals. I firmly believe the best days for UT are still ahead, and I am emboldened by the progress we’ve made in past days, months and years. I have selected a few highlights — in all areas of campus — that illustrate the success we had last year and ensure our relevance in future years. UTjournal  Fall 2010  37

president’s annual report

Jenine Rossington ’11 was chosen for a prestigious State Department program this summer.


The strength of an institution lies in its people, especially in its faculty. In past years the faculty ranks have grown steadily, and this year was no exception as we recruited 34 full-time faculty members. This large transfusion of talent helps lead UT into the future and supports our emphasis on quality teaching/learning and educational excellence. It also allows us to build new programs, which this year included minors in leadership and speech and five new majors in Continuing Studies. UT now offers 125 program areas of study. Our academic success is striking, as the following examples in each of our colleges bear: n In the College of Business, approximately 600 students participated in more than 120 consulting assignments with area organizations through the Naimoli Institute. n Faculty in the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education reported 40 articles, 42 conference papers, seven chapters and six books. n One of the College of Arts and Letter’s most popular majors, film and media arts, saw students screen prize-

winning films at the Young Florida Filmmakers and Sunscreen Film Festival. n In the College of Natural and Health Sciences 100 percent of our graduating nursing students passed their licensing board exam on the first try. Only one other Florida institution achieved that. The American Chemical Society granted UT specialized accreditation, upping our institution-wide licensing and accreditations to eight. These attest to our educational quality and enhance our soaring reputation. UT’s international focus has been particularly strong this past year. We contracted to open an ELS Language Center to support international student language skills and strengthen worldwide recruitment of students. We also have launched a unique new freshmen year abroad program with Roehampton University in London that is targeted at our top incoming freshmen. Finally, we made progress in planning new academic facilities. Con-

struction is now complete on the Cass Science Annex, which houses chemistry and biology; new anatomy and physiology labs; and faculty offices and classrooms. Enrollment

Traditional undergraduate admissions faced another very competitive year due to the economy, intensified competition and changing demographics. Despite that, we: n Set an enrollment record in 20092010 with 6,300 students. n Achieved this year’s goal of approximately 6,500 total students. We are on track toward our 2015 enrollment target of 7,000 students, while maintaining an average class size of 21. n Increased our admissions selectivity. We also focused on accessibility. UT’s financial aid office faced a record number of appeals from students for additional funds, and we have responded well. New scholarships established this year have been particularly helpful. Lastly, UT is experiencing one of the best years in our history for recruitment of international students who now come from 100 countries. Student Affairs

The Cass Science Annex is a candidate for LEED certification.

Last year the Student Government Association (SGA) initiated two new services that proved especially successful. The first, Connect by Hertz, provides rental cars on campus for students at low, hourly rates. I hope students will utilize this program as an alternative to bringing cars to campus, thus alleviating parking issues and adding to campus sustainability. Secondly, SGA installed a Blockbuster Express DVD rental kiosk. The kiosk, located in the Vaughn Center, had the most DVD rentals recently in Blockbuster’s “University” category.

“ The bottom line is, we continue to change lives and build the next generation of leaders.”— President Ronald L. Vaughn 38  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Hundreds of students participated in Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

The PEACE Volunteer Center expanded its alternative break program, offering students the opportunity to volunteer at such locations as Horses and the Handicapped in Boca Raton and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Students also traveled to an impoverished region in Peru to work with orphans and other children from poor families. UT was again named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. As you’ll read elsewhere in this issue, the Greek organization community developed and implemented a strategic plan with one-, three-, and five-year goals to focus on academics, accountability, alumni/advisors, campus/community involvement and member education as strategic priorities. Construction of a new health and wellness center is under way and will be completed later this fall. Two-thirds of UT students participated in career services programs this past year, and our Office of Career Services continues to provide opportunities despite the challenging economy: n Several hundred employers came for on-campus interviews, information sessions, workshop presentations and career fairs. n More than 1,000 employers directly accessed our HIRE-UT website

to look at students’ resumes and for other services. n UT students had access to 295,750 full- and part-time jobs and internships throughout the U.S. and beyond in the Experience network of our HIRE-UT site. n UT graduates in this difficult global economy still reported success in finding jobs. Ninety-six percent of the undergraduate Class of 2009 reported success in achieving their post-graduate goals. Lastly, for the first time in UT’s history the sitting president and vice president of the United States made an official visit to campus. Barack Obama and Joe Biden held a town hall meeting in the Martinez Sports Center and approximately 3,000 people, including many UT students, attended. This visit added to the intellectual dialogue on campus, provided students a oncein-a-lifetime experience and gave UT international exposure. Athletics

UT athletics had a banner year with seven of our 14 teams winning conference championships and eight competing in NCAA post-season play. n Twenty-four students were recognized as Athletic All-Americans.

Mike Blanke ’11 runs in a grand slam, which gave UT the lead in the South Regional championship.

n Five of our athletics staff members were recognized as Coaches of the Year. n Our athletes had a cumulative GPA of 3.10 and our nearly 500 student-athletes maintained a 96 percent average graduation rate. Seventy-six of those students were named to the Sunshine State Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll for the Spring 2010 semester, and 66 were named for the Fall 2009 semester. n Student athletes also set records for community service with more than 5,000 hours and $15,000 in donations raised.


Over the past 15 years, UT’s operating budget has grown from $28 million to $160 million. UT once again ended the fiscal year in the black — our 15th successive year. Plus, we were able to balance the budget while continuing transformations to the educational experience and campus. UT’s Office of Information Technology expanded the wireless computer network (with more than 200 campus sites as well as full wireless buildings), continued to upgrade our four dozen computer labs, strengthened network, identity and virus security, collaborated on specialized instructional software, and enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The University continued to be very active with energy and water conservation and general sustainability efforts: n We replaced light fixtures with more efficient options (e.g., LED and induction lighting systems). n We continue to expand campus recycling programs. n We completed a central air renovation of Smiley Hall to replace numerous window air conditioner units. n We hosted Earth Charter’s annual Sustainability Awards Program. n Two new buildings under construction meet the requirements for UTjournal Fall 2010 39

president’s annual report

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sustainability certification. Campus safety and security efforts continue to be a high priority with a variety of efforts to strengthen systems and enhance communications. UT was one of only 33 colleges and universities in the country to be certified as StormReady by the National Weather Service. Due to our enrollment growth, we planned, designed, determined funding, launched and managed several building

construction projects totaling more than 40,000 square feet. Of course, the biggest project under way continues to be the Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values. The 3,184-pipe Dobson organ is now being installed and tuned. Future Days

Constant improvement is one of the keys to UT’s success, and anyone visiting campus on a typical day would see that improvement in action. This

includes faculty fine-tuning curricula, teaching and embarking on new research projects. It includes staff overseeing construction projects, recruiting new students, advising current students, managing facilities and increasing the University’s reputation. Most of all, it includes students improving themselves — academically and personally — and shaping their successful futures. UT has done remarkable things in the past, and will continue to do remarkable things into the future. UT

experiential education Whether through participating in internships, conducting research, serving in the community, studying abroad or leading campus organizations, students who learn by doing learn more effectively. Experiential learning allows students to act on what they have learned, to use the theories and skills gained in the classroom to solve real-world problems. It also gives students an edge in the competition for jobs and graduate school. UT has a long history of valuing experiential education, and we have deliberately created an environment where education through application thrives. For example: n Students complete almost 500 internships annually. There were 60 internships coordinated by the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice this year alone, at such locations as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI.

Micol Castelbolognesi ‘11 interned at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay this summer, working in the surgery ward.

40  UTjournal  Fall 2010

n Nearly 300 students participate in UT travel courses or study abroad each year. n Approximately 75 students participate in research-oriented projects for honors credit. n Dozens of students present their research at regional and national conferences. n In an accounting class that focuses on federal taxation, students assist elderly and individuals with moderate income with their tax returns. n The cross-disciplinary minor in leadership studies, which includes theory courses, leadership-focused classes and 90-plus hours of experiential activities and events, began this fall. n Campus-wide, students, faculty and staff combined to provide more than 100,000 service hours with more than 200 organizations. Approximately 600 students participated in each of our biannual days of service. n Nearly 1,000 students are employed on campus each year. The more than 100 students employed by the Office of Residence Life help to provide more than 6,000 social and educational programs in the residence halls each year. Each issue of the UT Journal abounds with examples of experiential education. The story about seahorse research on page 10 describes a faculty member including students in her research. The entrepreneurship program, on page 16, provides real-world experience based on practical, classroom learning. The story on page 19 about Greek life illustrates the progress we’ve made ensuring that system builds leaders. UT has been recognized as a leader in experiential education by the National Society for Experiential Education, and we believe it is just one more aspect of the UT experience that is unparalleled in higher education. For more information, see experiential.

Donor Honor Roll 2009 to 2010 president’s council The President’s Council is the most esteemed gift society of The University of Tampa, honoring donors of $10,000 or more during the last fiscal year. This includes all gifts that have been received by the University during the fiscal year. GOLD MEMBERS ($50,000 OR MORE) Anonymous Beck Group 10+ ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Casey ▲ The Chiselers Inc. 10+ McNichols Company 8 Gene and Patsy McNichols and McNichols Family/McNichols Company 10+ ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Naimoli 10+ Pepsi Bottling Group 10+ The Sant’ Yago Education Foundation 6 David A. Straz Jr. and Catherine L. Straz/David A. Straz Jr. Foundation 10+ Craig and Mary Ann Sturken 8 ▲ John H. and Susan W. Sykes 10+ ▲ Rick and Sandy Thomas 10+ ▲ The Walter Foundation/Mr. W. Kendall Baker 10+ SILVER MEMBERS ($25,000-$49,999) ▲ Amscot Financial and the MacKechnie Family 7 The Class of 2010 Midocean US Advisor/Don and Jan DeFosset Mr. Rod L. Piatt 6 ▲ Fred E. and Jeanette Pollock 10+ ▲ Premier Eye Care of Florida LLC/ Lorna Taylor BRONZE MEMBERS ($10,000-$24,999) Anonymous Dan and Lisa Almendares ▲ Bailey Family Foundation 8 ▲ Kyle and Michele Bailey 10+ Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Berman 7 ▲ Tom and Pat Blandford The University of Tampa Board of Counselors 8 The University of Tampa Board of Fellows 8

▲ Mr.

Anthony J. Borrell Jr./Borrell Family Foundation Inc. 9 Bright House Networks 10+ ▲ Robert C. and Aida Calafell 10+ Mrs. Karen M. Casey 7 Chris and Linda Catanach 10+ Citigroup (Tampa) 10+ ▲ The City of Tampa Mayor’s Hispanic Advisory Council The David A. & Mary Irene Falk Memorial Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 10+ Elly and Isadore Friedman ▲ Robert D. Gries Jr. ▲ Robert Hoyland Edward M. and Becky Ann Kobel ▲ Mr. James MacDougald ▲ Jim and Liz MacLeod 10+ ▲ NJR Foundation/Neil J. Rauenhorst ▲ Drs. Philip and Jo Ann Quinn 10+ Regions Bank ▲ Roy McCraw Jr. and Nedra McCraw Family Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay ▲ Ernest C. Segundo Sr. 10+ ▲ Michael and Amy Southard ▲ George and Sandra Sprenkle ▲ Chuck and Becky Sykes Tampa Greyhound Track 10+ Tampa Rowing Club ▲ USAA Foundation 10+ ▲ Verizon Foundation 10+ ▲ R. Vijayanagar, M.D., Cardiothoracic Surgeon (Consultant) 6 The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation MINARET SOCIETY Named in honor of the minarets atop H.B. Plant Hall, the Minaret Society recognizes alumni and friends who contributed between $1,000 and $9,999 to The University of Tampa during the last fiscal year. Donors to athletics are members of Sword & Shield. This includes gifts that have been received by the University during the fiscal year. GOLD CRESCENT MEMBERS ($5,000-$9,999) ▲ Auburndale Chiropractic LLC/ Sara and Chad Sundermeyer

▲ Mr.

and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin 10+ Mr. John Avlon Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Florida Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Brandewie ▲ Axel and Ann Claesges 10+ ▲ Jim and Velva Clark 6 ▲ Conn Memorial Foundation 5 Drs. Rex and Geneva Damron ▲ David P. Elsey II First Class Coach/Martz Group Aaron M. Fox Pamela and George Fox ▲ Gasparilla Distance Classic/Ms. Susan Harmeling 10+ Mr. and Mrs. Drew Graham Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Hardeman Landscape Nursery Inc. Harry E. Teasley Jr. Foundation 6 Hillsborough River Realty Corporation/Mr. John J. Avlon 10+ William and Gertrude* Johnson 8 ▲ Jane Kelly and Family Mrs. Helen T. Kerr 6 Grace M. Kessel ▲ Bill and Dottie Krusen 5 ▲ Andrew J. Lewis Lowry Murphey Family Foundation 10+ M&I Bank John L. Macdonald/Macdonald Family Foundation ▲ Mr. and Mrs. A. D.”Sandy” MacKinnon ▲ The Magid Family Mr. Tino Martinez Mills & Associates Inc. Kimberly S. Morris 9 Prudential Foundation Publix Supermarkets Charities Inc. 10+ ▲ Mr. R. James Robbins ▲ Ross E. Roeder and Mary Anne Reilly Gregg and Pamela Rosen David and Tara Ruberg ▲ Gary Russell 8 Bertha and Tony Saladino (The Saladino Tournament) Bruce A. and Adajean Samson ▲ Specialized Property Services Inc. Bill and Barbara Starkey 9 T. Rowe Price Foundation Inc. 8 ▲ Tampa Armature Works Inc. 9 ▲ Harry E. Teasley Jr. 10+

▲ Thomas

Financial Group J. Arthur Turner III 6 Cathy L. Unruh VVMS LLC ▲ Mr. and Mrs. John West 10+ Mr. John McRae Wolfe 10+ Ms. Flora J. Zbar 5 ▲ Mr.

SILVER CRESCENT MEMBERS ($2,500-$4,999) AACSB International Dr. Braulio Alonso* ▲ Bank of America Matching Gifts 10+ Larry Bennett Mr. Anthony J. Borrell Jr. 10+ Lynn Bryan The Coca-Cola Foundation Charles Coleman 10+ Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 10+ Mr. Evan D. Cooper Courtyard & Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown Tampa ▲ Pauline B. Crumpton 6 Mrs. Lea Lavoie Davis 10+ ▲ J.B. Dobkin Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Elias ▲ Jim and Celia Ferman 10+ Mrs. James L. Ferman Florida Independent College Fund (FICF) 10+ ▲ Robert and Karen Fornaro ▲ Dr. Anne Gormly ▲ Dan and Barb Gura 10+ Ben Hill, John Grandoff, Reid Haney/Hill Ward Henderson 10+ ▲ Col. Joseph and Mrs. Sue House 10+ Howard Johnson Plaza Ken and Anne Hyatt ▲ Joel Jankowski 10+ Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Johan The Joy McCann Foundation ▲ Kimberly Keravuori 5 ▲ William H. King Jr. Jeff and Jan Knott Eric and Catherine Kreher ▲ Las Damas de Arte Inc. 6 ▲ Susan and Richard Leisner 8 ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marfise 10+ ▲ Dr. Janet McNew Thomas and Kathryn Meachum 10+ ▲ R. Drew and Judy Mohr 10+ Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Muir 8 ▲ Mr. James B. Murphy Jr. 10+ ▲ The Musante Family Foundation 5

We have made every effort to ensure that these lists are correct. However, if you discover an error or omission, please e-mail, or call the Development Office at (813) 253-6220. ▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

UTjournal  Fall 2010  41

donor honor roll

▲ Dr.

Linda L. Musante 10+ Glenn Pendergrass Prodigy Flooring Inc. ▲ Denise M. Rubio ▲ Michael and Andrea Schroeder Mr. Kenneth D. Schwartz/The Schwartz Corporation Mr. Freddie Solomon Tampa Alpha Alumni Chapter 10+ Dr. Ronald L. and Renée W. Vaughn 10+ BRONZE CRESCENT MEMBERS ($1,000-$2,499) Anonymous (2) Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. Abdoney 5 Dr. Miguel, Lydia, Miguel R. and Gabriel Acosta Virginia and Andrew Adelson Advanced C4 Solutions Inc. AFO Imaging Inc. Donna R. Alexander 10+ Altadis U.S.A. Inc. Dr. William Anton AT&T Foundation Matching Gift The Bank of Tampa Dr. Rafael Blanco and Maruchi Azorin Mr. Bret Azzarelli B&N College Booksellers Inc. ▲ Kyle and Michele Bailey 5 ▲ Diane Sangalli Bain Dr. William Kendall Baker Jr. Tom Banta/Numara Software ▲ Schezy and Steve Barbas Mr. Melton R. Battle 9 Lee and Laura Bentley Dr. Roy Berdeal Mr. G. Robert Blanchard Sr. A. Joseph Borrell III Mr. William J. Borrell 7 Mrs. Zenaida G. Borrell Robert and Debra Braman ▲ David and Patricia Branham ▲ Mr. Ed Brennan/Greater Tampa Swimming Association 10+ Mr. Thomas R. Brice Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Bromfield 7 Bradley and Mandy Brown MBA ’91 10+ Sarah Harrell-Brownlee Mr. John F. Bruels 6 Jackie Buckler 5 ▲ Judy and Rob Calafell 42  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Ruben Calles John Cammack, Frank Cardinal/ Skanska USA 9 ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Cangiano Jr. ▲ Dr. Xavier F. Cannella and Mrs. Sharon L. Cannella 7 Paul Carastro/Carastro & Associates Inc. 6 William E. Carlson Jr./Tucker/Hall Inc. Citigroup Foundation Citizens Health Center Inc. Dr. Patricia Martini Clark ▲ Mr. Robert J. Clark Jr./Tampa Steel Erecting 9 Charlie Coleman Kenton Colwell 7 Tom and Diana Cornett 7 ▲ Thomas G. and Rosann Creed 7 Alan C. Fisk/Crowe Horwath, LLP Crowne Plaza Tampa West Shore ▲ Joseph and Leigh Curatola John Curran Noretta C. D’Albora 10+ Eugene R. D’Amore 5 Mr. Charles M. Davis Jr. 7 Julius D. Davis/VoltAir Consulting Margaret E. Davis Don and Jan DeFosset 8 ▲ Dave and Linda Devine 10+ Mr. Jason T. Dickey Jerry D. and Alice Dingle 10+ Mr. Paul Dixon and Lt. Col. Deirdre Dixon 10+ Dr. F.W. Spaulding Fund Through Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Paul and Cindi Dresselhaus Garth and Anne Drewry 10+ Julie and Al DuFaux 5 ▲ John and Lois Ellis 6 ▲ Mr. Thomas E. Feaster 7 Maryann Ferenc/Mise En Place Irene Ferguson ▲ Evan Brauman Fetter 5 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Michael and Pattie Fiduccia 5 Frances Evelyn Johnson/Florida Default Law Group PL Chris L. Floyd Jay Forry Mr. Robert E. Forschner 10+ ▲ Fortune Street Partners, LTD John Foster David E. Friedman Mr. John F. Germany/Holland and Knight Charitable Foundation 10+ Dr. Frank Ghannadian ▲ Laurie and Tom Giddens 10+ Glenn, Rasmussen, Fogarty & Hooker/Michael Hooker Richard E. Goddard Thomas J. Goes Peter Goltermann/P&J Graphics Constantino and Rosa Gonzalez Mr. R. Mark Govin/Mark Master Inc. 10+ Gramling Environmental Law, PA Mr. and Mrs. George Gramling III Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Grant David Green

Dr. Janet I. Greenwood-Bliss 10+ Gregory, Sharer & Stuart Certified Public Accountants Michelle M. Griffith, APR/Clearview Communications + PR Inc. Monique Groulx, Ph.D. 9 Gulf Marine Repair Corporation 9 Mr. James Hackman/University Community Hospital Mr. Thomas Hall 5 Jane Hall-Witt 10+ John and Mimi Hanna ▲ John and Mary-Phyllis Harvey ▲ Harvey’s Electric Company Inc. Walter Hersey Sally S. and Lewis H. Hill III John R. Hindman R. Sean Hoover Robin C. Hoover ▲ Ms. Carol-Ann Hudson Penelope H. Hulbert 10+ Mia Jarrell JGR Funeral Services Inc. Ms. Joan Mae Jones 10+ J.S. Turner Family Foundation Sie Kamide/South Financial Group ▲ Doris and Gene King Mr. Jack W. Kirkland Jr. Kirkland, Russ, Murphy & Tapp PA ▲ Laura and Gary Kleinman Malanie Knight Casey Kotchman ▲ Dr. Gerald A. Krumbholz 7 Ken Lawson Su Lee ▲ Mr. Anthony J. Leone 6 ▲ Mary Leone 5 Debra and Dale Lewis 5 Mr. Edward J. Littlejohn Steve Lux Fraser MacKechnie Mr. Michael D. Malfitano Marriott Courtyard Westshore The Hon. Bob Martinez 5 Stephen H. Mauldin Karen McKinney McLain Plumbing Company Thomas and Kathryn Meachum ▲ Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mendelsohn 10+ Dr. Luis Menendez Michael J Leding Jr. & Associates Inc. Pamela O. Miller ▲ Jeff C. Mitchell 6 Liza Mizel/Regions Bank Carnell Moore Drs. Donald Morrill and Lisa Birnbaum Mr. Stephen W. Murray 8 Gary and Sheila Nash 7 ▲ New Age Fastening Systems Inc. Eddie Ocasio Rick and Sheri Ogorek 10+ Oliva Tobacco Company/Mr. John Oliva 10+ ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Angel J. Oliva Jr. 8 John G. Oros

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Dr. Alfred N. Page and Lynn Manos Page 8 Fred Pancoast — Former Head Football Coach Dr. Raymond Papp 9 Kyle T. Parks ▲ Carol and Dr. Terry Parssinen Mr. and Mrs. Randolph S. Pandis/ Passport Health of Tampa Bay Ed Pendino Pepin Distributing Company/Bill Gieseking 10+ Peter Brown Construction Inc./ Eduardo “Tito” Vargas Jim Petersen/First Command Educational Foundation PKS Rentals Inc. Dr. Rodney J. Plowman Donna Popovich 10+ Helen C. Price 7 ▲ Prida Guida & Company, P.A. 8 Prosport Management Inc. Diane C. Recine, M.D. Reel Nice-N-Easy LLC RLJ Lodging II REIT, Sub., Inc. John W. Robinson IV Curtis R. Rogers Dr. Allen W. and Mrs. Janet G. Root 7 Jack Rosenkranz/Rosenkranz Law Firm Robert and Peggy Rothman Bob Ruday 10+ Mr. Richard Rudolph 7 S&S Craftsmen Inc. Sailport Resort San Antonio Area Foundation 8 ▲ William Sanders Lynn Schumacher/Lee Hecht Harrison ▲ Joseph and Linda Sclafani 10+ David Scott SDA Bocconi School of Management Stephen F. Segundo/Private Wealth Group LLC Estate of Jane P. Setzer Dr. John N. and Dell Shadgett 7 Stephen Shear/Levy Awards Deborah A. Sheridan Shilling Contracting Inc. Sieben Foundation Inc. Ted Silence/The Beck Group ▲ Patti and Mike Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garry Smith, Jr. Mr. Trevor G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William T. Snyder Jr. 10+ Mr. and Mrs. John F. Spangler 5 Dr. Frederick W. Spaulding John P. Spoto Starboard Group of Tampa LLC Mr. Ray “Tony” Stephens ▲ Mr. Stephen B. Straske II 10+ ▲ Mr. Fred N. Stribling 10+ J. Hunter Swearingen Tactile Signage Inc. Tampa Sports Club Foundation Tampa Women’s Club Inc. 10+

