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CVSSP celebrating 30 years


Natural language interfaces for human-AI collaboration

The University of Surrey’s Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) showcased their research excellence during their ‘Can machines think?’ event in April to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Over the past three decades, and in collaboration with industry, CVSSP has led both fundamental scientific advances and practical application of artificial intelligence and machine perception for the benefit of society and the economy.

Creating immersive audio-visual experiences

A central goal of CVSSP’s research is to create machines that can see and hear to understand the world around them, with expertise spanning audio, vision, machine learning, AI, healthcare, biometrics, signal processing and robotics.

CVSSP owes its leading position to the strong foundations from which it has grown, and the many talented individuals who have contributed to the Centre’s research.

Capturing reality

Today, CVSSP is home to a thriving multi-cultural community of more than 150 researchers conducting world-leading research in audio-visual machine perception and developing groundbreaking technologies to improve people’s lives.