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YOU’RE GOLDEN University of St. Francis gets a makeover: brand project makes a statement

Visual effects supervisor Carey Villegas ‘93 brings digital life to the silver screen

The 2013-2014 honor roll of donors and USF financial statements

A Message From the President

New Beginnings... It’s great to welcome you, once again, to the latest issue of University of St. Francis Magazine — a publication which provides a critically important connection to our alumni, friends, parents, employees and supporters…in short, our USF family. As I shared in the last issue (if you need a copy, please email my assistant, Brandi Morzuch, at, our Board of Trustees approved the University’s Strategic Plan for 2014-19 “Preparing for Our Second Century: Learning to Lead and Love in the Real World.” As I promised, then, I would like to update you on the plan’s five top-level objectives in each Arvid C. Johnson, Ph.D. President

issue of our magazine. Objective #2 of the plan is to ensure that USF thrives in an increasingly challenging higher education environment. We aim to do this by increasing our regional reputation and brand

OUR MISSION As a Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts, we are a welcoming

awareness as a leading private Midwestern university with excellent student educational outcomes, inspired by and infused with our Catholic heritage and Franciscan tradition. This includes more intentionally promoting our accreditations and the achievements of our students, organizations, and alumni as well as improving our rankings in “best” quality listings. In addition, through revamped marketing and other outreach programs, the University will increase its brand

community of learners

awareness in targeted areas and its alumni engagement and support.

challenged by Franciscan

To that end, a feature story in this magazine shares with you the results of the “rebranding” effort

values and charism,

that we have just completed with input from students, faculty, staff members, and alumni. Our

engaged in a continuous

new logo and our updated tagline — “Bigger thinking. Brighter purpose.” — celebrate both our

pursuit of knowledge,

Franciscan heritage and the liberal arts roots of a University of St. Francis education. At USF, our

faith, wisdom, and justice,

students are “golden” — i.e., excellent, proud, ready, supported, etc. — and our new marketing

and ever mindful of a

materials seek to communicate that as we welcome our students “home.”

tradition that emphasizes reverence for creation,

In upcoming issues of University of St. Francis Magazine, I look forward to updating you on the

compassion, and peace-

Strategic Plan’s other four objectives.

making. We strive for

Now well into my second year as USF’s ninth president, I continue to consider myself incredibly

academic excellence in

blessed to serve as you and promise to work hard to earn the trust that you have placed in me.

all programs, preparing women and men to

Peace and all good,

contribute to the world through service and leadership.

Arvid C. Johnson, Ph.D. President

University of St. Francis Magazine

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University Gets a Makeover

Brand project is making a statement

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Carey Villegas ‘93

Cherry Hill Studios

Special effects supervisor brings digital life to the silver screen

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FRONT COVER PHOTO: Students in the Physician Assistant program in Albuquerque give the new facilities and new brand a “thumbs up” during a recent open house. Pictured are Atsuhiro Saisho, Jessica Curtain, Brianna Henderson, Taylor Osborne and Jerome Sequitin.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Feature Story

Branding Project Underway on Campus

University of St. Francis Gets a Makeover


ast year saw many new

do we want to be, as an institution?

more visual prominence to the

changes taking place at the

Who are our students now, and

words “St. Francis.” Its crisp, clean

involved the development of a new

University of St. Francis,

what kinds of students do we want

look is symbolic of the crisp and

slogan for the university. You will

including the installation of a new

to attract? Where do we want to be

clean new University of St. Francis

now see and hear the tagline “Bigger

president. With Arvid Johnson

in five, ten, twenty years?

we are becoming.

thinking. Brighter purpose.” being

came a new personality — not

used in conjunction with advertising

just his own, but, as a result of

answers to these questions, but

impact and appeal of the new logo

and other marketing collateral.

his leadership style, an emerging

one thing became clear as people

and of our new tagline — ‘Bigger

new identity for the University of

pondered them. We’d like to be an

thinking. Brighter purpose.’ — which

tagline options were also presented

St. Francis. In the marketing world,

institution that keeps growing in

celebrate both our Franciscan

to folks on campus and discussed

we sometimes refer to the identity

size and quality. We’d like to grow

heritage and the liberals arts roots

at length. We felt the idea of urging

of an institution as its “brand.”

stronger… become more competi-

of a USF education,” said Arvid.

a ‘brighter’ purpose as opposed

Lots of people had different

“We’re excited by the visual

St. Francis, founded in 1920 by

the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate and steeped in a deep Catholic, Franciscan tradition, has long had the reputation of being a “caregiving” kind of school. In its early years, courses were mainly taught by religious sisters and the college served all female students,

Johnson continued, “A slew of

to a ‘bigger’ one resonated more

“We felt the idea of urging a ‘brighter’ purpose as opposed to a ‘bigger’ one resonated more strongly with our mission of preparing women and men to contribute to the world through service and leadership. But, our thinking is ‘bigger” — inspired by our liberal arts tradition.”

most of whom were becoming


Part of the brand package

strongly with our mission of preparing women and men to contribute to the world through service and leadership. But, our thinking is ‘bigger” — inspired by our liberal arts tradition. Together, bigger thinking and brighter purpose describe the USF experience…and impact.”

tive in the educational marketplace

nursing: two professions that com-

and nurture more critical thinkers

were involved in the decision-mak-

made on campus and elsewhere,

pletely encompass the Franciscan

in the classroom. We want to be a

ing process on elements of the new

as the brand is rolled out more

way of life, founded on scholarship

place that cares, but also a place that

brand. Four logo variations were

completely. This will include new

but anchored by service, humility

thinks and speaks and leads. A place

presented at a late-spring campus

advertising campaign material as

and sometimes, yes, even poverty.

with a good reputation for turning

meeting, and employees had the

yet another facet of the new brand

out well-rounded students, but with

opportunity to vote on the version

package. (Some of these ads have

and after many years of growing

a definitive academic edge.

they liked best and give input on the

already begun to appear in Chicago

and changing with the times (the

options that were presented. Arvid

Tribune and elsewhere.) These new

university went co-ed in 1971, was

internal and external experts over

ran the samples past students to get

ads are designed to capture your

a pioneer in online learning in 1998,

the course of the past year, the

their feedback.

attention and invite you to find

and in the years since, has grown

USF team conducted surveys and

out more about USF. They feature

44 majors across four colleges),

research; underwent an iterative

majority of our ‘Saints’ liked what

a mega-thumbs up symbol and

St. Francis definitely still has that

design process; and held meetings,

was chosen and felt connected to

speak to the fact that University of

caregiving reputation. However,

brainstorming sessions and campus

it somehow. In other words, they

St. Francis students are “golden.”

some things are starting to change

presentations. And, now, we’re

needed to be able to recognize ‘their’

Why? Because we know that as they

and the changes are good. Let’s put

ready to give the world a taste of the

USF in the new design — it needed

become polished and perfected in

it this way: USF is on the move.

“new USF.” With a new logo in USF’s

to resonate with them. Of course,

the classroom, they are destined for

brown and gold — colors represent-

it’s a matter of aesthetics too. Some

shining success.

members of the university commu-

ing Franciscanism and excellence

people will like the change more

nity to think about the future.

— and very simply highlighting an

than others do — that’s natural.

We know where we’ve come from,

arch from one of the Motherhouse’s

However, overall, the response has

but where are we heading? Who

gothic windows, the new logo gives

been very favorable,” said Johnson.

With that as a sturdy foundation,

Last winter, Arvid started asking

University of St. Francis Magazine

With the assistance of many

Faculty, staff and administrators

As the year progresses you will

teachers and nurses. Teaching and

“We needed to be sure the

continue to see changes being

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Feature Story

Carey Villegas ‘93

Up Close and In Color

Alumnus Brings Digital Life to Silver Screen


e is not the king of the world yet, but he is working on it.

Remember that scene in “Titanic”

when Leonardo DiCaprio is standing at the bow of the ship and shouting that he is the “king of the world”? USF alum Carey Villegas had a hand in that scene. He clicked his mouse on that. The single shot took more than a year to get right, and consists of more than 1,000 frames. Villegas was with it the whole way. And the final scene of “Titanic,” where the camera approaches the sunken ship, rotting in the deep blue of the ocean depths, and then sneaks through a porthole to reveal a flashback of the ship in all of its incandescent glory?


That’s 100 percent Villegas, and one

Lies Beneath.” Click. “Superman

Well, in a way, yes.

ing. He also completed a separate

of the proudest achievements in the

Returns,” “The Amazing Spider-

concentration in graphic design, and

early part of his career.

Man 3.” Click, click. “I Am Legend,”

use are changing all the time,” says

minored in art. He took so many

“Hancock,” “Armageddon.” Click,

Villegas, who graduated from CSF

math classes, fulfilling a personal

film that only one person touched,”

click, click.

in 1993 and moved to Los Angeles

interest, that he was just a class

he says.

The list goes on past 30 titles,

in 1995. “Now you can go to school

or two shy of earning yet another

and Villegas’ role changes often. He

to learn any kind of digital technol-

minor in that subject. He was also

effects supervisor, Villegas has had

is not just sitting at a desk clicking a

ogy. For me, my college experience

a varsity tennis player. But that was

a hand in dozens of high-profile,

mouse all day. He is on set supervis-

was really about learning funda-

not enough. Also as an undergrad,

effects-driven films and someday

ing visual effects photography, or

mentals. I wasn’t just learning how

he interned for a post-production

might just win an Oscar for it, the

he is overseeing the production of

to use a new piece of software — I

company in Chicago called Editel.

movie industry’s way of crowning

all aspects of a film’s visual effects,

was learning how to learn, how to

There, he worked on hundreds of

someone the king of the world.

from pre-production to final render-

communicate, how to write, and

national commercials and gained

ing and compositing. What does it

all of the things you can get from a

valuable experience that would

for an Academy Award (in 2011 for

all mean? The simple answer is, he

well-rounded, liberal arts education.

eventually prepare him for a career

his work on director Tim Burton’s

uses digital technology to re-create

It was just a great education, first

in Tinseltown.

“Alice in Wonderland” ), and it’s

images that normally would have

and foremost.”

possible that he will make it to the

been shot on film.

Domain, a company owned by

short list again in 2015 for his work

on “Maleficent” starring Angelina

by blowing up a model or breaking

Jolie. Other notable movies he has

it into pieces, but now more and

hovered his cursor on? “Fight Club.”

more we’re simulating things in a

family’s Super 8 camera, majored

Cameron had just wrapped

Click. “Cast Away.” Click. “What

computer,” Villegas says.

in journalism/communications

“True Lies” when Villegas started

Dreams May Come.” Click. “What

with a concentration in broadcast-

working for him on a short film

“It’s probably the only shot in the

As a highly sought-after visual

Already he has been nominated

University of St. Francis Magazine

“We used to get the best results

And he learned that at USF?

“The tools and technology we


Soon he was working for Digital

illegas, who grew up in

director James Cameron, already

Joliet making short,

a legend for his two “Terminator”

silent films with his

films, “Aliens” and “The Abyss.”

Titanic • Alice in Wonderland • Maleficent • The Amazing Spider-Man 3 • Fight Club • Cast Away • What Dreams May Come • What Lies Beneath • Superman Returns • I Am Legend • Hancock • Armageddon • Terminator 2

FAR LEFT: Villegas flashes a smile on the red carpet at the Academy Awards in 2011, when he was nominated for his work on “Alice in Wonderland.” CENTER: Villegas supervised a camera crew on location in Cornwall, England, on the set of “Alice in Wonderland.” In the distance you can see the mansion that appears at the begiining of the film, before Alice falls down the rabbit hole. AT LEFT: Villegas was nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy Award) in London for “Alice in Wonderland” and posed with the film’s director, Tim Burton. Said Villegas of the umbrellas in the background, “Of course, it was raining the night of the awards. It is London, after all!”

version of “Terminator 2” in 3-D

is a mathematical equation or

to be shown at Universal Studios

physics theory to explain it.

work is the effort and hours that it

face could be created digitally and

theme park. By chance, the Los

takes,” Villegas says. “On ‘Titanic’ I

look real enough, displaying all of

Angeles-based company was using

flow of water and the movement of

think I averaged 90 or 100 hours

the subtleties of human expression,

the same digital technology that

water based on the wind, and how

a week for two years straight.” But

an actor could convincingly play

Villegas had been using in Chicago,

the water reflects the light in the

that effort and those hours changed

two roles in a single movie, 40 years

and it was all completely familiar

sky,” Villegas says. “You’re trying to


apart. Make-up can only take you so

to Villegas while being sort of new

make it photorealistic, as opposed

far but software could be limitless.

to the film-focused people in L.A.

to just painting a picture.”

the first time on such a big scale in

So Villegas was a step ahead of just

that film,” Villegas says. “That really

it’s 100 percent completely believ-

about everyone he was working

creating water is far more difficult

pushed the boundaries.”

able,” Villegas says. “Re-creating

with and of course he excelled at

than creating something like a car,

digital humans is the most complex

that first project.

says Villegas, who supervised the

Oscar for Best Visual Effects that

thing of all.”

team that created every ounce of

year but Villegas was just starting

working on ‘Titanic,’” he says.

water in “Titanic.”

out and there are only so many

that challenge than armed with a

“And before you know it, I’m Re-creating digital images is

“For ‘Titanic’ it was creating the

And for the record, digitally

That’s a pretty important job —

“The only bad thing about my

“We created digital water for

And yes, “Titanic” did win the

to open new doors to creativity. If a

“No one has done it yet where

What better way to come at

statuettes to go around. Things are

well-rounded, liberal arts education,

not only about making things

the guy in charge of the team that

different now. He has moved up

one that allows a person to follow

look beautiful or even just visually

creates the water in a movie about

through the ranks, and he still has

his dream, create his own “water”

interesting. The images also have

the sinking of a ship. It’s the job that

plenty of work to do.

and rule his own kingdom, what-

to look real. To get his images right

launched Villegas’ Hollywood career,

ever it might look like, wherever it

Villegas has worked countless hours

and it all began at USF, where he re-

challenge back then but now it’s all

with painters, sculptors and rockets

turned in 2011 to give a presentation

about human faces. No visual effects

scientists (yes, rocket scientists)

to students on his Oscar-nominated

artist is trying to put actors out of

because behind every action there

work in “Alice in Wonderland.”

work. Instead, the artists are trying

Making digital water was the

may be.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


USF Success

Gov. Quinn Announces ICCAP Funding


llinois Governor Pat Quinn

Governor Quinn and Br. James —

announced Independent Colleges

understand, appreciate, and support

• The iconic Motherhouse, built in 1881, has become the “front door”

Capital Program (ICCAP) grant

education as a key to the health of

to campus — housing the Welcome Center, the Alumni Center and the

awards for the University of St.

our communities’ and our State’s

location for key student services.

Francis and Lewis University on Oct.

future,” said Johnson.

• ICCAP funds were leveraged with grants from Harrah’s Joliet Casino/

31. USF President Arvid C. Johnson

Caesar’s Foundation and the Will County Board to complete an art

and Lewis University President Br.

in ICCAP funds came at a time when

gallery in Joliet’s historic Rialto Square Theatre building.

James Gaffney, along with students

Illinois higher education, like many

• Also, this year, ICCAP funding made possible extensive renovation of

from both institutions, were present

other industries, was struggling,”

the former Mode Theater building, which was built in 1920 — and now

for the governor’s announcement

said Johnson. “These funds have

houses several of key academic programs. The Mode building, donated

hosted at Lewis University.

allowed private colleges and univer-

to the university by BMO Harris Bank, along with the gallery existing Art

sities to move forward with projects

& Design facilities at the Rialto, places the University of St. Francis at the

gram for private colleges and uni-

that kept us vital even during the

center of the City of Joliet’s revitalization plan for its downtown area.

versities — including the University

economic downturn. These funds

of St. Francis and Lewis University.

have meant improved learning

facilities that enhance the learning

Where ICCAP funds are concerned,

experiences for our students — that

experiences of students:

I have to admit to being doubly

is, the 34 percent of college students

pleased to being here this morning.

in Illinois who are served by private

ICCAP investment in higher educa-

USF was selected to host stu-

Not only am I ecstatic regarding


tion continue to multiply…at Lewis

dents an intensive one-month

the Governor’s announcement on

ICCAP has also supported

University, at the University of St.

ESL program on campus through

funding for my university — the

jobs, according to Johnson, who

Francis and across our State,” said

USF’s ELAP program, organized by

University of St. Francis — but I am

added that local companies, as well

Johnson. “I would like to close by

Director of International Programs,

also very pleased, as a science

as female- and minority-owned

thanking Governor Quinn, our state

Angie Maffeo. USF hosted 15 stu-

alumnus, for Lewis University. Both

contractors, were sought to bid

senators and representatives, and

dents from six different universities

of our institutions make a difference

on the projects. The University of

all here who share a vision for a

in Mexico — mostly from University

in the lives of our students and our

St. Francis, by leveraging ICCAP

dynamic future for our State — a

of Guadalajara. The students arrived

communities; and, I know that all

and community-provided funding,

future in which high-quality

on Nov. 15 and departed in mid-

of us here — and, most certainly,

renovated and opened three historic

education is at the core.”

December. All of the students

“ICCAP is a very important pro-

“The promise of the $300 million

Clearly, dividends from Illinois’

Mexican Students in ELAP

received full scholarships from

USF Event a True Culture Exchange he University of St. Francis student club Unidos Vamous Alcanzar (UVA)

Student Receives Scholarship

invited the community to Exchanging Cultures on Nov. 4, celebrating

USF senior Ulises Ornelas was a


the 10th anniversary of the event.

distinguished scholarship recipient in

the Ford Blue Oval Scholars Program,

“Exchanging Cultures is simply what the name says; it’s the idea of sharing different cultures with not only the USF community but the Joliet

sponsored in partnership with the

community as well. We invite the public to attend this event and even to

United States Hispanic Leadership

be a part of the performances,” said UVA member Kelly McPartlan.

Institute (USHLI). This unique program

“At Exchanging Cultures, people from different countries come together

awarded scholarships to 20 Latino

and share a taste of their culture. It is amazing to see students coming togeth-

students from 17 colleges in eight

er and showing their talent and pride in their heritage,” added Leslie Juarez,

states, and Ornelas was one of them.

UVA president. “Sharing a piece of who we are to give others an insight of

USHLI has awarded more than $1.3 in

something bigger” is the most important aspect of the event, she added.

scholarships and internships to Latino

college students. USHLI tries to help

The Exchanging Cultures event included performances and dinner.

Anyone who wished to share part of their culture — through song,

students stay in school and graduate

dance, poetry or other talents — was invited to participate, according

by raising money for scholarships.

to McPartlan.


University of St. Francis Magazine

the Mexican government for the program and it is Mexico’s first attempt to capitalize on Obama’s “100,000 Strong” initiative between the U.S., Mexico and Central/South America.

New Albuquerque Facilities Dedicated USF first began serving the Albuquerque area in 2000,

drawing students nationwide for its master’s program

in Physician Assistant Studies. A Family Nurse Practitioner master’s program also began at that time. University of St. Francis Albuquerque serves more than 100 students at the site — a number which is expected to grow with the new facilities, according to President Arvid Johnson.

“The University of St. Francis is pleased that this new facility will better

serve our students as they prepare to provide high-quality health care in the Albuquerque region and across the country,” said Johnson.

USF opened classes in August at its new state-of-the-art learning

facilities at 1500 N. Renaissance NW in Albuquerque. The new facilities include classrooms, a clinical lab with connected private exam rooms, a simulation lab, anatomy lab, library/computer center, student gathering spaces, a collaborative study space, offices and a conference room.

A dedication and open house were held Nov. 19. The Most Rev. Michael J.

Sheehan, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, gave a blessing.

An informational session for potential new students was held the follow-

ing evening. Admissions representatives were available to answer questions about programs offered by USF for adult learners. USF programs for adults focus on learning experiences that can be applied to the workplace.

“Adult students at USF can expect personal attention by counselors

who will help students create an education plan that leads to successful degree completion and supports their career goals,” said Chuck Beutel, vice president of Admissions and Enrollment Services.

Diversity & Inclusion Series Established

ABOVE: The Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, N.M., blessed the new University of St. Francis campus facilities in Albuquerque. BELOW: Open house attendees get a glimpse of the new classrooms for Physician Assistant and Family Nurse Practitioner program students.

USF was pleased to welcome new Director of Institutional Diversity, Bernadette Tiapo, to campus in October. Tiapo was previously director of the office of multi-cultural student affairs at the State University of New York (SUNY) College at Oneonta. Her office, in collaboration with the Diversity Council, recently established a “Diversity and Inclusion” talk series in recognition of USF’s Year of Respect. The series reflects upon the concept of respect, with panelists and facilitators pooled from the campus and the surrounding community. The topics of the first two sessions included “Intersectionality — Revisiting Diversity” by social work professor Dr. Billie Terrell and “World Religions & Spirituality” with a panel of students including Mohammed Alamoud, Abdulelah Abo Hmoud, Fatemah Abodaiab, Jiaxi Hou and Eva Lopez.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


USF Success

Terry Cottrell ‘99, ‘03

On Top of Technology


operations, Chief Information Officer

of Illinois (MS, ’01) and serve as

Dr. Terry Cottrell has his hands full.

the Library Systems Coordinator.

when new technology is adopted

Cottrell is familiar with USF and

A good day in Cottrell’s office is

In time, Cottrell became the Library

and integrated that both delights

its many needs from his time as an

Director, and then the Dean of

users and helps the university run

undergraduate (English, ’99) and

Academic Technology and

more efficiently. Cottrell often

graduate (MBA, ’03) of the university.