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

William Terry Tomlin Tested Staffing/Brenda Mueller J. Thomas and Lavinia W. Touchton Turner Broadcasting System Inc. Douglas A. Tuttle/BankAtlantic ▲ Tocqueville Society Personal Giving Fund of Patti & Mike Simpson ▲ Andrew Van Ore/Mangrove Wealth Services LLC Mr. Vance Venegas John Vento, Esq. ▲ David Virgilio 7 Michael and Eunkyung Na Voris 5 Dr. Jin Wang ▲ Stephen Watson ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. “Rick” Watts Brad and Candy Weiss for the success of Nicole M. Weiss Stacy Wheeldon Ruth White, CLU, CLTC 7 Mr. Colin B. Wiseman 6 Jon Yob/Creative Recycling Systems Joe and Vilma Zalupski Grigorios Zamparas Zeno Office Solutions FREDERIC SPAULDING society Named for the Founding President of the University, the Frederic Spaulding Society recognizes those alumni and friends who contributed between $100 and $999 during the fiscal year. FREDERIC SPAULDING SOCIETY GOLD ($500-$999) Absolute Services Inc. All American Containers Architectural Tile & Marble Inc. Baby Rock Apparel Inc. Brad, Kathy, Megan and Matthew Bailey ▲ Wayne and Terese Borden 10+ Dr. Lisa Bostick 7 Michael Bourdon ▲ Russell A. Bruno Mr. John Stewart Bryan III 10+ Ms. Christine M. Burdick 5 Mr. Adrian B. Bush ▲ Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Julie Capsambelis 10+ Jeffrey and Christine Catanach ▲ Wesley J. Champney 10+ Ms. Kimberly Clark Bob and Beverly Clifford ClothesFriends Ms. Renatta Filewicz Cochran Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium Mr. Joe M. Collera Jr. Crofton & Sons Inc. ▲ David C.G. Kerr Memorial Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Matthew Dawson ▲ John M. DeVeny

Dr. Stephen Dickey 10+ Dinofsky 5 Amy J. Doktor 10+ ▲ Alexandra Ellison ▲ Dr. Beth Eschenfelder Kyle and Charlotte Fenton John and Maria Fernandes Miguel and Janet Fernandez ▲ Robert L. Fornaro Family Fund Chad Fugere Gaspar’s Cigar Shoppe ▲ Timothy M. Harding Leland M. Hawes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Syd Heaton 10+ B. Scott Higgins ▲ Mrs. Stephanie Russell Holz 10+ ▲ Mr. Phil M. Holzer 10+ ▲ Tiffany Jaycox JR Tobacco Outlet Inc. Richard F. Keating Fred Kenfield ▲ Margaret and Michael Khoury Kerri D. King Robin R. Kraemer Jim and Victoria Krivacs Law Office of Tonya A. Oliver, Esquire, PA Mrs. Josephine P. Legault ▲ George T. Lewis 10+ LFF Inc./Senator Tom Lee ▲ Lightning City Gymnastics Inc. ▲ Macquarie Group Foundation David Maguire ▲ Mr. Steven Mandel ▲ Marciniak Detective Agency Inc. Ronald R. McClarin and Brandy McClarin 10+ Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc. 5 Dr. and Mrs. Santiago Mesorana Messina Holdings Inc. ▲ Paul M. Messina ▲ Donald M. Metzger Mr. Joseph Miller ▲ Jeffery and Terry Mitryk ▲ Mr. George T. Moran 9 Morgan Stanley/Mr. Brian J. Malison 10+ Mr. Clifford R. Mott 6 Brenda Mueller/Tomlin Staffing Services Col. Rey A. and Mary A. Neville Dennis Nostrand Novo Nordisk Matching Gift Program Carol Parssinen ▲ Kristen Price, M.D. 8 Mr. William J. Priff 10+ ▲ Mark and Beth Putnam 8 Ms. Renee Rixon Mr. Bill Roberts Mr. Rodrigo Rodriguez-Novas ▲ Mr. and Mrs. P.S. Rosseter Jr. 10+ Tobey Anderson Russell Ralph Russo Memorial Fund Mark and Pamela Sakalosky William Schillinger Sky-Hi Building Services Corporation Mr. James D. Smalley CPA 10+ Dr. Timothy L. Snyder 10+ ▲ Ann

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

▲ Mr.

Tom Snyder 10+ and Fell Stubbs Sykes Enterprises Inc. Tampa Bay Advertising Federation Inc. 10+ ▲ Tampa Screens & Aluminum Inc. ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Wade L. Teague II Mr. Thomas P. Terril ▲ Mr. Osborne Timmons Truist ▲ United Way of Tampa Bay Trevor Van Knotsenburg Mattie T. Vega 10+ ▲ Jacques and Brenda Verron 8 Dr. Maria R. Warda Willie Weiner Dr. Barbara M. Weiss Heather J. Wolfe ▲ Robert F. and Doris H. Yates 7 ▲ Barbara

FREDERIC SPAULDING SOCIETY SILVER ($250-$499) Air Cleaning Solutions Patrick H. Allman III 7 David Arango Retired Master Sgt. Miller Arbutine, USAF 10+ Bradley and Kathleen Bailey Sam and Cookie Bailey 10+ Baltimore Ravens William W. Barnes James B. and Judy L. Barton 9 ▲ Dr. Hal Bashein Ms. Lisa K. Beamer ▲ Joseph A. Beiro 5 ▲ Douglas and Eileen Bercham Ms. Mariah A. Bieber Dr. William Preston Billig/Optics Soho PA ▲ Jerome and Brenda Blattner Blowin’ -N- the Wind Management Eml Bodonstin Joseph Bonacci 7 Bill Boyd ▲ David and Patricia Branham Dr. Susan F. Brinkley ▲ Bristol-Myers Squibb/Lilibeth D. Zandueta 9 Mr. Douglas K. Brooks Gregory S. Brooks ▲ Kevin E. Brown ▲ Robert and Marjorie Brown 8 ▲ Robert and Lorri Bruns 10+ ▲ Avron and June (Nance) Bryan 50, 51 9 Burton Restaurants LLC CAMTINC Cannella & Green PA Carlton Fields/Mr. Edgel Lester 10+ Carroll Air Systems Inc. Ms. Betty M. Carroll ▲ Mr. James H. Carroll Jr. Central Lightning Protection Inc. ▲ Dr. and Ms. Richard D. Cheshire 5 Christopher and Elizabeth Anne Clark Ida A. Felicione Coe 10+ Ms. Pamela T. Colker Suzanne Edgett Collins 5 Marlyn Cook 10+

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Cynthia Corbett Thomas S. and Deborah Corse ▲ Lawrence and Penny Covelli Lt. Col. Roy D. Croy Jr. 6 Judge and Mrs. Paul W. Danahy Jr. 10+ ▲ Joseph J. Dibari Mr. Joseph C. Dominguez ▲ Roni and Stuart Doppelt Mr. Daniel W. Drew ▲ Pamela and Edward Dupay Andrew and Angela Dwork 9 Santiago Echeverry 5 ▲ Dr. and Mrs. Howard Engel Frank J. Espinosa 6 Dr. Cheri Etling 10+ ▲ Heather Bailey Ferguson ▲ Dan and Debbie Ferrazza 6 Financial Book Management Inc. Russell, Maureen and Devon Firesinger Shawn A. Fisher ▲ Ted and Dianne Fried The Friends of Henry B. Plant ▲ Dr. Bruce K. Friesen 5 George Frilingos Rufino Galvan Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program Anthony S. Gonzalez 10+ ▲ Mr. and Mrs. John S. Goodson Jr. 10+ Lloyd Gordon ▲ Shawn and Jeanne Gregory Griffin Service Corporation ▲ Mr. and Mrs. William Hall Aubrey Hampton and Susan Hussey Charley and Liz Harris Alan and Donna Hart Dr. Judy Hayden 8 Rhonda Hendrix Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Hendrix 10+ Mr. Stephen P. Hess 8 HMRTLLC ▲ Barbara A. Holmes 10+ ▲ John J. Holton Hoover’s Spit & Polish ▲ S. Michael Hubbell Hyde Park United Methodist Church J.P. Griffin Inc. 5 Jerry and Pat *Jackson 10+ Felix Japp Dr. Karen E. Johnson Adam and April Jones 7 K&S Infinity Inc. Dr. Timothy W. Kennedy 10+ KimbaCorp Inc. ▲ Jack and Kathleen King 10+ Dr. Steve Kucera 5 ▲ Russ and Connie Latimer ▲ Ms. Janice Law 6 ▲ Geoff and Whitney LeCain Susan Taylor Lennon ▲ William W. Leonard, Ph.D. 10+ ▲ Keith A. Lerro, M.D., Ph.D. 6 Andrew C. Leto Lisa Rosen Lievense Local Union 705 ▲ Loren T. Longman 5 ▲ David and Ellen Lonigro 10+ UTjournal  Fall 2010  43

donor honor roll

Dennis A. Lopez 5 ▲ Hans W. Lux 5 Allison Macsas Robert and Jeannette Maerz Mark Sevegny Construction Contractor Inc. Scott and Kimberly Martin William B. Martin 6 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Marzo Joseph Matta Margaret S. McAlister ▲ Jim McKean Laura Meisler 5 Bruce Meltzer 5 ▲ Robert F. Meredith 5 Nancy and Paul Messina Stephen and Ruth Ann Miller 10+ ▲ Joe D. Mills 7 Bill and Martha Minahan William Montgomery Sidney Morgan Eugenie Victoria Myers 10+ ▲ New York Life Insurance Michael J. O’Donnell 6 John and Karen O’Leary Orlando Magic Ltd. Ossi Financial Inc. Mr. Joseph A. Paonessa Mr. and Mrs. William Parrish Fran Pasetti 7 Barbara and George Pennington 10+ ▲ Mr. Edward Perez Jr. ▲ Mr. Sergio D. Perez Waylon F. Peterson, CFP, CTFA 10+ Mr. John C. Pickart Dr. and Mrs. John D. Pigott ▲ Mr. Steven M. Platau Plato’s Closet Mr. Ralph Poetsch 10+ Scott and Vicky Porter Mrs. Tracey J. Potter 7 Aurelio Prado Dr. Wayne Price 10+ Dorothy Gonzalez Quarterman 8 ▲ Mr. Sean T. Quigley 6 Jerome D. Quinn 10+ John F. and Dalia Ranon Restaurants of Dough Developers LLC

44  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Rhey 5 Mr. and Mrs. George D. Rice Robert Reid Wedding Architect 6 Harry S. Robertson Mr. Frederick M. Rothenberg Ms. Lauren D. Roy Jeffrey D. Rubel Bob Rupp/The Rupp Company Sharon and Tom Schaefer 10+ Terrell and Neva Sessums 10+ Mark and Annette Sevegny Eric and Natalie Sidor Mike and Chrisoula Skaroulis Otis Smith Smooth Cut Lawn Service Michael Smucker Sports Club of Tampa Bay David H. Stafford ▲ Kathleen Stone 10+ Mr. Gil Swalls 10+ ▲ J.H. and Elizabeth H. Tanner 10+ Avrim and Vicki Topel Dr. Michael Truscott 10+ Tracey L. Uddin ▲ United Way of the Greater Seacoast United Way of Tri-State Brian C. Ussery Maurizio Venturini ▲ Dr. Eric Vlahov 10+ Peter and Deanna Waldron 10+ Allan P. Waters R. David Weathers David L. Webb* Welch Family Fund Within the Com munity Foundation of Tampa Bay Mr. R. Bradley Welch ▲ Mr. Joseph J. Wessel 10+ Steven Weichselbaum West 6 John V. Whitbeck, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan P. White Kenneth Ted Williams Dr. Norma Winston 10+ Stephen and Adrienne Yates ZFD Inc/Bruce Meltzer 5 FREDERIC SPAULDING SOCIETY BRONZE ($100-$249) Anonymous (2) Kevin Abbamonte Adams Court Reporting Inc. Jane Adams Patricia Adams Zachary Adams Robert Addems Mr. and Mrs. G. Heck Adkins 7 Dot Adler Sam and Josephine Agliano ▲ Sebastian and Marie Agliano John Craig Ainsworth 8 Mr. Jon E. Albrecht 6 Aaron and Jill Alexander Michael and Stefanie Allain 8 ▲ Jeff Alpert 7 Ament Agency Inc. Marshall Ames Guy F. Amuso 10+ ▲ Jean Lackovic Amuso 10+ Scott W. Anderson ▲ Mr. Jeffrey S. Annis

Mr. John L. Argerious 5 Mr. David B. Arnold Jon C. Arnold Mark W. Arrowood Mrs. Laura E. Atteberry-David ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin 6 Lynn Awad 10+ ▲ Dr. Gregg Bachman and Sherrie Teddy 10+ ▲ Retired Col. John Back Jr., USA 5 ▲ Margie Bachman (Margaret B. Harris) Phaedra Backer ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bagley Jr. ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bakalor Dr. Wheeler L. Baker ▲ Kayla Bannister Frances Stevens Barksdale 10+ William Bass Mr. Eugene G. Battenfeld Jr. William Baur 9 Bayshore Law Group Judge Robert E. Beach, Retired Robert and Angie Beach Jack and Val Beatty 5 James K. Beckmann Jr. ▲ Jeffrey and Kimberlee Beecham Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Begley Caterina Bellatin Mark and Michelle Bellish 10+ Jeff and Irina Bengter ▲ Roger and Judy Bensinger Dr. Lori Benson 5 David Berchem ▲ Hillary R. Bercovici Dorothy and Rich Bergold Ms. Jennifer D. Bernhart John and Deborah Berry Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Bertoch Louis S. Bezich Suzanne M. Bilicska 6 ▲ Dr. Wade Birch 10+ Robert L. Blanchard 10+ Judy and Roland Blanco 10+ Sandra Perez Bobko ▲ Danette Bodine 10+ Robert E. and Mary Bodmer Joseph P. Bodo Jr., DDS David M. Bohnsack Louis Bonavita Dr. William P. Bosworth, Capt MC USN (Retired) Constantine T. Bougas Maj. Kenneth G. Bowen 5 Ray and Lorraine Bozich 10+ Dale P. Brannon ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Brannon Nolan Brannon Bob Brenner Jr. 9 Mrs. Jerry Jones Bressin Harry and Dot Britton 7 ▲ Cheryl M. Brouette ▲ James and Joan Brower Alfred and Alice Brunette Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Bryan Mr. Larry W. Bryant 9 ▲ Linda Bryskiewicz 9 Retired Judge Morison Buck 9 John and Karen Buckley

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Kelly Carrillo Burke 5 M. Burns Joan G. Burpee 10+ James R. Burris ▲ Stephen and Mary Burroughs 10+ Robert A. Burwell 9 Tom W. Butler Mary Licalsi Cagnina 10+ James and Jill Caimano 6 ▲ Col. Shannon P. Calahan Roger S. Campeau 7 Renee Campion Jorge Capote ▲ Dr. Louis M. Carastro Jr. ▲ Dr. Anthony Cardoso 5 Miss Stephanie D. Caron 5 Ali Carr Rene D. Carrera James and Carmen Carson Centurion Homes Tanny Crane and John Wolff Frances Fenn Chancey and Richard Koski ▲ Pedro L. Chavez and Maria J. Rodriguez Kirk D. Churchill 6 ▲ Rosario C. Ciccarello Mr. and Mrs. John Casey Clark Johnny Clements ▲ Ann Marie Coats ▲ Joan T. Coleman 5 ▲ Mrs. Ina Gotler Colen Alfonso Colon ▲ Syd and Mary Comer 7 Louis and LuAnn Commisso Sean A. Coniglio Nancy A. Connor Mr. Todd B. Cook and Mrs. Elisa Molano-Cook Gary Cooper Ted Cranmer ▲ Retired Lt. Col. Marcus B. Crisman, USAF 10+ Sandra Cruse ▲ Patrice Cunningham 6 ▲ Dr. Kim Curry 5 Peter and Kathryn Cushing ▲ Mr. John J. Daoud Darden Restaurants Foundation Gift Matching Program Miss Gloria D. Darrigo Gary and Tracy Davis Dr. Harold E. Davis Jr . Juliet Davis 6 ▲ Col. Michael P. Davis 10+ ▲ Sean Davis Scott and Carol Dawson 5 ▲ John Day and Darla Max Robert F. Dedrick Pat and Joyce DeFilippo Robert Delgado 10+ Lauren Denney Gibson P. Dennis Edward and Francine Detmer Lawrence S. Devos III Robert and Charlene Dillman Roy DiMartino Thomas and Margaret Doan Mr. Jon Docs ▲ Jessica

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Gregory and Linda Dodson Juana M Doheny ▲ Gilmore A. Dominguez Robert and Stacey Doss Claire (van Breemen) Downes ▲ Miss Jessica L. Drees ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Durkin Eaton Orthopedics LLC ▲ Kathleen Mary Egan Irvin T. Elias Elizabeth L. Hapner, Attorney at Law Gerald W. Eppley Keith and Cheryl Erickson Chris Esposito and Mary J. Moore ▲ Cynthia D. Ezell 10+ ▲ F. and J. Crawford Fund Within the Community Foundation Ms. Maureen A. Fahey ▲ Edna Lou Falter 10+ Wynn Fargo ▲ Richard B. Faunce 6 Dr. and Mrs. Martin Favata 10+ Mary Napoli Favata James P. and Melody (Brown) Feist Mrs. Melody Feist ▲ Michael and Barbara Feld Feldman Orthodontics Dr. Randy Mark Feldman Sandra L. Feltner 10+ Angeles Ferlita Dr. James M. Fesmire 10+ ▲ Dr. Gina Firth ▲ Charles and Renee Fisher 7 Herbert Fisher/Michaela Chambers-Fisher Herbert and Mikki Fisher Florida Association of Benthologists Mr. Michael C. Floyd 8 Jerry Flynn 10+ David and Joyce Ford 10+ David Forry Joe and Melba Fountain Jr. Ira M. Fox Mr. Jeff R. Foxenberger ▲ Victor and Elizabeth Fresh 8 ▲ Vincent Frattaruolo, RN 10+ Friedrich Watkins of Tampa LLC ▲ Mr. Jerome Fulton 10+ Arlene S. Gaber ▲ Marty J. Gall 10+ Alex Gallegos ▲ Savino and Erica Gallinelli ▲ Overton G. Ganong Garcia & Ortiz P.A. Luis Garcia Hugh Garland Marcia and Alan Gassman Joan and Jim Gates ▲ Dr. Steven F. Geisz Clifford Gelbard 5 Mr. Robert P. Gelzheiser 10+ Jim and Debbie Genuardi ▲ Mr. Steve Gervais 5 Michael and Joyce Gerwe 10+ Vincent and Linda Giampa 10+ John* and Betty Gibson Leonard and Jean Gilbert Edie and John Gilhart Dr. and Mrs.* Francis X. Gillen 10+

Jim Glover Geoffrey Goetz ▲ Susann M. Golby 6 ▲ Mr. Bryan A. Gonzalez Ralph Gonzalez Regina Gloria Gonzalez 9 Michael and Cher Goodwin Constantino Gorospe Jr. and C. Helena Villon-Gorospe ▲ Ira and Risa Gottlieb ▲ Douglas Graham Thomas H. Graham Larry and Carole Gramovot James T. Greene Jerrold W. Gregory 7 David Grindel Mr. and Mrs. Herman W. Groller Jr. 10+ ▲ Marian Glorioso Guagliardo 5 ▲ Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Gultz Kathleen A. Guran Charles and Michele Haberkorn Charles Hach 7 ▲ Robert O. Hach 9 ▲ Norman and Carol Haines 7 Mr. C. Michael Halfast 10+ Seth D. Halpern 10+ Mr. Gregory Hamilton Eric Sloan Hammons ▲ Kirk and Cathryn Hansen William Hanus Col. and Mrs. A.J. Harageones David and Dr. Deletha Hardin ▲ Jay Hardwick 5 Carol Harlow 10+ Dot Thonnesen Harper 8 Susan M. Harrell Carole Homler Harry 9 Douglas and Ruth Harsham ▲ Bob and Mary Jo Hathaway 7 Jeffrey T. Hause 5 Retired Lt. Col. William F. Hawk Mr. Harold N. Haynes Alice Thomas Hedrick 7 Walter* and Phyllis* Heinrich Dr. Steve T. Hekkanen 10+ Mr. Wayne Henriquez G.B. Henry 10+ ▲ Patty and Pat Hensley Rigoberto Hernandez ▲ Maj. Roger A. Herres, USA Caridad DeLara Herrick 8 Dr. Lola Hidalgo-Calle 8 ▲ Brian and Mary Higgins John and Sarah Higgins Ms. Doris M. Hinson 10+ Jeffery Hipple William H. Hitzelberger IV ▲ Dan Ho Candace Greiner Hobbs Frances Sessions Hoffmann 10+ ▲ Reinald and Mary Hohenstein ▲ Thomas and Sheila Hood 10+ William and Roseanna M. Horne Mrs. Wanda W. Howell 8 Sheri A. Huelster 5 Dolores Hull 10+ ▲ Beth Hunt Mrs. Patricia A. Hunt 10+ ▲ Mr.

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Etelvina A. Hutchins 9 (Mullis) Hutchinson 7 ▲ Dr. Marcus A. Ingram ▲ Jean and Tony Ippolito Dr. David Clark Isele 10+ ▲ James R. Burris Construction Company Inc. Benjamin K. James Florence Kissling Jankowsky Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Jeffries 10+ Rosemary Jenkinson Johnson & Johnson/Mr. Al Santiago 6 ▲ Francis and Carolyn Johnson 8 ▲ Floyd and Irene Johnston 5 ▲ Evelyn and Ronald Jones ▲ Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Joseph K.T. John, M.D. Stu Kadesh 9 ▲ Jerry and Mary Kahn ▲ Timothy and Terell Kaiser ▲ Kaplan Inc. ▲ Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Karr Sharon Kassl T. Wayne Keene Daniel T. Keitel Jeff and Kathy Keller Kelsa Properties PA Dr. and Mrs. Brian T. Kench ▲ David and Victoria Kerr David Kerr 7 Dr. Robert J. Kerstein 10+ Ms. Cathy R. Kessenich 7 Asheena Khalakdina Hamid R. Khosrowabadi Leterica Benjamin Branch Kickliter Mr. and Mrs. James Kiner Sr. ▲ Jeff and Cindy King Malcolm and Phyllis King Knight Diamond Group Inc. Mrs. Mary Jane Knowles Mr. Thomas R. Kolbe Therese Kominski 8 Anthony Kopecky 10+ John Kornrumpf 6 Richard A. Koski Aimee R. Krall Frank V. Kretzmer Kurrack Financial Services Inc. Dr. Gerald Kutzman 8 Cheryl Hinebaugh-Kwoka Jerry M. Kyle Frederick and Joanne Lack Jack and Lynn Lamond 7 ▲ Jesse Landis Michael and Lorrie Landsberg ▲ Mark F. Lapp 10+ Anika W.M. Laracker ▲ Dr. Anthony P. LaRose 8 ▲ Mark and Jacqueline LaTorella Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Laurino 10+ Mr. Jean-Francois G. Laverdure Patricia Jean Lavigna Mr. Ralph Lazzara III Al and Rosemary Leathers 8 ▲ Legacy Administrative Services Inc./Mr. Frank R. Pokorny Mr. Bobby D. Leigh The LeMarquand Family ▲ Christy

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Rebekkah Housholder Leonard 5 George and Patricia LeVan 5 Leon Levinson Mr. Alexander P. Liggett Brad and Christy Lineback ▲ Gary and Ellen Lisewski Deborah and James Llewellyn William and JoAnn Longley 7 Dr. Luz P. Lono 5 Karen Ludwig-O’Leary Ms. Mallory Lykes Ross D. Macaluso Mr. Kyle P. Madden Linda Madden Steve and Rose-Marie Magriby 10+ Mark Mahmood Ned and Bette Maloney 5 Vincent and Mary Mancini Mr. Peter B. Mann Kuci Lopez-Manz Dr. Haig Mardirosian Tom and Nancy Marsicano Robert J. Martens 10+ Suzette M. Marteny Melisa M. Martin Charles Edward Mascenik 10+ The Matassini Law Firm Dr. Erika Matulich 10+ Lewis and Betty Maxwell Paul McAdoo and Kate Pantelides Dr. Andrew E. McAlister Margaret Smith McAlister Ms. Sharon McAllister ▲ Ms. Frankie McBrien ‘88 Robert and Deanny (Ogden) McCall 9 Richard and Marijo McCarthy Angela McCutcheon (Dennis) 7 Sylvia Roque McGinty Gary and Jane McGovern Matthew and Karen McGrath Barbara McGuire Mr. Frederick B. McKenzie ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Garrett McKernan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McLaughlin Myra McLeod MedImmune LLC Dr. H. James Meginley Patricia (Collins) Menendez Vincent J. and Larrie J. Mercadante 5 Merck Partnership for Giving MetLife Foundation 6 ▲ Frank A. Meyer Jr. 5 Joe Midulla Jr.

