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Get your Master’s Degree in Computer Science while working in the Danish technology industry


SDU Talent Fellowship The SDU Talent Fellowship in Computer Science is a unique opportunity to get your Master’s Degree studies and at the same time develop your competences by working in the actual technology industry. University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA) and Technology Denmark, a leading consortium of Danish IT organisations, have joined forces to make this fellowship program possible. Not only will you get the opportunity to study with leading researchers in computer science, but you will also get to work at some of the best Danish techonolgy companies.

About SDU The University of Southern Denmark received its first students in Odense in September 1966. We now have five faculties and about 32,000 students, more than 15% of which come from abroad. Our more than 5,400 employees are divided between the main campus in Odense and regional campuses in Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg, Sønderborg and Copenhagen. Several international reports testify that we conduct world-class research and belong to the Top 50 of the world’s young universities.


The danish tech industry is growing! “By 2030 there will be 19.000 IT-specialists missing in the Danish tech industry. The companies are growing really fast and they need qualified people to join them.” Mette Beck-Nielsen CEO, Technology Denmark. Technology Denmark is a non-profit organization and part of an ambitious triple helix collaboration between IT & Tech companies, educational institutions and the public sector.

We are looking for... “We are looking for people who are pragmatic, because they will get their hands dirty with real work problems at the companies, but at the same time have a drive for elegant solutions, because this is also a really big part of computer science.“ Fabrizio Montesi, Associate Professor, Head of Programme, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA), University of Southern Denmark.


A unique collaboration between the University and industry The SDU Talent Fellowship is designed to give you the right profile to address the needs of the technology industry. Our master’s degree program will give you strong fundamentals on cutting-edge techniques in IT, which will make you able to see through the noise of change and quickly identify how things can get done. The study job and interaction with companies will give you insight into what is going on in the real world, be a place for you to pratice your skills in a practical sense, and last, but not least, give you the network you need after you finish your degree.


What the program offers Enrollment in the International Master’s Degree program in Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark. A study job at a Danish technology company (10-12 hours per week, following the Danish standard salary levels). EU students can then apply for further financial support for their studies from the Danish state. Access to an exclusive international company network and social events. Guaranteed accommodation for international students.

Career counselling for your future.



Imada, a very open study enviroment “As a student at IMADA you have a lot of opportunities to deal with real problems from the technology industry, while at the same time expanding your academic creativity. And all this in a great study environment. At IMADA everyone is very open, and we tend to deal with any problem in collaboration. We have a lot of social activities, and our student clubs and gatherings are very important to every student.” Nina Louise Pedersen, Master’s student and Head of Student Council, Applied mathematics. Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA), University of Southern Denmark



Society needs more highly-qualified computer scientists! Are you going to be one of them? Today, IT is exploding at an unprecedented level. Artificial intelligence, big data systems, and large-scale computer networks are pushing the boundaries of IT, and the concept of what is possible gets continuously redefined. Private and public organisations need IT specialists who can adapt to this ever-changing scenario. And, at the same time, they need these specialists to be capable of applying their knowledge to the concrete systems and data that they have. In the following, you meet some of the companies that you will get a chance to work for, if you get selected for the program.


Aviation Cloud “AviationCloud is a highly advanced platform for providing best-in-class global flight planning capabilities that integrates seamlessly into virtually any enterprise system in use by flight operations teams today. The AviationCloud platform provides a flexible, tailored, and accurate engine, designed to integrate into existing or new systems.� Henrik Hen Hansen, CEO.


Hesehus “Hesehus is Denmark’s largest e-commerce solution provider specialized in the development of award-winning B2B and B2C webshops. Our product is unique as we deliver customer solutions from the market’s most complete software platform developed internally in Hesehus. It allows us to work with a wide range of technologies like ASP. NET MVC4+5, C#, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS JavaScript and some of the latest technologies like ASP.NET Core, React, Elasticsearch, Redis, Octopus and many more.”


Mette Reinholt Mortensen, Director of Supply and Development.

Intelligent Banker “At Intelligent Banker you will work with cutting edge technologies in machine learning and Big Data while helping create a much more transparent online market for choosing financial products.� Tommy Hummelmose, CEO.


Airsupport ”AIRSUPPORT provides flight planning software to 400+ customers worldwide. Our developers work with full stack technologies in .NET and we offer both WPF, backend, web and app challenges in a 24/7 IT operation. And with our 30 years of being in the market we also offer plenty of opportunities to work professionally with legacy software refactoring and switching to new technologies on the fly.” Per Jensen, CEO.

Umbraco “Umbraco HQ is the professional and commercial company behind Umbraco, the fastest growing open source .NET CMS in the world with over 400,000 active installs. To keep up with the high demands set by our customers, and indeed by ourselves, we are on the  constant look for talented people to join us in various positions at the friendly workplace of Umbraco HQ in Odense.” Kim Sneum, Chief Friend maker.


Kubo Robots, odense Denmark. “Are you interested in machine learning, hardware or product development? Create the new concepts for KUBO, the school robot and its digital platform together with us!� Daniel Lindegaard, co-founder and CTO. Kubo Robots is a robotic company that makes puzzle-based educational robot for students aged 4-10.

Odense - the most liveable city... Pronounced o-thn-se (or ohn-se if you’re local), Funen’s millennium-old hub is Denmark’s third-biggest city. A desirable place to live and invest. In an article in The Guardian from 2016, Odense was described as the most most liveable city in Europe. (January 2016, web edition.)


Odense is the birthplace of fairy-tale writer extraordinaire Hans Christian Andersen. But there’s much more to Odense than a top-hatted storyteller from the nineteenth century! Odense is a very buzzing place undergoing a very major revamp. A new infrastructure of transportation and accommodation is reshaping the whole inner city, making the place perfectly suited for new business, as well as a blooming creative and artistic culture. It is not hard to understand why The Guardian in 2016 described the city as the most livable place in all of Europe. As a student, you will feel right at home, with your laptop in front of you, seated in one of the many cafés that are designed for your working or studying needs, or at an open square or park in the midst of the city. For several years the “motto” of Odense has been: To play is to live. We invite you to come and join the game!


Some of the program partners

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SDU: Talent Fellowship