Library Services. At the start of 2014,

spends time discussing specific

he began the New Year as USF’s

technology needs with faculty,

charity and discipline were all em-

newest Chief Information Officer.

students and administrators. His

phasized while I was at USF” recalls

multifaceted background helps

Cottrell. “I developed an appreciation

ment run the library and its opera-

him consider issues from a faculty

for a strong work ethic here. Small

tions, but it also manages all online

person’s stand point, and from

class sizes meant we were expected

data, internet access, online classes,

that of an IT professional needing

to participate and deliver. It drove

email services, building access,

to meet the task of satisfying today’s

hese days you can’t go

home the importance of prepared-

classroom and telecommunication

students. “Having a diverse profes-

far without being in front

ness and diligence to challenges”.

and network security. A breakdown

sional background is very helpful.

of a computer screen or

in the system can make for a very

I can meet users where they are

“Education, respect, reflection,

This awareness helped him

Not only does Cottrell’s depart-

being connected to the internet.

earn his Doctorate of Education

long and stressful day. Security of

with a given technology concern

Connectivity and the free flow of

from Northern Illinois University in

information and file sharing is

and have the ability to translate

information is something today’s

Instructional Technology in 2014. In

always a concern, but the depart-

their frustrations into solutions

society counts on. The same is true

2002 Cottrell was recruited by the

ment is up to the task because

best suited to meet my team’s

for students, faculty, staff and visitors

Library Director at USF to return to

Cottrell says he has a great team

strengths” he states.

at USF. When it comes to daily

his alma mater from the University

to support the ITLS strategic vision.

LEFT: The university celebrated the Feast of St. Francis in October. Week-long activities included the annual employee appreciation breakfast, served by university leaders, and a blessing of the animals. Right: Beth Laken, CFO; Chuck Beutel, VP of Admissions, Marketing & Enrollment Services; and Arvid Johnson, president, serve breakfast to Eric Ruiz, USF’s associate director of undergraduate admissions. At right, Communications Specialist Katie Goron gets a little help from “Cooper” during the work day while waiting for the animal blessing.


University of St. Francis Magazine

USF Ranks High Among Colleges Once again the University of St. Francis has received top rankings on the national level. For the 11th consecutive year, USF was ranked in the top tier of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” listing and was the third highest-ranking Catholic master’s institution in the state. USF was one of only six Illinois colleges and universities noted on the publication’s “2015 Best Colleges for Veterans” listing, and was given the distinction of being an “A+ School for B Students.” For the eighth consecutive year, USF was also named a “Best in the Midwest” institution in The Princeton Review’s “2015 Best Colleges: Region by Region” edition.

“We’re always pleased when outside organizations recognize the quality of a University

of St. Francis education,” said President Arvid Johnson. “Our USF family strives each and every day to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. While we very much appreciate this outside recognition, what is most important to us is that we serve and graduate our students who are considered to be top prospects by employers.”

COBHA Students Brainstorm on use for Old Joliet Prison USF’s Entrepreneurship students worked with the Joliet Historic Museum this fall to develop business plans for possible uses of the former Joliet prison, which has been closed since 2002. Other former prisons around the country were looked at and a brief economic impact study was prepared for further consideration. Pictured below are students Ryan Wardinski, Karen Velazquez and Jennifer Doll with new faculty member Carol Lindee and COBHA Dean Chris Clott, as well as photos of the prison.

USF scored high in other rankings, including being named a “2015 Military Friendly

School” by Victory Media, a “College of Distinction” by and one of the “Most Affordable Online Colleges by AC Online.

New Experiential Term at St. Francis Encourages Immersion and Learning At the end of spring 2015 semester, USF will offer its first “experiential term.” Several internal committees and offices have worked on implementation of this new opportunity for our students, which will allow for more courses that use experiential learning as a way to engage students. By focusing on a single intensive class in this way, students are better able to immerse themselves in experiences that the experiential term offers, such as full-time travel abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, language immersion, and more.

Dun Scotus Honor Society With moderator Lisa Hedrick, ten 2013-14 Dun Scotus students presented at the Honors Council of the Illinois Region Student Research Symposium earlier this year. Presenters included Jacqueline Mann (“Multimodal Courtship in Maevia inclements: The Vibration Component of Courtship Signals”), Thomas Kodron (“Studying Methane Farts in the Ocean — A look into Thiomicrospira Crunogena’s phnE Gene in the Phosphonate Operon”), Elizabeth Kasencak (“The Effect of Equine Movement in Horseback Riding Upon Flexibility”), Alexander Noreen (“The Meiji Restoration”), Ryan Kalinoski (“Assessing Variation in the Predator-Rey Interactions of Cyclops”), Erick Kubacki (“An Investigation of the Sensory Systems of Tigrosa helluo — Brady”), Judith Legorreta (“Mental Illness and the Media: Antisocial Personality Disorder”), Jeremy Tobolaski (“Exploring the Parallel Postulate”) and Alison Aloisio and Elizabeth Healy (“Dun Scotus Honors Program: Establishing an Identity”).

There are more than 60 Dun Scotus alumni since the first graduating class in 2008. So

far this year, 22 new freshmen have been participating in the Dun Scotus program. They have been enjoying many cultural experiences and events. In addition to seeing “The Book of Mormon;” getting a historical tour of Chicago’s Pullman Neighborhood by USF music professor, Pat Brannon; and attending “The Moth Story: Old Town School of Folk Music” (a podcast of true stories told by different people), students were given the opportunity to later share their thoughts about these experiences via discussions on USF Canvas. Students Elizabeth Healy and Alison Aloisio presented “Making Your Honors Program Swag Worthy” at the National Collegiate Honors (NCHC) Conference in November.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Vatican Artwork Travels to USF Art Gallery


he University of St. Francis commemorated 50 years of Vatican II with art, lecture and music programs in “Celebrating a Pilgrim People: The Voices of Vatican II” series, featuring a gallery display

of paintings and drawings by famed artist-reporter Franklin McMahon, created live and on-site at the Second Vatican Council, 1962-65. It also presented activation of the Council in the 1960s and 1970s with new ministries and means of faith expression, and influenced Catholics to active participation in peace and justice causes, such as the Civil Rights Movement. The entire collection of reportorial drawings on religious themes, papal journeys, Chicago churches and world religious sites includes 573 pieces.

The McMahon collection is like none other. It is a totally unique artistic

contribution by a humble man who lived his Faith ardently by working in the world. If Franklin were to walk into a room, he would sit quietly and observe. He didn’t speak a lot, but instead would get out his drawing pad and quiety draw what he saw before him. Press pass in hand, he had an uncanny knack to get into extraordinary places, and deftly record some poignant moments.

The University of St. Francis commemorated 50 years of Vatican II with programs in art, lecture and music. The program, themed “Celebrating a Pilgrim People: The Voices of Vatican II,” featured “The World of Vatican II: An Artist’s Report” by Franklin McMahon.

McMahon’s artwork was exhibited Sept. 15 through Oct. 12 at the university’s downtown Joliet art gallery, including McMahon’s “Vatican Council Procession” (top) and “Bishops Crossing the Square” (bottom).


University of St. Francis Magazine

For more information about the College of Arts & Sciences, call (800) 735-7500 or visit

Krystal Moore

Grants Awarded

Turning Lives Around is Student’s Passion

Art & Design professor Chester Alamo-Costello received an Illinois Arts Council Project Grant and has

Krystal Moore

compound, it became obvious to

She thanks Dr. Ling-Yi Zhou

been working on a portrait project

is a senior at

Moore that substance abuse coun-

for pushing her to do her best and

he’s been cultivating at USF since

the University

seling could help someone extend

to work for what she wants. Moore

2002. He has photographed hun-

of St. Francis

their life and help them cope with

also credits her advisor Dr. Elizabeth

dreds of individuals and plans to

majoring in

the issues at the core of addiction.

Davies for helping her to rebuild her

photograph President Arvid Johnson


Thanks to a family connection,

GPA and going from nearly failing

and others during this academic


Moore was able to get in contact

out of school to nearly making the

year. He hopes to design a book of


with the Riverside Resolve Center in

Dean’s List.

these portraits for the university’s

A former nursing major, Moore was

Manteno, Ill., a rehab center for in-

100th anniversary in 2020. In addi-

always interested in the workings of

and outpatients, where she works as

ing, but everyone appreciates how

tion, a National Endowment for the

the mind. When she wasn’t connect-

an intern. The clinic may offer her a

hard she pushes her students to be

Arts grant was awarded to the music

ing with nursing, it seemed natural

permanent position after comple-

successful. She makes other classes

department in September. The grant

to pursue her love of the brain.

tion of her internship.

seem easier!” said Moore. “Professor

will help to underwrite the guest art-

Davies was there since day one, and

ists invited to perform in the Music at Moser performing arts series.

“The happiness that comes from

“I want to start off in small practice

“Ling-Yi’s classes are challeng-

helping someone, to take their ad-

work for a few years, and then open

I wouldn’t be here without her.”

diction and turn their life around,

my own small practice.” said Moore.

that’s why I chose my major,” said

Moore initially chose USF be-

junior year at the university, Moore

Moore “If I am able to help even one

cause it was one of the top nursing

was the manager for the men’s bas-

person, I’ll be satisfied.”

schools in the country, and the uni-

ketball team in addition to working

During her sophomore and

versity offered her more scholarship

two jobs and keeping an 18 credit

Student Shares at USF Event

complications due to alcoholism.

money than the other schools she

hour school schedule.

USF graduate assistant, Beric

Though he had stopped drinking

was admitted to. She also preferred

Wessely, spoke about his personal

for almost two decades prior to his

the small setting USF offered, allow-

a small school was extremely

death, the damage he had done to

ing her to get more individual help,

influential in her experience. “I feel

heroin over-

his body was irreparable. After see-

as well as the Academic Resource

like USF’s size was the key to my

dose during

ing the consequences of addiction

Center, which helped her and many

success,” said Moore. “It’s a small

a USF Social

and realizing how those issues can

other students.

school, but it does big things.

Work Club

Moore’s grandfather passed from

Moore believes that USF being

experience in losing his mother to a

event, “In the Blink of an

New RSTM Faculty Member

Eye: A Closer Look at the Heroin Epidemic Sweeping Across

Jerome Gabriel has joined the faculty of the Recreation, Sport and Tourism

our Country,” at USF on Nov. 13.

Management program as an assistant professor. Prior to his time at St.

Francis, Jerome was the Outdoor Program Director at Bowling Green State

story was shared in the “Joliet Herald

University in Bowling Green, Ohio, where he directed student leadership

News” and can be found online.

development programs that focused on outdoor recreation. This included

the development of a freshman wilderness experience, co-curricular and

included Will County States Attorney

curricular partnerships to broaden educational opportunities, and a unique

James Glasgow; Associate Judge

outdoor experience program for students and community members of

Raymond Nash of the 12th Judicial

Northwest Ohio.

Circuit Court of Will County;

and John Roberts, founder of

Jerome’s experience includes professional guiding in British Columbia,

A fantastic account of Wessely’s

Other speakers at the event

instructing at the Wilderness Medical Training Center, becoming a “Leave No Trace” master educator, winning

HERO (Heroin Epidemic Relief

the David J. Webb Program excellence award from the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, and


“amassing over 600 outdoor leadership days in his trip log,” according to department chair, Syd Sklar.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


George Weiss ‘13

COBHA Alum Steps Into Impressive Role in Miami were favorable and the fact that USF

the American College of Surgeons

centric operational philosophy that

supported local classes taught by

accredited cancer program for

guides my decisions as much as

well qualified working scholars was

Baptist Health. Prior to his current

possible. I believe that every patient

very appealing” he recounts.

position as administrative direc-

and their family or caregiver who

tor, Weiss was a nuclear medicine

comes through the door of our

three year commitment, Weiss be-

technologist for 25 years.

department, is the most important

gan the arduous task of working full

After college and before he

person in the world and my expec-

time (10-12 hours a day during the

began his career in health care, he

tation is that every patient, no mat-

week) and attending classes at night.

owned a sporting goods store. Still

ter how challenging they are, will

looking for an interesting career,

be treated that way, every day every

for one to three hours, also complet-

he returned to Miami where his

time. I try to meet every patient and

eorge Weiss ’13 (MHA)

ing the smaller assignments. I devot-

mother, a nurse, introduced him to

I tell them that. I follow up and ask

had a goal that he’d held

ed about half of Saturday and all day

an acquaintance who was the direc-

how we’re doing for them.”

on to for many years —

Sunday, as much as 18-20 hours,

tor of the Mt. Sinai Hospital Nuclear

earning a graduate degree. Like

reading the materials and writing

Medicine/Ultrasound technology

ment patient satisfaction scores soar

many working parents, Weiss put his

the many papers and projects that

program. “I was hooked and enjoyed

among the 99th percentile consis-

family first and set his personal goal

were required. My learning style is

a nuclear medicine career until this

tently. His staff’s engagement scores

aside to happily help his children

by reading, so this suited me well.

even better opportunity and career

are also in the 99th percentile. The

grow and succeed. The stars began

On Sunday, I was off limits except to

change came along. My new job

department is able to stay on the

to align when Weiss’s employer,

help in household emergencies.”

as administrative director was an

cutting edge of technology because


With his wife’s blessing for this

“I did research most week nights

Baptist Health System, a medi-

their patient satisfaction rates help

cal group with several health care

“I developed a patient-centric operational philosophy that

support business growth which in

facilities in Miami, Fla. announced

guides my decisions..... I believe that every patient and their

turn, produces the ROI to support

their plans to build a comprehensive cancer treatment facility. Weiss’s goal came into view once again. Not only

family or caregiver who comes through the door of our department, is the most important person in the world.”

did he decide to get started on earn-


Under Weiss’s leadership depart-

the purchase of these technologies and helps maintain profitability.

“We foster a culture of patient-

centric, quality care and leading-

ing his graduate degree, but he was

exceptional opportunity with many

edge technology, but the staff

inspired to do it in order to be con-

commitment that he would leave

advantages, but it was still a job, until

makes it happen.”

sidered for an executive role within

from vacations and business trips

life dealt me some different cards.”

the Miami Cancer Institute (MCI)

to attend class and then return to

his outstanding team at Baptist

Weiss knew that a Master’s in

So deep was his (and his family’s)

Weiss’s new role at Baptist

When Weiss is not leading

vacation the next morning. Though

radiation oncology became personal

Hospital of Miami and planning

Health Administration or Business

he admits online courses may have

when several family members, in-

for the 2016 opening of the Miami

was a requirement to be considered

been an easier route, he was ada-

cluding his parents and best friend

Cancer Center, he can be found in

for this kind of position. There are

mant about finishing within three

were diagnosed with cancer. His

the outdoors; either fishing on his

many choices for MBA and MSHA

years in order to stay aligned with

mother became a patient at his

boat or in the water beneath it,

programs, especially in the Miami

the hiring of the new positions for

facility three months after he started

with SCUBA gear in tow. On land

area, according to Weiss.

the Miami Cancer Institute.

the new position. Then and there,

he will be found in the backyard

he realized the importance his staff

caring for his property’s many palm

“Several employees that I know

Weiss currently serves as the

from Baptist Hospital had graduated

Administrative Director of the

had on patients and their families

and fruit trees. He and his family

or were currently enrolled in the St.

Radiation Oncology Department

as they navigate medical hardship.

reside in Miami now, but his family

Francis program in Miami and they

for Baptist Hospital of Miami and

“My new job developed into a

has a great history as some of

gave it excellent reviews. It was also

is also the Director of the Cancer

passion as a cancer care provider.”

the area’s first settlers of nearby

convenient, the curriculum was ap-

Data Center for Baptist Health’s six-

Miami Beach.

propriate, the financial arrangements

hospital system. He also co-directs

experience, I developed a patient-

University of St. Francis Magazine

“From this personal cancer

For more information about the College of Business & Health Administration, call (800) 735-7500 or visit

Enactus Social Entrepreneurship Organization Launched


COBHA Professors Attend International Conference

Francis has launched Enactus, a social entrepreneurship organization enabling

Dean Chris Clott and Bruce Hartman presented the

progress through entrepreneurial action. Enactus is an international non-profit

paper “Matchback: Shipping soybeans by container

organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are commit-

from U.S. hinterland to overseas markets” at the an-

ted to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard

nual International Association of Maritime Economists

of living for people in need. Student leaders of Enactus create and implement community

conference in Norfolk, Va. this past summer. The con-

empowerment projects around the globe.

ference brings together the world’s leading experts

on the economics and operation of ports, logistics,

Twenty-four business students are working on their pilot Enactus projects as both a cur-

ricular and co-curricular element. The students, under the supervision of Professor Joseph

and transportation systems and enterprises. Over

Ferrallo and Bonnie J. Covelli, are working with two regional special recreation associations

200 attendees heard Clott and Hartman present their

to provide business research on constituent needs. These associations serve children and

discussion of the potential for soybean movements

adults with special needs and abilities. The student Enactus projects will provide valuable

by container to use many of the empty containers

information to the associations to help them better serve their clients. Several students will

that come here full of imported items. The research

have the opportunity to present their project at the 2015 Enactus National Exposition in

team included Althea Gatto, a student in COBHA’s

April 2015 in St. Louis, Mo.

accounting and logistics programs, who was listed as a co-author of the paper.

Business Incubator Opens at Downtown Joliet Campus Site In October, the College of Business and Health Administration opened the St. Francis Business Incubator for new, budding entrepreneurs. The Incubator is located on the first floor of St. Bonaventure Hall at the university’s downtown Joliet campus. The Business Incubator provides a co-working environment between startups, community members, and entrepreneurial students. It supports the economic development of the region by fostering new business development; a secondary aim of the incubator provides students from St. Francis and neighboring junior colleges entrepreneurial education in a lab setting.

Recent Faculty Scholarship Work • Dr. Shannon Brown’s dissertation research focused on “How Values-Driven Organizations Manage Critical Incidents: The Process Model of Organization Identity/Action Alignment.” • Joseph Ferrallo is working with McGraw Hill to TOP: COBHA graduates. BOTTOM: Faculty members Nancy McKenna, Steve Morrissette, Bruce Hartman, Chris Clott and Rich Vaughan at USF’s winter commencement ceremony on Dec. 13.

produce an electronic textbook test this year for MGMT 362 Supervisory Management students.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Tracy Jones

COE Doctoral Student Reaches New Personal Heights at USF worked two and three jobs at a time.

“You have these ‘why me?’ moments, but I have been

Despite Tracy moving her family to

so fortunate to meet the most wonderful people who

the best neighborhoods she could afford, her daughter was severely

have seen in me what I see in myself. I have had a lot

beaten one Labor Day by a group

of people here who have helped me along the way.”

of girls who left her for dead on the street.

the openness of the Stewardship,

her career.

cause most people to just give

Leadership and Learning program,

up, but Jones has stood up to her

which includes two students from

what they preach,” she says. “It’s

challenges and used them to propel

outside of academia now looking to

geared toward working profession-

herself forward. She credits her


als who want to lead, and it arms

here is “coming a long way”

parents, who did the best they could

them with all of the tools they need

and “going the distance”

to raise her, and her own personal

says. “There are seven or eight of us,

to lead in an ethical way.”

and Preston Heights native

motivation to succeed.

and we’re all extremely collaborative

Tracy Jones has them both covered.

and vested in what we are doing. We

She has worked through challenge



Despite giving birth to her first

Experiences like those would

Today she is a homeowner, and

Jones loves the intimacy and

“It’s a cohort-type setting,” Jones

was looking for in her schooling and “It’s for people who practice

That would be Tracy Jones.

her oldest child is about to turn

will be the program’s first graduating

after challenge and has come out

child at 16, and generally being a

21. Like most successful people,


on the other side as a person who is

poor student with low self-esteem,

Jones knows that the kindness and

The doctoral program is a perfect

stronger, wiser and more confident

she has lifted herself up to where

advocacy of others have been key

fit for Jones, who has spent all of her

than she ever could have imagined.

and what she is today — a candidate

to her achievement. She credits

adult life in service to others, even

for the highest degree possible in

people such as Dr. Jean Norris,

back when she was helping young

involved getting out of an oppressed


Annette Jelinek and the late Sheryl

people put together resumes so

situation and transcending my social

Paul, who in 2002 gave Jones the

they could go out and find decent

class and never saying ‘no,’” she says.

degree in 2005 and her master’s in

opportunity to work as a gradu-

work. The tenets of Dr. Midlock’s

“Graduating high school I definitely

2008, both from the University of

ate admissions counselor with no

program are everything that Jones

did not imagine this Tracy today.”

