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SDU hands out a number of scholarships to especially gifted students applying for a master’s programme. Tuition fees vary according to the programme you want to study.




The University of Southern Denmark provides top quality research-based postgraduate education, and choosing a postgraduate education at SDU will ensure you have a solid basis for your future career.

SDU constantly seeks students of the highest quality, and, in recognition of the important investment that overseas students are making in their education, we are pleased to offer scholarships to high-achieving applicants. SDU offers scholarships to highly qualified students across a number of study programmes which produce graduates in the most sought-after disciplines by Danish industry. Students who are awarded such scholarships will be well-placed to pursue a rewarding career in Denmark. Who can get the scholarship? Candidates must come from a non-EU/EEA country and be liable to pay tuition fees. The scholarship will be awarded to the best qualified of the eligible applicants to our master degree study programmes. Get to know more More information on other scholarships can be found here: Please go to our website for updated information on scholarships and how to apply.


FULL DEGREE STUDENTS Engineering • BEng in Electronics • BEng in Global Management and Manufacturing • BEng in Interaction Design • BEng in Mechatronics The tuition fee is 10,700 euro per academic year • BSc(Eng) in Innovation and Business • BSc (Eng) in Electronics • BSc(Eng) in Mechatronics • BSc(Eng) in Product Development and Innovation • MSc(Eng) in Chemistry • MSc(Eng) in Environmental Engineering • MSc(Eng) in Innovation and Business • MSc(Eng) in Mechatronics • MSc(Eng) in Physics and Technology • MSc(Eng) in Product Development and Innovation • MSc(Eng) in Robot Systems • MSc(Eng) in Software Engineering

• MSc(Eng) in IT Product Design • MSc in Maritime Technology The tuition fee is 13,900 euro per academic year

• MSc in Environmental Biology • MSc in Molecular Bioscience • MSc in Physics

Social Science • BACHELOR LEVEL (UNDERGRADUATE) One semester (30 ECTS-points) 3,250 euro One academic year (60 ECTS) 6,500 euro

The tuition fee for MSc in Mathematics and MSc in Applied Mathematics is 9,090 euro per year.

• MASTER LEVEL (GRADUATE) One semester (30 ECTS-points) 4,250 euro One academic year (60 ECTS) 8,500 euro Science The tuition fee for the following full degree programmes is 13,280 euro per year. • MSc in Biology • MSc in Biology-Marine Science • MSc in Biomedicine • MSc in Chemistry • MSc in Computer Science

Humanities • Full degree programmes A full year (60 ECTS) 6,200 euro • SAS course Course fees and participation in study tours and excursions 3,100 euro Health Sciences • Master of Science in Public Health The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students amounts to 10,200 euro per year

With a non-EU/EEA-citizenship or non-Swiss-citizenship. Please note that tuition fees may change.

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SDU: Scholarships - Tuition Fees (Flyer)  
SDU: Scholarships - Tuition Fees (Flyer)