UTjournal  Fall 2010  45

donor honor roll

Carl and Cynthia Miller Lawrence and Jean Mills ▲ Walter V. Minahan and Sarah Minahan 8 Paul N. Minichiello Sr. ▲ Miguel and Laura Molina Mr. Marc M. Montalto 8 Nicholas F. Mooney Leann Moore ▲ John and Jinse Moran Merry L. Morris ▲ Michael L. Moseley William M. Mulholland 10+ Lawrence and Diane Munini 10+ ▲ James Murray ▲ Bonnie and Vijaybalan Murugesu ▲ Balan and Bonnie Murugesu Samuel W. Musgrave 9 ▲ Gloria Nasrallah ▲ Richard and Annette Nichols 6 ▲ Albert B. Nieto 9 ▲ Jim and Mia Nolan 10+ Fernando A. Nolasco and Judith A. Pacitti-Nolasco 10+ ▲ Mr. Kenneth R. Nuznoff 10+ Jo Ellen Faraghan Oakes John Oakley ▲ Sharon and Ray Ontko ▲ Joseph P. Orlando 10+ Dr. and Mrs. Jay O’Sullivan Brian Overcast Tamara K. Owens James S. Pace Dr. Scott and Mrs. Carol Paine 6 Mr. and Mrs. William Panageotou Bernard A. Pargh 7 Thaddeus and Margaret Parker 10+ Maria Leto Pasetti ▲ Chris Pastina 10+ Col. James T. Pate Jr. 10+ Aakash Patel Nikul Patel Wilmot E.Y. Paxton* Sandy Lofland Payne Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pedrero Daniel C. Pepe Pedro F. Perez Cindy Bivins Perkins Frank Permuy Jr. The Rev. Paul Austin Perrine Jr. 6 Jack and Suzie Peterson Frank and Cindy Pidala Mr. Lou Piniella Ms. Cheryl L. Pittenger 10+ 46  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Carl and Lisa Pitts Platinum Bank ▲ Peter L. Platteborze 5 Dana Plays Joyce S. Plumley PNC Foundation ▲ Kelly Polk Lionel and Gloria (Gonzalez) Polo 5 George A. Pollock 10+ Neil and Cindy Poon Tip Mr. Robert A. Porreca ▲ Barbara Powell-Miller 8 Bruce A. Powell Charles Powell III ▲ O. Kumar Prasad 5 ▲ Mr. Jeff Prenatt 10+ Patrick and Maria Price Richard M. Primavera Kevin M. Provencher ▲ Bill and Audrey Prynn Andrew J. Pucilowski Michael and Donna Pucilowski 9 Frank H. Puglisi Jennifer Pugsley Carol and Jeffery Pulham Dr. Mark Putnam 8 Sandra Quarg Judith Quick 8 Michael Quinn 5 Nando Quinones 5 Michael G. Rabelo Mary Collura Raines ▲ Mr. Julio C. Ramirez Jr. 9 ▲ Mr. Mauricio Ramirez Roger B Ramsay Jarrod P. Randel Michaele Taylor Rao 7 William C. Rapley Maj. Gen. Frederic J. Raymond ▲ Dennis G. Rears 8 Regions Associate Matching Gifts Program Bradley and Alice Reid 10+ Betty Reineman Paul and Holly Remmes ▲ Adrian Goas Renta Clifford and Martha Replogle Shannon Reynolds Mr. Stan A. Rice ▲ Benson “Alex” Riseman ▲ Dr. Jeanne M. Roberts Scott W. Roberts Joseph F. Rich Dr. Lyle A. Robinson Roche Surety Inc. Mark and Robin Rockaway Nanette Nivens Rodgers, Ed.D. ▲ Alberto Rodriguez-Ramos Ms. Linda A. Rodriguez 10+ Jeff Rogo MBA ’94 10+ Joseph and Marlene Rojas Marlon John Rojas Sonia Romero 8 Mrs. Jean A. Ronso 10+ Mr. and Mrs. Raul Roque Frank and Doris Rosenblatt Mr. Lawrence M Rosenthal Dr. Nancy C. Ross 10+ Mary Rudge-Bailey

Timothy A. Ruff 5 Gloria C. Runton 10+ ▲ Peter Russo ▲ Bonner Rust Dr. Hemant Rustogi 10+ Ryan Companies US Inc. Jeffrey and Stephanie Rydza ▲ Sandip S. and Jane Sahota 5 ▲ Dick and Laurie Sanford ▲ Luciano A. Santa Cruz 10+ Jose and Yolanda Santiago Ms. Nancy A. Saucedo 8 ▲ Kenneth and Denise Sauter Mrs. Edesa Scarborough 5 ▲ Barbara Weinstein Scarpa Dr. Lee A. Schmidt Richard Schmidt 10+ ▲ Taylor, April and Reagan Schmitz 5 William M. and Mary T. Schmitz 10+ Scott A. and Lori Rieth Schneider 8 Richard Schreep and Judith Leach ▲ Kurt R. Schuldes Mark and Georgia Schultz Kenneth and Andrea Schwarz ▲ Mr. Anthony J. Scionti Susan Seifert ▲ James K. Selmser 7 Michele Seltman R. Shaffer Michael Shapiro Richard Shapiro Monica M. Sheridan 5 Michael F. Sherlock 5 Lisa Sherman 10+ ▲ Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Shields Mark M. and Audrey Shine 8 Dr. Britt Shirley 10+ Rebecca Shwayri Andrea and Kurt Sieradzki Mrs. Jasmine Simeon ▲ Scott R. Slack Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett P. Slaven ▲ Linda Smeraldi-Lopez 10+ ▲ Jayne Anderson Smith 8 Michael and Theresa Smith ▲ Thomas and Camilla Smith Zannie and Brenda Smith ▲ John and Terri Snow ▲ Marvin P. Socha Robert and Lisa Solomon Roc Soscia Richard N. Soucie Sylvia Spicola Tim and Brooke St. Gordon ▲ Diana Ray Stanley John and Kelli Stargel ▲ State Farm Companies Foundation 10+ Jim and Judy Stefan 10+ ▲ Richard and Leslie Stein Judge and Mrs. Ralph Steinberg 7 Mrs. Charlotte Stertzer CPA 5 ▲ Jeanne Chitester Stinger Wilanne Starling Stowe 10+ Kristin Strammer-Mallia Ryan and Kim Strayer ▲ E.J. Suarez 7 Ms. Joanne Sullivan Rudolph and Jacqueline Sullivan

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Douglas J. Sutherland 7 Anne Sweeney ▲ Richard and Janie Sylte ▲ Robert L. Taaffe ▲ Fritz Tanis Dr. Susan Mary Taylor 10+ Techawk Carlos and Claribel Tejas Bob Terri 7 ▲ Lamont H. Thomas Sr. Peter and Anita Thomas Retired Lt. Col. Jeff Thomason Karen A. Thompson ▲ Toni Thompson Kelly A. Thorson John and Barbara Thurber Beth Tillman Charlene Tobie 9 Glenn and Patty Todd 10+ Andre Tomlinson ▲ Maria Torres Ms. Carol A. Tortarelli 7 Dan Traugott ▲ Susan A. Travis Terry Clifton and Jackie Ann Weierman Tressler Mr. Byron L. Triplett Anita and Dennis Trosky Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Trzcinski ’90 10+ Mr. and Mrs. Riley M. Tucker Joe Ubinas Jody Valdes Jean Atlas-Valenti Jeanette Y. (DeGuzman) Valenti Tom and Jean Valenti 10+ John and Al Van Voris ▲ Nicholas and Loredana Varrino Joseph Venezia ▲ Leonard J. and Miriam Chastain Vidal Vigo Importing Company Inc. Dr. Larry R. Wagers, Ed.D. ▲ Ray and Mary Wagner Wolfgang and Dolores Walcker ▲ Matthew and Colleen Walker Lamar R. Erk Wardell Jeffery and Susan Warmington Christopher Warner ▲ Louise Gilbert Warner 5 Dr. Judith Washburn Mrs. Elaine R. Watson Alice and Fred Webb Kathryn Perdicaris Weed 9 ▲ Jeanette A. Weiss 10+ Mary Margaret Huston Wertz 10+ West Coast Umpire’s Association Ellis and Faye Wheatley 5 Mr. Jeff R. White 7 Oscar and Sandra White 10+ Tanner White Cheryl A. Whiteman Steven P. Widoff Brandy Wimberly Mrs. Brenda L. Williams 8 Mr. Morris S. Willner ▲ Arthur B. Wilt Dr. Kevin Sweeney and Dr. Libba Winston 10+ ▲ Kerrie

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Christine Wisdom Tanny Crane and John Wolff Ethel Richardson Woodard Mr. Matthew D. Woods ▲ Dr. Jennifer Wortham 5 James and Beatrice Wright ▲ Malcolm J. Wright Mrs. Maryellen Wright Mr. Anthony Yelovich Manuel and Josephine Yglesias Stephen and Rebecca Zahn ▲ Scott and Linda Zakheim Kathleen Strang Zamon Stephen and Anna Marie Zannis Gary and Sharon Zimmerman Kristen Zschau SWORD & SHIELD CLUB Contributors to the athletic program of The University of Tampa are recognized as members of the Sword and Shield Club. With the support of these special donors, Spartan athletics continues to grow and achieve. SWORD & SHIELD $10,000-$24,999 The Beck Group George and Sandra Sprenkle Tampa Rowing Club Rick and Sandy Thomas/Thomas Financial Group SWORD & SHIELD $5,000-$9,999 Auburndale Chiropractic LLC/Sara and Chad Sundermeyer Board of Counselors Chris and Linda Catanach First Class Coach/Martz Group Gasparilla Distance Classic/Ms. Susan Harmeling Grace M. Kessel Andrew J. Lewis Mr. Tino Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Naimoli Pepsi Bottling Group Mr. Rod L. Piatt Bertha and Tony Saladino (The Saladino Tournament) VVMS LLC Mr. John McRae Wolfe SWORD & SHIELD $1,000-$4,999 AFO Imaging Inc. Advanced C4 Solutions Inc. Dr. William Kendall Baker Jr. Larry Bennett Robert and Debra Braman David and Patricia Branham Mr. Ed Brennan/Greater Tampa Swimming Association Citizens Health Center Inc. Crowne Plaza Tampa West Shore Julie and Al DuFaux John and Lois Ellis Fortune Street Partners, LTD Constantino and Rosa Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Grant Gulf Marine Repair Corporation

John and Mimi Hanna Harvey’s Electric Company Inc. Col. Joseph and Mrs. Sue House Ms. Carol-Ann Hudson JGR Funeral Services Inc. Gene and Doris King Casey Kotchman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marfise Marriott Courtyard Westshore Stephen H. Mauldin McLain Plumbing Company Michael J Leding Jr. & Associates Inc. The Musante Family Foundation Gary and Sheila Nash New Age Fastening Systems Inc. Rick and Sheri Ogorek Pepin Distributing Company/Mr. Bill G. Gieseking Fred E. and Jeanette Pollock Prosport Management Inc. RLJ Lodging II REIT, Sub. Inc. Reel Nice-N-Easy LLC Denise M. Rubio Sailport Resort Ernest C. Segundo Sr. Mr. Bill Snyder Jr. Mr. Freddie Solomon Starboard Group of Tampa LLC Tampa Sports Club Foundation Turner Broadcasting System Inc. Mr. Vance Venegas Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. (Rick) Watts Stacy Wheeldon Zeno Office Solutions SWORD & SHIELD $500-$999 Absolute Services Inc. All American Containers Architectural Tile & Marble Inc. Baby Rock Apparel Inc. Michael Bourdon Russell A. Bruno Mr. Adrian B. Bush Robert C. and Aida Calafell Jeffrey and Christine Catanach Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium Crofton & Sons Inc. Kyle and Charlotte Fenton Miguel and Janet Fernandez Chad Fugere JR Tobacco Outlet Inc. Jim and Victoria Krivacs Law Office of Tonya A. Oliver, Esquire, PA Lightning City Gymnastics Inc. Mr. Steven Mandel Marciniak Detective Agency Inc. Messina Holdings Inc. Paul M. Messina Jeffery and Terry Mitryk Mr. William J. Priff Mark and Pamela Sakalosky San Antonio Area Foundation Sky-Hi Building Services Corporation Dr. Timothy L. Snyder Tampa Screens & Aluminum Inc.

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Mr. Thomas P. Terril Mr. Osborne Timmons Trevor Van Knotsenburg Willie Weiner SWORD & SHIELD $250-$499 Air Cleaning Solutions Baltimore Ravens Ms. Lisa K. Beamer Eml Bodonstin Mr. Anthony J. Borrell Jr./Borrell Family Foundation Inc. Bill Boyd Burton Restaurants LLC Cannella & Green PA Carroll Air Systems Inc. Central Lightning Protection Inc. Christopher and Elizabeth Anne Clark Charles Coleman Cynthia Corbett Mr. Joseph C. Dominguez Pamela and Edward Dupay Financial Book Management Inc. Griffin Service Corporation Charley and Liz Harris Mr. Stephen P. Hess J.P. Griffin Inc. Jerry and Pat* Jackson Dr. Karen E. Johnson K&S Infinity Inc. Local Union 705 Dennis A. Lopez Allison Macsas Robert and Jeannette Maerz Scott and Kimberly Martin Joseph Matta Jim McKean Nancy and Paul Messina Bill and Martha Minahan Ossi Financial Inc. Mr. Sergio D. Perez Plato’s Closet Aurelio Prado Mr. Sean T. Quigley Restaurants of Dough Developers LLC The Rupp Company/Bob Rupp Smooth Cut Lawn Service Sports Club of Tampa Bay David H. Stafford Mr. Gil Swalls United Way of Tampa Bay Brian C. Ussery Jacques and Brenda Verron Dr. Eric Vlahov Dr. Jin Wang R. David Weathers Mr. R. Bradley Welch/Welch Family Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Steven Weichselbaum West SWORD & SHIELD $100-$249 Kevin Abbamonte Ament Agency Inc. Scott W. Anderson Mr. Jeffrey S. Annis Mrs. Laura E. Atteberry-David Phaedra Backer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bagley Jr.

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Sam and Cookie Bailey Robert and Angie Beach Mark and Michelle Bellish Dorothy and Rich Bergold Dr. Wade Birch Sandra Perez Bobko Dale P. Brannon Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Brannon Nolan Brannon Robert and Lorri Bruns Centurion Homes Frances Fenn Chancey and Richard Koski Alfonso Colon Sean A. Coniglio Miss Gloria D. Darrigo Col. Michael P. Davis Sean Davis Gibson P. Dennis Thomas and Margaret Doan Mr. Jon Docs Gregory and Linda Dodson Andrew and Angela Dwork Eaton Orthopedics LLC Dr. and Mrs. Howard Engel Ms. Maureen A. Fahey Herbert and Michaela Chambers-Fisher David Forry Ira M Fox Mr. Jeff R. Foxenberger Mr. Jerome Fulton Arlene S. Gaber Mr. Steve Gervais Mr. Geoffrey Goetz Mr. Bryan A. Gonzalez Constantino Gorospe Jr. and C. Helena Villon-Gorospe Thomas H. Graham Marian Glorioso Guagliardo Dan and Barb Gura Mr. Gregory Hamilton Rigoberto Hernandez Jeffery Hipple William H. Hitzelberger IV Mrs. Wanda W. Howell Benjamin K. James Sharon Kassl Margaret and Michael Khoury Mr. and Mrs. James Kiner Sr. Mr. Thomas R. Kolbe Therese Kominski Kurrack Financial Services Inc. Legacy Administrative Services Inc./ Mr. Frank R. Pokorny Brad and Christy Lineback Ross D. Macaluso Steve and Rose-Marie Magriby Marciniak Detective Agency Inc. Paul McAdoo and Kate Pantelides Ms. Frankie McBrien ’88 Michael L. Moseley Mr. Kenneth R. Nuznoff Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pedrero George and Barbara M. Pennington Frank Permuy Jr. Mr. Lou Piniella Ms. Cheryl L. Pittenger Prida Guida & Company P.A. Kevin M. Provencher UTjournal  Fall 2010  47

donor honor roll

Andrew J. Pucilowski Michael G. Rabelo Mr. Julio C. Ramirez Jr. Mr. Mauricio Ramirez Roger B. Ramsay Adrian Goas Renta Clifford and Martha Replogle Shannon Reynolds Marlon John Rojas Sharon and Tom Schaefer Richard Schmidt William M. and Mary T. Schmitz Mr. Anthony J. Scionti Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett P. Slaven Michael Smucker Ryan and Kim Strayer Rudolph and Jacqueline Sullivan Susan A. Travis Mr. Byron L. Triplett Jody Valdes Joseph Venezia Vigo Importing Company Inc. Christopher Warner West Coast Umpire’s Association James and Beatrice Wright Mr. Anthony Yelovich Stephen and Rebecca Zahn SWORD & SHIELD UP TO $99 John Craig Ainsworth Leo and Shari Anslyn Theresa J. Applegate John and Valerie Assini Richard and Yvonne Astor Heyden U. Ayure Katharine Weekley Barker Mary Alice F. Batten Gabriel and Sarah Ann Beyrent Eric Cárdenas Geoffrey and Elizabeth Cartano Joann Cartano Mr. Tony V. Chadwick A.J. and L.D. Chapman James E. Connell Mr. Kristin K. Cox Bernice DeHarde Bonnie Rennie DellaRocco G. Lynn and Sophia Derrick DeCarlo Deveaux Gerald Di Pasquale Matthew and Patricia Di Silva Michael and Christen Dileonardo Kimberly Dunker David Earle Dutch 48  UTjournal  Fall 2010

John Russell Edge Keith and Cheryl Erickson Carol Ann Eschelman Stacy A. Estes Vincent and Lyn Falcone Fernandez Bay Village LTD Stanley and Sarita Fish Joseph and Alice Fitzgerald Robert and Julie Fitzpatrick Timothy and Sharon Flanagan Doug Forster Dorothy Forsyth Shelley Ann George Dominick J. Ginex Mary Gooding Bertha Hakun Dennis and Susan Helsel Manuel and Daniel Hernandez Alton and Grace Hix Mark and Theresa Holden Eleanor A. Horn Timothy and Ann Hurley Jeffrey Kelley and Sandra Diamatteo Kelley Benjamin and Susan Kinser William and June Krueger David and Frances La Montagne Peter and Dorothy Laporta Mr. Kenneth Lee Lena Makurath Matthew and Eleanor Manno Paul A. Martello Geraldo Mattioli Gabriel and Sarah Ann Beyrent Andre L. McGill Hal and Eva Jo McLaughlin William and Sherri McLaughlin Pete Meoli Frank P. Messina Joseph R. Montuori Richard and Mary Montuori Samantha Murchie Kenneth G. and Joann Mutti Marguerite O’Brien Gladys S. O’Linger Joseph B. Obusek and Mary Anne Fox Obusek Marion P. Peden Laraine and Raymond Peden Tressa J. Pedroff Timothy and Laurie Peterson Robert Phillips and Greta Emmert Dr. Steven M. Platau Albert Garrett Pless Michael and Colleen Provost Farrukh Quraishi Elizabeth Reid Gilbert Rodriguez Eric J. Romanino Ron Dennison Insurance Agency Inc. Kenneth J. Ruddick Donald R. Rupp Chester and Margaret Smulski Beverly A. Snelling Mr. Tom Snyder Todd and Donna St. Louis Kenneth Stark and Patricia De Leon-Stark

Patrick and Janet Steenberge Joseph Steinke and Nancy Vonnostitz Robert and Ann Stetekluh Teresa Underhill Stockton Wayne Story Paul F. Straub B. and P. Sylestine Mr. Robert A. Sylte Systematic Management Systems TJH Packaging & Associates The Romano Law Firm, a Professional Association Jean M. Timbes Stephen B. Towers Francine E. Villa Randall and Pamela Waterman Dan Weiner Philip and Lisa Weiner James and Pamela Williams Erin E. Wilson Dr. Jennifer Wortham Mr. Charles Yezak Jr. Mrs. Carol M. Zimmerman Gifts ($1-$99) Anonymous (10) AXA Foundation Mr. Travis L. Abercrombie John Abert Annika Abrahamsson Mary Pat Abrunzo Tom and Bunny Ackerly Mr. Gabriel F. Acosta Ad Litem Paralegal Services Inc. Lance A. Akridge Peter Albano Miss Lindsay Ann Albright Patricia Alchediak Homer M. Alderman Jr. David and Rebecca Alexander Phyllis Alexandroff Peter and Iris Alfonso Michelle Baker Alfonso James W. Allen Ms. Patricia C. Allen Natalie L. Allgeier ’04 Mr. Salim Almoosa Ms. Judy M. Alvarez Sheron Alves Owen J. Anders, CPA Dr. Jody Carl Andersen Jane Burris Anderson Mr. Keith R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Norman Andina Bjorn Andren and Candace Knapp Matthew P. Ansbro Leo and Shari Anslyn Skinny Antonini* Peteris and Candace Anuzis Ralph and Ann Apicella Theresa J. Applegate Jennifer (Carito) Aquino Mrs. Mary Ficcio Arce Ricardo L. Arias Anthony and Pamela Armbrister AnnMarie Armstrong Robyn Arnold

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Fred and Masuyo Artis Jonathan A. Ash Mr. Robert H. Ashmead Anne Aslan John and Valerie Assini Richard and Yvonne Astor Mr. Charles P. Austin Caroline Avery Macario and Nora Ayala Heyden U. Ayure Babson Capital Management LLC Victor E. Baffa Christopher J.P. Bagguley Megan A. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Ron K. Bailey Rachel Price Baker James and Terrie Baldwin Ms. Patricia A. Bales Dr. and Mrs. C. Eric Ballard Mr. Shawn R. Balow Lynn M. Banigan Wing Barfoot Katharine Weekley Barker LeAnn Barkey Trudy and Marvin Barkin Carol A. Barnes Dianne R. Barns Retired Lt. Col. and Mrs. Richard D. Barnett Marivic Barone Jack and Kristen Barrett Robert L. Barrett Martha Barroso Rose Beiro Barus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Basile Murray and Joane Bass Mary Alice F. Batten Frederick and Grace Bauer Phineas W. Baugher Jr. James Baumann John and Karen Beagles Elizabeth Bearden April Beattie Colleen Beaudoin Julie Becker Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. “Wally” Becker Jr. Dr. James Beckman Ms. Julie D. Beckner Gary S. Beemer Manuel and Elisa Beiro Carmine Bell Ms. Ellyn Bender Donald and Elizabeth Benedetto Bill Bennett Martha Berdeal Vivian Law Berdy Thomas R. Berg Ruth Ann Harmon Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. William A Berkoski Mrs. Deborah L. Bernhard Shauna E. Berry Jim Bessette Gabriel and Sarah Ann Beyrent Brian and Patricia Bickel Mr. Gerald Bielawski Gayle and Phil Bieluch Ward and Chris Billhartz (Continued on page 50)

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

legacy society members the legacy Society recognizes donors who have provided for the university of tampa in their estate plans. 2009-2010 legacy society inductees Schezy anD Steve BarBaS

GeralDine law hyneS

roBert G. ’81 anD Marjorie Brown

Michael o’Donnell ’81

jeSSica BurnS ’04, M.S. ’08 Kenton colwell ’76 Dr. Beth eSchenfelDer

jeroMe taylor ’77 flora zBar Renée Vaughn (left) and Dr. Ronald L. Vaughn (right) congratulate Schezy Barbas, UT’s director of major gifts, on her induction into the Legacy Society.