St. Francis, Jones is currently

prior credentials in that area, and

pursuing a doctorate in educa-

attend undergraduate classes at

tion (anticipated completion in

the same time. Later in her career

2017) with a concentration in USF’s

as both a student and employee of

new Stewardship, Leadership and

USF, Jones was encouraged by Dr.

Learning program.

Steve Midlock to enroll in his new

doctoral program.

Having earned her bachelor’s

In her current role as an aca-

demic advisor at USF, Jones helps

young people reach their highest

she says. “You have these ‘why me?’

potential, using her own story as

moments, but I have been so for-

an example of how far one person

tunate to meet the most wonderful

can go. She plans to expand on this

people who have seen in me what

mission once she earns her doctor-

I see in myself. I have had a lot of

ate and transitions into an advanced

people here who have helped me

leadership role.

along the way. I’ve had a lot of good

people step in at the right time. And

It has been a long road. Already

“You just have to keep going,”

a teenage mother, Jones gave birth

I’m forever indebted. Forever. I never

to her second child at age 19. She

lose sight of that.”

University of St. Francis Magazine

“The survival mode for me

COE Leadership Retreat COE’s first Super Chrysalis took place this summer in Ingleside, Ill. Chrysalis is an innovative college experience designed for students interested pursuing a career in education. The comprehensive program allows students to engage in vocational discernment, mature in their personal identity, discover their passion, explore their teacher’s heart, develop meaningful relationships and practice interpersonal skills critical for educators. Several COE staff members and 12 students attended. The students had all previously attended and volunteered to return and train to become Chrysalis Peer Facilitators. In the spirit of St. Francis, the weekend was spent looking for and acknowledging the “bonum” (good) in all of God’s creation. Highlights included team building and a high ropes challenge course.

For more information about the College of Education, call (800) 735-7500 or visit

K-12 Administrators Choose USF for Staff Development The Regional Education Acad-

their neighboring schools have

ing needs and incorporate their lead

ment opportunities for educators

emy for Leadership (REAL) at the

achieved by working with REAL.

teachers into the process. DuPage

at any point in their careers. In

University of St. Francis has a strong

Many of these partnerships exist in

County and TIDE insist on rigorous

addition to undergraduate, graduate,

reputation for offering high-quality,

the university’s neighboring com-

and comprehensive coursework,

and doctoral programs in education,

accessible professional development

munities; however, they also reach

and Battle has commended REAL for

REAL offers workshops, administra-

opportunities for K-12 educators.

as far west as Freeport, Ill., and as far

embracing the opportunity to bring

tive academies, and a catalog of

School administrators in Illinois

south as Springfield. Opportunities

those high standards to the program

graduate courses for endorsements,

recognize this valuable resource and

beyond the immediate area are pos-

and partnership.

professional growth, and personal

are choosing to partner with REAL

sible through online delivery and the


to bring unique, customized profes-

incorporation of district personnel

programming can best be sum-

sional development opportunities to

as leaders for various school-driven

marized by Deb Endress, Director

their teachers.

initiatives. REAL has even expanded

of Professional Learning at the

“USF offers timely

course offerings into the state of

Illinois Regional Office of Education

and relevant informa-

with over 70 educational administra-


in Freeport. “USF offers timely and

tors to offer professional develop-

tion, both of which

ment opportunities tailored to meet

Consultant for the DuPage Regional

are necessary to help educators be

are necessary to help

the needs of their individual schools,

Office of Education, recently ac-

most effective in bringing out the

educators be most

districts, and regions. While many

knowledged REAL for its willingness

very best in all of their students.”

ongoing relationships continue to

to work with TIDE’s school districts

effective in bringing

grow, new connections are con-

to shape the delivery of an English

ming for individual school initiatives,

out the very best in

stantly surfacing as administrators

as a Second Language endorsement

REAL at the University of St. Francis

all of their students.”

hear about the positive outcomes

program to meet unique schedul-

offers robust professional develop-

REAL is currently collaborating

Jim Battle, TIDE Program

The ultimate goal for all REAL

relevant information, both of which

Beyond customized program-

College of Education graduates pose prior to USF’s winter commencement ceremony on Dec. 13.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


LCON Receives $1.5 Million in Grants Dr. Lola Prince, associate dean of graduate nursing programs and associate nursing professor, authored and received $644,000 in funding on behalf of LCON from the Health Resources & Services Administration’s Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship (AENT) Program. LCON was selected as one of only four recipients from the State of Illinois. Dr. Prince will serve as the grant’s program director. The grant will provide tuition relief for Family

The faculty and staff of the Leach College of Nursing gather at holiday time.

Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students who plan to work in medically underserved areas after graduation, providing monies to cover tuition and fees. At USF, the grant will provide support for a total of 32 full- and part-time FNP and DNP students during the project period which began July 1, 2014 and will run through June 30, 2016.

LCON also received a three-year

HRSA Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training for Professionals and Paraprofessionals grant totaling $828,423 for LCON’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Recent Faculty Scholarship Work • “Guidelines for Implementing Culturally Competent Nursing Care" was recently published in the “Journal of Transcultural Nursing” as the result of task force efforts and the work of USF faculty member Dr. Deena Nardi. According to LCON Dean Dr. Carol Wilson, this is a watershed publication, since it is the first time that the International Council of Nurses has endorsed guidelines for culturallycompetent nursing care for international use. As a member of the task force, Nardi worked on the project for seven years. A summary will also be published in Nursing Outlook, and, says Wilson, “it will probably be placed in ANA's standards resources tool box to be used for curriculum development and evaluations. These standards also include a glossary of updated terms, and examples of how to apply them in research, education and practice.” Nardi also presented an e-poster, Influencing Global Health Policy with Cultural Competency Guidelines, with Dr. Marlene Rosenkoetter of Georgia Medical College at the American Academy of Nurses 2014 Conference (“Transforming Health, Driving Policy”) in Washington, D.C., in October.

Practitioner (PMHNP) program. The grant was co-authored by Dr. Doris Van Byssum and Dr. Carol Wilson. It will mainly provide tuition assistance for PMHNP students at University of St. Francis who are preparing to work with adolescent and young adults with mental health issues.


University of St. Francis Magazine

• Dr. Lola Prince and Dr. Kay Ferrario had their abstract, "Diagnosis and Treatment of Dental Care Complaints in Primary Care," and Dr. Marie Lindsey had her abstract, “Teaching Health Care Policy and Advocacy: Effective Strategies,” accepted for presentation at the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing's annual conference in October. This event brings together hundreds of Advanced Practice Nurses from Illinois and surrounding states every year. According to LCON Dean Carol Wilson, “The quality of presentations is phenomenal, and USF had three faculty members representing!”

For more information about the Leach College of Nursing, call (800) 735-7500 or visit

FNP Students Take Part in Workshop

Cecilia Pezdek ‘96

This summer, family nurse practi-

LCON Alum Nominated for GEM Award

tioner (FNP) students took part in a

The world of health care is con-

top talent, proven patient care and

Primary Care Standardized Patient

stantly changing and evolving. As

satisfaction, collaborative culture

Workshop Event. Students were

technology advances, nurses and

and advanced nursing standards and

presented with live teaching as-

physicians are constantly challenged

practices. Pezdek is very proud to

sistants who presented as patients

to stay on the cusp of their field.

have been an integral part in prepar-

with primary care medical problems.

This might be daunting to many,

ing the information needed to earn

FNP students conducted history and

but not Cecelia Pezdek, Clinical

and keep this distinction.

physical examinations on the teach-

Nurse Manager for Endoscopy, Pain

ing assistants and were required to

Management, ECT, Wound Care,

student of not only nursing, but

formulate an appropriate differential

Infusion Center and Hyperbaric

also of the University of St. Francis.

diagnosis, order appropriate diag-

Treatment at Advocate Good

She began her time with St. Francis

nostic tests, and develop a manage-

Samaritan Hospital in Downers

when she returned to pursue her

ment plan that included pharmaco-

Grove, Ill.

Bachelor of Science as a part-time

logical prescribing. At the comple-

adult student. “USF made it very

tion of the session, the teaching

industry, Pezdek relies on her 30

easy for me to come back to school,

assistant discussed with the student

years of nursing experience to guide

so easy it didn’t make sense for

attending a specialty learning course

his or her performance.

her staff toward excellent outpa-

me not to! They offered courses at

over the summer where students

tient care. It has also been crucial

satellite locations that were between

spent a week white water rafting

learned advanced suturing skills,

in helping Good Samaritan receive

my job at the time and home. My

and camping along the river. “I met

advanced ortho skills (fracture iden-

its Magnet Recognition from the

employer, Advocate Health Care,

people from all over the world, all

tification, casting & splinting), 12 lead

American Nurses Credentialing

was also incredibly supportive of

who were interested in healthcare.

electrocardiography and interpreta-

Center. The Magnet Recognition is

their employees going back to

I never thought as a part-time stu-

tion of chest-x-ray. These skills pre-

a much desired distinction among

school. The partnership Advocate

dent that I would get the opportu-

pare students to practice in primary

hospitals that sets them apart for

offered through USF and their tuition

nity to go on special trips like that.”

care or an urgent care center.

their ability to attract and retain

reimbursement program was just

another way attaining these degrees

with her husband. In their free time

were that much more in reach”

they travel as much as possible and

she recalls.

recently returned from Hawaii — a

lifelong dream of hers. When she

During this event, students

As a veteran in the nursing

Articulation Agreement Signed

Arvid Johnson and Waubonsee Community College President, Christine Sobek, sign an articulation agreement to enable Waubonsee students to easily continue their nursing education at USF.

Pezdek has been a long-time

USF made it so easy for Pezdek

Pezdek resides in Palos Park

to earn her degree that she returned

is home she can be found in her

twice for her Masters of Science in

garden or enjoying her nine grand-

Health Administration and Masters

children, ages three months to 20

of Science in Nursing. Taking

years old.

courses through USF also allowed

her to network within her field.

the next generation of nursing

Pezdek is also helping to develop

“All of the students were nurses

students through her involvement

from area hospitals and it was nice

in the Society of Gastroenterology

to sit and talk about the challenges

Nurses and Associates (SGNA)

they faced. We helped one another

Mentoring Circle. The Mentor

through shared experiences and

Circle supports and develops nurs-

provided networking opportunities

ing staff in the gastroenterology

to one another” Pezdek recalls.

field. Her efforts have not gone

unnoticed as Pezdek was nominated

Though she was not a traditional

undergraduate, Pezdek was still able

for the 2014 GEM Award in Nursing

to enjoy the perks of a USF student.

Leadership; a national recognition

She is most fond of her time spent

for outstanding nurses.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


The Fighting Saints

Samie Sabbah

Fighting Saint Takes Being a Student Athlete to the Limit



n a recent Monday at

there is that he walked those very

into his teaching career. He also

5:30 p.m., USF senior

same halls — grew up right down

would love to keep coaching. The

Samie Sabbah was on

the street — and can relate to his

6-foot, 300-pounder has excelled in

his way to class after a day that

students as well as anyone. History

every aspect of his student-athlete

saw him going fairly non-stop for

students need to learn their dates

experience at USF, earning all-

the previous 12 hours. It was just a

and the significant events that came

conference and all-district honors

normal day in the life of this hard-

before them but they also need

for both athletics and academics.

working student-athlete, a four-year

someone to show them what is

As if that were not enough, he is

offensive lineman on the Fighting

possible in their future.

also an accomplished Mixed Martial

Saints football team.

Arts fighter.

kids the other day,” Sabbah says. “I

so many mornings these days, at

told them that it’s a great learning

interest in Sabbah when he was a

5 a.m. in order to be out the door

environment. The only drawback is,

high school athlete, he signed with

and on his way to his student-

it can be hard to pay for.” Luckily for

USF the day he visited campus, a

teaching job at Bolingbrook High

them, there are scholarships avail-

decision he is still happy he made.

School (BHS), his alma mater.

able for the right students. Sabbah

After graduating from BHS with

There, he teaches two classes:

himself was the recipient of a schol-

700-plus classmates, he soon

Government, and World Cultures,

arship, thanks to his talents on the

found himself in a much more

and he pitches in as an assistant

football field. With this in mind, he

intimate setting.

coach of the wrestling team.

tells his students to keep the future—

and the present—in focus. Work on

that had three other students in

December with a bachelor’s degree

your sports and your academics, he

it,” he says. “You get to build really

in history and secondary education.

tells them. Make sure you get in all

strong relationships with the other

If things continue to go his way, he

of the AP classes you can.

students and with your professors.

will land a full-time job at BHS but at

You’re never a number.”

the very least he will be in the sys-

of that when I was in high school,”

tem as a regular substitute teacher.

he says of AP classes. “So I try to get

member of your football team’s

He had awoken, as he does

Sabbah will graduate from USF in

“If somebody retires or leaves

“I was just plugging USF to my

“I wish I could have done more

While other colleges expressed

“At USF I literally had a class

Except when you are a vital

them to learn from my mistakes. That

offensive line for four years. In that

at the end of the year and a job

is what I am really good at — relating

case, you are a number, and for

opens up, I’d like to be back at

my own experiences to them.”

Sabbah, a Fighting Saint whose

Bolingbrook,” he says. One of the

contribution will be remembered for

things he loves most about teaching

with his former professors well

University of St. Francis Magazine

Sabbah plans to stay in touch

a long time, that number was 65.



Samie Sabbah All-Conference and All-District Honors for Both Athletics and Academics

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


The Fighting Saints

Ryan Njegovan Places Eighth at Junior World Championships Ryan Njegovan throws the shot put in a USF meet.

Ryan Njegovan captured eighth place in the

was good for eighth place overall and first

discus competition at the 2014 International

among two throwers representing the United

the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials,

Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)

States. The other U.S. thrower, Kord Ferguson,

USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships,

Junior World Track & Field Championships

claimed ninth place overall at 59.54 meters.

the annual Nike Prefontaine Classic, NCAA

this summer at Hayward Field.

Division I Championships and Pac-10/Pac-12

world title with a 66.94-meter effort, best-

Njegovan, now in his sophomore year,

reached a distance of 59.56 meters on the

ing Germany’s Henning Prufer (64.18 m) and

second of his six throws. His performance

Norway’s Sven Martin Skagestad (63.21 m).

The Fighing Saints Online The Fighting Saints have been working hard on a terrific new website, thanks to the work of Dave Hilbert and SID Help. The site was redesigned this last semester and now includes more photos and news. You can also connect to the the Fighting Saints on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Martin Markovic of Croatia won the junior

University of St. Francis Magazine

Hayward Field has served as the site of

Conference Championships.

Former Cub Speaks at Annual Brown & Gold


yan Dempster, former Chicago Cubs pitcher, spoke at USF’s annual Brown and Gold event in early December. Dempster talked about the Dempster Family Foundation, created just months before his daughter was born and was diagnosed with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome.

Of course, Dempster also talked baseball. After several questions from guests in the audience, Jack Futterer, father of two alumni and a longtime Saints fan, asked Dempster what he planned to do after baseball. Dempster smiled and alluded to the fact that the question was timely. A few days later, the Cubs

announced that Dempster signed a oneday contract to retire as a member of the Cubs organization and will now be acting as a special assistant to the organization’s president and general manager. Dempster talked with guests before and after his address, posing for photos and signing autographs.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Staying Connected: Alumni News

Sr. Jeanne Bessette ‘77

Alumna Leads Cristo Rey School in Cincinnati



ister Jeanne Bessette will

order, the Sisters of St. Francis of

be the first one to tell you

Mary Immaculate in Joliet.

she says. “I even really like kids at

that she wasn’t a great

the ages of 14 to 18, and not a lot

She had heard about Cristo

“I love secondary education,”

student in her theology classes at

Rey schools, particularly the first

of people do. Or at least they don’t

the College of St. Francis.

one in Chicago, and admired their

understand them. When I was prin-

mission to provide private, college

cipal for eight years at Trinity I knew

me,” she says. “It was more about

preparatory education to students

almost every student in my school.”

spirituality and faith and prayer.”

whose families could not otherwise

Sometime during her undergradu-

afford it. Armed with a doctorate in

come from low-income families in

ate years, perhaps influenced by the

education from the other USF (the

southwestern Ohio and northern

time she spent in her part-time job

University of San Francisco), she ap-

Kentucky, and work to earn part of

at the Sisters of St. Francis mother-

plied to be president at five different

their tuition. The work program also

house, she decided that entering

Cristo Rey schools, four of which

pairs them with college-educated

religious life might be her calling.

were up and running. Then she got

role models.

Since then, education, faith and

the call from the Sisters of Charity in

spirituality have been her life’s work.


college,” Bessette says with clear

As if that were not enough, four

determination in her voice.

students come from

years ago she opened a brand new

would be willing to start a high

low-income families

high school in Cincinnati.

school with them — DePaul Cristo

graduate days at CSF for shaping her

Rey. They wanted to know if she

planning and problem-solving skills.

blessed opportunity to start a

knew how to start a high school.

She was very involved in campus

Ohio and northern

high school from scratch,” says

ministry as a student, and remem-

Kentucky, and work

Bessette, a Romeoville native

they look like when they’re done,’”

bers a collaborative, all-inclusive

whose siblings and mother still

she recalls with a laugh. Bessette

spirit among sisters, priests, lay lead-

live in the Joliet area.

moved to Cincinnati, knowing only

ers and students.

tuition. The work

one person there, and she got to

program also pairs

was looking for a new opportu-

work. Now, close to six years after

prayer services, how to plan

nity, her “next good work.” She had

her hire date, the project that was

retreats,” she says. “These things

been a teacher and administrator

just a plan on paper with no known

weren’t just handed to us. Students

at several Chicago area schools

opening date is about to complete

were included in the planning. What

(St. John the Baptist in Joliet, St.

its fourth academic year. Bessette

I’m doing today, I got my practice

Francis Academy in Joliet, Nazareth

does not have as much contact with

and my start doing when I was a

Academy in LaGrange Park, and

students as she used to when she

student at CSF. My style, and how I

ute to the global community so that

Trinity High School in River Forest),

was a teacher or principal, but her

approach planning, and how I pull

the world is a little bit better for her

and had just finished an eight-year

commitment to their success is as

together people for a task, I learned

having spent time here.

term on the governing board of her

strong as ever.

as a student at CSF.”

“It wasn’t about theology for

“I had the unique and very

About six years ago, Bessette

University of St. Francis Magazine

They wanted to know if she

“I said, ‘Um, no, but I know what

DePaul Cristo Rey students

“Because our kids are going to

DePaul Cristo Rey

Bessette points to her under-

in southwestern

to earn part of their

“I really learned how to plan

them with collegeeducated role models.

Her mission in life is to contrib-

Brian Sharp ‘97

Alumnus Finds Entrepreneurial Success


rian Sharp did not

one semester off, all the while

necessarily plan on

working full time and building his

being co-founder

own clientele after-hours.

and vice president of BridgePoint

Technologies when he first

his three co-founders are celebrat-

began college at the University of

ing the 10-year anniversary of

St. Francis. Like many students, he

BridgePoint Technologies. Their

had a major in mind and anticipated

firm offers technology solutions in

a good job would follow if he kept

terms of staffing, managed services,

his grades up and graduated.

application development and

everything in between. Based in

Not long into his four years at

Fast forward a decade. Sharp and

USF, Sharp landed a student position

Oak Brook, Ill., BridgePoint has

in the Information Systems depart-

clients and offices throughout the

ment. Daily assignments from his

Chicagoland area in addition to a

supervisors gave him experience

few out-of-state clients. Sharp and

with many aspects of the growing

his team netted $7.5 million in rev-

also continued to serve me well,

information systems field. It wasn’t

enue for 2013 and hopes to exceed

both in business and in life.”

long until friends and family asked

that number for 2014.

Sharp for help when setting up a PC

mates stay in touch and often

or troubleshooting an issue. Positive

dedication have been key to both

see one another on a monthly

reviews traveled very quickly and

BridgePoint’s and Brian’s successes

basis. Hoping to inspire future

Sharp found himself working side

over the last decade or so. “I realized

entrepreneurs, Sharp began

jobs frequently.

early on that there would always be

teaching business classes at USF

someone, somewhere, who wanted

as an adjunct professor. He also

Sharp decided that building his

it more than me. That thought

attends many alumni events with

own tech company was his calling.

stayed in the back of mind during

his family throughout the year and

He graduated in 1997 with his bach-

long nights and challenging days.

plans to remain involved for years

elor’s degree in computer science

It motivated me to stay diligent on

to come. When Sharp is not at

and began working as a consultant

a daily basis and it has definitely

the office, he is at home or on the

at an IT company full time. He

paid off in the end,” Sharp says.

soccer field coaching his children’s

began MBA courses after only

“The values I learned at USF have

soccer teams.

