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See the world, make new friends, and broaden your horizons. Stand out and get a life’s-worth of experience alongside your education at SDU, and be on track for an in international career.




International university

Denmark offers a wide variety of possibilities for working after graduation with a degree from SDU. Whether you are strictly focused on advancing your career, or want to find a job with a great work-life balance, the Danish job market will have opportunities for you.

State-of-the art facilities

The University of Southern Denmark has over 27,000 students across its five campuses. With over 5,400 of these students coming from outside Denmark, there is a rich and vibrant international environment.

You have high-tech facilities and the university’s international network of businesses, institutions, and researchers at your disposal. Whether you want to gain work experience or conduct research, the university can help you get in touch with the right people.

Work with the best SDU has several centres of excellence, chosen for pioneering research at national and international levels.

Independent learing Students learn how to search for, and process information. Normally conducted in small groups, project work offers students valuable experience in teamwork, communication, and project planning. These skills are highly valued in today’s workplace, where small teams are often required to work together.



Social Sciences


• Chemistry

• Accounting and Finance

• American Studies

• Electronics

• Brand Management and Marketing Communication

• Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies

• Environmental Engineering

• Cultural Sociology

• Business, Language and Culture (Sønderborg/Flensburg)

• Economics

• International Security and Law

• Environmental and Resource Management

• Business, Language and Culture (Chinese)


• Finance

• Science

• Business, Language and Culture (negot)

• Product Development and Innovation

• Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

• Applied Mathematics

• Robot Systems (Advanced Robotics Technology/Drone Technology)

• Global Marketing and Consumer Culture

• Biology

• Software Engineering

• Human Resource Management

• Innovation and Business • Mechatronics • Operations Management • Physics and Technology

• Biochemistry and Molecular biology

• MA in English Studies • European Master in Tourism Management

• Chemistry

• International Tourism and Leisure Management

• Computational Biomedicine

• Maritime Archaeology

• Computer Science

• Middle East Studies

• International Business and Marketing

• Mathematics

• IT Product Design

• Management Accounting

• Medical Chemistry

• Web Communication Design

• Market Anthropology

• Physics

• International Business and Management

• Marketing and Innovation • Management of Innovation Processes

Health Science

• Sports and Event Management

• Public Health

• Strategy and Organisation

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SDU: Master's Degree Programmes (Flyer)  
SDU: Master's Degree Programmes (Flyer)