legacy society members anonymous (5) richard and Sue tennant ackert ’69 carmen alonso* jean l. amuso ’64 Sandra antonini* alfred S. ’47 and Beverly austin robert S. austin* Schezy and Steve Barbas robert e. Beach ’55 anne Blake* robert c. Brenner jr. ’57 ronald l. Brickey* robert G. ’81 and Marjorie Brown jessica Burns ’04, M.S. ’08 aida G. calafell robert calafell ’66 Peter a. cammick ’79 Gordon* and Patricia campbell Karen casey Stacey cassidy-Malloy ’96 frank G. cisneros ’66 axel w. ’62 and ann claesges Kenton colwell ’76 fred conn* Pauline crumpton ’57 Paul ’51 and Georgia ’52 Danahy lorraine D. Datello ’64 helen a. Davis* lea lavoie Davis ’94 David Delo* estelle Delo julia i. Dickinson* Mary z. Dorfmuller* howard ’64 and natalie engel elizabeth holton enlow* ’44 Dr. Beth eschenfelder walter faries*


thomas e. feaster ’76 heather Bailey ferguson ’86 james l. ferman Sr.* edwin j. ficarrotta* robert a. fimbel ’72 Mr.* and Mrs.* Sam flom helen M. forbes* Sherman B. forbes* ali n. ’81 and augustina o. Garba joan M. Gates ’85 charles j. Gee* Gilda Geiss* thomas r. Giddens Dr. curtis a. Gilgash Domenic v. Giunta* ’36, ’38 charles e. Goulding* ’39 G.r. Griffin* jeff hause ’93 ira c. henson* robert hill* Mr.* and Mrs.* Max hollingsworth Phil holzer ’98 vincent c. hoover ’76 Mr.* and Mrs.* harold houghton Kenneth e. hyatt Geraldine law hynes George w. jenkins* helen D. jones* Bertha jordan* loveda M. Keating* Pierre Knight* Mr.* and Mrs.* fred Kreider nanna Kurtz* frederick D. learey* josephine P. leGault ’49 william D. leith* ’59 edward c. levine ’69 john h. lindenmeyer* thomas S. lovering*

victor lubitch* john l. Macdonald Dorothea Butler Macnamara George a. Makinen robert w. Mallen Stanley e. Mallen Donald S. McKay* herbert McKay* Kathyrn Mcnulty* thomas ’81, MBa ’93 and Kathryn ’96, ’00 Meachum joe D. ’47 and hilda* ’44 Mills frank l. Morsani Mr. clifford a. Mott ’49 vincent j. naimoli Michael o’Donnell ’81 angel oliva Sr.* wihelmina e. Pearde* ’57 rod l. Piatt ’74 walter Smith Pierce* taylor albertson Pinke Margaret ragg* ’41 David v. ramsay* hortense ramsay* rusty r. richardson ’80 jeanne royston ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce a. Samson Dr. and Mrs. joseph D. Sclafani ernest c. ’56 and connie* ’56 Segundo Sr. t. terrell and neva Sessums john Sherman* ’40 albert j. Silva Mr.* and Mrs.* reginald Sims frank j. Smid helen n. Sobie* Gordon Solie* Michael ’82 and amy ’80 Southard Kimberly Sperling ’03

william e. Starkey Marie Swingley* ’58 Susan Sykes victor e. tack* jerome taylor ’77 Betty w. thomas* catherine e. thomas* Guy richard thomas ’72 Margueritte thurston* ’58 Mary wade timonier emilio toro Michael j. turrisi cathy l. unruh frank P. urso, M.D.* ’57 leonard ’48 and Miriam ’48 vidal renée w. vaughn Shawn vinson ’95 Mark j. waite ’79 roberta walker ’55 jim walter Sr.* Mr.* and Mrs.* louis wellhouse jr. j. h. williams* rose williams* jack windt ’56 edward Martinez ybor* joseph ’55 and vilma ’56 zalupski flora zbar

UTjournal Fall 2010 49

donor honor roll

(Continued from page 48) Gordon and Gail Bilsland Christopher Bisson Mr. Thomas E. Bissonnette Robert C. Bixby Brian and Chris Black Bruce and Marta Black Ya-Ju Lin and Dr. Bradford Blackburn Whitney M. Bladen George L. Blanco Joseph and Lisa Blank Dr. Stephen Blessing Mrs. Jamie K. Blessinger Mr. B. Wallace Blount Clayton A. Bodine Brian and Karen Bogart Lauren Bogensberger Mr. Ralph F. Bohlke Dean and Tracey Bolton Mary Lou Bondi John and Maria Bonlarron Gregory Bonton Carmalita J. Borden Alice Borrego-Castillo Julie M. Bostick James Daniel Botkins Lisa Boudreau Robert A. and Deborah Bourke Rob Bovarnick Greg Bowdler Charles Bowen James and Joyce Bowers Mr. John M. Bowler Ms. Laura L. Boyd Emma J. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. John Brabham Shannon Lee Bradley Brian and Virginia Brady Philip C. Bragg Ruth C. Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Vito Brancatella Corey Brandfon Luisa Breen Arthur and Veronika Breitbach John and Ilene Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Brett Charlotte D. Brittain Carter Brooks Rachel Browning Stephen and Loraine Browning Tanya C. Brunner Dr. and Mrs. Peter Brust Mr. Chris Bryan Harry Bryan Michael G. Bryan W. Bruce Bryan Mr. Daniel J. Buchholtz Michael S. Buday Ms. Nora Renee Bugg Carol Builes Lynn Bulmer and Randall Lowe Rene Bulnes Paul and Donna Burns Mary and Stephen Burroughs William S. Bush Patricia H. Bussell Ms. Evelyn P. Butts Buyers Resource of Gasparilla Island Inc. 50  UTjournal  Fall 2010

CK Capital Management Corporation John and Maria Bonlarron Frank Cacciatore Mark and Cecilia Cacciatore Maryann Cailia-Lehane Mrs. Andrea Calow Oscar and Cecilia Calvo Peter and Vivian Cammick Patrick and Geraldine Campbell Giovanna Jennie Campisi Gregory L. Canty Joseph and Gilda Capitano Mr. and Mrs. David A. Caplan Mark J. Caplin Kimberly A. Caplis John D. Capouya Marla Carangi Eric and Andrea Cárdenas Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cardi Susan Carlson Miss Darlene M. Caro Joe Carothers Richard M. Carris Geoffrey and Elizabeth Cartano Joann Cartano Deloris Patrick Carter and Roy C. Carter Mr. and Mrs. John Carter Mr. Kevin A. Carver Robert and Ann Marie Cascella Linda Cassella Sharon and Nicholas Castellano Manny Castro Dr. Michael Catanese Miss Debra L. Chadwick Mr. Tony V. Chadwick M. Alan Chameides A.J. and L.D. Chapman Ms. Dorothy P. Cheatham Christine S. Check Henry Chodosh Amy E. Christensen C. Andrew Christensen Jr. Samual and Shirley Cibrone Joe* and Rose* Ciccarello Mr. Peter M. Ciccarello Anne Cimador Ronald L. Cinnamon Ms. Rosemary Clanton Jeffrey and Catherine Clark Russ and Barbara Clark Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Cloutier Troy Cogburn Betty S. Cohen Danielle L. Cohen Ronald D. Coiro II Dr. Marie M. Coleman Alexandra Colley Carol A. Comer James E. Connell Jason D. Connolly John Connolly and Deborah Kurelik Sindia Conroy Paul and Patricia Coogan John and Madolyn Cook John R. Cooke Robert M. Coombs Judith Aust Cooper L. Ward Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Rod W. Cooper

Mrs. G. Spring Copeland Frank and Gina Coppa Micheal Corea Desiree F. Corideo Jeffrey and Anita Corrao Mrs. Christine M. Cosgrove Dr. Marcy L. Courier Dorothy Cowden Mr. Kristin K. Cox Dr. Silvio Crespo Jr. James R. Crosby Abraham L. Cross Gary Cross Donald and Elaine Crowley John E. Crumbley Freddie M. Crumpton Dr. Robert Csere Lisa H. Culberson Christopher and Teresa Cullen Ms. Sandra L. Cullipher Mr. Austin R. Curry David and Cynthia Cwalina Miss Kim Czabaj Lauren D’Acierno Dorinda Diaz D’Agostino Janet C. D’Iorio Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. D’Iorio Mr. George DaPonte Mr. Rodrigo M. DaSilva Mr. Edward L. Dalton III Mr. Tom Daly Traci Dandeneau Miss Elisabeth M. Daniel Joseph and Sally Daniels Victor and Sheri Dannin Edwin, Lori, and Leandra Darden Arthur Darmanin Ms. Ramona Davenport Michael J. Davies James Davis Jill Vail Davis Lashawn Davis Patrick A. Davis Tim and Connie Davis Gerald and Josephine Day Bill and Helaine DeCelle Dean M. De Negri Bernice DeHarde Blair M. DeNatale Ralph and Barbara DeNatale Donna Denisco Bessie Juanita Dean Ms. Carol E. Deangelis Tom and Nancy Delaney Lynne A. Delisle Mr. Michael V. DellaPenna Bonnie Rennie DellaRocco Sheila and Paul Demkovich Robbins H. Denham Seth Dennis Mr. Ron Dennison G. Lynn and Sophia Derrick John and Elizabeth Deserable Louis Desiato Joe and Kathleen Destefano DeCarlo Deveaux Ron and Jane DiCola Ronald DiCola Gerald Di Pasquale

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Matthew and Patricia Di Silva Henry and Antoinette DiStefano Ms. Ivana M. Diaz Miss Lisset J. Diaz Maria B. Diaz Alfred R. Dickey Jr. Ms. Carmen Diez Michael and Christen Dileonardo Katherine Dobbins Lee and Melanie Dombrowski Mr. Sean M. Donnelly Paul and Christine Dose Ms. M. Lucy Dowie Mr. Charles V. Downie Mr. Christopher J. Doyle Amber Drach Ron and Carolyn Drach Leroy Drew Chad W. Drobisch Sabrina Drzal Jennifer Duda Karen Duda John T. Duff Glenn Duffy Peter and Deborah Dumas Mr. and Mrs. George Duncan Gordon and Deborah Dunham Kimberly Dunker George Dunn Mr. Karlvin Duperval Mr. Babatola Durojaiye David Earle Dutch Frank J. Dykeman Ilmars Dzilna Odessa Dietrich Eagan Eagle River One 2000 Inc. Beth B. Eagleton Sally Eagleton Donald and Deborah Earle Mary Sheridan Easton Beatrice Eckart Kourtney Eckert Robert and Karen Eckert John Russell Edge Fidelma Edokpa Wenola R. Edwards Joan M. Elder Charles T.* and Carol A. Eldredge Heather-Lynn Eli Darren J. Elkind Audrey Douglas Ellison Christine Engel Richard M. English Floria Epifano Robert Eppenstein Dee L. Erb Rene and Ada Escamilla Carol Ann Eschelman Patricia Esdaille Stacy A. Estes Isabella Estevez Donna Eubanks Dr. Robert and Mrs. Janna Evanko Mr. Eliah S. Ewing Charles and Diane Fabyanski Alphonse N. Falco Jr. James A. and Jeanette A. Falcon Vincent and Lyn Falcone Kelly Falconer-Miller

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Christine Anne Fanning Richard and Rose Ellen Fanning John and Debra Ann Farmer Michael Faxas Sally Fay Willard Fein Suzan Felter Pat Fenda Ms. Karen Fenton E. Anne Ferguson Gloria Rodriguez Ferlita Fernandez Bay Village LTD Doris Hampton Fernandez Mrs. Emily A. Fernandez Jack E. Fernandez Victor M. Fernandez Richard J. Ferner Stephen and Carol Finley Stanley and Sarita Fish Mrs. Harriet Fisher Joseph and Alice Fitzgerald Robert and Julie Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzsimmons Timothy and Sharon Flanagan David and Robin Flando Gary and Lucy Fleming Jeff Flemming and Family Ms. Margaret E. Flint Michael P. Flood ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Florio James and Ann Marie Floyd Daniel and Suzanne Foley Ms. Deborah Folino Mr. and Mrs. Ruy B. Fonseca Troy and Deborah Fontaine Bruce Ford Ryan B. Ford Doug Forster Dorothy Forsyth Dr. Kari E. Fowler Linda “Christa” Fowler Jamie Fox Robert J. Fox Ms. Sharon L. Fox Larry Frackman Leanne Franchville John “Jay” Franks Mrs. Luella F. Franqui Joyce Franz Conrad N. Frassa Romeo and Monique Frederick Valerie A. French Robert and Donna Friedhoff Megan A. Frisque Paul S. Fronczek Paula Fry Kathleen M. Fryer Sal and Alane Fusco Donald and Donna Gaber Ms. Louise H. Gacek Wilfred Gaier Jim Gaines Angela Galasso Sara Sotomayor Gallo Gary E. Garbis Amanda Garcia Gonzalo C. Garcia Jennifer Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Jorge J. Garcia

Manuel Garcia and Joy Williams-Garcia Mr. Robert F. Garcia Tiffany Garcia Brian Garman and Suzanne Hiebert Bob and Elsie Garner Marc and Pamela (Tobin) Garron Mrs. Rosemary Gecan Pamela and Scott Gentilucci Corey George Shelley Ann George Lou and Sally Giacobbe Louise Clayton Giargiari Mr. Arthur William Gibbons Angela Gibney Bruce K. Gibson Michael and Wendy M. Gilbert Ms. Jennifer M. Gill Gerald L. Gillis Angela Gillisse Michael S. Gilmer Dominick J. Ginex Ms. Toni M. Giovinco Fred and Patricia Girgis Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gittleson Beatrice T. Giunta Mr. Sam A. Giunta Victoria J. Giunta Jeffrey and Susan Glatter Joyce Wamble Glauser Michael Globenfelt Mrs. Deanne L. Godin Ronald C. Goeddaeus Ellen Goldman Ms. Deborah K. Goldmann Ronnie and Joel Goldsmith Joseph Gomez Julie (Murphy) Gomez and Robin Gomez Neville and Rebecca Gonsalves Mrs. Carmen R. Gonzalez Joan Searjeant Gonzalez Yanira Gonzalez-Burd Mary Gooding Emily Gordon Sam and Violet Gorgoglione Mr. Hugh W. Gott Brenda Braun Graiser Kimberly Gramm George Grant Lorraine Rafter Graybill Donna A. (Buchanan) Green Dr. Roger Green Amy Greenberg George and Linda Greene Mr. and Mrs. William M. R. Greenlees Ralph M. Griffin Jr. Ms. April B. Griffith Ms. Susan Gruchevsky Nataliya E. Grygoryeva Iliana Guillen Thomas and Carol Guthrie Andrew M. Guzman Hani Haddad Sheila and Paul Hagan Bertha Hakun Kaitlin Hall Kevin C. Hall Ms. Amanda Hammerli Mr. Christof Hammerli Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hancock

▲New donors/donors who have increased their gifts 

Mary Virginia Fletcher Handley Mrs. Louise M. Hane Meir and Edna Hankes Fred and Lisa Hannon Scott M. Harmon Jeffrey and Susan Harrington Dr. Jason Harris and Dr. Maria A. Okuniewski Jon and Charlotte Harris Mrs. Cindy Harrison Janis and Robert Harrison Shuree Harrison Caroline Harvey Kate Harvey Mr. Pierce J. Harvey Jr. Jeffrey and Kristin Hatch James J. Hayden Kevin and Ellen Hayes Wayne and Margery Hayes Miss Robin L. Haynes Ronald and Tammy Hayward Mr. Robert C. Heald Mr. William J. Healy John T. Heath Jr. Lowell and Ilene Heinke Dennis and Susan Helsel Manuel and Daniel Hernandez Timothy J. Hermann Randy Hess Bonnie Hesselberg Ms. Beverly D. Hicks Harley L. Hiers Jr. and Thalia Hiers Jeff and Stacey Higgins Walter L. Hilgart Mr. Steven M. Hill Keith and Cheryl Hitzke Alton and Grace Hix Milly Figuereo Hix Anne Hoerbelt Peter and Kimberley Hofelich Barry Hoferkamp Dr. Leon Hoke Jr. Tony and Rebecca (Limmel) Holcomb Mark and Theresa Holden Nancy L. Holdstein Byron E. Holley, M.D. Shelly Havas Hollingsworth Sallie Holmberg Jocelyn N. Holt Carole S. Holway Mr. Thomas E. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Hoover Eleanor A. Horn John and Marilyn Horst Susan Houck Howard Johnson Farms Ruth and Richard Howe Michelle Allen Huber Richard P. Hugger Kevin Hughes Timothy and Ann Hurley Florence Rogers Hurn Douglas Hutcheson Mrs. Deanna L. Hutchins Anthony and Denise Hutchinson Mr. Robert D. Hutchison Jr. Dennis Huth Geraldine Law Hynes Mr. Bryon J. Ingalls

Numbers indicate five or more consecutive years of giving  *Deceased

Ron and Doris Ingersoll Dr. Virginia Ingram Charles and Marcia Inman Daniel and Danielle Ipock Angelo and Grace Ippolito John A. Isola Joseph and Denise Isola Oussama Itani Todd and Barbara Ivler J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Brianna E. Jackson John Jackson Mr. Myron Jackson Philip M. Jackson ‘96 Sandra Jackson Mr. Rudolph A. Jacobs Michael and Laura M. Jacobson Mrs. Janice M. Jacoby-French Joy Johnson Jakelis Mrs. Jennifer O. Jamison Dean W. Jani Scott A. Jefferis James and Barbara Jeffrey De-Etta H. Jenkins Donald Jenkins Jane M. Jennings Bonnie-Jean Jeseo Teresa Jimenez, CLA Ben Johnson Frank J. Johnson Sr. Gove Johnson Henry and Shirley Johnson Joshua and Mona Johnson Richard and Mary Ann Johnson Lila L. Johnson-Thomas Virginia Diane Johnston Charles B. Jones Edna Carter Jones Evan Jones Jennifer E. Jones Stephen C. Jordan* Ciarra Joyner Kristina L. Justen Julie Justin Peter Kahler and Sallie Griffin-Kahler Mr. Robert C.A. Kahns Michelle Kalnasy Robert Kapit Kappa Kappa Psi Ricki Rosenthal Kasse Robert A. Kastenbaum Maureen Kearney Heidi Kelchner Cindy Kell UTjournal  Fall 2010  51

donor honor roll

Joyce Keller Jeffrey Kelley and Sandra Diamatteo Kelley Sean R. Kelley Mr. Donald W. Kelly Kevin Kelly Mr. Thomas E. Kelly Tom and Karen Kelly Heather M. Kenney Violetta T. Kenton Carol Kershbaum Arthur and Marcia Ketchersid John Kiesling Hank and Pat Kimbrell Harry W. King and Nancy J. King Jack and Kathleen King Michael and Camille King Benjamin and Susan Kinser David A. and Debra S. Kinser Ms. Barbara Wolf Kinsey David and Marcie Kipper James F. Kirk Janice Kirkwood Benjamin and Adele Kiszkiel William Kivimaki Dick Kjellsen MBA ’74 Steven and Maria Knapp Charley and Barb Knight Richard and Valerie Knight Steve Knisley Charles and Lynn Knox Joseph Kolasinski Garrett W. Komiskey Clifford Korn Peter and Gail Korten John A. Koutroumanis Jason Kreitzer Colleen R. Krepstekies Mr. Brian S. Krieger Alan and Laura Kriss William and June Krueger Tim and Mary-Ellen Krull Dr. Ronald Kuntze Kuumba Dancers and Drummers David and Frances La Montagne Mike LaGrotta Madge Kleinhammer LaVoy; DeForest LaVoy Jessica A. Labit Adam P. Labonte Jessica Lack Jeffrey L. Lackey Benjamin H. Lacy III Mike Lacy Anthony and Kathleen Laferrera Jessica Lago Beth Lahusky Marilyn McKenna Lamond Perri Landsberg Lewis Lang Mr. Richard N. Langton Pamela Shaffer Lanning Peter and Dorothy Laporta Phillip and Tasia Large Ms. Celia B. Larimore Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lash Mr. Samuel Lasky Mr. Michael C. Lauder Barry H. Lawrence 52  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Sue Lawrence-Reeder Ms. Alice Carter Lawton Wilfrid and Marcia Lazarre Victoria R. Lazuka Mildred and Philip Le Marquand Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. LeBlanc Barbara Bailey Ledoux Dr. James Lee Mr. Kenneth Lee Mr. Rafael T. Lee Richard H. Lee Jr. Mr. Robert E. Lee Sylvia G. Leffler Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leibe Donald and Darlene Leithauser Miss Jacqueline M. Lejeune Terry Leland Daniel and June Lenzo Lionel O. Leon Thomas A. Leonard Mrs. Connie J. Leow Sandra Leppert Jill M. Lerman Eric and Linda Lerner John and Elaine Lesko Greta and Harvey Levine Dorett and Lenford Levy Stephen P. and Miriam Levy Marilyn Lewis Ya-Ju Lin and Dr. Bradford Blackburn Elaine and Hawley Lincoln Lindsey Consulting & Management Inc. CPT Gregory Lindsey Gina L. Lineberger

LANDMARK SOCIETY The Landmark Society recognizes donors whose lifetime donations total $250,000 or more. Anonymous Jane and Sid Allen Educational Fund Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Mr. * and Mrs.* William Barritt Mr. and Mrs. Ron K. Bailey The Bailey Family Foundation Bank of America The BECK Group Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blanchard/ WRB Enterprises Mr. Thomas E. Bronson Bright House Networks Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Casey The Chiselers Inc. Conn Memorial Foundation Charles A. Dana Foundation Daniel M. Doyle David and Maureen Dunkel Mr.* and Mrs.* Jack Eckerd Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ferman Jr./ Ferman Automotive Management Mr.* and Mrs. James L. Ferman Sr./ Ferman Automotive Management David A. and Mary Irene Falk Memorial Florida Independent College Fund

Stewart Lippe Mary E. Liro Paul and Linda Lisacchi Joseph Lisewski Aurora Perez Llende Manuel and Norma Lobato Tasha Lanne Lohman Donna J. Long Mr. John Long Michael and Kristy Long Stuart R. Long Susan Long Marilyn Longo Dr. James Lopez J.R. Lopez Dominick and Patricia Lorusso L. Terry Louis Randall Lowe and Lynn Bulmer Stephen Roy Lowe Andrew and Kendall Luce Christopher Lupino Sharon Jann Lynch Mr. Tristam W. Lynch Steven and Laura Lynn Michael A. MacDonald Neil MacMillan Dana M. MacNamara Jack and Mary Mackie Ryan Mackie Colin Macumber Rose-Marie L. Magriby Adam Maingot Cosimo and Patricia Maiolo Lena Makurath Frank E. Duckwall Foundation Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Estate of Charles Goulding* Mr. Lee Harrer Estate of Mr.* and Mrs. Max Hollingsworth Huizenga Family Foundation Mr.* and Mrs. Robert Jaeb Estate of George Jenkins* Merle C. Kelce* Mr. I.Z. Kessler* Dr. Peter O. Knight* Mr. and Mrs. William Krusen Sr. Estate of William D. Leith* Mr. and Mrs. John L. Macdonald Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mandt Mr. and Mrs. James S. MacLeod Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McNichols/ McNichols Company Merchants Association of Florida Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morsani/ Morsani Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Naimoli Mr.* and Mrs. J. Ross Parker Mr.* and Mrs. Arthur D. Pepin Pepsi-Cola Inc. Estate of Wilhelmina Pearde* Estate of Walter S. Pierce* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Poe Mr. and Mrs. William F. Poe Sr. Publix Super Markets Charities