Shortly before graduation

Hard work, integrity and

Sharp and several USF class-

“The values I learned at USF have also continued to serve me well, both in business and in life”

ALUMN I A S S O C I ATI O N BOARD O F D I R EC TO R S President Karen Ciarlette ’94, ‘97 President-Elect Shawn Walsh ‘00 Vice President for Alumni Outreach Caryn Jakielski ’03, ‘06 Vice President for Programs Caroline Portlock ’02, ‘04 Vice President for Student Services Judith M. Bulat ’72 Secretary Wilhelmine M. Vidmar ‘68 Representative of the Sisters of St. Francis Sr. Lois Prebil, OSF ‘61 USF Administration Aubrey Knight ’04 ’07 Donna Eakle ’09, ‘13 Student Representatives Kayla Madej Laura Muñoz Lopez Allison Sterka M EMBER S AT L A RGE Dominique Annis ’00, ‘02 Luise A. Baldin ‘58 Matthew Bisek ‘10 Patricia Bracken ’73, ’86, ‘94 Sharon Dewart ‘78 Elmer F. Eddy ‘80 Jacqueline A. Edmonson ’63, ’88, ‘94 Laura Eggert ’09, ‘13 Joseph Ferrallo ’85, ’06, ‘07 Ysenia Gallegos ‘13 H. Richard Hagen, J.D., ’90 Linda M. Kilroy ‘72 Eric Lawhead ‘07 Lynley Louzensky ‘10 Erika Martinez ‘11 Frances H. Naal Sczepaniak ‘58 Jan Novotny ‘67 L. Scott Pekol ‘99 Candice Quinerly ‘10 Alan Randolph ‘07 Corey Richardson ‘09 Susan Rogina ’94, ‘99 Keith Schomig ‘13 Anne-Christine Tompkins ‘14 STAY I N TO U C H Send news and class notes to alumni@ or call 877-811-ALUM. To read about what other alumni and old friends have been doing, visit

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Staying Connected: Alumni News

James Hamilton ‘89, ‘07

It Wasn’t All About the Classwork


“It was a group of teachers who you could really relate to. It wasn’t all class work. They provided this additional insight into the business world, and they made learning fun.


University of St. Francis Magazine

ames “Jay” Hamilton never

every year. It is safe to say that the

and current faculty advisor Frank

thought he would get an

company is thriving, and it would

Wyrostek’s finance class. The

opportunity like the one he

not be in this position if not for the

professor known for his colorful

got five years ago in the insurance

hard work Hamilton and his team

chalk made sure his students heard

industry. In the tech or real estate

have put forth.

real-life business stories, and learned

industries? Sure — but not in insur-

business concepts by playing mock

ance. The gift he received — the

years ago,” he says with a laugh.

versions of the television game

daunting challenge that was also

“This definitely has been one of the

show “Jeopardy!” In fact, the entire

a huge opportunity — was to build

biggest challenges of my career,

department had that open feel to it,

an accident and health insurance

and the most rewarding at the same

Hamilton says.

operation from scratch.

time. What anybody tells you about

the energy it takes to do a start-up is

Hamilton says. “It was a group of

ness, U.S. Insurance at AXIS Accident

probably a multiple of that.”

teachers who you could really relate

& Health, which is technically a

to. It wasn’t all class work. They

division of the overall company

would not have been able to do it

provided this additional insight

AXIS Capital but is run as an

alone — not earlier in his career at

into the business world, and they

individual business.

CNA or Chubb, and certainly not in

made learning fun. It was really that

the start-up.

student-teacher ratio that made

cally four walls in a room with card

the difference. You don’t get that

tables,” says Hamilton, a Plainfield

the team,” he says. “You have to hire

at larger universities, or on larger

native who earned his bachelor’s de-

the right people. I have been asked


gree (’89) in finance from the College

a number of times about what the

of St. Francis and his MBA (’07) from

key to success is. It’s having the right

alumnus like Hamilton who gives

the University of St. Francis. “Today I

team, the right people.”

back to his school as much as he

oversee the entire enterprise — dis-

got out of it. “My experience there

tribution and marketing, compliance,

took root in Hamilton’s thoughts

was really good,” he says. “I was

operations, product development

as an undergrad when he realized

involved in establishing the business

and underwriting. I’m enjoying run-

that learning is not all about dry

alumni network, and I’ve been on

ning a business, soup to nuts, across

textbooks (it can be fun, too) and

the alumni committee and the busi-

the entire enterprise.”

business is not all about numbers

ness advisory board of the business

(it is about people).

school. I’ve tried to stay as involved

Hamilton’s leadership, the company

as I could over the years with the

has doubled its premium volumes

on his time in former professor

He serves as CEO of that busi-

“I started in 2010 with basi-

In the past five years, under

“I had a full head of hair five

Hamilton also knows that he

“What you’ve got to get right is

This simple concept probably

Hamilton thinks back fondly

“It was a close-knit community,”

USF is fortunate to have an


Alumni Events Directory Spring 2015 JANUARY 8 Daybreak Service Day & Breakfast: Sponsored by the Education Alumni Network. Looking to volunteer your time for a worthy cause? Consider joining us for our volunteer event and breakfast before school hours. Complimentary. From 4:45 a.m. to 7 a.m. at the Daybreak Shelter, Joliet.

10 Business Alumni Network (BAN) Meeting: Sponsored by the Business Alumni Network. Join fellow business alumni in a group that provides networking, social events and interaction with current USF students. The group assists alumni looking for jobs, changing careers, hiring employees or just looking to reconnect with other grads. All alumni are welcome and breakfast is served! Complimentary. 8:30 a.m. in the Alumni Gathering Room (Motherhouse 2nd Floor).

23 3rd Annual Recreation,

Sport & Tourism Management Alumni Gathering: Sponsored by the Recreation, Sport & Tourism Management Alumni Network. It will be a fun evening with fellow alumni and friends whether you are attending the IPRA conference or just want to network! Join us as we celebrate the retirement of current professor Dr. Lyle Hicks after 39 years of service to USF. Hosted by: Dr. Syd Sklar, USF Department Chair, Chuck Szoke ’78 and Eric Lawhead ’07. Complimentary. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Houlihan’s, Downtown Chicago.

24 Women’s Basketball Alumnae

Game: Calling all former women’s basketball players, bounce your way back to USF for an alumnae game with old friends! Bring your families and stay for dinner even if you don’t plan to play in the game. Stay for the USF women’s game versus Saint Xavier at 5 p.m. and the men’s game at 7 p.m. Hosted by Coach Sam Quigley. RSVP by Jan. 16 to receive a free alumnae game shirt! Complimentary. Game at 2:30 p.m./ dinner at 4 p.m. in the Pat Sullivan Recreation Center.

25 Tennis Alumni Reunion: Calling all men’s and women’s tennis alumni! Join us as we enjoy an afternoon of tennis, meet the current team and renew friendships with fellow tennis

alumni. Food will be served! Hosted by Coach Jim Trudeau. From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Challenge Fitness, Lockport. Complimentary.

31Dun Scotus Alumni Brunch:

Attention all Dun Scotus Alumni! Come back to your alma mater and enjoy brunch with each other and present Dun Scotus students. Catch up and share your knowledge with the students of today. From 10 a.m. to Noon in the Moes Room (Tower Hall). Complimentary.

FEBRUARY 5 Wine & Dine Cooking

Demonstration: Gather for an evening of delectable food and wine while Joliet Junior College’s culinary arts department chair, alumnus and author Mike McGreal ‘01 demonstrates simple, but delicious meals for the working adult. Chef McGreal also works with “Chefs Move to Schools” campaign with First Lady, Michelle Obama. Food and wine included! 7 p.m. in San Damiano Hall (Motherhouse, 3rd Floor). $10 per person — $5 of each ticket is a tax deductible donation to USF. Limited tickets available.

12 Valentine’s Service Day:

Sponsored by the Education Alumni Network. Join us for an evening filled with service and BINGO! Please join University of St. Francis Education Alumni Network in its effort to brighten the lives of Sunny Hill Nursing Home residents by hosting a Valentine’s Party. From 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Sunny Hill Nursing Home, Joliet. Complimentary.

14 Sunny Hill Nursing Home

Valentine’s Party: Sponsored by the Business Alumni Network. Spend the afternoon enjoying the company of the residents of Sunny Hill Nursing Home. Please join University of St. Francis Business Alumni Network (BAN) brightening both your day and theirs celebrating Valentine’s Day. Time TBD at Sunny Hill Nursing Home, Joliet. Complimentary.

26 Career Networking Progressive Dinner: We are partnering with the Student Alumni Association (SAA) student club on campus to host this excellent networking opportunity for

both alumni and students. Each course during dinner will be spent with a different group of alumni and students so you will meet lots of new people. Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards to share and a photographer will be available for complimentary headshots! From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in San Damiano Hall (Motherhouse, 3rd Floor). Complimentary, but limited tickets are available.

28 Game, Set, Match! Tennis Party:

Come out and celebrate the retirement of Lyle Hicks (former tennis coach), after 39 years at USF, with tennis friends new and old. Former coach Lee Irvin ‘81 and Ed Soldan ’93 will host the evening with food and drinks included. 6 p.m. at the Park Forest Tennis Club, Park Forest. Complimentary.

MARCH 5 The Will County Regional Office

of Education Licensure Update: Sponsored by the Education Alumni Network. The Will County Regional Office of Education staff will provide a seminar with the most current rules and regulations regarding licensure renewal, professional development requirements, and how to navigate the ELIS System. Hors d’oeuvres will be served. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in San Damiano Hall (Motherhouse, 3rd Floor). Complimentary.

6-15 Alumni & Friends Italy

Trip: Tour beautiful Italy with your University of St. Francis family! Travel includes guided visits to Rome, Florence, and Pisa. $3,700–$4,300 — call the Alumni & Family Relations Office for more trip information.


Business Alumni Network (BAN) Meeting: Sponsored by the Business Alumni Network. Join fellow business alumni in a group that provides networking, social events and interaction with current USF students. The group assists alumni looking for jobs, changing careers, hiring employees or just looking to reconnect with other grads. All alumni are welcome and breakfast is served! 8:30 a.m. in the Alumni Gathering Room (Motherhouse, 2nd Floor). Complimentary.

13 Broadway in Chicago “The

Book of Mormon”: From the creators of South Park, this religious satire musical is the winner of nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical! Spend a theatrical evening with us for one of the hottest shows in town! This event is for entertainment purposes only and does not express the views of USF. 7:30 p.m. performance/5:45 p.m. departure from USF for Bank of America Theatre, Chicago. $45 per person/$50 with transportation. Limited tickets available.

28 Second Annual Bunny Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt: Back by popular demand! Hop your way to the front of the line for this Easter EGGstravaganza with fellow alumni families. Guests will enjoy breakfast and photos with the Easter Bunny followed by an egg hunt on the Quad — rain or shine. A face painter and balloon twister will be there to entertain the kids! 9 a.m. breakfast/10 a.m. egg hunt in San Damiano Hall (Motherhouse, 3rd Floor) & Quad. $10 adults/$8 children aged 4-18/kids 3 and under are free. Fee is a tax deductible donation to USF. Limited tickets available.

APRIL 9 “Pint for a Pint” Blood Drive:

Stop by for a good cause and donate a pint of blood and receive your very own USF Alumni pint glass! All are welcome! Subway sandwiches will be plentiful and fill your new pint glass with an ice cream sundae complete with all the fixings. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Turk Theater (Tower Hall, 1st Floor). Complimentary.

16 Career Fair: Sponsored by the

Career Success Center. USF is proud to assist alumni and students with resources and events for lifelong careers connections! You are invited to network with employers for internship, job, and job shadowing opportunities. Professional attire and resume are required. From 9 a.m. to Noon in the Pat Sullivan Recreation Center. Complimentary.


Education Alumni Network Panel: Danielson Evaluation: Sponsored by the Education Alumni Network. Have a question that you have been dying to ask an

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Staying Connected: Alumni News

Parents’ Corner

Amy Brodeur ‘90, ‘04 administrator about the Danielson Framework for Teacher Evaluation? Join us for a panel presentation where area district administrators will each briefly describe the implementation of this Framework in their own districts and take your questions afterward. Teachers, this will give you an opportunity to ask questions of an administrator in a neutral setting. 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in San Damiano Hall (Motherhouse, 3rd Floor). Complimentary.

MAY 1 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta: Sponsored

by the Family Association. Join us as we celebrate Mexican culture that’s enjoyed worldwide a few days early this year with traditional cuisine and an authentic Mariachi band. Margaritas (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), chips, salsa and guacamole will be plentiful and all are invited to join in on the festivities! From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Turk Theater (Tower Hall, 1st Floor). $10 per person. ($5 of each ticket is a tax deductible donation.)

2 Business Alumni Network (BAN)

Meeting: Sponsored by the Business Alumni Network. Join fellow business alumni in a group that provides networking, social events and interaction with current USF students. The group assists alumni looking for jobs, changing careers, hiring employees or just looking to reconnect with other grads. All alumni are welcome and breakfast is served! (Complimentary.) 8:30 a.m. in the Alumni Gathering Room (Motherhouse, 2nd Floor).

22 Joliet Slammers Game & Picnic:

Play ball! Join us for an evening with friends, food, fireworks and fun! A picnic dinner is included with each ticket. Watch with us while the Joliet Slammers bring home a win “at the old ball game!” 7:05 p.m. game at Silver Cross Field, Joliet. $8 per person (3 & under are free). Limited tickets available.

JUNE 12 Young Alumni Happy Hour:

Head on over after work and celebrate the start of the weekend! Open to alumni aged 22 to 35, gather a group of alumni friends or just drop by on your own. RSVP by May 29 and your first drink is on us! Food will be served; cash bar. From 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Bernie’s Pub (Motherhouse, 1st floor). Complimentary, but a $5 donation gets you a free T-shirt!


University of St. Francis Magazine

JULY 11Assisian Club Dinner with the

President: Honoring the class of 1965 and before, we welcome you and a guest for a lovely evening filled with friends new and old, while we dine together on a delicious meal and reminisce your years at St. Francis. Join us as President Arvid Johnson, Ph.D. hosts this event in honor of you. At 5 p.m. in San Damiano Hall (Motherhouse, 3rd Floor). Complimentary.

A Proud Parent’s Perspective

17Business Alumni Network (BAN)

Bowling Party: Sponsored by the Business Alumni Network. Come join the Business Alumni Network (BAN) for an evening of bowling and fun. Bring a dish to pass and enjoy great company! All alumni are invited. At 5 p.m. at Town & Country Bowl, Joliet.

18 Outdoor Family Movie Night:

Join alumni and friends for a familyfriendly movie on an inflatable movie screen out on the quad. Bring your families, blankets and chairs and leave the rest to us! Snacks and treats will be provided. RSVP by June 30 for a free gift for your children! At 8:30 p.m. in the USF Quad. Complimentary.


AUGUST 8 10th Annual Alumni Mystery

degree in 2004. She is now involved with the Alumni Association on

Progressive Dinner: Join us as we travel the world tasting cuisines from various Western European countries! Three mystery locations will serve appetizers, entrees and desserts. Games and prizes included on the bus! The 10th registrant will receive $10 off their ticket price. See how the number 10 plays into the evening as we celebrate our 10th anniversary progressive dinner! 5 p.m. USF shuttle bus departure. $50 per person — $10 of each ticket is a tax deductible donation. Limited tickets available.

he word “alumni” is a special designation for graduates everywhere. However, its meaning is more special, and brought to a new level, when seen through the eyes of employee and

double alumna, Amy Brodeur.

Brodeur earned her bachelor’s degree in 1990 and then a master’s

campus. From all outside perspectives, she’s pretty darn involved.

However, her love affair with USF goes deeper and continues to

call her, and now her son, to a place that feels like home. From taking piano lessons with the Sisters in the 1970s to preparing to be a teacher in the 1990s to working with USF’s student teachers in the 2000s to finally becoming a faculty member in the College of Education in 2006, Brodeur’s experience has come full circle. USF has greatly impacted her life, but not as much as it does now, as she shares her love for USF with her youngest son, Trevor, who is a freshman at USF. Trevor plays on the golf team and majors in Recreation, Sport & Tourism Management. Love grows when it is shared!

Trevor also talks about his growing appreciation for the faculty and

administration he is in contact with at USF. A small school atmosphere, guided by core values of respect, integrity, service and compassion, made him feel at ease during his first semester.

Some of the comfort he feels may be a result of frequent stop in

mom’s office — for a snack, a word of encouragement, “or a dose of reality,” says mom. But most of it comes from the coaches and athletic staff, his mentor Corey Schild, his instructors, and the new friends he is making on campus. He sees the USF values and ideals being modeled by all those he comes into contact with in each office and classroom or on the athletic field.

“Working at USF and with USF people is definitely a blessing,” said

Brodeur. “But living the ideals as an alumna AND parent of a future alumnus is priceless.”

Honor Roll ANNUAL DONORS 2013-2014 This report reflects gifts received between June 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014.


Every attempt was made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If there is an error or omission, please contact the USF Advancement Office at (800) 822-8280.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Honor Roll: Gifts from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014


Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Leracz

Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Duerinck

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Limacher

Dr. Rosemary Lucas ‘49

Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation

Liberty Mutual

Excel Electric, Inc.

Ms. Michelle L. Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Benoit

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Manner

ExxonMobil Foundation

Miss Rose E. Mancuso

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McCafferty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fedo ‘80

Mr. William J. Manner ‘96

Illinois Board of Higher Education

Mr. Ryan H. Marks

Saxon Foundation

Northern Illinois Steel Supply Company

Mr. Robert J. Fedo ‘11

Ms. Charlotte Marks

Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate

Fifth Third Bank

Martin Whalen Office Solutions, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Steven T. Rosen

First Community Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Maurer

PRESIDENTS CIRCLE $25,000–$49,999

First Midwest Bank

Ms. Cheryl McCarthy ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Ross

Mrs. Frances M. (Bozich) Gale ‘40

Mrs. Kathleen H. (Baye) McCrohan ‘71

Mr. John H. Leach

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Scheuber ‘95

Mr. Joseph M. Gaul

Mr. Vincent K. McGirr

Leach Nursing Scholarship Trust

The Honorable Chrystel (Cannon) Gavlin

Ms. Kathleen J. McGowan and

Ms. Cecilia A. Trizna-Vargo ‘59

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sczepaniak

‘90 and Mr. Anthony Gavlin

Gibbons & Sidhu LTD

Ms. Claretta F. Meier ‘59

(Margaret Kennedy ‘69)

(Bernice Borek ‘62)

(Carol Ann Ardaugh ‘65) — The Ruth Family (Candice Polovina ‘88)

(Kathleen ‘80, ‘87) (Frances Tures Naal ‘58)

(Georgene Policandriotes ‘74, ‘80, ‘85)

Mr. Terrance P. McGuire

FRANCIS & CLARE CIRCLE $10,000–$24,999


Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Giegerich

MetLife Foundation

Mr. Duane R. Walker (MaryAnne

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Grabavoy

Mickey’s Tire & Service, Inc.

Associated Colleges of Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miles

Mrs. Jo Ann (McDonald) Barber ‘52

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Wyllie

Krawchuck* ‘70)

(Marisue Cordano ‘83)

Mrs. Patricia A. (Liker) Graham ‘64

Mrs. Magdalyn (Woolfe) Miller ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Hackett

Mrs. Sandra (Novak) Montrose Olivier ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hansen

Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Morimoto

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Brennan ‘81

BROWN & GOLD CIRCLE $1,000–$4,999

NuMark Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne* S. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Adams

Harrah’s Joliet Casino Hotel

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Orr (Madonna Plese ‘56)

Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Buchanan ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Adler ‘80

Ms. Jo Ellyn Harrison ‘13


Adler Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Henry Bros. Co.

P.F.C. Ted Stempien Post 8821

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O. D’Arcy

Alexander Grabavoy, D.D.S.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Herkert ‘81

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Panayotovich

Mr. Scott W. Holdman ‘01

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Andrejasich

Mr. Jack R. Hermanski

Dr. and Mrs. Jesse K. Park

Dr. and Mrs. Arvid C. Johnson

Ms. Elaine (Kick) Hershbarger ‘67

Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Pascoe

Joliet Township Government


Homer Tree Service, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Peifer

Ms. Rosemary A. Lux ‘52

Archer Highland Post No. 698 — The

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ingold (Barbara Seib ‘96, ‘09)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Mallof

Interstate Batteries of Plainfield — Ed Sterling


Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Morrissette ‘83, ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Baron

Ms. Annette M. Jelinek

Ms. Nancy Pohlman & Mr. Alan Zordan

Mr. Mark Bass and Ms. Tracy Kontos

Jim Darguzis — State Farm Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Polyak (Georgeen ‘89)

North Shore Community Bank & Trust

Mrs. and Mrs. George Benigni

Johansen & Anderson, Inc.

Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Vana

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Beutel

Joliet Park District

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Qualio (Stephanie ‘05)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Vogen ‘93

Joliet Slammers

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Rakers

Mr. Michael Bily and Ms. Christy Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Brent H. Wadsworth

Blackburn-Giegerich-Sonntag Funeral

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Randich ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wysocki

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bellah ‘82


(Patricia Bird ‘52)

(Patricia Banks ‘83)

(Karen M. Hammond ‘89)

(Maureen Briscoe ‘84, ‘96)

(Tracey L. Carmack ‘92)

(Carol Slana ‘59)

American Legion

(Denise Clemens ‘85, ‘96)

(Virginia Deiss ‘68)

(Margaret Connor ‘61)

(Anita Heimann ‘63)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Juster

Mrs. Holly (Ogle) Brennan ‘90

Ms. Jane V. Rapson

ASSISIAN CIRCLE $5,000–$9,999

Brown & Brown of Northern Illinois, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kase

Mr. Jerome A. Rich

Ms. Judith M. Bulat ‘72

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kender

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Rink

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Arellano

C.R. Leonard Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Mr. Michael F. Rittof

Barnes & Noble — University of St. Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Cesar D. Cardenas

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Kenney

Rockdale Automotive

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Block ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schager (Jodi C. Zier ‘96, ‘02)

BMO Harris Bank

Cathedral Area Preservation Association

Dr. Gerard H. Kickul

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Scott

Buchar, Mitchell, Bajt Architects, Inc.

CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services of Illinois

Ms. Linda (Archambeau) Kilroy ‘72

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burla (Andrea Fenoglio ‘62)

Chicago Trading Company

Mr. and Mrs. James Klang

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seidl

Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Crowther

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Klasing

Sendra Service Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Crowther

Senesac & Lennon Ltd., CPA’s

Crowther Roofing and Sheet Metal

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance L. Cottrell ‘99, ‘03

Mr. Andrew Klemen

Sentinus, LLC

D’Arcy Buick GMC Truck

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Knorr, Jr.

Dr. Patricia L. Shelvy ‘13

Frank Burla & Sons Builders, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Covelli (Bonnie ‘09)

Ms. Jean Konrad

Silver Cross Hospital

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Mrs. Marcy A. (Moloney) Cromley ‘68

KSKJ Life, American Slovenian

Mr. Damon M. Sloan and Ms. Ana Rossetti

Grant’s Appliances Electronics and More

Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Cullen

Catholic Union

Miss Elaine T. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Cyril W. Habiger

Mr. and Mrs. James D’Amico

Kurtz Ambulance Service, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Darguzis

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Laken (Elizabeth Briick ‘84)

Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates

Hollywood Casino

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dollinger

Dr. and Mrs. Michael V. LaRocco

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Southall

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Kenny ‘81

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Doppke, Sr.

Mrs. Loretta J. (Wiesbrook) Spesia ‘65

Mr. Dave Laketa ‘90

Mr. Michael J. Dowd ‘02

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr.

(Diane Felbinger ‘77)

University of St. Francis Magazine

Home, Ltd.

(Beth Shankland ‘73)

(Josephine Giacchino ‘56) (Michelle ‘09, ‘10)

(Mary Lou Lechowich ‘66)

(Carol A. Vischak ‘67) (Dolores Torres ‘56)

(Barbara Franey ‘64)

(Kathleen ‘81, ‘96)

(Ann Reedy ‘80)

(Diane M. Kiefner ‘80)

Ms. Susan K. (Scarcelli) Spurgeon ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. George Lehman

The Dorothea and Fletcher Gleason

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Vogrin

The Flooring Guys

Mr. David Stopher

Tim Wallace Landscape Supply Company, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Washburn (Jeanne ‘99, ‘01)

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sullivan

Turk Furniture

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wheeler

(Carol (Pubentz) Sterr-Lehman ‘56)

(Margaret Bacon ‘96)

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Vidmar

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sullivan

Dr. Carol Wilson & Mr. Charles Vasconez

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Tarizzo

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Villa ‘93

Phyllis M. Wilson, Ph.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wyrostek

Family Foundation

(Wilhelmine McCarley ‘68) (Kendall R. Hibner ‘93)

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Zordan

(Shelby J. Brown ‘60) * Deceased

(Patricia Sexton ‘67)




Mrs. Carol J. (Link) Bergin ‘63

Mr. Justin J. Boyter ‘04

Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Bergman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bozen, Jr. ‘97

Major (Ret.) John Aaron, Jr. ‘80

Ms. Evelyn Baca-Kight ‘81

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Bergstrom

Dr. Sharon M. Abbate

Capt. and Mrs. Robert Bailie

Berman Capital Management & Research

Ms. Patricia L. Bracken ‘73, ‘86, ‘94

Abbott Fund Matching Grant Plan

Mrs. D. Anne (Sonnefield) Bailie ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. Ted C. Berman

Ms. Jayme E. Bradshaw ‘05

Mr. Michael L. Abegg

Mrs. Sybella (Marso) Bajt ‘57, ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. Don Bersano

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Bradshaw

Mrs. Jane M. (Timmermann) Absheer ‘72

Mrs. Dollie A. (Badovinich) Bajusz ‘54

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Bersano ‘04

Mrs. Carol L. (White) Brady ‘62

Mrs. Sue A. Adair ‘91

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Baker ‘90

Ms. Mary Brandon

Ms. Quinnlin X. Adamowski ‘05

Miss Sheila R. Baker ‘80

Mr. Wayne E. Bessette ‘78

Dr. Patrick V. Brannon

Ms. Diane Adams

Mr. Robert A. Baker

Mr. George W. Beverly, Jr. ‘84

Mr. Kevlin B. Braun ‘01

Mrs. Ruby D. Adams ‘89

Ms. Dorothy Balash ‘81

Mrs. Dolores Biagi-Ellison ‘80

Mrs. Marlene M. (Stepaniak) Bremmer ‘59

Mrs. Jacqueline M. (Gaspich) Adamson ‘70

Mrs. Luise A. (Meier) Baldin ‘58

Mrs. Marcia A. (Burchardt) Bianco ‘64

Mrs. Geri A. Brent

AGL Resources

Ms. Elizabeth L. Balmes ‘60

Mrs. Kathleen A. (Connor) Bibb ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Brick

Ms. Sarah A. Ahline ‘14

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Baltz ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Biciste

Bridgepoint Technologies, LLC

Mrs. Joan A. Aiken ‘89

Bank of America

Bill Jacobs Joliet

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Briese

Mrs. Janice A. Aimaro ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. William Barbier

Ms. Joan C. Billing ‘82

Brightmore Physical Therapy

Mrs. Diana F. (Buck) Airoldi ‘70

Mrs. Donna R. Barger ‘92

Ms. Eloise Billups ‘05, ‘08

Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Briner ‘10, ‘11 (Clare ‘11)

Ajax Waste Services

Mr. Jeffery P. Barker

Mr. Patrick Bily

Mrs. Georgia L. Brinkmeier ‘88

Mrs. Shawna R. (Puleo) Alaimo ‘97

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Binkowski ‘94

Mrs. Patricia (Berry) Brixie ‘55

Mrs. Suzanne (Adamic) Albert ‘86, ‘99, ‘08

Barolo Ristorante

Mrs. Dolores M. (Liker) Brncich ‘76

Ms. Beatrice Albright ‘79

Ms. Dorothyanne Barry ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Bisek ‘10

Mrs. Margaret P. (Kent) Broach ‘79

Mr. James J. Albritton ‘80

Mr. James J. Barto ‘06

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Bromer

Mrs. Judith A. (Kertis) Alkire ‘92, ‘97

Ms. Regina Bartosik

Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Blackburn

Mrs. Angelee (Mouhalis) Brooks ‘90

Mrs. Joyce C. Allan ‘93

Dr. Robert S. Barwa

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Blankenship

Dr. Phyllis M. (Yahnke) Brooks ‘67

Mrs. Dianne L. (Rastello) Allen ‘66

Basa’s Marine, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Blaser

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brown

Mrs. Patricia (Judnich) Allen ‘64

BASF Corporation

Mr. Michael J. Blaszczyk ‘14

Mrs. Doris (Lewis) Brown ‘50

Mr. Robert P. Alley

Ms. Judith A. (Ciesielski) Bashor ‘71

Ms. Joyce D. Blau ‘91

Ms. Naomi Brown ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Allums

Mrs. Geraldine (Knowles) Baskerville ‘54

Mr. Ronald A. Block ‘91

Mrs. Deborah J. (Surinak) Brozman ‘74

Mrs. Karen A. Allwein ‘96

Ms. Ruthann Baskerville ‘63

Blue Sky Marketing Group

Mr. Theodore Bruck

Mr. and Mrs. Ruben C. Alvarado

Bass Insurance Agency — Mark Bass

Dr. Mary Ann (Meyer) Bobosky ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Bruen

Ms. Gerry L. Ambrose ‘99

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Basso

Mr. George Bodenberg

Ms. Kelly M. Anderson ‘05

Mrs. Anna Marie (Di Monte) Bates ‘59


Mrs. Michelle (Petrelli) Bruggeman ‘87

Ms. Mary K. (Bentley) Anderson ‘02, ‘04

Mrs. Dorothy (Pulo) Batka ‘58

Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Boetto

Mr. Dan Brumund

Mrs. Mary Ann Andrade-Bekker ‘07

Mr. Michael R. Battaglia ‘99

The Honorable and Mrs. Robert P. Brumund

Mrs. Angela A. (DeSandre) Andreshak ‘57

Mrs. Pamela (McGuire) Bauman ‘83

Mrs. Ellen Bogner ‘94

Mrs. Patricia A. (Freeman) Brush ‘78


Mrs. Natalie M. Bayci

Ms. Arlene A. Bogovich

Mr. Ernest Bryant ‘02

Anonymous ‘61

Mr. Kenneth J. Bazarnik ‘78

Mrs. Stacey E. (Evans) Boland ‘99

Mr. Kenneth D. Buck ‘02

Anonymous ‘05, ‘13

Mr. Richard J. Beaumier ‘86

Mrs. Eleanore C. (Kijowski) Bolanowski ‘48

Mrs. Lillian J. (Doleshek) Buckley ‘72

Ms. Julie A. Ardaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Beck ‘03

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boley (Paula Sosnoski ‘73)

Mrs. Susan M. Buckley ‘85

Drs. Paul and Elia Aschinberg

Ms. Susan D. Becker-Evans ‘99, ‘07

Mrs. Mary C. (Alexy) Bonadio ‘96

Mrs. Mary Ellen Buell ‘81

Mrs. Barbara J. Ashton ‘03, ‘06

Ms. Virginia L. Beckner-Rush ‘90

Mrs. Rosaline A. (Rudolphi) Boone ‘64

Mrs. Margaret A. Buening ‘81

Mrs. Betty M. Askins ‘92

Mrs. Mary L. (Meisinger) Bednarz ‘63

Mr. Henry E. Boraks ‘05

Mrs. Darlene F. (Grybash) Bull ‘78

Mrs. Darice E. (Avakian) Augustson ‘74

Mrs. Susan G. Belinski ‘03, ‘05

Ms. Julia B. Borel-Donohue ‘14

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bulow

Autobahn Country Club

Mrs. Lois G. (Oelhafen) Bence ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Bornhofen

Mrs. Margaret (Sanderell) Bump ‘62

Aztron Computer Services —

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bennett

Mrs. Diane M. (Chwierut) Borucki ‘63

Mrs. Diana L. Bunten ‘94

Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Mrs. Carol J. Boyle ‘00, ‘04

Ms. Xhosa R. Burford ‘97

Jack* and Ruth Coleman ‘83

(Jacquelyn ‘03, ‘05)

(Shawna Batus ‘94) (Michelle Gearhart ‘10)

(Melanie Madarik ‘00)

(Victoria ‘96)

(Anna Marie Gregory ‘60)

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Honor Roll: Gifts from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014 FRANCIS ANNUAL FUND: GIFTS UP TO $999


Mr. and Mrs. James Burian

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Christiansen

Mrs. Cathy (Andrews) Davies ‘72

Mrs. Mary Ann (Gosack) Egizio ‘66

Mrs. Susan K. (Murawski) Burich ‘87

Mrs. Marcia M. (Nosal) Chrzanowski ‘90

Ms. Barbara (Payne) Davis ‘97

Ms. Diane Eilers ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burich

Mrs. Georgine A. Cialdella ‘85, ‘88

Ms. Denise (Martincich) Davis ‘82

Mrs. Janet J. Eisenberg ‘98

Mrs. Elizabeth F. (Freiburg) Burke ‘48

Mrs. Karen L. (Christianson) Ciarlette ‘94, ‘97)

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. Davis

Eli Lilly & Company Foundation

Mrs. Frances R. Burkey ‘89

Mrs. Vincentia (Liskovec) Cink ‘77

Mrs. Julie A. Davis ‘03

Ms. M. Lee (Evans) Elia ‘86

Mrs. Margaret A. (Owing) Burnett ‘68

Ms. Patricia A. Cipriani ‘54

Mrs. Louise (Thompson) Davis ‘37

Miss Rosetta Elio ‘52

Ms. Phyllis M. Burrell ‘84

City Beverage-Markham — Michael Dowd ‘02

Mrs. Marilyn A. (Lucas) Dawson ‘72

Mrs. Mary S. (Berger) Elmeer ‘92

Mrs. Marie A. (Goeller) Burt ‘70

Mr. Timothy E. Clodjeaux

Mrs. Carol Ann (Archibald) Deck ‘55

Ms. Paula J. Elsner ‘05, ‘13

Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Burton

Clodjeaux Communications, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Decman

Ms. Danielle K. Emola ‘12

Mrs. Bernadine (Arseneau) Buswell ‘52

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Clott

Fr. Terry A. Deffenbaugh, O.S.A.

Mr. Kenneth W. Engstrom

Mrs. Gail A. (March) Butcher ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. James Coats

Ms. Linda Deiss ‘69

Mr. Jason M. Ericksen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Butkus

Ms. Margaret J. Cockbill ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. DeLacy

Mrs. Dee J. (Grover) Estep ‘80

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Butler

Mrs. Nancy R. (Dolan) Coleman ‘68

Mr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Delgado

Ms. Jennifer Ethridge ‘89, ‘09

Ms. Jeanne M. Buzinski ‘78

Mrs. Kathleen M. (Rooney) Colias ‘59

Mr. Jerred A. Delgado

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ethridge

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Byrne

Mrs. Ruth (Walder) Collins ‘37

Ms. Jenny Deloy

Mrs. Judy K. Evans ‘01

Mr. William T. Collins ‘86

Mrs. Margadette M. (Moffatt) Demet ‘47

Ms. Susan M. Evans


Mr. Brandon S. Collofello ‘14

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Demke, Jr. ‘01

Exelon Matching Gifts Program for Education

Mrs. Nancy J. Colombo O’Donnell ‘70

Exxonmobil Oil Corporation

Mrs. Catherine D. (Pals) Caccioppoli ‘60

Mr. Edward Condon

Mrs. Barbara P. Denman ‘80

Mrs. Miriam (Ore) Caithamer ‘78

Mr. Anthony B. Contos

Ms. Leslie A. Dennis ‘08

Mr. and Mrs. William Callaghan

Mrs. Linda L. (Petrakovitz) Cook ‘65

Mrs. Christine Dickman


Mrs. Karen J. (Pocivasek) Calligaris ‘87

Mrs. Carol M. Coolidge ‘78

Mrs. Mary C. (McLaughlin) Diehl ‘66

Mrs. Gail L. (Abeyta) Fanelli ‘94, ‘99

Ms. Mary A. Campaigne ‘72

Mr. Robert C. Coolidge ‘96

Ms. Elaine B. DiGiusto ‘75

Farmer’s Weekly Review

Dr. Patricia (Forsythe) Campbell ‘70

Mrs. Mary Patricia (Heldman) Coon ‘57

Mrs. Connie M. Diorio ‘08

Mrs. Rachael (Grant) Favero ‘82

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cannata

Mrs. Rebecca “Kaye” Coop ‘95

Dixon Golf, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fay

Ms. Marie Cooper ‘06

Mrs. Joanne (Nelson) Docteur ‘81

Ms. Lucille M. Feeney ‘04

Mr. Chad E. Capista ‘94

Mrs. Mary Kay (Bourrie) Cooper ‘70

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Dodd

Mrs. Theresa (Tapia) Feeney ‘84

Mr. George W. Capps

Ms. Beckie Coovert ‘02, ‘07

Mr. Mark S. Dombeck ‘88

Mrs. Barbara A. Feik ‘90

Mrs. Margaret R. (Murphy) Carey ‘56

Ms. Gwendolyn Copeland ‘71, ‘98, ‘01

Mrs. Virginia (Russell) Domzalski ‘00

Mrs. Evelyn F. (Skul) Felbinger ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Carey

Ms. Frances (Trainor) Corrigan ‘51

Mrs. Helen M. (Wayland) Dorak ‘87

Mrs. Carol J. Felix ‘80

Mrs. Mila G. Carlson ‘99, ‘02

Dr. Joseph N. Costa ‘94

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dow

Mr. Michael A. Feminis ‘90

Ms. Janet I. Carr ‘68

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Costello-Kruzich ‘59

The Honorable and Mrs. Robert M. Dow, Jr.

Mrs. Janet Fennewald ‘97

Mrs. Rose Mary (Daley) Carrico ‘88, ‘99

Mr. Cadet W. Cottingham

Mrs. Barbara L. Dowdal ‘86

Ms. Joan L. Ferguson

Ms. Janet L. Carroll ‘03

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Courtright III ‘92

Mr. Paulrice Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fernandez ‘92

Mrs. Mary Jo (Talarico) Carroll ‘77

(Kerri A. Lundeen ‘91)

Mr. Robert A. Downey ‘83

Mrs. Mary M. Carroll ‘98

Mr. Robert B. Cox

Mrs. Dorothea Doyel

Mr. Joseph G. Ferrallo ‘85, ‘06, ‘07

Mrs. Phyllis E. Carroll

Mrs. J. Robin (Nevin) Craig ‘70

Mrs. Jo Ann (DeSandre) Drake ‘56

Dr. Catherine G. Ferrario

Mrs. Margaret A. Caruso ‘12

Mrs. Marianne (Bruss) Crane ‘55

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Dressler

Mrs. Kathy G. Ferrell ‘99

Mrs. M. Angela Cassady ‘86

Ms. Rhonda J. Crater

Ms. Janice M. Fetter ‘89

Mrs. Paula (Corrigan) Cassady ‘48

Crest Rent A Car

Mr. Roy Duchene, Jr.