Mr. Cory C. Malatesta Joseph and Beth Maline Gertie Mallard-Teal Stacey Leigh (Cassidy) Malloy, Esq. Marla C. Mancini Josephine Pendino Mandese Kenneth and Susan Mangano John F. Manierre and Nancy Marshall Matthew and Eleanor Manno Tatiana S. Manolova Wenona Manson Marbourg Jerry Margolis Kimberly Marrero Donald Todd Marrs Miss Elizabeth V. Marsicano Lauren Marsicano Paul A. Martello Charles and Paula Martin Edward and Carol Martin Augie and Maril Martinez Francisco and Lucille Martinez Julia Martinez Wayne N. and Betty S. Marx Richard R. Massey Mrs. Idelle Mathews Sara Mathis Amanda E. Matsumoto Drs. Lee and Janet Matthews Geraldo Mattioli C. Chris and Diana (Greco) Maurici Kevin M. Maust Katherine Maxie Laura Mayes Miss Heather J. McCarthy Estate of Margaret Ragg* Mr.* and Mrs. Allen N. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rothman The Sant’ Yago Education Foundation The Saunders Foundation Sodexo Campus Services (Facilities) State of Florida Division of Historical Resources The William G. and Marie Selby Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David A. Straz Jr. SunTrust Bank Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sykes Tampa Alpha Alumni Chapter The City of Tampa Tampa Greyhound Track Tampa Jai-Alai TECO Energy Mr. and Mrs. Guy Richard Thomas Mr. Robert Thomas Sr./Port Sutton Estate of Margueritte Thurston* The University of Tampa Board of Fellows Estate of Frank P. Urso, M.D.* USAA Educational Foundation Verizon Florida Wachovia Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Wallace Mr.* and Mrs.* James W. Walter The Walter Foundation Mr.* and Mrs. David E. Ward


Willard and Barbara McClamma Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick Lu C. McCray Raymond and Lucille McDonald Mr. and Mrs. William R McDonough Alicia Diaz McDowell Karen Kern McDowell Mr. Robert C. McDowell Michael P. McEleney Donna L. McFarland John and Anne McGahan James and Barbara McGhan Andre L. McGill Suzanne T. McInerney Donald W. McKenzie Rick and Sylvia McKewon Lois McLane Hal and Eva Jo McLaughlin William and Sherri McLaughlin Mark and Roberta McClear Mr. Brett J. McMullen Jerry McMurtrie Todd McNees Dr. William McReynolds Maurine Robles McTyre William and Kathleen Meacci Melvin A. Medina Jerome M. Meguiar Alan Mehanna Carole Mehlman Vikas Mehra Gerold Meininger and Angela Msimbira Jane Meissner Craig and Marion Meixsell Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Melanson Barbara and Roger Melanson Nilo and Patty Menendez Pete Meoli Dr. Ron Mercer, Ph.D., LMHC Robert C. Merrill Frank P. Messina Mark Metell and Diane Bishop Samuel Metott Helen Bailey Michaelson Janelle L. Middents A. Douglas Middlebrook Jr. Rosemarie Rogers Middleton Michael A. Migliorino Ms. Jean M. Miley Mike Miley Charles R. Milian Beatrice B. (Siller) Miller Ethlyn Coggin Miller Nadine Edwards Miller Tiffany L. Miller Mr. Richard L. Milliken Louis Minardi Nicole Miranda Gina Mirasolo Mrs. Kara P. Mirocke Elizabeth E. Mitchell Mr. Saeed Alexander Moghadasi Miss Necia N. Mohammed Dianne E Monaghan Andrea Mondesire Terry D. Mone Sita M. Monti Joseph R. Montuori *Deceased

Richard and Mary Montuori Barbara M. Moore Ted and Beth Moore Bette Denenberg Morchower Ms. Gerri M. Morena Miss Kristen A. Morin Suzanne Morse Mr. David Alexander Mosakowski John Mount Paul Mraz Miss Nancy Lynn Muggelberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles G Mullen Jr. Patricia A. Mullen Stephen Mulligan Susan Mulligan Michael Munger Pablo Munoz Kim Muong Samantha Murchie Mr. Edward J. Murphy III Gary R. Murphy ’72 Katie E. Murphy Michaelann Murphy Music On Your Mind Associates Kenneth G. and Joann Mutti Dan and Lynn Carn Myers Donovan H. Myrie Miss Nadia K. Naffe Adrienne Menendez Napoli Donna M. Napoli Timothy and Kristina Neldner Eric W. Nelson Jr. Jean Nelson/Kristen Nelson/Melissa Nelson Melissa J. Nelson Louise Neuburger New Tampa Dance Theatre Dragica Newton Bill and Marilyn Neyland Valerie and Elvis Ngolle Retired Lt. Col. Elmer Arthur Nichols, USAF Leslie Carlisle Nichols Richard W. Norfleet Northern Trust Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Program Linda Beth Northrop Doug and Minnie Norton Michael and Susan Norton Mr. William P. Norton George and Brenda Nousiainen Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Novo Marguerite O’Brien Robert B. O’Brion Andrew M. O’Connor Debbie (Rosmilso) O’Connor Anne McCurdy O’Grady Gladys S. O’Linger Beth Tata O’Neil Sylvia (Penzato) O’Neill Joseph B. Obusek and Mary Anne Fox Obusek Dr. Kathleen G. Ochshorn Terry and Jamie Oline Robert F. Olinits On Your Toes Thomas A. Opalka Ms. Lori A. Oppenheim Joel and Florence Orosz

James P. Osman Michael and Charmaine Ostrom Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ostroy Marc D. Padellaro Anthony Pajak Geneva K. Palaidis Tarcizo Palhano Paul and Patricia Pancoe Taylor Pancoe Mr. Lance G. Pandrock Eldon M. Parchmon Harvey and Cecille Parido Jim Parker Michael and Marie Parker James Parseghian William and Marian Parsley Carol Partington Ms. Anna M. Passantino Vincent and Annette Pastue Ms. Judith K. Patterson Retired Lt. Col. Robert F. Pearson, US Army Kathleen Peck Peter Morris Peck Marion P. Peden Laraine and Raymond Peden Tressa J. Pedroff Arthur D. Peffer III Melissa Pelaez Suzanne Pelny Tim J. Pelot Gregory Pepitone Mrs. Teresa M. Pergola Judith K. Perlow Alan and Suzanne Perry Mr. Dale L. Perry Grita Vail Perry Mr. Michael D. Perry Ms. Deborah Peters Patsy T. Peters Paula C. Peters Margaret M. Peterson Timothy and Laurie Peterson Barbara L. Cross Petry Carol Petti Mr. Roger T. Pettit John W. Phifer Bill Philin-Ploplis Mrs. Eleanor Hayes Phillips Michelle Caunin Phillips Olurotimi Olufemi Phillips Robert Phillips and Greta Emmert Paul C. Pignataro Jamie Pilarczyk William Pilla Lloyd Pimentel ’10 Rosemarie Pimentel Taylor Albertson Pinke Stuart Pinnock Eleanor I. Pinyan Patricia Pladdys Albert Garrett Pless Jay Podolsky James Poitras Frank R. Pokorny Maria Poulton Charles Powell III Mary B. Prescott, Ph.D Dr. Terra Pressler

Edward and Katherine Presson Everett and Sharon Prevatt Arnold H. Price Howard Price Larry C. and Diane G. Price Eileen and Pat Price Luciano and Alice M. Prida Nicole Ivy Propp Don and Peggy Prosser Michael and Colleen Provost Mr. and Mrs. George K. Pytlik Peter and Susan Quackenbush Mr. David W. Queen Donald and Eleanor Quimby Brittny Quinn Margaret Quinn Martyn L. Quinn Farrukh Quraishi Charles and Kelley Race Mrs. Kim Radatz Timothy Rader Debra Jo Radke Anthony Raiano Carlos F. and Yamina Ramos Mr. Michael Ranahan John and Pauline Rathke Merry Mack Rayl Raytheon Company Assad A. Raza Walter and Jan Reagin Ronald and Ginger Reasonover Redding Consulting Inc. Col. Norman L. Redding Jr. Richard A. Reece Sr. Ginger Reeves Richard and Cheryl Reeves Walter and Mary Reeves Amber Rehman Elizabeth Reid H. Reilich Dr. and Mrs. M. Scott Reminick Dr. Denis A. Rey Yovan Reyes Emmy Purcell Reynolds Dean Jason Ricca John and Arlene Ricca Everett and Anmarie* Richards William R. Richardson Ms. Sarah Cochran Riedel Miss Kimberly C. Rindler James C. Roberts Paul Robie Gina-Maria Roca Mr. Nelson Roccaforte UTjournal  Fall 2010  53

donor honor roll

C. Rocka Jr. Retired Lt. Col. Richard F. Rockwell, US Army Mrs. Trudy Rodean Allison Rodgers Dorinda Noya Rodriguez Gilbert Rodriguez Mrs. Judith J. Rodriguez Teonilda Rodriguez Robin Roger Alfonso Romanello Eric J. Romanino Michaela Romano Ron Dennison Insurance Agency Inc. Mr. Dean A. Rooney Steve and Lisa Rorrer Dr. Rose Rosanelli, DDS Judith A. Sharp Rose, MA, LMHC, LMT Jeffrey and Kathleen Rosenbaum Norman and Emilee Rosenbaum Frank L. Rosenblatt Lee A. Rosenblum Mandy Rossmeyer-Campbell Elana and William Rotter John and Terri Rouke Michael and Kay Rovellada Lezlie L. Rovnanik Douglas B. Rowe The Rowland Family Mr. John W. Roy Nicholas Roy Michael and Debra Royal Ann M. Rubin Kenneth J. Ruddick Donald R. Rupp Bowden O. Russell James and Shirley Russo Carrie Ryan Mrs. Naomi Ryan Lisa and Charlie Ryan Amanda Rydza Stephanie and Jeffrey Rydza SPW Painting & Wallcovering Inc. Frank R. Sabella Alex and Teresa Sabellico Jamie Sabellico William T. Sams Rudolph M. Sanacore Mr. Mario Sanchez Jr.

54  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Esra Z. Santesso Ms. Sonia Savage Chuck and Karen Sayles Mr. Frank Scaglione Jason C. Scarlata Mrs. Laura A. Schaffer Dr. Mary Jane Schenck Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Schlueter Miss Tasha M. Schmidt Robert Schneider Ms. Krystal R. Schofield Francis and Karen Schrader Charles and Donna Schronick Ms. Miriam J. Fisher Schultz Attorney at Law Mr. David Schumacher Erikka Oinonen Shumacker Annette Bayliss Schwab Mr. Ted Schwartz John M. Sciacca Ms. Janet L. Sciales Lou and Janice Scinta Mrs. Colleen J. Scott, CPA Anthony Scuotto Maria Scuotto SellState Realty Systems Network Inc. Frank and Margaret Selph Bob and Doris Sempert Sharon and Dennis Sercombe Jaini V. Shah Jeffrey and Claudia Shavelson Heather Shaw Joann E. Shepard Ivy Sherman Nancy and Jon Sherrill Howard and Hannele Shild R.J. Shirley Mrs. Dayna J. Hadfield Shock Stephanie J. Sibley Bruce and Bonnie Sigler Mr. William A. Sihler Lisa Silver Brian and Erin Simmons Georgia E. Fraynie Simmons Dr. Gary Simon Jay and Lynne Simon Cary R. Singletary Janet Sink Howard and Nina Sinsley Retired Col. James V. Slagle, US Army Ms. Mary Anne Slater Thomas E. Slaymaker Alma P. Smith Ashley N. Smith Lee and Carolyn Smith Dr. Douglas C. Smith ‘67 Edwin and Barbara Smith J. Michael and Jacki L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Leroy Smith Juanita A. Smith Lee and Carolyn Smith Smitty Dorene L. Smith Chester and Margaret Smulski Beverly A. Snelling Norman E. Soash Ms. Nicole E. Stock Evan and Mary Sohm Rudy U. Solera

Dr. Andrew J. Solomon Stacey A. Solovey Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sorrentino Fernando and Carol Sousa Tammy and Stephen Sparco Mr. John Spasiano Constantin and Janet Spatoulas Mrs. Mary Esther Spell Andria Spence Mrs. Kimberly A. Sperling John A. and Mary Ann Spinnato Jack G. Spirtos Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Sprehe Ms. Vivanya Srichumsin Patricia A. Sriram Todd and Donna St Louis James and Ellen Stack Cory A. Stahl Scott Stalter Leonard C. Stancombe John and Kelli Stargel Kenneth Stark and Patricia De Leon Stark Dr. Neil Starr Allan and Carolee Steelman Jodi Steelman Patrick and Janet Steenberge Sara Steinman Erline Gladstone Steinberg Jay and Robin Steinberg Donald and Rita Steiner Joseph Steinke and Nancy Vonnostitz Alvin Steinman John and Sandra Stemmer Cynthia Stephens Robert and Ann Stetekluh Edith Stewart Jack and Holly Stewart Nicole Stickradt Teresa Underhill Stockton Mr. Eugene L. Stokes Janice R. Stone Leverett and Kathy Stone Wayne Story Ms. Terri J. Stover Paul F. Straub Joan Strauman Jarret M. Strawn Mrs. Janice F. Streb CPA Laura E. Strite Andrea Fix Sugden Joseph Sullivan Marianne Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. John S. Sumner Joyce Sundheim Mr. and Mrs. David Supplee Jacquelyn Supple Mr. Devanshu Jitendra Swaly Mr. Richard C. Swirbul Robin Switzer Christine (Doege) Sykes B. and P. Sylestine Mr. Robert A. Sylte Systematic Management Systems Mr. Michael B. Szafranski TJH Packaging & Associates Merrie Tankersley Randy and Bette-Jo Tarnowski Randy Tarnowski II

James and Jo Alice Tarwater Retired Lt. Col. Emmett L. Taylor Glenn L. Taylor Karen A. Taylor Pamela Moore Taylor Robert and Bonnie Taylor Phyllis M. Tellor Mary H. Tennies Mr. Gary M. Terrell The Romano Law Firm, a Professional Association Georges and Deborah Thenault Joan Thibault Stephen J. Thibault Christopher Thiel Lance D. Thomas Stephanie Thomason Jeri L. Thompson Laci Tiarks Thomas and Karen Tilleli Jean M. Timbes Gary W. Tingley, DC John D. Tinny Mary Titano Kim (Nordt) Tompuri Edwin S. Torres Normano Tousignant Stephen B. Towers Martina A. Trapani-Jefferson Travelers Foundation Joseph A. Triano Michael Triano Linda and Vincent Troise Shirley and Daniel Trzaska Yao Tsung Tsai Maxine Tucker Douglas A. Tulp Peggyann Ferugia Tuma Halsey and Elaine Tuthill Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tynes Larry and Debra Tynes Carl G. Unlaub Ernest and Mary Urso Rosario and Connie Urso Flossie P. Uzenoff Will and Carole Valdespino Ronald Valle Sarah M. VanBlaricum Eryn Van Valkenburg Dr. Kathryn VanSpanckeren Melissa Vaughan Jessica Vazquez Mariseli Vega Nicio Vega Jr. Ms. Jasmine Velazquez Francisco Velez Jr. Frank and Joanne Venezia David VerEecke Nancy VerEecke Francine E. Villa Martha Vinas Shawn Vinson Jeannette Vinson Mary and Mark Viseckas Mr. James P. Vlahakis Lisa A. Vodola Robert J. Voege Alysha Vogel Mr. James W. Voss Jr. *Deceased

Gerald and Caroline Voye Karol C. Waddell Michael and Jo Wadleigh Melissa Wadley Edward Wagner George and Joan Wagner Patricia Waldron Mr. John D. Walker Gary and Mary Wall Mackenzie Wallace Kathryne and Christopher Walsh Joseph and Nancy Walsh Ms. Denise M.A. Walthall Gordon and Jennifer Walton Georgine Blum Wapinsky Randall and Pamela Waterman Kimm S. Watson Lynley M. Weade Linda Godshall Weaver Mr. Alexander Wechsler Patricia J. Weiland Dan Weiner Philip and Lisa Weiner Mr. Richard A Weis WellPoint Associate Giving Campaign Richard and Alison Wellington Mr. Michael E. Wells Carlyn Wesley Gordon P. Wesley Malcolm and Marilyn Westly Jenks Wheless Megan Whitmore White Brennan Whitley Steven and Melissa Whitley Patricia Wickard Anita (Wysocki) Wilder Bruce and Kimberly Wildgrube Maj. Richard O. Wilhour Evans Williams James and Pamela Williams Mr. Lee Williams Michele C. Williams Pedro Williams Muriel Cook Willis Michael and Kimberly Wills Fred and Betty Wilson Mac Wilson Erin E. Wilson Hugh Wilson Laurie Wimmer Dr. Bruce Winkler Todd Wittenstein Mr. Charles E. Wolfe Laurie J Woodard Michael E. Woodcock Lawrence and Frances Worden Jimmy D. Workman Jr. Brian S. Wormser John B. Wuertz Andre R. Wyatt Alicia Wyman Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program William D. Yardley IV Ms. Millie Yates Mr. Charles Yezak Jr. Gabriela Yoshimitsu Cynthia A. Young Nelson and Pauline P. Zambito *Deceased

Leo and Ann Zamore Mits and Fannie Zamore Douglas and Stephanie Zaragoza Ben and Nancy Zeltner Mrs. Carol M. Zimmerman Mr. Ronald Zinck David and Donna Zushma FACULTY, STAFF AND FORMER EMPLOYEE DONORS Anonymous Mr. Travis L. Abercrombie Mary Pat Abrunzo Miguel, Lydia, Miguel R., and Gabriel Acosta Mr. Jon E. Albrecht Donna R. Alexander David and Rebecca Alexander Phyllis Alexandroff Michelle Baker Alfonso Dr. Jody Carl Andersen Jane Burris Anderson Mrs. Laura E. Atteberry-David Dr. Gregg Bachman and Sherrie Teddy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bagley Jr. Sam and Cookie Bailey Dr. and Mrs. C. Eric Ballard Mr. Shawn R. Balow Kayla Bannister Schezy and Steve Barbas Wing Barfoot Ms. Lisa K. Beamer Colleen Beaudoin Dr. James Beckman Ms. Ellyn Bender Ms. Mariah A. Bieber Ya-Ju Lin and Dr. Bradford Blackburn Dr. Stephen Blessing Mrs. Jamie K. Blessinger Clayton A. Bodine Louis Bonavita Dr. Lisa Bostick Greg Bowdler Mr. and Mrs. John Brabham Ruth C. Bragg Dr. Susan F. Brinkley Robert and Lorri Bruns Dr. and Mrs. Peter Brust Linda Bryskiewicz Ms. Nora Renee Bugg Jessica M. Burns Stephen and Mary Burroughs Mr. Adrian B. Bush Mrs. Andrea Calow Peter and Vivian Cammick John D. Capouya Dr. Christopher and Julie Capsambelis Dr. Louis M. Carastro Jr. Eric and Andrea Cárdenas Mr. and Mrs. John Carter Chris and Linda Catanach Dr. and Ms. Richard D. Cheshire Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Cloutier Ann Marie Coats Suzanne Edgett Collins Marlyn Cook Judith Aust Cooper Dr. Marcy L. Courier

Dorothy Cowden Dr. Kim Curry Traci Dandeneau Mr. George DaPonte Juliet Davis Ms. Jennifer Del Valle DeCarlo Deveaux Dave and Linda Devine Mr. Paul Dixon and Lt. Col. Deirdre Dixon Mr. Sean M. Donnelly Julie and Al DuFaux Santiago Echeverry Alexandra Ellison Dr. Beth Eschenfelder Dr. Cheri Etling Donna Eubanks Cynthia D. Ezell Ms. Maureen A. Fahey Dr. and Mrs. Martin Favata Mr. Thomas E. Feaster Suzan Felter Pat Fenda Dr. James M. Fesmire Dr. Gina Firth Ms. Margaret E. Flint David and Joyce Ford Mr. Robert E. Forschner Dr. Kari E. Fowler Mrs. Luella F. Franqui Valerie A. French Dr. Bruce K. Friesen Megan A. Frisque Paula Fry Kathleen M. Fryer Mr. Jerome Fulton Ms. Louise H. Gacek Tiffany Garcia Dr. Brian Garman and Dr. M. Suzanne Hiebert Dr. Steven F. Geisz Corey George Dr. Frank Ghannadian Laurie and Tom Giddens Dr. and Mrs.* Francis X. Gillen Michael S. Gilmer Mrs. Deanne L. Godin Ellen Goldman Mrs. Carmen R. Gonzalez Dr. Anne Gormly Shawn and Jeanne Gregory Ms. April B. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Herman W. Groller Jr. Dan and Barb Gura Mrs. Louise M. Hane David and Dr. Deletha Hardin Timothy M. Harding Jay Hardwick Carol Harlow Susan M. Harrell Mrs. Cindy Harrison Dr. Judy Hayden Steve T. Hekkanen Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Hendrix Ms. Beverly D. Hicks Dr. Lola Hidalgo-Calle Dr. Leon Hoke Jr. Barbara A. Holmes Mrs. Stephanie Russell Holz

Thomas and Sheila Hood Michelle Allen Huber Dolores Hull Beth Hunt Mrs. Patricia A. Hunt Ron and Doris Ingersoll Dr. Marcus A. Ingram Dr. Virginia Ingram Dr. David Clark Isele Mrs. Jennifer O. Jamison Joel Jankowski Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Jeffries Adam and April Jones Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Joseph Ciarra Joyner Joyce Keller Sean R. Kelley Mr. Donald W. Kelly Dr. and Mrs. Brian T. Kench Dr. Timothy W. Kennedy Heather M. Kenney Dr. Robert J. Kerstein Dr. Cathy R. Kessenich Asheena Khalakdina Hamid R. Khosrowabadi Jack and Kathleen King Mr. Thomas R. Kolbe Julie M. Kraus Dr. Steve Kucera Dr. Ronald Kuntze Jessica A. Labit Adam P. Labonte Dr. Anthony P. LaRose Mark and Jacqueline LaTorella Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Laurino Ms. Janice Law Dr. James Lee Susan Taylor Lennon Mrs. Connie J. Leow Gina L. Lineberger Mr. John Long Dr. James Lopez Steve and Rose-Marie Magriby Mark Mahmood Cosimo and Pat Maiolo Marla C. Mancini Dr. Haig Mardirosian Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marfise Donald Todd Marrs Melisa M. Martin Charles Edward Mascenik Norma Matassini Dr. Erika Matulich Dr. Andrew E. McAlister UTjournal  Fall 2010  55

donor honor roll

Roy and Nedra McCraw Myra McLeod Todd McNees Dr. Janet McNew Dr. Lori Benson McRae Dr. William McReynolds Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mendelsohn Donald M. Metzger Stephen and Ruth Ann Miller Miguel and Laura Molina Dr. Donald Morrill and Dr. Lisa Birnbaum Kimberly S. Morris Merry L. Morris Michael Munger Mr. James B. Murphy Jr. Dr. Linda L. Musante Dan and Lynn Carn Myers Donovan H. Myrie Donna M. Napoli Fernando A. Nolasco and Judith A. Pacitti-Nolasco Dennis Nostrand Dr. and Mrs. Jay O’Sullivan Dr. Kathleen G. Ochshorn Rick and Sheri Ogorek Ms. Lori A. Oppenheim Brian Overcast Tamara K. Owens Dr. Alfred N. Page and Lynn Manos Page Dr. Scott and Carol Paine Dr. Raymond Papp Carol and Dr. Terry Parssinen Fran Pasetti Ms. Anna M. Passantino Tressa J. Pedroff George and Barbara M. Pennington Mrs. Teresa M. Pergola Judith K. Perlow Jamie Pilarczyk Taylor Albertson Pinke Stuart Pinnock Ms. Cheryl L. Pittenger Mr. Steven M. Platau Dana Plays Dr. Rodney J. Plowman Joyce S. Plumley Kelly Polk Donna Popovich Mrs. Tracey J. Potter Mary B. Prescott, Ph.D. Dr. Terra Pressler Dr. Wayne Price Dr. Mark Putnam Drs. Philip and Jo Ann Quinn Mr. Michael Ranahan Dr. Denis A. Rey Yovan Reyes Dr. and Mrs. William L. Rhey Everett Richards Ms. Sarah Cochran Riedel Dr. Jeanne M. Roberts Ms. Linda A. Rodriguez Robin Roger Curtis R. Rogers Sonia Romero

56  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Mrs. Jean A. Ronso Mr. Dean A. Rooney Steve and Lisa Rorrer Dr. Nancy C. Ross Lezlie L. Rovnanik The Rowland Family Denise M. Rubio Bob Ruday Gloria C. Runton Dr. Hemant Rustogi Charlie and Lisa Ryan Bruce A. and Adajean Samson Dr. Esra Z. Santesso Ms. Nancy A. Saucedo Dr. Edesa Scarborough Sharon and Tom Schaefer Dr. Mary Jane Schenck Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Schlueter Richard Schmidt Scott A. and Lori Rieth Schneider Ms. Krystal R. Schofield Mr. David Schumacher Dr. Joseph and Linda Sclafani gifts IN MEMORiam Francesco Agliano

Sebastian Agliano Louise Agnew

Barbara and George Pennington The Rowland Family Kory Lee Andina

Norman and Marie Andina William “Skinny” Antonini

Judge and Mrs. Paul W. Danahy Jr. Barbara and Mary Beth Holmes Diane Bashaw

Terry Mone

Dennis Breen

Luisa Breen

Col. Julien M. Burkness

John and Jane Sumner

David Anthony Cimino Jr.