Mrs. Cheryl M. Fey ‘88, ‘98

Ms. Kristen A. Castelloni ‘96

Mrs. Sophie (Wojcik) Crittenden ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Peery A. Duderstadt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Filotto

Mr. Martin Castillo ‘77

Dr. Marianne Curia

Mrs. Kathleen A. (Gerard) Filut ‘93

Caterpillar Foundation

Mrs. Mary A. (Todd) Curran ‘67

Mrs. Alice M. (Chrzastowski) Dunford ‘63

Mrs. Kathleen A. (Bowser) Finger ‘78

Catholic Holy Family Society

Ms. Cara Currier

Mrs. Mary T. (Sheahan) Dunne ‘70

Ms. Arlene J. Finkle ‘09

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cawley

Mr. Tom Currier

Mrs. Alice M. (Zubek) Dutka ‘61

First American Equipment Finance

Ms. Carol L. (Janke) Cenar ‘60

Mr. Joseph M. Curry ‘01

Mrs. Betsy A. Dvorak

First Step Child Care Center

Central Valley Studios

Ms. Karen Curtin ‘82

Mrs. Frances L. (Hunsburger) Dysart ‘84

Mrs. Rojeanne A. (Majewski) Fischer ‘62

Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi

Mrs. Carolyn L. Cusumano ‘92

Mrs. Janet M. (Stoner) Chandler ‘01

Ms. Anne (Wolf) Cvrkel ‘62


Mr. Lawrence J. Fitzgerald ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Charvat Mr. Aaron L. Chatterson ‘89

Ms. Aurora C. Flores ‘81

Mr. Richard L. Chavez


Mrs. Donna M. Eakle ‘09, ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Eddy ‘80

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Foote (Carol Koziol ‘86)

Chevron Humankind

D&R Partners LLC

Ms. Janet O. Edman ‘69

Mrs. Lygia (Dominik) Ford ‘75

Mr. Jeffrey A. Chiapello ‘10

Ms. Frieda M. Dalinis ‘82

Mrs. Deborah A. (Bailey) Edmondson ‘94

Mrs. Amy (Papesh) Foreman ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chimera

Mrs. Donna M. (Dunn) Daly ‘62

Mrs. Jacqueline A. (Simon) Edmonson ‘63,

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Forkal

Mrs. Erin M. Chin ‘04

Ms. Elba M. Dankowski ‘03

Mr. Joseph W. Formhals ‘86

Mrs. Barbara A. (Senffner) Cho ‘60

Mr. and Mrs. John W. D’Arcy

Edward F. Larkin Family Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Nancy M. Forstrom ‘85

Ms. Kyung-Mee Choi

Mrs. Ardith (Davis) Efner ‘70

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Foster ‘75

Mrs. Marlene N. (Moran) Christ ‘60

D’Arcy Volkswagen Hyundai

Mrs. Joan (Boucher) Egan ‘51

Mrs. Catherine A. (Strom) Fox ‘68

Mrs. Charlotte C. (Eckland) Christiana ‘54

Ms. Lori A. Davidson ‘09

Ms. Laura A. Eggert ‘09, ‘13

Mr. Gary L. Fox

(Julie A. Schmidt ‘68)

University of St. Francis Magazine

(Jeanette O’Donnell ‘49)

(Kristine ‘03)

(Joanne Dupuis ‘53)

(Mary Ann Bonkowski ‘68)

(Lisa A. Happ ‘92)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Fisher Gloria J. Flathom ‘91

‘88, ‘94

Mrs. Susan L. (Brite) Fox ‘69

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gonnering

Mrs. Mary Jean (Lafond) Hartlep ‘49

Mrs. Carol J. Huston ‘93

Mr. Kevin J. Frain ‘91

Ms. Marsha E. Gooch ‘05

Mrs. Mary Anne (Wilhelmi) Hartnett ‘73

Mrs. Charlotte A. (Marquardt) Hyer ‘79

Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Mrs. Mary Ann (Feeney) Goolsby ‘71

Ms. Kay Hartung ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Gorbold

Miss Mary Ann Hasse ‘55

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frantz

Mr. Michael K. Gorman ‘98, ‘99

Mr. Edward G. Hausser ‘89


Mrs. Janet E. (Jensen) Fredericksen ‘68

Mrs. Stella V. (Gawlak) Gosetti ‘83

Mrs. Mary M. (Fairbairn) Havens ‘77

Mrs. Debra A. Ignaut ‘95

Dr. Florida Freeman

Gould Excavating/Trucking

Mr. Robert E. Hayes (Shirley Vescovi* ‘49)

Mrs. Barbara A. (Meyr) Ikins ‘90

Mrs. Joyce M. (Goron) Fremeau ‘70

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grachan

Healthcare Association of New York State

Mrs. Mary Clare (Ludwig) Incardona ‘59

Mrs. Alda M. Fridley ‘77

Mrs. Cecilia (Manuel) Graham ‘91

Mrs. Karla S. (Vilt) Ingle ‘78

Ms. Carol J. Friel ‘60

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Granger

Drs. James and Madonna Healy

Mrs. Betty L. Inman ‘92

Friends of USF International Programs Office

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Grant

Ms. Clarice Hearne

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Inserra

Ms. Mary Kay Frisch ‘84

Great Lakes Media

Ms. Pamela Heavens

Internal Medicine & Family Practice, SC

Mrs. Dominica (Balio) Fromholtz ‘64

Ms. Jane Green ‘49

Ms. Marilee M. Heider ‘94

Irish American Society of Will County

Ms. Susan R. (Vedra) Fulton ‘87, ‘91, ‘13

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Green ‘97

Mrs. Patricia A. (Langill) Heithoff ‘84

Mr. Kent D. Irvin

Mrs. Patricia A. (Jewell) Fulwider ‘82

Mrs. Penny (Hickey) Greene ‘65

Mr. Wayne A. Heldebrandt (Connie*)

Ms. Judy G. Isett ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Futterer

Dr. Barbara Greenham-Conway ‘53, ‘74

Mrs. Sonya C. (Buchner) Helder ‘95, ‘98

Ms. Julie A. Futterer ‘93

Greg Signs

Mrs. Margie M. Heldt ‘84

Ms. Gwendolyn D. Grice ‘89

Ms. Brenda Henderson ‘94



Mrs. Solange R. Griffith-Ruff ‘80

Mr. David R. Henkel

J.D. Brown and Company

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Griglione

Mrs. Sylvia (Heimann) Henken ‘55

Mr. Anthony J. Jablonsky

Mrs. Kathleen M. (Granahan) Gadarowski ‘72

Ms. Mary Ann Grigola ‘99, ‘02

Mrs. Colette A. (Moudry) Henley ‘68

Mrs. Carol K. Jackson ‘87

Mr. Stanley A. Gagliardi ‘89

Dr. June L. Grivetti

Mrs. Carol A. (Vitkus) Hennessey ‘77

Mrs. Linda R. Jacobs

Mr. Arthur Galli, Jr. ‘80

Ms. Marilyn J. Grodski ‘79

Mrs. Kathleen W. Hennessy ‘77

Mrs. Sharon L. Jacobs ‘95, ‘99

Ms. Charlotte R. Galuska ‘10

Ms. Florence M. Grogan ‘00

Mrs. Delores K. (Giovanine) Henry ‘60

Mrs. Jeanne Jacobs

Dr. and Mrs. John S. Gambro

Mrs. Eileen J. (Gourley) Grove ‘57

Ms. Carole A. Hepner ‘63

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell L. Jacobsen

Mrs. Mary Beth (Tataren) Gannuscio ‘84

Mrs. Joanne E. (Kosac) Gruber ‘77

Mrs. Georgiana (Craven) Herr ‘48

Mrs. Maureen D. Jagmin ‘96

Mrs. Beverly A. (Kurpaitis) Garbs ‘64

Mrs. Phyllis (O’Brien) Gubbins ‘58

Mrs. Lorena Herrera-Lopez

Ms. Caryn Jakielski ‘03, ‘06

Ms. Rebecca A. Garcia ‘93

Ms. Maria L. Gulas ‘86, ‘96

Mrs. Catherine S. Hewett ‘79

JAMTA Student Foundation

Mrs. Minniellen I. (Dooley) Gardner ‘82

Mrs. Helen E. (Danner) Gumble ‘65

Mrs. Janine M. (Lukowski) Hicks ‘73, ‘98

Mrs. Carol L. Janovyak ‘56, ‘84

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Garland ‘09

Mr. Glen H. Gummess

Mrs. Jeanne M. (Wise) Hicks ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Jantz

(Rebecca R. Fleischman ‘99)

Ms. Denise Gurgens ‘87

Dr. and Mrs. Lyle L. Hicks (Nancy ‘79, ‘91, ‘99)

Mrs. Diana M. Jenkins ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gass

Mrs. Lizette Guzman ‘05

Mrs. Joan R. Higgins ‘01

Mrs. JoAnne Jenkins ‘00

Mrs. Kay F. (Snyder) Gauble ‘79

Ms. Faye C. Hill ‘88

Ms. Amanda L. Jensen

Ms. Gail Gawlik

Mr. Dennis L. Jensen

& Affiliates

GE Foundation


Sr. Mary Kay Himens, D. Min. ‘51 Mrs. Marlene Hinthorn

Ms. Joan M. (Senffner) Jevitz ‘63

Mrs. Robert E. (Stratz) Gehrke ‘88

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Habiger

Mrs. Joan (Sherron) Hofman ‘84

Bonnie Johansen-Werner and Duane Werner

Mrs. M. Lou (Holthouse) Gersman ‘65

Mrs. Mary (Cleary) Hagemann ‘67

Dr. Patricia A. (Gierich) Hofmeister ‘69

Mrs. Carol Johncours ‘77

Mrs. Kathleen L. (Cooper) Gerz ‘74, ‘97

Mr. H. Richard Hagen ‘90

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hogan ‘82

Ms. Janet G. Johnson ‘00

Mr. David Giacomi ‘09

Mrs. Frances M. (Kararo) Hakey ‘62

Mrs. Jean T. Johnson ‘89

Mayor and Mrs. Thomas F. Giarrante

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Hakey ‘87

Ms. Suzanne M. Holland ‘02

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson

Ms. Barbara J. Giegerich

Ms. Frances M. Hollister

Mrs. Jo Carol Johnson ‘80

Mr. Matthew Giermala

Mr. Randall E. Halberg ‘77

Mr. Hudson T. Hollister ‘02

Mrs. Lorell A. (White) Johnson ‘61

Ms. Gloria L. Giese

Mr. John R. Hale ‘02

Mrs. Glenda L. Holloway ‘88

Ms. Loretta M. Johnson ‘78

Ms. Christine L. Giles ‘88

Mrs. Suzanne R. (Bieschke) Hall ‘71

Mrs. Jo Ellen (Hammond) Holloway ‘79

Johnson & Quin, Inc.

Mrs. Anna C. (Meyer) Gill ‘58

Mrs. Jennifer L. Hamer ‘00

Hometown National Bank

Joliet Bank & Trust

Mrs. Debra D. Gill ‘89

Mrs. Madonna A. (Hakey) Hamilton ‘92

Ms. Lana M. (Soper) Hood ‘93, ‘00

Joliet Catholic Academy — Sr. Faith

Mrs. Frances A. (Hawkinson) Gilles ‘68

Hampton Inn Joliet I-80

Miss Camilla Hopper ‘43

Szambelanczyk, O.S.F. ‘57

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Gillespie

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Handzik

Betty J. (Beggs) Horton, Ph.D. ‘78

Joliet Catholic Academy Alumni Association

Mrs. Joyce A. Gilson ‘99

Ms. Maureen J. Hanlon ‘81

Mr. Bruce Hoster

Joliet Country Club

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gimbel ‘81

Ms. Joyce L. Hansen ‘86

Mr. Anthony C. Howard ‘02, ‘10

Joliet Public Library

Mrs. Rosalie S. (Morawczynski) Haraburd ‘54

Mr. Sheldon F. Howard ‘94

Joliet Tent Company

Mrs. Mary (Cawley) Giroux ‘92

Mrs. Kathleen A. Harais ‘02

Ms. Patricia R. Huber ‘95

Joliet Town and Country Lanes, Inc.

Mrs. Mary J. (Devereux) Gisch ‘59

Mrs. Sandra C. Hardaway ‘89

Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Block) Hucek ‘86

Mrs. Jeannette L. (Holcombe) Jonaitis ‘91

Ms. Frances A. Gitchell ‘89

Mrs. Kathleen F. Harley ‘89

Mrs. Michelle A. (Jerome) Hudson ‘84

Mrs. Carol Jones ‘90

Mrs. Shirley (Ludrovec) Glascock ‘75, ‘96

Mrs. Catherine D. Harms ‘87

Mr. and Mrs. Don Hughes

Ms. Dorrett P. Jones ‘05

Mrs. Patricia A. (Kelly) Glass ‘96

Mrs. Donna G. (Barker) Harper ‘79

Mrs. Gladys (Wright) Hughes ‘67

Ms. Gwyn L. Jones ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Glenn

Mrs. Mary Ellen Harrell ‘93

Kelly K. (Wentz) Hunter, Ph.D. ‘91

Mr. John Jones

Miss Eugenia V. Glowacki ‘51

Mrs. Jean (Lukeman) Harrison ‘48

Mrs. Jeanette F. Hursman ‘01

Ms. Lori A. Jones ‘03

Mrs. Madeline (DePodesta) Golobitsch ‘64

Ms. Barbara A. Hart ‘82, ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Huss

Mr. Ronald D. Jones ‘78

Ms. Dolores A. Gomski

Mrs. Lorraine A. Hart ‘86

Ms. Tracy Jones

(Cheryl Szymczak ‘78)

(Jennifer Shaw ‘90)

(Linda S. Frye ‘81)

(Carolyn L. Kaslewicz ‘59)

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Honor Roll: Gifts from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014 FRANCIS ANNUAL FUND: GIFTS UP TO $999


Mr. Stephen L. Joutras ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Kourtidis ‘03

Mrs. Vilma N. Layug

Mrs. Judith G. Martis ‘79

Judy’s Little Blossom

(Joanna Schroeder ‘05)

Ms. Debora A. Lazorik ‘77

Ms. Mary L. Matchett ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Just ‘73

Mrs. Barbara J. Kovach ‘83

Mrs. Anita A. (Kasarda) Le Claire ‘71

Mrs. Jo Ann (Felbinger) Mathews ‘64

(Denise Holthaus ‘72)

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kowalski

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Leece

Mrs. Thresiamma Mathews ‘98, ‘11

Justice League of USF

Mrs. Mary Lou (Bourg) Kozar ‘49

Mr. Brian G. Legan ‘01

Mrs. Lois V. Matson ‘77, ‘89

Mrs. Caryn (Armbruster) Justick ‘74

Mrs. Dorothy T. (Lucius) Kozloski ‘80

Mrs. Catherine A. (Babicki) Leggero ‘69

Mr. and Mrs. James Matuszewski

Mr. Todd R. Kranpitz ‘86

Mr. Daniel A. Lehnerer ‘96

Mrs. Jeri A. (Donovan) Maxwell ‘67


Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kreisl

Mr. Corbin R. Leininger ‘01

Mrs. Janis B. Mayfield ‘00

Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Krieger

Ms. Joanne M. Lendvay ‘95

Mrs. Sabrina F. Mayland ‘00

Mrs. Theresa M. (Long) Kaestner ‘72

Mrs. Helen R. (Audette) Lewis ‘63

Mrs. Carol P. (Schiffmann) Mazure ‘59

Mr. Michael J. Kalata ‘87

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kristich

Liberty Creative Solutions

Ms. Sarah M. Mazzone ‘14

Mrs. Kitty R. (Stevens) Kamm ‘91, ‘94

Mr. Adam R. Krol

Mrs. Marion F. (Brokish) Licwinko ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. James R. McAllister

Mr. James J. Kamrowski ‘92

Mrs. Joan M. (Spolorich) Krumpoch ‘69

Mrs. Nancy (Pierce) Limbach ‘65

Mrs. JoAnne (Zumer) McAuley ‘61

Mrs. Ann (Murdock) Kane ‘53

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Krupa

Lindahl Marine Contractors, Inc. —

Ms. Kathleen McCampbell ‘92, ‘13

Mrs. Mary (Elsner) Karafin ‘71

Ms. Amy A. Krynicki

Ms. Mary R. McCarthy ‘04

Kathy Miller State Farm Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kubacki

Ms. Joyce A. Lindeman ‘03

Mrs. Judith P. McCleery ‘85, ‘89

Dr. Marvin Katilius-Boydstun

Mr. and Mrs. James Kubalewski

Mrs. Nancy C. (Thomas) Lindsey ‘73

Mrs. Michelle M. (Fiesman) McCool ‘86

Mrs. Mary Ann (Huelsmann) Kauling ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lipke (Billie

Mrs. Diane (Dargin) McCormick ‘80

Mrs. Maureen T. (Barry) Keane ‘74

Mr. Christopher J. Kuchta

(Gillespie) Schimanski-Lipke ‘85)

Mr. and Mrs. David L. McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Keating ‘94

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kucinic ‘78

Mrs. Constance L. Litwiller

Lockport Township Park District

Ms. Jean McCue ‘52

(Cynthia A. Rios ‘95)

(Dolores Carpenter ‘71)

(Rita M. Hirsch ‘65)

(Patricia Schwiesow ‘65)

Capt. Robert Bailie

(Janice M. Kaiser ‘83, ‘86)

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Keehn ‘00

Mr. Richard A. Kuehn

Mrs. Jerilynn C. (Selelowis) Loeber ‘93

Ms. Susan E. McCullough ‘00

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Kuhne


Mrs. Mary V. (Coghlan) McDevitt ‘96

Mrs. Rita (Milasius) Keehn ‘64

Mrs. Catherine E. (Schwarzman)

Mrs. Andrea Loker ‘94

Mrs. Frances E. (Maher) McDonald ‘58, ‘84

Ms. Jean B. Keenan ‘77

Mrs. Doris J. (McDermott) Lonergan ‘71

Mrs. Jeanne A. (Erlenborn) McDonald ‘46

Mrs. Patricia A. (Sowa) Kella ‘73

Mr. Ralph J. Kwilosz

Mr. Leonard Long (Debra Seeton* ‘99)

McDonald’s — Cam and Gail Kennedy

Mrs. Sharon R. (Gooding) Kelleher ‘80

Dr. JoAnn K. Lopykinski ‘89

Mr. Darren M. McEvilly

Mrs. Jean (Dallas) Kellison ‘82

Miss Anne McGarrigle ‘79

(Marcy Canada ‘98, ‘07, ‘12)

Kutzler ‘96, ‘99

Mr. Brian S. Kelly


Mrs. Shirley J. (Van Valkenburg) Lott ‘46 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Loughran

Ms. Ruth A. McGinley ‘92

Ms. Kathryn R. (Gourley) Kelly ‘59

Mrs. Adolphine T. (Gryzlo) Labate ‘63

Ms. Lynley K. Louzensky ‘10

Mrs. Patricia A. (Keca) McGinnis ‘60

Mrs. Leatrice C. (Schauer) Kelly ‘58

Mrs. Susan LaCroix ‘89, ‘92

Mrs. Gwendolyn M. Lucas ‘91

Mrs. Marilyn K. (Sandschafer) McGowan ‘71

Mrs. Ruth G. (Gaisor) Kelly ‘48

Ms. Patricia Lafeldt ‘75

Mrs. Karen E. (Rici) Luessenheide ‘62

McGrath Office Equipment, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Kelly ‘03

Mrs. Ruth C. (Heimann) Lager ‘55

Mrs. Geraldine M. (Ganek) Luszcz ‘61

Senator and Mrs. Patrick McGuire ‘87

Ms. Laura M. Lagreid

Ms. Helen (Gahan) Lynn ‘53

Mr. Michael A. McKee and Mrs. Jackie Medland

(Megan A. Plattner ‘03)

Mrs. Mary Jo Kelly Nosal ‘88

Ms. Dana L. Lahart

Mrs. Linda M. Kennedy ‘06

Mr. Richard P. Laib ‘06 Mrs. Anne Laketa


Nancy K. McKenna, J.D.

Mrs. Merrily (Sturm) Kennedy ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kennedy

Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Polyak) LaLonde ‘82

Mrs. Armita Mabie ‘77

Mrs. Gerri (Rzansa) McMahon ‘62

Mrs. Mary A. Kepchar ‘80, ‘99

Mrs. Patricia M. (Sims) LaMarre ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Macier

Mr. Kyle C.J. McManaway ‘12

Mrs. Marlene (Schaab) Kernwein ‘59

Mrs. Mary K. (Kennedy) Lamb ‘79

Mrs. Diane K. MacMillan ‘80

Dr. Lorri S. McMeel

Kevin L. Rouse & Associates

Mrs. Janis M. (Dusell) LaMont ‘84

Ms. Patricia J. Magee-Burford ‘94

Mrs. Lori (Kirkley) McNamara ‘91


Ms. Patricia A. (Mansfield) Lang ‘87

Mrs. Lucille M. (Augulis) Mahoney ‘46

Ms. Mary C. McNamara ‘89

Sr. Martha Kienzler, O.S.F. ‘58

Mrs. Jeanette (Peterson) Langebartels ‘79

Ms. Willie Kay Major

Ms. Ruthanne B. Meacham ‘92

Mrs. Karen O. Kiesel ‘85

Mrs. Leona A. (Kowalski) Laouras ‘64

Mrs. Marie L. (Semling) Malm ‘46

Meade Baltz Paints

Ms. Emma M. (Crawford) King ‘75

Mrs. Kelly R. Lapetino ‘09

Ms. Janet B. Maloney ‘80

Mrs. Jody M. Mech ‘07

Mr. Joseph L. King ‘74

Mrs. Maria E. (Razo) Lareau ‘63

Miss Josephine T. Mancuso

Ms. Darla K. Medernach ‘80

Mrs. Alyce M. (Schillo) Kinzie ‘59

Ms. Patricia J. Larranaga ‘04

Miss Kathleen B. Mangiaracina ‘77

Mr. and Mrs. Julius M. Medez

Ms. Elizabeth Klein ‘62

Ms. Mary Ann Larsen ‘92

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mangin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Meehan ‘80

Ms. Joyce M. Klinger ‘67

Mrs. Carol A. (Michalski) Larson ‘67, ‘80

Mrs. Marianne E. (Busse) Manley ‘57

Mrs. Irene C. (Floryance) Klopotic ‘78

Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Anselmino) Larson ‘55

Mrs. Linda M. Mann ‘83

Mrs. Judy Mele ‘80

Mr. Robert Kloser

Mrs. Sharon V. (Engel) Larson ‘78, ‘06

Ms. Joan E. Marchetta ‘57

Mrs. Sharon I. (Chmielewski) Melko ‘69

Ms. Julianne C. Kmetz ‘64

Mrs. Barbara A. (Sylvestor) Lathrop ‘85

Mrs. Millie (Joseph) Marco ‘57

Mrs. Noreen (Mroczkowski) Meravy ‘97

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knapczyk

Mrs. Violette Lauridsen ‘79

Ms. Leslie M. Marks ‘90

Merck Parternship For Giving

Mr. Robert J. Knapp

Mrs. Dorothy A. (Kovach) Lauterbach ‘61

Mrs. Jean A. (Frank) Marquette ‘84

Mrs. Nancy (Schwarz) Merrill ‘63

Mrs. Mary A. Knutson ‘90

Ms. Debby Lavazza

Mrs. Roberta E. Marsh ‘96

Ms. Roberta J. Messer ‘86

Mrs. Carol A. (Kuban) Koch ‘61

Mrs. Patricia M. (Suedmeyer) Law ‘79

Mr. John P. Marshall ‘90

Mrs. Natalie M. (Bieniasz) Meyers ‘86

Mrs. Christine A. Kohanzo ‘03

Mr. Eric J. Lawhead ‘07

Ms. Barbara J. Martin ‘66

Michael W. Hansen, P.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Mukund Komanduri

Ms. Donna M. Lawien ‘06, ‘13

Mrs. Patricia (Sorgani) Martin ‘50

Mr. Brian J. Michalak ‘83

Mrs. Ruth E. Kopec ‘90, ‘03

Lawn Works of Joliet, Inc.