Dr. Timothy Kennedy Robert Cooley

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin R. Clay Dickinson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Betty Farrior

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin The Chiselers Inc. Charles and Virginia Mullen

Jaini V. Shah Monica M. Sheridan Dr. Britt Shirley Dr. Gary Simon Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett P. Slaven Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Leroy Smith Dr. Michael Smucker Beverly A. Snelling Mr. Tom Snyder Dr. Andrew J. Solomon Andria Spence Mrs. Kimberly A. Sperling Ms. Cynthia Stephens Dr. and Mrs. John S. Sumner Douglas J. Sutherland Mr. Gil Swalls Drs. Kevin W. Sweeney and Elizabeth Winston Christine (Doege) Sykes Merrie Tankersley Karen A. Taylor Dr. Susan Mary Taylor Bob Terri Jeff and Susan Turner/JS Turner Foundation Jeff Turner/Sieben Foundation Chuck Holmes

Schezy and Steve Barbas Robert and Lorri Bruns David and Linda Devine Laurie and Tom Giddens Dan and Barb Gura B. Scott Higgins Jeff and Stacey Higgins John and Sarah Higgins R. Brian and Mary Higgins Rosemary Jenkinson Joyce Keller Arthur and Marcia Ketchersid Patricia and Cosimo Maiolo Donald Todd Marrs Gene and Patsy McNichols Barbara and George Pennington The Rowland Family Mark and Georgia Schultz Joseph and Linda Sclafani John and Barbara Thurber Sarah M. Van Blaricum

Jack Golly

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin John E. Grady Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Senator Paula Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Jane Hughey Hewit

Neil and Becky Rauenhorst/NJR Foundation

Angeles Ferlita

Bunny J. Pena

Todd McNees

Mickey Perlow

Joyce Keller

Dr. Charles L. Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Richard Powell

Bruce Powell

Frank Pupelo

Angeles S. Ferlita Anmarie Richards

Schezy and Steve Barbas Joyce Keller Bill Rudge

Mary Rudge-Bailey Lula Belle Russo

Avron and June Bryan Judge and Mrs. Paul W. Danahy Jr. Alexis Morgan Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Alvarez Jr. Stephen Speronis

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Alvarez Jr.

Dr. John Mundorff

Richard Hurley

Dorothy Friedfeld

Sara Steiman

Donald Metzger

Paul Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin

Kayla Flamer

Renatta Filewicz Cochran

George Metzger

A. Clewis Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Trudy and Marvin Barkin Sallie and Bruce Holmberg

Frank and Frances Filewicz

Stephanie Thomason Charlene Tobie Edwin S. Torres Maria Torres Normano Tousignant Dan Traugott Dr. Michael Truscott Maxine Tucker Tracey L. Uddin Rosario and Connie Urso Sarah M. Van Blaricum Dr. Kathryn VanSpanckeren Dr. Ronald L. Vaughn Jessica Vazquez Dr. Eric Vlahov Robert J. Voege Michael and Eunkyung Na Voris Dr. Jin Wang Dr. Maria R. Warda Dr. Judith Washburn Dr. Barbara M. Weiss Jeanette A. Weiss Mr. Michael E. Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Retired Lt. Col. Jeffery Thomason Richard C. “Dick” Spoto

Bobbie Karpay

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin Judge and Mrs. Paul W. Danahy Jr.

D. Burke Kibler III

Mary Weekley

William H. King III

Richard F. Keating Kerri D. King Renee Rixon Heather J. Wolfe Sue G. McCord

Flora J. Zbar

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin The Chiselers Inc. Celeste Dervaes Whitehead

June and Avron Bryan

Mary Virginia Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Austin The Chiselers Inc. John Williams

Joanne Sullivan


Mary Margaret Huston Wertz Malcolm and Marilyn Westly Anita (Wysocki) Wilder Mrs. Brenda L. Williams Dr. Bruce Winkler Dr. Norma Winston Michael E. Woodcock Mr. Matthew D. Woods Jimmy D. Workman Jr. Dr. Jennifer Wortham Mrs. Maryellen Wright Mr. Charles Yezak Jr. Dr. Grigorios Zamparas Mrs. Carol M. Zimmerman ALUMNI DONORS


Wenona M. Marbourg


Mark M. Shine


Braulio Alonso* Idelle Mathews Anne E. O’Grady


Florence Rogers Hurn Wilmot E.Y. Paxton*


Odessa D. Eagan John S. Goodson Frances Sessions Hoffmann


Joe D. Mills Mary Collura Raines Harry S. Robertson David L. Webb* Muriel Cook Willis


Dorothy Thonnesen Harper Kathryn Perdicaris Weed


Ina Gotler Colen Margie Bachman Harris Wanda W. Howell Maurine Robles McTyre Gloria C. Runton Elizabeth H. Tanner John H. Tanner


Dorothy P. Cheatham


Sam Agliano Morison Buck Robert O. Hach Pierce J. Harvey Mary Jane Knowles


Alfred S. Austin *Deceased

Dorothy Gonzalez Quarterman


Josephine Agliano Mary Licalsi Cagnina John F. Clements Gloria R. Ferlita Charles Hach Lewis H. Hill John D. Tinny Leonard J. Vidal Miriam Chastain Vidal


Maria Agliano Homer M. Alderman Kendall Baker James E. Connell Claire Downes Douglas J. Forster Joseph Gomez Marian G. Guagliardo Mary Virginia Handley Dot H. Hankins Ben W. Johnson Josephine P. Legault Clifford R. Mott William J. Priff


Sebastian Agliano Thomas E. Bissonnette June Bryan Frank Cacciatore Deloris Patrick Carter Bessie Juanita Dean Charles T. Eldredge* Renee R. Fisher Louise Clayton Giargiari Anthony S Gonzalez Tony Ippolito Gerald S. Jackson Fred H. Kenfield Robert J. Martens Betty M. Maxwell Ray O. McDonald Albert Nieto Joseph Russo John N. Shadgett Paul F. Straub Fannie J. Zamore Milton P. Zamore


John L. Argerious Carol A. Barnes Rose Beiro Barus Vivian Law Berdy Avron Bryan Antonio A. Cardoso Rosario C. Ciccarello Paul W. Danahy Robbins H. Denham John Gibson* Charles B. Jones Madge LaVoy Elizabeth Hayes Maloney Douglas Middlebrook Frank H. Puglisi

Alfonso Romanello Philip S. Rosseter Frank V. Selph Emmanuel J. Suarez


William “Skinny” Antonini* Mary Ficcio Arce Harry Bryan Georgia Reed Danahy Mary Sheridan Easton Elizabeth Ruth Fresh Victor H. Fresh Alice Thomas Hedrick Phil P. Japp William H. Johnson Thomas W. Keene William E. Maloney Sharon Prevatt Juanita A. Smith Mary Esther Spell George E. Wagner Doris Henson Yates Pauline P. Zambito


Heck Adkins Frances Stevens Barksdale Joan T. Coleman John Alfred Cook Dorothy C. Cowden Antoinette M. Giovinco Robert E. Hancock Harley L. Hiers Joseph R. Lopez Louis A. Minardi Gloria Polo Everett F. Prevatt Harvey R. Reilich Ralph Steinberg Joan L. Wagner Robert F. Yates

Martha Berdeal James R. Crosby Henry J. DiStefano Alvin A. Leathers Barbara Bailey Ledoux Norma Lobato Nadine Edwards Miller Walter V. Minahan William H. Minahan Gloria Nasrallah Kenneth R. Nuznoff Edward Perez Eleanor I. Pinyan Richard A. Reece Mario Sanchez Frank Scaglione Ernest C. Segundo Joyce Newell Sundheim Mary Fink Wagner Kenneth Ted Williams


Robert E. Beach Charles E. Fisher George H. Grant Manuel Lobato Eugenie Myers Frank R. Sabella William T. Sams Ernest Urso William Valdespino

William P. Bosworth Robert C. Brenner Pauline B. Crumpton Austin R. Curry Audrey Douglas Ellison Joan S. Gonzalez G. B. Henry Etelvina A. Hutchins Robert D. Hutchison Mary Aurora Llende Bob Martinez Vincent J. Mercadante Tillman D. Moore Richard M. Nichols Lionel Polo Nanette Nivens Rodgers Anthony J. Scionti Doris Sempert Joan Strauman Rosario Urso Nicio Vega Gerald L. Voye Raymond H. Wagner Ellis R. Wheatley Faye I. Wheatley Frances Ippolito Worden Lawrence H. Worden John B. Wuertz Manuel J. Yglesias




Katharine W. Barker William W. Bennett Joseph P. Bodo Raymond C. Bozich Ward Cooper Joyce Wamble Glauser Charles J. Harris Elizabeth Hyde Harris Robert A. Hathaway Barbara B. Jeffrey Jayne Anderson Smith


Peter Albano

Joseph A. Beiro UTjournal  Fall 2010  57

donor honor roll

Roland A. Blanco Mary Lou Bondi Ruth C. Bragg Harry Y. Britton Ronald L. Cinnamon Ida A. Felicione Coe Dorinda Diaz D’Agostino Harold E. Davis Charles V. Downie Leroy G. Drew Louis Giacobbe Caridad Herrick Angelo Ippolito Phyllis Hagin King Rosemary Leathers Richard H. Lee Lionel O. Leon John B. Mackie Mary Mackie Rosemarie Rogers Middleton Ethlyn Coggin Miller Elmer Arthur Nichols Eleanor Hayes Phillips Tony Saladino Mike G. Skaroulis Richard Sylte James G. Tarwater


Guy F. Amuso George L. Blanco Peter M. Ciccarello Charles Coleman Edna L. Falter Robert Florio Robert F. Garcia Fred Girgis Michael Hubbell Geraldine Law Hynes Grace M. Ippolito James E. Jeffrey Joan Mae Jones Patricia L. Kimbrell Frank V. Kretzmer Pamela Shaffer Lanning Thomas A. Leonard Charles R. Milian Paul Austin Perrine Howard L. Sinsley Wayne Story


Wade G. Birch Wallace Blount 58  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Sandra Perez Bobko Ramona Davenport Dinorah L. Erb Sam A. Giunta William W. Leonard Chris Maurici Barbara McClamma Merry D. Rayl James C. Roberts Gilbert M. Rodriguez Shirley J. Russo Diana Ray Stanley Richard C. Swirbul Robert L. Taaffe Andre R. Wyatt


Robert A. Burwell Rene D. Carrera Willard Fein Robert J. Fox Ralph M. Griffin Walter L. Hilgart Angelo D. Ippolito Leterica Kickliter Diana G. Maurici Jan Newbanks Reagin Joan Roque Raul Roque Nina Jane Sinsley


Melton R. Battle Joe Ciccarello* Axel W. Claesges Silvio Crespo Gilmore A. Dominguez John W. Hanna DeEtta Jenkins Gerald A. Krumbholz Josephine P. Mandese Judee Lee McKernan Suzanne Morse Andrew M. O’Connor Joseph B. Obusek Marlene Steinberg Maxine T. Tucker Larry R. Wagers Richard O. Wilhour


Thomas M. Ackerly Carolyn Jane Adams Patricia Alchediak Giovanna Jennie Campisi Alan Chameides John J. Daoud William H. De Celle Robert Delgado Dominick J. Ginex Mimi Quick Hanna Doris M. Hinson Byron E. Holley Terry Louis Drew Mohr Brenda J. Nousiainen George A. Nousiainen Sylvia D. O’Neill Mary Anne Obusek

Roger T. Pettit Nelson Roccaforte Jeanette DeGuzman Valenti


Jean Lackovic Amuso AnnMarie Armstrong William W. Barnes William Baur Marcus B. Crisman Howard Engel Alice Carter Lawton Ralph Lazzara George T. Lewis Peter Morris Peck Luciano A. Santa Cruz James D. Smalley Robert A. Sylte Anthony Yelovich


Ronald L. Brett Thomas L. Doan Ilmars N. Dzilna Overton G. Ganong Luis Garcia John E. Horst Kevin M. Hughes Gove Johnson Gerald Kutzman Richard Massey Thomas G. McMurtrie Jerome M. Meguiar Peter J. Meoli George T. Moran Patricia A. Pladdys Jerome D. Quinn Wilanne Starling Stowe Peggyann Ferugia Tuma


Robert W. Becker Ralph F. Bohlke Robert C. Calafell Maria B. Diaz David Earle Dutch Anne Ferguson Gary E. Garbis Monique G. Groulx Stephen P. Hess Janet R. Matthews Garrett T. McKernan Rey A. Neville Charles D. Norton Joseph P. Orlando Erline Gladstone Steinberg Craig C. Sturken Jacques A. Verron James P. Vlahakis John V. Whitbeck


Judy M. Alvarez Owen James Anders Robert H. Ashmead Eugene G. Battenfeld James Bessette Gerald Bielawski Joe M. Collera

Richard B. Faunce James J. Hayden David Maguire Edward C. Martin Lee H. Matthews Sylvia Roque McGinty Suzanne T. McInerney Robert F. Meredith Adrienne Menendez Napoli Eric W. Nelson Sonia Savage Jason C. Scarlata Douglas C. Smith Robert J. Terri Marilyn J. Westly


Jerry Jones Bressin Freddie M. Crumpton Michael P. Davis Gerald W. Eppley Alphonse N. Falco Arthur William Gibbons Seth D. Halpern Steven M. Hill Frank J. Johnson Stephen Roy Lowe Joseph D. Midulla Paul N. Minichiello Michaele Taylor Rao James K. Selmser Cary R. Singletary Halsey G. Tuthill Allan P. Waters Morris S. Willner John McRae Wolfe


Robert G. Addems Patricia A. Bales Leo B. Berman Michael A. Catanese John Casey Clark Ted Cranmer Amy J. Doktor John Russell Edge Frank J. Espinosa Joseph E. Fountain Conrad N. Frassa Margery E. Hayes Wayne Hayes Richard P. Hugger Maureen Kearney Clifford W. Korn Rebekkah Housholder Leonard Stephen P. Levy Maria Lopez Manz Francisco R. Martinez Sharon Vartanian McAllister James Meginley Frank A. Meyer William Montgomery William P. Norton James E. Parker Louis Piniella Howard P. Price Norman L. Redding Norman E. Soash


Rudy U. Solera Phyllis M. Tellor


Victor E. Baffa Richard D. Barnett Robert Blanchard Rene Bulnes Gary Cooper Michael J. Davies Louis Desiato Wilfred Gaier Brenda N. Graiser Walter C. Heinrich* Jack King Loren T. Longman Elizabeth MacLeod James S. MacLeod Jerald S. Margolis Samuel W. Musgrave Kathleen M. Peck Frank Permuy Fred E. Pollock George A. Pollock Kathleen C. Stone Gary M. Terrell Joan Thibault Lamar R. Wardell


Miller B. Arbutine Ruth Harmon Bergstrom Bill B. Boyd Mary N. Favata John H. Franks George Frilingos Martin J. Gall Edna Carter Jones Robert A. Kastenbaum Kenneth L. Lee Marilyn Hamlin Longo William B. Martin Ronald A. Mercer Helen Bailey Michaelson Elizabeth G. Moore Bette Denenberg Morchower Jo Ellen Oakes Barbara Kay Powell Susan Scolnick Quackenbush John W. Roy Joann E. Shepard Georgia E. Simmons Carl G. Unlaub Ronald Valle Barbara Weinstein Scarpa Steven Weichselbaum West Brian S. Wormser


Wheeler L. Baker Thomas R. Berg Alfred Brunette Tony V. Chadwick John R. Cooke Thomas S. Corse David P. Elsey Chris Elizabeth Engel Larry J. Frackman Francis E. Johnson *Deceased

Leon H. Levinson Robert D. McCall Gary R. Murphy Stephen W. Murray Arnold H. Price Frederic J. Raymond Guy Richard Thomas Sandy Thomas Hugh Wilson


John F. Back Kenneth G. Bowen Carter D. Brooks Douglas K. Brooks Robert M. Coombs Frank J. Dykeman Paul S. Fronczek Randy L. Hess Florence Jankowsky John E. Lamond Bobby D. Leigh Augustine G. Martinez Marilyn A. Martinez Bruce E. Meltzer Richard L. Milliken Stephen Mulligan Leslie Carlisle Nichols Bernard A. Pargh Annette Bayliss Schwab Janet L. Sciales James V. Slagle Zannie O. Smith Jay Steinberg Andrew Stertzer Charlotte Stertzer Janice F. Streb Jeffery H. Thomason Douglas A. Tulp


Salim Almoosa Constantine T. Bougas William S. Bush Andrew Christensen Roy D. Croy Jill V. Davis Dan Ferrazza Ricki Rosenthal Kasse Richard C. Kjellsen Stephen F. Magriby Frederick B. McKenzie Patricia Menendez Barbara M. Moore Robert F. Olinits Arthur D. Peffer Deborah Peters Rod L. Piatt Clarence Rocka Douglas B. Rowe Peter Russo Emmett L .Taylor Kimm S. Watson


Marie M. Coleman Sandra L. Cullipher George R. Dunn

Debbie Matheson Ferrazza Ronald C. Goeddaeus Jerrold W. Gregory Vincent A. Hoover Stuart G. Kadesh David B. Kerr John G. Kiesling Anthony P. Kopecky Samuel Lasky Michael A. MacDonald Rose-Marie L. Magriby Deanny McCall Richard W. Norfleet Barbara L. Petry Edward M. Presson Tobey Anderson Russell Freddie Solomon Shirley M. Trzaska Mary Anne Wall


James W. Allen Patricia C. Allen Louis S. Bezich Robert C. Bixby Charles D. Blalock Philip C. Bragg Kenton Colwell Thomas E. Feaster Larry I. Gramovot Donna A. Green Marcia L. Inman Jerry Pedrero Grita Vail Perry Everett Richards Scott W. Roberts Richard F. Rockwell Anita Trosky James W. Voss Gordon P. Wesley


Jon C. Arnold Mark I. Bellish John M. Bowler Evelyn P. Butts Richard M. Carris Michael V. Della Penna Lawrence S. Devos Angela Dwork Irvin T. Elias Gerald L. Gillis Regina Gloria Gonzalez Hugh W. Gott Lila L. Johnson-Thomas Hans W. Lux Lueretha C. McCray Lois R. McLane Edward J. Murphy Robert Pearson Mark I. Rockaway Curtis R. Rogers Lawrence M. Rosenthal William J. Schillinger Leonard C. Stancombe Jeanne Chitester Stinger Robert E. Taylor Oscar N. White Alice Christine Wisdom

Ethel B. Woodard Josephine Yglesias


Phineas W. Baugher Julie D. Beckner Wayne A. Borden Xavier F. Cannella Russell L. Clark David W. Devine Alfred R. Dickey Carmen Diez Andrew P. Dwork Joan M. Elder Emily A. Fernandez Harriet Fisher Herbert R. Fisher Robert H. Garner William F. Hawk John T. Heath Jane M. Jennings Virginia Diane Johnston Gail M. Kelly Dennis A. Lopez Tim J. Pelot Benson A. Riseman Eric J. Romanino James Gary Russell William A. Sihler Jack G. Spirtos Linda Godshall Weaver Cynthia A. Young Kathleen S. Zamon


Patricia H. Bussell Peter A. Cammick Dean M. De Negri Ron Dennison Clifford S. Gelbard Robert P. Gelzheiser Kathleen A. Guran Irene P. Johnston David A. Kinser James T. Pate Jr. Diane C. Recine Martha Strickland Replogle Miriam J. Schultz Edward S. Wagner Charles E. Wolfe


Marshall Evan Ames Ricardo L. Arias Robert F. Cascella Wesley J. Champney Sydney C. Comer Robert M. Evanko Karen Brooke Fenton Gonzalo C. Garcia Michael C. Lauder Robert C. McDowell Robert C. Merrill William R. Richardson Naomi Ryan Thomas E. Slaymaker Amy Minoff Southard Fred N. Stribling Dennis T. Trosky UTjournal  Fall 2010  59

donor honor roll

Dorinda Noya Rodriguez Ted Schwartz John M. Sciacca Linda Smeraldi-Lopez Michael S. Southard Teresa Underhill Stockton Eugene L. Stokes Glenn L. Taylor Richard A. Weis



Matthew P. Ansbro Joseph Bonacci Robert A. Bourke Robert G. Brown Larry W. Bryant Rod W. Cooper Richard M. English Samuel Gorgoglione Floyd C. Johnston Thomas A. Meachum Kristina W. Neldner Timothy L. Neldner Michael J. O’Donnell Kristen Price Donald W. Quimby Martyn L. Quinn Timothy Rovnanik Edgar C. Sayles Karen S. Sayles Sharon McBryar Sercombe Jeff R. White


Diane Sangalli Bain Kelly Carrillo Burke Shannon P. Calahan Betty M. Carroll Ann Marie Cascella John E. Crumbley Patrick A. Davis Bonnie Rennie DellaRocco Vincent J. Falcone William G. Gieseking Ralph L. Gonzalez Mark Govin Thomas H. Graham Carole Homler Harry Shelly Havas Hollingsworth Christy L. Hutchison Barbara Wolf Kinsey Gary W. Kleinman Sharon Jann Lynch Nicholas F. Mooney Anthony Pajak Michael D. Perry Robert A. Porreca Bethany Putnam Mark S. Putnam David W. Queen Eleanor S. Quimby Michael G. Quinn Emmy Purcell Reynolds 60  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Mark W. Arrowood William Preston Billig Robert E. Bodmer Chris Catanach James P. Feist Melody Feist Victor M. Fernandez Joyce L. Franz Rosemary Gecan Michael A. Lacy Sylvia G. Leffler Lisa Rosen Lievense Robert J. Muir Michael G. Munger Dale L. Perry John C. Pickart Dennis G. Rears Lisa A. Rorrer Steven M. Rorrer Michael Smith


Keith R. Anderson Kristin K. Cox Connie J. Davis Timothy E. Davis Seth C. Dennis Joseph J. DiBari Keith R. Erickson Laura Kleinman Tom Lee Jill M. Lerman Keith Andrew Lerro Michael F. Miley Michael J. Norton Christopher Pastina Lezlie L. Rovnanik Jeffrey D. Rubel Smitty Dorene Smith Peter M. Waldron Louise Warner


Miguel Acosta Jack L. Beatty Mark J. Caplin Patricia A. Clark Joan M. Gates Joseph H. Kelly Jean-Francois G. Laverdure Terry D. Mone Sandy Lofland Payne Ralph Poetsch Peggy A. Prosser Francisco Velez Deanna L. Waldron Colin B. Wiseman

Adrienne Yates Stephen L. Yates


Rebecca L. Abdoney Laura L. Boyd James Caimano Robert M. Clifford Judith Aust Cooper Ann Dinofsky John T. Duff Beatrice Eckart Carol Ann Eschelman Heather Bailey Ferguson Rufino Galvan Bonnie Hesselberg Helen T. Kerr Tasha Lanne Lohman Michael A. Long Jeffrey C. Mitchell James J. Nolan Susan M. Norton Shannon L. Reynolds Neil Starr Mary Tennies Karol C. Waddell


John M. Barrett James B. Barton Gregory Bonton Lisa Boudreau Kevin E. Brown Mandy Q. Campbell Susan Michelle Carlson Suzanne Edgett Collins Lisa H. Culberson Karen Duda Kathleen Mary Egan Michaela Chambers Fisher Norman T. Haines Michael Halfast Denise E. Halfast Dan S. Ho Mark F. Lapp David J. Lonigro Ellen Batsavage Lonigro Dr. Andrew E. McAlister Ronald R. McClarin Donald W. McKenzie William M. Mulholland Jennifer Pugsley Roger B. Ramsay William C. Rapley Michael J. Rovellada Dayna J. Shock John K. Stargel Leslie R. Stein Pamela Moore Taylor Anita E. Wilder Arthur B. Wilt


Donna R. Alexander Iris M. Alfonso Phaedra D. Backer William E. Carlson Rosemary Clanton Dana L. Crosby-Collier

Abraham L. Cross Sandra Cruse Patrice Cunningham Chad W. Drobisch Pamela Garron Nancy L. Holdstein Marilyn A. Lewis Frankie McBrien Mia C. Nolan Kay M. Rovellada Lauren D. Roy Laura A. Schaffer Roccie A. Soscia Martina A. Trapani Daniel Traugott


John Craig Ainsworth Jane E. Anderson David B. Arnold Lynn Marie Awad Deborah L. Bernhard Clayton A. Bodine Kirk D. Churchill Sally Ann Daniels Maureen A. Fahey Sharon L. Fox Deborah K. Goldmann Lorraine Rafter Graybill James T. Greene Wayne Henriquez Roger A. Herres Janice M. Jacoby-French Therese M. Kominski Benjamin H. Lacy Mark D. Mahmood Constantino Martinez Maria Martinez Sita M. Monti Leann Moore Fernando A. Nolasco Elizabeth A. O’Neil Donna B. Popovich Scott A. Schneider Lisa A. Sherman Stephanie J. Sibley Christine L. Sykes Karen A. Taylor


Michelle Baker Alfonso Patrick H. Allman Jeffrey K. Alpert Laura E. Atteberry-David James A. Beckman Roger S. Campeau Linda H. Catanach Ronald D. Coiro Joseph Daniels Joseph C. Dominguez Lucy Dowie Jerome T. Flynn Jonathan H. Harris Sean R. Kelley Kimberly R. Keravuori Asheena Khalakdina Barry H. Lawrence Stephen H. Mauldin Donald M. Metzger *Deceased

Thomas A. Opalka Peter L. Platteborze Lori Rieth Schneider Kurt R. Schuldes David Schumacher Timothy R. Trzcinski Tracey L. Uddin Elaine R. Watson Douglas P. Zaragoza


Bradley J. Brown Christopher J. Bryan Christine M. Cosgrove Darren Elkind Cynthia D. Ezell Bruce Ford Kevin C. Hall Susan Harrell Douglas Hutcheson Anthony J. Leone Donna J. Long Laura L. Meisler Robert B. O’Brion Lance G. Pandrock Waylon F. Peterson Paul C. Pignataro Michael F. Sherlock Jarret M. Strawn


Rebecca Morgan Alexander David Arango Dianne R. Barnes Tricia L. Brancatella Gregory L. Canty Robert S. Eppenstein Shawn A. Fisher Carole S. Holway Thomas E. Hoover Michelle Allen Huber Sandra S. Jackson Stephen C. Jordan* Thomas E. Kelly Mary E. Liro Angela D. McCutcheon Joseph Miller Carol Petti Michelle Caunin Phillips

gifts IN HONOR

Gary William Tingley Kim Tompuri Bruce E. Wildgrube Charles M. Wilson

Kelly A. Thorson Andrew L. Van Ore Alexander Wechsler Patricia J. Weiland



Michael S. Allain Caterina Bellatin Linda J. Cassella Carol A. Comer Spring Copeland Lea Lavoie Davis Jennifer S. Duda Shawn C. Gregory Gregory Hamilton Jeffrey T. Hause Rebecca A. Holcomb John J. Holton Penelope H. Hulbert John A. Koutroumanis Tatiana S. Manolova Deborah O’Connor James P. Osman Sandip Singh Sahota William G. Sanders Colleen J. Scott Stacey A. Solovey Kristin Strammer-Mallia Andrea M. Sugden Cynthia L. Tynes Jose Eduardo Ubinas Gary M. Zimmerman


Andrew Y. Bonnemort Michael Carastro Sean A. Coniglio DeCarlo E. Deveaux Vincent M. Giampa Jacqueline M. LaTorella Su U. Lee Brian J. Malison Kara P. Mirocke Maria A. Okuniewski Kumar Prasad Willard H. Prynn Alice M. Reid Jeffrey J. Rogo Hunter Swearingen Steven Gaber Arlene S. Gaber

Robert Bruns

Molly Krull

Glenn Burton

Adrian Larson

Bob and Aida Calafell

Patrick J. Murray

Development and University Relations

Suzanne Nelson

Dale and Debra Lewis Robert and Debra Braman Rob and Judy Calafell W. Thomas Snyder III Marsha Dickey

Thomas and Jean Atlas-Valenti Francine Dobkin

Thomas and Jean Atlas-Valenti Jessica English

Bonner Rust


Tim and Mary-Ellen Krull Thomas and Jean Atlas-Valenti James and Kay Murray Thomas and Jean Atlas-Valenti Ashley Peterson

Jack and Susan Peterson Charles Reeder

Sue Lawrence-Reeder Susan D. Vaughn

Joyce Keller

Lance A. Akridge Michele R. Bailey Kyle Bailey Gary S. Beemer Brian C. Bickel William J. Borrell Adrian B. Bush Nancy A. Connor Jennifer A. Covington Gary M. Cross Sandra L. Feltner Jeffrey C. Flemming Chris L. Floyd John P. Foster Jason T. Harris Elizabeth A. Hunt Charles W. Inman Ryan O. Mackie Melisa M. Martin Lori K. McRae Taylor C. Schmitz Christopher C. Thiel Patricia J. Todd David Shawn Vinson Joseph J. Wessel Michael E. Woodcock Jennifer Lynn Wortham


Christopher J. Bagguley Rachel Price Baker James K. Beckmann Jerry W. Begley Gabriel Beyrent James Daniel Botkins Gilda Capitano John M. De Veny Christopher M. Esposito Evan Brauman Fetter Michael Globenfelt Julie D. Gomez Philip M. Jackson Dean W. Jani Geoff R. LeCain Stacey Leigh (Cassidy) Malloy Sarah A. McMullen-Beyrent Beatrice B. Miller Laura H. Molina Cindy K. Perkins Lee A. Schmidt John Spasiano Janice R. Stone Terri J. Stover Michael B. Szafranski Brian C. Ussery


Stephanie D. Caron Christopher J. Doyle Daniel W. Drew Isabella L. Estevez Eliah S. Ewing Vincent J. Frattaruolo

Alexander Gallegos Roger Green Robert C. Heald Jason Kreitzer Julia N. Martinez Marc M. Montalto Melissa J. Nelson Sonia L. Romero Anmarie Richards* Scott M. Stalter John D. Walker Cheryl A. Whiteman Kristen E. Zschau


Shawn R. Balow Russell A. Bruno Bruce Bryan Amy E. Christensen Michael C. Floyd Aimee R. Francoeur Monique Frederick Romeo M. Frederick Sarah Sotomayor Gallo Christof Hammerli Robin L. Haynes Phil M. Holzer Jennifer O. Jamison Colleen R. Krepstekies Deborah S. Llewellyn Randolph S. Pandis Scott R. Slack David Virgilio


Louise H. Gacek Susann M. Golby Amanda Hammerli Suzanne Hiebert Sean Hoover Gregory Lindsey Stuart R. Long Brett J. McMullen Erikka O. Schumacker Fritz Tanis Jimmy D. Workman


Jennifer Aquino Jennifer D. Bernhart Mariah A. Bieber Beverly D. Bodine Michael S. Buday Kevin A. Carver Heather J. Connolly Michael Faxas Margaret E. Flint Deborah Folino Jeanne K. Gregory Robert C. Kahns Cory C. Malatesta Kathryn Meachum Sean T. Quigley Sarah Cochran Riedel Eric S. Sidor Natalie Sidor Edith F. Stewart Denise M. Walthall Kimberly A. Wills UTjournal  Fall 2010  61

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Michael A. Wills Brandy Wimberly

Carol A. Tortarelli Megan A. White



Annika Abrahamsson Daniel J. Buchholtz Debra L. Chadwick Jason D. Connolly Edward L. Dalton James P. Gaines Jennifer Garcia Milagros Figuereo Hix Candace G. Hobbs Thomas R. Kolbe Beth Lahusky Richard N. Langton Celia B. Larimore Rafael T. Lee Robert E. Lee Samuel R. Metott Necia N. Mohammed Mary Jade Moore Kristen A. Morin Nancy Lynn Muggelberg Katie E. Murphy Brian Simmons Erin M. Simmons Mary A. Slater Laci Y. Tiarks


Sarah E. Brownlee Gloria D. Darrigo Babatola Durojaiye Stacy A. Estes Jeff R. Foxenberger Angela J. Gillisse Harold N. Haynes William H. Hitzelberger Teresa M. Jimenez Cheryl Kwoka Jesse C. Landis Nadia K. Naffe Geneva K. Palaidis Teresa M. Pergola Rodrigo Rodriguez-Novas Heather M. Shaw Nicole E. Soda Kimberly C. Stien

Suzanne M. Bilicska Jennifer G. Del Valle Lisset J. Diaz Jason T. Dickey Jessica L. Drees Lynley M. Fischbach Linda C. Fowler Angela M. Gibney Yanira Gonzalez-Burd Deanna L. Hutchins Brian S. Krieger Jacqueline M. Lejeune Tristam W. Lynch Lena H. Makurath James S. Pace Tressa J. Pedroff Tasha M. Schmidt Kimberly A. Sperling Jasmine Velazquez Courtney J. Wheless Matthew D. Woods


Travis L. Abercrombie Lindsay Ann Albright Natalie Lou Allgeier Katherine L. Barkey David M. Bohnsack Jessica M. Burns Kimberly A. Caplis Christine S. Check Rodrigo M. DaSilva Kelly Falconer-Miller Michael P. Flood Bryon J. Ingalls Adam W. Jones April L. Jones Nora V. Jones Dana M. MacNamara Donald Todd Marrs Elizabeth V. Marsicano Amanda E. Matsumoto Michael A. Migliorino Gerri M. Morena David A. Mosakowski Albert G. Pless Raymond B. Quinones Assad A. Raza Dean J. Ricca Jaini V. Shah Kerrie A. Sweeney Andre Tomlinson


Gabriel F. Acosta Charles P. Austin Gregory A. Bowdler Darlene M. Caro Elisabeth M. Daniel Ivana M. Diaz Karlvin Duperval Jamie L. Fox Douglas L. Graham Kimberly A. Gramm April B. Griffith 62  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Jocelyn N. Holt Sheri A. Huelster Kristina L. Justen Jeffrey L. Lackey Joseph P. Laurino Victoria R. Lazuka Allison R. Macsas Kevin M. Maust Michael P. McEleney Margaret M. Peterson Monica M. Sheridan Vivanya Srichumsin Sara W. Steiman Devanshu Jitendra Swaly Carlyn Wesley Brenda L. Williams


Jamie K. Blessinger Troy L. Cogburn Heather-Lynn Eli James M. Glover Cindy L. Kell Saeed Alexander Moghadasi Angela Msimbira Patricia A. Mullen Olurotimi O. Phillips Jarrod P. Randel Karen A. Thompson Lisa A. Vodola Robert J. Voege


Jonathan A. Ash Alice Borrego-Castillo Cheryl M. Brouette Alexandra R. Colley Matthew J. Dawson Brian E. Devlin Amber K. Drach Christine A. Fanning Richard J. Ferner Valerie A. French Kim S. Guernsey Timothy J. Herrmann John A. Isola Michelle L. Kalnasy Adam P. Labonte Gina L. Lineberger Kimberly J. Marrero Melvin A. Medina Gerold Meininger Janelle L. Middents Tiffany L. Miller Gregory Pepitone Charles G. Powell Anthony J. Raiano Lyle A. Robinson Dean A. Rooney Carrie E. Ryan Amanda J. Rydza Anthony J. Scuotto Ashley N. Smith Marvin P. Socha Patricia A. Sriram Laura E. Strite Normand Tousignant Trevor K. Van Knotsenburg Melissa J. Wadley

Michele C. Williams William D. Yardley


Caroline V. Avery Julie A. Becker Shauna E. Berry Emma J. Boyer Nolan B. Brannon Charlotte D. Brittain Lauren A. D’Acierno Blair M. DeNatale Lauren J. Denney Wenola R. Edwards Ryan B. Ford David E. Forry Shelley Ann George Emily A. Gordon Nataliya E. Grygoryeva Brianna E. Jackson Heather M. Kenney Steven D. Knisley Garrett W. Komiskey Michael T. LaGrotta Kyle P. Madden Paula C. Peters John W. Phifer Nicole I. Propp Gina-Maria Roca Allison B. Rodgers Nicholas J. Roy Cory A. Stahl Barbara A. Stubbs Yao Tsung Tsai Alysha J. Vogel


Zachary R. Adams Whitney M. Bladen Shannon L. Bradley Corey B. Brandfon Rachel Browning Tanya C. Brunner Marla Carangi Danielle L. Cohen Janet C. D’Iorio Katherine Dobbins Sabrina L. Drzal Sally G. Eagleton Kourtney V. Eckert Amanda M. Garcia Tiffany N. Garcia Hani Haddad Eric S. Hammons Scott M. Harmon Scott A. Jefferis Jennifer E. Jones James F. Kirk Jessica A. Lack Neil F. MacMillan Adam R. Maingot Gertie W. Mallard-Teal Geraldo Mattioli Katherine T. Maxie Alan Mehanna Vikas Mehra Nicole D. Miranda Michaelann Murphy Tamara K. Owens *Deceased

Taylor R. Pancoe Melissa L. Pelaez Sergio D. Perez Amber E. Rehman Robert R. Schneider Katherine A. Sorrentino Jodi E. Steelman Nicole E. Stickradt Joseph M. Sullivan Marianne Sullivan Mariseli Vega David J. VerEecke Martha I. Vinas Mackenzie L. Wallace Georgine Blum Wapinsky Alicia J. Wyman


Megan A. Bailey Kayla D. Bannister Christopher S. Bisson Kaitlin E. Hall Caroline E. Harvey Kate Harvey Evan T. Jones Kevin M. Kelly Lenford G. Levy Joseph J. Lisewski Lauren A. Marsicano Laura E. Mayes Lloyd J. Pimentel Brittny S. Quinn Lisa M. Silver Jacquelyn Y. Supplee Randy M. Tarnowski Eryn Van Valkenburg Tanner A. White Brennan C. Whitley UT ENDOWMENTS The University of Tampa gratefully acknowledges the individuals, corporations and foundations that have established an endowment. They have been instrumental in securing the University’s future. New Endowed Scholarships begin with a commitment of $50,000 or more. Anonymous Jane and Sid Allen Endowed Athletic Scholarship Alfredo Antonini Endowed Music Award Athletic Director’s Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Larry Marfise Kyle and Michele Bailey Endowed Scholarship R. K. Bailey Endowed Scholarship Bank of America Endowed Scholarship Edna McDuffie Barritt Endowed Scholarship Lillian K. Bassler Endowed Scholarship (ROTC) Beck Endowed Scholarship for Athletics Sam Ellison/Beck Endowed Scholarship for Athletics Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Endowed Nursing Scholarship *Deceased

Board of Counselors Endowed Scholarship Board of Fellows Endowed Scholarship Board of Trustees 75th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship Dr. J. Bohren Endowed Scholarship Borrell Family Endowed Scholarship Borrell Family Endowed Scholarship for Athletics Lydia Briggs Endowed Tennis Scholarship Bright House Network Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students William G. and Sarah E. Brorein Endowed Scholarship Fund Robert C. and Aida G. Calafell Endowed Scholarships Doyle E. and Nell R. Carlton Endowed Scholarship William J. Carter Endowed Award Barbara E. Casey Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Chiselers Inc. Endowed Scholarship Fund Clarence Clark-Clearwater Power Squadron Endowed Scholarship (Marine Science) Class of 1992 Endowed Scholarship Class of 2002 Endowed Scholarship Class of 2010 Endowed Scholarship Robert W. Cook Memorial Endowed Scholarship W. Hampton Copeland Jr. Endowed Scholarship (Business) A.L. Cuesta Jr. Endowed Scholarship Paul and Georgia Danahy Endowed Scholarship Fund Helen A. Davis Memorial Endowed Scholarship Dr. David Delo Science Endowed Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Dervaes Sr. and Family Endowed Scholarship Paul N. Dervaes-Celeste Dervaes Whitehead Endowed Scholarship Julia I. Dickenson Endowed Scholarship (Lineal descendants of Confederate veterans) Darin Donahue Endowed Scholarship (Tennis) G. Paul Dorfmuller Endowed Art Scholarship Maureen A. Rorech Dunkel (General Endowment) William L. Edwards Endowed Veterans Scholarship Charles T. and Carol A. Eldredge Endowed Scholarship David A. and Mary Irene Falk Memorial Fund Endowed University Scholar The Reverend Andrew Jackson Ferrell Sr. and Sarah A. Ferrell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Tom Fitzgerald Endowed Soccer Scholarship Julia and Sam Flom Endowed Nursing Scholarship Sherman B. Forbes Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jack Foster Memorial Endowed Scholarship Ali and Augustina Garba Endowed Scholarship Dr. Curtis Gilgash Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Psychology) Charles E. Goulding Jr. and Germaine Goulding Endowed Chemistry Scholarship Charles E. Goulding Jr. and Germaine Goulding Pamunkey Indian Endowed Scholarship Anne Graham Memorial Endowed Scholarship G.R. Griffin Endowed Scholarship J.A. Griffin Jr. Endowed Scholarship Hardin Construction Endowed Scholarship John L. and Margaret Harrell Endowed Scholarship Fund (Minority Students) William Randolph Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship for African American and Hispanic Students Margaret Sweeten Henderson Donaghay Founders Endowed Scholarship (Nursing) Jane Hughey Hewit Memorial Endowed Scholarship Nash Higgins “Rat Hole Gang” Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fred L. and Betty W. Hogan Endowed Scholarship Fund Holton-Enlow Endowed Scholarship (Honors) Phil M. and Caroline Holzer Endowment Fund Hoover International Endowed Scholarship Houghton General Endowment Jeffrey House Endowed Scholarship The Jacarlene Foundation Endowed Scholarship Helen Drysdale Jones Endowed Scholarship Gloria and Walter Kazor Endowed Music Scholarship Richard Keating Endowed Scholarship James M. Kelly Memorial Endowed Scholarship Kessler-Wittcoff Endowed Scholarship Peter O. and Girlie Knight Endowed Florida Scholarship The Jack Larrison Endowed Scholarship Fund Dr. C. Herbert Laub Endowed History Award Marian E. Learey Endowed Memorial Award (Continuing Studies) William D. Leith Endowed Scholarship Fund for the College of Arts and Letters William D. Leith Endowed Scholarship Fund for the College of Natural and Health Sciences William D. Leith Endowed Scholarship Fund for the College of Social

Sciences, Mathematics and Education William D. Leith Endowed Dean’s Fund for the College of Arts and Letters William D. Leith Endowed Dean’s Fund for the College of Natural and Health Sciences William D. Leith Endowed Dean’s Fund for the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education William D. Leith Endowed Provost Fund J. Lindenmeyer Political Science Endowed Award Sumter L. Lowry Freedom Endowed Award (ROTC) MacKinnon Family Endowed Scholarship James and Elizabeth MacLeod Endowed Scholarship Mayor’s Hispanic Advisory Council Endowed Scholarship MBAA Endowed Scholarship Dr. Sue Gordon McCord Endowed Memorial Award K.I. McKay Endowed Scholarship Mary Matilda McKay Endowed Scholarship Eugene H. McNichols Endowed Nursing Scholarship Meachum/Walker Family Endowed Scholarship for Academic Excellence Merchants Association Endowed Scholarship Fund Merchants Association Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Richard C. Swirbul James D. Milligan Endowed Scholarship (Transfer Students) Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore Endowed Award Clifford R. Mott and Mary Cribb Mott Endowed Book Fund Clifford R. Mott and Mary Cribb Mott Endowed Scholarship Fund Dr. Elwood C. Nance Freshman Endowed Scholarship Gary Nix Memorial Endowed Award Paul D. O’Donnell Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Business) Lisa Pauchey Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award (ROTC) Art Pepin Golf Endowed Scholarship The Polish Heritage Endowed Scholarship (Polish descent) UTjournal  Fall 2010  63

donor honor roll

Fred E. and Jeanette Pollock Endowed Award Philip Quinn Endowed Education Abroad Award President’s Leadership Fellows Program Endowed Scholarship RBK Architects Endowed Scholarship Austin and Arline Rising Scholarship (Business) The Royal Krewe of Sparta Endowed Scholarship for Student Athletes Ralph Russo Memorial Endowed Scholarship William J. “Big” Sammis Endowed Scholarship Samson Scholars Endowed Scholarship The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Dan and Lisa Almendares The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Dr. William Anton The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Stephen J. Barger, general manager, Ed Morse Cadillac The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Simon Canasi, second foundation president The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in memory of Henry Fernandez, first foundation president The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Bernardus Geradts The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Joe C. Granda ’50 The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Hernan Leon, third foundation president The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Joseph R. Lopez ’53 The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Richard A. Nimphie The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Joe Petrillo, AutoNation market president Florida Region 64  UTjournal  Fall 2010

The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Paul J. Sierra, past foundation president The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Chris Trotti, general manager, Lexus of Tampa Bay The Sant’Yago Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Scott Zykoski, Millennium Bank Saunders Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund The Joseph and Linda Sclafani Endowed Psychology Student Research Scholarship Ernest C. Segundo Sr. and Connie Felicione Segundo Endowed Presidential Scholarship T. Terrell and Neva S. Sessums Endowed Scholarship Fund John Edgar Sheridan Jr. Endowed Continuing Education Scholarship Frank and Allene Smid Endowed Educational Scholarship Bill and Barbara Starkey Endowed Teaching Scholarship Tampa Alpha Memorial Endowed Scholarship Jerome Taylor Endowed Scholarship Rick and Sandy Thomas Endowed Scholarship Lloyd G. and Jeannette C. Tingwall Endowed Scholarship UT Women’s Club Endowed Scholarship UT Endowed Athletic Training Scholarship UT National Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Glenn Waddell Endowed Scholarship Mary G. Wade Endowed Scholarship T.E. Wade Family Endowed Scholarship Marcella and Bob Wallace Endowed Scholarship John B. and Michéal West Endowed Scholarship Morris Edward White Endowed Scholarship (Pre-Law) Joe and Vilma Zalupski Endowed Scholarship Fund Endowed Centers, Chairs, INSTITUTES AND PROGRAMS Bailey Student Investment Fund Gordon and Patricia Campbell Endowed Chair for Religious Studies Tammis Day Endowed Program for The University of Tampa Press Walter R. Faries Memorial Endowed Book Fund Max H. Hollingsworth Chair of American Enterprise Max and Ivy Hollingsworth Project Development and Innovation Endowed Program Fund Karl Kreher Memorial Endowed Program (Economics and Business) Krusen Graduate Studies Endowed Program

Judith M. Mandt Visiting Writers Endowed Program Naimoli Endowed Institute for Strategic Analysis J. Sykes Endowed Center for Ethics TECO Energy Endowed Center for Leadership James Walter Endowed Chair for Entrepreneurship Ybor Foundation in Memory of Don Vicente Martinez-Ybor Endowed Program CORPORATE AND Foundation GIFTS Anonymous (2) AACSB International AFO Imaging Inc. AT&T Foundation Matching Gift AXA Foundation Absolute Services Inc. Ad Litem Paralegal Services Inc. Adams Court Reporting Inc. Adecco Advanced C4 Solutions Inc. Air Cleaning Solutions All American Containers Altadis U.S.A. Inc. Ament Agency Inc. Amscot Financial and the MacKechnie Family Architectural Tile & Marble Inc. Auburndale Chiropractic LLC/Sara and Chad Sundermeyer B&N College Booksellers Inc. Babson Capital Management LLC Baby Rock Apparel Inc. Bailey Family Foundation Baltimore Ravens Bank Atlantic Bank of America Bank of America Matching Gifts The Bank of Tampa Bayshore Law Group Beck Group Blowin’ -N- the Wind Management Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Florida Mr. Anthony J. Borrell Jr./Borrell Family Foundation Inc. Bright House Networks Bristol-Myers Squibb/Lilibeth D. Zandueta Burton Restaurants LLC Buyers Resource of Gasparilla Island Inc. CAMTINC C&H properties CFO Inc. CMB Components Inc. CK Capital Management Corporation CLF Consulting Inc. Cannella & Green PA Paul Carastro/Carastro & Associates Inc. Carlton Fields/Mr. Edgel Lester Carroll Air Systems Inc. Central Lightning Protection Inc. Centurion Homes