Mrs. Phyllis (Black) Martinec ‘79

Mrs. Barbara A. (Radosta) Michalski ‘55

Mrs. Catherine A. (Devine) Korevec ‘48

Mr. Stephen T. Lawrence

Ms. Marietta A. (DelRose) Martinez ‘84

Mr. Lawrence W. Mickas ‘96, ‘98

University of St. Francis Magazine

Mrs. Jean T. (Clemens) McKenna ‘73 Mrs. Heather A. McKeon ‘07

Joan M. Travers ‘80, ‘04)

Mr. Mark Midlock ‘85

Mrs. Betty J. (Reed) Nienhueser ‘79

Mr. Charles R. Paul, Jr. (Sheryl Kocher* ‘70)

Mrs. Deborah C. Raschi ‘13

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Midlock

Mr. John B. Nikchevich

Mr. Jonathan D. Paul ‘04, ‘11

Ms. Lu Anne Rayl ‘80

Mrs. Joanne M. (Kenney) Mieding ‘64

Mrs. Pamela J. (Kolada) Nogal ‘68

Mrs. Kathleen N. (Koelsch) Pawlowski ‘66

Recovery Management Services, Inc.

Mrs. Karen R. (Aschenbrener) Miklic ‘90, ‘99

Mrs. Muriel L. Nordland-Grant ‘83

Mrs. Mercedes Paytuvi ‘86

Mrs. Rosemary Y. (Lamb) Reed ‘67

Mrs. Sharon K. (Bedford) Mikula ‘82

Mrs. Marcia E. Nordmark ‘87

Mrs. Paula M. (Ciomei) Pedersen ‘60

Mrs. Mary Jane Reese ‘91

Miller Mechanical, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nork

Mrs. Judith A. Peistrup ‘87

Mrs. Mary Ann (Wynne) Reher ‘72

Ms. Debra M. Miller ‘02, ‘06

Mrs. Ruby (Self) Norman ‘82

Mrs. Patricia D. (Kurucar) Pekelnicky ‘74

Mrs. Linda J. Reichert ‘80

Mrs. Alma O. Miller ‘89

Mrs. Sandra (Mule’) Norman ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Pekol ‘99

Mrs. Mary B. (Devine) Reiter ‘73

Mrs. Donna M. (Rodeghiero) Miller ‘63

Mrs. Esther (Heimann) Norrenberns ‘59

Remco Medical, Inc.

Mrs. Rosann M. (Buswell) Miller ‘76

Ms. LaDonna E. Norstrom ‘70

Peoples Gas

Ms. Kathleen Renard ‘91

Mrs. Yvonna Miller

Ms. Rita J. Nortrup ‘77

Mrs. Anita M. Peters ‘90

Ms. Loraine Renfroe ‘95, ‘01

Mrs. Mary (Mistro) Miller-Roed ‘80

Mr. Ronald J. Novak ‘77

Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Wubben) Peters ‘02

Mrs. Anna Mae (Trizna) Repke ‘60

Mrs. Patricia Miller-Wilson ‘95

Mrs. Janet R. (Schroeder) Novotny ‘67

Mrs. Janine M. (Liptak) Petric ‘73

Mrs. Jacqueline (Brown) Reposh ‘64

Mrs. Linda (Quartuccio) Milzarek ‘65

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Phelan ‘01

Mrs. Susan J. (Kreshock) Retseck ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Minarich

Mrs. Mary L. Reuss ‘77

(Jeana R. Carrico ‘00)

Minarich Graphics & Supplies, Inc.


Phoenix Systems & Service, Inc. Mr. Thomas J. Piasecki ‘04

Mrs. Helen P. Reynolds ‘79

Mr. John Minier

Mrs. Michele D. O’Boyle

Piazza & Mannerino Masonry

Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Reynolds

Ms. Karen A. Minnerath ‘91

Mrs. Marie T. (O’Connor) O’Brien ‘83

Mr. Fred Piediscalzi

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Rhodes

Ms. Sopheap L. Mitchell ‘06

Mrs. Marjorie (Tiernan) O’Brien ‘80

Ms. Virginia (Cronin) Pitts ‘54

Rialto Square Theatre

MK Orthopaedics, Surgery & Rehabilitation

Mrs. Mary E. O’Brien ‘76

Mr. Ryan M. Pizinger

Mrs. Mary M. (White) Rice ‘60

Ms. Christine B. Montgomery

Mrs. Susan B. O’Brien ‘96

Mrs. Barbara A. Pizzo ‘11

Mr. Corey M. Richardson ‘09

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Montoya

Mrs. Linda P. O’Donnell ‘05

Mrs. Patricia M. (Kasak) Plagenz ‘54

Mrs. Sharon K. Rickley ‘90

Mrs. Nancy L. Rosenberger Moore ‘79

Mrs. Patricia (Coughlin) O’Donnell ‘61

Mrs. Mary (Maes) Plaine ‘90


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore

Mrs. Irene M. (Planinsek) Odorizzi ‘55

Mr. Michael Planeta ‘85, ‘96

Mr. Kevin J. Rigney ‘78

Mrs. Constance (Gilmore) Morgan ‘66

Odyssey Transportation

Mr. Jeremy A. Poch ‘95, ‘02

Ms. Maria Riha ‘88

Ms. Linda S. Morganson ‘05

Mrs. Virginia A. Ogan ‘79

Mrs. Jennifer P. Polka ‘06

Dr. Dorothy A. Ritter ‘66

Mr. Donald J. Morin ‘75

Mrs. Rita A. (Robertson) Ohlson ‘50

Mr. Larry J. Ponce ‘89

Mrs. Judith Ritter Darr ‘93, ‘13

Mrs. Elizabeth Morin ‘84

Mrs. Mary C. (Schlee) O’Kelly ‘02, ‘06

Ms. Penny Poninski

Mrs. Mary F. (Rodriguez) Roa ‘59

Ms. Sarah Mormann

Old Timers Baseball Association of Will County

Mr. Shaun M. Porento ‘06

Ms. Claudette L. (Patheal) Roberts ‘78

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Morrison

Mrs. Patricia A. (Leonardis) Oleson ‘84

Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Molloy) Porter ‘72

Ms. Mollie Rockafellow

Mr. Submarine

Mr. Steven G. Olivere ‘90

Mr. Robert A. Porter

Ms. Linda S. Rocke ‘04

Mr. Michael F. Mravle ‘97

Ms. Cheryl A. Olson ‘84

Mrs. Caroline L. Portlock ‘02, ‘04

Mr. and Mrs. David Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Mudron

Mrs. Marcia R. (Halloran) O’Neal ‘69

Mrs. Golda (Sitler) Posey ‘85

Mrs. Patricia K. (Dunne) Roe ‘58

Mrs. Dorine M. (Berta) Muenzing ‘57

Kent L. Oots, Ph.D. ‘78

Mr. Johnnie Potts ‘93

Ms. Annette Roemer

Mrs. Rebecca (Daugherty) Muhs ‘88

Mr. Steven E. Osborn ‘85

Mrs. Antoinette L. Pretto-Sparkhul ‘03, ‘09

Mrs. Susan M. (Doyle) Rogina ‘94, ‘99

Mrs. Roberta J. (Bene) Mulholland ‘80

Mrs. Rosemary (Tyl) Osmulski ‘62

Mrs. Arretta M. (Workman) Price ‘82

Ms. Andrea A. Rohde ‘00

Mrs. Kathleen T. Mulholland-Zarate ‘05

Ms. Joy E. Otis ‘00

Prime Time Marketing

Ms. Elizabeth F. Rohlsen ‘80

Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy

Otis Elevator

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pritz

Mrs. Melissa M. Rolinitis

Mrs. Jane B. (Groth) Murphy ‘63

David J. Ottensmeyer, M.D. ‘85

Mr. Gavin L. Prokopec ‘14

Mrs. Joan (Opyt) Romanus ‘59

Mrs. Jane M. (Furdek) Murphy ‘70

Our Lady of Angels Senior Living Center

Ms. Pollyanne Pucel

Mrs. Donna M. (Volpo) Rominger ‘86

Dr. Madonna M. Murphy Mrs. Marianne (Herringer) Murphy ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Roolf



Mrs. Mary B. (Pelletier) Roos ‘83

Mrs. Mary (Kelley) Murphy ‘60 Mrs. Gerrieann (Kiniry) Murray ‘63

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Paddock

Mrs. Therese (Ryan) Quick ‘53

Mrs. Mary T. (Cushing) Ross ‘57

Mrs. Barbara Mutz Lecky ‘69

Mrs. June Paeth

Mr. Ryan P. Quigley

Mrs. Joanne (Baumgartner) Rossbach ‘76

Ms. Elizabeth A. Myers ‘72

Mrs. Carole L. (Cavanaugh) Pajak ‘67

Ms. Samantha M. Quigley

Mrs. Mary A. (Sterkowitz) Rothenberg ‘70


Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pakosz

Ms. Candice R. Quinerly ‘10

Mrs. Norma T. (Wilhelmi) Rourke ‘47

Ms. Jeanette K. Nedelsky ‘54

Mrs. Sharon A. Palmer ‘94, ‘97 Mrs. Judith V. (Gruca) Papandria ‘69


Mrs. Mary Kay (Walter) Rowe ‘69

Catherine Jo Nelson, Ph.D. Ms. Celeste M. Nelson ‘71

Mrs. Margaret J. (Cramer) Parke ‘55

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Radeke

Mrs. Terri S. Ruff ‘98, ‘02, ‘12

Mrs. Patricia G. (Ford) Nelson ‘78, ‘87

Mr. Dave J. Parker

Mrs. Christine A. (Seper) Rados ‘67

Mr. and Mrs. William Ruhaak

Mrs. Arlene R. (Brummel) Nethery ‘55

Mrs. Frances E. Parker ‘91

Mrs. Donna (Stuczynski) Ramirez ‘79

Ms. Elvia Ruiz

Mrs. Kathleen M. Netzel ‘87

Mrs. Denise M. (Lazorik) Parman ‘85

Mr. Matthew A. Ramuta (Joan Nahas* ‘56)

Mrs. Catherine A. (Quoss) Russ ‘70

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Neverman

Ms. Phyllis J. Parr ‘86

Ms. JessAnn Randich

Ms. Mary Ann Russ ‘73

Mrs. Virginia L. (Ribordy) Neville ‘57

Mrs. Joyce A. (Crader) Partain ‘76

Mr. John A. Randich, Sr. ‘76

Mr. and Mrs. E. Wesley Russell

Next Media

Mr. Jesus Partida ‘92, ‘96

Mr. Alan C. Randolph ‘07

Dr. R. Terry Russell

Mrs. Sherene L. Nicolai ‘03, ‘06

Mrs. Elyse J. Passwello ‘81

Ms. Kathleen M. (Bolte) Randolph ‘69

Mrs. Paula T. (Krzicnik) Ryan ‘61

Mrs. Margaret (Tully) Nicosia ‘81

Mr. Jack K. Patsch

Ms. Sharon A. Ranshaw ‘00

Mrs. Barbara E. (Veverka) Nielson ‘64

Mrs. Rosemarie A. (Kotesa) Patterson ‘58

Ms. Ruth A. Rapposelli ‘07

Mrs. Miriam H. (Orlowski) Palmer ‘62

Ms. Susan E. Rosenberg ‘91

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Rouse Mrs. Celeste (Blaskievich) Rudman ‘61

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Honor Roll: Gifts from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014 FRANCIS ANNUAL FUND: GIFTS UP TO $999

S S&J Door, Inc. Mrs. Mary Ann (Meehan) Sabatini ‘95 Mrs. Donna G. Sabo ‘87 Mrs. Sheila M. (Caddigan) Saccomanno ‘74 Mrs. Therese M. (Klawitter) Safavi ‘70 Mrs. Therese Sanborn ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. David Sandahl

(Marcille M. Pasdertz ‘67)

Mr. Kevin M. Sandal ‘86 Mr. Joseph R. Santos ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Schaack Mrs. Carol J. (Lewicki) Schaffer ‘79 Mr. Edward J. Schaffer Mrs. Judith L. (Hagele) Schanilec ‘76 Mrs. Judith (Jerger) Schatz ‘71 Miss Margaret M. Schauer ‘63 Mr. Timothy P. Schlenger ‘07 Mrs. Lisa A. Schmitt ‘05 Ms. Sharon R. Schneider ‘86 Ms. Harriet G. Schott ‘80 Mrs. Colette M. Schrank ‘10 Mrs. Michele (Piazza) Schroeder ‘95 Dr. Cathleen Schultz Mr. and Mrs. John G. Schultz Mrs. Robin J. (Bartolomeo) Schuster ‘66 Mrs. Josephine (Huber) Schweitzer ‘57 Ms. Patricia M. Schwerdle Ms. Margaret M. Schwiesow ‘63, ‘80 Mrs. Mary Patrice (Crane) Scully ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sears Mrs. Lillian R. (Barnas) Sedgwick ‘55 Mr. Brian K. Seeley ‘02 Mrs. Marian S. Seib ‘88, ‘91 Ms. Mary Louise Sejda ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Selzer Ms. Joyce M. Senffner ‘60 Mrs. Mary M. (Kroeger) Sepulveda ‘03 Mrs. Helen A. (Jones) Settle ‘81 Mr. Gregory D. Severson ‘83 Mrs. Deborah A. Sewald ‘99 Mrs. Audrey J. Shaffer ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sharp Mrs. Mary V. Shaw Mr. David P. Shea ‘84 and

Dr. Rita Tamulis-Shea ‘83

Mrs. Linda A. Shea ‘11 Mrs. Anna (Buckstegge) Shockey ‘76 Mrs. Shirley M. (Fry) Shubat ‘93 Abul H. Siddiqui, M.D. ‘03 Mrs. Margaret R. (Quinn) Siefert ‘73 Mrs. Edmee (Pallares) Sienkowski ‘79 Mrs. Jeanne M. Sierka ‘92 Mrs. Judith (Paul) Sigler ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Sikyta Mrs. Paulette (Coons) Simmons ‘71, ‘90 Mrs. Susan G. (Balmes) Simms ‘60 Mrs. Grace A. (Gozder) Simonaitis ‘60 Mrs. Carol A. Simonetta ‘96


University of St. Francis Magazine

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Simonetti

State Farm Companies Foundation

The Voyager Group, Ltd.

Mr. Robert Simonetti and Family

Mrs. Mary E. (Craft) Steinbach ‘71

Ms. Debra R. Themig ‘02

Mr. Ron Simonetti

Mrs. Carmeen (Blasey) Steiner ‘61

Mrs. Susann M. Theobald ‘95, ‘97

Mrs. Carol A. Simpson ‘94

Pamela K. Steinke, Ph.D.

Mrs. Dawn R. Thomson ‘13

Mrs. Janet L. (Zenkus) Simpson ‘69

Ms. Maureen Stephan

Mr. David Thornton and Ms. Kim Edminston

Ms. Tricia L. Simpson

Ms. Linda L. Stephens ‘81

Ms. Mary J. (Funk) Thuma ‘62

Ms. Deidre Sinchak ‘02

Mrs. Marguerite M. Stephenson ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. Federico C. Ticala

Mrs. Noralee M. (Lyons) Singer ‘71

Mrs. Deborah A. Sterling ‘06

Mrs. Noreen T. (Kennedy) Tierney ‘57

Mrs. Mary (McCoy) Sisley-Shuker ‘76

Mrs. Janice L. (Hinkleman) Sterling ‘95

Mrs. Patricia (Harrigan) Tierney ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Sitar

Mrs. Jo Anne M. (Donnelly) Sternisha ‘71

Mrs. Anne M. (Phelan) Tietyen ‘66

Mrs. LaVerne (Monette) Sites ‘53

Mrs. Birdella A. (Daily) Stevenson ‘66

Mr. Tommie Toliver, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Skinner

Mrs. Marilyn (Laverty) Stewart ‘65

Mrs. Ruth (Kramer) Tomala ‘74

Ms. Linda Jo Skuban ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stiglich ‘79

Mrs. Christine (Monahan) Tomasino ‘76

Ms. Jeanette L. Skul ‘59

Ms. Anne-Christine Tompkins ‘14

Mrs. Nancy (Ward) Skuta ‘58

Mrs. Carla J. (Simons) Stiles ‘90

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Tompkins

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Slade

Mrs. Marguerite (Veras) Stoiber ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Sloan

Mrs. Edith T. Stoneking ‘79

Mrs. Lou Ann H. Tousey ‘84

(Edwina E. Pointer ‘71)

(Mary Jo Kinsella ‘80)

(Mariangela Sanelli ‘85)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Storie (Anita Nelson ‘68)

Mrs. Karen A. Towns ‘03

Ms. Cindy O. Sloan ‘04

Susan A. Stowe, Ph.D

Tri-K Supplies, Inc.

Ms. Sandra L. Sloka ‘06

Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Strle ‘80

Ms. Antonette Trinchese ‘57

Mrs. Constance R. Slomka ‘89

Mrs. Rosalie M. (Curatolo) Tronc ‘63

Mrs. Colleen A. (James) Slouf ‘70

Mr. Paul D. Strle

Mrs. Ivadelle M. (Noel) Trude ‘53

Mr. Michael Small

Mrs. Marian E. Stromquist ‘75

Mr. James L. Trudeau

Dr. Mary F. Smaron ‘68

Mrs. Alice A. (Glowacki) Strzalka ‘51

Mr. John M. Trusty ‘75

Mrs. Clarice M. (Krawczyk) Smedley ‘62

Student Government Association 2007

Truth Restaurant — Kate Mohundro

Mrs. Catherine (Weberg) Smirnoff ‘64

Mrs. Tammie Rae (Fairbairn) Studer ‘84

Mrs. Phyllis A. Tschumper ‘80

Mr. Gregory Smith ‘02

Mr. Matt Stukel

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Turk (Celeste Konecny ‘65)

Mrs. Jeanette M. Smith ‘06

Mrs. Minola C. (Williams) Sturm ‘39

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Tyler

Ms. Joan (Neff) Smith ‘81

Mrs. Rose L. (Barton) Suiter ‘96

Mrs. Judith A. (Hunt) Smith ‘79

Mr. Charles J. Sullivan ‘06

Mrs. Kathryn R. (Wrobel) Tyler ‘95

Ms. Susan E. Smith ‘04

Mrs. Margaret A. (Sandberg) Swanson ‘87

Ms. Terri Tyner ‘73

Mr. Wayne Smith

Mrs. Joan A. (Sharek) Sweeney ‘95

Mr. Anthony Tyus ‘78

Mrs. Dolores M. (Grenchik) Smolen ‘50

Mr. James E. Swicionis ‘93

Mrs. Beverly A. Snyder ‘92, ‘97

Ms. Elizabeth M. Switalski ‘05

Miss Jeanette A. Snyders ‘76

Syl’s Restaurant


Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Soldan ‘93

Mrs. Mary Grace (Morrotto) Szczypta ‘67

Mrs. Karen A. (Reilly) Udell ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Szoke ‘78

Mrs. Kathleen A. (Tadey) Ullian ‘74

USF Social Work Club

(Christina ‘94, ‘05)

Mrs. Mary K. Solon-Goers ‘73

(Christine (Prieboy) Quigley-Strle ‘83)

(Donna M. Musich ‘80, ‘04)

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Solorio, Jr. Sooper Lube

(Kathryn R. Wrobel ‘95)

USF Women’s Soccer Team

Sosnoski Exterminating, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Southcomb

Ms. Mary F. Tadey ‘84, ‘05


Mrs. Lucinda A. (Conz) Spang ‘91

Ms. Ramonda F. Talkie ‘71

Ms. Diane Vaccarino ‘98

Mrs. Cathleen D. Spangler ‘00, ‘04, ‘07

Mr. Timothy J. Talley

Mr. Peter Valek

Mrs. Karen M. (Plese) Speckman ‘83

Mrs. Chieh K. Tan ‘00

Maribel Valle, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Spesia ‘05, ‘08

Mrs. Dina Tanner ‘93

Mrs. Maureen A. (Burich) Van Moffaert ‘82

Mr. James R. Spina

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Tapak

Mrs. Shirley M. (Brophy) Vance ‘77

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Spinozzi ‘81

Dr. Troy L. Tatum ‘87, ‘95

Ms. Anne E. VanderVelden ‘00

Spirit Wearhouse

Mrs. Ann B. Taylor ‘96

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. VanDolson

Mrs. Barbara A. (Brausch) Sprenger ‘63

Mrs. Juliann M. (Torkar) Teasdale ‘63

Mrs. Mary J. (Bergan) Vann ‘79

Mr. Stephen A. Spretnjak (Helen J. Sieron* ‘48)

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Teresiak

Mrs. Pamela W. Vap ‘90

St. Mary Magdalene Church

Ms. Tracie M. Terlep

Mrs. Sharon L. Veet ‘92

Mrs. Adrienne M. (Lessard) Stack ‘92

Mrs. Loretta R. Teter ‘78

Mrs. Joann Verdeyen ‘77

Mrs. Julie A. (Frey) Stamper ‘95

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Thanas

Mrs. Marilyn R. (Beales) Viator ‘64

Mrs. Margaret M. (Glos) Stancel ‘68

Mr. and Mrs. Reece Thayer

Mr. Michael A. Vidmar ‘72

Mrs. Bette L. Stanek ‘85

Thayer Brothers Deli

Mrs. Nancy K. (Lander) Vidmar ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stanek

The Department

Dr. Patricia M. Vidmar-Scubic ‘75

Mrs. Janice M. (Jaksetich) Staniszewski ‘70

The Doug & Caryn Firebaugh Foundation

Mrs. Norma J. (Uremovic) Vilutis ‘77

Mrs. Lola J. (Stoltz) Stanley ‘79

The Jacob Henry Mansion Estate

Ms. Grace J. Vincent ‘05

Mrs. Ann A. Staroszczyk ‘92

The Perfect Swing, Inc.

Mrs. Loreen R. (Hildy) Vlk ‘71

Mr. and Mrs. Eric B. Vogel

Webb Boys Leasing Corp. — J. Bradley Webb

Mrs. Ella B. (Kelly) Wilkey ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vollmer

Mrs. Anne J. (Hutchings) Webster ‘50

Mr. Brady W. Wilkins ‘03

Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Voyce (Beverly ‘87)

Mrs. Marilyn Weeks ‘92

Will County Community Foundation

Mrs. Suzette (Staggs) Voyta ‘68

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Weigel

Mrs. Nancy M. Williams ‘88

Mr. Robert A. Vroegindewey, Jr. ‘93

Mrs. Pat M. Williams ‘79

(Nancy K. Krueger ‘71)

Y Mrs. Kim S. (Harcar) Yanello ‘96 Ms. Pauline M. Yatsko ‘53 Mrs. Clarice E. Yetter ‘82 Sr. Mary Jo Young, Ph.D. ‘66

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Weis ‘90

Mrs. Jean C. Winans ‘80


Ms. Patricia A. (O’Byrne) Winchel ‘82

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Weiss

Windy City Popcorn & Supply Co.

Ms. Kathy M. Wachter

Ms. Denise E. Winfrey

Ms. Marie A. (Schuch) Wagner ‘87

Mrs. Kathleen M. (Doolin) Weiss ‘68

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Winkler

Mrs. Debra A. Wahl ‘97

Mr. Danny Wells

Mrs. Penelope S. Winnick ‘92, ‘05

Mr. Jason Waldvogel

Mr. Laurence R. Wells ‘03

Mrs. Karen E. (Germer) Wirka ‘80

Mrs. Diane Walker ‘92

Ms. Denise Werner ‘85

Mrs. Bonita M. (Henrisey) Wirth ‘63

Mrs. Kelly A. (Douglas) Walker ‘84, ‘06

Ms. Virginia R. Wessling ‘81

Mrs. Gwendolyn A. Witsaman ‘87

Mrs. Patricia (Sullivan) Walkley ‘80

Mrs. Linda C. Wheeler ‘87, ‘05

Mrs. Linda K. Woda ‘91

Mrs. Doris A. (Pohl) Wallace ‘48

Ms. Darlene White

Mrs. Loretta C. Wojtak ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. White

Mrs. Joan (Bisenius) Woksa ‘77

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn T. Walsh ‘00 (Amy ‘03)

Mrs. Jean M. Wolfe

Mrs. Susan M. (Ardaugh) Walsh ‘77, ‘87

Ms. Kathy N. Whiting ‘05

Mr. Gary Wolz ‘88

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ward

Mrs. Sally (Busker) Whitley ‘84

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wood ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Ward

Dr. Ben B. Whitlock

Mrs. Janet G. Ward ‘90

Mrs. Marjorie F. (Freiburg) Wiemels ‘60

Dr. Debra Workman

Mr. Michael L. Ward ‘88

Ms. Kimberly (Marks) Wigley ‘05

Mrs. Judith K. Wright ‘81

Mrs. Hilary T. Watson ‘95

Ms. Ann J. (Holland) Wilcox ‘81

Mrs. Dorothy M. Wutt ‘80

Mrs. Toni (Trainor) Watson ‘54

Mrs. Jean C. Wilhelmi ‘04

Colleen (Ruder) Wyse ‘75 and

Dr. Barbara Watters ‘79 and

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilhelmi ‘88

(Margaret Sullivan ‘86)

Ms. Donna M. Wysock ‘75

Mrs. Phyllis A. (Schultz) Wear ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Wilhelmi (Sara ‘08)

Mr. Joseph T. Wysocki



Terrance L. Cottrell, Ph.D

Mrs. Deborah M. Glenn

Mrs. Bonnie J. Covelli

Dr. June L. Grivetti

Mr. Anthony Arellano

Dr. Sharon M. Abbate

Dr. Marianne Curia

Mr. Glen H. Gummess

Mr. Robert J. Baron

Mrs. Mary Ann Andrade-Bekker

Ms. Cara Currier

Ms. Clarice Hearne

Mr. Mark D. Bass

Mr. Jeffery P. Barker

Mr. Joseph M. Curry

Mr. Wayne A. Heldebrandt

Mr. DeWitt Buchanan

Dr. Robert S. Barwa

Mr. Michael E. Decman

Mr. Jack R. Hermanski

Mrs. Karen L. Ciarlette

Mrs. Kimberly Beck

Fr. Terry A. Deffenbaugh, O.S.A.

Mrs. Janine M. Hicks

Mr. Michael J. Dowd

Mrs. Lisa A. Bersano

Mr. Jerred A. Delgado

Dr. Lyle L. Hicks

The Honorable Chrystel L. Gavlin

Mr. Charles M. Beutel

Mr. J. Anthony Delgado

Mrs. Gladys W. Hughes

Mr. Brian J. Giegerich

Mrs. Laura A. Biciste

Mr. Ronald H. Dodd

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler, O.S.F.

Mrs. Marisue Grabavoy

Ms. Eloise Billups

Dr. James A. Doppke, Sr.

Ms. Barbara Seib Ingold

Sr. Margaret E. Guider, O.S.F.

Mrs. Regina M. Block

Mr. William E. Dow

Ms. Caryn Jakielski

Mrs. Diane F. Habiger

Ms. Arlene A. Bogovich

Mrs. Betsy A. Dvorak

Ms. Annette M. Jelinek

Dr. Arvid C. Johnson

Mr. Justin J. Boyter

Mrs. Donna M. Eakle

Ms. Amanda L. Jensen

Sr. Dorothy C. Kinsella, O.S.F., Ph.D.

Mr. Joseph J. Bozen, Jr.

Ms. Laura A. Eggert

Dr. Arvid C. Johnson

Mr. Joseph T. Mallof

Dr. Patrick V. Brannon

Ms. Danielle K. Emola

Ms. Lori A. Jones

Mr. Karl J. Maurer

Mrs. Geri A. Brent

Ms. Jennifer Ethridge

Dr. Robert W. Kase

Ms. Kathleen J. McGowan

Dr. William R. Bromer

Mr. Michael A. Feminis

Dr. Marvin Katilius-Boydstun

Mr. J.D. Ross

Mr. Lawrence R. Burich

Ms. Joan L. Ferguson

Mr. Thomas R. Kennedy

Mr. Arthur F. Scheuber

Mr. William F. Burich

Mr. Joseph G. Ferrallo

Dr. Gerard H. Kickul

Sr. Faith Szambelanczyk, O.S.F.

Mr. George W. Capps

Dr. Catherine G. Ferrario

Ms. Joyce M. Klinger

Mr. Michael Turk

Mrs. Phyllis E. Carroll

Ms. Arlene J. Finkle

Dr. Richard J. Kloser

Mr. Thomas J. Vana

Mrs. Margaret A. Caruso

Mr. Donald J. Fisher

Mrs. Molly Knapczyk

Mr. J. Bradley Webb

Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi

Mr. Bruce A. Foote

Mrs. Joanna K. Kourtidis

Mrs. Patricia S. Wheeler

Mrs. Janet M. Chandler

Dr. Florida Freeman

Mrs. Mary Ann Krupa

Phyllis M. Wilson, Ph.D.

Mr. Jeffrey A. Chiapello

Ms. Julie A. Futterer

Ms. Amy A. Krynicki

Dr. Lawrence A. Wyllie

Ms. Kyung-Mee Choi

Dr. John S. Gambro

Mr. Ralph J. Kwilosz

Mr. Robert W. Wysocki

Ms. Patricia A. Cipriani

Mrs. Rebecca R. Garland

Ms. Laura M. Lagreid

Sr. Mary Jo Young, O.S.F., Ph.D.

Christopher Clott, Ph.D.

Ms. Gail Gawlik

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Laken

Sr. Dolores Zemont, O.S.F.

Mr. Edward Condon

Mr. Gordon A. Gillespie

Mr. Dave Laketa

Dr. James H. Watters

(Donna Guderyahn ‘91) (Margaret R. Rozman ‘61)

(Cynthia A. Wagner ‘97)

(Kathryn M. Russell ‘93)

Mr. Daniel G. Younker ‘07, ‘08 Mr. David W. Younker ‘05 Mrs. Barbara S. (Tandecki) Yug ‘90

Z Ms. Margaret M. Zak ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Zasada ‘08

(Julie A. Sowiak ‘98)

Ms. Lisa J. Zayudis ‘05 Mrs. Paula (Martin) Zech ‘92 Mr. Timothy A. Zelek Mr. Alex J. Zemansky ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Zier Mrs. Lya E. Zinn ‘77 Mrs. Joan J. (Reckendorf) Zupec ‘85

Stephen Klasko, M.D.

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Honor Roll: Gifts from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014 FRANCIS ANNUAL FUND: GIFTS UP TO $999

Mrs. Kelly R. Lapetino

Catherine Jo Nelson, Ph.D.

Mr. Damon M. Sloan

Dr. Michael V. LaRocco

Mr. John B. Nikchevich

Ms. Sandra L. Sloka

NON-CASH GIFTS $1,000 or above

Ms. Patricia J. Larranaga

Mrs. Michele D. O’Boyle

Ms. Susan E. Smith

Mark Bass and Tracy Kontos

Ms. Debby Lavazza

Dr. John C. Orr

Mr. Edward A. Soldan

William and Patricia Bellah

Mr. Stephen T. Lawrence

Frank and Patricia Pascoe

Mrs. Teresa R. Spesia

Mitchell Buchar — Bajt Architects, Inc.

Mrs. Sara J. Leone

Mr. Jonathan D. Paul

Pamela K. Steinke, Ph.D.

Cesar and Rose Cardenas

Mr. Ronald C. Lipke

Mr. Michael Planeta

Ms. Maureen Stephan

First Community Bank

Mrs. Constance L. Litwiller

Ms. Nancy A. Pohlman

Susan A. Stowe, Ph.D

Cyril and Diane Habiger

Ms. Michelle L. Mahoney

Ms. Samantha M. Quigley

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sullivan

Harrah’s Joliet Casino Hotel

Mrs. Marianne E. Manley

Mr. Richard E. Radeke

Ms. Tracie M. Terlep

Joliet Slammers

Ms. Joan E. Marchetta

Ms. Jane V. Rapson

Mrs. Susann M. Theobald

James and Maryellen Klang

Mr. Ryan H. Marks

Ms. Mollie Rockafellow

Maribel Valle, Ph.D.

Mickey’s Tire & Service, Inc.

Nancy K. McKenna, J.D.

Ms. Annette Roemer

Dr. Patricia M. Vidmar-Scubic

Thomas and Georgeen Polyak

Dr. Lorri S. McMeel

Mrs. Melissa M. Rolinitis

Mrs. Marilyn Vollmer

Prime Time Marketing

Mrs. Lori McNamara

Dr. R. Terry Russell

Mrs. Jeanne S. Washburn

Michael Rittof

Mr. Brian J. Michalak

Mr. Edward J. Schaffer

Dr. Ben B. Whitlock

Brent and Jeanne Southall

Dr. Stephen F. Midlock

Mrs. Jodi C. Schager

Dr. Carol Jo Wilson

Turk Furniture

Mrs. Yvonna Miller

Mr. Arthur F. Scheuber

Mrs. Gwendolyn A. Witsaman

Anthony and Kendall Villa

Ms. Christine B. Montgomery

Dr. Cathleen Schultz

Dr. Debra Workman

The Village of New Lenox

Dr. Stephen G. Morrissette

Ms. Patricia M. Schwerdle

Dr. Frank J. Wyrostek

Tim Wallace Landscaping

Mrs. Lynnann Murphy

Mrs. Mary V. Shaw

Mr. Joseph T. Wysocki

Lawrence and Marilyn Wyllie

Dr. Madonna M. Murphy

Mrs. Linda A. Shea

Mrs. Julie A. Zasada

Mrs. Marianne Murphy

Ms. Cindy O. Sloan

Dr. Anthony J. Zordan

ABOVE: University of St. Francis acquired and has started offering classes and operating business functions out of two new campus buildings in Joliet.


University of St. Francis Magazine

Three Oaks Legacy Society Three Oaks Legacy Society members support the university’s mission and vision by including the University of St. Francis in their estate and financial plans up to May 31, 2014. For more information, visit Anonymous ‘46

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Block ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Peifer

Anonymous ‘49

Ms. Martha E. Boyle* ‘54

Anonymous ‘52 (2)

Mrs. Marlene (Stepaniak) Bremmer ‘59

Ms. Nancy J. Russell* ‘57

Anonymous ‘53

Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne S. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. David Sandahl

Anonymous ‘61 (2)

Mr. Richard L. Chavez

Anonymous ‘66 (2)

Mrs. Sally (Terman) Cohan ‘71

Mr. James P. Sczepaniak

Anonymous ‘68 (2)

Ms. Marcella (Moloney) Cromley ‘68

Ms. Marlene A. Skau ‘98

Anonymous ‘71

Mr. and Mrs. John W. D’Arcy

M. Therese Southgate, M.D.* ‘48

Anonymous ‘81

Mrs. Deborah A. Sterling ‘06

Anonymous ‘84

Mrs. Mary Ann (Bonkowski) Duderstadt ‘68

Ms. Cecilia A. Trizna-Vargo ‘59

Anonymous ‘92

Mrs. Ardith (Davis) Efner ‘70

Mr. Duane R. Walker

Anonymous ‘09

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Juster

Mr. Thomas B. Adams

Mr. James E. Walsh

Mrs. Marilyn (Schmotzer) Auth ‘48

Mrs. Dolores (Torres) Kenney ‘56

Mrs. Jo Ann McDonald Barber ‘52

Mr. John H. Leach (Cecily*)

Eileen and Packey Webb Family

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Benoit

Miss Rose E. Mancuso

Dr. Matthew E. Wetstein

Mrs. Anna Louise Masching ‘46

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wheeler

Mrs. Kay (Cox) Bissonnette ‘46

Mr. Vincent K. McGirr

Ms. Mary Kay (Softcheck) Blake ‘70

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore

Mrs. Lee Ann (Heidenbluth)

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Blessent

Mrs. Esther (Heimann) Norrenberns ‘59

(Margaret Kennedy ‘69)

(Jeanette O’Donnell ‘49)

(Mary Lou Lechowich ‘66)

(Margaret Connor ‘61)

(Marcille Pasdertz ‘67)

(MaryAnne Krawchuck* ‘70) (Donna Kaminski* ‘64)

(Patricia Sexton ‘67) Wozniak ‘45

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Financial Statements



2014 Cash and Cash Equivalents




2013 $


Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets

4,726,042 5,293,995





Other Investments



Property and Equipment (Net of Depreciation)





$ 76,372,932

$ 72,663,545

Restricted Cash and Investments

Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust







Accrued Expenses



Deferred Revenue



Other Liabilities



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A Year of Respect • 2014-2015


Giving Back: Donor News

Caritas Scholarship Ball Dedicated to Student Support The 58th annual Caritas Scholarship Ball to support University of St. Francis students will be held on Jan. 24, 2015 at the White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville, Ill. The event, which has raised more than $3.8 million to benefit USF students, will be chaired by Steve & Candice* Rosen and Mike & Kathy* LaRocco. Arvid & Anne Johnson will be hosts. The event will feature a silent and live auction, gourmet cuisine and a premium bar, and music by High Society Orchestra. Mary Ann Ahern, political reporter for NBC5 News, will be Mistress of Ceremonies. Members of the committee include Duffy & Rachel Blackburn, Cesar & Rose Cardenas, Terry* & Michelle* Cottrell, Terry & Sue D’Arcy, Chris & Tammy Franklin, Bill & Diane* Habiger, Ani Johnson, Jim & Maryellen Klang, Pat* & Lora McGuire, Mike Mikuska*, Jennifer Nocco, Sam & Cindy Panayotovich, Jesse & Phavinee Park, Tyler & Stephanie* Qualio, Steve* & Ann* Randich, Tom & Michele Vana, Jay & Willie* Vidmar, Dan* & Tracey* Vogen and Denise Winfrey. (* These individuals are St. Francis alumni.) For information about tickets, sponsorships or supporting student scholarships,

Steve & Candice Rosen, Event Chairs

call 815-740-5065.

1234 AUCTION PREVIEW The live auction at the Caritas Scholarship Ball is an exciting way to support USF students. This year’s live auction will include unforgettable experiences such as... A week away for eight in a St. Joseph, Mich. home with celebrity chef Jackie Shen providing a meal during the stay. Golf at the exclusive Rich Harvest Farms with Super Bowl Shufflers and famed former Bears players, Jim McMahon and Otis Wilson. Kathy & Mike LaRocco, Event Chairs

Sports experiences, luxury trips and a wine package fill out the live auction offerings.


University of St. Francis Magazine

Calendar of Events 2015 JANUARY 1 New Year’s Day (campus closed) 8 Alumni Daybreak Service Day &

MARCH 5 Alumni EAN Meeting: Will Co. Licensure Update

6 Alumni & Friends Italy Trip


10 Alumni BAN Meeting 19 MLK Day (campus closed) 23 RSTM Alumni Gathering 24 Women’s Basketball Alumnae Game 25 Tennis Alumni Reunion 30 High School Art Competition Exhibit at USF Ends

31 Dun Scotus Alumni Brunch FEBRUARY 5 Alumni Wine & Cooking Demonstration 6 USF Art Gallery: “Mixed Bag Redux” Exhibit by Steve Sherrell Begins

8 12 14 16 18 26 28

Music at Moser: Pianist Jim Stopher in Concert Valentine’s Service Day Sunny Hill Nursing Home Valentine’s Day Party Bernie Day Adult & Transfer Open House Alumni Career Networking Progressive Dinner “Game, Set, Match!” Alumni Tennis Party

To celebrate Christmas with service, a group of USF employees and their families decorated cookies with residents of Joliet’s Daybreak Shelter in December.

11 Music at Moser: Concert Chorale Spring Concert


(March 6-15)

7 9 13 19 20 22

Alumni BAN Meeting Spring Break (March 9-13 campus closed) Alumni Trip to “The Book of Mormon” Music at Moser: Haymarket Opera Steve Sherrell Exhibit at USF Art Gallery Ends Freshman Visit Day/Adult & Transfer Open House

26 USF Spring Musical: “The Sound of Music” (March 26-29)

27 28 31

USF Art Gallery: Visual Arts Honors & Awards Competition Begins Second Annual Bunny Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt Music at Moser: Vocal Jazz Ensemble

APRIL 2 Easter Break (April 2-3 campus closed) 5 Visual Arts Competition Exhibit at USF Art Gallery Ends


Music at Moser: New Music Concert “Pint for a Pint” Alumni Blood Drive

16 21 24 25

Music at Moser: Axiom Brass Saints Recruiting Saints Career Fair for Current Students & Alumni Alumni EAN Panel: Danielson Evaluation Music Student Recital I Schola Cantorum, Singing Saints & Singing Sinners Spring Concert Joliet Symphony Orchestra at the Rialto Square Theater

25 Freshman Registration (April 25-26) 30 Music Student Recital II MAY 1 USF Art Gallery: The Annual Senior Thesis Exhibition (May 1-23)

2 3 8 16 22

Alumni BAN Meeting Music at Moser: Joliet Symphony Orchestra Spring Concert Final Exams (May 8-14) Spring Commencement Alumni Joliet Slammers Game & Picnic

JUNE 12 Young Alumni Happy Hour

Saturday Info Sessions are brief Saturday campus visits which include a short tour. Space is limited to three per family. RSVP: 815-740-2270 | JANUARY 10, 17, 24 & 31 | FEBRUARY 14, 21 & 28 | MARCH 7, 14 & 28 | APRIL 11 & 18

Alumni event information or registration: 877-811-ALUM | | Athletics information or game schedules: 815-740-3464 | USF Art Gallery exhibitions: 815-740-3787 | | Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and by appointment For information about all other university events and activities: 800-735-7500 |

A Year of Respect • 2014-2015



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University of St. Francis Magazine  

2014-2015, Issue 1 of the official magazine of the University of St. Francis in Joliet.

University of St. Francis Magazine  

2014-2015, Issue 1 of the official magazine of the University of St. Francis in Joliet.