Citigroup (Tampa) Citigroup Foundation Citizens Health Center Inc. ClothesFriends The Coca-Cola Foundation Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Conn Memorial Foundation Courtyard & Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown Tampa Marriott Courtyard Westshore Crofton & Sons Inc. Crowe Horwath, LLP Crowne Plaza Tampa West Shore Darden Restaurants Foundation Gift Matching Program The David A. & Mary Irene Falk Memorial Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay David A. Straz Jr. Foundation David C.G. Kerr Memorial Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Dr. F.W. Spaulding Fund Through Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Eagle River One 2000 Inc. Eaton Orthopedics LLC Elizabeth L. Hapner, Attorney at Law Evans/Reyburn Exelon F. and J. Crawford Fund Within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Feldman Orthodontics Fernandez Bay Village LTD. Financial Book Management Inc. First Class Coach/Martz Group First Command Educational Foundation/Jim Petersen Allan Fisk/Crowe, Chizek and Company LLC Florida Association of Benthologists Florida Default Law Group PL Florida Independent College Fund (FICF) Friedrich Watkins of Tampa LLC Garcia & Ortiz P.A. Gaspar’s Cigar Shoppe Gasparilla Distance Classic/Ms. Susan Harmeling Glenn, Rasmussen, Fogarty & Hooker/ Michael Hooker Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program R. Mark Govin/Mark Master Inc. Gramling Environmental Law PA Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Gregory, Sharer & Stuart Certified Public Accountants Griffin Service Corporation Gulf Marine Repair Corporation HMRTLLC Hardeman Landscape Nursery Inc. Harry E. Teasley Jr. Foundation Harvey’s Electric Company Inc. Hill Ward Henderson Hillsborough River Realty Corporation/ Mr. John J. Avlon Mr. John F. Germany/Holland and Knight Charitable Foundation *Deceased

Hoover’s Spit & Polish Howard Johnson Farms Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Hyatt Regency Tampa J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation JGR Funeral Services Inc. JR Tobacco Outlet Inc. JS Turner Family Foundation James R. Burris Construction Company Inc. The Joy McCann Foundation K&S Infinity Inc. Kaplan Inc. Kelsa Properties PA KimbaCorp Inc. Kirkland, Russ, Murphy & Tapp PA Knight Diamond Group Inc. Kurrack Financial Services Inc. LFF Inc. Las Damas de Arte Inc. Law Office of Tonya A. Oliver, Esquire, PA Legacy Administrative Services Inc./ Mr. Frank R. Pokorny Levy Awards & Promotions Lightning City Gymnastics Inc. Lindsey Consulting & Management Inc. Lowry Murphey Family Foundation M&I Bank Macquarie Group Foundation Mangrove Wealth Services LLC Mark Sevegny Construction Contractor Inc. Matassini Law Firm Mayor’s Hispanic Advisory Council McLain Plumbing Company McNichols Company MedImmune LLC Merck Partnership for Giving Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc./ Thomas Meachum Messina Holdings Inc. MetLife Foundation Michael J Leding Jr. & Associates Inc. Midocean US Advisor/Don DeFosset Mills & Associates Inc. Mise En Place Inc. Morgan Stanley The Musante Family Foundation Music On Your Mind Associates NJR Foundation/Neil J. Rauenhorst New Age Fastening Systems Inc. New Tampa Dance Theatre Northern Trust Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Program Novo Nordisk Matching Gift Program Numara Software Inc. Oliva Tobacco Company/Mr. John Oliva On Your Toes Optics Soho PA Orlando Magic Ltd. Ossi Financial Inc. PKS Rentals Inc. PNC Foundation Pepin Distributing Company/Mr. Bill G. Gieseking Pepsi Bottling Group Peter Brown Construction Inc. Platinum Bank *Deceased

Premier Eye Care of Florida LLC Prida Guida & Company, P.A./Mr. Luciano Prida Jr. Private Wealth Group/Stephen F. Segundo Prodigy Flooring Inc./Rodney Williams Prosport Management Inc. Prudential Foundation Publix Supermarkets Charities Inc. RLJ Lodging II REIT, Sub., Inc. Ralph Russo Memorial Fund Raytheon Company Redding Consulting Inc. Reel Nice-N-Easy LLC Regions Bank Regions Associate Matching Gifts Program Remmes Orthodontics PA Restaurants of Dough Developers LLC Robert L. Fornaro Family Fund Robert Reid Wedding Architect Roche Surety Inc. Ron Dennison Insurance Agency Inc. Rosenkranz Law Firm Roy McCraw Jr. and Nedra McCraw Family Fund w/in Comm. Fnd. Ryan Companies US Inc. S&S Craftsmen Inc. SDA Bocconi School of Management SPW Painting & Wallcovering Inc. Sailport Resort Sant’Yago Education Foundation Inc./ Dr. Rex Damron Mr. Kenneth D. Schwartz/The Schwartz Corporation SellState Realty Systems Network Inc. Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel Shilling Contracting Inc. Sieben Foundation Inc. Frank Cardinal/Skanska Sky-Hi Building Services Corporation Smooth Cut Lawn Service Sodexo Campus and Food Services Specialized Property Services Inc. Sports Club of Tampa Bay Starboard Group of Tampa LLC State Farm Companies Foundation Sykes Enterprises Inc. Systematic Management Systems T. Rowe Price Foundation Inc. TJH Packaging & Associates Truist Tactile Signage Inc. Tampa Armature Works Inc. Tampa Bay Advertising Federation Inc. Tampa Greyhound Track Tampa Screens & Aluminum Inc. Tampa Sports Club Foundation The Tampa Tribune Tampa Woman’s Club Techawk The Romano Law Firm, a Professional Association The South Financial Group Thomas Financial Group Tomlin Staffing Services Travelers Foundation Plato’s Closet Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

UPS USAA Foundation UT Family Association San Antonio Area Foundation Tocqueville Society Personal Giving Fund of Patti & Mike Simpson United Way of the Greater Seacoast United Way of Tampa Bay United Way of Tri-State VVMS LLC Vanguard Charitable Endowments Program Verizon Foundation Vigo Importing Company Inc. VoltAir Consulting Engineers The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation The Walter Foundation Welch Family Fund within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay WellPoint Associate Giving Campaign West Coast Umpire’s Association Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program ZFD Inc./Bruce Meltzer Zeno Office Solutions PARENT AND FORMER PARENT DONORS Anonymous (3) John Abert Miguel, Lydia, Miguel R., and Gabriel Acosta Virginia and Andrew Adelson Aaron and Jill Alexander Daniel B. Almendares Jr. Dan and Lisa Almendares Sheron Alves Peteris and Candace Anuzis Ralph and Ann Apicella Anthony and Pamela Armbrister Robyn Arnold Fred and Masuyo Artis Jonathan Ash Anne Aslan Nora Ayala Gregg Bachman and Sherrie Teddy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bagley Jr. Brad, Kathy, Megan and Matthew Bailey Bradley and Kathleen Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bakalor James and Terrie Baldwin Lynn M. Banigan Schezy and Steve Barbas Marivic Barone Robert L. Barrett Dr. Hal Bashein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Basile Murray and Joane Bass Frederick and Grace Bauer James Baumann John and Karen Beagles Elizabeth Bearden April Beattie Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. (Wally) Becker Jr. Jeffrey and Kimberlee Beecham Manuel and Elisa Beiro

Donald and Elizabeth Benedetto Jeff and Irina Bengter Roger and Judy Bensinger Douglas and Eileen Bercham Hillary R. Bercovici Mr. and Mrs. William A Berkoski Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Berman John and Deborah Berry Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Bertoch Jim Bessette Gayle and Phil Bieluch Ward and Chris Billhartz Gordon and Gail Bilsland Brian and Chris Black Bruce and Marta Black Mr. G. Robert Blanchard Sr. Tom and Pat Blandford Joseph and Lisa Blank Jerome and Brenda Blattner Brian and Karen Bogart Lauren Bogensberger Dean and Tracey Bolton Wayne A. Borden Dr. Lisa Bostick James and Joyce Bowers Brian and Virginia Brady David and Patricia Branham Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Brannon Arthur and Veronika Breitbach John and Ilene Brennan Mr. Walter T. Bromfield Gregory S. Brooks Stephen and Loraine Browning Robert and Lorri Bruns Dr. and Mrs. Peter Brust Mr. Larry W. Bryant Linda Bryskiewicz John and Karen Buckley Lynn Bulmer and Randall Lowe Paul and Donna Burns Ms. Evelyn P. Butts Mark and Cecilia Cacciatore Maryann Cailia-Lehane Mrs. Andrea Calow Oscar and Cecilia Calvo Patrick and Geraldine Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Cangiano Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Caplan Dr. Christopher and Julie Capsambelis

UTjournal  Fall 2010  65

donor honor roll

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cardi Joe Carothers James and Carmen Carson Sharon and Nicholas Castellano Manny Castro Jeffrey and Christine Catanach Frances Fenn Chancey and Richard Koski Pedro L. Chavez and Maria J. Rodriguez Henry Chodosh Samual and Shirley Cibrone Christopher and Elizabeth Anne Clark Jeffrey and Catherine Clark Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Cloutier Mr. Joe M. Collera Jr. Louis and LuAnn Commisso Sindia Conroy Paul and Patricia Coogan Mr. Todd B. Cook and Mrs. Elisa Molano-Cook Frank and Gina Coppa Micheal Corea Jeffrey and Anita Corrao Lawrence and Penny Covelli Donald and Elaine Crowley Dr. Robert Csere Christopher and Teresa Cullen Joseph and Leigh Curatola Dr. Kim Curry Peter and Kathryn Cushing David and Cynthia Cwalina Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. D’Iorio Victor and Sheri Dannin Edwin, Lori, and Leandra Darden Gary and Tracy Davis James Davis Lashawn Davis Scott and Carol Dawson Gerald and Josephine Day John Day and Darla Max Robert F. Dedrick Pat and Joyce DeFilippo Ralph and Barbara DeNatale Donna Denisco Tom and Nancy Delaney Lynne A. Delisle Bonnie Rennie DellaRocco Sheila and Paul Demkovich John and Elizabeth Deserable Joe and Kathleen Destefano Edward and Francine Detmer Dave and Linda Devine Ron and Jane DiCola Ronald DiCola Dr. Steven Dickey Robert and Charlene Dillman Roy DiMartino Juana M Doheny Lee and Melanie Dombrowski Roni and Stuart Doppelt Paul and Christine Dose Robert and Stacey Doss Ron and Carolyn Drach Paul and Cindi Dresselhaus Glenn Duffy Peter and Deborah Dumas Mr. and Mrs. George Duncan Gordon and Deborah Dunham 66  UTjournal  Fall 2010

Pamela and Edward Dupay Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Durkin Beth B. Eagleton Donald and Deborah Earle Robert and Karen Eckert Fidelma Edokpa John and Lois Ellis Floria Epifano Rene and Ada Escamilla Patricia Esdaille Charles and Diane Fabyanski James A. and Jeanette A. Falcon Richard and Rose Ellen Fanning Wynn Fargo John and Debra Ann Farmer Sally Fay Michael and Barbara Feld Michael and Pattie Fiduccia Stephen and Carol Finley Maureen, Russell and Devon Firesinger Dr. Gina Firth Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzsimmons David and Robin Flando Lucy and Gary Fleming James and Ann Marie Floyd Daniel and Suzanne Foley Mr. and Mrs. Ruy B. Fonseca Troy and Deborah Fontaine Robert and Karen Fornaro George and Pamela Fox Ira M. Fox Mrs. Luella F. Franqui Ted and Dianne Fried Robert and Donna Friedhoff Dr. Bruce K. Friesen Mr. Jerome Fulton Sal and Alane Fusco Donald and Donna Gaber Angela Galasso Erica and Savino Gallinelli Mr. and Mrs. Jorge J. Garcia Joy Williams-Garcia and Manuel Garcia Marcia and Alan Gassman Pamela and Scott Gentilucci Jim and Debbie Genuardi Edie and John Gilhart Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gittleson Jeffrey and Susan Glatter Richard E. Goddard Ronnie and Joel Goldsmith Neville and Rebecca Gonsalves Michael and Cher Goodwin Lloyd Gordon Constantino Gorospe Jr. and C. Helena Villon-Gorospe Ira and Risa Gottlieb Amy Greenberg George and Linda Greene Ms. Susan Gruchevsky Iliana Guillen Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Gultz Thomas and Carol Guthrie Charles and Michele Haberkorn Sheila and Paul Hagan Mr. and Mrs. William Hall Meir and Edna Hankes

Fred and Lisa Hannon Kirk and Cathryn Hansen Jeffrey and Susan Harrington Mrs. Cindy Harrison Janis and Robert Harrison Shuree Harrison Ruth and Doug Harsham Alan and Donna Hart John and Mary-Phyllis Harvey Jeffrey and Kristin Hatch Kevin and Ellen Hayes Ronald and Tammy Hayward Mr. William J. Healy Lowell and Ilene Heinke Patty and Pat Hensley Ms. Beverly D. Hicks Jeffery Hipple Keith and Cheryl Hitzke Kimberely and Peter Hofelich Barry Hoferkamp Reinald and Mary Hohenstein Mark and Theresa Holden Susan Houck Ruth and Richard Howe Ms. Carol-Ann Hudson Anthony and Denise Hutchinson Dennis Huth Daniel and Danielle Ipock Dr. David Clark Isele Joseph and Denise Isola Oussama Itani Todd and Barbara Ivler Michael and Laura M. Jacobson Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Jeffries Donald Jenkins Bonnie-Jean Jeseo Dr. Karen E. Johnson Richard and Mary Johnson Joshua and Mona Johnson Evelyn and Ronald Jones Julie Justin Peter Kahler and Sallie Griffin-Kahler Jerry and Mary Kahn Timothy and Terell Kaiser Robert Kapit Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Karr Daniel T. Keitel Jeff and Kathy Keller Tom and Karen Kelly Violetta T. Kenton David and Victoria Kerr Margaret and Michael Khoury Mr. and Mrs. James Kiner Sr.

MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM COMPANIES AT&T Foundation Matching Gift Bank of America Matching Gifts Bristol-Myers Squibb/Lilibeth D. Zandueta CitiFoundation The Coca-Cola Foundation Mr. Evan D. Cooper Darden Restaurants Foundation Gift Matching Program

Harry W. King and Nancy J. King Jeff and Cindy King Michael and Camille King Gene and Doris King William H. King Jr. David and Marcie Kipper Janice Kirkwood Benjamin and Adele Kiszkiel William Kivimaki Steven and Maria Knapp Charles and Lynn Knox Joseph Kolasinski John Kornrumpf Peter and Gail Korten Richard A. Koski Alan and Laura Kriss Tim and Mary-Ellen Krull Frederick and Joanne Lack Anthony and Kathleen Laferrera Jessica Lago Michael and Lori Landsberg Lewis Lang Phillip and Tasia Large Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lash Russ and Connie Latimer Patricia Jean Lavigna Ms. Janice Law Wilfrid and Marcia Lazarre Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leibe Donald and Darlene Leithauser Terry Leland The LeMarquand Family Daniel and June Lenzo Mrs. Connie J. Leow Sandra Leppert Eric and Linda Lerner John and Elaine Lesko Andrew C. Leto George and Patricia LeVan Greta and Harvey Levine Dorett and Lenford Levy Andrew J. Lewis Debra and Dale Lewis Elaine and Hawley Lincoln Brad and Christy Lineback Paul and Linda Lisacchi Gary and Ellen Lisewski Susan Long William and JoAnn Longley Dennis A. Lopez Dominick and Patricia Lorusso Andrew and Kendall Luce Christopher Lupino J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Merck Partnership for Giving Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc. MetLife Foundation Prudential Foundation Raytheon Company San Antonio Area Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Travelers Foundation United Way of Tri-State Verizon Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Lux Steven and Laura Lynn John L. Macdonald/Macdonald Family Foundation Colin Macumber Linda Madden The Magid Family Steve and Rose-Marie Magriby Cosimo and Patricia Maiolo Joe and Beth Maline Vincent and Mary Mancini Kenneth and Susan Mangano John F. Manierre and Nancy Marshall Mr. Peter B. Mann Tom and Nancy Marsicano Paula and Charles Martin Scott and Kimberly Martin Wayne N. and Betty S. Marx Mr. and Mrs. Victor Marzo Sara Mathis Richard and Marijo McCarthy Mark and Roberta McClear Mr. and Mrs. William R McDonough Alicia Diaz McDowell Karen Kern McDowell Donna L. McFarland Anne and John McGahan James and Barbara McGhan Gary and Jane McGovern Matthew and Karen McGrath Barbara McGuire Jim McKean Sylvia and Richard McKewon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McLaughlin Gene and Patsy McNichols and McNichols Family/McNichols Company William and Kathleen Meacci Jerome M. Meguiar Jane Meissner Craig and Marion Meixsell Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Melanson Barbara and Roger Melanson Dr. and Mrs. Santiago Mesorana Paul M. Messina Mark Metell and Diane Bishop Carl and Cynthia Miller Gina Mirasolo Jeffery and Terry Mitryk Dianne E Monaghan Andrea Mondesire William Montgomery John and Jinse Moran John Mount Paul Mraz Susan Mulligan Michael Munger Lawrence and Diane Munini Pablo Munoz Mr. James B. Murphy Jr. James Murray Bonnie and Vijaybalan Murugesu Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Naimoli Gary and Sheila Nash Jean Nelson/Kristen Nelson/Melissa Nelson Dragica Newton Valerie and Elvis Ngolle Linda Beth Northrop Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Novo *Deceased

John and Karen O’Leary Terry and Jamie Oline Sharon and Ray Ontko Joel and Florence Orosz Michael and Charmaine Ostrom Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ostroy Marc D. Padellaro Dr. Scott and Carol Paine Tarcizo Palhano Mr. and Mrs. William Panageotou Mr. Joseph A. Paonessa Harvey and Cecille Parido Michael and Marie Parker Thaddeus and Margaret Parker Mr. and Mrs. William Parrish James Parseghian William and Marian Parsley Vincent and Annette Pastue Laraine and Raymond Peden Suzanne Pelny Tim J. Pelot Daniel C. Pepe Alan and Suzanne Perry Patsy T. Peters Jack and Suzie Peterson Timothy and Laurie Peterson Frank and Cindy Pidala Dr. and Mrs. John D. Pigott William Pilla Rosemarie Pimentel Ms. Cheryl L. Pittenger Carl and Lisa Pitts Jay Podolsky James Poitras Neil and Cindy Poon Tip Scott and Vicky Porter Maria Poulton Larry C. and Diane G. Price Eileen and Pat Price Patrick and Maria Price Richard M. Primavera Bill and Audrey Prynn Michael and Donna Pucilowski Carol and Jeffery Pulham Mr. and Mrs. George K. Pytlik Sandra Quarg Margaret Quinn Drs. Philip and Jo Ann Quinn Charles and Kelley Race Timothy Rader Carlos F. and Yamina Ramos John and Pauline Rathke Ronald and Ginger Reasonover Sue Lawrence-Reeder Richard and Cheryl Reeves Ginger Reeves Walter and Mary Reeves Dr. and Mrs. M. Scott Reminick John and Arlene Ricca Mr. and Mrs. George D. Rice Dr. Stan A. Rice Paul Robie Alberto Rodriguez-Ramos Teonilda Rodriguez Joseph and Marlene Rojas Michaela Romano Sonia Romero Gregg and Pamela Rosen Jeffrey and Kathleen Rosenbaum

Norman and Emilee Rosenbaum Lee A Rosenblum Elana and William Rotter John and Terri Rouke Michael and Debra Royal Ann M. Rubin Kenneth J. Ruddick Bowden O. Russell Bonner Rust Jeffrey and Stephanie Rydza Alex and Teresa Sabellico Rudolph M. Sanacore Dick and Laurie Sanford Jose and Yolanda Santiago Kenneth and Denise Sauter Dr. Mary Jane Schenck Richard Schmidt William M. and Mary T. Schmitz Francis and Karen Schrader Richard Schreep and Judith Leach Michael and Andrea Schroeder Charles and Donna Schronick Kenneth and Andrea Schwarz Lou and Janice Scinta Susan Seifert Michele Seltman R. Shaffer Richard Shapiro Jeffrey and Claudia Shavelson Ivy Sherman Nancy and Jon Sherrill Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Shields Hannele and Howard Shild R.J. Shirley Andrea and Kurt Sieradzki Bruce and Bonnie Sigler Mrs. Jasmine Simeon Jay and Lynne Simon Janet Sink Lee and Carolyn Smith Michael and Theresa Smith Thomas and Camilla Smith Beverly A. Snelling John and Terri Snow Dr. Timothy L. Snyder Mr. Bill Snyder Jr. Evan and Mary Sohm Robert and Lisa Solomon Richard N. Soucie Fernando and Carol Sousa Michael and Amy Southard Tammy and Stephen Sparco Constantin and Janet Spatoulas John A. and Mary Ann Spinnato Tim and Brooke St. Gordon James and Ellen Stack Allan and Carolee Steelman Patrick and Janet Steenberge Donald and Rita Steiner Alvin Steinman John and Sandra Stemmer Robert and Ann Stetekluh Jack and Holly Stewart Leverett and Kathy Stone Dr. and Mrs. John S. Sumner Mr. and Mrs. David Supplee Robin Switzer Randy and Bette-Jo Tarnowski

Mr. and Mrs. Wade L. Teague II Carlos and Claribel Tejas Georges and Deborah Thenault Stephen J. Thibault Lamont H. Thomas Sr. Lance D. Thomas Peter and Anita Thomas Jeri L. Thompson Thomas and Karen Tilleli Charlene Tobie Avrim and Vicki Topel Maria Torres Terry Clifton and Jackie Ann Weierman Tressler Linda and Vincent Troise Shirley and Daniel Trzaska Mr. and Mrs. Riley M. Tucker Larry and Debra Tynes Nicholas and Loredana Varrino Melissa Vaughan Ronald L. Vaughn Frank and Joanne Venezia Mary and Mark Viseckas Michael and Jo Wadleigh Dolores and Wolfgang Walcker Patricia Waldron Matthew and Colleen Walker Kathryne and Christopher Walsh Joseph and Nancy Walsh Gordon and Jennifer Walton Jeffery and Susan Warmington Dr. Judith Washburn Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. “Rick” Watts Alice and Fred Webb Candace and Brad Weiss Richard and Alison Wellington Mr. and Mrs. Morgan P. White Ruth White, CLU, CLTC Steven and Melissa Whitley Patricia Wickard Mrs. Brenda L. Williams Evans Williams Pedro Williams Fred and Betty Wilson Laurie Wimmer Todd Wittenstein Malcolm J. Wright Alicia Wyman Gabriela Yoshimitsu Scott and Linda Zakheim Leo and Ann Zamore Stephen and Anna Marie Zannis Ben and Nancy Zeltner David and Donna Zushma UTjournal  Fall 2010  67

minaret moment

What’s in store The University used to have a school store in the Plant Hall Music Room, where students sold pennants, beanies and other school gear. The fashions of the day are clearly on display here, and by the looks of it, this photo was taken in the 1940s. Anyone who recognizes a classmate in the photo, or has more information on the school store, can e-mail

68 UTjournal Fall 2010

Image supplIed to the macdonald-Kelce lIbrary by the unIversIty oF south FlorIda’s hampton dunn collectIon.


Office of Public Information • (813) 253-6232 401 W. Kennedy Blvd. • Tampa, FL 33606-1490 •

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UT keeps expanding its wireless network, and now students can access the Internet from almost anywhere on campus. Some students bring their laptops everywhere they go, from class to the dining hall to the pool.

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UT Fall 10 Journal  

UT's Fall 2010 Journal

UT Fall 10 Journal  

UT's Fall 2010 Journal